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Exhibitor's Manual - tctap

Exhibitor’s Manual

ContentsI. Exhibition and Sponsorship OverviewII. Contacts and ScheduleIII. CHECKLIST for ExhibitorsIV. FAQV. Application FormVI. Booth AllocationVII. Facility InformationVIII. Exhibition InformationIX. Shipping InformationX. Application Form2345-67-910-1314-1516-1718-1920-24Appendix 1. Catalog for Furniture and Equipments Rental25-29ANGIOPLASTY SUMMIT TCTAP 2012 1

1. Exhibition and Sponsorship Overview• Official Title of the Meeting: The 17th ANGIOPLASTY SUMMIT-TCTAP 2012• Host: Cardiology Department, Asan Medical Center, Seoul, Korea• Supervision: CardioVascular Research Foundation (CVRF)• Exhibition Overview: 54 Companies, 109 BoothCompany Booth: 46 companies, 93boothsAffiliation Booth: 4 boothsPublication Booth: 2 boothsLearning Center: 10 booths• Place: Exhibition 1: Grande Hall (W Seoul-Walkerhill, B1)Exhibition 2: Lobby at Main Arena (W Seoul-Walkerhill, B2)Exhibition 3: Parking Area (W Seoul-Walkerhill, B3)Exhibition 4: Lobby at Coronary Arena (Sheraton Grande Walkerhill, 1F)• Booth Plan (Running Hours)Operating Plan Date TimeMove-InApril 23 (Mon), 2012April 24 (Tue), 20128:00 am ~ 10:00 pm8:00 amRunningApril 25 (Wed) ~ April 26 (Thu), 2012April 27, (Fri), 20128:00 am ~ 6:00 pm8:00 am ~ 3:00 pmMove-Out April 27, (Fri), 2012 3:00 pm~ANGIOPLASTY SUMMIT TCTAP 2012 2

2. Contacts and Schedule• Secretariat Secretariat of ANGIOPLASTY SUMMIT-TCTAP 2012:CardioVascular Research Foundation(CVRF)Contact PersonName Mobile Office Fax E-mailCVRFMs. Moon Na +82-10-3423-8678 +82-2-3010-4940 +82-2-475-6869 namoon@summitmd.comImportant DatesItem Due Date Means RemarksExhibition Guide Book Contents March 30 (Fri) Exhibition Website www.summit-tctap.com/exhibitionPayment March 30 (Fri) E-mail mijeong@summitmd comFree RegistrationApril 6 (Fri)PersonalRegistrationGroupRegistrationwww.summitmd.com/html/summit/summit_regist/summit_regist_kor1_invited.php?r_type=exhibitorwww.summitmd.com/html/summit/summit_regist/summit_regist_group_kor1_invited.php?r_type=exhibitorPromotional Item(Event Map)March 30 (Fri) E-mail namoon@summitmd.com• Exhibition Secretariat: J. StudioContact PersonCompany Name Mobile Office Fax E-mailJ. studioMs. In-Sun Won +82-10-5099-4393Ms. Su-Jin Song +82-10-2077-9863+82-2-455-9863 +82-2-456-9863tctap2012@naver.comImportant DatesItem Due Date Means RemarksApplication Form for FacilitiesApplication Form for Furniture/Equipments RentalApproval for Island Booth Floor PlanApproval for Dangerous ArticlesApril 6 (Fri)April 13 (Fri)E-mailtctap2012@naver.comANGIOPLASTY SUMMIT TCTAP 2012 3

3. CHECKLIST for Exhibitors1) 3~4 weeks prior to exhibitionDivisionPre-ApplicationApplicationOn-Site ApplicationPromotional Items• Facilities• Promotional Banner• Electricity, LAN, PDP, etc.• Free Badges for ExhibitorsLists• Name Verification for Exhibitors(For Signboard and Exhibition Guidebook)• Additional Facilities• Promotional GiftBoothIsland BoothShell Scheme BoothIn Common• Installation Company Selection• Booth Design Selection• Application for Floor Plan Approval• Other Furniture / Equipments• Exhibit Item and Panel Organization• Shipping Plan2) 1~2 weeks prior to exhibitionDivisionListsApplication CheckInstallation Check• Facilities• Additional Facilities• Company Name for Status Board / Booth Sign• Panel and Platform• Stand for Promotional Items• Exhibit Item Move In/Out Plan• Free badges for Meeting• Table and Chairs• Exhbitor’s Manual• Shipping Plan• Instructions for Exhibit Items - PC, screen, projector, etc.On-Site Preparation• Business Card• Writing Supplies• Promotional Items• Schedule and Daily Record• Guest Book• Drinks and Cookies• Promotional GiftANGIOPLASTY SUMMIT TCTAP 2012 4

4. FAQQ. What is the Exhibition Secretariat?• Exhibition Secretarial for TCTAP 2012 will be running at the Registration Desk(B3) in Sheraton GrandeWalkerhill during the meeting (April 23~ 27), in order to support the convenient and immediate exhibitpreparation for the exhibitors. Ranging from installation of Shell Stand booth to electricity, cable LAN, PDP,and facility rental, all the service aiming for the exhibitor’s convenience such as technological service andon-site payment will be provided as one-stop.Q. What is the difference between Island Booth and Shell Stand Booth?• Shell Stand Booth provides general installation, while Island Booth provides only space so the exhibitorshave to make their own choices of installation. 3-sides partition, three spotlights(100W), one fluorescentlight(40W), signboard, information desk and chair, and floor pytex work will be provided for Shell StandBooth.Q. What should be prepared in addition to booth construction?• Exhibit items, table, interior, catalog, and business card are recommended to prepare. Additional tablesor furniture can also be rented by us. Please note that restoration fee will be charged if damages weremade on the panels for Shell Stand booth due to nailing or gluing works.Q. For Island Booth, should the floor plan be approved by the secretariat?• Yes, all the floor plans for island booth should be approved by J. Studio by April 13(Fri).Q. Can I put a logo or trade mark on the signboard?• Yes, but you have to get approval from J. Studio.Q. Can I block or remove one of the partitions?• Structural modifications such as additional partitions or removal of any partition should be approved byinstallation company. Please note that additional costs may by charged in some cases.Q. When will electricity be available?• Generally, it is estimated that electricity will be available after structural constructions are finished, whichwill be around 4:00PM on April 24. The Since electrical work and exhibition setting should be done forall the island booths first, those who participate as island booths are urged to finish their electrical workas soon as possible.ANGIOPLASTY SUMMIT TCTAP 2012 5

Q. What is the basic unit of electricity provided?• For Shell Stand booth, 1kw is provided and 500W is used for double-lighting. For those who needelectronics that require more than 500W, please get approval beforehand.Q. When will we get internet access?• Internal service will be available only for those who apply for cable LAN installation. Once approved,you can set up computers as planned. (wireless LAN is not supplied)Q. After exhibition, when does move-out and removal start?• Move-out of exhibition starts at 15:00 on April 27(Fri).Q. What can be done to prevent exhibit items from being lost or stolen?• Hotel managers and convention staffs will do the best to make assurance for the security of exhibit itemsbefore, after, and during the meeting. However, in case of an excessive crowdedness, participants arerecommended to place residing positions for booth security.• Participants are responsible for lost or stolen items, so please ensure security against any accidentsespecially during move-in, running time, and move-out.(Please pay special attention to portable belongings such as cameras and lap tops)Q. When will the receipt for payment be issued?• Receipt will be issued with other related documents to the e-mail address of a person in charge, onceapplication process is completed. For any changes or questions, please contact Ms. Mijeong Kim fromthe secretariat. (Ms. Mijeong Kim: Tel: +82-2-3010-4810, E-mail: mijeong@summitmd.com)Q. What are the matters to be attended to exhibit installation?• Construction should be done outside and only installation or assembling parts can be done inside the venue.• Power tools such as compressor, welding machine, power saw, electric plane, and electric grinder cannot be used in the hall. For painting work, only finishing touch is allowed.• For carpet work, industrial glues and adhesives are not allowed. Please use sticky tape instead.• Restoration fees will be charged if damages were made by gluing or nailing work on the floor or walls.(Inks, dyes, and other contaminations can also be charged.)ANGIOPLASTY SUMMIT TCTAP 2012 6

5. Application Form- Submission to: CardioVascular Research FoundationContents Due Date Means RemarksExhibition Guide Book ContentsExhibition Website www.summit-tctap.com/exhibitionMarch 30(Fri)Payment E-mail mijeong@summitmd.comFree RegistrationPromotional Item(Event Map)Promotional Banner(Satellite Symposia)April 6(Fri)Registration Website Please refer to the page 2namoon@summitmd.comE-mailemiliecho@summitmd.com(1) Exhibition Guide Book ContentsAn official Exhibition Guide Book provided by the exhibition secretariat will be distributed at each informationdesk along with the Congress Kit. The Guide Book includes Company Information, Main Product, ExhibitItem, and Contacts. Information you provided as you have fill out the form on-line will be entered in theExhibition Guide Book, so please carefully review and provide us with the following contents.1. Company Information - to be shown in the Exhibition Guide Book• Company name(Korean/English) and contact information(address, phone number, fax, website) shouldbe accurately entered.- Accurate name for status board(to be installed at the entrance) and signboard is needed.All the names will be written in English.- It is required of both island booth and shell stand booth.- Unless requested to change, name entered on the application form will be used as official.Logo upload (Less than 2MB, AI, EPS format, file name in English)2. Exhibition – 2 contents included1) Contact Person- Confirmation of entered information about person in charge2) Booth Information – Introduction of the operating booth (in English)- Booth type and number- Name that should appear on the status board(For island booth, entered name also applies to the signboard)- Company Introduction: In 300 words- Main Products: In 200 words- Exhibition Item: In 200 words and image files (300dpi, JPG format)ANGIOPLASTY SUMMIT TCTAP 2012 7

(2) Payment DueNecessary documents for receipt will be sent individually to the company once application process is completed.◉ Please note and follow the submission process in a methodical and timely manner.◉ Person to contactMs. Mijeong Kim Tel:+82-2-3010-4810 / Fax: +82-2-475-6898 / E-mail: mijeong@summitmd.com(3) Free RegistrationDepending on the number of booths, free badges for the meeting will be provided.- 4 free badges per booth- 4 free badges per Learning Center- Symposium: 3 free badges per sessionFurthermore, If you are handling registration for doctors, you can do with personal registration or group registration,both of which are accessible on our website(http://www.summit-tctap.com/2012/registration.htm).Please make sure to avoid overlaps with the care of our Faculty members by checking the attending Facultylist on our Faculty website (http://www.summit-tctap.com/2012/faculty_i.htm).(4) Exhibition Promotional ItemsFor an engaging and vibrant atmosphere of the Exhibition Hall, we highly recommend attractive eventsand promotional activities. As a host, we do our best to find ways to attract people to the Exhibition Hall, soplease actively join the events, if taken in place.As a way to activate the exhibit promotion and to encourage attendees to visit the Exhibition Hall, we areplanning to produce a Exhibition Event Map, which will be distributed at the venue. For the Exhibition EventMap, please let us know if you have any events or promotional items.(5) Promotional Banner(Satellite Symposia)TCTAP 2012 will announce how to promote satellite symposia programs soon.* If your company is working for promotion Items such as banner and flyers, please kindly let TCTAPsecretariat know the draft design in advance to be approved for carrying onto the venue.Other banners or structures besides official ones installed by the secretariat will be strictly banned for aunified appearance of the venue.ANGIOPLASTY SUMMIT TCTAP 2012 8

- Submission to: Exhibition Secretariat (J. studio)Documents Due Date How to Submit RemarksApplication Form for FacilitiesApplication Form for Furniture/Equipments RentalPromotional BannerApproval for Island Booth FloorPlanApproval for Dangerous ArticlesApril 6(Fri)April 13(Fri)E-mailtctap2012@naver.com(1) Application Form for FacilitiesElectricity, Cable LAN, PDP, etc are available.Especially for electricity, 500W power for lights is provided to shell stand booth. For those who are to useelectronics that need additional power, prior application is needed. All the facilities are rented for 3 daysduring the meeting (April 25 ~27)(2) Application Form for Furniture / Equipments RentalThis form is for those who need additional furniture or equipments during the meeting dates. You can alsobring and install your own equipments as you move-in.This rental system is designed and provided by TCTAP2012 secretariat in order to provide you withselected equipments with reasonable prices and to save your efforts to contact several rental companiesfor different items.(3) Approval for Island Booth Floor PlanPlease bring the approval for floor plan issued by the exhibition secretariat when island booth installationtakes place. TCTAP 2012 secretariat is not responsible for any problems caused in case of the absenceof floor plan.(4) Approval for Dangerous ArticlesDangerous articles such as gas, oil, or heater must be approved by the exhibition secretariat. Dependingon the floor plan, such materials could be banned to bring in. If brought in upon approval, follow-up stepsand security guards are still needed for those materials.ANGIOPLASTY SUMMIT TCTAP 2012 9

6. Booth AllocationExhibition 1(Grande Hall: W Seoul-Walkerhill, B1)Booth Dimension3m X 3m X 3mCompany Booth No. Company Booth No.CHONG KUN DANG B1-01 MSD KOREA B1-03BIOSENSORS INTERVENTIONALTECHNOLOGIES PTE LTDB1-05 Lilly Korea/Daiichi Sankyo Korea B1-09Bristol-Myers Squibb Korea B1-11 CARDIOTEC CO., LTD. B1-13Pfizer Pharmaceutical Korea Ltd. B1-16 Guerbet Korea B1-18Yuhan Corporation B1-20 AstraZeneca Korea B1-21CJ Cheiljedang B1-24 Bayer Healthcare B1-25Goodman Korea B1-28 Terumo Korea Corporation B1-30Siemens Healthcare B1-34 Dongkook Pharmaceutical B1-35BT PLUS Corporation B1-36 Korea Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. B1-37Handok Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. B1-39ANGIOPLASTY SUMMIT TCTAP 2012 10

Exhibition 2(Grande Hall: W Seoul-Walkerhill,B2)Booth no.B2-01, B2-05, B2-09, B2-13dimension3m X 3m X 3mB2-17, B2-19, B2-22 3m X 3m X 2.5mCompany Booth No. Company Booth No.Boston Scientific B2-01 NOVARTIS Korea B2-17Abbott Vascular Korea B2-05 OrbusNeich Medical Co., Ltd. B2-19Johnson & Johnson Medical Korea Ltd. B2-09 St. Jude Medical Korea B2-22Medtronic Korea Co., Ltd. B2-13ANGIOPLASTY SUMMIT TCTAP 2012 11

Exhibition 3(Grande Hall: W Seoul-Walkerhill,B3)Booth Dimension3m X 3m X 3mLearning CenterCompany Booth No. Company Booth No.CPR Session B3-L1 Boston Scientific B3-L3St. Jude Medical Korea B3-L5 Cook Medical Korea B3-L6Terumo Korea CorporationB3-L8ExhibitionCompany Booth No. Company Booth No.GE Healthcare AS Korea B3-01 Medis medical imaging systems bv B3-03Merit Medical Asia Co., Ltd B3-04 GLAXO Smith Kline B3-05PAVMED B3-06 United pharm. B3-07Unipharm Korea B3-08 SE MYEONG MD CORP. B3-09Merck Ltd. B3-10 AMG KOREA CO.,LTD. B3-11Dong-A Pharmaceutical Company B3-14 Reyon Pharmaceutical. Co. Ltd / Covidien B3-16HDX B3-17 Boehringer Ingelheim B3-19SAM JIN Pharm. B3-21 B.Braun Korea B3-22GP & P Co., Ltd. B3-23 Kyung Poong Pharma B3-24Angiovention Co., Ltd. B3-25 HUMED B3-26ANGIOPLASTY SUMMIT TCTAP 2012 12

Exhibition 4(Mugungwha Hall: Sheraton Grande Walkerhill, 1F)Booth Dimension3m X 3m X 2.5mBooth DimensionMedicins sans frontiers 1F-01 QICC 1F-02APSIC(Asian Pacific Society for Interventional Cardiology)1F-03 CCT 2012 1F-04ISIC (Indonesian Society of Interventional Cardiology) 1F-05ANGIOPLASTY SUMMIT TCTAP 2012 13

7. Facility Information1) Shell Stand Booth• Installation and removal done by the exhibition secretariat- Contents (please refer to the image below)• Partitions, signboard, floor (Pytex), information desk and chair, light(100W), electricity(220V), plug-in(220V)- Additional electricity besides lights should be requested separately.• Preparations- Exhibit items, display stand, booth interior, promotional panel, exhibit catalog, business card, etc.• Attention- Restoration fees can be charged if panels were damaged due to gluing or nailing.ANGIOPLASTY SUMMIT TCTAP 2012 14

2) Island Booth• Installation done by exhibitors. (Please refer to Section Vill for selecting installation company)- Contents: space only (other equipments are not provided)- Height: 3m, 2.5m (depending on the location of booth, please contact the exhibition secretariat)- Installation company for island booth should not nail, tack, or make holes on the walls, ceiling,or column to adhere decorations or signboard.3)Electricity Installation and Use• 220V is supplied in the Exhibition Hall so you should prepare a convertor if needed. (in case of 110V use)• Installation- Shell Stand Booth: Main line, lights, switch, plug-in done by the secretariat.(Additional power to lights must be requested beforehand)- Island Booth: Only main line done by the secretariat. Other installation including lights and interior electronicsshould be done by the exhibitors and approved by the secretariat beforehand.• Especially, sensitive equipments should be accompanied by a self-security system.• Overload due to multi-plug connected to electrical socket can cause fire. For the sake of security, pleasedo all the electrical works through the exhibition secretariat.• Please include the whole amount of electricity needed for lights and power in the submission form. If yourequested for the less electricity than the actual amount of usage, you should request for more. It is foraccident prevention and security maintenance, so if overload of electricity causes fire or damage on othercompanies, the responsible company should compensate for the loss.4) Cable LAN Installation• This service is provided only to those who requested for LAN on the Application Form for Facilities.• Those who requested for LAN service can install computers as planned.• Individual IP is provided per port and IP address is attached on the port line• T1 level LAN is provided, and wireless LAN is not provided.ANGIOPLASTY SUMMIT TCTAP 2012 15

8. Exhibition Information(1) Exhibition SecretariatExhibition Secretarial for TCTAP 2012 will be running at the Registration Desk(B3) in Sheraton Grande WalkerhillHotel during the meeting (April 23~April 27), in order to support the convenient and immediate exhibitpreparation for the exhibitors. Ranging from installation of Shell Stand Booth to electricity, cable LAN, PDP,and facility rental, all the service aiming for the exhibitor’s convenience such as technological service andon-site payment will be provided as one-stop.(2) Validated Parking• Free Parking- The badge issued at the Information Desk(B3) will substitute the parking ticket.• Loaded-Truck Parking- During move-in and move-out, loaded-trucks are offered with free parking.(Other personal vehicles are not free-of-charge.)ANGIOPLASTY SUMMIT TCTAP 2012 16

(3) Move-In RouteExhibition 1(Grande Hall: W Seoul-Walkerhill, B1)Exhibition 2(Grande Hall: W Seoul-Walkerhill, B2)Exhibition 3(Grande Hall: W Seoul-Walkerhill, B3)Exhibition 4(Mugungwha Hall: Sheraton Grande Walkerhill, 1F)ANGIOPLASTY SUMMIT TCTAP 2012 17

9. Shipping Information1. GENERAL INFORMATIONKEMI-LEE CO., LTD. has duly been nominated for a sole official freight contractor of providing comprehensiverange of services include Customs clearance, transportation, on-site handling and re-export arrangementshandled by our fully equipped and experienced team of executives supervisors and works for TCTAP 2012.Please refer to the shipping details on the below for each exhibitor’s better understanding and it will guidethe individuals.For more information of “ TCTAP 2012 ” please feel free to contact us :KEMI-LEE CO., LTD.277-43 Sungsoo-dong 2ga, Sungdong-gu,Seoul, Korea 133-120Tel : 82 2 561 5269 / Fax : 82 2 553 0731Attn. : Mr. Jason Bae / Mr. Andy KangE-mail : Jason@kemi-lee.co.kr / Andy@kemi-lee.co.kr2. Courier Shipment• Please note that the convention center or venue and the organizer will not accept or rake responsibility forany nternational courier consigned to yourself at the venue or the organizers. Courier shipments mustbe shipped as noted under Consignee Address ( KEMI-LEE CO.,LTD ) direct to Korea.3. Arrival Deadlines• Shipping Docs for Sea Freight : 3 days prior to Vessel’s arrival• Shipping Docs for Air Freight : Prior to Flight’s arrival• Sea Freight arrival at Busan port : until April 16, 2012• Air Freight arrival at Incheon port : until April 18, 2012• Courier shipment at KEMI-LEE : until April 20, 20124. Consignee InstructionsThe terms of freight should be “FREIGHT PREPAID” and consigned as follows for all exhibits.a CONSIGNEEKEMI-LEE CO., LTD.277-43 SUNGSOO-DONG 2GA, SUNGDONG-GU,SEOUL, KOREA 133-120TEL : 82 2 561 5269 / FAX : 82 2 553 0731ATTN. : Mr. Jason Bae / Mr. Andy KangANGIOPLASTY SUMMIT TCTAP 2012 18

NOTIFYEXHIBITION NAME : TCTAP 2012EXHIBITOR NAME :BOOTH NUMBER :5. Documentation• Sea freight bill of landing : 1 surrender bill copy• Airway Bill(AWB) : 1 Copy• Commercial Invoice & Packing List : 1 Copy• Courier Bill : 1 CopyBy Fax ( 82-2-553-0731 ) & By e-mail Andy@kemi-lee.co.kr6. Packing Cases & Case Marking• All cases, crates, or cartons must be clearly marked on two sides (front and back)• Skidded or containerized cargo should be individually labeled with our label marks which will be attachedwith instruction as#1. Congress Kit, #2. Future Meeting Desk, #3 booth MaterialsAIR Freight TariffInbound (To Korea)I. On-site handling & Transport charge (From Incheon to Show site)- Including Trucking, unloading, unpacking, delivery to booth …II. Other charge1. Arrival charge (Incl Bill pick-up charge2. Incheon Airport T.H.C + Bonded Warehouse charge3. Kemi-Lee service handling chargeIII. Customs Clearance charge- Return Item after the showTemporary Import customsTemporary Import Bond Fee- All consumable Item during the showPermanent Import customsDuty & TaxOutbound (From Korea)- Same as Inward ( Excluding no. ΙΙ-1,2)(ADD) Incheon Airport handling charge ( Including T.H.C )RATEUS$0.45 / KGS(Min US$180.00/Bill)US$30.00 / BillAt cost ( Min - US$50.00 )US$50.00 / Bill0.2% of Value ( Min.US$40.00 )US$30.00 / Bill0.2% of Value ( Min.US$40.00 )At cost / If occurredUS$40.00 / Bill under 1,000 KGSUS$60.00 / Bill over 1,000 KGSANGIOPLASTY SUMMIT TCTAP 2012 19

10. Application Form• Secretariat of ANGIOPLASTY SUMMIT-TCTAP 2012: CardioVascular Research Foundation(CVRF)Item Due Date How to submit RemarksExhibition Promotional Items(Event Map)• Exhibition Secretariat: J. StudioApril 6(Fri) E-mail namoon@summitmd.comItem Due Date How to submit RemarksApplication Form for FacilitiesApplication Form for Furnitur/Equipments RentalPromotional BannerApril 6(Fri)E-mailtctap2012@naver.comApproval for Dangerous ArticlesApril 13(Fri)ANGIOPLASTY SUMMIT TCTAP 2012 20

Exhibition Promotional Item Application■Due Date : 04. 06■ApplicantCompany NameName of RepresentativeAddressNamePerson in Charge TitleDep.■Promotional ItemsTELMobileE-mailTELFAXDetails Location DatesEx) Product Simulation / Caricature / DrinksEx)Booth No.(AS01) CardioVascular Research Foundation (Ms. Moon Na) 2012. . .Tel: +82-2-3010-4940 Fax: +82-2-3010-6898 Person in charge: (signature)E-mail: namoon@summimd.com Representative: (signature)주소: 388-1 Pungnap-2dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul 138-736, KoreaANGIOPLASTY SUMMIT TCTAP 2012 21

Application Form for Facilities■Due Date : 04. 06■ApplicantCompany NameName of RepresentativeAddressNamePerson in Charge TitleDep.■ElectricityTELMobileE-mailTELFAXType of Electricity Amount Unit Cost (per time) PriceSingle Phase 220VThree Phase 220VThree Phase 380VSpecial Exhibitionkwkwkwkw₩50,000/kw:₩60,000/kw₩■Cable LAN, Note Book, Fax, PDPItem Amount Unit Cost Price RemarksCable LAN line(s) ₩150,000/line ₩ Cable LAN only (not wireless LAN)Note Book ₩150,000/set ₩Fax ₩120,000/set ₩42”( ) set ₩100,000/set ₩PDP52”( ) set ₩200,000/set ₩62”( ) set ₩300,000/set ₩Subtota ₩Tax ( 10% of Subtotal ) ₩Total ₩* You can make a payment on site. J. Studio (Ms. In-Sun Won) 2012. . .Tel: +82-2-455-9863 Fax: +82-2-456-9863 Person in Charge: (signature)E-mail: tctap2012@naver.com Representative: (signature)ANGIOPLASTY SUMMIT TCTAP 2012 22

Application Form forFurniture / Equipments Rental■Due Date : 04. 06■ApplicantCompany NameName of RepresentativeAddressPerson in ChargeNameTitleDep.TELMobileE-mailTELFAX■ContentsCode No. Version Unit Cost Amount Subtotal₩ ₩₩ ₩₩ ₩₩ ₩₩ ₩₩ ₩₩ ₩₩ ₩₩ ₩₩ ₩1 Subtotal ₩2 Tax( 10% of 1) ₩3 Total ( 1+2 ) ₩※ Price above includes rental, installation, and removal during the exhibition (3 days).※ Contract becomes effective upon payment deposit confirmation※ Sender’s name must be the same as the company name on the form.※ On-Site request is subject to limits on amount or changes in price.* You can make a payment on site. J. Studio (Ms. In-Sun Won) 2012. . .Tel: +82-2-455-9863 Fax: +82-2-456-9863 Person in Charge: (signature)E-mail: tctap2012@naver.com Representative: (signature)ANGIOPLASTY SUMMIT TCTAP 2012 23

Approval for Dangerous Articles ■Due Date : 04. 06■ApplicantCompany NameName of RepresentativeAddressNamePerson in Charge TitleDep.TELMobileE-mailTELFAX■ ContentsItemAmount* You can make a payment on site. J. Studio (Ms. In-Sun Won) 2012. . .Tel: +82-2-455-9863 Fax: +82-2-456-9863 Person in Charge: (signature)E-mail: tctap2012@naver.com Representative: (signature)ANGIOPLASTY SUMMIT TCTAP 2012 24

Appendix 1. Catalog for Furniture and Equipments RentalANGIOPLASTY SUMMIT TCTAP 2012 25





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