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MAGAZINE OF THE NATIONAL ANTI-DRUG COALITIONJuly 1980 Vol. 1, No. 2Sexeducation':brainwashingby perversionby Christian CurtisPage 20Carter let world'sbiggest dope bankinto the David GoldmanPage 14Presidency 1980:where thecandidates standon drugsPage 33Marijuana—a hard drugby Ned Rosinsky, M.D.Page 28

Editor-in-ChiefNora HamermanMAGAZINE OF THE NATIONAL ANTI-DRUG COALITIONJuly 1980 Vol. I, No. 2^ JCounterintelligenceEditorChristian CurtisLegislation EditorMartha ZollerInternational EditorMichele SteinbergNADC News EditorBonnie MesarosMedical EditorNed Rosinsky, M.D.Editorial AssistantLydia CherryArt DirectorChristopher SloanAssistant Art DirectorDeborah AschLaurie SloanProduction EditorGail G. KayEditorial Boardof AdvisersMax DeanDavid GoldmanKonstandinos KaliratgisDeForest Z. RathboneJtirgen SpahnJeffrey SteinbergJuan TorresWar on Drugs is published tentimes a year by the NationalAnti-Drug Coalition, 304 West58th Street, 5th Floor, NewYork, N.Y. 10019. The views ofthe NADC are stated in theeditorials; opinions expressed inarticles are not necessarilythose of the coalition. Subscriptionsby mail are $18 for 10issues, $35 for 20 issues, and$36 for foreign air mail (10 issues).Copyright ° July 1980National Anti-Drug CoalitionPrinted in the U.S.A.All Rights ReservedISSN 0270-2606Coming nextIn August: 1980 presidentialcoverage; who's who in the druglobby; Dr. Edward Christian onhow to tell if your child's ondrugs.DepartmentsThe 'sex education' conspiracy:brainwashing by perversionby Christian CurtisThe backers of 'sex education'are the same crowd that createdthe drug culture • 14Carter let the world'sbiggest dope bankinto the United Statesby David GoldmanA co-author of Dope, Inc., tells howthe Hongkong and Shanghai Banktook over Marine Midland 22Federal agency axes fundsto research that provedmarijuana is a 'hard' drugby Dr. Ned RosinskyWhen marijuana investigators askedfor grants to continue their work,NIDA said they had learned enough ..Presidency 1980: where thecandidates stand on drugs2 EditorialAre children safe in our schools?News4 Special report: Mindsnatchers to plan 'future' in Toronto6 National: Is the U.S. becoming a pot plantation?8 Drug enforcement:Coast Guard cutbacks open U.S.A. to drugs9 International: World Bank aids drugs in Latin America10 Int'l pot lobby meets in U.K.13 Legislative calendar39 National ADC news44 International ADC newsItaly's Cossiga government target of antidrug fight48 Drugfighter's targetMilton FriedmanOn the cover: a common scene in New York—even in elementaryschools—is the marijuana pusher peddling his wares to children. Thesame people who created the drug culture now want to brainwash thesechildren at an even younger age, with "sex education." Photo: Phillip Ulanowsky2835

EditorialAre children safein our schools?There is no issue more central tothe American System thanthat of free, compulsory universalpublic education. There is no barometermore telling in judgingwhether the United States can surviveand prosper than the state ofthe nation's schools. We are lookingat that barometer, and thereading is very frightening.From approximately 12-13 yearsold, children in our schools arebeing destroyed by drugs. This isnot a sociological phenomenon. Itis not caused by the guilt of parents.The spread of psychotropicdrugs is the consciously wieldedtool of evil minds. The local pusheris financed and supplied by an internationalcartel identified by theNational Anti-Drug Coalition asDope, Inc.—a conspiracy headedby the British-centered Europeanoligarchy and protected by politicians"above suspicion."Dope, Inc. has moved full-scaleinto the United States thanks tothe Carter administration, as DavidGoldman proves in this issue,and they are using drugs to destroythe moral values associatedwith the idea of scientific progressthat built America.But drugs are not enough forthese evil men and women: nowthey want to begin at the age offive with the "sex education curriculum"being piloted in New Jerseyto turn your children into perverts,homosexuals, prostitutes—mentallycrippled individuals ready tobe permanently manipulated bymind-altering chemicals.The National Anti-Drug Coalitionhas pledged itself to stop thisassault on the nation's childrenand save our children to live productive,creative lives.The essence of education, as ourforefathers understood it and asthe majority of moral Americansstill understand today, is that thechild is a child and he must bechanged to become an adult. Hisor her infantile, selfish tendencies,the tendency to act on the basis ofsensual impulses, must be opposedand corrected. At the same time,his or her human potential whichlies in the full realization of creativemental powers, must be developed.The child must assimilate fromthe achievements of the great menand women of the past. He mustdevelop an attention span. Whenhe or she is ready to make a contributionto the future of humanity,the child has become an adult.What is at stakeIt is emphatically not a matterof "personal taste." Only by continuallyraising the educationallevel of the citizenry can we meetthe challenges posed to humanityas the fixed "resources" of a giventechnology are exhausted. The exploitationof nuclear energy, thecommercial development of fusionpower, and the colonization ofwhat is now "outer space" representthe key challenges at thistime.As these scientific frontiers aremastered, not only will the UnitedStates prosper, but the multitudesof the globe, especially below theTropic of Cancer, owe their onlyhope for survival to precisely thiscontinuation of the American Systemof progress here in the UnitedStates.Progress is therefore America'smission; it is what our youth willachieve to uplift the backward peoplesof the world and thus guaran-2 War on Drugs / July 1980l

What's the matter—I got A's didn't I?tee peace. It is also the only guar- absolutely inimical to learning,antee of military readiness in case Latest government figures showof war.that 11 percent of high school sen-It is from this standpoint that iors now smoke marijuana daily.not only parents, but all patriots, The cocaine consumption figuresmust be deeply alarmed about the are comparable. We must havestate of our schools. A report to cold turkey in the schools—atthe National Science Foundation Prof. Isaac Wirszup of the Uni- • "Sex education" is the latestversity of Chicago documents the cruel hoax for brainwashing ourshocking fact that the Soviet children, devised by the sameUnion has now far surpassed the crowd that experiments withUnited States in the mathematics drugs on innocent victims, and forand physical science training of its the same purpose—destroyingyouth.Americans' moral commitment toprogress by destroying theBill of rights for parents nation's posterity, our youth. Par-• Drugs, emphatically including ents have the right and responsitheso-called soft drug mari- bility to find out if such socialjuana—whosedestructive ef- engineering programs are beingfects work so subtly that one doc- used in their schools. They havetor we know calls it "more danger- the right to resist the effort toous than heroin"—must be kept introduce "value-free" teaching ofout of the schools. Parents have sex and the peddling of prostitutheright to demand that drug ped- tion and homosexuality as "alterdlingand consumption, which is a nate lifestyles."crime, be kept off school grounds • The nation needs a massiveby principals and law enforcement gearup in the teaching of math subjects from the stand-Even if an individual child es- point that technological progresscapes drug usage, the climate ere- is both essential to the survival ofated by the marijuana culture is mankind and coherent with thephysical laws of the universe. The"new math" and programs such asthe National Science Foundation's"Man, A Course of Study" are tobe rejected on the grounds thatthey deny creative reason as theunique characteristic of the humanmind, and attempt to conveythat man is simply another animal—likethe New Jersey "sex education"hoax.War on Drugs is committed tobuilding a national movement tomake our schools safe for childrenagain. Over the next months wewill publish information on wherethe candidates for Congress, thePresidency, and other public officesstand on the drug issue. Wewill also make available informationon citizens' referenda againstthe drug plague. We urge everypatriot to join the National Anti-Drug Coalition and help us winthis war.—Nora HamermanEditor in ChiefJuly 1980 / War on Drugs 3

NEWSSpecial reportMindsnatchers to pi'future' in Toronto anHordes of kook cultists, rangingfrom believers in psychic phenomenonand out-of-body experiencesto UFO watchers and practicingwitches will be descending on TorontoJuly 20-24 for intensive discussionson how to transform you,your children and your neighborsinto raving lunatics who appreciatethe virtues of "living with less"and "dying with dignity."The occasion is the First GlobalConference on the Future, sponsoredby the World Future Societyand the Canadian Future Society.Both are clearinghouses for thecounterculture onslaught againstthe U.S. population that describesitself as the Aquarian Conspiracy.More than 4,000 people—includinghighly placed government officialsand advisers—are expected toattend. The entire staff of theCongressional Clearinghouse onthe Future will be participating.Under the rubric "Through the80s: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally,"this invasion of mindsnatcherswill be working to seethat the Aquarian ideology—withits antipathy to science, technology,and economic development—becomes the dominant Americanbelief structure over the next fewyears.The meeting is being run by topechelonpuppet-masters for theworld's ruling elite, including AurelioPeccei, the founder of thegenocide-promoting Club of Rome,and Maurice Strong, a Canadianbasedfinancier who sits on theboard of the Aspen Institute andmaintains ties to the British monarchy.As honorary conference cochairman,Strong has described themeeting's purpose as a "launchingpad for that important action tooccur in the 1980s." The "importantaction" is the transformationof "the attitudes, values, and expectationsof people. This willmean for industrialized societies avirtual cultural revolution. Thedominant culture must be one thatplaces highest values on qualityrather than quantity, on conservationrather than waste, on cooperationabove competition."If real changes are to take placein our technological society,"Strong concludes, "they must firstand foremost be conceived andtake root here at Toronto "The content of Strong's "culturalrevolution" can be readily gleanedfrom the conference agenda—which reads like a sci-fi buff'sweirdest fantasies. All the perversionsfor creating a completelydocile population which theAquarians have been quietly concoctingand experimenting withfor the past 30 years—psychotropicdrugs, biofeedback, religiouscults, ecology, rock music, popularculture—will be brought out of thecloset and readied for mass publicimplementation.Among the hundreds or sopanels we find: "Complex Problemsand Scarce Resources,"where panelists will "recommendways of actualizing cooperationamong community agencies tocope with scarcity and disruption"of resources; "Learning to LiveMore Modestly in the Future,"where the proposition that "it ishighly advisable if not imperativethat people in advanced nationslearn to live more modestly in thefuture" will be discussed; "The FutureHuman: An Exploration intoEvolutionary Potential," whichwill examine "Expanded consciousness,space development,longevity, super-health, super-intelligence,artificial intelligence,synergistic social organization;""The Reawakening of Eve ... thereemergence of the feminine archetypein religion, feminine consciousnessin society;" "Frontiersof The Future," featuring self-described"High Priest of the PsychedelicAge," Timothy Leary; and"New Faces for Authoritarianism:From Friendly Fascism to theCrazy States."Kook-World LuminariesIn addition to Peccei and Strong,conference panelists include theseluminaries of the kook-world:The Aspen Institute's Sir Har-4 War on Drugs / July 1980

Ian Cleveland, whose expertise isturning society against science.• Dennis Meadows: author ofthe Club of Rome's original reportcalling for reducing the world'spopulation by two-thirds.• Theodore Roszak: one of thearchitects of the counterculture.Roszak just published a book, Person/Planet:The Creative Disintegrationof Industrial Society,which praises death as "the core ofthe human experience."• Willis Harman: based at StanfordResearch Institute, Harmanled the study group that producedthe Institute's 1974 report, TheChanging Images of Man. Thatstudy, which is the conference'sworking document, details howmankind's behavior can bechanged from industrialism into anonmaterial "spiritualism."• William Whitsun: Director ofmilitary and defense policy divisionof the Congressional ResearchService, Whitsun is now workingfull-time on injecting the Aquarians'proposals into the 1980 presidentialcampaign. A controller ofCalifornia's Zen Buddhist governorJerry Brown and a backer ofJohn Anderson, Whitsun recentlytold a reporter that "There is awhole new line of technology comingup which could render defenseweapons obsolete. Consider this:The targeting mechanisms for ourICBMs are on magnetic tape. Byan active mind, Uri Geller (theIsraeli-born psychic who bendsspoons with "mind waves") hasalready wiped out information onsuch tapes. What happens if, as awar is initiated, you discoveryou've lost the guidance programsbecause of the enemy wiping outthe key parts of the tape?" Whitsun'sproposal that the UnitedStates develop "psychic weapons"has been taken up by the Pentagon.And this is only for starters!—Kathleen M. MurphyMere "information," spiced with mindaltering chemicals, will create theBrave New World, in the vision of thezero-growth kooks behind the Torontoconference. Left: the cover of theirpromotional magazine. Above, top tobottom: conspirators Aurelio Peccei,Dennis Meadows and Willis Harman.July 1980 / War on Drugs 5

NEWSNationalIs the U.S. becoming . .A mind-destroying poison is turninginto one of America's biggestcash crops, in place of food—andthe Carter administration is takingno enforcement or economicmeasures to stop it.This is the shocking truth aboutthe $4 billion and rapidly growingU.S. marijuana growing business,which already amounts to onetenth of the country's marijuana"industry."Just as debt-pressed ThirdWorld countries like Colombia andJamaica are having their entireeconomies turned into marijuanaexporting mills, now economicallydepressed American farmers arebeing spurred by the drug lobby togo to "pot" as the solution to theirfinancial problems. The result: notonly a boom in the marijuana supply,but the destruction of moralityof entire regions of the country.In California, Washington, Oregon,Tennessee, Florida and Kentuckymarijuana cultivation hasgrown to be among those states'ten largest crops. In Tennessee itnow ranks fifth; in northern Californiasecond or third. Accordingto a confidential Drug EnforcementAgency (DEA) report, marijuanais California's tenth largestcash crop ranking between almondsand strawberries.Monetarily the U.S. marijuanagrowing business is rapidly overtakingits long established counterpartin Colombia, which at $7billion annually has been thegreatest source of marijuana forU.S. markets. Currently $4 billionand rapidly increasing, the flourishingU.S. crop already constitutesone tenth of the $40 billionU.S. "pot" industry.Last October (1979), the HumboldtCounty, California Board ofSupervisors voted to turn down a$19,643 federal grant from theLaw Enforcement Assistance Administrationaimed at curbing thatarea's marijuana growing industry.The county, at the northeasttip of California, has been identifiedby the DEA as one of the topmajor suppliers of sinsemilla marijuanato the rest of the country—between 50 and 150 tons per year.Sinsemilla, or seedless, marijuana,is a highly potent form ofthe drug because of its richness inTHC content, the ingredient thatproduces the "high."The federal government estimatesthat the 1978 sinsemillacrop in Humboldt County alonewas worth $168 million. In the tricountyarea including Mendocinoand Trinity counties, it is unofficiallyestimated that commercialmarijuana growers bring in some$900 million a year.The rationale for turning downthe federal grant was identical tothe World Bank's rationale fortransforming Colombian agriculture(page 9). Humboldt Countyis an economically depressed area,with unemployment at about 15percent and small farms constantlyfailing. Growing marijuana, theargument goes, is a godsend.For the individual farmer thecited figures translate into the following:the average yield from asingle marijuana plant, whichcosts about $5 to grow, is 1 to V-kpounds of dried leaves and flowers.The sales price is $2,000 a pound.Not only does "pot" growing allowfarmers to survive who wouldhave otherwise failed, but it ispumping money into a depressedcommunity.The consequencesPerhaps nothing could illustratethe consequences of mindless "freeenterprise" more soberly thanwhat has occurred in northern California.Having been forced to purchaselocal "recovery" at the expenseof millions of Americanyouth who are smoking their poisonousproduct, Humboldt County6 War on Drugs / July 1980

esidents are also undergoing amassive increase in murders, kidnappingsand armed robberies.Townspeople have turned intovigilantes to protect their crop.State forestry officials report thattheir men live under constantthreat of violence from the growers,who warn them to keep theirplanes out of the area or be shotout of the sky.Unable to deal with the increasein violent crimes, Humboldt Countyofficials are bending the law.District Attorney Dipiolli describedthe policy of his office asfollows:"We must consider the armedrobber of the cultivator more dangerousthan the cultivator and wehave said in cases where if they'rewilling to tell the truth about theirentire commercial operation andwilling not to engage in it anyfurther, we will give you immunityso we can get the people whotried to kill you or rip you off putin prison. But the condition of thatis that they no longer continuegrowing marijuana."He added: "Now I don't knowhow effective that is because youcertainly can't enforce it."Who's pushing itBoth the National Organizationfor the Reform of Marijuana Lawsand the Committee Against MarijuanaProhibition (NORML andCAMP) have launched a drive todecriminalize home cultivation ofthree marijuana plants, with severalstates targeted. Alaska hasalready passed such legislation.(Three plants produce from five tonine pounds of the weed.)In California the bill is sponsoredby Assemblyman WillieBrown, a San Francisco Democrat.Before his election Brown was thelobbyist for Resorts International.As documented in the paperbackDope, Inc.: Britain's Opium WarAgainst the United States, ResortsInternational is a subsidiary of theMeyer Lansky-controlled organizedcrime apparatus that plays akey role in international drug trafficking.The politics of marijuana cultivation. Above: youth mobilized as cannon fodderby the drug lobby to demonstrate in New York for the right to "breed pot" onMay 3, 1980. Below: A field of California's tenth largest cash crop, which hasturned whole towns into criminals.July 1980 / War on Drugs 7

NEWS' Drug enforcementGov. Jerry Brown decriminalized marijuanain California.The drug lobby is acting to protectits industry in other ways.Keith Stroup, a founder ofNORML, has filed a lawsuitagainst the DEA's California program.He contends that the lowflyingplanes and helicopters usedby the DEA to locate marijuanafields and rip up the plants are aninvasion of the right to privacy!The marijuana growers andtheir political pals are also playinga key role in the environmentalistbattle to stop use of pesticides bythe government, farmers and thetimber industry. They fear thatthese pesticides, which are necessaryto produce a healthy andabundant food and timber crop,may destroy their filthy marijuanacrop.Most cynical of all, the drug lobbyis manipulating the situation topush for full legalization of marijuana.Through Keith Stroup's"Grow America" plan, peoplewould form limited-partner groupsyndicates (sharecropping) formarijuana growing, a practiceStroup says is already covertlygoing on in Arkansas.NORML argues that the solutionto the murder and theft problemis to legalize pot, and moreoverthis will give a powerful joltto the troubled U.S. economy. Ajolt indeed—straight toward oblivion.Coast GuardThe Carter administration, throughboth budgetary policy and throughdecisions concerning the so-calledCuban refugee crisis, has severelygutted U.S. Coast Guard drug patrols.The situation is so seriousthat drug enforcement officialspredict that it will soon result inthe worst drug smuggling epidemicin U.S. history, at a point whenheroin is already flooding the countryat Unprecedented levels.Coast Guard officials, anticipatingan increase in drug trafficking,last February requested an additional$37 million budget allocation.The Carter administrationhas yet to back to this request.Instead, it is suggesting major cutsin the Department of Transportation,the executive departmentthat controls the Coast Guard.Carter Transporation SecretaryNeil Goldschmidt reportedly viewsdrug enforcement as a "low priority"for allocation.Crisis pointCoast Guard officials report thatthe current Cuban refugee exodushas brought the situation to a crisispo}nt. As of next week, half ofthe entire East Coast fleet of CoastGuard cutters will be on stationoff the Florida Straits to interdictthe refugee flow. This will be thelargest single fleet under one commandsince the end of World WarII. The problem, according to worrieddrug enforcement officials, isthat this huge fleet deployment inthe Florida Straits and the removalof cutter patrols from otherpoints on the East and Gulf coastswill give smugglers an open field.Coast Guard officials report thattheir informants say that a largeocean-going ship, laden with sevcutbacksopenCoast Guard cutters are being redeployedout of drug patrols, considerederal hundred pounds of marijuanaand cocaine, traversed a routefrom Colombia all the way up theEast Coast to a destination inMaine. It totally avoided detectionby the depleted Coast Guard patrols.One Coast Guard spokesmanexplained that it was very easy forsuch ships to avoid the massedfleet off Florida, since the Cubanrefugee patrols generally hug thecoastline and go over a 90-100 mileradius within the areas of thestraits; any ship that goes intointernational waters can escapethe fleet.Even if they happen to crosspaths, the Coast Guard is so overworkedon refugee patrols that itis doubtful that they they woulddeploy to do anything.New routesDrug Enforcement Agencyspokesmen report that the Miamiillegal drug rings are now mappingnew routes to take advantage ofthe Carter administration's misdeploymentof the Coast Guard.—Robert Greenberg8 War on Drugs / July 1980

InternationalU.S. to drugsa "low priority" by TransportationSecretary Goldschmidt (right).Drug-carrying ships will now gothrough the Yucatan Channel,through the Gulf of Mexico to theHouston area. Numbers of Houston'scustom officials normally assignedto monitor drug trafficking,have been sent to Florida to workon the refugee problem.Another possible route woulddeposit drugs in the Tampa area.Other routes go up the East Coast,heading for Boston, Cape Cod andMaine.Coast Guard officials contactedby this news service expressedalarm and disgust with the apparentinability of the Carter administrationto understand the seriousnessof the drug inflow and howadministration actions are makingthings worse.These observers, who havewatched the Carter administrationsystematically cripple and destroyall drug enforcement efforts, knowthat such actions are not merelyincompetent.—Donna LevitWorld Bank aids drugsin Latin AmericaThe biggest drug pushers in theworld are not in the "Golden Triangle"of Southeast Asia, nor inColombia, South America, nor arethey the "French Connection."They are to be found in Washington,D.C., housed in the sharedheadquarters of the world's twolargest international financial institutions,the World Bank and theInternational Monetary fund.Through deliberately excessiveloan "conditionalities" imposed onThird World countries, these twoinstitutions have caused the enforcementof brutal austerity policieswhich have gutted those nations'economies and forced themto turn to drug production on amassive scale.IMF/World Bank policies have atwo-fold purpose: (1) the conversionof the underdeveloped ThirdWorld into marijuana, coca andpoppy farms, whose lucrative revenueswould go to fill IMF/WorldBank coffers in the form of debtrepayment and (2) the saturationof the United States with drugs.To achieve that second goal, theU.S. "pot lobby" has a clear startegy.According to a spokesmanfor the Washington, D.C.-basedNational Organization for the Reformof Marijuana Laws(NORML), "If enough of these(Third World) countries go with(drug) legalization, the UnitedStates may perceive the more enlightenedtrend and get the idea."The campaign to force ThirdWorld countries to legalize drugcultivation and export is not new.Two years ago, a World Bank seniorofficial for Latin America declared:"I haven't looked at Colombia'sdrug industry, although I've justreturned from Bolivia, and I knowthat the coca industry there ishighly advantageous to producers.In fact, from their point of view,they simply couldn't find a betterproduct. Its advantages are thatno elaborate technology is required,no hybrid seeds, the landand climate are perfect. . .."And, according to an IMF officerfor Colombia: "(Marijuana production)would not destroy the nationaleconomy. From an economicviewpoint, the marijuana is just acrop, like any other. It brings inforeign exchange, and provides incomefor the peasants."ColombiaThe Colombian "pot lobby"—which closely coordinates its legalizationstrategy with the UnitedStates marijuana lobby—has scoredmajor successes in the pastmonths. The government of TurbayAyala was seriously weakenedby the M-19 terrorist incident inBogotawhich gave the upper handto domestic and international "humanrights" forces that largelyoverlap the legalization drive.• In early March, Defense MinisterCamacho Leyva withdrew3,500 trained antidrug troops fromthe Guajira Peninsula, Colombia'sillicit drug plantation, ostensiblyto redeploy the troops to the terrorist-occupiedDominican Embassyin Bogota. In reality there hadbeen intense pressure from forcesas diverse as the ex-chief of thesecret police, Jose Joaquin Matellana,and the liberal financier ErnestoSamper Pizano, who pleadedJuly 1980 / War on Drugs 9

that the troops should be removedfrom a "dangerous source of corruption"in the lucrative drug traffickingzone. The troop withdrawalwas hailed by Samper Pizano as"de fact legalization."• Last month, the Colombianpress revealed that Hector EcheverriCorrea, president of the ColombianSenate and an open advocateof marijuana legalization,planned to introduce a bill into theColombian Congress to legalizecultivation and export of marijuanaand cocaine. The bill hassince been accepted for debate.• In early May, the ColombianSupreme Court decreed the legalizationof a "personal dose" of marijuanaand hashish. An addition tothe decree permits an individualpossessing more than the legal oneounce to divide his stash into several"legal" shares for "addicted"family members or friends. Onelegal export pointed out that withdoctored medical evidence, Colombiantraffickers could transportsubstantial amounts of drugs withease.• Last week, the Turbay governmentdecided not to use the herbicideparaquat to eradicate themarijuana fields covering largechunks of Colombian territory.The technical commission recommendingdisapproval claimed thatdrug production was a "social phenomenon"that could not be eradicatedby paraquat—exactly theline of the pot lobby.Legalization of drugs in Colombisviolates the 1961 United NationsResolution on PsychotropicSubstances which prohibits commercein marijuana, hashish andnarcotic drugs. It would set a precedentfor countries like . ..Colombian troops burning seized marijuana under their government's formerpolicy (above). Below: Colombian Anti-Drug Coalition president Fausto Charris(right) urged Rep. Oilman, a New York Democrat, to support resistance to druglegalization in Colombia during a 1979 visit to Washington. Oilman declined.JamaicaThis poverty-stricken island-nationis the classic case of a countrydriven to the brink of economicdisintegration by the IMF, whilepro-IMF forces inside Jamaicaopenly promote the legalization ofmarijuana production and exportas the answer to the country'sproblems.Under the current Michael Manleygovernment, which opposesdrug legalization, the IMF's austeritydictates have already collapsedtangible production on theisland for lack of credit, drivenmost basic consumer goods out ofthe purchasing reach of the majority,and triggered mass employment.Enter the "opposition," the JamaicanLabor Party which is onthe best of terms with the internationalbanking community. Its"solution": legalize marijuana.That's the JLP's platform for thegeneral elections later this year.JLP general secretary BruceGolding says "ganja (marijuana)has become a way of life here" andboasts of a resolution before parliamentsponsored by a JLP deputyleader seeking to decriminalizethe drug. And as HughO'Shaughnessy, Latin Americancolumnist for the London FinancialTimes admitted in an unusuallycandid article April 6, "the In-10 War on Drugs / July 1980

ternational Monetary Fund is noweffectively . . . helping those whowant to legalize pot" in Jamaica.PeruThe so-called "Peruvian Miracle"which enabled this Andeanregion nation to go from near defaulton its international debts in1976 to a "stabilized" repaymentsituation today is a classical IMFrecipe. Under the most drastic austerityconditions, this nation hasturned to its only "growth industry"—cocaine—tomeet IMF demands.While national wages are estimatedat one-third 1973 levels, industrialproduction has all butground to a halt and 60 percent ofLima's population is consideredundernourished. The area undercocoa plant cultivation in Peru hasgone from 5,000 to 68,000 hectaresin the past few years.A legalized drug trade is notopenly under consideration (manysay it is merely "unnecessary" atthis time). But the legalizationover a year ago of gambling casinosin Peru's drug-saturated bordertowns has provided the idealmeans for laundering drug money.Should neighboring Colombia gowith drug legalization, the cocainetrade of both Peru and Boliviawould be de facto legalized, as Colombiais the acknowledged refiningand transshipment point forthat drug.— Valerie RushInt'l pot lobbymeets in U.K.On April 12 and 13 in Sheffield,England dope freaks from at leastfour nations convened to plan thenext stages of their campaign tolegalize mind-stupefying drugs.The meeting was sponsored by theLegalize Cannabis campaign-Britain's counterpart to the U.S.-based National Organization forthe Reform of Marijuana Laws.One NORML representative,Bob Possony, was reportedly atthe meeting, as well as representativesfrom Australia (recentlyidentified as a new plantation sitefor marijuana-growing in the BritishCommonwealth) and leaders ofthe Berlin-based West Germandope group, InHale (Initiative forHashish Legalization).A few years ago, such a meetingwould have been considered afringe gathering. Incredibly, however,these groups and others, operatingunder an umbrella calledthe International Cannabis Associationfor Reform (ICAR), havesucceeded in gaining official observerstatus at the United Nationsin New York.The political credo of ICAR, nowfirmly entrenched in New York, isthe internationalization of theThis "Yippie" organizing for the sixth terrorist attempt to shut down theSeabrook, N.H. nuclear construction site, posed for photographer at a New Yorkrally to demand legalized marijuana.July 1980 / War on Drugs 11

The peoplewho aredruggingAmericawant tokeep youin thedark.Switch on the light!Subscribe toNew SolidarityThe twice weekly newspaperof the American System"It was by the press that themorals of this country have beenruined, and it is by the press thatthey shall be restored."—Alexander Hamilton$25 for 1 year (100 issues)$15 for 6 months (50 issues)$50 for foreign airmail, 6 months$50 for domestic first class mail, 1 year$30 for domestic first class mail, 6 monthswork that the National Organizationfor the Reform of MarijuanaLaws through the help of suchinstitutions as the Ford Foundation-createdDrug Abuse Counciland the Carter administration hasbeen attempting to spread for thelast five years. ICAR stands for:full legalization of all cannabisdrugs including marijuana, hashish,hash oil, and other derivatives;removal of all international sanctionsand cooperation among nationsagainst drug trafficking, andrevocation of the 1961 Single Conventionon Psychotropic Drugs,which set up international agreementsto work against traffic inmarijuana products, synthetic hallucinogensand heroin.At an international conferencelast December in Amsterdam,members of ICAR met to plantheir coordinated initiatives. Atthe meeting were NORML, InHale,and Britain's Legalize CannabisCampaign (LCC). Observers at themeeting also report a heavy representationof "direct action" groupsinvolved in antinuclear politics aswell as drugs. While the proposalto use the drug movement as aterrorist international was officiallyrejected in Amsterdam, furtherinvestigation reveals that thisalready, de facto, is the case.The relatively unknown Yippieorganization which publishes aninfrequent pornographic rag calledOverthrow is composed of the leftoversof \me followers of 1968rioters, fugitive Abbie Hoffmanand Chicago Seven defendantJerry Rubin.Operating through offshoots like"Rock Against Racism," the Yippieshave gained some attentionfor their pranks such as marijuanasmoke-ins on the White Houselawn and throwing pies at politicalfigures they oppose.Yippies are also on the staff ofHigh Times magazine, the dopers'bible, which includes in its monthlyedition an international "stockmarket quote" style feature on theprice, quality, and availability of,marijuana and hashish around theworld.Two Yippie chapters are worthnoting—British LCC, sponsor oflast weekend's London meeting,and Open Road, a publicationbased in Vancouver, B.C. which isrun by several known terrorist operatives.Through its editor HeleneEllenbogen, Open Road has directties to West Germany's Baader-Meinhof gang and the violent wingof German environmentalists whostaged bloody demonstrationsagainst a nuclear construction sitein Brockdorf, West Germany.Open Road is also a safehouse formembers of the George JacksonBrigade, which has operated inWashington State and Oregon forthe last five years and has two ofits members on the FBI's 10 MostWanted list.—Michele SteinbergNameStreetCity State_ _Zip_Make checks payable to:Campaigner Publications304 West 58th StreetNew York, New York, 10019Allow about four weeks for delivery offirst issue.Where drugs and terrorism cross paths—the publications of the internationalpot lobby.12 War on Drugs / July 1980

A survey of drug bills on Capitol HillThis month's legislative updatewill outline existing federal legislationnow pending before the Congress.In future columns, each billwill be analyzed in terms of whetherits real aim is to aid governmentalagencies in the War on Drugs—and how successful the legislationis in that effort.HOUSE OFREPRESENTATIVESHR3721Introduced by Rep. Billy Lee Evans,Democrat of Georgia.The bill would increase criminalpenalties for possession of over 100pounds of marijuana.HR6767Introduced by Rep. Billy Lee Evans,Democrat of Georgia.This bill would allow the InternalRevenue Service .to assist thevarious government enforcementagencies in the investigation ofdrug trafficking. The various sectionsof the bill ensure IRS confidentialityof information. The billwould amend or change the TaxReform Bill of 1976, which waspassed through Congress becauseof alleged government abuse in theuse of IRS files.At this time for example, a drugtrafficker could claim $100,000 incomefrom his trade on his taxform with complete confidentialityon the part of IRS. According to alaw enforcement agent the Carteradministration is preparing itsown IRS reform act to counter thisbill.HR2538Introduced by Rep. Mario Biaggi,Democrat of New York.The bill would permit the CoastGuard to pick up drug traffickersoutside of U.S. territorial waters.The bill has passed the House andis pending in the Senate CommerceCommittee.HR Bill 5961Introduced by Rep. John J.Lafalce, Democrat of New York.The bill would amend the BankSecrecy Act of 1970, allowing anindividual to leave the countrywith up to $10,000 without declaringit to U.S. Customs. The billwould allow customs agents topick up and criminally charge drugtraffickers with the attempt totake money out of the countrywithout reporting this exit of capitalfrom the country.At present there is no crime inattempt, thus if no money has leftthe country, no crime has beencommitted. The bill also gives customsagents the right to searchsuspects leaving the United States.The bill is out of the HouseBanking Committee and is nowbefore the Ways and Means Committeebefore going before the fullHouse.SENATES 2402, S 2403, S 2404, S 2405Introduced by Sen. Sam Nunn,Democrat of Georgia.This is the same as HR 6767 (seeabove) sponsored by Rep. Evans inthe House.S1722Introduced by Sen. EdwardKennedy, Democrat of Massachusetts.Better known as the CriminalCode Reform Bill, S 1722's sectiondealing with drug matters wouldreduce possession of smallamounts of marijuana to a misdemeanor.This is federal decriminalizationfor "personal" possessionof marijuana. The bill has gonethrough the full Judiciary Committeeand is now in mark-upstage.Sen. Charles Mathias, a Republicanfrom Maryland, has introducedan amendment to the KennedyCriminal Code Bill whichwould retain the current federalpenalties for possession of anyamount of marijuana. The currentfederal penalty is a minimum ofone year in jail and $5,000 fine forany amount of the substance. Mathias'samendment has the supportof Senators Paul Laxalt ofNevada, Harrison Schmitt of NewMexico, William Armstrong ofColorado, Gordon Humphrey ofNew Hampshire, and Barry Goldwaterof Arizona, all Republicansand Sen. Howard Cannon of Nevada,a Democrat.—Martha ZollerJuly 1980 / War on Drugs 13

The 'sex education' conspiracy-Christian Curtis rips thecovers off "sex education"and finds its backers are thesame crowd that createdthe drug culture. Theirpurpose: crippling theminds of America's youth.Homosexuality and animal sodomyare praised as alternative lifestyles inthis "Zing" comic book by SolGordon, an architect of the NewJersey sex curriculum. Bob Bowen ofCitizens for LaRouche shows theevidence to Rev. Alfred C. Maxwell(wearing hat) of the BaptistMinisterial Conference of Newarkand other representatives of acoalition to pass a bill to strike downthe mandate who gathered at theTrenton State House May 19.14 War on Drugs / July 1980According to an April 8 mandatefrom the New JerseyBoard of Education, every schooldistrict in the state is to beginadopting "sex education" curriculaby no later than 1983. And NewJersey is only a test case. Unlessthis dictate is reversed, it will seta nationwide precedent for destroyingthe minds and moralityof American children. From thedocuments of the authors of thecompulsory program, here is whatyour child will be "taught":• Children 5 to 6 years of agewill learn the names of the "properparts" of the reproductive organs.They will be taught to "recognize"these parts of the body by applyinglife-sized cutouts of sexual organsto silhouettes, so that the child candefine the silhouette as a "girl" ora "boy."• Slightly older elementaryschool students will be told to "inspectthemselves" with mirrors.They will be shown films of dogscopulating, counterposed with ascene of a human couple embracingin bed. The narrator of thisfilm, already in use in some districts,tells the students, "Yourparents are doing what the dogsdo."• At ages 11 and 12, childrenwill be taught about masturbation—notonly what it is, but howit's done.• Thirteen- and 14-year-oldswill be presented with homosexualityand prostitution as "alternativelifestyles." One of the sex programtextbooks, Random House'sLife and Health, which is alreadyused in the county of North Brunswick,cites "expert" opinion that ifit were not for social taboo, mostpeople would be bisexual. As forprostitution, the book suggests, "Itis not easy to define a prostitute.Who should be included in the definition?The person who has coituswith an employer to gain promotionsand salary increases? Thewife who holds out for a minkcoat?"• By the senior year of highschool, students will have coveredbisexuality, transsexuality, transvestism,pornography, and suchspecialized topics as "the effect ofpenis size" on the female partner'ssatisfaction during intercourse, accordingto one program already inplace. In one New Jersey highschool, parents discovered thatstudents are already being shownvarious types of condoms—coloredred, white, and blue to mark theBicentennial.These "courses," many of whichare already being put into practice,are not the mere perversions ofmisguided liberal educators whomay have gone "too far." Nor iswhat is at stake in New Jersey andthe rest of the country limited tothe question of whether or not "sexeducation should be taught in thehome or in the schools." The realissue is much more profound andconcerns the very survival of oursociety. For these curricula, asthis report will show, are deliberatelydesigned to destroy yourchild's mind and all standards ofmorality.Legalized pornography in ourschools is not "just happening." Itis a calculated attack on Americanyouth, and most importantly, it isbeing carried out by the same peo-

ainwashing by perversionpie and agencies responsible forbringing the drug plague, thecounterculture, zombie cults, andterrorism upon the United States.It's not sex educationIf such a conclusion "sounds incredible,"it is not for lack of evidenceto back it up. Rather, it isbecause the average American, regardlessof his or her shortcomings,has difficulty understandingthat someone can be so purely evil.But a close look at who and whatare really behind "sex education"reveals an evil purpose beyond themost frightening nightmares ofthe average citizen.First, let's get rid of the ideathat the curricula represented bywhat is being pushed in New Jerseyhave anything to do with sex"education." The subject of sex ismerely used as a handle for gettinginto the child's mind. The immediateeffect of the types of manipulationdescribed above, especiallyon the youngest children, is clear.Sexual characteristics become theyardstick for identifying otherpeople, and, most importantly,themselves. The child is taught tobelieve that his identity as a humanbeing is based on his sensualappetites.For example, the architects ofthe Jersey program plan to havegrade-school children from kindergartenon up wear "I.D." cards inJuly 1980 / War on Drugs 15

In 1977 the MNS published a"training manual" for its members.Its instructions include:"Learn eroticism from children:notice how babies experience theirsensibility from head to foot. Thatpotential is still there for adultstoo. When cuddling children, includetheir genitals. ..."A more recent MNS manualurges:"Masturbate in front of a mirror... . Masturbate with a friendor lover present. Share information.. . . Work on your feelings ofdislike and fear of gayness. Wemust deal with them. ... Set agoal of making love to someone ofthe same sex within a certain time.. . . Make it happen."Sound familiar? It's a slightlymore straightforward version ofthe proposed New Jersey "sex education"curriculum."Humanists," and an assortmentof institutes specializing in brainwashing.What is being sold to you as "sexeducation" is really a form of behaviormodification called sensitivitytraining. Sensitivity training,for its part, was developed as aform of mind subversion parallelwith the introduction on a massscale of hallucinogens, particularlyLSD, into the United States sinceWorld War II. Both drugs and sensitivitytraining produce essentiallythe same types of brainwashingsymptoms in their victims. Bothare aspects of one subversive effortto corrode the morality of ouryouth.The drug epidemic that has afflictedthis country since the 1960swas the deliberate creation ofsomething called the MK-UltraProject. Back in the late 1920s, agroup of perverse British doctors,psychologists, and anthropologistsimplanted the seeds of the drugsubculture with a string of communesin California. From there,these conspirators, who includedsuch well-known personalities asJulian and Aldous Huxley, GregoryBateson, Margaret Mead, andH.G. Wells, recruited agents andfounded institutions around thespreading of drug-consumingcults.In the late 1930s, Dr. AlbertWHO YOUR ENEMY ISThe criminals trying to destroyyour children are known. Theirnames are public. They often occupypositions of great power andprestige in our society. And theyhave been patiently at work intheir evil enterprise for decades.We shall introduce them here, andwe will see that they form a selfacknowledgedconspiracy consciouslytrying to destroy theUnited States.They hate everything this countrywas founded upon—scientificand technological progress, culturaland moral advancement, sanity,and reason. They are cultists, mystics,sick leftovers from the DarkAges who demand a halt to allforms of growth. And we will seethat the people pushing sex educationand those pushing drugs areone and the same.The sex education "movement"is merely one part—although acrucial one—of what these evilpeople themselves now call the"Aquarian conspiracy." We willlook at the history of this subversivecancer in our midst, a historythat involves well-known Britisharistocratic families, United Nations"one-worlders," misnamedWho were theHuxley brothers?Aldous HuxleyAldous and Julian Huxley, both members of the drug and sexcult known as the Order of the Golden Dawn, were the "intellectuals"of the decadent British aristocracy during the first half ofthis century. Aldous, the science fiction-futurology freak, wroteBrave New World as a scenario for what the swinging lords andladies of the old nobility planned to do with the civilized worldturnit into a nightmare of zero growth and dictatorship. Aldousled Project MK-Ultra, the operation that smuggled LSD into theUnited States and eventually created the rock-drug counterculture.Julian, a Darwinian biologist and founder of UNESCO, was theexpert in sexual perversions. A close friend of sexologist Dr.Kinsey, he once described his visit to Kinsey's secret archives onperversions as one of the high points of his life. Julian was not avery stable character, suffering eight nervous breakdowns duringhis life. After spending years eavesdropping on the mating habitsof innumerable species of animals, Julian wrote that no animalwas as capable of sexual deviance as is man.July 1980 / War on Drugs 17

Hofmann of Sandoz Laboratoriesin Switzerland and an associate ofMK-Ultra, invented LSD andbrought it to California. Afteryears of "experiments" at the PaloAlto Mental Research Institute,the Stanford Research Institute,and the Esalen Institute, amongothers, MK-Ultra "went big" withmass distribution of LSD in the1960s through the project's agents,Timothy Leary and Ken Kesey.The names behind MK-Ultra'sdrug running are the same namesthat established sensitivity trainingand sex education curricula inthis country. Sensitivity trainingwas brought into the United statesin 1946 from the Tavistock Institutein England by Dr. Kurt Lewin,who set up the National TrainingLaboratories. Lewin's brainwashingtechnique, which accordingto congressional testimony byU.S. military officers was identicalto what the Chinese did to U.S.prisoners during the Korean War,was based on getting the individualto focus on his senses. By the1950s and early 1960s, this techniquehad been established at theEsalen Institute and at severalclinics based around Palo Alto,California—the same institutesthen engaged in MK-Ultra.Overseeing both projects—sexand drugs—were the Huxleybrothers. Aldous was consideredRussell: 'catch the patient young'Lord Bertrand Russell, the bisexual darling of the British aristocracyand associate of the Huxley brothers, laid out the eventualaims of sensitivity training/sex education almost 30 years ago inhis book, The Impact of Science on Society. "Mass Psychology,"or brainwashing, is the key to the future, he said.It is hoped that in time anybody will be able to persuadeanybody of anything, if he can catch the patient young.... Variousresults will soon be arrived at. First, the influence of home isobstructive. Second, that not much can be done unless indoctrinationbegins before the age of ten. Third, that verses set to musicand repeatedly intoned are very effective. Fourth, that the opinionthat snow is white must be held to show a morbid taste foreccentricity. ... It is for future scientists to make these maximsprecise and discover exactly how much it cosits per head to makechildren believe that snow is black, and how much less it wouldcost to make them believe it is dark gray.Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rigidlyconfined to the governing class. The populace will not be allowed toknow how its convictions were generated.Like Russell, the "educators" of the Aquarian conspiracycalled"change agents" in the trade—freely recognize that theinfluence of healthy parents is their greatest obstacle. A study oneducational "trends" for the 1970s stated:Basic personality patterns may have been formed before childrenever enter school. They can be changed but the later that ispostponed, the more difficult is the process.Rand Corporation consultant Dr. R. Gary Bridge put it thisway: "When kids come to us at age four, five or six, they alreadyhave these beliefs set. We have to unwind them and start over,and even then, we get them only a few hours a day."the "father" of MK-Ultra, whileJulian was the founding directorof UNESCO at the United Nations.As we shall see, almost all of thecurrent trends in "sex education"curricula were inspired by JulianHuxley's UNESCO while AldousHuxley was conducting LSD experimentsin California.British degeneratesThe Huxleys come from whatwe would today call the Jet Set ofBritish high society during theearly part of this century. Thesewere the "free sex," mate-swapping,and sodomy circles of decadentBritish aristocratic familiesand their hangers-on. The creamof this avant garde, such as LordBertrand Russell, the Huxleys,George Orwell (author of 1984),kook futurologist H.G. Wells, andthe celebrated transvestite AleisterCrowley, were members of thesado-masochistic drug cult calledthe Order of the Golden Dawn. Aclose friend and sexual playmateof the Order was Margaret Sanger,the founder of Planned Parenthoodof America.This network of morally derangedaristocrats openly pronouncedtheir intention of spreading insanityand perversion throughout theworld—especially to the UnitedStates. Their blueprint was AldousHuxley's Brave New World, a visionof how this elite would imposeits insanity through fascism.Carefully, they built up theirmovement in the United States,through a combination of internalsubversion and "international"pressure for adopting certain "reforms."Under the guise of whatwas called the Humanist Movement,their agent John Deweyplanted the seeds of destruction inthe American educational system,while the "one-worlders" aroundJulian Huxley built the United Nations.With the establishment of theU.N., the conspirators of insanityused the argument of "internationalconsensus" to bolster their attackon the United States. Theytalked of a "global community," a18 War on Drugs / July 1980

"global ecosystem," and "limitedsovereignty." The idea was to imposeon this country, in the nameof "scarce resources," protectingthe "environment," and international"human rights," the notionthat the age of progress was comingto an end.The so-called Humanists, meanwhile,implanted themselves inAmerican society through suchagencies as the Aspen Institute forHumanistic Studies. It is not incidentalthat the American FriendsService Committee, the agencythat helped create the PhiladelphiaMOVE cult mentioned earlier,is closely coordinated with Aspenin projects concerning environmentalismand "humanrights."The intensified campaign for sexeducation since the 1960s comesdirectly out of Julian Huxley'sUNESCO. The very term most preferredby child molesters when referringto sex education—"familylifeeducation"—was coined by aUNESCO study overseen by Huxleyhimself in 1963, UNESCO's"International Year of the Child."The SIECUS storyUNESCO generated somethingcalled the Sex Information and EducationCouncil of the U.S., orSIECUS, probably the one institutionmost responsible for perversionin U.S. schools during the past16 years. SIECUS was active inalmost every state of the Union,testing citizens' reactions to proposalsthat eventually paved theway for today's curricula. On thefounding board of directors of SIE­CUS in 1964 were four of the ninemembers of the UNESCO Family-Life Education committee fromthe year before. Three of the otherSIECUS board members, includchairmanDr. Mary Calderone, wereformer high-level officials of theU.N. World Health Organization.SIECUS, having done its pioneeringwork admirably, is now adiscarded shell. Its functions havebeen taken over by the much largerand more "respectable," multimillion-dollarPlanned ParenthoodThe big names behind SIECUSThe following patrons attended the second annual SIECUS dinnerback in the 1960s:Hugh Hefner: lord of the Playboy empire; the Playboy Foundationis a major sponsor of sex education and marijuana "decriminalization."John Cowles: publisher of Look magazine; Look's Senior Editorfor the West Coast at the time was George Leonard, who was alsovice president of the Esalen Institute. Esalen not only did"studies" for the sex education movement, but was instrumentalin the promotion of LSD through MK-Ultra.Robert McNamara: president of the World Bank. The WorldBank informally urges underdeveloped countries to cultivatemarijuana and other drugs as "cash crops."Stewart Mott: heir to General Motors and now the majorfinancial backer of the prodrug, environmentalist Citizens Partyand John Anderson.Steven Rockefeller: member of the notorious family that haslong been promoting zero growth.James Warburg: Wall Street banker from the infamous Warburgfamily of financiers. During the 1930s, the Warburgs conducedmoney to Hitler's Nazis.SIECUS and the porno industryOne interesting gentleman who served as an adviser to SIECUSduring the late 1960s and early 1970s was a Dr. Albert Ellis, whoheaded the kook Institute for Rational Living. Dr. Ellis is cited asan authoritative sexologist in the Parsippany, New Jersey 1969teachers' guide on sex education, published by the ParsippanyBoard of Education. He was known as an advocate of anythingthat "feels good," and once said that if he were stranded on adesert island with his sister, he'd have sexual relations with her.Not surprisingly, the good doctor was also listed as a staff memberof Screw magazine.July 1980 / War on Drugs 19

sex lobby of Julian Huxley'sfriend, the late Margaret Sanger.One of SIECUS's former big bankrollers,the Ford Foundation, nowpumps millions into Planned Parenthood.SIECUS was also directly tied tothe MK-Ultra LSD program duringits heyday. One of its foundersduring the 1960s was the PacificaFoundation in California, whichwas also putting money into GregoryBateson's LSD experiments inPalo Alto. LSD guru TimothyOut of the closet,into the gov'tThe sex merchants who begantheir subversion fromprivate "think tanks" and underthe cover of the UnitedNations have fully infiltratedthe federal government. TheDepartment of Health, Educationand Welfare, whichwas set up by the UNESCO-WHO crew, is one of the largestpornography outlets inthe country. In 1978 theHEW sponsored a "Sex Fair"in Atlanta. Every type of deviationwas portrayed at thevarious "booths," includinghomosexuality, masturbation,adultery, and group sex.Some of these were acted outby a "living theater" troop ofhigh school students from theFamily Life Theater of NewYork, which was set up byPlanned Parenthood ofAmerica. According to witnesses,children as young as8 years old were shown howto use contraceptives by suchtechniques as having vaginalfoam squirted into the palmsof their hands. Attendanceby children was encouragedby charging only $2 admission;adults had to pay $50.Leary lived off of Pacifica moneyfor years. Similarly, the EsalenInstitute, another MK-Ultra center,provided sex education "consultants"to SIECUS. WealthySIECUS patrons included HughHefner, Robert McNamara, andSteven Rockefeller.Beneath these "daddy bigbucks"were the actual operatives of SIE­CUS. Besides a few assorted smutpeddlers, such as Dr. Calderone'shusband, Frank, who owned twoporno movie theaters on Long Island,New York, and another advisorwho was on the staff of Screwmagazine (see box), there was Dr.F. Brock Chisholm. Chisholm, directorof the World Health Organizationprior to joining SIECUS,was a former military psychologicalwarfare specialist trained atthe Tavistock Institute, the agencythat developed sensitivity training.Chisholm stated in 1946 that"the basis of child training" is "thereinterpretation and eventuallyeradication of the concept of rightand wrong."And in New Jersey ...Now that we have met the foundersof sex education and theirinstitutions, let's look at who theirdescendants are and what they areinvolved in today. Take the case ofNew Jersey.Mrs. Catherine White Ellisonheads the Educational Foundationfor Human Sexuality at MontclairState College, the institute that iscoordinating the design and promulgationof the Jersey sex educationcurriculum. Mrs. Ellison gother sensitivity training at the Universityof California at Berkelyand at the Mental Research Institutein Palo Alto—the same PaloAlto outfit that ran MK-Ultra.The person on the state schoolboard who led the effort to pass asex education mandate was Mrs.Susan Wilson. Mrs. Wilson is alsono local housewife. She is a memberof the Aspen Institute for HumanisticStudies—the same organizationthat sprang out of theHuxley brothers' so-called HumanistMovement.In fact, today's "sex education"conspiracy has branched out tobrainwash childen with "drug education"and "death studies"—allbased on the same principle ofdestroying morality. The NationalInstitute of Mental Health, aquasi-governmental agency foundedby Dr. Chisholm's WorldHealth Organization, published aguide in 1969 entitled How To Plana Drug Abuse Workshop forTeachers. The introduction stresses,"At all grades, a factual, nonmoralizingpresentation is essential.. .. Diametric 'good' and 'bad'approaches are not helpful to drugeducation." Teachers are urged toimmerse students in "high degreesensory stimulation" such as "records,tapes and TV at high volumes... psychedelic lights—perhapssimultaneously. ... Enjoymentof the stimulation and inundationof sound, sight, words, orlyrics, and of kinetic activity("dancing"—ed.) can be contrastedwith unstimulating activities ofthe classroom."Simultaneously, organizationssuch as the Aspen Institute andNational Training Laboratoriesare teaching children to accept"death with dignity"—a politeterm for murder against elderlycitizens. One of the texts now inuse is a pamphlet called "MoralReasoning," published by the XeroxCorporation in 1972. Includedamong the stories designed for"discussion" is an essay about ashipwreck, where there are notenough lifeboats for the survivorsand decisions must be made as towho is to die. Another entry, entitled"Too Old To Keep Alive," detailshow primitive Eskimos commitgeriatricide against their elderly,and calls on students to considerthe case. Ironically, the textalso contains an article that polemicizesagainst the killing ofbaby seals."Carry on subversively"Is this entire movement—sexeducation, drugs, sensitivity,training, death education—reallya conspiracy? Do the people in-20 War on Drugs / July 1980

volved know that it's subversive?Read what one member of thismovement had to say in the 1971issue of School Review magazine:"Our efforts as educators mustnotbe directed to restoring thepast order of morality but to participatingin creating a new one... . When it is shed there will be anew moral order to take its place... a counterculture that willburst through to the surface. Perhapsone can establish cells of acounterculture in the classroom.. .. Such units would then . . . contributeto the disintegration of existinginstitutions."Formal education carried onsubversively .. . provides somemeasure of the physical and socialisolation necessary for the incubationprocess."The Spring 1975 issue of theJournal of Teacher Educationbriefs instructors in this conspiracyon how to keep their work secretand deceive the public:"Keep the door closed. . . . Thesuccessful teacher innovates quietlyand without fanfare."Use a special vocabulary. ...Avoid change, fun, new, sensitivity... Publicly stress instead masteringbasics, students' responsibility,hard work, respect, traditionalvalues, proven, discipline,and results."Carry a book around. .. . Youappear to know what you aredoing."The National Training Laboratoriessimilarly cautioned subversiveagents in a 1977 newsletter:"The more visible change is, themore threatening it becomes, andthe more it will be resented."Couch the language of changein the language of the status quo."Use the stated objectives of thestatus quo. They are almost broadenough to encompass innovation."Unobtrusively change one unit;the innovation, if successful, willspread."Are such "innovations" being introducedinto your child's school?And are you being told, like NewJersey parents, that "no one else"objects?Does the New Jersey Conference of Catholic Bishops also support "gayrights," like this contingent at a New York parade in June, 1979? ManyNew Jersey Catholics are asking how far the betrayal of their bishopswill go before the Vatican cracks down.The bishop of Sodom and Gomorrahhy does Peter Gerety, the Archbishop of Newark, supportW drugs, homosexuality and promiscuity? This is a questionbeing asked by many New Jersey Catholics who have found theirarchbishop acting contrary to the teachings of the Roman CatholicChurch. Some Catholic groups are reportedly petitioning theVatican for the removal of this "bishop of Sodom and Gomorrah."• It was the New Jersey Conference of Catholic Bishops, whichGerety heads, that defeated a bill in the state assembly whichwould have stopped the infamous "sex education" mandate of theBoard of Education. Lawyer Elmer Matthews testified on behalfof the Bishops' Conference that the Catholic Church of NewJersey "enthusiastically" supports the mandate.• The newspaper of Archbishop Gerety's archdiocese, the Advocate,supported the sex education mandate last February, evenbefore the pornographic contents of the program were revealed inthe Newark Star-Ledger.• The Conference of Bishops is also on record for drug decriminalization.Bishop Francis of Newark, a protege of Gerety, wasactively campaigning for marijuana decrim in 1979.• Archbishop Gerety is a sponsor of the "charismatic" revivalmovement that is perverting the institutions of the Church. Hecosponsored a 30,000 person mass brainwashing session at NewJersey's Meadowlands park in May, 1978. On May 24, 1980 hecosponsored with Episcopalian Bishop Spong 200 "charismatic"meetings around the state. Gerety is attempting to institutionalizesuch practices in Roman Catholicism through his fight forgeneral absolution services currently forbidden by the Pope.July 1980 / War on Drugs 21

ew York State tried to stop it.NThe Federal Reserve Board,the nation's highest monetary authority,couldn't enforce it. But theCarter administration, through G.William Miller's Treasury Department,brought the world's biggestdope financiers into a commandingposition in American banking.When the Hongkong and ShanghaiBanking Corporation took controlof New York's $13 billion MarineMidland Bank in February 1980,the Carter administration ended abitter two-year fight to keep HongKong's infamous dope bankers outof America.Carter's officials left a trail ofbroken arms and torn-up lawsstretching from the paneled officesof the Federal Reserve to statelegislatures around the country.Despite the public protests of NewYork State officials and legislators,the Treasury handed control ofNew York's Marine Midland Bank,one of the nation's largest—violatingits own published rules of conductin the process!All this occurred in the publicview, debated in open hearings andin the public press. When you wonderwhy the White House can't getthe dope off the streets, considerwhat the dope in the White Houseis doing.Since its founding by Britain'schief banking families in 1864, theHongkong and Shanghai BankingCorporation—known locally as"HongShang"—has been the centralbank of the world narcoticstraffic, as well as the central bankof Hong Kong, the world narcoticscapital. HongShang's headquartersin the British Crown Colonyof Hong Kong processes $10 billionin opium revenues each year. Butits role is far more important thanthe link to the Far East ("GoldenTriangle") narcotics traffic or theMideast opium fields. The bank isalso the center of a worldwide networkof dirty money operations,illegal gold trading, diamondsmuggling, and assassination.Carter's Treasury and the FederalReserve Board knew this ayear before HongShang succeededCarter let the world'sbiggest drug bankinto the U.S22 War on Drugs / July 1980

in grabbing Marine Midland. In aspecial November 1978 hearing beforethe chief bank regulators andlawyers of the Federal Reserve,Dope Inc. co-author KonstandinosKalimtgis and this writer presentedfour hours' worth of documentationabout HongShang,backed by a 125-page brief. Whatis more, through the 50,000-copybest-seller Dope, Inc. and a nationwidecampaign by the NationalAnti-Drug Coalition, the factswere also in the hands of statelegislators, state banking regulators,the press, and the public.The National Anti-Drug Coalition'sefforts barricaded the takeoverattempt for a year and a half,until the Treasury Department itselfgot into the act, and bulldozedopposition by New York State andother officials. How this occurredis one of the biggest black marksin the blotched record of this administration.How did the Hongkong andShanghai Bank of "OpiumWars"infamy grab controlof Marine Midland, a majorU.S. bank? The story ofperfidy in high places is toldby David Goldman, a coauthorof Dope, Inc.Money too bulkyAny law enforcement officialwill tell you that the one weaknessof the dope traffic is illegal moneyflows. No matter how much dopethe police sieze from peddlers, newsupplies will replace them. Couriersand peddlers are expendableand replaceable.But the $100 billion annual salesvolume of dope in the UnitedStates is harder to hide than that.In small bills, currency worth the$15 billion and up retail price ofheroin sold in American streets isbulkier than the heroin itself! Thismoney must be filtered into illegalbank accounts, invested into negotiablesecurities or precious metals,and transferred abroad to financeadditional production, refining,and transport of dope, in acomplex international process ofexchange.That is the weak point of thedope trade's protective coloration.Nothing is more controllable thancurrency flows. Federal regulationsmake any cash deposit over$10,000 subject to reporting by thebank accepting it. Anti-hijackingmeasures make it impossible toJuly 1980 / War on Drugs 23

take a suitcase full of cash onto acommercial airliner. For that matter,America's National SecurityAgency monitors all internationalwire transfers of money. There isno way to hide $100 billion—or the$200 billion of international dopetrade revenues—without the connivanceof major banking institutions.Imagine every supermarket inthe country trying to hide its entiresales revenue from the InternalRevenue Service and other governmentagencies. The idea is ridiculous.But that is preciselywhat the narcotics traffic does.The Hongkong and Shanghai Controlof Expatriate Drug TradeThe Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, self-described as a "monument toBritish finance in Asia," is in full control of the Hong Kong moneymarket (1), on which such Chinese expatriate institutions (2) as theBank of Bangkok absolutely depend for rediscounting loans, etc. Opiumsmugglers and wholesalers (3) in turn depend on the expatriate banksto finance their barter-purchase, refining and transport of opium anilheroin from the "Golden Triangle" peasants of Southeast Asia andChina's Yunan Province (i). From seed money w dirty money, theproceeds of the drug trade start and finish with the HongShang.Source: Kalimtgis et al., Dope, Inc.: Britain's Opium War Aganst the U.S., New York,1978.HongShang historically crucialDope, Inc. exposed the networkof illegal money "laundering" thatruns from the Resorts Internationalcasinos in the Bahamas andAtlantic City, to the Bronfmanand Jacobs families' leftover Prohibitionnetworks, to the gold dealersof London and the diamonddealers of New York City. Thisnetwork has had a central banksince it first began operating in theUnited States; that central bank isthe HongShang.Contrary to first impressions,the dope trade requires a centralbank like no other form of illegalactivity. Production and distributionof heroin is the most tightlycontrolledcartel in the world.Peasants in the "Golden Triangle"of Southeast Asia, or in the MiddleEast, do not plant opium poppiesat random. They receive advancefinancing for a crop of specific sizefrom intermediaries, who musthave access to gold, arms, diamonds,and international bank accounts.The price of heroin atstreet level, the price of uncut kilosof heroin at wholesale level, theprice of unrefined gumballs of rawopium are more controlled throughthe distribution cycle than theworld price of oil!HongShang hearingsListening quietly and takingnotes during the Federal Reserve'sfirst November 1978 hearing on theHongShang while LaRouche aides24 War on Drugs / July 1980

Goldman and Kalimtgis presentedthe facts on the HongShang wasthe bank's lawyer, Steuert L. Pittman.A former Air Force official,Pittman had created the Office ofPreparedness during the Kennedyadministration, a virtual governmentinside the government. Bythe time the HongShang case camebefore the Federal Reserve, Pittman'sold agency had become theFederal Emergency ManagementAgency, an octopus reaching insideevery Cabinet department.HongShang had hired one of thekey men in Washington's actualbehind-the-scenes government.Pittman did not even attempt torespond to the exhaustive documentationagainst HongShang. Instead,he worked through closecontacts, including House BankingCommittee Chairman HenryReuss (D.-Wi.), a prominent supporterof marijuana decriminalization.Another close Pittman colleaguefrom the Kennedy administrationwas then Treasury SecretaryWerner Michael Blumenthal.New York State officials alsoheard testimony from the Dope xInc. co-authors in December 1978.Initially skeptical, New YorkState's Banking SuperintendentMuriel Siebert grew more convincedthat something foul was atwork the better she got to knowHongShang—and the more Dope,Inc. circulated among outragedNew York State legislators.Under banking law, any mergerof a state bank with a foreign bankmust be approved both by the FederalReserve and the officials ofthat state. Superintendent Sieberttried to go about her duties in arun-of-the-mill way, requestingthe usual balance sheets from theHongShang, and wound up, to herdismay, with the worst set ofcooked books she had ever seen.As she later told the Treasuryofficials who approved the Hong­Shang takerover of Marine Midland,"Profits, deposits, and capitalare not fairly stated in the publishedfinancial statements ofHongkong and Shanghai BankingCorporation." She added, "A glaringexample of this is the practiceof Hongkong and Shanghai BankingCorporation to credit an accountcalled 'Inner Reserves' withthe true profit of the bank andthen to take from this account theamount of profit that managementwants to publish. The secrecy ofthe true profit is further reinforcedby the practice of burying the InnerReserves Account in the Depositsaccount." Siebert complainedbefore public hearings thatthe HongShang would not even tellher what companies it owned, letalone how much profit it made!New York State's BankingSuperintendent Muriel Siebertrequested the usual balancesheets from HongShangand wound up, to her dismay,with the worst set ofcooked books she had everseen.In the transcript of an Oct. 23,1979 hearing on the HongShangtakeover, the record reads:Question: Would it be possible foran American bank regulator to determinewhether or not Hongkongand Shanghai Banking Corporationis still financing narcoticstraffic without having access to thetype of information that you requestedunsuccessfully from theHongShang?Miss Siebert: No, I could not confirmor deny.That was enough for New YorkState, but not for the Federal Reserve.Despite the fact that theFederal Reserve had not obtainedany better data than New YorkState had, and despite the factthat HongShang's own Americanaccountants, Peat Marwick andMitchell, had quit in disgust theprevious July over the same issue,the Fed gave the HongShang takeoverof Marine Midland its stampof approval in March 1979. In itsofficial pronouncement, the Fedadmitted that it had conducted noinvestigation into the charges thatHongShang was up to its neck inthe dope trade.Desisted after war?But New York State was still anobstacle, and the international financialpress went crazy over theissue. In February 1979, the leadingbusiness magazine BusinessWeek quoted HongShang's responseto the charges: the bankhad indeed financed the opiumtrade until the end of World WarII, but desisted after that! Ofcourse, the opium heir John HenryKeswick who ran the bank duringthe period when it admitted runningdope—dope that began toflood the United States in the1920s—is still on the bank's board.In Washington and elsewhere,the dope money issue simmeredjust below boiling point. Under thegun, New York State officials triedto pass the buck to Congress. ButHongShang lawyer Pittmanblocked Congressional hearingswith one letter to Banking CommitteeChairman Henry Reuss.Pittman's old friend G. WilliamMiller at the Federal Reservesoonto replace Blumenthal as Secretaryof the Treasury—twistedNew York State Governor HughCarey's arms in an attempt toforce approval of the HongShangtakeover.Carey was not hard to persuade.During his gubernatorial electioncampaign in 1978, he had taken ahuge, and illegal, loan from theBronfman family, the old bootleggerswho "went legit" with SeagramCorporation. The scandalthat emerged when the loan wasreported could have cost him theelection. The Bronfmans are theHongShang Bank's chief NorthAmerican operatives. As Dope,Inc. documents, they run the HongKong to Canada opium route thatgoes through Canadian Pacific andex-Hong Kong policemen residentin Canada's West Coast.And the Bronfmans had Careyon a string. The New York StateGovernor, accordingly, publiclyJuly 1980 / War on Drugs 25

dollar. It is the correspondentbank for every expatriate Chineseor Thai banker in the region, includingthose detected by the DrugEnforcement Administration asdope financiers. It was created in1864 for the explicit purpose offinancing narcotics traffic and admitssuch activity up through theend of World War II. The onlything that changed since then,Dope, Inc. documented, is thatHongShang employs expendableCh'ao Chou Chinese frontmen(among others) to handle the dirtiersides of the business. Its empireof transport, shipping, airline,warehousing and chemical companies—thefull list of which is stillHugh Carey: a New York governor onthe Bronfmans' stringsecret—is thje physical infrastructureof the opium and herointrade.denounced his own banking supervisor'sobjections to the merger as"invalid" at a May 15, 1979 pressconference. He let the press knowthat if Siebert did not approve thetakeover, he would fire her andfind a superintendent who would.But New York State legislatorsalready had outraged constituentsat their backs. Tens of thousandsof copies of Dope, Inc. were inprint, and the facts were too glaringto ignore. Hong Kong is a barrenisland, first settled in 1837 byBritish opium traders as a supplydepot for the Chinese opium trade.In 1978, its money supply was only$5 billion, yet its banks processedmore than $10 billion of illegalopium and heroin revenues. Its policeforce is the most corrupt in theworld, accepting—in the official estimateof the Independent CommissionAgainst Corruption—$1billion in bribes every year! EveryAmerican Congressional investigationon the dope trade has pointedto that British Crown Colony asthe center of the financing anddistribution of the world's heroinsupply.On top of this sits the Hong-Shang, with half of the island'sbanking deposits, traditionallycontrolling the local government.HongShang officially prints the island'scurrency, the Hong KongSiebert backedAt stormy hearings held appropriatelyat the New York StateOffice Building in Harlem, theBanking Committee of the NewYork State Legislature backed upthe beleaguered Superintendent.The same day, the IndependentBankers Association of New YorkState demanded, "The continuedproliferation of takeovers of U.S.banks and banking holding companiesby foreign banks or otherforeign interests should bebrought to an immediate halt."Backers fearful that they would benext to be taken over by the Britishfinancial octopus, including thebillion-dollar Long Island Trust,lobbied behind the scenes in Siebert'sbehalf. The New York Stateruling stood:! no balance sheet, noapproval of the application.That was in June 1979. But afterJuly 1979, America's politicalstructure had been drastically altered.The Federal AmergencyManagement Agency slitheredinto existence that month, immediatelytaking control over the socalleddisaster at the Three MileIsland nuclear plant. FEMA beganto run the emergency functions ofthe Treasury and Federal Reserve,a government within a government.HongShang lawyer SteuertW. Michael Blumenthal: an old cronyof HongShang's lawyer in the cabinetPittman, the godfather of the newentity, then pulled a trick that anyother administration would havelaughed out of court.Tore up its own rulesIn July, Marine Midland, underthe new chairmanship of LehmanBrothers partner John Petty, appliedto change its charter fromstate to national status. Under itsstate charter, Marine Midland'smerger with the HongShang wassubject to approval by New YorkState. However, if it changed to anational charter, it could bypassNew York State entirely.What makes Pittman's eventuallysuccessful gambit so extraordinaryis that the rules of theTreasury office which decides onnational charters, the Comptrollerof the Currency, state specificallythat a bank may not change itscharter merely to "circumventstate regulation." Yet that is preciselywhat Marine Midland andHongShang proposed to do, as MarineMidland's counsel Frank J.Laski told Oct. 22 hearings:"By June of 1979, it became clearthat the Superintendent probablywould not approve the transaction. .. the Board of Directors of MarineMidland then concluded thattheir duties . . . gave them no otheralternative than to pursue all26 War on Drugs / July 1980

Henry Reuss: Pittman contact on HouseBanking Committeeproper means of consummatingthe transaction."Accordingly, Marine MidlandBank filed its application to obtainthe approval of the Comptroller toconvert to a national bank, andupon receipt of that approval, wewill take all the steps necessary toeffect its conversion into a nationalbank."Any self-respecting governmentagency would have heard thatstatement and thrown the applicationout of court, particularlybecause New York State itself protestedthe application! But theComptroller of the Currency toreup its own rules and finally, inFebruary 1980, approved themerger.However, the fight launchedmore than a year earlier by theNational Anti-Drug Coalition wasfar from unsuccessful. Outrageover the highhanded behavior ofBritish banks, who attempted tomove into America en masse,caused the Congress to put a moratoriumon further banking takeovers,keeping Barclays, NationalWestminster, Midland Bank, andother sister institutions of theHongShang at bay. Through Dope,Inc., public meetings, radio talkshows, public hearings, and pressreports, tens of millions of Americansheard the real story of whostood behind the narcotics traffic.If the United States had a functioninggovernment, the Hong­Shang would still be on the otherside of the Pacific Ocean, lookinggreedily at the untracked veins ofAmerican youngsters. That wehave let the enemy in through thefront door and given it control of a$13 billion banking institutionwith 300 local branches is a goodmeasure of where the Carter administrationhas sunk to.Apart from Golden Triangleheroin, the Drug Enforcement Administrationnow says, the newheroin epidemic has its origin inPakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran.It is no coincidence that the consummationof the HongShangtakeover of Marine Midland occurredat the beginning of thisepidemic.Whether or not the DEA's statementsare accurate, the fact remainsthat HongShang controlsevery channel of dirty moneytraffic from the Indian Ocean tothe China Sea. Pakistani tribesmenwho grow opium poppies, liketheir counterparts in the mountainvalleys of Northern Thailand, arepaid in smuggled gold. But thegold market for that region, basedin Dubai on the Arabian Gulf, iscontrolled by HongShang" s whollyownedsubsidiary, the BritishBank of the Middle East. Mountainrefineries which process bulkyopium gum into heroin—ten timesthe value and one-tenth the volume—obtainthe vast amounts ofacetic anhydride, the chief chemicalin heroin refining, through thevast network of warehousing andtransport controlled by the Hongkongand Shanghai Bank.Today's TaskPresidential candidate LyndonH. LaRouche, Jr., wrote in his prefaceto Dope, Inc., the book hecommissioned, "In the war againstdrugs, as in all warfare, the essentialpoint of a winning strategy isto strike the adversary's commandstructure while shattering his indepthpotentials for continuedwarfighting."G. William Miller: his Treasury Departmentapproved mergerThe weak link in the dope traffic'schain of command is still thedirty money laundered throughHongShang and similar institutions.We have a Federal ReserveChairman who provides credit toheroin smugglers, but not to ourindustries and cities. Why is PaulVolcker still in office?We have a Treasury Departmentthat bent over backwards tolet the HongShang into the UnitedStates, but demands austerityagainst honest business. Why is G.William Miller still in office?We have a government behindthe scenes, the Federal EmergencyManagement Agency, that cantear up laws at will, with or withoutthe pretext of emergency conditions.Why has Congress not investigatedthem?We have a House Banking CommitteeChairman, Henry B. Reuss,who protects dope financiers. Whyhasn't he been thrown out?As the National Anti-Drug Coalitionhas emphasized all along,this year's presidential campaignis the time for Americans to demandthat no candidate be electedwho will not defend our youthagainst those who would destroyit.—David GoldmanJuly 1980 / War on Drugs 27

Federal agency axesresearch that showedMarijuanais a 'hard' drugResearchers have provedthat marijuana's damage tothe user is massive, reportsphysician Ned Rosinsky.But when they applied forfunds to continue theirwork, NIDA said they hadfound out enough.Figure 1Normal brain cells in the Rhesus monkeyNormal Rhesus monkey brain tissue is magnifiedhere using the electron microscope to 30,000 timesoriginal size. The black area between B and D is thesynaptic cleft (SC), the communication space betweeritwo adjacent nerve cells across which the neuralimpulses must travel for the cells to function normally.The inset shows the synaptic cleft at highetmagnification (80,000 times).Source: Jon W. Harper, Robert G. Heath, and William A. Myers, /.of Neuroscience Research, 3 (1977), p. 89.28 War on Drugs/July 1980

Most of the top American researchlaboratories whichwere proving the harmful effectsof marijuana two years ago are nolonger operating. The reason:NIDA, the National Institute onDrug Abuse, under the Departmentof Health, Education andWelfare, has cut off their money.The medical facts which theselabs produced were the featuredmaterial at every internationalsymposium on the medical effectsof the drug over the past ten years.For example, it had been shownthat moderate exposure to marijuana,in the range of one joint perday for several months, producesbrain damage in rhesus monkeys;that marijuana is 30 times worsethan cigarettes in producing lungdamage, including precancerouschanges; and that marijuana inthese doses causes sexual hormoneabnormalities which result infaulty sperm and egg cell productionin humans and increased neonataldeath rates in test animals.Despite these results, and thefurther i long-term experimentswhich should follow to see if theseFigure 2Brain cells of the Rhesus monkeyafter the animal was treated with marijuanaIn these animals the size of the synaptic cleft {magnified30,000 times) is pathologically widened by anaverage of 25 percent. This change is associated inthe animals with abnormal electrical activity of thecells. The inset, magnified 80,000 times, shows thewidening of the synaptic cleft (SC); as well as anaccumulation of unidentified dark material in thecleft space.Animals treated with moderate amounts of marijuanafor six months and then kept free of the drugfor nine months still showed this evidence of braindamage. This specific type of damage is seen inseveral other conditions: brain poisoning with suchagents as carbon tetrachloride and severe vitamin Bdeficiency that results in psychosis.Source: Jon W. Harper, Robert G. Heath, and William A. Myers, J.of Neuroscience Research, 3(1977), p. 90,July 1980 / War on Drugs 29

changes are permanent, NIDA hascut off this research at the "tip ofthe iceberg" stage.A political questionIt is not difficult to pin down thepolitical forces involved in thisscandal. During the 1977-79 periodwhen these cuts were made, JimmyCarter's advisor on drug abusewas Peter Bourne, an open advocateof marijuana decriminalization.Bourne stated during theSenate confirmation hearings onhis appointment to head up theOffice of Drug Abuse Policy, "Marijuanais no worse than watchingTV," and admitted to smoking ithimself. During the 1976 presidentialcampaign Carter made marijuanadecrim part of his presidentialplatfornii.Also during this time period theSecretary of HEW, Joseph Califanoadvocated loosening the marijuanalaWs. Under Califano,NIDA produced several overviewsof the medical literature whichdistorted th£ picture by downplayingthe evidence of marijuana'sharmfulnesS.Recently, NIDA has hired NormanZinberg as an advisor. Zinbergis on tr(e board of advisors ofthe National Organization for theReform of Marijuana Laws(NORML), and has been one of themost outspoken advocates formaking marijuana use "normal."Research on Rhesus monkeybrain damage has been done byDr. Robert Heath at Tulane Universityin New Orleans. Over thepast ten years Dr. Heath hasshown that moderate amounts ofmarijuana, the equivalent of oneaverage joint per day, five days aweek for three months, causesdamage to the cells of the brain ofthe monkey (fig. 1 and 2).The specific damage is a widen-Figure 3Normal rat testisIn (a), the photomicrograph shows several subdivisions of the normal rat testis. Each subdivision is lined with cellsthat divide at a high rate to form large numbers of sperm cells. These sperm cells accumulate in the center of eachsubdivision. In (b), one of the subdivisions is shown at a higher power of magnification. An accumulation of sperm cellsis in the center.Source: Harris Rosenkrantz and David W. Hayden, Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, No. 48 (1979), p. 380

ing of the communication spacebetween adjacent brain cells, thesynapse, across which the nerveimpulse must travel for the cellsto "communicate" with one anotherin order for the brain to functionproperly. This abnormal separationof the cells correlates withdirectly measured abnormal electricalactivity of the cells.Memory affectedThe area of the brain most heavilyaffected in this way is the limbicsystem, a portion of the brainwhich is important for attentionspan, short-term memory, andemotional stability. Damage tothis area is therefore consistentwith the known psychological effectsof marijuana, in which thesepsychological capacities are decreased.Dr. Heath continued his experimentby subjecting some animalsto a total of six months treatment,and then allowing these monkeysto be drug-free for nine months tosee if the brain damage healed. Hefound that it did not, that thebrain cells were still damaged.He then requested that the governmentallow him to continue theresearch, to see if the damagewould heal after several years orlonger; and also to test other partsof the brain to see if they weresimilarly damaged. NIDA refusedthe request, saying that he hadfound out enough.These further experimentswould clearly be crucial, given thecurrent epidemic of marijuana useamong the youth of the country.HEW recently published a surveyshowing that in 1977,11 percent ofhigh school seniors smoked a jointor more of marijuana every day oftheir senior year—more than themonkeys were exposed to. Theseand other millions of AmericansFigure 4Testis of rat after treatment with THC for 60 daysThere is nearly a complete disappearance of the sperm cells after moderate exposure of the animal to the marijuanasubstance THC. The magnification of (a) and (b) is the same here as in Figure 6 (a) and (b).July 1980 / War on Drugs 31

very likely now have some form ofbrain damage, and it is not knownwhether it is reversible.A second major researcher whogot the axe during this period wasDr. Harris Rosenkrantz of the MasonResearch Institute in Worcester,Mass. Rosenkrantz exposedrats and other animals to moderateamounts of marijuana, in thesame range as the monkey experiments,and found damage in thesex organs and lungs (Fig. 3-6).The testes of the male rats showedmarked atrophy, or destruction ofthe normal cells, and a disappearanceof sperm cell production. Thelungs of the animals showed irritativereactions, or inflammation,from the smoke at a rate 30 timesgreater than from ordinary cigarettesmoke. Human lung studiesshowed similar results. Also, hefound precancerous changes in thelungs, changes seen before cancerdevelops, at 30 times the rate forcigarettes.Or. Rosenkrantz was gettingmaterial on the precancerouschanges rfeady for publicationwhen he was cut off from NIDAfunding last year. He had hoped tocontinue the experiment, to see ifthe animals got lung cancer at 30times the cigarette rate, but nowis unable to do so. With the hugerate of marijuana smoking now inthe United States, we may be facinga lung cancer epidemic in severaldecades which will dwarf theeffect of cigarettes.In work related to Rosenkrantz'study of rat testes, Dr. Edith Sassenrathof the University of Californiaat Davis has shown thatTHC, the psychoactive chemical inmarijuana, in moderate amountscan cause pregnant monkeys tohave a loss of the fetus, either bymiscarriage^ still birth, or neonataldeath, at an overall rate offour times the normal rate. Sheshowed that this was caused byabnormalities in the female hormonesdue to the THC.In 1978 she lost her grant of$75,000 per year. She was planningto take the monkeys off the drugand observe the long term effectsof future pregnancies, as well asthe long term effect on the offspringwhich survived.Based on her research, obstetriciansacross the country are forbiddingpregnant women to smokemarijuana, but again, we onlyknow the tip of the iceberg. Howlong after quitting marijuana is itsafe to conceive? What we do knowis that there is a policy to holdback scientific knowledge in thisarea by an administration committedto drug decriminalization.—Ned Rosinsky, M.D.Figure 5Normal rat lungShown is a microscopic section of lung tissue. Thelarge open spaces are air sacs, which are surroundedby capillary networks. Oxygen diffuses from the i&rspace into the blood, while carbon dioxide diffusesfrom the blood vessels into the air sacs.Source: Harris Rosenkrantz and Robert W. Fleischman.Figure 6Rat lung after six monthsof marijuana smoke treatmentThere are marked changes from the normal appearanceafter one year of exposure to moderate amountsof marijuana smoke. The open air spaces, or air sacs,seen in Figure 1 have been filled with various deposits,decreasing the functional capacity of the lung.Source: Robert W. Fleischman, John R. Baker, and Harris Rosenkrantz,Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, No. 47 (1979), p. 562.32 War on Drugs / July 1980

1WRMAS EJfSffRG.Dr. Norman Zinberg (center) as a panelist at a NORML convention: fraudulent studies.Bogus research being used topush marijuana as a medicineThe New England Journal of Medicinehas published a study purportingto show that marijuanashould be used as an antinauseamedicine for patients undergoingcancer chemotherapy, a therapywhich often induces vomiting. Theexperiment compares marijuanawith Compazine, a standard drugused to control nausea and vomiting,and concludes that marijuanais better than Compazine.Based on this report and severalothers like it, the Food and DrugAdministration has been petitionedto allow doctors to prescribemarijuana to patients legally. Butthe study is a fraud and, not accidentally,one of the authors of thereport is Dr. Norman Zinberg, amember of the advisory board ofthe National Organization for theReform of Marijuana Laws(NORML), the main lobby in theU.S. for the decriminalization ofmarijuana.Why are these incompetentexperimental designs beingfunded by the National Instituteof Health? .. . Thefederal narcotics law explainsthe puzzle.According to the abstract, orsummary, of the study, it is a"randomized, double-blind" trial.Not double-blindThat is, in keeping with standardexperimental procedure, neitherthe doctor nor the patient knowswhether he is receiving the marijuanachemical THC or Compazineuntil the experiment is over, therebyeliminating prejudice in evaluatingthe effect of the substanceson the patient. This is especiallyimportant in evaluating a subjectivecomplaint such as nausea, ora problem such as vomiting whichis strongly psychologically determined.However, the details of the experimentshow that it was not double-blind.First of all, patients were selectedfor the experiment on the basisthat "their nausea and vomitingwere inadequately controlled byconventional antiemetics, includingthe phenothiazines (i.e., Compazine)."That is, patients wereasked to join a marijuana experimentif they were not happy withtheir present therapy. Since nauseais a subjective complaint, thedoctor has to take the patient'sword for it, and it is not surprisingthat a number of patients, mostlyin their 20s and 30s, volunteeredfor the "experiment."That is to say, there was a motivatingfactor, the offer of freedrugs, enticing patients to say thattheir conventional therapy was notJuly 1980 / War on Drugs 33

working and to try the THC. Therewas nothing in the published reportto guard against such fraud.Secondly, the study could nothave been double-blind. Accordingto the report, "The antiemetic effectof the THC correlated withthe development of a high ... 32of 41 courses associated with ahigh also resulted in a completeresponse, whereas only 4 of 38courses without a high resulted ina complete response." 1 Since thepatients who felt high thereforeknew that they had been givenTHC, the trial was not doubleblind.Additionally, the patients mayhave been motivated to lie, sayingthat the THC had a better antiemeticeffect than it actually had,since by doing so they would improvethe experimental results forTHC and increase the likelihood ofhaving it made a standard therapyfor them.In another recent study, 2 patientswere given THC with nocontrol drug for comparison at all.The requirement for the patiententering the study was failure tocontrol nausea and vomiting withother drugs. This is open to thesame problem as the previousstudy.Decrim motivation?Why are these incompetent experimentaldesigns being fundedby the National Institute ofHealth? The same kind of incompetence,especially the lack of acontrol, characterizes the NewMexico state-run experiment, themodel for several other stateswhich have passed "medical decrim"bills in the past two years.Either the researchers are totallyincompetent, or they have anotherpurpose in mind.The federal narcotics law explainsthe puzzle. Marijuana iscurrently classified under federallaw as a Schedule I narcotic, asubstance with a high abuse potentialand with no proven medicalvalue, so it cannot be prescribedby a physician. Schedule II substances,while still having a highabuse potential, have a provenmedical use, and therefore can beprescribed.There is nothing in the law thatdemands that, for a substance tobe changed from Schedule I to II itmust be better than existing drugsused for the same medical purpose.The decrim advocates, led byNORML, have been fighting foryears to have marijuana reclassifiedinto Schedule II, even thoughpenalties for abuse of Schedule IIsubstances may be as great as forcertain Schedule I substances.Why all this medical interest onthe part of NORML? The wordNORML gives it all away. Theywant marijuana smoking to beconsidered "normal," and whatbetter way than to brainwash thepublic that marijuana is acceptablethan by allowing doctors toprescribe it as a medicine.—Ned RosinskyReferences1. Stephen E. Sallen, et al. "Antiemetics inPatients Receiving Chemotherapy for Cancer."New England Journal of Medicine,Vol. 302,1980, p. 135.2. Virgil S. Lucas, et al., "Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinolfor Refractory VomitingInduced by Cancer Chemotherapy." Journalof the American Medical Association,Vol. 243, 1980, p. 1241.Get the full story. . .Dr. Gabriel Nahas has published hisgroundbreaking research on how marijuanadestroys the mind and body in a book, KeepOff the Grass. Now you can have the medicalevidence in paperback form from one of theworld's foremost marijuana researchers. Orderfor $9.00 per copy (plus $1.00 for postage andhandling) from: Michigan Anti-Drug Coalition,P.O. Box 2^21, Detroit, Michigan ^8231.

Presidency 1980:Where the candidates stand on drugs

Jimmy CarterDemocrat"I supported a change in thelaws to end federal criminal penaltiesfor possession of up to oneounce of marijuana, leaving thestates free to adopt whatever lawsthey wish concerning marijuana.Decriminalization is not legalization.Message to Congress,August 2, 1977Past recordSeptember 2, 1976: Rosalynn Carter,wife of President Carter, saidin an interview that her threegrown sons have smoked marijuana,but that the only time sheworries about her children is ifthey do not tell her. It was laterdisclosed that one of the Cartersons had been dismissed from theU.S. Naval Academy in Annapolisfor using marijuana.March 15, 1977: New York Times:Dateline, Washington, March 14—'The Carter Administration askedCongress today to decriminalizemarijuana possession and said itwas "carefully re-examining" itsposition on penalites for possessionof cocaine.July, 1978: Dr. Peter Bourne resignedas head of the Office ofDrug Abuse Policy after policecharged him with writing a prescriptionfor "Quaaludes"—adowner—to another White Houueaide under a fictitious name.May 1980: Carter's Drug AbuseCouncil, the White House advisorypanel on drug policy issued a reportcalling on public officials toaccept increasing drug consumptionamong Americans as "inevitable."The Council endorses thedecriminalization of marijuanaand also recommends legalizedheroin for addicts, "as a means ofcoping with addiction."Edward KennedyDemocrat"The federal government shouldnot spend millions of dollars policingthe casBal user of marijuana."Address to theVanderbilt UniversityStudent Body, November, 1979Past recordKennedy is the initiator andsponsor of Senate Bill 1722, whichwill make possession of smallamounts of marijuana punishableby a summons—roughly the equivalentof a traffic ticket. Under theheading "Possessing Drugs,"S. 1722 reads:(c) Arreslt precluded—Notwithstandingahy other provision oflaw, a person who commits an offenseconsisting solely of an infractionunder this section maynot be arrested for the offense butinstead shall be issued a summons.(d) Grading—An offense describedin this section is . . \ (3) aClass C misdemeanor (maximum$500 fine) if the controlled substanceis more than 30 grams, butless than 150 grams of marijuana;and (4) an infraction if the controlledsubstance is 30 grams orless of marijuana.Only after the second convictionfor marijuana posssession can anindividual be sentenced to a termof imprisonment.Kennedy's former brother-inlaw,actor Peter Lawford, is anactive member of the AdvisoryBoard of the National Organizationfor the Reform of MarijuanaLaws (NORML) and has done gratisradio spots to raise money andsupport for NORML's campaign tolegalize marijuana.Lyndon LaRoucheDemocrat"When I am President, we shall• put America on cold turkey."It shall be a federal offense touse designated mind-altering substances,including marijuana.Prosecution shall be mandatory.Conviction for use of marijuana orother substances shall cause lossof both driver's license and gunlicense for a term of one year for afirst offense. Detoxification shallalso be mandatory. Although it isnot desirable to fill our prisonswith users who are not sellers ofsuch substances, appropriate finesand probationary control are required."Selling of small amounts ofmarijuana shall carry a mandatorysentence of one year for a firstoffense. Selling or carrying ofamounts of a retail value of $100or more shall carry a mandatorysentence of 5 years."Importation of unlawful suchsubstances into the U.S. or its ter-36 War on Drugs / July 1980

itorial waters shall carry a mandatorysentence of 20 years."We can and will end this epidemicof mind-altering substances.We will not sit back, moanimpotently, to see our posterity,our nation destroyed ounce byounce."Point Six,LaRouche's Six-Point ProgramLaRouche supports drug eradicationprograms, including the useof paraquat.Past recordAn active supporter and initiatorof the National Anti-Drug Coalition,LaRouche commissionedthe bestseller, Dope Inc.: Britain'sOpium War Against the UnitedStates.Ronald ReaganRepublicanFebruary 17, 1980: Junior Chamberof Commerce CandidatesNight, Milford, New Hampshire.Questioned by a European journalistabout his policy on mindalteringdrugs, Reagan stated thatthere is no way to stop drug distributionat the source. "It's liketrying to carry water in a sieve,"he said.Past recordReagan conceded that drug usemultiplied in California during histenure as governor, (the Haight-Asbury "summer of love" occurredthen) but insisted that this was a"national pattern" about which littlecould have been done. All thatis possible is to educate peopleabout drugs, he said.In answer to a questionnaire circulatedby the National Anti-DrugCoalition Reagan wrote:"I would use my powers as Presidentto a) augment the resourcesand powers of the United StatesCustoms to detect the attemptedsmuggling of narcotics abroad; b)apply political and economic pressureson other nations through appropriateinternational agenciesfor the cessation of drug traffic,making clear it is in our interest todo so; and c) propose stiff newpenalties for international drugtrafficking."I do favor the enactment ofstronger anti-narcotics laws forthe sale of psychoactive drugs, includingmarijuana, and for somekinds of possession, such as possessionfor sale or distribution. Iam firmly opposed to decriminalizationof marijuana, hashish, cocaine,or other mind altering drugsunder State or federal laws. ..."But Reagan advisor MiltonFriedman , advocates full drug decriminalization(see page 48).• iJohn AndersonIndependentAs of May 22, Anderson was thefavored presidential candidate ofthe National Organization for theReform of Marijuana Laws, thefront organization for the powerfulU.S. drug lobby.In answer to a questionnaire circulatedby the National Anti-DrugCoalition Anderson, the Republicanrunning as an "independent,"wrote:"... A president has only limitedability to influence the drugpolicies of other nations. Therefore,he or she must adopt overallbilateral policies that increase ourcredibility and influence with theleaders of nations where drugtraffic originates...."I am of two minds on the questionof marijuana . . . After adolescenceand postnatal periods, thegovernment indeed may have lessauthority and ability to preventmarijuana use. Therefore, if I findthat decriminalization of marijuanaand revised approaches toits control can lessen the availabilityof marijuana to these groups inrisk, I may endorse changes in theexisting anti-marijuana statutes."Regarding paraquat, I wrotethe Secretary of Health, Educationand Welfare urging a cessation ofparaquat treatment. I believedthat paraquat presented an extremehealth hazard and that thefederal government should not endangeranyone by this policy. . . ."The ultimate responsibility iswith the family, and we must encouragea positive atmosphere forfamily life if we are to have the"positive culture" you describe."Executive Intelligence Review,May 13, 1980: "Anderson could bethe lightning rod to attract all theenergies of the Aquarian Conspiracy"said Dr. William Whitsun,founder of the California-based institutionNovus, which he describedas part of this conspiracyfor a transition to a drug permissive,low technology U.S. society.•Let your party and your candidatesknow what you expectof them on the drugissue, and let them knowyour vote in November willreflect the way they act.July 1980 / War on Drugs 37

WIN the War on DrugsThe National Anti-Drug Coalition isn't looking for peoplewho are 'upset' about thedrug epidemic. We are outto recruit soldiers andfighters who can WIN thiswar against Dope, Inc.—the international drug cartelthat is doping andbrainwashing the childrenof the United StatesIf you support the principlesof the NADC, printed on theback cover of this magazine, becomea member now. Your contribution will help us expand ourwork. In this national electionyear, the NADC plans tomake a crucial interventioninto the congressional,presidential and other importantraces, by circulatinginformation on wherecandidates stand on thedrug issue. We will also bepublishing information onstate referenda to curb thedrug traffic to be placed on theNovember ballot, and we'll fightfor 'cold turkey' in the schools.

ADC newsNationalN.J. meeting blasts liberalsfor 'sex education' mandateAt a town meeting May 22 in WestOrange, New Jersey, Citizens forLaRouche, the National Anti-DrugCoalition, Citizens for New Jerseyand concerned clergy from severaldenominations took the liberals totask for plotting the destruction ofNew Jersey's children with drugsand "sex education."The meeting, called under thetitle "Save the Children," culminateda month-long campaign tohalt efforts by the State Board ofEducation to force-feed a pornographic"family life education"program to state schools.The 50 person audience representeda cross section of New Jerseycitizens. Representatives attendedfrom the Newark areaNAACP, the Baptist MinisterialAlliance, the African MethodistEpiscopal Church, the ItalianAnti-Defamation League of UNI-CA, a Presbyterian congregation,the National Rifle Association,Catholics United for the Faith, andthe Newark Tenants Council.Also present were a professor oftheology from Fordham Universityin New York, a professor ofbiology from Seton Hall, an independentminister with six storefrontchurches in the Newark area,six Democratic delegate nomineesfor presidential candidate LyndonLaRouche, and numbers of concernedparents.Many of those speaking at andattending the meeting have beenworking against an April 8 StateBoard of Education decision mandatingby a vote of 9 to 1, all publicschools to develop and teach the"sex education" program in algrades from kindergarten totwelve by 1983.The Town Meeting opened withan invocation by Rev. Washingtonof the Newark Area Baptist Conference.Phil Rubinstein of Citizensfor New Jersey then outlinedthe fraud being perpetrated by theState Board of Education.The board insists that the pornographicmaterials it recommendsare not mandatory for theprogram, yet, Rubinstein revealed,there are only two places wherelocal schools can get assistance inplanning this curriculum, both arecontrolled by the Sex Informationand Education Council for the U.S.(SIECUS), a brainwashing outfitset up by the same people whocreated the drug counterculture(see page 14).Rubinstein showed how childrenof the 1980s would be groomed asthought police against their ownparents through such programs."The only experiment for the nationis going to be the victory ofstopping this program," he said.NADC intervenesFollowing a speech by FatherPaul Wickens and a musical presentation,two speakers from theNational Anti-Drug Coalition furtherdeveloped the link betweendrugs and "family life education"in destroying youth. PhysicianNed Rosinsky of the NADC gave aslide presentation on the dangerousmedical effects of marijuanaon the human brain .id reproductivesystem. The editor of War onDrugs also greeted the gathering.War on Drugs magazine being sold at West Orange, N.J. "Save Our Children"meeting.July 1980 / War on Drugs 39

'Our bishops let us down'Father Paul Wickens of St. Venantius Church in Orange, anoutspoken opponent of drug legalization, attacked liberalism'sinfluence on the Roman Catholic bishops of New Jersey at theMay 22 meeting. "Bishop Gerety (Archbishop Peter Gerety ofNewark) could call a press conference any time, and millions ofpeople would be reached" if he spoke out against the so-called sexeducation mandate, Wickens said. "But he has not done it.""Our bishops have let us down," he charged. "In Trenton, athearings before the Senate Education Committee on this matter,the only people testifying besides the State Board of Educationwere all against this mandate. Then Elmer Matthews, a lawyerrepresenting the Catholic Conference . . . gave testimony that theCatholic bishops of New Jersey, with enthusiasm, support sexeducation in the schools!" Wickens said."The bishops have taken a position diametrically opposed to 90percent of the Catholic people—it's a spiritual blindness," causedby liberalism, he continued. "Liberalism is a mania.""Liberals get a little start: like taking one petal from a flowerat a time . . . pretty soon there is no more flower. Now they arepicking off the petals of the Judaeo-Christian tradition." Thanksto liberal reforms, today "there is no morality in the criminalcode of New Jersey." If the "sex education" mandate goesthrough, Wickens warned, "we will be interrupting almost irreversiblythe mind and development of the child."Wickens strongly refuted charges that he is "anti-Gerety,"stating that he loves and respects the Archbishop as a son to afather. But if the father fails in his duty, the son must correcthim, Wickens said.Dr. Rosinsky scored the prodrugNew York Times, which just aweek earlier had published an editorialattack on the opponents ofthe New Jersey sex mandate. TheTimes, which has published manyeditorials supporting marijuanadecriminalization, admitted in arecent article that medical evidenceagainst marijuana was pilingup—but portrayed the mindkillingsubstance as a mere "recreationaldrug" comparable to alcohol."Consider the fact that 11 percentof high school seniors todayuse marijuana every day. Look atwhat this does to their ability tothink, to create conceptions, formjudgments. Children are vulnerableto being manipulated aroundtheir infantile impulses. Drugspromote psychological regressionin young people, leaving a fertilefield for sexual fantasy.""The 'sex educators' use this todestroy a child's morality," Dr. Rosinskycharged.LaRouche spokesman vowsinternational fightIn introducing the next speaker,Phil Rubinstein pointed out that"sex education" had been made apresidential campaign issue by theNew Jersey state legislature,where leading Democrats attemptedto put a lid on the issue bydeferring any decision until afterthe June 3 presidential primary.Voting on strict partisan lines, theDemocrats used procedural maneuversto table a bill introducedby Republican AssemblywomanMarie Muhler that would havestopped the Board of Educationmandate.Informed sources in Trenton,the state capital, made no secret ofthe fact that they were seeking tocontain LaRouche's influence byquashing the issue until after theprimary, Rubinstein reported. Hethen introduced Warren Hamerman,national campaign directorfor Lyndon LaRouche, the onlycandidate who responded to an invitationto address the meeting.Hamerman began by vowing to40 War on Drugs / July 1980

make the sex education battle anational and international fight.He compared it to the mobilizationlaunched last January by theLaRouche campaign to save thelife of 78-year-old Earle Spring,condemned to "euthanasia" ormercy killing by a Massachusettscourt. The court ruled that if hewere mentally competent, Springwould want to be removed fromlife-sustaining kidney treatments.Leading international figuressuch as Dr. Emmanuel Tremblay,the head of the European right tolife movement, and the Italianpriest and antidrug leader FatherRedento Tignonsini had traveledto the United States and foughtfor the life of Spring, Hamermanreported.Scores church corruptionThe LaRouche representativereported that Father Tignonsiniwas shocked by the corruption hefound in the American Catholicchurch. "We will take the issue ofcorruption to the Vatican and tothe same international leaderswho stepped forward to save EarleSpring," Hamerman promised.The LaRouche campaign had justput out a leaflet denouncing ArchbishopGerety of Newark, whosupports the sex mandate as wellas drug decriminalization, as the"Archbishop of Sodom and Gomorrah.""Above the forces pushing sexeducation directly there areothers: a small group of rulingfamilies who control world economicrelations. They control theWorld Bank. The World Bank istaking poor countries of the worldand ordering them to plant thedrugs which they are then going topush down your children's throats."The World Bank and InternationalMonetary Fund have developeda program to destroy,through genocide, the populationsof the developing sector. Rightnow Asian children live in conditionsthat are not fit for animals.This will be the future of Americaunless we stop it," Hamermansaid.Moynagh, Frolund leadNADC musical coalitionWEST ORANGE, N.J., May 23-"In two pages of genius we aretaken through a story of adolescentlove and then made to laugh,"explained soprano Joan Moynaghto an audience at the Town andCampus Restaurant here last night."These are delights to our mind;this is how we get our 'kicks.' "Miss Moynagh, well known toconcert and operatic audiencesthroughout Europe and the UnitedStates and also a professor of voiceat Miami University at Oxford,Ohio, was referring to Mozart'ssong "Das Veilchen" (The Violet).This was one of a selection of songsby Mozart and Schubert performedat an event sponsored bythe Citizens for New Jersey coalitionin opposition to an "Aquarian"sex education program recentlymandated by the Board of Educationin that state.Miss Moynagh was accompaniedby pianist Bodil Frolund, a wellknown concert and recital soloistin her native Denmark and elsewhere.The musical portion of theprogram was completed by a performanceof J.S. Bach's Suite in CMajor for unaccompanied violoncelloby violist Donna Randall, astudent of Michael Tree at the CurtisInstitute in Philadelphia.The musical presentation byMoynagh, Frolund and Randallserved as a powerful counterpointto the grim picture painted by theother speakers by demonstratingthe power of great music to instillthe moral and intellectual qualitiesrequired to turn the next generationinto productive, creativehuman beings—a task identifiedby Citizens for New Jersey leaderPhilip Rubenstein as "necessary tothe very survival of our country inthe immediate period ahead."Joan Moynagh and Bodil Frolundare founding members of amusical coalition formed in 1979 insupport of the efforts of the NationalAnti-Drug Coalition andalso of the presidential campaignof Democratic Party candidateLyndon LaRouche. The foundingdocument of that coalition read, inViolinist John Howard (left) and cellist Elizabeth Kellogg (right) accompaniedthe Humanist Academy chorus in a 1979 ADC benefit concert of Haydn's MissaBrevis at Bronx Holy Spirit Church.July 1980 / War on Drugs 41

"Delights to the mind": Joan Moynagh and Bodil Frolund (center) before their concert at the New Jersey meeting. Left:violist Donna Randall. Right: Alina Brychova at the NADC founding convention.Restoring morality through musicFounding members of coalitionFounding members of Musicians for LaRouche and the NationalAnti-Drug Coalition.• Alina Brychova, soprano, Berkeley Heights, New Jersey.• Bodil Frolund, piano soloist and teacher, Westchester County,N.Y.• John Howard, violinist, N.J. Symphony; director, HumanistAcademy Ensemble, New York City.• Elizabeth Kellogg, cellist, faculty, Quinsigamony CommunityCollege, Worcester, Mass.• Joan Moynagh, associate professor of music, Miami University,Oxford Ohio.• Carolyn Pollak, principal oboist, New Jersey Symphony.• John Sigerson, director, Humanist Academy Chorus.• Anno Hellenbroich, director, Humanist Academy Chorus andOrchestra, Wiesbaden, Federal Republic of Germany; member,Presidium of the European Labor Party.• Dr. Felix-Eberhard von Cube, director, Heinrich SchenkerAkademie fur Musik, Hamburg, Federal Republic of Germany.(Affiliations are for identification only.)part, "Great music can and mustserve as the most powerful forcefor reinstituting among youth andthe nation as a whole the samemoral outlook which motivated thefounding of America. ... No musiciancan stand by passively as anentire generation is rendered morallyand intellectually insensibleby the dissemination of drugs. Nomore tolerable is the even broadersaturation of the same populationof youth with successively moredegraded forms of rock 'music'which reinforce drug use and havethe same effect upon mental powersas do marijuana, opiates, andcocaine."Following the release of thisdocument in the summer of 1979,Joan Moynagh, Bodil Frolund andother signators began a series ofbenefit concerts for the antidrugeffort as well as classes and demonstrationsof the principles ofmusical counterpoint for youth42 War on Drugs / July 1980

programs, drug rehabilitation centersand church congregations.Particularly active in the NewYork-New Jersey area has beenthe Polish born soprano Alina Brychova.Representative of thesemusical activities was a concertprogram given by Brychova at theHoly Spirit Church in the Bronx inthe spring of 1979. In addition to aselection of songs and arias byBach, Handel and Beethoven, MissBrychova performed the solo partof Haydn's Missa Brevis in a jointappearance with the HumanistAcademy Chorus under the directionof John Sigerson.East Harlem concertLater in 1979 pianist Bodil Frolundpresented a recital of classicalworks on the premises of a drugrehabilitation program in the devastatedhispanic community ofManhattan's upper east side. Herperformance was supplemented byconcise bilingual demonstrationsof contrapuntal-polyphonic principlesby the Humanist Academy'sVivian Zoakos using excerpts fromthe same works.Backed up by classes and workshopswhich make canonical principlesupon which polyphoniccounterpoint is based understandableto former addicts and publicschool children alike, these concertprograms have visibly begun tocreate a new audience for classicalmusic. This was demonstratedmost recently by a substantialturnout by youth from the Harlemcommunity at a piano recital bythe Italian pianist Carlo LeviMinzi at the Manhattan School ofMusic, an event sponsored by theHumanist Academy.Natural to the mindHow does great music itself contributeto the war against drugs?"This music is based upon theprinciples of the intellect itself, itis natural to the mind, therefore itis delightful," explained MissMoynagh to last night's gathering.Later in the program, Dr. NedRosinsky of the NADC pointedlyobserved that "the effects of evenmarijuana on the brain destroy theattention span of even a casualuser to the extent that he would beincapable of grasping the contentof the kind of music that was performedhere tonight."The objective of the musical coalitionis to restore the musicaltradition of Beethoven to its rightfulposition as "American popularmusic," both through building thenew audience for classical musicand through recruiting a broad assemblageof musical forces intothe effort. The level of musicalexcitement and talent in the younggeneration produced in this processwill result in the rapid extensionof that tradition beyond theframework of Beethoven's ownworks. To the extent they succeed,it is likely that this will constitutethe death blow to the "populartaste" for drugs.—Peter WyerUrge Quebec billvs. glue sniffingDenouncing such physiologicaldangers of toluene glue inhalationas "disorders to the brain, theheart, the central nervous system.. . and death by asphyxiation,"the Quebec Anti-Drug Coalitionannounced in May a campaign toban the sale of glue to childrenunder 18 years of age.A resolution calling on the governmentof Quebec to adopt a bill"to control the sale and use ofglue" has been issued by the Coalition.The QADC achieved acclaimthroughout Quebec last Januarywhen it led a successful fight toshut down a local grocery store inMontreal North for peddling largequantities of toxic glue to schoolchildren.That victory led to a citywidemobilization of parents,teachers and church groups Culminatingin a 200-person antidrugconference March 20 in Montreal.Glue sniffing 'epidemic'The "Bill to Control the Sale andUse of Glue in Quebec" cites the"generalized epidemic of drugs andthe increasing number of childrensniffing glue in the primary andsecondary schools of the provinceof Quebec," and outlines the physiologicaldamages caused by gluesniffing.It then scores "antisocial tendencies"produced by the use ofglue, noting that its use can leadto juvenile criminality by "fosteringin the user the practice ofviolent acts against himself andothers . . . and rejection of allforms of authority."Most devastating of all, "the inhalationof toluene leads to dependenceand seriously interferesJuly 1980 / War on Drugs 43

with the normal psychological developmentof the individual, causingschool attendance problemsand altering intellectual capabilitiesby increasing anxieties, failuresto concentrate and loss ofmemory and perception."The resolution then notes theabsence of legislation, the extensiveavailability of these substancesand their insignificantcost, and urges the government ofQuebec to adopt the following billto control their sale and use:"Any glue or cement containingtoluene, or any substance withsimilar toxic effect, must be labeled"poison" and the Ministry ofHealth and Welfare must certifythat such substances contain malodorousor sneeze-provoking ingredients.This applied also to gluesold as part of a model kit. Nopoison, as defined in the bill, canbe sold to anyone under the age of18."New Buffalo lawhits head shopsAs a result of a lobbying effortspearheaded by the Buffalo Anti-Drug Coalition, the Buffalo CountyLegislature unanimously passed abill April 17 aimed at cleaning up"head shops" and other retailers ofdrug-related paraphernalia.The Pauly bill, sponsored byCounty legislator Bill Pauly, willimpose legal penalties up to andincluding imprisonment for possessionof any item "adapted" foruse with drugs. Both the clerksand proprietors of outlets whichsell these items can be penalized.The bill passed by a vote of 20-0.Various liberal communitygroups attempted unsuccessfullyto have the bill watered down sothat only the sale of drug paraphernaliato. minors would be considereda criminal offense. At leastone local head shop has hired alawyer to strike down the bill. TheAmerican Civil Liberties Unionwill probably also oppose the bill,sources say.ADC newsInternationalDope, Inc., the book that built the international anti-drug coalitions, beingreviewed by economics commentator Webster Tarpley on Teleradiosole, one ofRome's largest television stations. The Italian edition of the book is about to bereleased by a Vatican-linked publishing house.Italy's Cossiga gov'ttarget of antidrug fightThe curreilt Italian government ofFrancesco Cossiga is a major assetof "Dope, Inc.," the internationaldrug running cartel. But it facesstrong opposition in the countryfrom the political antidrug movementthat successfully defeatedformer Health Minister Altissimo'splan for legalizing heroin inthe fall and winter of 1979-80.That movement, led by the ItalianAnti-Drug Coalition, is nowdetermined to block the marijuanadecriminalization legislationbacked by the Cossiga forces in thenational parliament, and makesure that the prodrug public officialsright up to the Prime Ministerhimself are quickly booted outof office.Approximately one year ago, thePartito Operaio Europeo (EuropeanLabpr Party, or POE) begancirculating a pamphlet titled "WhoFinances the Opium War," in Italy.The pamphlet drew materialfrom the American paperbackDope, Inc. which was used to buildthe Anti-Drug Coalition in theUnited States, and also identifyingthe political spokesmen of the drugmultinational within Italy.The ferment created by thepamphlet was so great that when,last September, the Liberal Partyhealth minister, Altissimo (thename means "very high" in Italian)presented his proposal to sellheroin to addicts in pharmacies,the immediate general public reactionwas so hostile that he wasforced to withdraw the plan aftera few weeks.Meanwhile, the National Anti-44 War on Drugs / July 1980

4 December, 1979 meeting of the Italian ADC in Rome. Father Redento Tignonsini of Brescia is on the far left of thespeakers table. Third from right is the Hon. Jolanda Lucarini of the Rome city council health committee, flanked by Prof.Muriel Mirak of Milan University and the European Labor Party, and Dr. Passalacqua of the Pharmacists' Association (laston right).Drug Coalition had been officiallyfounded in the United States, inSeptember of 1979. Only days later,on Oct. 5, the founding committeeof the Italian Anti-Drug Coalitionheld its first public meeting inMilan.The Italian ADC drew togetherthe conservative moral forces fromItaly's two largest parties, the ItalianCommunist Party (PCI), whichis based on the trade unions, andthe Catholic Christian DemocraticParty (DC). Former DC deputieslike Jolanda Lucarini, Catholicrepresentatives of the NationalAssociation of Pharmacists, likeDoctor Passalacqua, and Catholicpriests such as Don Redento Tignonsiniof the Archbishopric ofBrescia joined with POE representativesto form the founding committeeof what became known asthe "Coalizione Antidroga."In mass meetings in Rome andMilan held between October andDecmber, the newly formed coalitionmade Altissimo's bill theirThe ADC's Italian bumper sticker(roughly translated, "If you mustsmoke marijuana, it won't function,your banana") makes the pot lobbyhysterical.first target. In Milan, a city withmore than 20,000 heroin addicts ina population of 2 million, morethan a hundred participants in oneevent signed a telegram to Altissimodemanding a stop to the insanedrive to legalization.Altissimo was attacked by theDC official party paper, II Popolo,and even publicly scored by hisown deputy minister, ChristianDemocrat Orsini.Italy's other large party, theCommunist Party, (whose tradeunionbase is what Americanswould call 'conservative' and progress-oriented)continues to thisday to be split on the drug issue.One faction, particularly dominantin the PCI's youth movement, wasbehind Altissimo and today supportsthe marijuana decriminalizationbill before the national parliament.Another faction showedits vehement disagreement bypublishing an article against decrimon Sept. 5 that quoted fromthe book Dope, Inc.The group behind that articlethen invited Rosanna Impiccini,the Italian ADC's national coordinator,to address the party's nationalconference on drugs in Milan.Impiccini stressed that "thestruggle against drugs cannot justhit the simple smuggler: it mustbe an international fight againstthe banks, the distribution networksand the political structuresresponsible for the production,sale and propaganda in favor ofdrugs."As a result, Altissimo wasforced to appoint a special commissionof experts to judge hisJuly 1980 / War on Drugs 45

Italian Radical Party leader Marco Pannella at a "free marijuana" rally.Francesco Cossiga, the prime ministerfor drugs and terror.plan, who went to Great Britainwhere her6in is dispensed legallyby the government. They reportedback that it made the problemworse.Current fightAfter this public defeat, "Dope,Inc." reorganized its offensive at ahigher level. At the February nationalcongress of the ChristianDemocracy, the moderate grouparound former Premier Andreottithat had been collaborating withthe PCI against terrorism anddrugs was defeated. The factionthat won, dominated by Italy's oldnoble families, promptly set up analliance with the ultraleftist SocialistParty, which advocatesdrug liberalization and negotiationwith terrorists.Cossiga formed a second government,this time with a SocialistParty health minister. It was AldoAniasi, former mayor of Milan,under whose long tenure Milan becamea coVen of drug addiction.The Socialist Party has joinedwith the small but well financedRadical Party—a prodrug, gayrights group which Cossiga admittedto the parliamentary majority—insponsoring a bill to completelydestroy current antidruglegislation. It proposes not only todecriminalize marijuana but tostop prosecution of those who"proselytize" in favor of drugs.ADC election interventionThe Italian Anti-Drug Coalitionis now making drugs the mainissue of the June 8 regional elections,which have no direct effecton the national government butare being viewed by all as a signalof whether the unpopular Cossigaregime can last. The coalition hasa leaflet out in Milan informingvoters that two candidates, the SocialDemocrat Antonio Gaspari forcity council, and POE leader FiorellaOperto for regional council,have taken an uncompromisingstand against "Dope, Inc."If such candidates are successfulin the regional balloting—and thetens of thousands of ADC pamphletssold in Milan are evidencethey will be—then the Cossigagovernment known in the press asthe "call girl" government may bevery short lived.46 War on Drugs / July 1980

German ADC goes afterthe 'culture' of drugsFrom all objective readings, WestGermany stands today where theUnited States was ten years agofacedwith the most serious drugepidemic in the nation's history.Last year in West Germany, therewere 600 officially recorded deathsfrom heroin overdose—in absolutenumbers and percentage of populationgreater than U.S. statisticsfor 1979. An estimated 3 millionresidents of the country have usedsome kind of drugs.Drug abuse is even more prevalentinside the prisons than on thestreets, and therapy centers' aregrossly inadequate. At the sametime, a corrupt movement is growingin university sociology departmentsand government layers explainingthat the drug culture isimpossible to stop, since it is a"natural outgrowth of societal conditions."This situation is the backdropfor the activities for the campaignagainst drugs being waged by theWest German Anti-Drug Coalition.Since its founding in January1980, the West German ADC hasbecome the leading organization inthe Federal Republic against thedrug menace. In every major city,the ADC's slogan "Krieg demRauschgift" (War on Drugs), isseen on automobile bumpers. Over40,000 of these stickers with a pictureof the barred marijuanaleaf—the international symbol ofthe ADCs—have been sold. Sixtythousand copies of the West GermanADC quarterly magazine arein circulation, detailing the medicaldangers of marijuana andother psychotropic drugs, and givingcomprehensive accounts ofhow the drug traffic and prodruglobby function.Speaking on May 22 before anADC meeting in Stuttgart, ProfessorReimers, the head of the statepsychiatric hospital, echoed theearlier statement of Dr. RolfPauls, president of the West GermanADC: "I fully agree that thecause for this drug epidemic doesnot lie with the youth. It is theresult of an international conspiracywhich is seducing the labiletypes of youth." Attacking anotherprodrug myth Reimers continued,"I must stress, from clinical experience,that there is no increase increativity through the use of drugsas some people claim."The scandal of BremenReimers was speaking before anaudience of over 50 people, consistingof representatives of localschool boards, parents' associationsand other institutions. Joininghim at the podium were Dr.Pauls, Professor Schmidt, directorof Forensic Medicine in the city,Dr. Durst, president of the neurologicand psychiatric organizationand Mathias Mletzko, the ADC'sexpert on the drug lobby.Dr. Durst continued the themewith the challenge that "the mainproblem is that society is beginningto tolerate the drug problem... in the 1960s only the hippieswere involved in drugs. Now, unfortunately,the problem is extendingeven to young workers."Making the picture concrete,Mletzko gave a detailed account ofthe city of Bremen, where twoweeks ago—proterrorist demonstratorsattacked police with rocksand molotov cocktails, resulting inover 200 injuries to police. Mletzkodescribed a section of the citywhich has been totally given overto the proterrorist counterculture—communities and "alternativelife" projects dominate the section,slogans supporting the Baader-Meinhof terrorists are written onthe walls.Youth centers, funded by thecity and state government are anintegral part of the "scene." Bremenis also one of the centers ofthe sociological studies groupswhich is creating the rationale fordrug legalization—marijuana andhashish now, "hard" drugs later.Target drug promotersJust 10 days before in Nuremberg,the ADC overturned the controlledprodrug atmosphere at ameeting on drugs organized by thelocal youth center, Komm (in English,Come) headed by an opendrug advocate, Mr. Popp. The ADCin a leaflet exposed Popp's statement:"We have to learn to livewith drugs. We have to be tolerantand* we have to change our attitudestoward the consumption ofhard drugs. We have to accept theexpansion of drugs as a reality welive with because there is no societyfree from drugs. Furthermore,the consuming of drugs has a positiveaspect because it may be thesign of a new cultural feeling."The response by the Nurembergaudience was to demand that therepresentative of the ADC addressthe conference to counter the liesof the prodrug spokesman.Even in official government circles,the ADC is gaining recognitionas the only national authoritieson the drug problem. On May5 and 6, at a meeting on "InternalSecurity in the 1980s" organizedby the Interior Ministry of theState of Rhineland-Palatinate,Professor Frey, the internationalpresident of the Society for EmergencyMedicine, quoted extensivelyfrom the Founding Principles ofthe Anti-Drug Coalition in hispresentation to 300 high level stateemployees, including police, presidentsfrom other states, stateprosecutors and others. Frey thenintroduced Dr. Pauls for a 20 minutepresentation from the floor.July 1980 / War on Drugs 47

Drugfighter's targetMilton FriedmanMilton Friedman is a veryselfless man. He wants togive your sons and daughtersthe "right" to become drug addicts.He says that the "freedomto choose" to destroy one's mindand body is a fundamental humanright that society mustprotect. He's been working foryears to repeal all legal restrictionson heroin, marijuana,LSD, angel dust, cocaine, etc.,in order to guarantee that right.And he wants to stop you frominfringing on someone else'sright to get hooked on drugs.This self-styled conservativeeconomist who's been advisingRonald Reagan since the mid-1970s, first went public with hisprodrug stand in a column thatappeared in the May 1, 1972issue of the liberal magazine,Newsweek under the title "Prohibitionand Drugs."@ Decriminalization:First, he stated on what hetermed "ethical grounds," that"... I believe that we have noright to use force, directly orindirectly, to prevent a fellowman from committing suicide,let alone from drinking alcoholor taking drugs. ..."Second, he claimed that prohibitingdrugs "is an attemptedcure that makes mattersworse—for both the addict andthe rest of us," whereas legalizingdrugs would help both theaddict and the rest of society.Although "legalizing drugsmight increase the number ofaddicts," that's not the importantpoint. "Whatever happensto the number of addicts, theindividual addict would clearlybe far better off if drugs werelegal. Today, drugs are both incrediblyexpensive and highlyuncertain in quality."Addicts are driven to associatewith criminals to get drugs,become criminals themselves tofinance the habit, and risk constantdanger of death and disease.... Legalizing drugs wouldsimultaneously reduce theamount of crime and raise thequality of law enforcement,enforcement."In conclusion, he assertedthat quashing the illegal drugtrade is impossible:"But, you say, must we acceptdefeat? Why not simply end thedrug traffic? We cannot end thedrug traffic ... so long as largesums of money are involved—and they are bound to be ifdrugs are illegal—it is literallyhopeless to expect to end thetraffic or even to reduce seriouslyits scope."® The Hong Kong connection:In September 1978, MiltonFriedman hailed Hong Kong as"the modern exemplar of freemarkets and limited government."The occasion was themeeting in the British crowncolony of the Mont Pelerin Society,an elite and secretivebody set up by the pretender tothe Austrian imperial throne,Otto von Hapsburg. Friedmanis Mont Pelerin's vice president.Friedman's admiration forHong Kong may be linked to hisinsistence the drug trade cannotbe stopped. As David Goldmandocuments in this issue, the illegaldrug trade is a tightly organizedinternational networkrun from the top by a group ofmerchant-banking familiesbased primarily in London andHong Kong. They set drugprices, control distribution andproduction, and dictate the politicalconditions enabling themto do business with little interferencefrom law enforcement.® Pacification:On a radio program broadcastin Atlanta last year, Friedmanavowed his admiration for HjalmarSchacht, Hitler's financeminister. He has appliedSchacht's policies in his "advisory"capacity for the governmentsof Chile and Israel, twocountries that have skyrocketinginflation.Under Schacht and Hitler,German laborers were givensynthetic heroin ("dolphine,"now known as methadone) toenable them to bear backbreakinglabor without complaint.© What to do:Call Ronald Reagan's presidentialcampaign headquarters(213-670-9161). Find out whyReagan is taking advice from aprodrug kook like Friedman.Demand that Reagan come outand denounce Friedman's standon drugs. Friedman himself canbe reached at the Hoover Institutionin Palo Alto, California(415-497-1754). Or try the RepublicanNational Committee(202-484-6500) and register yourdisgust with their toleration ofFriedman's immorality.

Founding principlesof the National Anti-Drug CoalitionWe stand confronted with a great moral crisis threateningour nation, drug abuse. We must turn the tideon this alien antiprogress epidemic, which if left unopposedwill result in the destruction of our society's moralfabric.We cannot stand by watching organized crime pushdrugs, knowing full well that its result and its intent areto destroy the minds of our children and our skilledworkforce—and therefore, our institutions and our country.For two decades now, our industrial economy and itssupporting educational system have been systematicallydismantled. American labor, technicians and scientists arebeing destroyed, our industrial plants and cities are shuttingdown. Drugs are a major contributing factor in thisprocess.The National Anti-Drug Coalition is dedicated to forminga national machine capable of ridding the nation ofthe menace of psychotropic substances. Secondly, we mustmake the penalty very high for those leaders who areeither doing nothing or are a contributing factor in theproblem. Even the Presidency of the United States mustbe determined on this drug issue.We commit ourselves to:• mandatory antidrug education programs in all schools.• stopping all legislation for "decriminalization" andreduction of drug penalties; launching an offensive for"recrim " and tough enforcement against pushers.• telling our youth who is pushing marijuana—a dangerousdrug—and why.• curbing ACLU and other phony liberal efforts to blockparents and school administrators from searches andother procedures to crack down on drugs in schools.• collaborating with the Anti-Drug Coalition in WesternEurope and the Colombian Anti-Drug Coalition,as well as all other organizations combating the drugplague internationally.• stopping "decrim" at the federal level, introduced inSenator Edward Kennedy's S. 1722 bill. Repealing thePercy amendment to stop U.S. funding of paraquatprograms.• electing only candidates committed to eradicatingdrugs in the state, local and national elections.NationalAnti-Drug Coalitionstate and regionaldirectoryNational CentersDetroit—P.O. Box 2421, Detroit,Mich., 48231 (313) 964-2066New York-New Jersey—P.O. Box214, Bloomfield, N.J. 07003.(201) 743-9124; (212) 625-5997CaliforniaLos Angeles—711 S. VermontAve., Rm 207, Los Angeles,Calif. 90005. (213) 383-2912San Francisco—1826 NoriegaSt., San Francisco, Calif.94122. (415) 665-5080IllinoisChicago—14 E. Jackson Blvd.,Chicago, 111. 60604.(312) 663-3790Mid-AtlanticBaltimore—Medical Arts Bldg101 W. Reed St., Ste. 301,Baltimore, Md. 21201.(301) 837-1538Washington—2025 I St., N.W.,Suite 520, Washington, D.C.20037. (202) 223-8750MichiganDetroit—P.O. Box 2421, Detroit,Mich. 48231. (313) 964-2066New EnglandBoston—Box 406, 310 FranklinSt., Boston, Mass. 02110.(617) 426-5616Hartford—P.O. 1142, Hartford,Conn. 06143. (203) 247-8152New York-New JerseyNew York City—(212) 625-5997Bloomfield, N.J.—(201) 743-9124Albany—P.O. Box 6325, Albany,N.Y. 12206. (518) 489-6177Buffalo—Box 1093 EllicottStation, Buffalo, N.Y. 14205.(716) 847-2100NorthwestSeattle—71 Columbia St.,Seattle, Wash. 98104.(206) 622-7922Portland, Ore.—(503) 256-5317OhioCleveland—P.O. Box 729,Edgewater Branch, Cleveland,Ohio 44107.PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia—P.O. Box 3493,Philadelphia, Pa. 19146. (215)561-5565Other CitiesAtlanta—P.O. Box 12173,Atlanta, Ga. 30355.(404) 266-0744Milwaukee—135 Wells, Rm. 619,Milwaukee, Wis. 53202.(414) 271-2659Montreal, Quebec—767 BelangerEast, Ste. 109. (514) 272-1173

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