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Section PDF - SCampus - University of Southern California

Financial AidGetting StartedFinancial AidJohn Hubbard Hall (JHH) Lobby(213) 740-4444 (telephone counseling) administers one of the largestfinancial aid budgets in the country,and more than 60 percent of studentsreceive some type of financial aid.Awards are made to students who demonstratefinancial need and meet alleligibility requirements and deadlines.It is your responsibility to reapplyfor financial aid each year for the nextacademic year, adhering to publisheddeadlines and procedures. Applicationinformation is available online in earlyDecember at FINANCIAL AIDUndergraduate financial aid includesmerit scholarships, need-based grants,low-interest loans and work-study.Need-based ProgramsUSC has a long tradition of meeting thefull amount of the USC-determinedfinancial need for undergraduate financialaid applicants who satisfy eligibilityrequirements and meet all deadlines.In determining financial aid eligibility,the USC Financial Aid Office strives todistribute funds as equitably and generouslyas possible. The family is expectedto be the primary source of fundingfor college; financial aid is intended tosupplement the family contribution.Financial aid applicants must be U.S.citizens or eligible non-citizens, andmust meet all other eligibility criteria.Applicants must meet the standards forSatisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)published in the USC Catalogue( If you receivefinancial aid, the combination of anymerit-based awards and all financial aidmay not exceed your USC-determinedfinancial need. The total amount offinancial aid you receive, both needbasedand merit-based, cannot exceedyour total cost of attendance.GRADUATE AND PROFESSIONALSTUDENT FINANCIAL AIDAs a graduate student, the primarysource of support is likely to be youracademic department or professionalschool. Together with the GraduateSchool, USC departments and schoolsaward a long list of grants, graduatefellowships and assistantships. Awardsfrom agency sponsors and scholarshipsfrom sources outside the university arealso significant sources of support.Doctoral students at USC receiveextensive financial support that enablesthem to devote full attention to theirPh.D. studies.Graduate and professional studentswho meet eligibility requirementsmay also apply for low-interest federalstudent loans and work-studythrough the Financial Aid Office.FINANCING OPTIONS FORUNDERGRADUATE ANDGRADUATE STUDENTSIn addition to financial aid andscholarships, USC has severalfinancing options available. TheUSC Payment Plan is a short-termoption that allows the family todivide the cost of each semesterinto five monthly payments. TheUSC Tuition Prepayment Planlets the family prepay tuitionfor future semesters at thecurrent rate.In addition, several federaland private long-term loanprograms enable the family tospread the cost of educationover several years.Prior to applying for privatefinancing, studentsshould exhaust all FederalTitle IV assistanceavailable, includingFederal Pell Grants,the Federal StaffordLoan, FederalGraduate PLUS Loanand the Federal ParentPLUS Loan. The repaymentterms of federal loan programsmay be more favorable than those forprivate loan programs.• Private student loans may not beincluded in Federal Direct ConsolidationLoans.• Private student loans are noteligible for Federal Income-BasedRepayment Plans.• Private student loans are not eligiblefor Federal Economic HardshipDeferments.FOR MORE INFORMATIONComplete details are available The bestway to contact the Financial AidOffice is by telephone at (213) 740-4444. Additionally, financial aid representativesare available by email Merimee,Theatre major,Owensboro, KYSCampus 2012-1325

Health InsuranceHousingSCampus 2012-1326Question: Where can Igo to buy supplies formy residence hall roomor apartment?Answer: The “ExploringLos Angeles” sectioncontains informationabout the nearestshopping locations.See page 128 for moredetails.Health InsuranceUSC Student Health Insurance PlanExecutive Director: Dr. LawrenceNeinstein(213) 740-0551Email: university requires that all studentshave health insurance. This will help tocover the cost of health care that cannotbe obtained at the University ParkHealth Center, especially in emergencysituations where hospitalization maybe required. All students carrying sixunits or more are automatically enrolledin, and charged for, the USC studenthealth insurance plan. All Ph.D., internationaland Health Sciences Campusstudents are required to have healthinsurance and are automatically enrolledin this plan, even if they carry less thansix units.The health insurance plan works inconjunction with the university’s studenthealth centers. For this reason, allstudents enrolled in the insurance planare required to pay the student healthfee and access their primary care at thestudent health center on their campus.Although the student health fee coversmost services rendered at the healthcenter, there is a nominal fee for someservices that include: laboratory tests,prescriptions, immunizations, copies ofX-rays and copies of medical records.It is important to remember that thehealth fee will not cover the cost of hospitalizationor specialty care that cannotbe obtained at the health center. Forthis coverage, you are required to carrysupplemental health insurance.WAIVER REQUIREMENTSEnrollment in the USC student healthinsurance plan will only be waived andthe premium charge removed from thefee bill if documented proof of healthcoverage from another plan is presentedwith the waiver request using the onlinewaiver application. The deadlinesto request a waiver are: fall 2012:September 14, 2012; spring 2013:February 1, 2013.In order to receive a waiver of theUSC student health insurance plan, theinsurance presented must meet the followingrequirements:• Must provide at least $500,000 inlifetime aggregate coverage (no perincident maximums).• Policy must have no major exclusions:pharmacy coverage, mentalhealth coverage and maternitycoverage (for female students) arerequired.• Must have effective dates coveringthe entire semester for whichthe waiver is requested: fall 2012(August 20, 2012 through January13, 2013); spring/summer 2013(January 14, 2013 through August18, 2013).• Must have a policy deductible of$2,500 or less.• Must pay for at least 70 percent ofcovered expenses to providers inthe Los Angeles area. Emergencycoverage only in Los Angeles isnot accepted for a waiver.• Maximum out-of-pocket expenseon the policy (deductible plusout-of-pocket maximum) must notexceed $7,500.• Must provide identification card orpolicy with student’s name and/orpolicy information allowing USCto confirm eligibility.For more information please email theStudent Health Insurance Office or call (213) 740-0551.STUDENT HEALTH INSURANCEFOR STUDENTS STUDYINGOVERSEASalready enrolled in the USC plan arecovered overseas. Students who waivethe USC student health insurance planare automatically enrolled in the USCoverseas studies health insurance planfor the duration of their programs.STUDENT DENTAL PLANDental coverage for students is availablefor purchase and billed to thestudent’s account. Dental coverage isnot automatic and must be purchased.Dependent coverage will also be availableat a separate premium rate. Coverageis for the entire year and mustbe purchased by September 14, 2012.Spring enrollment will only be allowedfor new incoming students in the springsemester. Plan details are available Office(213) 740-2546 or(800) USC-4632 (4ME2)(213) 740-8488 (FAX)Parking Structure X, first floorEmail: housing@usc.eduhousing.usc.eduThe university provides a wide varietyof housing options, both on- and offcampus.More than 50 university-ownedapartments and residence halls offerresidential colleges and a wide assortmentof special interest programs aswell as housing for graduate and marriedstudents. In addition, USC Housingmanages seven apartment buildingsowned by R.W. Selby that also houseUSC students.Housing is available during the academicyear. Housing applications areprocessed on a first-come, first-servedbasis. Freshmen applying by the Maydeadline are guaranteed housing. EachJanuary, the online USC HousingRenewal (UHR) process gives currentresidents the opportunity to receivepriority over non-residents for housingin the next academic year. Returningfreshmen are guaranteed housing intheir sophomore year. Limited spacesare available in the summer; a separateapplication, available in March, isrequired.There are 10 Customer Service Centerslocated conveniently throughoutUSC Housing to serve your needs. Customerservice representatives at eachlocation can provide you with assistanceand information.Students enrolled in overseas study programsare required to have one of theinsurance plans through USC. Students

Orientation ProgramsParkingGetting StartedOrientation ProgramsOrientation Programs(213) 740-7767Student Union B-7Email: Programs promotes thesmooth transition and positive adjustmentof students into the USC community.The office coordinates programs andproduces publications to help familiarizeincoming students and their families withthe academic opportunities, universitypolicies, student involvement resourcesand campus services that are available tothem. In addition to freshman and transferorientation during the summer, variousprograms are available including:MOVE-IN DAYMove-In Day, held the Wednesdaybefore the first day of classes, is thetime when most students move intotheir residence halls or apartments.The university provides services andassistance in answering questions tomake the move-in process a smooth andcomfortable one.WELCOME WEEKBeginning on Move-In Day, a series ofwelcoming activities provides you witha chance to explore the academic, socialand cultural communities that you willbe a part of while at USC. Programs suchas the New Student Convocation, Microseminars,welcome barbecue, spiritrally, and social and cultural events offeropportunities for you to get involvedin campus life. The Involvement Fairconcludes the welcoming activities. Apublication outlining the series is mailedto new students in early August.SPRING WELCOMESpring Welcome for new studentsadmitted for the spring semester occursthe Thursday and Friday prior to thestart of classes. Activities include anoff-site retreat, leadership activities,icebreakers and workshops to help studentsbetter understand the university.The Involvement Fair concludes thewelcoming activities during the firstweek of classes. The Spring Welcomeschedule for new students is availableonline in early December.INTERNATIONAL STUDENTORIENTATIONAll new international students arerequired to attend International StudentOrientation, held the week prior to thestart of classes. International StudentOrientation includes workshops on transitioningto USC and the United States,as well as information on academic andstudent services. Students will alsocomplete required paperwork to registerfor classes, including passport anddegree verification.GRADUATE ORIENTATIONA one-day graduate student orientationis offered in August for newly admittedgraduate students. The graduate studentorientation includes an overviewof the graduate student experience andan introduction to the Graduate School,along with workshops and informationon academic and student services,research, library and computer resources,health services, safety and involvementactivities. Academic departmentsand schools may also offer their ownorientation programs for incoming graduatestudents. Contact your academicdepartment for more information.MID-YEAR ORIENTATIONIf you are a new student enteringthe university in the spring, you mayattend a mid-year orientation sessionin December or January. This programincludes academic advisement, studentlife discussions and presentations onstudent services. The two-day sessionis geared for incoming freshmen andthe one-day session is geared towardtransfer students.ORIENTATION ADVISERSEach year orientation advisers areselected and trained to facilitate thetransition of new students and theirfamilies to USC. The application processfor on-campus orientation advisersbegins in September, with the positionstarting in the spring semester.ParkingUSC Transportation(213) 740-3575620 McCarthy Way, permits from USC Transportationoffer you a parking space in adesignated lot or parking structure,regardless of the time of day you arriveon campus. You have the option ofchoosing a facility on campus, parking atthe USC Parking Center or at the newerparking structures, PS1 or PS2. Evenif you aren’t on campus every day, youcan park in a reduced fee daily parkinglot. It all depends on your schedule.The university offers permits tailored tomeet your particular needs.A GLIMPSE OF TROJAN HISTORYOff-campus Living“Apartments are available around the outskirtsof the campus. They range from verygood to poor; vary in size, andsome have swimming poolsand other recreationalfacilities. Most rentsaverage $60-110 a monthper person. Most apartmentmanagers require leases, so be sure tocheck the conditions of the lease thoroughlybefore you sign anything or move in.”– SCampus 1974-75SCampus 2012-1327

Registering for ClassesStudent AffairsStudent ID CardSCampus 2012-1328California IDTo get a California ID,you need to apply ata DMV office. See“Exploring Los Angeles –State Services” onpage 133 for moreinformation.If you live in university housing, USCTransportation also has options foryou. Resident permits are availablefrom USC Transportation. You will beasked to present your USC student ID,a signed housing contract and proofof vehicle registration at the time youobtain your permit.Regardless of whether you drive acar, truck, motorcycle or scooter, USCTransportation has a space for you. Justkeep in mind that all vehicles need tohave valid permits and abide by theuniversity’s parking rules and regulationsthat are distributed when you areissued your permit. These regulationsinclude speed limits, designated noparking zones, special areas set asidefor motorcycle and scooter parking andgeneral information. You should alsoread the Scooter/Motorcycle Policy inthe University Governance section ofthis guidebook (page 180). Violatorsare issued parking citations by officerswho patrol campus throughout the day.If you receive a citation that you feelis unwarranted, you may file an appealthrough the USC Transportation officeor online at To avoidreceiving a parking citation or havingyour vehicle impounded, take a fewminutes to read the materials providedto you at the time you receive yourpermit.UNIVERSITY PARKING CENTERUSC Bus service to the University ParkingCenter, located on Grand Avenue,operates Monday through Fridaybetween 6:30 a.m. and 10:45 p.m. USCBus picks up and drops off passengersat the parking center near the lowerlevel lobby approximately every 15minutes. Stops are made at six otherlocations.RIDESHARINGParking on campus can be difficult. Weencourage you to find rides with otherUSC students on our Zimride ridesharecommunity ( Whetheryou have a car and want to split costsor you are looking for a ride, post it toZimride and find others heading thesame way. Once on campus, we haveplenty of Zipcars for you to use by thehour ( for ClassesIf you did not register for classes duringregular registration or during orientation,you must register during openregistration. Open registration is heldbefore the first day of classes. Instructionson registration procedures, dates,department locations and bill paymentcan be found in the Schedule of Classes( AffairsThe Student Affairs Website( is your onlineresource for the many services andprograms offered by the Division ofStudent Affairs.We are devoted to creating an integratedexperience that helps studentsreach their educational, personal andprofessional aspirations. We help tocreate a campus community in whichstudents are prepared to contribute to achanging world.Student Affairs encompasses academicsupport, campus activities, careerservices, cultural and advocacy centers,health services, international services,publications, residential education,and numerous other departments andprograms.Visit our Student Affairs Websitefor more information about our departments,programs, ways to get involvedon campus, and how to submit aquestion or concern.Student ID CardThe USCard, your official studentID, is a must for all USC students andshould be carried at all times while oncampus. The card, which identifies youas a currently enrolled student, entitlesyou to various privileges and other convenientuses including: the UniversityLibrary System, the Lyon Center andother recreational facilities. It also providesyou with check cashing privilegesat the Cashier’s Office and access toyour USC housing complex, electedmeal plan and many computer centerslocated on campus.Your student ID card may also be usedto activate an optional discretionary orprepaid account that allows you to purchasea variety of on-campus productsand services. USCard accounts work justlike a debit or checking account, whereyou make initial deposits and instead ofusing cash, checks or credit cards, yousimply “swipe” your card. Purchases arededucted from your USCard account,and the balance declines accordingly.You can manage an array of options withyour USCard online at,including checking your balance andtransaction history and adding funds toyour card.If your student ID card hasbeen lost or stolen, please and immediately deactivateyour card. You may also callUSCard Customer Services at (213)740-8709. Your card will be deactivatedimmediately, or at the start of the nextbusiness day if reported after hours. Youcan request a replacement card at one ofUSCard’s Customer Service locations orat you upload an image and requestyour USCard online during preorientationhomework, your cardwill be ready for pick-up during orientation.(Refer to the schedule forexact time and location.) Your cardmay also be obtained in person fromthe USCard Customer Service officeslocated in Parking Structure X at theUniversity Park Campus or in theSeaver Lobby at the Health SciencesCampus. However, we recommendyou upload a digital image in advance.Check out the details on the Web You are required to get astudent ID during your first semesterat USC. Cards issued after a student’sinitial semester of enrollment are subjectto a replacement fee.

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