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30 th STAG Board MeetingObservations & <strong>Recommendation</strong>sDecember 3, 2010

General Remarks2

General Remarks• Transition to a value-added economy based onintellectual property by fostering innovative research andclosing the gap between academia and industry• Commit industry leaders to active involvement in theprocess of science and technology policy formulation3

Topic 1:Reform Strategies for Intellectual Property(IP) Management and Commercialization4

Introduction• Intellectual Property (IP):– a new and more critical role globally– new and unique ways of using IP both offensivelyand defensively• Taiwan is conducting a timely review and revision ofits:– IP management– commercialization strategies and plans5

Commercialization of IP• <strong>Recommendation</strong>s:– commission a study to assess and recommend• changes to the end-to-end IP process• commercialization strategies against domestic priorities and globalcompetition– improve the value of patent applications• harmonization with international standards• patent alliances– create an annual industry sponsored university day• to communicate industry needs• to assess capabilities of researchers– establish IP resource hubs at regional levels (northern, central, southernTaiwan)– coordinate, communicate, and commercialize IP plan and strategy7

Topic 2: Creativity and Innovation8

Creativity and Innovation• Three Problems in Taiwan- slowing long term growth- jobs/education mismatch- low value added• Key to solution- discovery as driver of economy- creativity and innovation9

Creativity and Innovation• Observations:– Creativity:• ability to produce original ideas and unexpectedresults• not encouraged by culture or system here– Innovation• change that creates value• focus on S&T based changes and economicvalues10

<strong>Recommendation</strong>s• Two categories:– foster a more creative research community– establish a complete system of innovation11

Creativity• <strong>Recommendation</strong>s:– reform system of review– focus on early careers– improve education system• require active student participation in learning• formalize four categories of universities• teach entrepreneurship using best international practices12

Innovation• <strong>Recommendation</strong>s:– close the gap between scientific discoveries andcommercialization– establish infrastructure for germination– commit industry to drive innovation13

Topic 3: Strategies for IndustryForesight and Innovation14

Advanced Research Program• Observations:– Excellent progress but need to go to next level• innovative technologies• quality and quantity of patents• impact on organizational culture of ITRI• <strong>Recommendation</strong>s:– More outcome oriented• stronger IP needed• business plan for those projects with near-term commercial potential• more private companies involved in the R&D and commercialization– Discovery-based research• ITRI as model for bridge between industry and academia• more collaboration with international research institutes• more exchange/visiting researchers15

Service Industry• Observations: issue and needs– vision for future– cultural differentiation– branding and scale– removal of regulations deterring innovation– better funding for service innovation• <strong>Recommendation</strong>:– Commission study to• identify segments with highest economic and social values• implement three national projects with appropriate resources– Incorporate into university curriculum– Integrate in overall funding for innovation– Take advantage of the China market with ECFA16

Fundamental Industrial Technology• Observation: revitalize high-value manufacturing– current educational practices ignore this sector– need to enhance vocational education• <strong>Recommendation</strong>s:– Learn from established and emerging industries, e.g.,Switzerland• dedicated vocational training• example: worldwide renown of fine Swiss watches17

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