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Mother’s Day RecipeCharity AwarenessA Magnificent Mother’s Day Recipefrom Neil Walker, our resident chefMothering Sunday (never to be confused with‘Mother’s Day’ in our household - my Mum alwayscorrected me if I referred to it as such!) goes wayback to the 16th Century when children whoworked 'in service', i.e. servants in rich households,were given a rare day off to return to their families,picking wild flowers along the way, to place intheir local church or present to their mothers whenthey returned to the 'Mother church'. Traditionallya Christian occasion (unlike events such as BonfireNight, St. Valentine’s Day, Halloween etc.), it wasoriginally celebrated throughout Europe on thefourth Sunday in Lent .Nowadays, it encompasses grandmothers, stepmothers,mother-in-laws, as well as with mothers andis a day to show your love and appreciation, either byway of a card and flowers, a lovely meal out, or just byspending some quality time and reminding them thatthey are appreciated, loved and respected… somethingthat I figure we all want to be?This year for Mothering Sunday, my lovely mum will beaway on her holidays; however I will be taking my lovelymother-in-law, Glenis, out for lunch at a fabulous pub/restaurant in Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire, called TheJoiners Arms. It has been receiving great reviews andaccolades for its food and service and, whilst I haven'tvisited the place for over 20 years, I am assured from afew of my 'foodie' friends that it delivers on all pointsand serves a cracking Sunday lunch.If I were cooking my mum some lunch for MotheringSunday, below is what I would do - or as a special treat,in fact I made it for her last summer and sat out inthe garden on a rare rain-free day and served it withsome char-grilled asparagus, a light salad and a glassof Prosecco with a raspberry plopped in the glass. Forease, I used 'shop-brought' short crust pastry and youcould always replace the lobster tails with king prawns.Poached Salmon,Lobster andSaffron TartIngredients:1 packet readymade short crust pastry2 salmon tails, poached4 lobster tails, poached and cut in half4 free-range eggs2 pinches of saffron1 cup double cream1 tbsp chopped fresh chivesSalt and freshly ground black pepperGrated rind of 1 wax-free lemonMethod:1. Grease and flour your tart dish, place the pastryinside, line with foil and tip in your blind baking beans.Place in the oven (140°c) cook for 15 minutes; removethe beans and foil, place back in the oven and cook foranother 5 minutes.2. Whisk together the eggs and cream along with theseasoning, saffron and chives.3. Arrange the salmon and lobster in the pastry casethen pour over the egg mix. Place in the oven (160°c)on the middle shelf and cook for approx. 30 minutes oruntil set.4. Remove from the oven and leave to cool slightly thenserve.BeCharitableCan you remember when you last donatedmoney to charity? According to the CharityCommission there are now 180,000 registeredcharities in England and Wales (all recordedon the online Register of Charities), all areworthy causes and many are desperate fordonations. In addition to these 180,000,there are countless small charities below theincome threshold of £5,000 per year that aren'trequired to register.Aiming to improve the lives of the most vulnerablemembers of our society, protect mistreated animalsand find a cure for life threatening diseases, thereare charities up and down the country that arein desperate need of our hard earned cash. Tobe a charity, the Charity Commission state that‘an organisation must have exclusively charitablepurposes and must operate for the public benefit’.The Charities Act 2006 contains 13 descriptions ofpurposes:• the prevention or relief of poverty• the advancement of education• the advancement of religion• the advancement of health or the saving of lives• the advancement of citizenship or communitydevelopment• the advancement of the arts, culture, heritage orscience• the advancement of amateur sport• the advancement of human rights, conflictresolution or reconciliation or the promotion ofreligious or racial harmony or equality and diversity• the advancement of environmental protection orimprovement• the relief of those in need by reason of youth,age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or otherdisadvantage• the advancement of animal welfare• the promotion of the efficiency of the armed forcesof the Crown; or the efficiency of the police, fire andrescue services or ambulance services• any other purposes charitable in lawCharity Commission figures show that around 6%of charities generate almost 90% of the total annualincome recorded. The largest 500 charities (0.3% ofthose on the register) generate almost 50% of thetotal income. So, this issue, we’d like to encourageour kind-hearted and generous readers to pledgetheir support to these smaller charities, who arestruggling to keep their heads above water. Ifyou can’t afford to set up a regular Direct Debit tosupport a charity, there are other ways in which youcan help charities close to your heart…• Take Part - there’s no better way to help thantaking part in a charity’s organised event. You justhave to look through the pages of Aspire, to see themany activities going on across the country. Fromfun days, to running, there’s no better way to feelgood about yourself, while raising money at thesame time.• Volunteer - If you feel you have more to give, thenmost organisations welcome volunteers to helpwith the running of an office or different events.Even if it’s just a few hours in the week or after work,your time can mean a lot to someone else.• A Lasting Legacy - Although 74% of the UKpopulation support charities and when asked, 35%of people say they'd happily leave a gift in their Will,only 7% of people actually leave a gift to charitiesin their Will, according to Remember A Charity. Ifyou choose to leave a gift to a charity in your Will,its value will be deducted from your estate beforeInheritance Tax is worked out. Gifts made beforeyour death may also qualify for exemption. In fact,as of April, anyone leaving 10% of their estate tocharity in their Will will benefitDelicious!6 ASPIREASPIRE 7

Artists’ ProfileArt AttackThe art world can be intimidating, butthere’s something in every art galleryand museum that everyone can enjoy.With over eight million visitors eachyear, The Louvre (Musée du Louvre)in Paris, France is the most visited artgallery in the world. Home to 35,000works of art - including Leonardo DaVinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’ – it’s not hard to seewhy it attracts so many art fans eachyear. The Louvre beats the next mostvisited art gallery by over two millionvisitors; The Metropolitan Museumof Art in New York welcomes over sixmillion visitors through its doors eachyear, closely followed in third by TheBritish Museum in London, which seesover 5.8 million people looking to soakup some art.A recent study by Harris Interactivefound that people are happier whenthey spend money on experiences ratherthan material purchases, which is whythe admission price to any art gallery ismoney well spent. Many art galleries andmuseums are busiest at the weekend soif you want to take your time and enjoylooking at the art in a quieter setting, it’sbest to avoid the weekend crowds.As well as being a great place that inspireseveryone, whether you’re six or eighty-six,art galleries are also great places to spendquality time with friends and family, inan inspirational and educational setting.Many of the larger galleries and museumsare also free to visitors, so they provideyou and your family with a great way tospend some quality time together for verylittle money.Denise HawthorneAfter a long career teaching Art and Design I have retired to work in myold Methodist chapel in Welton, six miles north of Lincoln. My inspirationis the natural world: the hills of my native Lancashire, the big skies andarable fields of Lincolnshire or exciting new experiences travelling abroad.I work in sketchbooks and use a camera to collect information, then finalpieces are developed in oils, acrylic or mixed media. I am a member ofLincolnshire Artists and more of my work, and that ofsome fellow artists, can be found at studio is open to visitors by appointment.38 Eastfield Lane, Welton, Lincoln LN2 3NDEmail: den.crataegus@virgin.netTel: 01673 860 WrightPainter, Screen Printer & CeramicistJean Wright is a Collingham-based artist. Having left schoolin 1951, Jean studied at Chelsea School of Art under severaltutors who later became known as prominent artists includingWilli Soukop, Ms Chant, Mr Trevelyan and Mr Robb. Overthe years her work as an artist has included screen-printing,watercolour and oil paintings. She has completed manymurals and created several sculptures. Her inspiration over theyears has been human activity and the natural world.Tel: 01636 89287643 Low Street, Collingham, Newark, Notts NG23 7LSJan GayRBSAJan Gay’s subject matter is diverse, yet there is a common thread of powerful colour andsemi-abstract qualities throughout all her work. Compositions reflect the drama andpassion she feels about the whole creative process.Invariably she begins her work in acrylic, using fluid, uninhibited marks which prepare thecanvas for the richness of oil at a later stage.Jan achieved a BA Hons at Bournville College of Art and previously studied Fine Art andCeramics at Eastbourne Teacher Training College. Born in London, she has moved aroundthe country living in Norwich, Manchester and currently Solihull, West Midlands.Jan is Vice President of the Birmingham Art Circle and a member of the RBSA andBirmingham & Midland Pastel Society. Her work is exhibited at the RBSA, Torquil Gallery inHenley in Arden, Artifex in Sutton Coldfield and the Mall Gallery, London.In addition to her personal artwork, Jan works in the community as an art tutor and isalso involved in an Arts Council funded project ‘Sustaining the person within’, taking artinto residential care settings. She has a studio in Solihull where you can see her originalpaintings and a collection of Limited Edition Giclee Prints.Tel: 07842 134233 | Email: discount per person forgroup bookings of 4 people.Private groupworkshops available.Alison Linnell – FeltingsCreate with the ancient andbeautiful craft of feltingFelt-making is simple, timeless and elemental,and totally captivating! Working with luxurycarded wool and silk fibres, I produce a range offelted items from practical every day objects toexhibition pieces. Felt is natural and organic yetunique and surprising – and a constant pleasure.For the last three years I have taken part inLeicester’s art trail, ArtHouse, in June, as wellas exhibiting at Bridge Street Gallery, Rothwell,as part of Northamptonshire Open Studios. Ialso attend various craft fairs around the county,in particular the monthly Artisans of MarketHarborough.As well as exploring felt-making through myown work, I offer workshops and training daysat several Leicestershire venues, including myown studio on Whetstone Pastures Farm and inschools and rehabilitation centres.Stockists:West End Gallery, 107 Highcross Street,Leicester LE1 Gallery, Wistow Rural Centre,Kibworth Road, Leicestershire LE8 OQFwww.wistowgallery.comArtisan Market, more information about workshops, see visit my Facebook page PooleGlass ArtistInspired by a love of nature, I make works of art usingglass and ceramics. They can be functional like stainedglass windows, table and wall lights, bowls and plates,or decorative and sculptural. Landscapes, with layers ofglass, vie with ceramic sculptures, made of lightweightclay, around my home. Several years of education at theInternational Glass Centre, part of Dudley College, and anMA at Wolverhampton University, have given me manyskills which I put to good use, designing and making inmy own studio.I love to share my enthusiasm for glass whetherit be the technical challenges or the design andmaking process and hold workshops and talksfor this purpose. My home-based studio is opento the public during Warwickshire Open Studiosin early July and Solihull Art trial in lateSeptember and at other time by arrangement.I am a member of Solihull Artist’s and exhibitregularly with them.Please contact me if you would like to attend aworkshop or have a commission executed.Email: LewintonI am self-taught and specialise mainly inpolitical injustice/environment. Art is abarometer of the health of humanity andthe various societies it fashions and is oftenoverlooked.We are bombarded with images on a dailybasis to the extent that they have becomedisposable.I try to focus on images that have a purposeand are less disposable as a consequence.Images are 2D and 3D using a wide range ofmaterials, some recyclables.Exhibitor at the Cross in Gainsborough,April 6th - 27th.Tel : 01522 720664One Across, High Street, Harmston, Lincoln LN5 9SNTop RecommendationAngela DaymondTextile ArtistAngela is a talented textile artist, tutor andquilter who is based in south Lincolnshire.She specialises in creating her own fabricsthrough dyeing and painting before addingstitch by hand or machine. Angela’s workhas been exhibited in a number of galleriesacross the east of England. The inspirationfor Angela’s work comes from the vast skiesand rural landscape surrounding her homeand studio. Angela promotes the heritagecraft of natural dyeing, getting living coloursfrom nature, which are both subtle andunique.Angela is a very experienced teacher whoteaches a wide range of workshops suitablefor all levels. She welcomes groups into herstudio for a wide variety of workshops oris happy to travel to your group. Angelagives talks and demonstrations to groups,locally and nationally. She is also available forcommissions.For more information and to book a workshop please or see website for Textile Studio, Unique Cottage Studios, Fulney Lane,South, Spalding, Lincolnshire PE12 6FA8 ASPIREASPIRE 9

Artists’ ProfileWith many years of experience,Stella Hidden is an accomplishedartist who has exhibited her workin galleries all over the UK. Infact, last year four of her imagesappeared in the reception buildingfor the athletes and officials atthe Olympic Park during and afterthe Olympics and Paralympics(thanks to The Wetpaint Galleryin Cirencester, who regularly dealwith Stella’s work).Stella told Aspire about her journey: “I neverfelt happier as a child than when I had a penor pencil in my hand, drawing. I completedmy Art O-Levels and hoped to go ontoArt School; however, as I had two youngerbrothers, my parents asked me to go out towork to help them financially instead, so Idid. I started off in a drawing office, doingtechnical drawings, which I did for sevenyears before getting married and having mychildren.“Once my three daughters were old enoughand doing their own exams, I decidedthe time was right to fulfil my life-longambition and go to Art College in Hereford.It felt like going home; I studied Fine Art,Textiles and Art History in my four yearsthere and continued with 20th CenturyArt History through the Open University.I now concentrate on my painting, whichjust seemed to take over my life. I learntsomething different from every artist Istudied through the generations and I’mstill learning today. I hadn’t picked up abrush since leaving school and, although I’dstill been creative when my children weregrowing up, it felt right to be painting again.“I use acrylic paint on birch board, as I don’tget on with canvas. I have tried, but it’s justnot my thing. I work with all the elements ofa painting: the shape, the form, the rhythm,the colour and the texture – I work with it allto create each of my paintings. I took a bigstep a few years ago to not include anythingSomething Different fromStella Hiddenrecognisable in my paintings, so from thatI guess you could say they are abstract.Everything I see on a daily basis works itsway into my paintings eventually but it justisn’t recognisable. I get my inspiration fromeverywhere: from landscapes, natural coloursand tones and even people.“Each painting is a journey of discovery. Theycan take me longer than a year, sometimesless, it just depends what is being painted.I never know what I’m going to paint whenI make the first mark on my board; thepainting evolves and develops over manymonths until the final brushstroke makesit complete. I’ve always got several boardson the go at once in my studio and I neverknow which one I’m going to work on whenI come to my studio. Some paintings can bevery difficult and evolve over a long period oftime, whereas others just happen.“Since my childhood and even to this day, Iam heavily influenced and greatly inspiredby many early Italian paintings from beforethe 1400s, as well as the more modern,impressionistic paintings. I often visit theNational Gallery and the Tate Britain inLondon and am inspired by all the greatartists who have come before me. I love thebeautiful simplicity of Massato and Duccio,as well as the way Klee and Kandinskyconnected music and painting. I never stoplearning or being inspired.”Stella’s work can currently be seen at theWetpaint Gallery, on London Road inCirencester and Greenstage Gallery inBishop’s Frome, Worcestershire. From April25th until the 28th, Stella’s work will alsobe appearing at Bristol Affordable Art Fair,whilst her work will be featured in twoexhibitions in June: at London Affordable ArtFair, Hampstead Heath from the 12th untilthe 16th and as part of a Special Exhibition atGreenstage Gallery from the 29th June.Stella added: “I’m being encouraged bygalleries to work on a larger scale, but is alogistical and artistic challenge. I’m thinkinghow to do this at the moment… so watchthis space!!”Close Proximity61 cm x 61 cmFields of Gold31 cm x 75 cmUp & Away61 cm x 61 cmStella HiddenTel: 01981 590689| Email: stellahidden9@btinternet.comWeb: blinds. Supplied, delivered & fitted.conservatory, vertical, wood, venetian, wood weave, roller, UPVCperfect fit, roman, aluminium, pleated & more...Perfect fit conservatory roof blindsSpecialonly £1653 verticals up to 8fton selected rangesWe offer:Tel: 0116 268367407720 291422East Goscote ParkAwarded Certificate of RecognitionOccupied and developed by the Brudenellfamily since 1514, Deene Park House andGardens offers a relaxing and tranquildestination for a family day out thisspring/summer within easy reach, situatedin Northamptonshire, 12 miles southwest of Stamford off the A43. Offeringa wonderful destination for the wholefamily, Aspire have awarded Deene Parkwith a Certificate of Recognition forTourist Attraction of the Year 2013.The house, which dates back to the time ofthe Doomsday Book, has developed from amediaeval manor around a courtyard intoa Tudor and Georgian mansion over theyears. When the current owners moved in,in the 1960s, they set about sympatheticallyrestoring it, installing electricity, centralheating and modern toilets and kitchens.Wandering the house, visitors can see lifeat Deene Park through the ages, with manyrooms of different periods, providing animpressive yet intimate ambience of thefamily home of many generations. As well asimproving the house, Mr. Edmund Brudenellhas taken considerable care to also improvethe gardens with long, mixed borders ofshrubs, old-fashioned roses and flowers.The house is opened to the public for thefirst time in 2013 over Easter weekend (31stMarch/1st April). The house and gardens thenopen from May until the end of August, whenvisitors can call in on Sundays and on BankHoliday Mondays between 2pm and 5pm,with the last admission at 4pm. During May,Deene Park is also open on Wednesdays; itwill also be open to the public on Sunday 1stSeptember.Deene Park is also home to a gift shop and‘Old Kitchen’ tearoom (serving a deliciousselection of homemade cake and scones) alsoopen from 2pm until 5pm.For more information, please call01780 450278 or visitwww.deenepark.comBest In The BusinessSimply The Best…According to stats releasedfrom the British RetailConsortium at the end of 2012,more than one in ten shopunits are empty, the highestrate since the BRC begancollecting data on occupancylevels of High Street premises.The BRC said the town centrevacancy rate of 11.3% wasthe worst figure since itsnationwide survey began inJuly 2011.The BRC also echoed the latest findingsfrom the Office for National Statistics,which showed retail sales fell 0.8%in October, by announcing that thenumber of shoppers – footfall – fell by0.4% on a year ago in the three monthsto October.We’ve not had the best start to 2013,with Ethel Austin, Jessops, Blockbuster,HMV and most recently Republic, allgoing into administration. This comesafter numerous troubles on the BritishHigh Street in 2012 with numerous bigbranded chains either having goneunder or cut back their number ofoutlets, including JJB Sports, ClintonCards, Blacks Leisure, Game andPeacocks.Over the last few years we’ve gonefrom being a nation of shoppers to anation of savers, as we avoid the HighStreet in favour of hanging on to ourhard earned cash. This has dealt adevastating blow to large retail chains(such as Woolworths, Comet and mostrecently, HMV and Blockbuster) as wellas our independent, local businesseswho have closed at an alarming rate,particularly in smaller market towns.Here at Aspire, we work hard weekin and week out to find the highestquality goods and services for all of ourreaders. Recognising that customersare eager to find companies thatcan offer the whole package: highquality goods, competitive prices andoutstanding customer service, as wellas items that aren’t readily availableon the High Street, we dedicate ourtime to highlighting those who boastsomething special.Finest Local ProduceQuality Fresh Meat - Cheese - Fresh Dairy Produce - VegBoxes - Beers and Ales and MANY MANY MOREPLUS Brocklebys Pies - including Melton Mowbray PorkPies and award-winning Wild Beaver Pie...Farm Shop at the Grange, The Grange Garden Centre,Asfordby Hill, Melton Mowbray LE14 3QUTel: 01664 us on Facebook and Twitter10 ASPIREASPIRE 11

Caravan and CampingBe BeautifulCovering 152,033 square miles, Great Britainhas an abundance of places to discover andexplore. A holiday within the British Isles wouldallow you to not only avoid the stress of goingabroad, but also discover some of the magical,mystical and down-right spectacular places onthis Isle we call home.If you’re watching the pennies or looking for a greener getaway, aholiday in the UK provides couples and families with a cheap andcheerful, fun-filled break, with no passport required, courtesy of acaravan and camping holidays.As a self-catering, no frills alternative to a package holiday,providing flexibility and freedom, camping and caravanningbreaks offer the chance of an enjoyable holiday that won’t breakthe bank. In recent years, the economic climate has made us allmore aware of every penny we spend, so to ensure you and yourloved ones can still enjoy quality time together on an annualholiday, opt for a caravan or camping break this year.Overlooked by many due to stereotypical ideas, such as crampedcaravans, soggy sleeping bags and the infamous shiver-provokingshowers, it’s a well-kept secret by keen caravanners that they’renot as behind with technology as one might think. Today, manycaravans come generously equipped with DVD players, Sky,Freeview, double beds, toilets and private shower cubicles. Notonly that but even tents can now enjoy all the creature comfortsof home thanks to electrical hook ups - whatever you require (beit hair straighteners or proper lighting) to ensure your holiday hasall the creature comforts of home, can be catered for.With locations up and down the country (as well as withineasy reach into Europe), caravanning and camping offer norestrictions and with so much choice, you can go as near or far asyou like. Kids can help with setting up tents and they’ll love theexperience of sleeping under canvas, as well as getting involvedin the great outdoors. Kid-friendly campsites usually offer someentertainment, but they’re guaranteed to make new friendswherever you choose to go.As well as bursting with touring sites for holidaymakers who wantto explore different areas of our fair Isles, there’s a wealth of sitesacross Great Britain that welcome owner-occupied static caravansto provide an escape from the norm whenever the desire for abreak grips you. So, why not think about investing in a permanentholiday home, so you can reap the rewards year after year.Boasting so much freedom and the chance to experiencesomething new, it’s easy to see why camping and caravanningholidays are back in vogue.Go Camping CrazySussex Kampers Ltd is a company of 2parts. Originally formed as Southern KombiParts in 2006 the company has grown tooperate two main functions and as a resultwe have decided to create two new namesfor each aspect:The Sussex Kamper Workshop offers ourcustomers any workshop service from asimple oil change, to a lowering job rightthrough to a full nut and bolt restoration.Sussex Kamper Parts is a continuationof our original company, Southern KombiParts, where we continue to offer qualityrust-free parts and camper vans importeddirectly from sunny California.Tel: 01424 838680Email: size lingerie with large cupsizes from Natural CurvesLingerie products for women withcurves! Bras, Bodysuits, Babydolls andmuch much more. All in large cupsizes and up to a UK size 30.Tel: 01256 850040Email: Great& FeelConfidentThe number of beauty makeoverprogrammes on our TVs seems to haveincreased over the last decade, withthe list including ‘Gox’s Fashion Fix’,‘Supersize Vs Superskinny’ and thelong-running ‘How To Look Good Naked’,we’re officially a nation obsessed withhow we look. By taking a little extratime each day to eat a balanced diet,exercise and generally take care of ourbodies, you will feel the benefits almostimmediately.ExerciseBy joining your local gym and getting ona healthy eating plan, you can improveyour overall health. However, exercisedoesn’t have to cost the Earth. Running andexercise DVDs are excellent ways to burnthose excess calories without burning ahole in your pocket. Swimming is also aninexpensive way to tone up, especially forthe more mature and expectant mothers.Beauty TreatmentsIf you want to look extra special, why notvisit your local beauty salon for a number ofbeauty treatments. A good fake tan can giveyou that glow you’ve been searching for,especially during these pre-summer months,a good pedicure can prepare your feet forthe beach and a facial will give your skin thetreat it needs after the long winter months.Cosmetic Surgery ProceduresDespite a climate of financial austerityand the PIP breast implants scandal, Britshave clearly not lost faith in the benefitsof cosmetic surgery. Audit figures fromthe British Association of Aesthetic PlasticSurgeons ( have revealthat the number of procedures continued toincrease steadily by nearly 6% increase onaverage (similar rise to 2009 and 2010) andrather unusually, not even one individualprocedure decreased in popularity. Thenumber of surgical procedures in 2011showed a rise of 5.8% from 2010 to a totalof 43,069.Increasing in popularity, Botox is the noninvasivealternative to a traditional face-lift.This procedure is becoming so popularthat it is now a hit amongst 20-somethingcelebrities that want to prevent, rather thaneliminate their wrinkles. Botox is injectedinto the skin to relax the muscles, makingyour wrinkles less pronounced. The effectlasts for around four to five months and coststarts from £200 per area (brows, forehead,crow’s feet etc).Another non-invasive alternative to atraditional surgical procedure is Lipoglaze byLoveLite Ice. Lipoglaze is a much friendliertreatment for both men and women thanliposuction and it helps to deliver fastresults. Lipoglaze, gently warms up thetreatment area which then encouragesblood and fat to separate, then, by usingCryotherapy, Lipoglaze carefully freezesaway fat cells. Lipoglaze can destroy 26% offat in one session and is geared toward thesensible person who wants to maintain theiroptimum with regards to health, fitness,confidence and self-esteem for many yearsahead.Stevenson’s Golden Sands LtdThe Stevenson family has run GoldenSands Holiday Park for over fortyyears. Situated next to the beach, thepark enjoys its own private access.The terrain is flat but access to thepromenade and beach is via a setof steps or a ramp at Vicars Pointnearby. The park is ideal for familiesand both young and old alike.You are welcome to bring alongfamily pets as long as they are wellbehavedand under control at alltimes.What you can expect from us• We will listen to your concerns and needsand try to explain clearly and thoroughly anytreatments proposed.• All our treatments are provided at the highestquality.• We will always provide a written estimate ofany planned treatment setting out any costsand fees if applicable (both NHS or Private).• We follow the latest cross infection guidelines.• We will apologise and make amends if we donot perform as we promise.• We will always be happy to give adviceon how you can keep your teeth and gumshealthy.Desford Dental Care offers a completerange of general and cosmetic dentalservices in a friendly and relaxedenvironment.AVAILABLEA faster way tostraightenyour teeth.Permanent Lipoglaze fat reductionHarley Street and celebritytreatments in the MidlandsVisit our Facebook page for recent treatment discreet clinicContact us for a free consultationEmail: | Tel: 01604 458174Anchor Lane, Ingoldmells, Skegness, Lincolnshire PE25 1LXTel: 01754 872483 | Email: | Web: Manor Road, Desford, Leicestershire LE9 9JRTel: 01455 823900 | Email: reception@desforddentalcare.comwww.desforddentalcare.com12 ASPIREASPIRE 13

Party TimeWe celebrate many happy events throughout our lifetime: our firstbirthday and all the others that follow, our first day at school, passingour exams, graduating university, our wedding day, moving into ourfirst home, the birth of our children and then all their happy occasions.An excellent way to mark these special occasions for the lady in your life is withflowers. It’s wonderful to receive flowers on any given day, but they’re especiallywelcome on birthdays, Mother’s Day and of course, your anniversary! Just makesure you don’t assume a cheap bunch from the local garage will suffice; a beautifulbouquet or hamper is the only way to go!If the lady in your life isn’t a fan of fresh flowers and prefers to see them in theground ‘where they belong’, why not treat her to a lovely piece of jewellery instead.They say ‘diamonds are a girls’ best friend’, so buying your loved one a bit of blingis sure to put a smile on her face. Why not go one step further and have an item ofjewellery especially made for her. There are numerous companies that can help youcustom design something that’s as individual as your girlfriend or wife; you couldeven treat your mum!Supposedly, the biggest day of your life is your wedding day; it’s one of the biggestcommitments you will ever make to another human being – ‘for better or worse, forricher or poorer, in sickness and in health, ‘til death do us part’. There’s so much toplan and so much to consider so it’s vital that you not only allow yourself enoughtime to plan it properly, down to the last detail, but that you also enlist the servicesof reputable and recommended suppliers.If you have to organise a special occasion and want it to stand out, you’ll find all theinspiration you need within this feature.WeddingsThe image that springs to mind is a big, fairy-tale wedding in a church with ahandsome groom and a big white dress, but a wedding is a very personal thing;a very personal public declaration of your love for one another, so don’t feelpressurised to conform to this vision if it’s not want you really want. With a myriadof exciting alternatives out there, there’s something to suit every taste, no matterhow wacky or weird.Wedding Cakes have been tiered since medieval times when guests were requiredto bring a cake to the reception. These cakes were stacked in levels on a table andif the Bride and Groom could kiss over the top of the stack, it was considered goodluck. Since then, tiered cakes have become the ‘norm’ but, more recently, coupleshave been breaking away from this tradition and have started to use cupcakes,arranged in tiers, as their wedding cake. This is ideal if there are a large number ofchildren in attendance.ChristeningsIt’s the same with Christenings; these no longer have to be religious ceremoniesheld in church. Naming Ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular for thosepeople that don’t want to commit their newborn to any particular faith. NamingCeremonies are also ideal for older children, especially stepchildren or adoptedchildren, to officially welcome them into the family.Birthday PartiesBirthday parties are the most personal of all parties, especially those milestonebirthdays such as 18, 21, 30, 40, 50 and 65. Birthday parties are the perfect excuseto let loose and really delve into your wildest fantasies, whether it be a magic partyor pole dancing lessons – let your imagine run wild.Birthday cakes are an area in which your creativity can truly run riot! From simple,plainly decorated circular cakes to children’s favourites of trains and animals there’sa cake out there to suit all tastes. If you’re celebrating a milestone birthday, why notgo all out and get the biggest, craziest cake you can think of. Whatever style of cakeyou choose, make sure you choose something your guests will be talking about foryears to come!After really letting your inner most desires become reality, you’ll want to captureevery moment, so it’s vital to enlist the services of a top quality photographer andevents team to ensure your guests remember your party, for all the right reasons.If you’re planning a party anytime soon, we’ve got some excellent companiesoffering everything from great decorations to ideal gifts and from capturing thememories with a professional photographer to looking your best, there’s neverbeen a better time to p-a-r-t-y…Make Your Occasion Memorable14 ASPIREASPIRE 15

Juliet Hill Hand SpinningAwarded Certificateof RecognitionAn ancient craft that involvestwisting fibre and fleece orroving of wool, silk, alpaca,angora, mohair, flax etc. into acontinuous thread by using aspinning wheel or drop spindle,hand spinning is enjoyedmy many as a satisfying andrewarding hobby. With almost40 years of hand spinningexperience, Juliet Hill issomewhat of an expert whenit comes to this ancient art.Offering one-to-one/one-to-twoone-day or two-day courses,Juliet is passionate aboutpassing on her knowledge andtechniques to others.Juliet said: “I’ve been interested in hand spinningfor all my life. I grew up on a farm, surrounded byanimals; my mother used to have a rough colliewho I used to groom. Whenever I threw away abunch of her fur, I used to wonder if there wasanything that could be done with it, instead ofthrowing it away, but I never looked into it – wedidn’t have the Internet back then, so I had noway to research it. It wasn’t until I moved toCheshire as an adult that I discovered an Americanlady who was the oracle on hand spinning. Itook tuition from her in the late 1970s and I’vedone nothing else since. I fell in love with handspinning; it’s so rewarding. I get great satisfactionfrom turning something that’s practically rubbish,into something practical and useful. Mostpeople feel that spinning is very therapeutic andfurthermore there is an end product to show fortheir endeavours.“By offering hand spinning tuition myself, Iexplain the history and development of spinningand the different types of wheels and sundryequipment, which is all provided. I explain thedifference between basic and luxury fibres, how tochoose the right fibre for your purpose, spinningpreparation and dyeing techniques for bothnatural and chemical dyes. All the fibre used todemonstrate and practice on is from my flocksof Shetland sheep (in a wide range of naturalcolours) and the angora goats (mohair), as well asmy herd of alpacas.”Aspire are so impressed with Juliet’s commitmentto hand spinning and passing on her knowledgeto others that we’ve awarded her with a Certificateof Recognition for Creative Learning. On hearingthe news, Juliet said: “Thank you so much, I’mthrilled and totally surprised to receive thisCertificate. I hope it encourages more Aspirereaders to have a go at hand spinning because it’ssuch a wonderfully creative hobby that can bringhours of pleasure.”By the end of the course, Juliet aims to leave herstudent feeling confident that hand spinning is acraft they will enjoy and wish to pursue once theyreturn home. Each course, whether one day ortwo, costs approx. £70 per person and Juliet insistson no more than two people per course to ensureshe can provide each student with the individualattention they deserve.Juliet added: “A typical day course wouldcommence at 10am and run until 5pm or 6pmwith an hour lunch break. Drinks are providedthroughout the day, with visitors bringing theirown packed lunch. Courses can be booked byphone for either weekdays or weekends andanyone making a long journey can divide thecourse over two days. I can recommend somewonderful B&Bs in a nearby village, the markettown of Newark or the cathedral city of Lincoln. Iam also just a phone call away at all times, so onceyou’ve completed the course, if you need someadvice, or just want to chat, I’m at the other end ofthe phone.”As well as teaching courses throughout theyear, Juliet also produces hand spun yarns forlocal suppliers. These are available to order, all innatural colours. For more information, please book a course with Juliet Hill Hand Spinning, please call01522 778250 or email

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