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Министерство образования и науки Российской ФедерацииФедеральная служба по надзору в сфере образования и наукиАдминистрация Алтайского краяАлтайский государственный университетв сотрудничестве с Бюро ЮНЕСКО в МосквеОбразовательный форум«Модернизация профессионального образования в России и мире:новое качество роста»18-20 сентября 2012 года, БарнаулРАБОЧАЯ ПРОГРАММА17 сентября 2012 годаВ течение дня16.00-20.009.3009.30-10.30Заезд участниковЭкскурсионная программа по г. Барнаулу с посещением Алтайскогогосударственного краеведческого музея (ул. Ползунова, 46) иГосударственного музея истории литературы, искусства и культурыАлтая (ул. Л. Толстого, 2)18 сентября 2012 годаОтъезд из гостиницыРегистрация участниковПриветственный кофе (место проведения – холл зала ученого советаАлтайского государственного университета, ул. Димитрова, 66)10.30-13.00 ПЛЕНАРНОЕ ЗАСЕДАНИЕ(Место проведения: актовый зал Алтайского государственногоуниверситета, ул. Димитрова, 66)Открытие и приветствия участникам форума:1. С.В. Землюков, ректор Алтайского государственногоуниверситета, д-р юрид. наук, профессор, заслуженный юристРоссии2. И.Е. Апыхтина, Министерство образования и науки РоссийскойФедерации3. М.В. Гуськова, Федеральная служба по надзору в сфереобразования и науки4. А.Б. Карлин, Губернатор Алтайского края, д-р юрид. наук,профессор, заслуженный юрист России5. В.А. Толоконский, Полномочный представитель ПрезидентаРоссийской Федерации в Сибирском федеральном округе6. И.Н. Морозов, заместитель руководителя Федерального агентствапо делам СНГ, соотечественников, проживающих за рубежом, ипо международному гуманитарному сотрудничеству(Россотрудничество)7. Д. Бадарч, Директор Бюро ЮНЕСКО в Москве

VisionTo Pr e v e n t a n d Cu r e Li v e r DiseaseMissionTo a dva n c e t h e s c i e n c e a n d p r ac t i c e o f h e pat o l o g y , l i v e r t r a n s p l a n tat i o n a n dhepatobiliary s u r g e ry, thereby p r o m o t i n g l i v e r h e a lt h a n d o p t i m al c a r e o f pat i e nt s w it h l i v e ra n d biliary t r ac t diseases09AnnualReport.indd 24/9/10 4:05:05 PM

Jorge Marrero, MDAASLD Advanced /Transplant Hepatology FellowThese awards are the building blocks of a career in hepatology.Dr. Jorge Marrero understands the correlation between research initiatives and funding is a positiveone. An active researcher with a passion for hepatology, Dr. Marrero is grateful for what the2000 AASLD Advanced Hepatology Fellowship provided — “AASLD grants can help investigateareas of need that otherwise would be neglected through other funding mechanisms.”A career in research requires more than just time spent analyzing data. To further not justhis own interests but the entire field of hepatology, Dr. Marrero also participates as a mentorto a 2009 Advanced/Transplant Hepatology Fellow, Dr. Amit Singal. Additionally, he is activewithin AASLD partly because “AASLD provides the best forum for research in liver diseasein the world.”7From protected time as a fellowship recipient to being Chair of the Hepatobiliary NeoplasiaSpecial Interest Group to passing along his vast knowledge through mentorship, Dr. Marrerohas spent much of his professional career furthering AASLD’s vision – to prevent and cureliver disease.Dr. Marrero is currently on the faculty at the University of Michigan, Department of InternalMedicine.“AASLD is leading the way in hepatology in terms ofeducation, policy and research.”– Jorge Marrero, MD09AnnualReport.indd 74/9/10 4:05:10 PM

Promote8Award RecipientsContinued Scientific Investigationand DiscoveryAASLD’s membership encompasses more than 3,000 physicians,researchers, and allied hepatology health professionals dedicated tohepatobiliary discoveries and patient care. Mentoring, the sharing ofknowledge and dedication to professional growth and developmentare among the core values of AASLD and its members.For generations, AASLD has been a catalyst for the investigationand treatment of liver diseases. AASLD upholds the standards of theprofession and fosters research that leads to the development andapplication of new therapies, generating improved treatment optionsfor the millions of patients with liver disease.Research andCareer Development AwardsAASLD/ALF Liver Scholar AwardA three-year, basic science award of $75,000 per year that:• endeavors to encourage young investigators to pursue a career inliver-related research;• helps bridge the gap between their completion of research trainingand attaining status as an independent research scientist;• enhances their ability to compete for research grants from nationalsources, particularly the National Institutes of Health (NIH).2009 RecipientsAlexander G. Miethke, MDCincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OHRegulatory T Cells and the Pathogenesis of Biliary AtresiaEkihiro Seki, MD, PhDUniversity of California, San Diego, CAInnate Immunity Regulates Hepatic FibrosisAASLD thanks the New Challenges – New Solutions Campaign donors whose support makesthe 2009 AASLD Liver Scholar Awards possible. This includes independent educational grantsfrom: Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals/Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Bristol-Myers Squibb, GileadSciences, GlaxoSmithKline, The Roche Foundation, Salix Pharmaceuticals, Schering-Plough,and Vertex Pharmaceuticals.Additional support for the 2009 AASLD Liver Scholar Awards from Bristol-Myers Squibb andGilead Sciences is gratefully acknowledged.AASLD is also providing support for this program from its own operating funds.AASLD Clinical and TranslationalResearch Award in Liver DiseasesA two-year award of $75,000 per year that fosters career developmentfor an individual performing clinical research and/or translationalresearch in a liver-related area and who has shown commitment toexcellence at an early stage of their research study.2009 RecipientShikha Sundaram, MD, MSCIUniversity of Colorado Denver School of Medicine, Denver, CONon-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Obstructive Sleep Apnea:Mechanistic Links Between Hypoxemia and Liver Injury09AnnualReport.indd 84/9/10 4:05:10 PM

AASLD Sheila Sherlock Clinicaland Translational Research Award inLiver DiseasesA two-year award of $75,000 per year that fosters career developmentfor an individual performing clinical research and/or translationalresearch in a liver-related area and who has shown commitment toexcellence at an early stage of their research study.2009 RecipientPuneet Puri, MBBS, MDVirginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, Richmond, VAThe Plasma Lipidomic Signature of Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis(NASH)The AASLD Sheila Sherlock Clinical and Translational Research Awardin Liver Diseases honors and recognizes Dame Sheila Sherlock for herpioneering research and dedication to young research fellows whichhelped elevate hepatology to the discipline it is today.AASLD thanks the New Challenges – New Solutions Campaign donors whose support makesthe 2009 AASLD Clinical and Translational Research Awards in Liver Diseases possible. Thisincludes independent educational grants from: Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals/OnyxPharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline, The Roche Foundation, Salix Pharmaceuticals, Schering-Plough, and Vertex Pharmaceuticals.Additional grant support for the 2008 and 2009 Sheila Sherlock Clinical and TranslationalResearch Award in Liver Diseases from The Roche Foundation is gratefully acknowledged.AASLD is also providing support for this program from its own operating funds.AASLD Advanced Transplant HepatologyFellowship ProgramProvides $60,000 in salary and benefit support for gastroenterologyfellows pursuing an additional, full-year of training focused on patientcare in hepatology, including liver transplantation, and hepatologyresearch.2009 Recipient Mentor InstitutionChan Y. Chung, MD Nathan Bass, University of California,MD, PhD San Francisco, CAWinston Dunn, MD Vijay Shah, MD Mayo Clinic,Rochester, MNMarina G. Silveira, MD Keith Lindor, MD Mayo Clinic,Rochester, MNAmit Singal, MDJorge Marrero, MD University of Michigan,Ann Arbor, MIAASLD thanks the New Challenges – New Solutions Campaign donors whose support makesthe 2009 AASLD Advanced Transplant Hepatology Fellowship program possible. This includesindependent educational grants from: Astellas, Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals/OnyxPharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline, The Roche Foundation, Salix Pharmaceuticals, Schering-Plough, and Vertex Pharmaceuticals.Additional grant support for the 2009 AASLD Advanced Transplant Hepatology Fellowshipprogram from Astellas and The Roche Foundation is gratefully acknowledged.AASLD is also providing support for this program from its own operating funds.9From left to right: Courtney Hosto, Amit Singal, Marina Silveira, Winston Dunn, Chan Chung, Alexander Miethke, Ekihiro Seki, Puneet Puri, Shikha Sundaram, Scott Friedman09AnnualReport.indd 94/9/10 4:05:11 PM

10AASLD NP/PA Clinical HepatologyFellowship ProgramProvides $78,000 in salary and benefit support for certified andlicensed physician assistants (PA) or nurse practitioners (NP) pursuinga full-year of training focused on clinical care in hepatology andis designed to:• increase the number of mid-level practitioners in clinical hepatology;• facilitate the transition (or shift in emphasis) into clinical hepatologyfor mid-level practitioners;• increase access for liver disease patients to adequately trainedclinicians.2009 Recipient Mentor InstitutionPatrick M. Horne, David R. Nelson, MD University of Florida,MSN, ARNPGainesville, FLAASLD Career Development Award inLiver Transplantation in Memory of the Universityof Michigan Transplant TeamThe AASLD Career Development Award in Liver Transplantation isdesigned to foster career development for an individual performingclinical and/or translational research in the field of liver transplantationand who has shown commitment to excellence in the field at anearly stage of his or her career.2009 RecipientJohnny C. Hong, MDUniversity of California, Los Angeles, CARegulated Reperfusion: A Novel Strategy to Mitigate Hepatic Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury in a Swine ModelSupport of the 2009 AASLD Career Development Award in Liver Transplantation by AstellasUSA Foundation is gratefully acknowledged.PSC Partners Seeking a Cure AwardThis $3,000 award was given to the investigator presenting the mostpromising PSC research at The Liver Meeting®.2009 RecipientVanessa Teaberry, MDDuke University, Surgery, Durham, NCSupport of the PSC Partners Seeking a Cure Award for the Most Promising PSC Research byPSC Partners is gratefully acknowledged.Courtney S. Hosto, PA-C Alex S. Befeler, MDSaint Louis UniversitySchool of Medicine,St. Louis, MOSupport from The Roche Foundation for one fellow is gratefully acknowledged. In addition,AASLD is supporting one fellow from its own operating funds.09AnnualReport.indd 104/9/10 4:05:12 PM

PromoteAASLD Fellow Research AwardsThese $750 awards are given to the fellows submitting the bestabstracts to The Liver Meeting®. The Pediatric Fellow ResearchAward is given to a physician/scientist with a primary appointmentaffiliation in a department of pediatrics.2009 AASLD Fellow Research Award RecipientDaniel Felmlee, PhDNewcastle University, United Kingdom2009 AASLD Pediatric Fellow Research AwardRecipientJian-She Wang, MD, PhDChildren’s Hospital of Fudan University, ChinaAASLD Student Research AwardThis $500 award is given to a student who made a major contributionto the research study highlighted in the abstract submitted toThe Liver Meeting®.2009 RecipientMohammed Sarhan, MBBCHMemorial University, CanadaAASLD Young Investigator Travel AwardsThese $500 travel awards enable young researchers submitting abstractsfor the AASLD Research Workshop to receive travel support.2009 RecipientsPierre-Emmanuel Rautou, MDHopital Beaujon, FranceYing-Hong SiFudan University, ChinaAASLD Single Topic ConferenceTravel AwardsThese $500 travel awards fund travel costs for trainees in the field ofhepatology with a special interest in the conference topic to presenttheir accepted abstract on related research.2009 Recipients2009 Basic STC Topic: Pattern Recognition Receptors and InnateImmune Signaling Pathways in Liver DiseasesC. G. Antoniades, MDInstitute of Liver Studies, Kings College Hospital, United KingdomAmelie E. Bigorgne, PhDSeattle Biomedical Research Institute, Seattle, WALaura J. Dixon, PhDCleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland, OHZongdi Feng, PhDUniversity of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, TXBharath Nath, MD, PhDUniversity of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, MALin QuUniversity of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, TXNaina Shah, MBBS, MRCPThe Institute of Hepatology, United KingdomSukriti Sukriti, MD, DMInstitute for Liver and Biliary Sciences, IndiaJavier Vaquero, MD, PhDUniversity of Washington, Department of Pathology, Seattle, WA1109AnnualReport.indd 114/9/10 4:05:12 PM

PromoteDistinguished Achievement AwardThe AASLD Distinguished Achievement Award is given to an individualin honor of his or her sustained scientific contributions tothe field of liver disease and the scientific foundations of hepatology.The award honors a sustained contribution rather than a singlediscovery or major achievement.2009 RecipientProfessor Nelson Fausto is agraduate of the University ofSão Paulo School of Medicine,and trained in pathologyat the University ofWisconsin-Madison Schoolof Medicine.12He joined the program inNelson Fausto, MDMedicine at Brown Universityin 1967 and wasappointed as the founding Chair of the Department of Pathologyin 1983. In 1994 he became Chair of the Department of Pathologyat the University of Washington. Dr. Fausto is known for hisresearch on liver regeneration, stem cells and hepatic cell lineages,pathogenesis of Hepatocellular carcinoma, and the developmentof human and mouse hepatocyte culture systems. Dr. Fausto is coeditorof Robbins and Cotran’s Pathologic Basis of Disease and of AriasThe Liver: Biology and Pathobiology. He was Editor-in-Chief of theAmerican Journal of Pathology from 1992-2001.09AnnualReport.indd 124/9/10 4:05:13 PM

Distinguished Clinician Educator /Mentor AwardThe AASLD Distinguished Clinician Educator/Mentor Award isgiven in honor of the sustained service of clinician educators toAASLD or the liver community in general. The award recognizesthe skills of outstanding clinicians and educators who have mademomentous contributions to hepatology over an extended period.Distinguished Service AwardThe AASLD Distinguished Service Award is given to an individualin honor of his or her sustained service to AASLD or the liver diseasecommunity in general. The award recognizes service providedto the community of hepatology researchers and cliniciansover an extended period; service that is well above and beyond thatprovided by many members who serve on the Governing Boardand Committees of the AASLD.2009 RecipientProfessor Laurie Blendis graduated with honors from the Universityof London and studied hepatology under Professor Roger Williamsat King’s College Hospital. After working with Professor NormanLevinsky at the Boston University Medical School and Sir FrancisAvery Jones at Central Middlesex Hospital, he became professorof medicine at the University of Toronto (UT) in 1983. Dr. Blendiswas appointed to the staff of the Alcohol and Addiction Centerand was later a founding member of the liver transplantation unit.Initially headed by Drs. Bernard Langer and Gary Levy, the UTLiver Program moved under the leadership of Dr. Blendis beginningin 1990. Dr. Blendis was also a visiting professor and seniorclinical scientist at the Sackler School of Medicine, University ofTel Aviv. While there,he worked closely withProfessors Zamir Halpernand Ran Oren. Dr. Blendisserved as the associate editorof He pat o l o g y from1998-2001 and in 2002 heretired. He currently livesin Israel and continues towork part time.Scott Friedman, MD, Laurie Blendis, MD, andT. Jake Liang, MD2009 RecipientJoseph Bloomer receivedhis BS degree from MIT,MD from Western Reserve,research training in NIHMetabolism Branch, andhis hepatology fellowship/faculty appointment underGerald Klatskin at Yale.He directed the UniversityJoseph Bloomer, MDof Minnesota Division ofGastroenterology/Hepatology from 1983-1995. He presently directsthe Liver Center at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.His porphyria research received NIH funding 1976-2007 (MERITAward 1994-2002). During that period he was elected into ASCI andAAP, chaired a Gordon Conference on Pyrroles, chaired the ABIMGastroenterology Section, and was Associate Editor of Gastroenterology.He received the Theodore Woodward Award from the AmericanClinical and Climatological Association 1999.Dr. Bloomer served on 7 committees of AASLD, chairing the firstResearch Committee, and chaired the Task Force for CAQ in TransplantHepatology 1997-2001. He was AASLD President in 1999.1309AnnualReport.indd 134/9/10 4:05:14 PM

Educate healthcare professionalsand scientists by providing resourcesto communicate and advance research14Special InterestGroupS (SIG) SummarySpecial Interest Groups were formed in November 2007. Since theirinception meeting, groups have developed and progressed on separateagendas. In May 2008, the Governing Board created a SIG Task Forceto address the structure and uniformity in the developing groups. Theresult was the refinement of the SIG charge.In 2009 SIGs evolved beyond their original goals of producing educationalprograms for The Liver Meeting®. Numerous groups haveset their sights on research development. This development willmean greater exchange and involvement for their members andfurther advancements in the field of hepatology.The following is an update of the actions of the current groups.Acute on Chronic Liver FailureChair: Patrick Kamath, MDSteering Committee: Vicente Arroyo, MD, Pere Gines, MD,Ram M. Subramanian, MD, Jasmohan Bajaj, MD andJody Olson, MDCholestatic Liver DisordersChair: Richard Green, MD (Appointed April 2008, originallychaired by Dr. Keith Lindor)Steering Committee: Keith D. Lindor, MD, Jenny Heathcote, MD,Ulrich Beuers, MD, John M. Vierling, MD, and Eric Gershwin, MDHepatitis BChair: Robert Perrillo, MDSteering Committee: Norah Terrault, MD, MPH, Tram Tran, MD,Stephen Locarnini, MD, PhD, Geoffrey Dusheiko, MD,Jenny Heathcote, MD, Marion Peters, MD, and Brian McMahon, MDHepatobiliary NeoplasiaChair: Jorge Marrero, MDSteering Committee: Gregory J. Gores, MD, Josep M. Llovet, MD,Masatoshi Kudo, MD, PhD, Morris Sherman, MD, PhD, andPaul Hayashi, MD2009Focus Study Group (FSG)/Mini-Symposia (MS)MS: Diagnosis and Treatment of Very Early Stage HCCHepatotoxicityChair: Paul Watkins, MDSteering Committee: The Steering Committee is currently being votedon via Email Ballot.Liver FibrosisChair: Rebecca Wells, MD (Appointed February 2009, originally chairedby Hal Yee, MD, PhD)Steering Committee: Laurie DeLeve, MD, PhD, Laura E. Nagy, PhD,Detlef Schuppan, MD, PhD, and Hal Yee, MD, PhD2009Focus Study Group (FSG)/Mini-Symposia (MS)MS: Antifibrotic Therapy: Translation into the ClinicLiver Transplantation and SurgeryChair: Sandy Feng, MDSteering Committee: David J. Reich, MD, FACS, Douglas Hanto, MD,PhD, Johnny Hong, MD, and Paul Thuluvath, MD, FRCP09AnnualReport.indd 144/9/10 4:05:14 PM

Pediatric Liver DisorderChair: Saul J. Karpen, MD, PhDSteering Committee: Benjamin Shneider, MD, Jorge Bezerra, MD,Kathy Schwarz, MD, Philip Rosenthal, MD, Nedim Hadzic, MD, andKathy Loomes, MD2009Focus Study Group (FSG)/Mini-Symposia (MS)FSG: Primary Prophylaxis of Variceal Hemorrhage in Children:Can we really do a randomized trial?Portal HypertensionChair: Vijay Shah, MDSteering Committee: Norman Grace, MD, Don Rockey, MD,Roberto Groszmann, MD, FRCP, Jaime Bosch, MD, PhD,Didier Lebrec, MD, and Thomas Boyer, MD2009Focus Study Group (FSG)/Mini-Symposia (MS)MS: Recent Advances in the Management of Minimal and OvertHepatic Encephalopathy: Are we there yet?Other InitiativesPoster Tours: The SIG held a poster tour for Trainees to gainaccess to Steering Committee members and provide further educationalopportunities. Dr. Jaime Bosch, Dr. Didier Lebrec, and Dr.Don Rockey served as tour guides for 10 -12 participants.Steatosis and SteatohepatitisChair: Hari Conjeevaram, MD, MS (Appointed November 2008, originallychaired by Jacquelyn Maher, MD)Steering Committee: Paul Angulo, MD, Jaime Aranda-Michel, MD,Gyorgy Baffy, MD, PhD, Elizabeth Brunt, MD, Stephen Caldwell, MD,Stephen Harrison, MD, and Gyongyi Szabo, MD, PhD2009Focus Study Group (FSG)/Mini-Symposia (MS)FSG: Cellular Targets of Lipotoxicity in NAFLDJournalsHe pat o l o g yThe premier publication in the field ofliver disease, He pat o l o g y publishes original,peer-reviewed articles concerningall aspects of liver structure, function,and disease. Each month, the distinguishedEditorial Board monitors andselects only the best articles on subjectssuch as immunology, chronic hepatitis,viral hepatitis, cirrhosis, genetic and metabolic liver diseases andtheir complications, liver cancer, and drug metabolism.The 2009 He pat o l o g y editor was Keith D. Lindor, MD.Liver TransplantationSince the first application of liver transplantationin a clinical situation wasreported more than twenty years ago,there has been a great deal of growth inthis field and more is anticipated. As anofficial publication of AASLD and theILTS, Liver Transplantation delivers current,peer-reviewed articles on surgicaltechniques, clinical investigations, and drug research — the informationnecessary to keep abreast of this evolving specialty.The 2009 Liver Transplantation editors were Jorge L. Rakela, MD andJohn J. Fung, MD, PhD.15T R A I Nprofessionals committed to Hepatologythrough world-class meetings and publications09AnnualReport.indd 154/9/10 4:05:14 PM

EducateThe Liver Meeting ®2OO9The premier event in the science and practice of hepatology — wherethe cutting edge in the study and treatment of liver and biliary diseasesis defined.Over 7,500 hepatologists and hepatology health professionals fromaround the world meet to exchange the latest liver disease research,discuss treatment outcomes, and interact with colleagues at TheLiver Meeting®.The Liver Meeting® is designed specifically to educate hepatologyprofessionals on the dynamic changes in their field and to connectleading scientists around the world.16Numerous workshops, plenary and parallel sessions, poster presentations,scientific exhibits, State-of-the-Art lectures given by leadingscientists in their field, focused study groups, the PostgraduateCourse, and various specialty courses are presented.The more than 2,500 abstracts submitted in 2009 underwent anextensive, blinded peer-review process to identify the best selectionfor presentation in both poster and oral sessions. Topics featured inthe 1,800+ abstracts selected for presentation in both poster and oralformats included:• Acute Liver Failure• Autoimmune Liver Disease• Cell Death• Drug and Alcohol Toxicity• Health Services Research• Hepatic Fibrosis• Hepatic Stellate Cell Biology• Hepatitis B• Hepatitis C• Hepatobiliary Cancer• Innate and AdaptiveImmunity in Liver Disease• Liver Transplantation• Mechanisms of Cell Functionand Injury• Molecular and CellularBiology of Bile Formation• NASH• Pediatric Hepatology• Portal Hypertension• Stem Cell Biology09AnnualReport.indd 164/9/10 4:05:15 PM

Scientific Educational SymposiaAs the leading organization focused solely on advancing the scienceand practice of hepatology, AASLD offers scientific educationalsymposia that are developed by leading hepatologists. Each eventfeatures expert speakers presenting the finest data in the most currentand critical topics of liver disease. Only AASLD events meet theincreasing demand of hepatology’s growing importance as a medicalspecialty by providing participants the opportunity to exchangeresearch, discuss outcomes, and interact with colleagues focused onliver and biliary diseases.AASLD is accredited by the Accreditation Council for ContinuingMedical Education to provide continuing medical education forphysicians. It is the policy of AASLD to ensure balance, independence,objectivity, and scientific rigor in all its individually or jointlysponsored educational programs.The offering of groundbreaking discoveries by top scientists in theirspecific areas of hepatobiliary research continued in the annualState-of-the-Art Lectures offered during The Liver Meeting® 2009.The lectures featured:Hans Popper Basic Science State-of-the-Art LectureThe Biology and Therapeutic Potential of Small RNAsPhillip A. Sharp, PhDLeon Schiff State-of-the-Art LectureHemochromatosis – a New Disease ParadigmAntonello Pietrangelo, MD, PhDThomas E. Starzl Transplant SurgeryState-of-the-Art LectureWhat Is Critical for Liver Surgery and Partial Liver Transplantation –Size or Quality?Pierre Clavien, MD, PhDHyman J. Zimmerman HepatotoxicityState-of-the-Art LectureBioartificial Livers and Their Potential Use in Drug Toxicity ScreeningLinda Griffith, PhDTRAINThese topics, included within four and a half days of courses andworkshops, plenary, parallel and poster sessions, scientific exhibits,and state-of-the-art lectures met a range of professional needs formore than 7,500 attendees from across the country and around theworld that attended The Liver Meeting® 2009.The Leon Schiff, Thomas E. Starzl, and Hyman J. Zimmerman State-of-the-Art Lectures havebeen endowed with generous contributions from donors to these programs. The investmentearnings help fund these lectures.The Best of The Liver Meeting®The State-of-the-Art Lectures, General Hepatology Update, PostgraduateCourse, Hepatology Associates Course, and the plenarysessions held at The Liver Meeting® 2009 were captured and areaccessible online free-of-charge via the AASLD website. With cutting-edgescience and the most up-to-date source on liver diseases atyour fingertips, and the ability to start and stop your viewing at anytime, The Best of The Liver Meeting® is only second to actually havingattended the meeting.AASLD Postgraduate CourseTopic: Keeping the Patient With End-stageCirrhosis AliveCourse Directors: Arun J. Sanyal, MD, Kris Kowdley, MD, andHugo E. Vargas, MDHeld each year in conjunction with The Liver Meeting®, theAASLD Postgraduate Course highlights a significant issue of liverresearch facing physicians today. The topic for 2009 was Keepingthe Patient With End-stage Cirrhosis Alive. Cirrhosis is a leadingcause of death in the general population, and liver transplantationis the only approach that reliably improves both the duration oflife and the quality of life in patients with cirrhosis and end-stageliver disease. But not everyone is a candidate for liver transplantation,and the outcomes after liver transplantation are criticallydependent on the patient’s clinical condition at the time of transplantation,making optimal management of the patient prior totransplantation critical.1709AnnualReport.indd 174/9/10 4:05:15 PM

e f f e c tchange in public policy related to theresearch and treatment of liver diseasePublic PolicyAASLD has firmly established itself as the leader in the biomedicalresearch and patient care advocacy communities with regard toliver disease. 2009 was a busy year for the AASLD’s members as theyaddressed a wide variety of public policy issues through a numberof venues.Liver Capitol Hill DaySponsoring its first-ever Liver Capitol Hill Day, AASLD membersled representatives of six patient advocacy organizations in a day ofmeetings with Senate and House members discussing issues of greatimportance to the field of hepatology. More than 40 advocates metwith approximately 60 congressional offices to make the case formore research funding and better patient care.18The first AASLD member ever elected to Congress, CongressmanBill Cassidy, MD, from Louisiana spoke at a dinner held that evening.Congressman Mike Honda of California, who chairs the Asian-Pacific Islander Caucus in Congress and has been very active onhepatitis B issues, addressed the group and renewed his commitmentto working closely with the liver community to address the importantissues we were raising.H.R. 3974, the Viral Hepatitis and Liver Cancer Control and PreventionAct would establish, promote, and support a comprehensiveprevention, research and medical management referral program forHBV and HCV infection. No federal funding currently exists forcounseling, testing, and medical referral even though the number ofviral hepatitis infections is growing.AASLD would like to see funding for viral hepatitis increased toaddress the growing numbers of those infected and build on the recommendationsof the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report.09AnnualReport.indd 184/9/10 4:05:16 PM

ResearchMany of the issues promoted by AASLD advanced in a favorabledirection during the year. For example, funding for the NationalInstitutes of Health (NIH) was increased by about $1.0 billion in theFY10 appropriations bill and also received more than $10 billion inthe economic stimulus bill. Similarly, funding for health research atthe Department of Veterans Affairs was increased from $510 millionto $580 million, or by nearly 14 percent.Not every issue is about money, however. AASLD has worked closelywith the Scientific Management Review Board (SMRB) at NIH toassure that the structure of the entities funding research accuratelyreflects the best interests of liver patients and their families.AASLD also enjoyed success protecting resources that are critical toliver research. For example, the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology(AFIP), which houses the largest and most important repository ofliver tissue samples in the world, was recommended for closure bythe Base Realignment and Closure Committee. Working with ourcolleagues in the advocacy community, we have successfully shiftedthe responsibilities of AFIP to a new Joint Pathology Center, preservingthis important resource.The Association’s support of outcomes research and evidencebasedstudies got a big boost from the stimulus bill as well, whichincluded $1.1 billion for such research at the NIH, the Agency forHealthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and in the Office of theSecretary of Health and Human Services.The Liver Meeting® 2009Patient CareOn the patient care side, AASLD has been actively involved in definingthe impact of healthcare reform on liver disease patients. Whilethat issue remains unsettled, it has provided an opportunity to makeclear the importance of liver health. We have actively strengthenedthe interest in liver health as a public health issue through our involvementwith the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Preventionin Atlanta.We have also worked closely with some of the leading officials at theFood and Drug Administration (FDA) to assure that otherwise safedrugs are taken appropriately to reduce the incidence of liver toxicityamong Americans from accidental overdoses.ConclusionAASLD takes seriously its obligation to address public policy issues inthe interest of liver patients and their families. Working through thePublic Policy Committee and the Governing Board, AASLD employsa measured approach to these issues and brings its scientific and policyexpertise to the discussion of important health policy issues.1909AnnualReport.indd 194/9/10 4:05:16 PM

Support t h e V i s i o n a n dmission of AASLD20New Challenges – New SolutionsThe Campaign for AASLDOver $6 Million Raised ForCareer Development Awards • Advanced/Transplant Hepatology Fellowships • Single Topic ConferencesCampaign LeadershipArthur J. McCullough, MD,Campaign Co-chairScott L. Friedman, MD,Campaign Co-chairGary L. Davis, MD, Chair,Corporate Gifts DivisionVinod K. Rustgi, MD, Chair,Leadership Gifts DivisionJohn M. Vierling, MD, Chair,Membership Gifts DivisionNezam H. Afdhal, MDBruce R. Bacon, MDLuis A. Balart, MDJoseph R. Bloomer, MDGuadalupe Garcia-Tsao, MDGary Gitnick, MDGregory J. Gores, MDIra M. Jacobson, MDDonald M. Jensen, MDAndrew S. Klein, MDWillis C. Maddrey, MDJohn G. McHutchison, MDCharles M. Miller, MDRobert P. Perrillo, MDPaul J. Pockros, MDArun J. Sanyal, MDEugene R. Schiff, MDDavid A. Shapiro, MDColeman I. Smith, MDAnthony S. Tavill, MDTeresa L. Wright, MDCampaign DonorsNezam H. Afdhal, MDFrank A. Anania, MDAnonymous (3)Bruce R. Bacon, MDLuis A. Balart, MDJohn A. Balint, MDKimberly L. Beavers, MD, MPHPaul D. Berk, MDDavid & Susan BershadFoundationJorge A. Bezerra, MDD. Montgomery Bissell, MDDr. Joseph & Anne BloomerHenry C. Bodenheimer, Jr., MDRaymond F. Burk, MDSherrie H. CathcartNaga Chalasani, MDDavid E. Cohen, MD, PhDHarold O. Conn, MDDr. Gary & Dail DavisLaurie D. DeLeve, MD, PhDAnna Mae Diehl, MDDr. Son T. Do, Digestive HealthAssociates of TexasHarold J. Fallon, MDMichael B. Fallon, MDJ. Gregory Fitz, MDE. Lee Forker, MDLawrence S. Friedman, MDScott L. Friedman, MDJohn J. Fung, MD, PhDDaniel R. Ganger, MDGuadalupe Garcia-Tsao, MDRobert G. Gish, MDGary Gitnick, MDDr. John & Roseanne GollanZachary D. Goodman, MD, PhDDr. & Mrs. Gregory J. GoresChristina Greathouse, PhD &Kevin KelleyRichard M. Green, MDDr. Douglas & Ruthanne HantoSteven K. Herrine, MDAlan F. Hofmann, MDIra M. Jacobson, MDDonald M. Jensen, MDNeil Kaplowitz, MDEmmet Keeffe, MDW. Ray Kim, MDAndrew S. Klein, MD, MBASamuel A. Kocoshis, MDLouis Y. Korman, MDEdward L. Krawitt, MDDouglas R. LaBrecque, MDPatricia S. Latham, MDZhiping Li, MDT. Jake Liang, MDKeith D. Lindor, MDAnna Suk-Fong Lok, MDMichael R. Lucey, MDKaren Luken, MS, ARNPDi MaWillis C. Maddrey, MDJacqueline J. Maher, MDHala R. Makhlouf, MD, PhDJorge Marrero, MDDeanna Martin, PA-CAlvaro F. Martinez-Camacho, MDKoichi Matsuzaki, MD, PhDDr. Craig & Marion McClainDr. Arthur & Mary McCulloughJohn G. McHutchison, MDBrian J. McMahon, MDEsteban Mezey, MDAlexander Miethke, MDKenichiro Mikami, MDDr. & Mrs. Charles MillerTimothy R. Morgan, MDCynthia A. Moylan, MD, MSJohn R. Muha IIAndrew J. Muir, MDJohn F. Mullane, MDDr. Robert & Elaine OcknerJoseph Odin, MD, PhDMurad Ookhtens, PhDJ. Donald Ostrow, MDDrs. Victor & Valerie OstrowerMelissa Palmer, MDRobert P. Perrillo, MDDrs. Paul & Ann PockrosCarol Jean Potter, MDNikolaos Pyrsopoulos, PhD,MD, MBADr. & Mrs. Jorge RakelaK. Rajender Reddy, MDDonald C. Rockey, MDVinod K. Rustgi, MDArun J. Sanyal, MDSteven Schenker, MDEugene R. Schiff, MDKathleen B. Schwarz, MD09AnnualReport.indd 204/9/10 4:05:16 PM

John R. Senior, MDVijay Shah, MDObaid S. Shaikh, MDDavid A. Shapiro, MDMargaret C. Shuhart, MD, MSMaria H. Sjogren, MD, MPHColeman I. Smith, MDConsuelo Soldevila-Pico, MDMichael F. Sorrell, MDMario Strazzabosco, MD, PhDGrace L. Su, MDFrederick J. Suchy, MDSusan V. Bershard Charitable FundGyongyi Szabo, MD, PhDJayant A. Talwalkar, MD, MPHAnthony S. Tavill, MDDwain Thiele, MDNatalie Torok, MDNaoky Tsai, MDHugo E. Vargas, MDRajiv R. Varma, MDDrs. John & Donna VierlingLaurence ViguieLi Wang, PhDRebecca Wells, MD & John TobiasTeresa L. Wright, MDHal F. Yee, MD, PhDIn Honor of Shirley BrownKatie & Tyler BrognaIn Memory of Michael R. Casey, Sr.Kenneth BeatonThe Casey FamilyDwyer & Collora, LLPMichael & Carolyn ConnollyThomas & LuAnn GabelFlorence GullionCarol KemptonRob Tierney & Karen RichardsonThe Turkovich FamilyIn Memory of Faye CraigRubin RaymondIn Memory of Patricia HopkinsThomas HopkinsIn Memory of Dr. William JackClair AllynAnonymousBonhomme Presbyterian Church,Circle 7Doug & Jean CoffmanJeff & Seda FollisJim & Susan HawthorneMartin JerniganBill & Carol MattsonJames & Anne McLarenWilliam MoskoffMike & Mary Beth NeukommProlog Ventures TeamRobert RamseyMichael SchulerVincent Skroska & FamilyStephen L. WellsWilliam & Melinda WilpElizabeth YountIn Memory of Robert JesulaitisThomas JesulaitisIn Memory of Quentin JonesRubin RaymondIn Memory of Lou & Carol KonicekNancy HarringtonIn Memory of Dr. Eric LemmerCharissa Chang, MDJoseph Odin, MD, PhDCorporate DonorsAvectraCavarocchi, Ruscio, Dennis &Assoc. LLCCCS Fund RaisingCLI GraphicsDelCor Technology SolutionsDigital AcumenDSK SolutionsEmory Conference Center HotelFusion ProductionsJohn Wiley & SonsNext Year’s NewsPSAV Presentation ServicesSciClone Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Stoladi Property Group, Inc.SunTrust BankYanni PartnersFounder’s Circle – $2,000,000+Pioneer’s Circle – $1,000,000 - $1,999,99Visionary Circle – $250,000 - $499,999Liver Institute and Foundation for Educationand Research (LIFER)Innovator’s Circle – $100,000 - $249,999Benefactor’s Circle – $25,000 - $99,9992109AnnualReport.indd 214/9/10 4:05:17 PM

Support2009 Annual DonorsJames W Freston, MD, PhDKatsumi Miyai, MD, PhDArifa Toor, MD22to AASLDJeffrey H Albrecht, MDJoseph M Alcorn, MDShirish A Amin, MD, PCAnonymousMohammed S Anwer, PhD,DMVHShahid Aziz, DOJohn A Balint, MDNathan M Bass, MD, PhDWilliam M Belknap, MDGordon D Benson, MDMichael D Bernstein, MDGeoffrey D Block, MDElizabeth M Brunt, MDNancy L R Bucher, MDStephen H Caldwell, MDRobert CannellaDamaris C Carriero, MSGregorio Chejfec, MDSteve S Choi, MDChuhan Chung, MDLuis A Colombato, MDJeffrey S Crespin, MDAndrew N de la Torre, MDJuan V del Rio Martin, MDJanna W den Ouden-Muller, MDAdrian Di Bisceglie, MD, FACPHans P Dienes, MDSon T Do, MDJohn A Donovan, MDJeremiah P Donovan, MDSandra K Erickson, PhDKimberly FarrellMichael W Fried, MDHong Gao, MD, PhDElizabeth K Goacher, PA-C, MHSAxel M Gressner, MDKeith S Henley, MDElizabeth E Hespenheide, RN, ACNPJoseph H Hoffman, MDAlan F Hofmann, MDWilliam R Hutson, MDGianfranco Iafrancesco, MDHirotsune Igimi, MD, PhDHiromasa Ishii, MDPeter K. Janetschek, MDJonathan E Jensen, MD, FACPRavi Jhaveri, MDSanjeev Kanoria, MBBSM. Farooq Khokhar, MDLeona Kim-Schluger, MDSamuel A Kocoshis, MDRuud A Krom, MD, PhDGerd Achim Kullak-Ublick, MDCharles L Lansford, MDPatricia S Latham, MDCarroll B Leevy, MDM Rita Lepe, MDNancy Leung, MD, FRCPAndy LiStephen Livingston, MDAlec Yen Nien Lui, MDDi MaJacquelyn J Maher, MDGeorge A Makar, MDKenichiro Mikami, MDLopa Mishra, MDMark MonaneRicardo Moreno-Otero, MDRichard H Moseley, MDJohn F Mullane, MD, PhDJose G Oliva, MDAntonio R Perez-Atayde, MDJean-Marie Peron, MD, PhDRobert P Perrillo, MDThu Thuy Pham Thi, MDDaniel S Pratt, MDPatrick G Quinn, MD, FACPGopal A Ramaraju, MDAlexandra E Read, MDDavid Neil Roberts, MDWilliam S Rosenthal, MDCarl B Rountree, Jr., MDAntonio J Sanchez, MDMichael L Schilsky, MDKathleen B Schwarz, MDLeonard B Seeff, MDMarty T Sellers, MDScott SenkerestyThomas E Sepe, MDNikunj N Shah, MD, FACPDavid A Shapiro, MDLesley J Smith, MD, FRCPCRonald J Sokol, MDJames R Spivey, MDDoris B Strader, MDMario Strazzabosco, MD, PhDIrvin H Strub, MDMartin A Swerdlow, MDBrent A Tetri, MDSwan N Thung, MDEsther A Torres, MDEpameinondas V Tsianos, MD, PhDJavier Vaquero, MD, PhDJohn M Vierling, MD, FACPGary D Volentine, MDMiriam B Vos, MD, MSPHJamile Wakim-Fleming, MDStephen C Ward, MD, PhDJohn B Watkins, MDFrancis R Weiner, MDPatrick Y P Wong, MDEdward S Xavier, MDYahoo! Employee GivingIn Honor and MemoryIn Memory of Anne M BauerBill FerroLance KubaKen ManganoAdelina SklyarIn Memory of Cheryl L HagueScott PittseyIn Memory of Dennis HeinleinAnonymousKelley BrownMargaret BrownJennifer DentNicholas & Diane DeRosaDon EakinFriends at Milberg LLPDavid GlicksmanCatherine HajdarovicBrianne HoweStasia Joyce09AnnualReport.indd 224/9/10 4:05:17 PM

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Actual Revenue 2008Assets2008 2007245%6%6%20%41%18%n Research Grants $250,000n Rental Income $262,427n Annual Meeting $5,802,361n Fellowship Grants $815,550n Meetings & Education $693,229n Membership & Website $897,192n Fundraising & Campaign $2,818,597n Publications $2,546,6702%2%CURRENT ASSETSCash and cash equivalents $7,922,243 $6,723,837Investments 12,052,691 17,675,546Contributions receivable, current portion 454,500 40,000Accounts receivable 226,674 553, 229Prepaid expenses 107,956 138,546Total current assets 20,764,064 25,131,158Fixed assetsOffice condominium 8,076,573 8,076,573Furniture and equipment 454,392 455,1028,530,965 8,531,675Less: Accumulated depreciation and amortization (649,544) (364,227)Net fixed assets 7,881,421 8,167,448OTHER ASSETSContributions receivable - net of current portion 854,599 -Deferred financing cost - net of accumulatedamortization of $11,434 130,500 135,231Deferred compensation 71,444 56,578Deposits 58,585 6,040Total other assets 1,115,128 197,849TOTAL ASSETS $29,760,613 $33,496,4551%Actual Expenses 200813%5%6%11%4%32%7%12%9%n Communications $150,627n Executive & Administration $1,475,638n Annual Meeting $3,647,562n Fellowship Awards $1,001,071n Meetings & Education $1,364,646n Membership $772,544n Fundraising & Campaign $492,728n Publications $1,282,776n Research Awards $645,228n Professional Relations $598,511Liabilities and Net AssetsCURRENT LIABILITIESCurrent portion of notes payable $210,535 $208,245Current portion of bonds payable 100,000 100,000Accounts payable and accrued expenses 2,625,634 3,023,671Deferred revenue:Membership 399,680 541,203Meeting registrations and exhibits 100,588 153,636Total current liabilities 3,436,437 4,026,755LONG-TERM LIABILITIESNotes payable, net of current portion 4,179,102 4,389,637Bonds payable, net of current portion 3,700,000 3,800,000Interest rate swap obligation 2,350,013 850,278Deferred compensation liability 71,444 56,578Total long-term liabilities 10,300,559 9,096,493Total liabilities 13,736,996 13,123,248NET ASSETSUnrestrictedUndesignated 8,505,706 13,248,676Board designated 2,396,396 3,038,898Total unrestricted 10,902,102 16,287,574Temporarily restricted 2,059,665 1,024,783Permanently restricted 3,061,850 3,060,850Total net assets 16,023,617 20,373,207Total Liabilities and Net Assets $29,760,613 $33,496,45509AnnualReport.indd 244/9/10 4:05:18 PM

Support2008 2007Temporarily PermanentlyUnrestricted Restricted Restricted Total TotalRevenueAnnual Meeting $5,801,361 $ - $ 1,000 $5,802,361 $5,388,945Fellowship Grants - 815,550 - 815,550 747,300Meetings and Education 693,229 - - 693,229 793,167Membership Dues 897,192 - - 897,192 841,322Professional Relations 23,062 - - 23,062 34,279Publications, Hepatology andLiver Transplantation Journals 2,546,670 - - 2,546,670 2,132,061Research Awards - 250,000 - 250,000 400,000Rental Income 262,427 - - 262,427 60,872Fundraising Campaign 940,936 1,854,599 - 2,795,535 -Net Assets Released from Donor Restrictions 1,587,017 (1,587,017) - - -Total Revenue 12,751,894 1,333,132 1,000 14,086,026 10,397,946ExpensesProgram services:Annual Meeting 3,647,562 - - 3,647,562 3,194,339Professional Relations, Including Public Policy 598,511 - - 598,511 513,437Publication Journals 1,282,776 - - 1,282,776 1,321,603Communications 150,627 - - 150,627 136,917Fellowship Awards 1,001,071 - - 1,001,071 1,486,185Meetings and Education 1,364,646 - - 1,364,646 1,133,733Research Awards 645,228 - - 645,228 968,843Total program services 8,690,421 - - 8,690,421 8,755,05725Supporting services:Governance, Executive and Administration 1,475,638 - - 1,475,638 1,380,439Membership Development and Website 772,544 - - 772,544 779,969Fundraising 492,728 - - 492,728 143,852Total supporting services 2,740,910 - - 2,740,910 2,304,260Total expenses 11,431,331 - - 11,431,331 11,059,317Change in net assets before other items 1,320,563 1,333,132 1,000 2,654,695 (661,371)Other ItemsInvestment income (loss) (4,319,847) (1,184,703) - (5,504,550) 808,686Unrealized loss on interest rate swap obligation (1,499,735) - - (1,499,735) (316,304)Transfer of assets (886,453) 886,453 - - -Change in net assets (5,385,472) 1,034,882 1,000 (4,349,590) (168,989)Net assets at beginning of year 16,287,574 1,024,783 3,060,850 20,373,207 20,542,196NET ASSETS AT END OF YEAR $10,902,102 $2,059,665 $3,061,850 $16,023,617 $20,373,20709AnnualReport.indd 254/9/10 4:05:18 PM

GOVERNANCEAASLD leadership2009 Governing BoardPresidentScott L. Friedman, MDMount Sinai School of MedicineNew York, NYPresident-ElectArun J. Sanyal, MDVirginia Commonwealth UniversityRichmond, VASecretaryJacquelyn J. Maher, MDUniversity of California San FranciscoSan Francisco, CATreasurerMichael R. Lucey, MDUniversity of Wisconsin School of Medicineand Public HealthMadison, WIPast-PresidentArthur J. McCullough, MDCleveland Clinic FoundationCleveland, OHCouncilorsT. Jake Liang, MDNational Institutes of HealthBethesda, MDGuadalupe Garcia-Tsao, MDYale University School of MedicineNew Haven, CTJ. Gregory Fitz, MDUniversity of Texas SouthwesternDallas, TXCouncilors-at-LargeDouglas W. Hanto, MD, PhDHarvard Medical SchoolBoston, MADouglas R. LaBrecque, MDUniversity of Iowa Hospitals & ClinicsIowa City, IAAnna Mae Diehl, MDDuke University Medical CenterDurham, NC262010 Governing BoardPresidentArun J. Sanyal, MDVirginia Commonwealth UniversityRichmond, VAPresident-ElectT. Jake Liang, MDNational Institutes of HealthBethesda, MDSecretaryJorge A. Bezerra, MDCincinnati Children’s HospitalMedical CenterCincinnati, OHTreasurerMichael R. Lucey, MDUniversity of Wisconsin School of Medicineand Public HealthMadison, WIPast-PresidentScott L. Friedman, MDMount Sinai School of MedicineNew York, NYCouncilorsGuadalupe Garcia-Tsao, MDYale University School of MedicineNew Haven, CTJ. Gregory Fitz, MDUniversity of Texas SouthwesternDallas, TXAdrian M. Di Bisceglie, MD, FACPSaint Louis University School of MedicineSt Louis, MOCouncilors-at-LargeDouglas R. LaBrecque, MDUniversity of Iowa Hospitals & ClinicsIowa City, IAAnna Mae Diehl, MDDuke University Medical CenterDurham, NCGinny L. Bumgardner, MD, PhDThe Ohio State University Medical CenterColumbus, OHCommittee ChairsAnnual Meeting Education Committee2009-10 Chair - Frank A. Anania, MDBasic Research Committee2009 Chair - Jorge A. Bezerra, MD2010 Chair - Lopa Mishra, MDClinical Research Committee2009-10 Chair - W. Ray Kim, MDDevelopment Committee2010 Chair - Scott L. Friedman, MDEducation Oversight Committee2009 Chair - Jacquelyn J. Maher, MD2010 Chair - Jorge A. Bezerra, MDEthics Committee2009-10 Chair -Henry C. Bodenheimer, Jr., MDFinance Committee2009-10 Chair - Andrew S. Klein, MD, MBAHepatology Associates Committee2009-10 Chair - Karen Luken, MS, ARNPInternational Relations AdvisoryCommittee2009 Chair - John M. Vierling, MD, FACP2010 Chair - Scott L. Friedman, MDJournals Publications Committee2009 Chair - Michael W. Fried, MD2010 Chair - Michael B. Fallon, MDMembership Committee2009-10 Chair - Rolland C. Dickson, MDFrom left to right: 2009 Governing Board: DouglasLaBrecque, Jacquelyn Maher, Scott Friedman, T. Jake Liang,Guadalupe Garcia-Tsao, Douglas Hanto, J. Gregory Fitz,Anna Mae Diehl, Arthur McCullough, Michael Lucey,Arun SanyalNIH Liaison Committee2009-10 Chair - Gyongyi Szabo, MD, PhDNominating Committee2009 Chair - Arthur J. McCullough, MD2010 Chair - Scott L. Friedman, MDPractice Guidelines Committee2009-10 Chair -Jayant A. Talwalkar, MD, MPHProgram Evaluation Committee2009 Chair - Linda Greenbaum, MD2010 Chair - Mary E. Rinella, MDPublic Policy Committee2009-10 Chair - Hal F. Yee, MD, PhDResearch Awards Committee2009-10 Chair - Craig J. McClain, MDScientific Program Committee2009 Co-chair – Scott L. Friedman, MD2009 Co-chair – Jacquelyn J. Maher, MD2010 Co-chair – Arun J. Sanyal, MD2010 Co-chair – Jorge A. Bezerra, MDSurgery and Liver TransplantationCommittee2009 Chair - Sandy Feng, MD, PhD2010 Chair - David J. Reich, MD, FACSTraining and Clinical Policy Committee2009-10 Chair - Steven K. Herrine, MD09AnnualReport.indd 264/9/10 4:05:18 PM

The Liver Meeting® 20092010 INITIATIVESGlobal Burden of Liver DiseaseAASLD will begin a worldwide effort, working with internationalmedical societies and health organizations to document the burdenof chronic liver disease. The effort will not only attempt to grasp thescope of liver disease worldwide, but also understand the individualand societal impact posed by liver disease.A global forum on liver disease will be held at The Liver Meeting® 2010,Oct. 29 to Nov. 2, in Boston, MA. The forum will include several liversocieties from around the world to discuss the burden of liver disease inglobal regions. One of the many goals is the creation of a white papersummarizing what is known about the global effects of liver diseaseand where more information is needed.AASLD will continue to work collaboratively with the Centersfor Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention, the World HealthOrganization (WHO), the National Institutes of Health(NIH) and sister organizations to promote knowledge andawareness around the public health impact of chronic liverdisease and to create educational programming related toliver health.2709AnnualReport.indd 274/9/10 4:05:20 PM

GOVERNANCE28Practice GuidelinesAASLD promotes preferable methods for approaching therapeuticand preventative aspects of care through the development of practiceguidelines supported by scientific data and position papers based onexpert opinion. While AASLD practice guidelines are flexible and arenot intended as the only acceptable approach to treatment, they aredesigned to assist physicians and other healthcare providers in therecognition, diagnosis, and management of patients with liver disease.Each guideline undergoes repeat publication (in print) everyfive years. Annually, each guideline is reviewed to determine whethernew data have been published that support changes in diagnosticand treatment practices which warrant a change in the recommendations.Published• Updates of four previously published guidelines· Chronic Hepatitis B: Update 2009· Role of Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shuntin the Management of Portal Hypertension· Diagnosis, Management, and Treatment of Hepatitis C:An Update· Management of Adult Patients with Ascites Due to Cirrhosis:An Update• New version of Primary Biliary Cirrhosis• New practice guideline on Vascular Disorders of the Liver• New position paper on Liver BiopsyFinalized• Three guidelines were finalized for publication· Alcoholic Liver Disease (published January 2010 in He pat o l o g yand the American Journal of Gastroenterology)· Diagnosis and Management of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis(published February 2010 in He pat o l o g y )· New version of Diagnosis and Treatment of AutoimmuneHepatitis (scheduled for publication June 2010 in He pat o l o g y )Reviewed• New version of the practice guideline on Diagnosis andManagement of Hemochromatosis• The practice guideline on Management of HepatocellularCarcinoma: An UpdateIn Development• The practice guideline on Medical Management of theLiver Transplant RecipientAuthorized for Development• New version of the position paper on Nonalcoholic FattyLiver Disease• New version of the practice guideline on Evaluationof Patient for Liver Transplantation• New practice guideline on Hepatic EncephalopathyAmerican Board ofInternal Medicine (ABIM)Maintenance of Certification (MOC)Internists and subspecialists certified in 1990 or later are required tocomplete the American Board of Internal Medicine’s (ABIM) Maintenanceof Certification (MOC) program. Every ten years doctorsare expected to verify that they posses a valid and unrestricted licenseto practice medicine, earn a total of 100 points of self-evaluation inmedical knowledge and practice performance, and pass the secureexam in the physician’s discipline.Medical knowledge modules are components of MOC that provideevidence of a commitment to lifelong learning and involvementin periodic self-assessment to guide continuing learning.AASLD collaborated with ABIM in 2007 to develop the hepatologyself-evaluation module. This module will be updated in 2010by partnering with ABIM and will be made available for use bydiplomates.AASLD plans to partner with ABIM in 2010 to develop a PracticeImprovement Module (PIM). PIMs are web-based tools that guidephysicians through the collection of patient data to identify gapsin care and ultimately implement a quality improvement plan fortheir practice.09AnnualReport.indd 284/9/10 4:05:20 PM

Code of Conductfor Members1. Professional Integrity:• Members should strive to improve the care and advance the healthof their patients, advance medical knowledge and demonstrate thehighest levels of professionalism.• Members shall comply with all AASLD policies including but notlimited to AASLD bylaws, AASLD code of conduct as well as alllaws, government regulations and requirements of other bodiesgoverning the member on account of his or her professional status.2. Scientific Integrity:• All research will be conducted in accordance with the member’sinstitutional regulations and federal laws related to animal andhuman research and comply with the highest standards for theethical treatment of animals and humans in research.• All research reported by members will comply with the rules ofauthorship as outlined by the International Committee of MedicalJournal Editors (1997).• All potential conflicts of interest that may potentially bias theconduct and/or reporting of the research must be disclosed by allmembers.3. Personal Integrity:• Members will use AASLD resources/logo for the benefit of AASLDand not for personal gain. Thus, members will not:· Use AASLD employees to perform services for a company/organizationthat the member has ownership interests or receives remunerationfrom.· Engage in unauthorized use of AASLD resources to support anindependent entity in which the member holds a financial or otherinterest.· Use AASLD resources for personal use.· Use the imprimatur of AASLD or ones relationship to AASLD todevelop business and professional relationships that only benefit theindividual.· Influence negotiation of contracts between AASLD and other entitiesthat the member has ownership or direct/indirect financial relationshipswith.· Interfere with the audit process of the AASLD finances or attempt toinfluence the annual independent audit report.• Members shall disclose any relationships that pose or could beconstrued to pose potential conflict of interest such as relationshipswhich may affect or appear to affect Association activitiesand decisions.4. Behavior to promote the missionof AASLD:• Members, when acting on behalf of AASLD, will make decisionsthat are in the best interests of AASLD.• Members will use privileged information that they have accessto for the benefit of AASLD and avoid inappropriate use of suchinformation.29Industry GuidelinesAASLD recognizes the importance of the relations between the pharmaceuticaland medical device/equipment industry and healthcareprofessionals. Several organizations have developed guidelines andcodes of ethics on this subject. AASLD encourages its members to beaware of these guidelines:• Standards for Commercial SupportAccreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education(ACCME)• Code of Ethics on Interactions with Healthcare ProfessionalsAdvanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed)• Opinion 8.061 and other related guidance from the Codeof Medical EthicsAmerican Medical Association (AMA)• Compliance Program Guidance for PharmaceuticalManufacturersOffice of Inspector General (OIG)• PhRMA Code on Interactions with Healthcare ProfessionalsPharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America(PhRMA)09AnnualReport.indd 294/9/10 4:05:20 PM

GOVERNANCEPolicy on Acceptance and Disclosure of External Funds30IntroductionThe primary mission of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases(AASLD) is to be the leading organization advancing the science andpractice of hepatology, thereby promoting liver health and optimal care ofpatients with liver and biliary tract diseases.AASLD may promote these goals by accepting external funds such as grants,sponsorships, or gifts in support of activities designed to meet the missionstatement. One of the major sources of external funds over the past severalyears has been industry, and this has the potential to raise concern that themembership and leaders of our organization may perceive this as a possiblearea of conflict of interest.The AASLD Ethics Committee has written a policy document that offersguidelines for the negotiation and acceptance of external funds to supportAASLD’s mission. Individuals and groups which solicit funds on behalf ofAASLD must be familiar with these guidelines and clearly work within theboundaries that are designated by this policy statement. AASLD takes greatcare to remain independent and unbiased in its adjudication of funds providedby industry and the selection of recipients of these restricted funds.BackgroundExternal funds helps AASLD pursue its mission in several ways by allowingAASLD to pursue worthwhile activities that it might otherwise have toforego due to the lack of resources. They may be offered to AASLD as eitherrestricted or unrestricted grants. Examples include:Unrestricted Funds1. Enables AASLD to undertake initiatives to promote patient care, teaching,and research in liver diseases beyond the capability of internal funds.2. Assist in improving the quality of AASLD meetings by allowing the supportscientific educational programs such as State-of-the-Art Lectures orSingle Topic Conferences (STCs).3. Assist AASLD in providing services of value to members that advance thegoals of the society that are currently beyond the capability of internal funds.Restricted FundsThese are funds offered to AASLD by industry in the form of grants to promotetraining of hepatology fellows and associates. These funds are unencumberedin that they are under the exclusive control of AASLD.Guidelines for the Acceptanceof External FundsGeneral PolicyAASLD may accept external funds for high quality projects that:• Are consistent with its mission for research, education, and improvedpatient care.• Are particularly well suited to be conducted by AASLD.• Meet an education need currently unmet by limitations ininternal funds.• Are free of commercial bias.Educational AssurancesAs required by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education(ACCME), AASLD must retain ultimate control over educational content,selection of speakers, review of educational materials, selection of researchfor presentation, or other public activities with scientific content that arefinanced with external funds. Courses, workshops, or other educationalpresentations at the Annual or other national meetings are considered educationalprojects from the perspective of this policy. AASLD’s educationalprojects comply with ACCME guidelines to ensure its independence fromthe interests of external funders. In addition, and as required by ACCME,speakers must disclose whether any part of their presentation resulted fromexternal funding and whether they have any personal financial interest in thesubject matter of the presentation. AASLD acknowledges all external fundingin the appropriate venue for the activity.Disclosure of SupportAASLD discloses all activities that are partially or completely financed byexternal funds, including but not limited to research awards, presentations,publications, and support of policy efforts.Business RelationshipsAASLD may establish a business relationship with an individual, group, ororganization for the development of journals, books, software, or other educationalproducts. However, acceptance of any funds that come to AASLDfrom these relationships are governed by these guidelines for external fundingof projects. It is appropriate that recognition be given to a sponsor but underno circumstances is it allowable to use such devices to endorse, develop, distribute,or sell products such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics,or other products purported to have a direct health benefit to patients.AwardsWhen AASLD accepts external funds for awards that reflect acknowledgementfor work already completed, awardees are selected based on criteriaestablished by AASLD. The sponsor has no input in the selection criteria orselection of the award recipient. The sponsor cannot impose obligations onthe recipient of an award.AdvertisingAASLD journals accept advertisements for medically-related products andservices. Final judgment regarding the appropriateness and acceptabilityof advertisements rests with the journal’s editorial staff. Advertising in anyother venues is approved by the AASLD Executive Committee and/or GoverningBoard.09AnnualReport.indd 304/9/10 4:05:20 PM

Past Presidents1950Leon Schiff, MD1965Rudi Schmid, MD, PhD1980James L. Boyer, MD1995D. Montgomery Bissell, MD1951Frederick W. Hoffbauer, MD1966Robert E. Shank, MD1981Steven Schenker, MD1996Anthony S. Tavill, MD1952Paul Gyorgy, MD1967Kurt J. Isselbacher, MD1982Willis C. Maddrey, MD1997Nicholas F. La Russo, MD1953Jesse L. Bollman, PhD1968Carroll M. Leevy, MD1983E. Lee Forker, MD1998Neil Kaplowitz, MD1954Franklin Hanger, MD1969Archie H. Baggenstoss, MD1984Robert K. Ockner, MD1999Joseph R. Bloomer, MD1955Robert M. Kark, MD1970Richard C. Britton, MD1985Alan F. Hofmann, MD2000William F. Balistreri, MD1956Wade Volwiler, MD1971Allan G. Redeker, MD1986Marcus A. Rothschild, MD2001Eugene R. Schiff, MD1957Gerald Klatskin, MD1972Burton Combes, MD1987J. Donald Ostrow, MD2002Thomas D. Boyer, MD1958Thomas C. Chalmers, MD1973Harold O. Conn, MD1988David H. Van Thiel, MD2003Frederick J. Suchy, MD1959Richard B. Capps, MD1974John R. Senior, MD1989Paul D. Berk, MD2004Bruce R. Bacon, MD1960George J. Gabuzda, MD1975William H.J. Summerskill, MD1990Roger Lester, MD2005Teresa L. Wright, MD1961Stanley Hartroft, MD1962Hugh R. Butt, MD, MS1976Irwin M. Arias, MD1977Fenton Schaffner, MD1991Michael F. Sorrell, MD1992Jay H. Hoofnagle, MD2006John M. Vierling, MD, FACP2007Gregory J. Gores, MD311963Hans Popper, MD1978Robert Zeppa, MD1993Esteban Mezey, MD2008Arthur J. McCullough, MD1964Telfer B. Reynolds, MD1979Harold J. Fallon, MD1994John L. Gollan, MD, PhD2009Scott L. Friedman, MDAASLD StaffExecutive DivisionSherrie H. Cathcart, CAEExecutive DirectorHeidi A. Bruce, MBADirector of DevelopmentAudrey Davis-OwinoSenior Manager of Governance andPractice GuidelinesNatalie PapalaskarisGovernance CoordinatorJacob SokolDevelopment AssistantAdministrationand FinanceNellie SarkissianChief Operations OfficerJan HeffronMember Services ManagerKristin HutchersonProfessional Relations CoordinatorMark IslamControllerCatherine JuicoJunior AccountantMary KostelcMember Services AssistantChloe SomersOffice ManagerCommunicationsand Public PolicyGregory Bologna, CAESenior DirectorMorgan FinchamEditorial AssistantAnn HaranPublications ManagerKareytis MartinezEditorial AssistantJohn MedaAdministrative AssistantJennifer RamsdellMarketing ManagerJennifer ReginaldMarketing CoordinatorEducationand MeetingsJulie DealDeputy Executive DirectorAkena BetterMeetings and Conferences ManagerBrissan GuardadoMeetings AssistantJaneil KlettDirector of EducationMelissa Parrish, CMPDirector of Meetings and ConferencesEdward PramukEducation ManagerDenise E. SeiseDirector of Exhibits and ProfessionalServicesColin UnserCME Programs ManagerAnne WrobelEducation AssistantIT/Web ServicesResource TeamMichael PickusSenior DirectorPaula McGrawIT/Business Analyst DirectorRoger RiddellWebsite Manager09AnnualReport.indd 314/9/10 4:05:20 PM

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