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trackfire rwsremote weaponand sensor system

TRACKFIRE RWSOBJECTIVEDESIGNARENAMAXIMUM PROTECTIONMODULARSEA and LANDFORCE MULTIPLIERToday’s service personnel face an ever-evolving battlefield and must reactinstantly to the demands of every situation. Saab offers critical solutions,capable of responding to all threats – whatever form they may take.The family of Trackfire Remote WeaponStations (RWS) builds on over 40 yearsof developing electro-optic fire controlplatforms for land and naval environments.The operator benefits from a fully stabilised,remotely operated weapon (or weapons)and sensor system which provides cuttingedgeperformance in both domains. TheTrackfire RWS is designed for use onall types of military platforms includingvehicles, vessels and static emplacements.2

TRACKFIRE RWSPINPOINT ACCURACYDelivering on-target effects whilst ensuringthat collateral damage is avoided is essentialto any user. The Trackfire RWS provides thehit performance required to engage threatsunder all conditions.STABILISED INDEPENDENT LINEOF SIGHT (SILOS)The unique configuration of theTrackfire RWS SILOS variant provides atrue stabilised independent line of sight. Asthe Sensor Module is decoupled from theweapon axes and independently stabilised,the operator is able to maintain line of sightwith the target, thereby greatly reducingtarget acquisition times. As such, complexengagement sequences involving repetitivetarget lasing can be carried out with ease.Furthermore, the gun can be elevated toa non-threatening position whilst stillallowing the Sensor Module two degreesof freedom with respect to the weapon.3

TRACKFIRE RWSEase of IntegrationThe complete Trackfire RWS systemhas been developed to integrate witha wide range of platforms andcomplimentary equipment.Functional DescriptionThe Trackfire RWS has been developedwith the operator in mind. All primaryfunctionality is ergonomically presented,ensuring that Surveillance and TargetAcquisition (STA) cycles are nearinstantaneous without the operator havingto break visual contact with the GD. Dualcommand facilitates shared capabilities,shorter response times and reduced sensorto-shootercycles. Fully prepared for theintegration into other platform systems,target and image data can be passed bothwithin the platform as well as to and fromother systems.FirepowerThe Trackfire RWS delivers exceptionalaccuracy, facilitating reduced ammunitionusage and peace of mind with regard tocollateral damage. The VTM can reducethe engagement sequence by as much as50 percent, whilst allowing the operatorto focus on finely adjusting the hit pointso that selected areas of a target can beengaged with pinpoint accuracy.ProtectionFor maximum crew protection, allTrackfire RWS operations can be performedfrom below armour or deck. As an option,a Trackfire variant with ammunition FeedFrom Below Armour (FFBA) can also beoffered for certain weapon configurations.Sensor imagery from the Trackfire RWScan be distributed via a Local Area Network(LAN) and displayed where required insidethe platform. This overcomes the loss ofsituational awareness incurred by removingthe gunner from the platform hatch or deck.MOBILITYTrackfire RWS is designed to meet alloperational requirements, ranging fromsmall craft in severe weather conditionsto Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFV)moving at high speed through challengingterrain. Its exceptional on-the-movecapability ensures superior targetacquisition and engagement even under themost demanding moving target and hostplatform scenarios.Integrated SurvivabilityCareful system design has created a highlysurvivable system with a low profile(reduced signature) and with criticalcomponents mounted under armour ordeck. A layered system design approachensures that the Trackfire RWS can actas another node in a detector/effecterrelationship for the host platform’ssurvivability suite.5

TRACKFIRE RWSTrackfire RWS mounted on Combat Boat 90Trackfire RWS SILOS with LW25 on Patria AMVTrackfire RWS SILOS with GMG and MAG58 on Patria AMV7

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