Hot and Cold Plumbing and Heating Systems

Hot and Cold Plumbing and Heating Systems

Hot and Cold Plumbing and Heating Systems

The Flexible Plumbing SolutionPolypipe is the UK’s leading and fastest growing manufacturer of plastic plumbingproducts for hot and cold plumbing and heating systems. Our products serve bothdomestic and light commercial markets, providing installers and end users with easyto install, reliable products. We offer customers a choice of systems, and havinginvested in the latest development and manufacturing technologies, we are able toprovide customers with a wide range of quality products and services.There will be times when you require a fully flexible and secure, yet demountable and re-usable solution and othersituations where you need a more permanent product. That is why at Polypipe we can offer you a system for all yourrequirements. Our integrated, flexible plumbing systems incorporate polybutylene pipes and two complementaryranges of push-fit fittings, all offering excellent value for money and durability over more traditional systems.Our Polyfit push-fit plumbing system is quick and easy to install, secure against accidental release, yet fullydemountable and reusable when required. It can be adjusted and re-fixed with minimal time and effort.On the other hand, our Polyplumb solution is our original push-fit system that is firmly fixed when jointed, and canonly be demounted by un-assembling the fitting.This extensive range of products is backed up by the dedicated service and support provided by our customer serviceteam and throughout the supply chain: from initial order through to post installation site support. This service andsupport ensures that all our customers’ projects are completed successfully, and is the reason why we are seen as themanufacturer of choice and why many of our customers come back time and time again.Whatever you’re looking for in a plumbing system, Polypipe has a product to suit you.2

PlumbingMarketMarket150100119.5123CopperPlastic400300257.3389.2100200200The manufacturer of choice is leading the way…100102.590.2100Independent market data confirms the rise of plastic plumbingsolutions at the expense of traditional copper systems. Copperis, by its very nature, a fixed and inflexible material that requirestime consuming joint processes during installation. By contrast,modern manufacturing technology and ongoing materialdevelopment allow innovative solutions in plastic that are fasterto install and more flexible in use.500Share1996 2003 200610001996 2003 200610001996 2003 2006PWith copper sales flat for a number of years, and now indecline, it is sales of plastic that are driving market growth.The last 10 years has seen a 23% increase in the amount ofinstalled pipe, despite a 10% fall in copper pipe volume. Plasticsystems are not only accepted as an alternative solution – theyare fast becoming the material of choice.Polypipe is a key player in this regard, consistently outstrippingthe overall market growth of plastic. Fuelled by its two optionsin fittings, Polyplumb and Polyfit; by its commitment to flexiblepolybutylene pipe; and backed by its innovative market supportinitiatives Polypipe is increasingly becoming the manufacturerof choice.1996 2003PolypipePlastic300243.9201.5200200154.2178.3Sources of data:Consult GBBritish Plastics FederationConstruction Products Association100100100100All data is indexed, based on volume of pipe, 1996 = 100All data is actual, except 2006 which is estimated02002 2004 200602002 2004 2006P3

Polybutylene PipeUnlike a number of other plumbing manufacturers, ourplumbing systems use polybutylene pipes to create the mostflexible and efficient plumbing system available. Polybutylenepipe is ideal for both hot and cold water plumbing and heatingsystems, offering exceptional durability and long-termperformance, which has seen it become the preferred materialchoice for today’s building projects.The most important characteristic of polybutylene is its naturalflexibility, allowing you to bend, curve and manipulate the pipeinto even the tightest of spaces. The table below shows theelastic modulus of polybutylene compared with a range ofpiping systems, highlighting that it is the most malleable plasticused in the manufacture of pipes.Flexural Elasticity Modulus (MPa) Method ISO 178Within the manufacturing cycle polybutylene doesn’t requirechemical or radiation cross linking, which reduces the number ofproduction processes, leading to faster and more efficientmanufacturing. Its operating temperatures and pressures are:• 12.5 bar at 20 o C• 6 bar at 90 o CAnother key advantage of polybutylene pipe is that it is alsoextremely lightweight, particularly when compared with copperpiping systems. For example, 15mm copper tube will weighapproximately 0.28 kg/m, whereas 15mm polybutylene pipeweighs only 0.074 kg/m, a significant difference whentransporting materials to site.1000 metres of PB v CopperPVC-C PP-R PE-RT PEX PB-1 *3500 800 550 – 650 600 450*Polybutylene4kg0kgPolybutyleneCopper4

PB-1PEXPolybutylene piping is also resistant to freezing temperatures,maintaining long-term durability in heating and waterapplications. This, combined with the pipe’s elasticity, meansthat if water is subjected to freezing temperatures, the result willbe a reduced possibility of burst pipes during the winter months.These elasticity properties, combined with low density and lowthermal expansion, mean that the pipes have no water hammeror other noise problems, maintaining a peaceful environment forhome owners. The table below highlights the sound velocity ofpolybutylene pipe compared with other materials.Sound Velocity (Metres per Second)0800Polypipe PipesGrey Polyplumb polybutylene pipes are available in bothstandard ‘monolayer’ and barrier versions. White Polyfit pipesare available in barrier versions only.Polyplumb pipe in pipe systems consist of a polybutylene barrierpipe encased within a black conduit pipe. The conduit providesprotection for the polybutylene pipe during the installationprocess, as well as allowing easy withdrawal for future alterationor maintenance.The conduit pipe coils allow 15mm and 22mm Polyplumb pipeto be laid in a floor screed, conforming to water regulations.When conduit pipe is used in conjunction with conduit boxes, itprovides a cost effective and practical solution, as an alternativeto other ducting systems.Red and blue conduit pipes are also available should anidentifiable conduit be preferred.CPVCCopper2,3503,900P.B.P.S.A. Polypipe Building Products Ltd is a member of thePolybutylene Piping Systems Association, which is a recognisedassociation of companies whose aim is to promote the features,benefits and best practice installation techniques of polybutylenepipe systems, as well as providing a wide range of technicalinformation and support.5

Polyplumb SystemPolyplumb is an integrated flexible plumbing system,incorporating polybutylene pipes and a complementary range ofpush-fit fittings. It can be used in hot and cold water supply, andradiator and floor heating installations. The system offers a highdegree of reliability, achieved through a product design that hasbeen tried and tested over the past 30 years.The system offers a number of benefits, including:• Time efficient, no nonsense one step joint process• High performance stainless steel grab ring ensuressuperb joint integrity• Demountable only by unassembling, reducingpotential for tampering• The original Polypipe pushfit plumbing system used andrelied on by customers throughout the world6

Polyfit SystemLocked tightPolyfit is the one step, fully demountable and reusable pushfitplumbing product, which combines with polybutylene pipe tocreate a flexible plumbing system.The Polyfit system brings extensive benefits:• One step operation, for quick and easy installation• Flexible polybutylene pipe, for even the mostdifficult locations• Fittings lock tight, preventing accidental release• Fully demountable and re-usable when required‘Push click’, that’s itThe polybutylene pipe is simply inserted into the Polyfit fittingto engage. There’s no need to make a quarter locking turn,just ‘push click’, that’s it.Polyfit fittings lock tight in oneclick and can only be released whenrequired, providing both installers andconsumers with total piece of mind. Onceengaged into the fitting it is completely secureagainst accidental release.Fully demountablePolyfit fittings have been designed to becompletely secure once installed. However,there will always be times when they needto be removed or adjusted, so they are alsofully demountable when required.7

Extensive Support ServicesThrough out the Polypipe Group we have anextensive network of merchant, contractorand developer sales teams, who cover allaspects of the supply chain, and provide aquality service to all our customers.For our merchants we can offer stock profiling, to make surethey are stocking the right mix of products. Once they have theproducts in store we can also provide merchandising supportand advice to highlight the extensive range.We support all our stockists through events, mailings andexclusive promotions, designed to help provide customers withan excellent level of service and support. This is backed up byextensive national marketing campaigns, free promotionalliterature, including point of sale materials, and dedicatedtrade websites.Polypipe’s customer service team are dedicated to offering aquality service and can help you through every stage of the job.Our technical support team can provide installation assistancesupport, both before, during and after projects. This supportalso includes design and estimating services, to ensure you getthe right product for your job. Site support engineers are alsoavailable to help with any queries or problems on site.8

StandardsPolypipe meets, and constantly strives to exceed, the changinglaws and regulations governing our operations and products.Our plumbing systems conform to a number of 3rd partyaccredited standards, some of which are listed below.We have invested in extensive testing and development facilitiesto ensure the products we supply are of the highest quality.• BSI BS7291(kitemark licence number 38148)• BBA Certificate No 00/3699(Polyplumb only)• Polyplumb and Polyfit are bothaccepted for British Gas 3 star service contractsAt Polypipe we pride ourselves on offering the highest qualityproducts, and wherever possible our products and processes arecovered by independent third-party accreditation, so you canrest easy knowing that you are buying from the UK’s marketleading manufacturer. We have invested significantly in ourquality control procedures, and also have our ownfully-equipped modern laboratory for development and analysis.We have our own tooling and extrusion processes and receivedBS EN ISO 9002 in recognition of our manufacturing quality.GuaranteeDistributionPolyplumb and Polyfit plumbing products areguaranteed for 25 years against defects in materialsor manufacture of the hot and cold water supplyand heating system.Polypipe’s distribution network is a crucial aspect of ourbusiness. In order to maintain a quality delivery service, we havea dedicated fleet of 150 commercial vehicles and 300 trailers,which between them travel over 13.5 million miles per year.We hold an extensive stock of products, enabling us to providemerchants with a fast and efficient delivery service. We ensurePolyplumb and Polyfit stocking merchants always have a widerange of products available.9

Polypipe GroupFounded in 1980, the Polypipe Group is oneof Europe’s largest and fastest growingmanufacturers of a range of piping systemsfor residential and commercial sectors. We arethe UK’s leading plastic piping system supplier,and have an enviable reputation for anextensive product range, reliability and value.We are continuously looking to the future, developing newinnovative products and delivering further manufacturingefficiencies. This highly focussed approach means that our costengineering delivers the best value for money to our customersin every market.SustainabilityAt Polypipe we’re committed to a policy of the responsible useof natural resources. We recognise the need to optimise the useof, and to conserve as far as possible, the natural resources weconsume. The manufacture of our products uses both rawmaterials and energy, so we’ve implemented proactivesustainability policies to manage both their usage andenvironmental impact.10The durability and longevity of our products, combined with the25 year guarantee, means that there is less need to replace anddispose of old products. However, even after years of use,polybutylene pipe should retain its original polyolefin structure,and once recovered could be recycled by standard plasticsconversion techniques into lower specification products.Increasing legislation covering the energy efficiency of newhomes is resulting in a growing demand for sustainable indoorenvironments. The exceptional benefits and performance ofpolybutylene pipe will help to meet the needs of architects,specifiers and systems designers in fulfilling thesenew standards.Transporting polybutylene systems is more energy efficient thancopper: plastic products are substantially lighter, which meansthat Polypipe uses less fuel during transportation; and themajority of business is conducted within Europe, reducing thedistances travelled of both raw material and the finishedproduct. Our use of bio diesel fuels further helps reduce ourcarbon footprint.Sustainability

The perfect fitAs we have documented our polybutylene pipes are an idealmaterial for use in flexible plastic piping systems for hot and coldwater and heating applications. Due to their flexibility they arealso perfect for use in under floor central heating systems wherelong continuous lengths of pipes are required to be laid inflooring systems. Polyplumb under floor central heating systemsare suitable for all building projects, from new build propertiesand whole house renovations to single room retro-fit projectsor extensions.We have a comprehensive range of traditional under floorcentral heating systems, ideally suited for new build properties,complete refurbishment projects or extensions. These systemswork with all types of flooring; solid, suspended or floating.Polyplumb systems combine ease of installation with reliablelong-term performance – they are virtually maintenance freeonce installed.Installing Polyplumb floor heating opens up a whole range ofpossibilities, revolutionising interior design by freeing wallsof radiators. This is perfect for rooms with limited wall space,including loft conversions, conservatories and bathrooms,allowing better utilisation of the areas usually restricted byradiators. Floor heating is the most comfortable, energy efficientand clean form of heating you can choose, and our systemscreate a gentle, even heat, leading to a healthier, allergy freeand safer environment for everyone.In addition, the revolutionary Overlay TM system is perfect forretro-fit projects or extensions, as there is no need to dig upexisting flooring.The environmentally friendly floor panels simply fit over thefloor, and provide all the benefits of warm water floor heatingwithout any major disruption.11

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