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Mississippi Institute for Forest Inventory - Mississippi Biomass and ...

Southern BioProducts &Renewable EnergyConferenceSouthern Forests -Fueling our past and our future????Golden Moon Convention CenterChoctaw, MSApril 14, 2008

• Economics of Mississippi’s Forest Industry– $13.38 Billion annual economic impact– 119,575 jobs related to the forest industry– Sectors of the industry• Pulp and paper (declining)• Wood furniture manufacturing (declining)• Logging (declining)• Solid wood products (declining)– Many new products on the horizon• Cellulosic ethanol• Wood pellets• OSB (Oriented Strand Board)(publication from Mississippi State University College of Forest Resources)

New Bio-Energy Project forMississippi• "In the middle of every difficulty lies anopportunity."– Albert Einstein

New Bio-Energy Projects forMississippi• Wood Pellet Manufacturing– Amory, MS– Wiggins, MS (plant in planning stage)– Pascagoula, MS (letter of intent)• Cellulosic Ethanol Manufacturing (potential sites)– Fulton, MS– Ackerman, MS (contract signed)– Newton, MS (contract signed)– Louisville, MS– Bude, MS• Steam Production from Bio-Mass– Wiggins, MS (in service)

New Bio-Energy Project forMississippi• Collaboration with Fortum, Inc.– Swedish power company• Many plants in Europe– 1 million tons annually of biomass• Reduce their coal consumption to zero– 400 MW generator– Total Biomass energy source• In the future

Bio-Energy Resources

New Logging Machinery &Extraction Techniques

New Logging Machinery& Techniques

Mississippi produces over 4million bone dry tons oflogging waste annually, that isnot utilized

Forestland(mil acres)Biomass PotentialLogging Residues(mil dry tons)Processing Residues(mil dry tons)Urban Wood Waste(mil dry tons)Alabama 23 2.7 2.05 0.48Florida 16.5 1.3 0.75 1.68Georgia 24.7 3.5 2.1 0.92Kentucky 12 1.2 0.46 0.45Mississippi 19.8 3.6 1.98 0.31North Carolina 18.7 2.3 1.57 0.83South Carolina 12.4 1.6 0.84 0.46Tennessee 14.4 0.76 0.62 0.61Virginia 15.8 1.7 0.87 0.81Arkansas 18.7 2.03 1.63 0.31Louisiana 13.8 3.01 1.38 0.47Oklahoma 7.7 0.66 0.25 0.37Texas 11.9 1.4 1.46 2.31Region Total 209.4 25.76 15.96 10.01Table 1. Wood-related biomass sources in the SouthModule 2: The Southern Bioenergy Resource

Bioenergy Potential•40 million dry tons ofrecoverable logging residues inthe US•Approximately 20 million drytons in the South•Each Southern state couldproduce at least 100 MW ofelectricity using loggingresidues/400 million gallons ofcellulosic ethanol(approximately)Source: Gan and Smith 2006Capacity (MW)300or above (9)200to 299 (7)100 to 199 (12)50 to 99 (4)0 to 49 (18)Module 2: The Southern Bioenergy Resource

New Bio-Energy Projects forMississippi• Where will the feed stock come from???• How much feed stock is available???• Where is it located???• What part of the state???• Who owns the feed stock???• Who has the information???• How do the companies get theinformation???

Logically, before promotion andmarketing can be accomplished,an inventory of the product mustbe acquired.Questions pertaining to theamount, location andsustainability of productionneed to be answered.

Until the 2002 legislative session, an agencyor mechanism did not exist that couldanswer these questions for Mississippi.The Mississippi Institute for Forest Inventory(MIFI) was created to obtain the answersnecessary to re-invigorate the timberbased economy of Mississippi.

Forest Inventory Newest technology Satellite imagery High powered computers (2 terra byte)• Image classification• GIS integration Followed by field observations• Approximately 150 sample plots per county• 1/5 acre fixed radius plots• Five regions in Mississippi

Mississippi Institute for Forest InventoryHow many acres are presently in timberland?19.8 Million Acres (2006)200,000+ Land Owners

Landsat 7Scene 23-38Perspective100,000 ftagl (aboveground level)JacksonNatchez

Classified Image•Water•Pine Cover•Hardwood Cover•Non-ForestRiversideCasino

Forest LandscapePine Forest LandscapeHardwood Forest Landscape

The location andtype of forest hasbeen identified.•Pine Timber•Hardwood Timber•Open Lands•WaterForested Acres: 19.6 MillionNon-Forested Acres: 10.0 Million

Field Data Collection Field Manual - complete manual developed to cover allcontingencies. GPS Navigation - Route files from coordinates generatedfrom remote sensing output(stratified random sample). Plot Establishment - Verificationof plot encompassing only onecover condition. Field Measurements - Measureindividual tree characteristics forvolume, growth and site attributes.

What is the process for selecting alocation for a bio-energy plant?• Customer preference is the first objective• Must have established infrastructure– Good highway system– Access to railroad– Electric power, natural gas & water• Must have an abundance of feed-stock– Forest inventory is used to determine

Mississippi Institute for Forest Inventory

Thank you!Questions or CommentsMississippi Institute for Forest Inventory301 N. Lamar StreetP.O. Box 1667Jackson, MS 39215Phone: 601/359.2803Cell: 662-312-9833Web site: www.mifi.ms.gov

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