Food Processing and Packing Industry brochure. -
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Food Processing and Packing Industry brochure. -

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Efficiency in line with your needs: Solutions with a system Pneumatics with integrated diagnosticsValve systems with a bus module are available with allcommon fieldbus protocols. Malfunctions in the pneumaticsystem are reported to the controller via diagnosis. Controller: Motion & LogicIntelligent electronics replace rigid mechanical machinesystems and ensure economical, flexible system structures.An extensive range of logic functions enables perfectcommunication with all Rexroth products. The use ofworldwide field bus standards protects investments andstandardizes production systems. Operation/visualization: HMIGraphical interfaces permit the simple monitoring ofyour system data, from a simple LCD operating unit to aconvenient IPC solution with a common architecture. Electric drives: servosCompact, intelligent drive families with different designsand models, as well as extensive integrated technologyfunctions are the solution for much faster, more preciseautomation tasks. Motors up to the protection type IP 67are available. Packaging handlingWith our wide range of suction grippers and vacuumgenerators, you can handle any packaging task. A modularprofile system and a wealth of pneumatic componentsmake it easier to create your own designs for special tasks. Positioning: linear modules and systemsReady-to-install linear systems can be easily integrated intoyour machine structure. Various profile cross-sectionswith integrated guides and drives are available dependingon the requirements. Food processingForm, fill and sealCartonerCase packer Palletizer Handling: robotsFast SCARA and flexible robots with a powerful controllerand a uniform programming interface open up manypossibilities for economical handling during loading andunloading, palletizing and packaging. Modular framing system: MGEOur modular aluminum framing system with over 100profile cross-sections, area elements and a broad range ofaccessories offers every possibility for designing frames,outer housings, protective fences etc. Transport: VarioFlow conveyorThe VarioFlow chain conveyor system can be used ideallyfor all conveying tasks in every area of the packagingprocess. Whether it’s a matter of vertical or horizontalsections or frequently changing conveying speeds –VarioFlow masters your transport tasks brilliantly. Anextensive line of components enables the solution of anytransport problem. High-strength: linear guidesReliable guidance with high-precision linear, anti-corrosionrail guides in the sensitive hygienic sector. Also availablewith stainless-steel mini-rail guides or ball bushings andshafts. Extreme conditions: hygienic designFor applications in the food processing industry, Rexrothoffers pneumatic components with especially washdownand corrosion-resistant designs. Our special valves andcylinders offer resistance to water, cleaning agents andchemicals.

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