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Prior to Use of CipherConnectDownloadCipherConnecttoAndroid DevicesCipherConnect is a COM-to-key utility designed for CipherLab cordless scanners (e.g.156x and166x) to work as an input device for the Android phone and tablet, enabling intensive datacollection via Bluetooth Serial Port connection.CipherConnect is ready and available via Google Play Store. Go online and look for theapplications:CipherConnect ProA free version with limited supportCipherConnect DemoA demo interface displaying data collection from the scannerFollow the instructions below to Download and Update for the mobile devices.Note Get the latest update directly from CipherConnect Online Help site at or GooglePlay Store.Note An external storage is required (e.g. SD card) for CipherConnect Demo.Touch [Next] to sign in with aGoogle account.Touch [Sign in].Input the username andpassword, and then touch[Sign in].DownloadandUpdateOn the Home screen, pressthe [menu] key.Go to All apps and selectPlay Store.1 2 3 4Touch [Finish setup]. Touch [Accept] to continue. Touch the icon to browse Type “cipherconnect” in thethe market.text field, and then touch[Enter].5 6 7 8

After searching the store withsuccess, two apps icons showup.Touch CipherConnect Proto continue.A description of theapplication is shown. Touch[Install] to continue.After you touch [Install], touch[Accept & download] todownload the application.Once the download processis completed, the message“Installed” is displayed.9 10 11 12Then you can also touchCipherConnect Demoto install the demo utility.A description of the demoutility is shown. Touch[Install] to continue.Touch [Accept & download]to download the application.Once the download processis completed, the message“Installed” is displayed.13 14 15 16...Select CipherConnectfrom the applicationlist.The application info isdisplayed.Touch the highlighted buttonsto execute desired commands.After download,the demoutility icon can be found in theapplication drawer.This is a utilityfor the purpose of demonstratingdata collection.Before using CipherConnectPro or CipherConnect Demo,please follow the steps in theConnection andConfiguration section.TipTo uninstall the apps, press the[menu] key on the Homescreen.Go to Settings | Applicationsand select Manageapplications.

Preparation for ScannerConfigureCipherConnectforAndroid DevicesCipherConnect is ready for use after successful downloads via Google Play Store. Workingwith CipherLab cordless scanners (156x and 166x), it can deliver optimal performance.1 Turn on the scanner, and wait until the LED indicator becomes flashing blue.2 Press the trigger to scan the barcode below to set the output interface as “BT SPP Slave”.Preset PIN SPP Slave Mode3 The scanner is active at power-on for two minutes by default, waiting for a connectionrequest from the mobile phone. Follow the instructions below for Connection andConfiguration on the mobile device.Note The mobile platform must be Android 2.1 and above with SPP profile;1660 firmware must be verison 1.33 or later; 1661 firmware must be version 1.04 or later;1662/1664 firmware must be version 1.00 or later;1560/1562 firmware must be verison 1.26 or later; 1564 firmware must be version 1.03 or later.Note You may use your own preset PIN code with the scanner. Yet, dynamic input of PIN is also supported.Refer to a separate scanner user guide for complete settings.®Touch Bluetooth . When thecheck box next to it is ticked,touch Scan for devices to®find nearby Bluetoothdevices.Select CipherLab scanner(e.g. 1660).Input the preset PIN code (ifyou have scanned thebarcode above, type ‘0000’in the field) of the scanner,and then touch [OK].ConnectionandConfigurationOn the Home screen, pressthe [menu] key.Go to Settings | Wireless &networks and selectBluetooth settings.1 2 3 4Once paired successfully,the message “Paired but notconnected” is displayed beneaththe device.Return to main menu andgo to Settings | Language& Keyboard.Touch CipherConnect Pro(with check box next to it).Touch [OK] in the Attentiondialog box to confirm theusage of CipherConnectPro as the input method.With the check box ticked,touch CipherConnect Pro(with “settings” messagebeneath) to configuresettings.5 6 7 8

On Bluetooth ® settings Touch [Unpair]. The CipherConnect icon onscreen, touch and hold thepaired device.the status bar becomesto indicate the mobile phoneis disconnected from thescanner.TipTo unpair a device, touch theBluetooth®settings on theCipherConnect Pro screen.See the CipherConnect iconon the status bar....TipCheck for the CipherConnectkeyboard status.Learn theicon:CipherConnectIndicates themobile phone isconnected with thescanner.Indicates themobile phone isconnecting to thescanner.Indicates themobile phone isdisconnected fromthe scanner.Check if any of theconnection errorconditions is met.On CipherConnect Proscreen, touch Stay awake.TipTouchStay awake to keep thescreen from turning off while thescanner is connected toCipherConnect.If theconnected scanner gets into sleepmode,CipherConnect isdisconnected and the screen willenter power saving mode.

TipOn CipherConnect Proscreen, touch Minimizekeyboard.Touch the keyboard icon tohide the two buttons at thebottom.Or touch theCipherConnect Pro button toshow the on- screen keyboard.When the on-screen keyboarddisplays,touch the keyboard iconto hide it.Select Minimize keyboardto reserve more screenspaces for showingapplication data.On CipherConnect Proscreen, touch Secondlanguage.Select a language option from thelist as the second keyboardlanguage.Touch the graphic icon to togglebetween English and the selectedsecond keyboard language.TipSelect Second language toenable the language togglingbutton of the on- screen keyboard.On CipherConnect Proscreen, touchInter-character delay.Select the delay interval rangingfrom 0. 03 to 0. 1 seconds.TipTouchInter-character delayto configure the delay timebetween characters.Copyright © 2012CipherLab Co., Ltd.CipherConnectQuick Guide v1.05

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