Nov. 3 - Shots Fired Leads to Drug Charges Arrest - Okaloosa ...
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Nov. 3 - Shots Fired Leads to Drug Charges Arrest - Okaloosa ...

November 3, 2011SHOTS FIRED CALL LEADS TO ARREST OF FORT WALTONBEACH MAN ON DRUG CHARGESQuick action by Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Deputies led to the arrest Wednesday nightof a Fort Walton Beach man who had ten gallon food storage bags of marijuana, a smallamount of cocaine, and nearly 15-hundred dollars in cash in his car.Deputies responded to a 9-1-1 call of shots fired in the area of Cardinal Street around 5p.m. Wednesday. A short time later, a deputy stopped a car on Forest Heights Roadmatching the description of one believed connected to the incident. 29-year old LuisAlonzo Delarca told the deputy he lived at 821 Cardinal Street, Lot 7, and had been shotat by an intruder. Deputies who went to Delarca’s home found several spent shell casingsnear his mobile home but no suspects or victims.K-9 “Kilo” was called to the scene and alerted on Delarca’s car. Inside, the cardeputies found a large amount of compressed marijuana and cash. A gun was in thetrunk. Deputies obtained a search warrant for Delarca’s home on Cardinal Street andlocated additional marijuana and cash, along with drug paraphernalia - includingweighing scales and packaging materials.Delarca is charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession ofcocaine, and possession of drug paraphernalia.The investigation into the gun shots that were fired continues.###

COPYIN THE CIRCUIT/COUNTY COURT IN THE FIRST JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR OKALOOSACOUNTY, FLORIDAARREST REPORTOKALOOSA CO SHERIFF'S OFFICEREPORT NO: OCSO11ARR011097Jail Booking NoOffense NoOCSO11OFF011697Other NoOCSO11CAD162417OBTS4601084454[ SUSPECT ]LastFirstMiddleTitle Race Sex DOBDELARCALUISALONSO DELARCA H MEyesBROHairBLKMNI NumberOCSO06MNI021605SSN I.D. No. St TypeBirth Location: City: County: State: Nation: HD Citizenship:Address* none listed on arrest record *Occupations (Current/Last Known is Listed First)Business: UNEMPLOYED, Job Title: HOUSEKEEPING, Entered: 11/2/2011Business: UNEMPLOYED, Job Title: , Entered: 5/6/2008Suite:Business: MARTIN CONSTRUCTION, Job Title: , Entered: 10/28/2007Suite:Business: EL PASO REST, Job Title: , Entered: 10/2/2007Suite:Aliases (Last, First Middle Title DOB)DELARCA-MUNGUIA, LUIS ALONSO 1/14/1982MUNGUIA-DELARCA, LUIS ALONSO 1/14/1982DELARCA MUNGUIA, LUIS ALONSO 1/14/1982Street Names* none found in MNI *COPY1/14/1982Age Hgt Wgt29 5'10" 180OCA/Agency ID165935[ INCIDENT INFORMATION ]Occurred Date Range: 11/2/2011 17:05 to 11/2/2011 17:12 Lat / Long 30.4672 / -86.62954No. Di Street Apt/Lot City ST Zip (GEO)819 CARDINAL ST FORT WALTON BEA FL 32547 2 - 15 - PG40 - K-37[ CHARGES ]893.13.1a2MARIJUANA-DISTRIBMARIJUANA-DISTRIB SCHEDULE ICounts1LevelFelonyDegreeThirdGOCPrincipalUCR350ANCIC893.13.6aDRUGS - POSSESSDRUGS - POSSESS CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTIONCounts1LevelFelonyDegreeThirdGOCNot ApplicableUCR350ANCIC893.147.1DRUG EQUIP-POSSESSAND OR USECounts Level1 MisdemeanorDegreeFirstGOCPrincipalUCR350BNCICAON3565AON3551AON3550Bond AmountBond AmountBond Amount[ STATEMENT OF PROBABLE CAUSE / NARRATIVEOn November 2, 2011, dispatchers with the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office received 911 calls about shotsOCSO11ARR011097 Printed On: 11/3/2011 8:25:48 AM Page 1 of 4[JERARDB 11/3/2011 06:26]

ARREST REPORTREPORT NO: OCSO11ARR011097COPYOKALOOSA CO SHERIFF'S OFFICEfired in the area of 821 Cardinal Street. The caller reported that the suspect was in a gray or silver Pontiac, and wasobserved traveling on Forest Heights Road. A short time later Deputy Demeika McClendon observed a vehicle matchingthat description on Forest Heights Road and a traffic stop was conducted. This vehicle is described as a silver Pontiac4dr. bearing Florida license number 913NWK. The driver of the vehicle, who was alone, was identified as Luis AlonzoDelarca.After Delarca was stopped, Deputy McClendon asked him about the report of shots fired and he admitted hehad a gun inside the trunk of his vehicle. Deputy McClendon detained Delarca at that point and advised him of hisconstitutional rights per standard Miranda. Deputy McClendon questioned Delarca further about the incident and heidentified 821 Cardinal Street, Lot 7, Fort Walton Beach, as his residence. Delarca further related that he had been shotat inside his home by an intruder. Fearing that there may still be suspects and/or victims inside, deputies immediatelyresponded to Delarca’s residence to conduct a protective sweep. Delarca gave deputies permission to enter his residence,but no suspect or victims were found. Deputy D.J. Fields, who as one of the deputies that conducted the protective sweep,stated that there was a strong odor of unburnt marijuana inside the trailer.Several spent shell casings were found in close proximity to Delarca’s mobile home, and a projectile wasremoved from an adjacent trailer.Delarca had approximately $1,474.00 U.S. currency, in “street fold”, on his person and couldn’t provide areasonable explanation as to how he earned it. Delarca also had approximately one gram of cocaine, that field testedpositive, in his possession when he was detained.Based on the circumstances of the shots fired call, the fact that Delarca was in possession of a firearm and alarge amount of U.S. currency, deputies suspected the incident may be drug related. Deputy D.J. Fields, who is a doghandler with the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, used his canine “Kilo” to conduct a sniff of Delarca’s vehicle.According to Deputy Fields, his canine alerted to the presence of the odor of a controlled substance coming from thepassenger compartment of Delarca’s vehicle. Delarca informed law enforcement that the vehicle he was operatingbelonged to his ex-girlfriend Aliona Ciupac, who is the registered owner of the vehicle. DHSMV records reflect thatCiupac’s residence is located at 55 Robys Drive, Unit #6.During a subsequent search of Delarca’s vehicle, a large amount of compressed marijuana was found insidethe passenger compartment. Compressed marijuana was found inside a plastic grocery bag on front passenger seat, andapproximately ten gallon size food storage bags of marijuana were also found inside a plastic garbage bag that was on thepassenger’s side front floor board. A large amount of U.S. currency was also found inside the plastic garbage bag, thatcontained the marijuana packaged for distribution, on the front floor board of the vehicle.Your Affiant obtained search warrants for both 821 Cardinal Street, Lot 7, Fort Walton Beach, Florida, and 55Robys Drive, Unit 6, Mary Esther, Florida.During the search of 821 Cardinal Street, Lot 7, additional marijuana, U.S. currency, and drug paraphernalia,including weighing scales and packaging materials, were seized.During the search of 55 Robys Drive, Unit 6, less than twenty grams of marijuana, that field tested positive,and a smoking device were seized. Aliona Ciupac was present in the apartment when the search warrant was executed.Therefore, based on the aforementioned facts, your Affiant has probable cause to believe and does believe thatLuis Alonzo Delarca is guilty of Possession of Marijuana with the Intent to Distribute, Possession of Cocaine, andPossession of Drug Paraphernalia. These offenses are in violation of Florida State Statutes 893.13, 893.147, and did occurin Okaloosa County, Florida.I hereby swear (or affirm) that the facts established on this affidavit are true and correct to the best of my knowledgeand belief.COPYOCSO11ARR011097 Printed On: 11/3/2011 8:25:48 AM Page 2 of 4[JERARDB 11/3/2011 06:26]

COPYIN THE CIRCUIT/COUNTY COURT IN THE FIRST JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR OKALOOSACOUNTY, FLORIDAARREST REPORTOKALOOSA CO SHERIFF'S OFFICEREPORT NO: OCSO11ARR011097Signature(Arresting Officer)MCDONOUGH, BERNARD AL 065NameID/SSNSubscribed and sworn to (or affirmed) before me this 3 day of November A.D., 2011 bywho is personally known to me or has producedas identification.SignatureCommission No:Notary Public LEO COMy Commission Expires[ PHYSICAL EVIDENCE ][NO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE LISTED][ ARREST INFORMATION ]Arrested11/2/2011 17:12ResidencyWithin jurisdictionInjuredNoneExtent of InjuryN/AResistNoArrested Prior Arrest Jurisdiction AlcoholDrugsNoWithin jurisdiction Unknown UnknownNo. Di StreetA/L CityST Zip Lat / Long819CARDINAL STFORT WALTON BEA FL 32547 30.4672 / -86.62954Arresting OfficerUnit(GEO) 2 - 15 - PG40 - K-37Officer Type065 MCDONOUGH, BERNARD AL OCSO/FSV/INV/SID/DTFReporting OfficerUnitOriginal Offense Jurisdiction065 MCDONOUGH, BERNARD AL OCSO/FSV/INV/SID/DTF OCSOForward to for approvalOCSO/FSV/INV/SID/DTFBond Set by LEO at Time of Arrest & Booking: $0.00( ) None( ) ROR( ) Cash( ) ProBond Set by Judge( )Purge( )SC( )( )( )( )( )NoneCashAnyProPtrIQ( )( )ROR/SignPTRReturn Court: Date: 12/6/2011Instructions: COURTHOUSE EXTENSIONTime: 15:30[ DISPOSITION ]Disposition Type Release Type Other DescCOPYOCSO11ARR011097 Printed On: 11/3/2011 8:25:48 AM Page 3 of 4[JERARDB 11/3/2011 06:26]

COPYIN THE CIRCUIT/COUNTY COURT IN THE FIRST JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR OKALOOSACOUNTY, FLORIDAARREST REPORTOKALOOSA CO SHERIFF'S OFFICEREPORT NO: OCSO11ARR011097Release DateReleased ToRelease TimeRelease OfficerPrintedNoPrinted ByCourt DispositionTypeCourt Disposition Description[ ADDITIONAL PERSONS ]COURT DISPOSITION:No Bill / Petition Issue Warrant Prosecution ApprovedSignature of Assistant State Attorney( right index )DateCOPYOCSO11ARR011097 Printed On: 11/3/2011 8:25:48 AM Page 4 of 4[JERARDB 11/3/2011 06:26]

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