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Black History Month - Werkstatt der Kulturen

Black History Month - Werkstatt der Kulturen

Fr | 01.02.13 | 21h |

Fr | 01.02.13 | 21h | Saal | 9 / 6 / 3 EuroXXL-PartyBerlins Afrika-MusikszeneXalaas: Badou Mbaye, Madiakhate Mboup, Mahtar Sene,Baye Ndiaga, Yoro Mbaye – percussion, vocalsPapa Toure, Samba Sock, Famson Akinola – talking drumsFily Sako – kora, Gordon Odametey – percussion,Boulo P – rap, Asaman Ci – playbackSamba Bouri – vocals, Jali Diabate – koraDJs Mahtar und Lang© by Daniela Incornato

Sa | 02.02.13 | 21h | Saal | 9 / 6 / 3 EuroEbony Big BandSwing, brother swing!Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq– director / conductorKeith Tynes – vocalistPhilip Sindy – trumpetDaniel Allen Oberto – trumpetTony Hurdle – tromboneRob Gutowski – tromboneWillie Pollock – alto saxHerbie Hart – ten sax, clarFuasi Abdul-Khaliq– bari sax, ten sax, flute,bass clar, clarJ.C. Dook – guitarDaryl Taylor – bassKelvin Sholar – pianoKenny Martin – drumsEric Vaughn – moderatorThe emerge of Jazz coincided with the Marcus Garveymovement, W. E. B. DuBois‘s Pan African Movement andthe development of African American literature known as theHarlem Renaissance.The place in America where all this happened was Harlem,New York, specifically the area in Harlem known as„Jungle Alley“ and more specifically in the Cotton Club.Only white patrons could enter the Cotton Club while allthe service and entertainment was provided by blackentertainers.The Ebony Big Band tells the story of African Americansduring this era not only through the music but throughnarration, dance and a multi-media presentation of picturesand videos.Eine Kooperation der Werkstatt der Kulturenmit der BAA (Black American Artist Association).Embassy of the United States of AmericaMit freundlicher Unterstützung derEmbassy of the United States of America.

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