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2015 Southern CaliforniaIT Salary GuideAny job applicant who conducts their job search based on salary alone is likely to bea bad hire. No company wants to hire a money hungry candidate at the risk of losingthem to the next higher paying job that comes along. But this doesn’t mean thatcompensation isn’t an integral part of the puzzle when hiring and retaining top talent.In today’s competitive market, making the important decision about what salary tooffer is essential to making a successful hire. This is particularly true in the IT sector,an industry that continues to thrive at an astonishing growth rate.We’ve put together this guide to offer informative advice and industry outlooks, as wellas a hard look at the current data regarding IT salaries.At KORE1, we are dedicated to working closely with our clients to smoothly navigate thehiring process. Our hope is that this guide is a useful resource in this process as yourorganization continues to 1

An Overview of the Year to ComeThe good news is that the nationalunemployment rate has officiallyreturned to pre-recession levels,coming in at 5.6% at the end of2014¹. Additionally, CareerBuilderreports that more than a third ofcompanies are planning to hire in2015².With this much positive movementin the market, it’s inevitable that ITsalaries will follow suit.So according to the numbers,chances are your company will belooking to hire IT staff this year. Ifthat’s the case, there comes theunavoidable challenge of discerningappropriate salary packages thatwill attract and retain top IT talent.Zoom in to the tech sector,and you’ll quickly notice thatIT unemployment rates hoverimpressively just below 3%³.Meanwhile, a massive 72% of hiringmanagers plan on augmenting theirIT workforce in 2015⁴.In fact, recent statistics cite a 5.7%average increase in tech salariesin coming months, well above thenational predicted increase of 3%.Incredibly, some specialized IT rolesmay be up for as much as a 10.2%increase⁵.We’ve scoured our resources andaggregated the data to help giveyou the upper hand in the hiringprocess. What follows is an in-depthlook at common salary ranges withinthe IT industry, particularly in theSouthern California 2

An Overview of Southern California’s Technology SectorWith an ever-growing talent pool andincreasing numbers ofhigh tech headquartersand startups, the techsector in SouthernCalifornia has beenrecognized as the 2ndmost diverse in the US⁶.Experts correlate this growthwith a consistent push on STEMrelateddegrees at local colleges anduniversities. In fact,in the last 5 years,there has been a 25%increase in the numberof students withundergraduate STEMdegrees⁶.While it is often Northern California thatgets all the press in the tech sector,it’s clear that Southern California’sIT industry is starting to prosper. LosAngeles, Orange, andSan Diego Counties allreport jobs increasesin the scientific andtechnical servicessector, with a further4% increase predictedfor 2015⁷.California as a whole already employsmore than half a million IT workers– significantly more than any otherstate – and job postings are poppingup daily at an increasing rate. Demandis clearly high, and one of the mostinteresting things about this demandfor IT professionals is that only onethird of it exists in the IT industry itself.Two thirds of techworkers are actually inindustries like financialservices, health care,manufacturing, andretail⁸.With such high demand across the board– with no signs of slowing – it’s easyto understand why the salaries of ITprofessionals are on the rise. It’s trulya candidate’s market, and while otherfactors like benefits, work-life balance,and career growthare important, thesalary package is thequintessential cherryon 3

Which Skills Impact IT Salaries the Most?By nature of its overwhelming growth over the last three decades, the IT industryencompasses an extraordinary breadth of skills.The tech skills in highest demand across the nation are .Net, Java, J2EE, C++ and Webtech⁸. Competition for professionals with background in these technologies naturallyleads to competitive salaries in order to attract the best of the best. However, supplyfor these skills remains fairly abundant.Meanwhile, there are a number of new business and technology trends that are forcingmany organizations to encounter an expanding skills gap. These include: Big data, cloudcomputing, cyber security, and mobile computing.Big Data has been a growing buzzword in recent years, with growing demand fortalent. Consisting of roles such as Computer Systems Analysts, Data Scientists,Computer and Information Research Scientists, and Business Analysts, this particulartech field has seen remarkable growth, with increases in jobs as high as 90%¹¹. It’slittle wonder that such high demand has resulted in a median salary of $103k for BigData professionals.With thousands of companies turning to the cloud, demand for professionals in thisfield is booming. The US boasts almost 4 million cloud-related jobs with a mediansalary of almost $91k. The most popular skills within this field are SQL, Java, softwaredevelopment, Linux and JavaScript, and there are a number of certification programsin place to train top cloud professionals in all these areas¹².Over the last year, you’ve likely seen an enormous number of headlines aboutsecurity breaches and data hacking within big name organizations. It is for this reasonthan the BLS projects a massive 37% growth rate in information security jobs until2022⁹. The base salary for security jobs is close to an estimated $75k. And with cyberattacksbecoming more and more prominent, it’s clear why so many companies arewilling to shell out this higher-than-average starting pay¹⁰.Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, there’s no need to pointout the mind-blowing expansion of the mobile technology industry. From mobileresponsiveweb design to mobile application development, and much more, manycompanies are continuing to expand their mobile strategies. With skills in C++, Java,and Objective-C, professionals with mobile technology background are looking at amedian salary of $94k¹³.These trends are in overdrive across the country, and organizations are likely toexperience hiring difficulty in filling positions in these fields. If you’re looking to attractprofessionals in big data, cloud computing, cyber security or mobile computing, acareful analysis of competitive salaries is 4

IT Salary Guide for Southern California:Median Salaries and Salary RangesJob Title Median Salary Salary RangeChief Information Officer $199,466 $103,905 - $271,950Chief Technology Officer $154,186 $77,090 - $232,699IT Manager $82,707 $51,464 - $132,347Project Manager $91,858 $58,732 - $126,719Software Engineer $78,935 $55,998 - $110,515Programmer/Analyst $70,186 $55,799 - $99,685Web Developer $60,558 $36,755 - $80,573Mobile Applications Developer $70,421 $45,302 - $107,788Network Engineer $69,283 $47,344 - $99,797Network Administrator $60,805 $40,433 - $80,953Network Technician $59,421 $36,065 - $81,930Desktop Support Technician $39,520 $31,408 - $53,372Database Developer $71,891 $46,929 - $99,595Database Administrator $70,637 $37,682 - $122,071Security Engineer $85,569 $55,535 - $121,690Systems Administrator $73,288 $42,784 - $97,580Systems Analyst $67,261 $55,594 - $104,981Data Analyst $52,915 $41,824 - $82,430Business Analyst $71,534 $49,547 - $103,141Business Intelligence Analyst $65,828 $45,411 - $97,140Data Scientist $95,586 $61,430 - $127,484Solutions Architect $120,308 $77,558 - $151,000Quality Assurance Engineer $64,367 $45,771 - $88,627IT Consultant $52,915 $41,824 - $82,430Technical Writer $55,964 $35,479 - $77,280* All data is courtesy of PayScale, 5

IT Salary Guide for Southern California:Average Salary Based on ExperienceJob Title 0-5 Years 5-10 Years 10-20 Years >20 YearsChief Information Officer $130,000 $140,000 $187,000 $222,000Chief Technology Officer $109,000 $129,000 $163,000 $187,000IT Manager $65,000 $71,000 $91,000 $103,000Project Manager $75,000 $100,000 $106,000 $117,000Software Engineer $76,000 $88,000 $103,000 $117,000Programmer/Analyst $55,000 $65,000 $71,000 $74,000Web Developer $49,000 $61,000 $70,00 $76,000Mobile Applications Developer $66,000 $90,000 $120,000 $107,000Network Engineer $59,000 $69,000 $79,000 $85,000Network Administrator $47,000 $55,000 $61,000 $66,000Network Technician $39,000 $48,000 $53,000 $55,000Desktop Support Technician $38,000 $44,000 $49,000 $51,000Database Developer $60,000 $79,000 $89,000 $89,000Database Administrator $50,000 $83,000 $100,000 $112,000Security Engineer $73,000 $91,000 $103,000 $108,000Systems Administrator $59,000 $64,000 $74,000 $89,000Systems Analyst $60,000 $69,000 $78,000 $84,000Data Analyst $49,000 $58,000 $62,000 $63,000Business Analyst $60,000 $74,000 $83,000 $86,000Business Intelligence Analyst $62,000 $79,000 $88,000 $93,000Data Scientist $94,000 $107,000 $119,000 $135,000Solutions Architect $88,000 $110,000 $126,000 $136,000Quality Assurance Engineer $59,000 $70,000 $72,000 $76,000IT Consultant $61,000 $80,000 $117,000 $197,000Technical Writer $46,000 $57,000 $67,000 $71,000* All data is courtesy of PayScale, 6

Salary Checklist for Job SeekersDo your researchabout in-demandskills. Take thetime to brush upon your skill setsand make sureyou’re up-to-datewith the latesttrends andtechnologiesFind out whatcertificationsmay help youstand out fromother candidatesDo somepersonal financialanalysis todetermine yourlowestcomfortablewage; this willmake you moreconfident innegotiating yoursalaryFind a greatrecruiter who canwork on yourbehalf in salarynegotiationsBe realistic andremember whatmatters most.What things aremore importantto you thanmoney? Will anew employerfulfill thosethings?Salary Checklist for EmployersDo your research.Factors that canaffectappropriatesalaries include:region, industry,experience level,degrees andcertifications, sizeof your company,and moreLook beyond acandidate’s salaryhistory. You havelimited insight onwhat theircurrent employeris able to offerthem and why, somake anunbiased salarydecision basedupon your owncompany andyour researchBe clear aboutthe entire joboffer package.What is includedbeyond basepay? Bonuses,benefits, andother perks?Be cautiousaboutmoney-motivated candidates.Those who bringup the topic ofsalary beforefinding out moreabout the joband yourcompany may betempted toquickly leave fora higher offerDeliver a writtenoffer as well as averbal one, toreduce any risk 7

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