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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22 ... K Y L I N E S29.MONTHLY NEWSLETTER OF SKYLINE SOARING CLUB, INC JANUARY 2012Skyliners,HelloDouglas HiranakaA few changes have taken place since the flying season ended. Our veryrespected and dedicated editor for the Skylines newsletter has reitred andI have decided to try to fill those really large shoes. We will have thenewsletter published in this new format and location with applogies for thesimplified format for this months newsletter. I am in the process ofgathering and creating new banners and all the associated graphics andtext that normally go intol the format. I am also in the process of learningthe publishing system so please bear with me. January's news lettes wilbe a little more organized,DougEditor and Airport Bum2011 Holiday party

Family members were brought and introduced and actuallyseemed to enjoy the attentionGreat Food!Grob Divot repair and wax:That looks about right!Repairing the divots in the wing went well. Looks closeto new!

Lots of hands make for fast work. Wax on Wax off DanielSan!Archive shot of a primary glider at the RheinbeckAerodrome living museum. They still fly original andreplica early aviation aircraft every weekend.FLARMUlrike WustnerFLARM is an anti collosionsystem which was inventedin Switzerland mainlybecause of the manyelectrical wires andobstacles you can see verylate while flying in the Alpes.A lot of gliders in Austria andGermany have it installednowadays, in my club everyglider (the club gliders andthe private ones) have it installed. But it only works, if bothapproaching planes have it installed and switched on. It showsyou if there is another glider near you (direction and if higheror lower or same height) and, what is very important, it showsyou, if another glider is approaching you in a way that mightresult in a collision. We use the FLARM also as a datalogger,you can use the recorded data for the OLC . There is also aFLARM version, that shows you not only that there are othergliders near you but also if this gliders are in a thermal andgetting higher or if they lose height.For more information see also www.flarm.comA dolly was started by making the fiberglass boot. The I only can recommend to install FLARM, it makes flying safer,wheel still needs to be mounted and the boot finished but especially in our area in Germany, where there are sometimeswe have a dolly!really a lot of gliders flying in the same area.

President - John NossSecretarty – Jim KellettTreasurer – Thomas ParkMembership – Steve RockwoodChief Duty Officer – Craig BendorfChief Tow Pilot – Martin GomezSkyline Soaring Club, Inc.Is a private, 501(C7) non-profit organization,Chief Flight Instructor – Piet BarberSafety Officer - Charles Normandedicated to the enjoyment and promotionof the sport of soaring. SSC is based atthe Front Royal-Warren County, VA. Airportand is an affiliate club of theSoaring Society of AmericaFor information about the club go to:Skylines Editor – Douglas Hiranakaduck_h@hotmail.comDirectors – Daniel ErnstMike Christenson, Jim KelletJohn Noss, Thomas Parkwww.skyinesoaring.org Steve Rockwood, Ertan Tete

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