The TalonVol. 16 Issue 3 Sheboygan Falls High School December 17th, 2008INSIDEChoirs perform winter concert despite snowstormOPINION:Editorial---EducationCAMPUS:Wisconsin---A Look atLa CrosseSPORTS:Dance Team---Freshteam, fresh startCheerleading---Buildingschool spiritWrestling---Big goals forthe seasonACADEMICS:Choir: Winter ConcertNEWSPA: Ms. Hogue isawardedBook Review: Lock andKey by Sarah Dessenby Dylan Setzer,staff reporterThe high school choirswere full of holiday spiritat their concert on Monday,December 8. Despite thesnow storm, the crowd wasfairly large.The choir was directedby Bill Born and accompaniedby librarian NancyJones and junior SpencerHurlbert. Sophomore NateBramstedt was in charge ofsound and lighting.The treble choir performedfirst and performedthree songs. Their first songwas Merrily Sing Noel byLinda Spevacek. Next, thechoir sang A Nativity Carolalso by Linda Spevacek,while freshman Ellen Sonnenbergaccompanied themon violin. The final song,Hey, Mister Santa, was arrangedby Mac Huff. Theaudience wasvery impressedwiththeir wonderfulharmonies.After, themen’s choirperformedSilver Bellsand FelizNavidad.Theconcert choirsang threedifferentpieces startingwith Hodie,a fanfareby Jay Althouse.Performing with theconcert choir were seniorNathan Woelfel, senior AJD’Alberto, and freshmanMichelle Schleevogt ontrumpet, and senior BrandonDebbink and junior LucasWassink on trombone. Theconcert choir’s second songwas The Hands of Winter byMark Hayes and John Parker,whose whisper endingcaught the audience by surprise.A Festive Gloria wasthe final song performed bythe concert choir.Story continues p. 7THE ARTS:Movie Review: TwilightMusic Review: TheGorillazCLUB:Christian ClubFBLASPECIAL:Poem Section: Studentsshare thoughts throughpoetic proseHoliday: Holiday funTHE USUAL:Voices: What’s your NewYears’ Resoluation?He said/She said:Inexpensive, last minutegiftsDancers keep half-time hotby Mandi Stengel,staff reporterOutside it’s gettingcolder and colder, but insidethe gym at half time, it’sas hot as ever as the 2008-2009 SFHS Dance Teamperforms their routine.These dancers have puthours into perfecting theirroutine and love the thrillof performing. The teamconsists of 18 memberscoached by Andrea Berlinand Leah Weckwerth.Captains include seniorsJoanne Fairbotham, CarlyHamer, and Stephanie Lohr,as well as junior captainHayley Schnell.Fairbotham said, “Ithink our team has greatpotential. I’m excited forthe rest of the season andgetting to know everyone.”As the season is progressing,the team is becoming a big“family” and already it isapparent that the end of theseason will be sad.“I’m really glad I tried outfor dance because it’s beena great experience so farwith a bunch of really greatgirls,” said freshman AllieGeise. This team showsthat students from all gradesand social circles can worktogether.The girl’s #1 goal forthe season is to qualify forthe state dance tournament.Each day at practice, thedancers remind themselvesof this goal, which helpsthem stay focused.Currently, the teamis preparing for their firstcompetition, the Raider’sClassic, where the dancerswill face tough competition.Story continues p. 5Wrestlers work to dominateby Heidi Eigenberger,staff reporterThe Sheboygan Falls wrestling team has goals set highfor the 2008-2009 season. Last year the team had 19 winsand 5 losses and was 7-0 in the EWC. After being crownedconference champions, regional champions, and takingsecond at sectionals, the boys lost by a mere one point toPewaukee. The team also sent six wrestlers to individualstate in the 2007-2008 season.This year the Falcons are aiming to earn their fourthconference championship in a row. In regards to the upcomingseason, head coach Fred Brown said, “Winningthree times is dominance, but winning four times is…well Idon’t know, but it puts us at a whole new level!”This year, there are many assistants in the wrestlingroom to help the wide range of wrestlers; the smallest wrestlerwrestles at 103 lbs., while the largest competes at 285lbs. The season began on December 4th with a conferencedual meet against the Kewaskum Indians. The Falcons weredefeated by the Indians 46-19.The team attended their first tournament of the seasonon Saturday December 6th. Varsity wrestlers headed off toLuxemburg Casco, while the freshmen and first year wrestlerswent to Plymouth. The varsity team faced four otherteams, defeating Port Washington 45-30.Story continues p. 5

December 17, 2008 OpinionPage 2The TalonSheboygan Falls High School220 Amherst AvenueSheboygan Falls, WI 53085920-467-7890Fax: GeiseLayout EditorsJosie LamponeSkyler SchwonekBusiness ManagerJackie RammerReporting StaffHannah AbelBrooke BuehlerPeter DobrzynskiDylan DrewsHeidi EigenbergerMorgan KathMarissa KlecknerJacob KlopfNathan KrauseLilly RotterDylan SetzerNora SladeTia SprengelMandi StengelPhotographersAmanda LeslieRuth IradukundaGraphic ArtistsDylan DrewsAmanda LeslieWeb EditorsNathan DegaroPeter DobrzynskiAdviserPatricia DeibertPrinted byThe ReviewPlymouth, WI 53073Education is more than regurgitationby Hannah Geise,editor-in-chiefStudents are trained to memorize- dates, names, events, words, definitions, formulas, theories. Word memorization helps when learning or speakinga language. Memorized definitions will probably be useful in writing. Memorizing formulas is necessary in order to solve math problems, and random,memorized tidbits of info could possibly help someone win a game of Jeopardy. However, in today’s educational system, students aren’t truly graspingconcepts, but are rather regurgitating information. Mary Pettibone Poole justified this view of education when she said, “To repeat what others havesaid, requires education, to challenge it requires brains.” These “brains” that Poole refers to is what acquired knowledge should attempt to create and isessentially the point of education.The purpose of education is to learn how to think, as Bill Beattie says, not what to think. A glossary of terms from the University of California-Berkeley’s website defines education as the “transmission of knowledge and skills from teachers or other competent sources to students.” Is this truly thepurpose of education? Is education merely a transfer of information from one person to another, a regurgitation of facts? While a transfer of knowledgeis part of the education process, the purpose of education involves more. As Beattie said, “The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think,than what to think - rather to improve our minds, so as to enable us to think for ourselves, than to load the memory with thoughts of other men.”A good education is acquired knowledge that enables students to think independently. K.P. Mohanan writes, “When teachers get together and theconversation turns to the thinking ability of their students, they often complain that students exhibit a deplorable inability to think for themselves.”A good education is also challenging. “Too often we give our children answers to remember rather than problems to solve,” says Roger Lewin. These“answers” are constantly memorized by students, and hardly ever do students question answers. Encouraging students to challenge ideas and informationcreates thinkers because, as William Butler Yeats states, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” Education should be a “lightingof a fire”, meaning that students are challenged to analyze, think critically and independently, and work their brains.After high school and college, memorized information alone won’t be of value. Information that has been learned, acquired knowledge, is whatwill be applied to daily life. At work, reciting information won’t help with a job, but applying this memorized information will prove to be successful.Mohanan again writes, “The majority of humans are motivated by the external rewards of money, power, and prestige. It is only a handful of humans whoare motivated by the internal reward of the joy of learning.” This statement reiterates the fact that most students simply repeat information in order toearn grades, but are not truly interested in learning the material for purely the love of learning. Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerfulweapon which you can use to change the world.” A good education, one that fulfills the purpose of education and develops thinkers, can be used tochange the world.The Talon, an award winningmember of the NortheastWisconsin Scholastic PressAssociation (NEWSPA), ispublished six times a year by astudent staff. Views expressedin The Talon are the views ofthe student staff and do notnecessarily reflect the viewsof the administration.The editorinvites thoughtful repliesto editorials and reservethe right to edit for length,spelling, and grammar or notpublish due to inappropriatecontent. All letters to the editormust be signed.Voices in the Hallcompiled by Tia Sprengel“To grow.”Andrew Erinsee, 9th gradeWhat’s your New Years’ Resolution?“My New Year’s Resolution is not tofail…because I always fail.”Jacob Flores, 10th gradeStudents interested injoining The Talon staffare encouraged to seeMrs. Deibert (A 217)or Hannah Geise“I want to stop being so mean to mymom.”Kyle Depagter, 11th grade“I want to complete basic training.”Hope Foelske, 12th grade

December 17, 2008 EntertainmentPage 3He Said/She SaidHe Said:LATEBREAKINGNEWS!!! Christmasis on its wayand that meansgift shoppingtime. Now, whenyou are lookingfor gifts foryour best buddyfrom a class orthe people yousit by at lunch,you don’t want to spend tonsof money on a gift for them. Youjust want something cheap thatsends the message that you caredenough to get them something.For those of you in art class,you can take a little extra time inclass and make something extraspecial for someone. If you’re notin an art class, a great idea foralmost everyone is go to a dollarstore in the area and find somethingwacky that will bring a smileto your recipients’ face for theThere’s a week until christmas, and I still need to get presentsfor parents, siblings, and friends. What are some easy,inexpensive gifts?Responses by Peter Dobrzynski and Brooke Buehlerday. It is even better if there is aninside joke behind the gift.Whatever youdecide to do, makesure you tell yourloved ones that theymean something toyou. Lastly, but certainlynot least, wisheveryone a happyholiday season. It is asimple way to brightena day or remindpeople what thisseason is all about.So, give your friends a holidaygreeting and possibly a gift, andmay you all havea happy holidayseason.She Said:Shoppingfor Christmaspresents that areinexpensive andnice at the sametime can be hard to find, but it ispossible. There are many clearancesales this time of year andyou just have to look for thosesigns.When shopping for theladies, you could look at theclearance jewelry because it isnot as expensive as the new jewelry.Other inexpensive gifts forwomen would be lotion or othertypes of beauty products.When you are shopping formen, you could look for an inexpensivesports teamT-shirt or maybe some cuteChristmas socks or boxers. Someother things that youcould get for anyonewould be eithergloves or a scarf tokeep warm in thewinter. Even a simplemovie pass wouldbe a sufficient gift.Christmas shoppingcan be easy; you justhave to find the rightdeals.MOVIE REVIEWby Jacob Klopf,staff reporterRolling into theaters with fivestar ratings, the movie Twilightis based off the award winningbook by Stephanie Meyer.After months of waiting, thisproduction hit fans with a punch.Senior Jalesa Cowman says,“After reading the book, I couldn’twait for the movie. I would adviseanyone who has not read the bookto do so first before seeing themovie. The book is way better,although I would give this moviea 4½ star rating for how well itwas portrayed.”The movie followed the bookquite well, however certain sceneswere rushed and some majorparts were left out from the book.Actors Kristen Stewart, whoplayed Bella Swan, and RobertPattinson, who played EdwardCullen, brought their charactersalive.This story of a 17-year oldgirl falling in love with a vampireis truly interesting. When Bellamoves to a new town (Forks)and enters a new school, sheis welcomed with open arms.However, one student is not sowelcoming and looks repulsedevery time he sees Bella. EdwardCullen seems to be different.Edward happens to be a vampireand when he smells the sweetnessof Bella’s blood, he goes crazyand tries to prevent himself fromsucking her blood.As Bella tries to understandEdward, the story evolves asheroic acts of love and passionplay out. To anyone who enjoysmovies that could be classifiedunder multiple genres and showdifferent elements of each genre,this is the movie for you!Music Reviewby Nathan Krause,staff reporterThe alternative rock bandnamed The Gorillaz has analbum titled “Demon Days”,and the songs recorded are: 1.Intro, 2. Last Living Souls, 3.Kids With Guns, 4. O GreenWorld, 5. Dirty Harry, 6. FeelGood Inc., 7. El Manana, 8.Every Planet We Reach Is Dead,9. November Has Come, 10.All Alone, 11. White Light, 12.Dare 13. Fire Coming Out OfThe Monkey’s Head, 14. Don’tGet Lost In Heaven, and 15.Demon Days.Many of these songs arewritten by not only the Gorillaz,but also by accompanyingartists, such as Don Harper inIntro, D. Jolicoeur in Feel GoodInc., D. Dumile in NovemberHas Come, and the LondonCommunity Gospel Choir inDon’t Get Lost In Heaven andDemon Days. The members ofthe band go by the names 2D,Murdoc Nicalls, Noodle, andRussel Hobbs.They mix a multitude ofstring instruments in their compositionsand have an almosthypnotic effect to their rhythms.The players of the band includeSally Jackson and PrabjoteOsahn on the violins, IsabelleDunn with the cello, Al Mobbsand Emma Smith playing doublebass, violas played by AmandaDrummond and Stella Page, andpianist Ike Turner.Children’s Choir SanFernandez Youth Chorus 2003-2004 season and The LondonCommunity Gospel Choir arethe two choirs mentioned in themusic. While the music is alluring,it has lyrics in some songsthat are near unintelligible. Itdoes however have one strangeeffect: If you listen to it, youcan tell right away if you like it.Anyways, though it is really upto the listener’s opinion, I give ita 3 out of 5.

December 17, 2008 AcademicsPage 5Wrestling from p. 1Wrestlers competing atPlymouth had two wrestlerstake 2nd place, fourwrestlers take 3rd place,and four wrestlers take 4thplace.Although the seasondid not kick off the waythey were hoping for, thewrestlers are looking forwardto a good season withgreat leaders. “We havevery good leadership, withmany returning varsitywrestlers and captains,”said Brown. The wrestlingteam has over 40 wrestlerson the team with a substantialamount of incomingfreshmen. The team hasbeen practicing hard and isworking towards having anexcellent season this year.CLUB SPOTLIGHTChristian ClubFBLAby Lily Rotter,staff reporterby Hannah Abel,staff reporterWednesday resourcehas just become a littlebrighter with the additionof a new group, TheChristian Club.The Christian Clubwas started last year byseniors Jackie Pecquexand Lyza Reichelt. Theyencountered challengeswhen trying to establishthe club. Pecquex said,“Last year, before ourfirst meeting, some kidssaid they were going topetition against our club,but they got nothing.”The club was approvedand members startedmeeting this year.The club’s first eventwas “See You at the Pole”.About thirty studentsgathered around theflagpole before school topray together and reflect.A club member MandiStengel said, “I was reallycool to see so manypeople there, and fromevery grade.”Coming up this yearthe club hopes to host adrive to raise money forthe Bite Back campaign,which aids families livingin Africa. Many of thesefamilies are at risk fordiseases associated withmosquitoes, so Bite Backprovides mosquito nets.The Club is also planningto organize bible studiesfor students.If you would liketo join the ChristianClub, come to a meetingor talk to one of theleaders. They are open tothe fact that our schoolhas many differentreligions, denominationsand beliefs. Anyone iswelcome and encouragedto join. Reichelt tell us,“We realize not everyonebelieves exactly thesame things, so duringour meetings and Biblestudies we are focusingmore on the big picture:how to be a good personand do the right things.”The club is off to a greatstart and has high hopesfor its future.Whether you plan on afuture career in business or not,the Future Business Leadersof America (FBLA) is worthjoining.The club teaches businessand other life skills thatusually are not taught in aclassroom setting. FBLAis designed to teach peopleabout business functions, havemembers compete in businesscompetitions, have fun, andalso to meet new people. Theclub advisor is Mr. Stone.“Some activities you canparticipate in for FBLA arecommunity service projects,fundraisers, social events, blooddrives, competition at regionalsand state, going to a Buck’sgame, and the data-matchsurvey,” explained sophomoreAndy Ansay.Ansay is a member of theexecutive board and enjoysplanning activities. SophomoreMandi Stengel, anothermember of the board, said,“Last year, when I competed,it was so much fun. You getto meet new people and stayovernight in a hotel withyour friends. Plus the thrill ofcompetition in general is great.It was definitely one of mybest experiences.”When applying for college,a club such as FBLA wouldlook great on your application,especially when majoring inbusiness. If FBLA soundsinteresting, talk to Andy Ansayor Mr. Stone to get more info.Dance team from p. 1While practicing forcompetition, the teamis also working on otherroutines to perform atbasketball games.Many people may notconsider dance a true sport,but the amount of timeand hard work these ladiesput forth is admirable. Thedancers cite “the adrenalinerush” of dancing as oneof the best feelings in theworld. Great job so far girlsand good luck on the restof your season!

December 17, 2008 Page 7SportsCheerleaders strive to build school spiritby Marissa Kleckner,staff reporterWhat does school spiritmean to you? Our schoolhas cheerleaders to createspirit, spirit makers. Theyencourage, shout, yell,chant, applaud, dance, dostunts, and tumble. Spiritisn’t just something packedinto a spirit stick. It’s a littlemore complex than that.The cheerleaders beganto prepare for the seasonover the summer. In July thecheerleaders participated ina cheer camp in Wrightown(near Kaukauna) for threedays. They learned dances,floor cheers, and differentjumps.After a summer fullof preparation, the basketballand wrestling cheerleadingseason has started.“Wrestling is my favoritesport to cheer for becauseyou’re right there with them,you’re right next to them,”said senior Hope Foelske.This year, head coachSue Witt expects the cheerleadersto become confidentin their skills and work as ateam to reach a higher level.The new assistant cheerleadingcoach Amber Witt hopesto gain enough experienceto eventually become a headcoach.“I was a cheerleaderfor four years in highschool. Cheerleading wasmy favorite sport. I enjoybeing able to teach it,” saidA. Witt. This is her first yearhelping out.With some newmembers this year and alarger cheerleading squadthan last year, this year’steam brings some new advantages.“[They] are veryenergetic, work together as ateam, and look good together.They want to learn a lotof new things and work hardon tumbling skills,” said S.Witt.However, along withthese strengths and accomplishments,the squad hassome challenges, such asovercoming falling injuriesand splitting up the squadwhen two sports eventsconflict.Despite their obstacles,the cheerleaders have somegood memories of theseason so far. Their favoritememory is having fun creatingand performing a danceat the pep rally for homecoming.“The most memorablething that happenedthis year was the homecomingroutine. I remember itbecause pretty much theseniors put it together andwe put in a lot of work andeffort. We even had morningpractices,” said Foelske.The cheerleaders andcoaches enjoy the sport andwould like to see more peoplebecome involved withcheerleading. “I think morekids should get involvedwith cheerleading becauseit promotes self confidenceand helps them strengthenteam work skills,” said A.Witt. “You compete and itopens up a ton of opportunitiesfor high school. Mostcolleges have competivecheerleading teams thatcompete around the state.There are a lot of opportunitiesfor scholarships throughcheerleading. Besides collegecheerleading teams,there are also professionalcheerleading teams. Cheerleadingdoesn’t stop at highschool and it’s for guys andgirls,” said S. Witt.Current cheerleadersparticipate for a varietyof reasons. “When I’mcheerleading, I think abouthaving fun and smiling.The feeling of cheerleadingis amazing and makes youfeel good,” said freshmanPaiton Foelske. Senior CoralTheobald said, “Cheerleadinggives me something todo after school and I like theenvironment that it’s in.”S. Witt concludes,“We need suggestions fromthe student body with whatcheerleaders can do to buildschool spirit. What doeseveryone want to see fromus?”Choir from p. 1The Jazz/Show choirperformed three songs aswell. The first song beganas the choir walked throughthe aisles from the back ofthe auditorium to the stage.Here We Come A- Carolingwas the first song. Next,the show choir sang In theBleak Midwinter featuringsoloist senior Emily Hartmann.The final song performedby the show choirwas Beboppin’ Santa Claus.“The Hands of Winterwas my favorite song,” saidmen’s choir, concert choir,and show choir member seniorAndy Minster. “OverallI was very happy with theperformance and I thoughteverything went smoothly.The only part I was worriedabout was the show choircoming up the aisles. Thiswas the first time we havedone this.”Born also did not haveany major worries about theperformance. “The weatherwas the only thing that wasmaking me nervous,” saidBorn. “I was also not reallyworried about memorizationof words; I was moreworried about memorizationof notes.”Born was pleased withthe performance of all hisstudent and he is lookingforward to next year.Happy HolidaysFrom the Talon!

December 17, 2008 HAPPY HOLIDAYSPage 8Across3. the World.4. Dasher, dancer, prancer, vixen,_______, cupid, donner, blitzen.10. Wrapped with love.11. Merry __________!12. Poor grandma.14. Red and white treats.15. Hung by the chimney with care.16. Guardians who announce the goodnews.17. Jolly, happy snowman.HolidayCrosswordanswers found belowDown1. Watch out for a kiss.2. Goodies for Claus.5. First word of famous Christmaspoem.6. Christmas drink.7. Santa’s petite helpers.8. Tree decorations.9. Christmas hater.11. If you send some, you will getsome.13. Jolly Old Saint ________.Sudokuanswers from crosswordAcross3. Joy4. Comet10. Presents11. Christmas12. Reindeer14. Candycanes15. Stockings16. Angels17. FrostyDown1. Mistletoe2. Cookies5. Twas6. Eggnog7. Elves8. Ornaments9. Scrooge11. Cards13. Nicholas

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