Agile Primer For Government Managers - ASPE – SDLC Training

Agile Primer For Government Managers - ASPE – SDLC Training

Agile PrimerFor Government Managers

We’ll briefly cover…• What is Agile?• Agile Flavors• Important Concepts• Change Management and Agile• Tools• Certifications• Agile in government• How to get started

What is Agile?Ten years ago…

Where is Agile NOW?

What is Agile?1. Base belief about the work‣ Foundation and main things‣ Discipline2. Some specific work methods3. Growing by doing (experience,practice)4. Community (similar to open-sourceprogramming)‣ Community constantly addsand improves

Agile FlavorsAgile is an open source method.Agile is to software methods as Linux is to Unix.• Scrum (Scrum is to Agile as Red Hat is to Linux)• Extreme Programming / Scrum Engineering Practices• Lean• Kanban• Others

Agile Practices/Concepts‣ Business unit / Development unit‣ Product Owner / ScrumMaster‣ Daily Scrum‣ Iteration‣ User Story‣ Task board‣ Burndown / Velocity‣ Retrospective

Self-Organized Teams

Agile Estimating

Managing the Agile TransformationWhat is Organizational Change Management?Change causes angst. People want to understand why. Theywon’t allow themselves to learn until they do.• Using social media to drive the change message• Decision point:1. Manage change, then train and coach2. If not, prepare to hire for skills (high turnover potential)• Executive Challenge• Is Radical Management the answer?

Change Management in the VA

Agile in Government

Challenges in linking Agile to Federal Realities

Tools in Agile• Using Tools in Agile: How and when?• Integration with bigger PM tools• Tool vendorso VersionOneo Rallyo Scrum Workso FitNesseo Extreme Plannero Jira• What an Agile coach will say about Agile tools

Agile Certifications1. The Scrum Alliance• CSM • CSPO• CSP • CSD• The certification model2. PMI• The PMI-ACP• The certification model3. Scrum.org4. ICAgile

Selling Agile to Leadership• Initially costs more upfront (training and coaching)• Results in closer alignment with the business• Much more adaptability to change• Significant reduction in turnover• Fast times to usable new software• Increase in quality of initial software deliverablesSumming it up:“A significant increase in service delivery capability.”

Moving Forward with Agile• What type of Agile shop will you be?• Change management, leadership buy in, and thetrain or hire decision• Picking the pilot team• The first iteration: How to pick what to work on• Iteration retrospective (Critical)• Training and coaching choice• The second iteration• Multiplying the pilot team


How to Claim Your PDU• Go to for instructions onsubmitting your PDU.• You can submit your PDU by mail orelectronically.• The Activity code for today’s presentation isWS102711 and ASPE’s REP number is 2161.• The seminars are Category A for one PDU

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