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Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionNoted . Notable . Noteworthy . LGBT News & ViewsVolume 23 . Number 10 September 20 . 2008 Printed on Recycled Paper FREEDocumenting the crisisForty writers contribute essays,also openly gay, in Taylorsville, N.C. The companynow boastsrecollections, speeches2and sermons0 0more than 750 employees.8to help gay youthMany people don’t realize how unbridledhomophobia manifests in the lives ofby David Stout . Q-Notes staffIf there is any uncertainty about the stateof lesbian and gay youth in America, openlygay furniture magnate Mitchell Gold wantsthe truth to come out loud and queer: theyare in trouble.“There areteenagers all overthe world todayin crisis modebecause they fearwhat will happenif others discovertheir sexual orientation,”he says.“They sufferdebilitatingdepression, isolation, addiction and possiblysuicidal thoughts.”Gold’s dismay has led him to assemble andedit “Crisis” (Greenleaf Book GroupPress), a new hardcover collectionof essays, recollections,speeches and sermonsfrom 40 gay and allied individualswho document — to quotethe book’s subhead — “the per-2 0 0 8my own challenges as a gaysonal, social, and religious painyouth. And, to be honest, Iand trauma of growing up gay insometimes feel the effects ofAmerica.”those difficulties even now,”“I hope and pray that not onehe allows.more teenager will have to live this“You can’t just walkway, the way I grew up,” says Gold, whoaway from all the hurts thathas achieved much in life despite hisaccompany being gay or lesbian inpainful experiences. In 1989, he establishedfurniture company Mitchell Gold + Bob pletely self-accepting.You have to go through athis society and be instantly healed and com-Williams with his namesake business partner,see Leaders on 16Hit hardHIV rates continue toclimb in gay, bi menpage 13c o p r i g h tAmerica’s 1.6 million lesbian and gay teens,however, the facts are sobering. And literally amatter of life and death.Because gay teens face an increased risk ofWINSTON-SALEM — A play featuringviolence, prejudice and shunning, they are upanti-gay and “ex-gay” religious themes willto four times more likely to attempt suicidebe showcased at Winston-Salem Statethan their heterosexual peers. Tragically, onethirdof all gay youth try to end their own lives. tion company headed by an African-University by a traveling Christian produc-In addition, approximately 28 percent ofAmerican minister and his wife. The duogay students drop out of school, more thanclaims a person can be healed of HIV/AIDSc othree times thepnational average. Therodds ofithrough prayer andgsay an associate pastorh tillegal substance use among gay youth arewith their companyhas done justabout 190 percent higher than for heterosexualyouth.that.‘I hope and pray that not one more teenager will haveto live this way, the way I grew up,’ says ‘Crisis’ editorMitchell Gold.Solo actA Destiny’s Child goesout on her ownpage 18Pride GuideEvent listings, nightlifeand more for SC/NCpage 24Memorializededin film —Harvey y Milkpage 31AIDS prayer ‘healing’ draws firePlay producers create ‘ChurchMess’ at Winston-Salem universityby Matt Comer and David StoutQ-Notes staff“Crisis” addresses these issues and more inWinstonsubmissionsfrom nationally known figuresSalem State is aincluding actors Richard Chamberlain andhistorically blackAlec Mapa, former pro athletes Billy Bean and university. TheJohn Amaechi, Episcopal Bishop The Righthigh rate of HIVReverend Gene Robinson, U.S. Rep.infections amongTammy Baldwin, “Oprah”African-Americandesign guru Nate Berkus and women and menMTV Networks Presidentwho have sex withc o pBrian Graden.r imen make theseg h t“Crisis” also benefits significantlyfrom an apprecialarlycontroversial.messages particublenumber of contribu-(See story on page13.)tors who are not famous,On Sept. 28, the actors and actresses ofare not products of the“Church Mess” are slated to perform atnation’s urban centersWinston-Salem State’s Williams Auditorium.and are still in their late teens and early 20s. A According to C 3 Entertainment, the playhandful of these individuals even reside here“features the religious church mother, thein the Carolinas, while others are native money hungry deacon, the financiallyto the region but have settled elsewhere.affair with the deacon, the choir memberstrapped college student that is having anQ-Notes Editor Matt Comer isthat lives an alternative lifestyle, the membersthat are in love with the pastor, theamong the the book’s Carolina contingent.“At22, I’m young enough‘down-low brother’ that’s hooked on pornographyand the playboy minister of music.”that I still have vivid memories ofC 3 Entertainment’s management, theRev. Chad Everette Cooper and his wifeAlicia Robinson Cooper, also describe theplay as portraying “the church as the bestinstitution in the world for complete healingand deliverance.”In a February interview with “Praise theLord,” a program aired on EvangelicalChristian broadcasting network TBN, theCoopers described homosexuality as a conditionin need of a cure. They also relatedc o p r i g h tq-notes.comthe story of an associate pastor who was“healed” from homosexuality and AIDS.Cooper told the TBN audience that KofiHemingway “was living a homosexuallifestyle 10 years ago. He gives his testimonyat the end of the play about how he was soengulfed in this lifestyle that all of his partnersdied of AIDS.”Cooper further described how Godcured Hemingway’s HIV/AIDS infection.“He was dying of AIDS,” Cooperdeclared. He added that after three days ofprayer and fasting Hemingway “began topick up his weight and the sores began toThe ministry leaders producing the anti-gay ‘Church Mess’ holdskewed and dangerous views of the HIV/AIDS issue.dry up and he went and took the test againand he’s AIDS free.”Hemingway told Q-Notes that he trulybelieves he was cured of HIV/AIDS.However, when questioned further, headmitted that he had never taken an HIVtest prior to his “healing.”“I was losing weight and my glands wereswelling,” Hemingway said.“What happendwas I came into a Bible study and the pastorsaid that the Lord had shown him and hiswife that someone in the congregation hadthe AIDS virus.At that moment I felt like itwas me.”Hemingway said he felt he was infectedand dying because of his weight loss, visiblesores and the fact that he had been sexuallyinvolved with other men who subsequentlydied from AIDS complications.The “ex-gay” pastor also allowed thatit was possible he was HIV-negativeprior to the “healing,” accounting for thenegative test result afterward.see Ministry on 22Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproductionc o p r i g h t2 0 0 8c o p r i g h tc o p r i g h t2 0 0 8c o p r i g h t2 SEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotesNot for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionMaterial in Q-Notes is copyrighted by Pride Publishing & Typesetting © 2008 and may not be reproduced in any manner without written consentof the editor.Advertisers assume full responsibility — and therefore, all liability — for securing reprint permission for copyrighted text, photographs andillustrations or trademarks published in their ads.The sexual orientation of advertisers, photographers, writers, cartoonists we publish is neither inferred nor implied. The appearance of names orphotographs does not indicate the subject’s sexual orientation. Q-Notes nor its publisher assumes liability for typographical error or omission, beyondoffering to run a correction. The editorial positions of Q-Notes are expressed in staff editorials and editor's notes and are determined by editorialstaff. The opinions of contributing writers and guest columnists do not necessarily represent the opinions of Q-Notes or its staff.Q-Notes accepts unsolicited editorial, but cannot take responsibility for its return. Editor reserves the right to accept and reject material as well asedit for clarity, brevity.T A B L E O F C O N T E N T SFront and center:AIDS prayer ‘healing’ draws fire 01Documenting the crisis 01It’s that time of the year 31Whole ‘Milk’ 31c o p r i g h Volume 23 Number 10 September 20, 2008Guest Commentary: Teaching 05PO Box 221841 • Charlotte, NC 28222 • 704.531.9988 . 704.531.1361 Articles:FAXNews Notes: Domestic 07Anti-gay group leader to speak 16To find a copy, go to Notes: Global 06At a glance: NC Pride 25News Notes: NC 08Publisher: Jim YarbroughBusiness at a glance 15News Notes: SC 27Editor/New Media: Matt Comereditor@q-notes.comCharlotte business dethroned? 15Opinion: Oprah 37Couple’s dispute ends with slaying 20Associate Editor: David StoutOut and About 46Equality Ride announces route 26Out in the Stars 44Special Assignments: Lainey MillenEx-HRC head coming to UNCC 41Para Todos 29Graphic Design/Production: Lainey Millenadvertising@q-notes.comGay history month icons chosen 362 0 0 8Q-Poll 05Mortgage industry failed 40Ad Sales:Sudoku 44NC Pride: Out on the town 24Kat M. Read 704.531.9988 adsales@q-notes.comT-Notes: Trans 43New HIV infection rates hit hard 13Tell Trinity 45Jim Yarbrough, Manager 704.531.9988Pray away the AIDS 22Ad Sales . National:PrideFest in crisis 11Rivendell Media 212.242.6863SC Pride: Out on the town 24Stop it now! 20Trans discrimination study underway 10advertisingspace deadlinesFeatures:Dawn of the diva 18New World - mothers’ days 39c o p rTakeiit home, NC writersg h35tXXY - laughing, crying game 42issue: 10-04 deadline: 09-24 issue: 11-01 deadline: 10-22Columns:Anything But Straight: Exs 17issue: 10-18 deadline: 10-08 issue: 11-15 deadline: 11-05 Briefly Political: Endorsement Buffet 28Classifieds 47Community Cards 21/22/23/26EarthTalk: Carbon Footprint 33Editor’s Note: HIV 04General Gayety: Del 05Editorial Contributors:Ambiente, Wayne Besen, Will Billings,Christopher Cappiello, Robbi Cohn, RaineCole, Matt Comer, C. Cane, E/TheEnvironment Magazine, Jeff Hammerberg,Charlene Lichtenstein, Lainey Millen, Rev.Irene Monroe,Kat M.Read,LeslieRobinson, Collier Rutledge, SC PrideMovement, StatePoint Media, David Stout,Trinity, Steve Warrenc o p r i g h t2 0 0 8c o p r i g h tSEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotes 3Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction4 SEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotesEditor’s Noteby Matt Comer . Q-Notes staffP E R S P E C T I V Ec o p rNew spark iHIV actionnumbersgshouldh tRecent reports from the Centers forDisease Control and Prevention (CDC) regardingnew estimates on yearly HIV infectionsand transmissions should spark action in theCarolinas’ LGBT communities.As reported in this issue (see page 13), theCDC estimates that among the more than56,000 new HIV infections each year, African-American gay and bisexual men and men whohave sex with men (MSM) ages 13-29 are at2 0 0 8the highest risk of contracting HIV. Infectionrates for white gays, bisexuals and MSMs arejust as alarming; among them, white men intheir 30s and 40s are at the highest risk.When the CDC released its revised yearlyestimate for new HIV infections in August, itwas revealed the epidemic had been and continuesto be far worse than Americans everrealized. The old estimate of 40,000 new infectionseach year actually hovers around 56,300.Of those infections, 53 percent occur in thegay, bisexual and MSM communities.Imagine for a second there were no newc o p rHIViinfections amongggays, bisexuals andh tMSMs. If it were so, the yearly infection rate of56,300 would drop to somewhere around26,500. Whether we like it or not, the gay communityis going to have to own this disease —it’s ours. It is time for men — of all sexual orientations,but specifically gay and bi men —to start making wiser choices about their sexualbehaviors and the health of themselvesand their partners. It is time for the LGBTcommunity as a whole to do more to supportits gay and bi brothers who still find themselvesat the crux of this disease.Most importantly, it is time for the LGBTc o p rcommunityito reach outgto those men who doh tnot identify as gay or bi, but who still havesexual relations with other men. I don’t quiteknow how that sort of outreach will be2 0 0 8achieved, but I certainly know of a few goodplaces we can start.One place to start might be the African-American church. As in many evangelicalchurches, discussions about any sort of sexualrelations — much less gay people and theirsexual health — are off-limits, ignored andswept under the rug. Here, homophobia runsrampant. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mindthat homophobia and closetedness run handin-hand.The more homophobia and outrightanti-gay attitudes surrounding gay communities,the further in the closet those gays andlesbians will go.African-American church leaders needto finally realize that in order to save ourgay, bi and MSM brothers, as well as heterosexualwomen, they need to let go of theirreligiously-motivated prejudice and hate.They also need to realize that HIV is notonly a gay problem and that homosexuality❛speakout ❜is not a “white man’s disease.”Young men living “on the downlow” and inside their own closetsaren’t getting the messages orsupport they need to be honestwith themselves, their femalepartners and their communities.Another good place to start: theSouth. Just as in the African-American church,homophobia and hate find a nice, cozy homeembedded in the traditional, conservative airs ofthe American South. Southerners are also prettygood at ignoring the very part of life all humanshave in common: sex.What goes on in the bedroomisn’t polite conversation in Southern societyand definitely not a topic at church. In needsto be; as pious as everyone seems sitting in theirchurch pews, there’s still a lot of premarital sexand extramarital sex going on.“The hypocrisy crosses gender and sexualorientation,” blogger Pam Spaulding told me, asshe added,“Racism and the lack of frank educationhas allowed HIV/AIDS to proliferate.”Spaulding hits the nail right on the head:HIV infection rates in the South are soaringhigher than ever. Religious leaders and politiciansuse their understanding of religion tokeep LGBT people quiet and hidden. In sodoing, they encourage living in the closet andprovide no refuge for men to live honest,responsible and healthy lives. Southern civic,political, religious and social leaders need toput their sexual ignorance and anti-gay prejudiceaside and take up their moral obligationto help “the least of these.”And, perhaps, the most important placeto start: The LGBT community itself. Weshould start recognizing that our own racismand prejudice drive away gay and bi men ofcolor and push them into a closet that neitherthe straight nor gay communities wantto see opened. It is time for us to take a long,deep look into how we treat our brothers andsisters and how we respond to the minoritieswithin our own.From queer men and women who need tohold each other accountable for their actions,to Southern politicians and religious leaderswho need a good, honest lesson in what itmight really mean to “love the sinner and hatethe sin,” we must all take a bigger responsibilityfor ensuring the end of HIV/AIDS.But at the end of the day, HIV/AIDS preventioncan be made easier by recognizingthe simplest of all principles: Responsibilityfor self. It is time that we demand all peoplestart taking responsibility for their own bodiesand their own behavior. Practicing safesex, being honest with our partners and gettingregular HIV tests is on us, not anyoneelse. Only we can control what we do with ourbodies. Only we can decide if we respect ourpartners enough to inform them of our HIVstatuses. Unfortunately, I fear this messagehas been lost on many gay, bi and MSM men.The ball’s in our court now. Start playingsafe. Start playing smart. Wrap it up and behonest. This simple strategies will help endthis epidemic. ◗c o p r i g h tSend your letter to the editor or any other thoughts to orclick on over to our website at and join the conversation there.Web comments will be featured in each issue.Limit letters to the editor to 150 words or less and includeyour name, city and state and a phone number where you can be reached.Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionGeneral GayetyP E R S P E C T I V Ecation. Two yearslater the friendsas charged as, well, the electroshock treatmentslesbians then endured.legally hitched. Twice.When San Francisco Mayor Gavinby Leslie Robinson . Contributing Writerbecame lovers and on In 1964 Martin helped found the Council Newsom unleashed gay marriage in 2004,Valentine’s Day in on Religion and the Homosexual, aimed at canny politicos saw that Martin and LyonFarewell to Delc o p r i g h t1953 they moved in overturning laws criminalizing homosexual went first. I’ll never forget that photo of thetogether in Sanbehavior. In 1972 she and Lyon co-authored two elderly, lively women with their foreheadsDel Martin died an honest woman. AfterFrancisco.the book “Lesbian/Woman,” an honest look at pressed together, ringed by teary activists.five decades of living in sin, of shacking up, ofliving outside the bonds of marriage, shefinally wed the love of her life just two monthsbefore she died.Did she have some sort of moral awakening?No, the California Supreme Court did.When the court legalized same-sex marriage,Martin, 87, married her female partner,Phyllis Lyon, 83. The two had been a coupleIn 1955 they and six other lesbians cofoundedthe Daughters of Bilitis (DOB), initiallymeant to provide social activities andquiet support for lesbians. DOB became thefirst national lesbian advocacy organization.As an aside, I’ve long wondered who orwhat “Bilitis” was. Turns out she was a lesbianon the isle of Lesbos in a poem by PierreLouys called “Song of Bilitis.”As to how thelesbian lives. That year she and Lyon also cofoundedthe Alice B. Toklas Democratic Club,the nation’s first gay political club.I’m sure these women must’ve gone onvacation. Once.Martin fought against sexism within the gayrights movement and against homophobiawithin the women’s movement. She was the firstout lesbian on the National Organization forThe San Francisco marriages were voidedand I bet you can guess who served as plaintiffsin the California marriage case that ledthe state Supreme Court to scuttle the ban ongay nuptials.On June 16, after a mere 55 years of co-habitation,Martin and Lyon stood in front of MayorNewsom and were wed. Legally handcuffed.After Martin’s death, Lyon said,“I am devastated,but I take some solace in knowing welonger than Sears and Roebuck. As a lesbian word is pronounced, you’re on your own.Women’s board of directors. In 1976 Martinpioneer, Del Martin, who2died on Aug. 27, is0Martin was DOB’s0first president. In 8the first published “Battered Wives” and became awere able to enjoy the ultimate rite of love andpart of the reason the court and society have issue of “The Ladder,” the group’s newsletter that nationally known advocate for battered women. commitment before she passed.”evolved so profoundly on gay rights.would become a monthly magazine, she wrote, In 1995 she and Lyon were delegates to the Del and Phyllis were political until the endPersonally, it’s a mystery to me how one “Nothing was ever accomplished by hiding in a White House Conference on Aging, where they — beyond. Mourners are asked to contributeperson can possess such guts and certainty. Ihave a feeling someone else got shortchanged.dark corner.Why not discard the hermitage forthe heritage that awaits any red-bloodedmade a splash by announcing to attendeesthat LGBT people actually age Del’s name to the fight against the proposedstate marriage ban. Flowers are nice, but freedomlasts longer. ◗Martin and Lyon met in Seattle in 1950 American woman who dares to claim it?”They were the poster children for “Thewhen both were journalists for a trade publi-In the 1950s such words must’ve seemed personal is political.” The capper was getting info: .❛guest commentary ❜by Raine Colec o p r i g h tTeaching baby to walkAfter the conclusion of the Democratic Rights Convention in Seneca Falls and 144Yes, I want marriage, but I think that we— Q-Notes strives to afford the CarolinasConvention last month some friends of minewere bemoaning the failure of the party’s platformto call for same-sex marriage. Theirresponse was coupled with an “I want changeand want it NOW!” attitude and, sadly, a lackof willingness to listen to reason.We live in what I like to call a “Microwaveyears from when this nation was founded.Those who fought this battle did so recognizingthat while they might not reap the benefits,their daughters or even granddaughters could.Some lost their families, their homes, their freedomand, yes, their lives. Just for us.The members of the LGBT communityneed equality first.I want to be able to go to work without thefear of being fired because I am a lesbian. Iwant to be able to be by my partner’s side ifshe is in the hospital — or her by mine. I wantmembers of the LGBT community to be ableto serve openly in the military.LGBT community an open forum fordiscussion and commentary. The views ofguest commentators do not necessarilyrepresent the official views or positions ofQ-Notes, its editorial staff or publisher.Society” — one in which everything is eitherinstant or fast. Instant news, instant messaging,must adopt this same mindset and while wefight for ourselves we must also fight evenEquality will only be achieved by our persistenceand by our patience.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •instant credit allowing for instant pur-Whattis causing theing cash (leading of course to instant debt). nity take it for granted that they can live openly.We are no longer arrested or committed to a They don’t try once or twice and then give up epidemic among the gay,the hands and guide them along — patiently.continued HIV/AIDSThe cost of convenience has been ourpatience.mental health facility — all of which happenednot that long ago.ning. Parents are patient and persistent, help-because the child did not hit the ground run-bi and men who have sex withWe have become so conditioned to instantmen (MSM) communities?gratification that we have lost sight of the way If you have not seen the documentary ing the child along, and when the child doeschases instead of savingcfor a while and pay-oharder for those who will follow.Too manypmembers of the LGBTrcommu-Have you ever watched a parent help ababyitake those first steps?gThey hold themhbythings actually happen. I think we need to “Last Call at Maud’s,” I urge you to. This film, start walking they really take off!See the options and vote atwww.q-notes.comtake a step back and look at how long it hastaken us to get to where we are now.and others like it, will give you a good idea athow our sisters and brothers were treated inI call for all members of the LGBT communityto be those patient, guiding, supportive hands.During the Convention we were remindedthat in the U.S. women have only had the rightto vote for a mere 88 years. This did not happenthe pre-Stonewall years.Look at what is happening today in placeslike Iran, Jamaica and even here in AmericaLet’s teach this baby to walk. ◗Ed. Note: Raine Cole is a former co-chair ofPride Charlotte and currently serves on the festival’s❛ online q.poll ❜taskovernight — it took 72 years from the Women’s2 0— people are dying!0 8force.c o p r i g h tSEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotes 5Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction6 SEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotesG L O Btrip with our partner and fromdoing other activities,” saidby Matt Comer . Q-Notes staffSaulo “Sandino” Hernández, ac o p rMitchamigets stargtreatmenth tfashion designer, to El País andtranslated by Andrés Duque ofSYDNEY, Australia — While openly gay The local gay communitysaid the ban “violates the right of free-Olympic diving champion Matthew Mitchamis touring Europe with his partner Lachlan dom to develop one’s personality.” They alsoFletcher, organizers backargued that “thehome are readying for nextbasic principles ofyear’s Gay and Lesbian Mardithe right to equalitywould be bro-Gras parade.“Matt is someone we’reken, next to theconsidering, along with a fewright to free mobilityof any person.”others, and we’re keen tohave a discussion, and we’reAccording tokeen to have a discussionYorlavi Victoria, a2 0 0 8with him,” new Mardi Grasrepresentative ofgeneral manager Anna McInerney told The the mayor’s office, the ban is only in effectBusselton-Dunsborough Mail.“But it’s not a from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. and is still in a trialdone deal.”stage. She said the city would consider givingGays aren’t the only ones chomping at the gay men living in the city an exemption frombit to get a piece of Australia’s new Golden Boy the ban if the mayor’s office received a list— whose notoriety was sealed when he aced with their names. Frank Salazar, a spokespersonfor the opposition, said the idea of a list ofhis final dive to win gold in the 10-MeterPlatform in Beijing. Sponsors and sportsnames was a delicate issue. Both sides haveagents are looking to snap him up, as well. agreed to talk more.Principal faces gay sex chargesBANJUL, Gambia — A high school principalc o p r iin this African nation’sgwestern regionh tappeared before a magistrate’s court on Sept. 5over sex charges stemming from students’allegations. Alimameh Dukureh was arrestedJuly 29 for allegedly engaging in homosexualacts at the school. It is not clear if the allegationsinvolved sexual relations with students.He has denied the charges.Two teenage students from Dukureh’sschool, whose names were withheld, recentlypleaded guilty to homosexuality when theyrecently appeared before the same magistrate’scourt. The students told court officials Dukurehencouraged them to engage in sexual activity.Gay men decry motorcycle lawTULUÁ, Colombia — The mayor ofColombia’s fourth largest city has banned allmen from riding on the back seat of a motorcycle.The new law, criticized by the gay male community,appliesto mopeds,scooters and otherc o p rsmallimotorcycles. Commonlygan easy andh tcheap mode of travel, motorcycles have latelybeen used in numerous robberies as a way forcriminals to make a quick getaway with thethief hopping on the back seat. The city governmentis looking for ways to curb the trend.“This measure has affected us very much,since the ban keeps us from going out on aA LInternational News NotesIslands pass gay marriage banCAYMAN ISLANDS — Lawmakers in thisCaribbean territory of the U.K. voted Sept. 5 infavor of a ban on same-sex marriage, accordingto The Cay Compass.At press time,the bill,in the form of an amendment to the marriagelaws of the territory, still required the legalformality of a third vote before complete passage.Lawmakers unanimously approved themeasure in its second vote.“The people of the Cayman Islands aresending a clear signal that they do not wish tochange the definition of marriage,” Leader ofGovernment Business Kurt Tibbetts said.“Thepurpose [of this amendment] is to confirmand clarify what the Marriage Law has alwaysc o p r i g hmeant in Caymaniantsociety.”Lesbian moms face harassmentLawmakers believe their action reflects theCWMBACH, Wales — A lesbian mother wishes of the majority of the islands’ population.And some government leaders want therecently spoke to the website Wales Onlineabout the brutal treatment she and her family ban to go further — banning recognition ofwere dealt by neighborhood teens and others. same-sex civil unions performed by theCalling the teens “homophobic thugs” and Islands’ mother country and ensuring that“vandals,” Josie Henly-Einion said,“We would transgender people cannot wed according toget groups of kids, youngsters of 12 and 13, their gender-identity.shouting abusive things. Some of them wereAttorney General Samuel Bulgin said thethings I don’t want to repeat, saying lesbian, government needs more time to research thehomophobic things, sexual things and makinggestures.ramifications of those changes.“The defini-law and any possible changes, as well as the2 0 0 8“That started happening when we were tion is sufficiently wide enough for the timetaking our child out to the park. He would be being,” he said.hearing it and I didn’t want him hearing that.”Henley-Einion also said the family experiencedanti-gay vandalism and that her son wasroutinely hit by other children in the village.Official caught in gay visa scandalSYDNEY, Australia — An immigrationofficial is being investigated for his involvementin what The Sydney Morning Herald hascalled a “bizarre bid to gain political asylumfor his clients.According to the daily paper, RaymondSolaiman took Indian and Bangladeshi men toa gay sex worker and photographed them insexually explicit positions. The photographswere then used by Solaiman to argue hisclients were gay and faced persecution in theirhome countries.The Department of Immigration becameaware of the problem when as many as adozen immigration applications arrived containingphotographs of different men with thesame male partner. ◗Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Task Force names new secondWASHINGTON, D.C. — Darlene Nipper, aseasoned leader with nearly two decadesexperience innon-profitmanagementand programdevelopment,public policyadvocacy andoutreach,budget managementandcoalition building,has beennamed deputyexecutivedirector of theNational Gayand LesbianTask Force,effective Oct. 1,2008. ExecutiveDirector RaeNot for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionNational News Notesby David Stout . Q-Notes staffD O M E S T I Cjudge David J. Audlin Jr., stemmed from In November 2007, the Montgomerythe case of an openly gay Key West fosterfather who has been trying to adopt law prohibiting discrimination on the basis ofCounty Council voted unanimously to pass ac othe 13-year-oldpboy he has raisedrsince genderiidentity in employment,ghousing, publicaccommodations, and taxi and cable serv-h t2001. The adoption was ruled to be in the“best interest” of the unidentified teen, ice. The measure was signed into law and setwho has special take effect February 21, 2008, but was put Campus design team.The social worker assigned toconduct a home study in the case“highly” recommended the manand his partner, noting that theyprovide a “loving and nurturinghome,”“fair and consistent” disciplineand financial security.During the proceeding the boywas asked why he wanted to beadopted by his foster father.2 0“Because0I love him,” the teen8explained.Florida is one of only twostates (along with Mississippi)New NGLTF Deputy Directorthat explicitly bans adoption bygay parents. The law has beenruled unconstitutional twice inthe past, but both challenges havebeen lost in higher courts.on hold when signatures were submitted insupport of a petition to place a repeal measurebefore voters.Twelve Montgomery County residents fileda lawsuit challenging the validity of signaturesthat were submitted, as well as the processused to certify them. In July, the Circuit Courtfor Montgomery County ruled that the measureshould appear on the November ballot,concluding that the lawsuit was untimely. TheCourt of Appeals decision reverses the CircuitCourt ruling.LGBT high school proposedCHICAGO, Ill. — LGBT advocates want tocreate a Chicago high school for LGBT students.The Greater Lawndale Little VillageSchool for Social Justice has submitted a proposalto Chicago Public Schools, which willmake a decision about the school by the endof October. The school, named Pride Campus,would serve students who feel isolated andunsafe at their current schools.“We hope this venue will further theprocess by providing a venue where policyIf approved, Pride Campus would openin fall 2010. There is currently one schoolin the U.S. specifically serving LGBT students,New York City’s Harvey Milk HighSchool. The executive director of HarveyMilk High School is part of the PrideStudy examines Big Apple couplesNEW YORK, N.Y. — A new study compiledby UCLA’s Williams Institute from Census2000 data finds that there are nearly 26,000same-sex couples in New York City, most ofwhom (62 percent) live outside of Manhattan.“We need to look beyond ‘Will & Grace’ tounderstand the lives of gay and lesbian NewYorkers,” study co-author and Senior ResearchFellow Gary Gates said.Census data show that the city’s same-sexcouples are raising an estimated 8,400 childrenin their homes, with 92 percent of childrenbeing raised by same-sex couples outsideof Manhattan. These families have averagehousehold incomes between 7 percent(Brooklyn) and 36 percent (Staten Island)lower than their married counterparts. Theyare also less likely than their married counterpartsto own their own homes in everyborough except Manhattan.There are also significant differences in thecharacteristics of same-sex couples among thefive boroughs. For instance, while same-sexDarlene NipperRuling halts trans ballot fightCarey held the position before she was chosen ANNAPOLIS, Md. — The Marylandto replace Matt Foreman, who stepped down Court of Appeals, the state’s high court, ruledas Task Force head earliercthis summer.oSept. 9 that apreferendum petition seekingrtoi g h trepeal a new law prohibiting discriminationJudge rules against adoption ban based on gender identity may not appear on and practices supportive of LGBTQA students male couples outnumber female couples by aKEY WEST, Fla. — A Monroe Circuit this November’s ballot, reversing a decision can be formulated and spread throughout the 3-to-1 margin in Manhattan, the proportionsCourt judge has found the state’s 31-yearoldban on adoptions by gays and lesbians civil rights protections to a vote indesign team spokesperson Bill Graves told and female couples outnumber male couplesby a lower court that would have put basic rest of Chicago Public Schools,” Pride Campus are fairly even in Queens and Staten Islandunconstitutional. The ruling from circuit Montgomery County.Chicago’s Windy City Brooklyn and the Bronx. ◗c o p r i g h t2 0 0 8c o p r i g h tSEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotes 7Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionN O R T H CA R O L I N ANorth Carolina News Notesby Lainey Millen & Matt Comer . Q-Notes staff ENC to holdc o p r i g h tconference, galaCHARLOTTE DURHAM — The Second Annual EqualityConference and Gala will be held on Nov. 15 atIt’s a real dragDuke University.CHARLOTTE — Lip Service, the QueenCity’s only open mic for the mature and creativeLGBT community, is kicking offMasquerade Month on Oct. 1 with B Who YaWanna B at Faces Nite Club, 2815 Crisman St.Doors open at 8 p.m. and participants mustsign up to read by 8:43 p.m.Drag kings or costume enthusiasts areencouraged to read as their alter egos. Prizeswill be awarded for the best presentation.2 0 0 8Cover is $7. Parking is free.For more information, email L. Monique or‘How to’ on membershipCHARLOTTE — The Charlotte BusinessGuild (CBG) Small Business Seminar will beheld on on Sept. 24, at 5:30 p.m. at the Lesbian& Gay Community Center, 820 Hamilton St.,Suite B11.Topic for the event is “The Civic andMarketing Value of a Charlotte Chamberc o p rMembership.”i g h tMichael Greene, investor recruitment;Lori Lewis, chief revenue officer; and KathyVitale, investor recruitment of the CharlotteChamber of Commerce will outline the benefitsof a Chamber membership. During thisseminar, participants can learn how to connectand network; access tools and resourcesto grow business; and learn how theChamber is an advocate for issues thatimpact the business community and theCharlotte region.The Guild is is a Diversity Partner withc o p rthe CharlotteiChamber.gCBG members canh treceive a 50 percent discount on ChamberMembership.Please bring business cards or businessideas to share. The presentation will be followedby a question and answer session withan additional opportunity to network.For more information, call Melissa Woodsat 704-661-6368 or visit the Chamber websiteat dynamic event features a full day of cutting-edgeworkshops, speakers and celebration.The Conference is North Carolina’s largestLGBT forum.A keynote panel will feature noted nationalleaders including Mara Keisling (NationalCenter for Transgender Equality), KateKendell (National Center for Lesbian Rights)and Alexander Robinson (National BlackJustice Coalition). Attendees will also be ableto choose from a wide-range set of workshopscovering topics such as community organizingin small towns, LGBT health and wellness, anintroduction to transgender issues for LGBallies, and more.Following the Conference will be theGala, chocked full of fun, friendship, foodand festivities.Student rates are available.For more information and to register, or contactSeth Maid by email at expands visionDURHAM — Reconciling UnitedMethodists (RUM) has announced that TheSanctuary at Lakewood has joined the list ofinclusive congregations across the state. Thecongregation voted in late August to open itsdoors to the LGBT community.On Sept. 9, RUM sat down with students atLouisburg College to share stories and voiceconcerns about the intersection of faith, sexualitiesand the church. This was the first offour meetings scheduled during the Fall.RUM and Calvary United MethodistChurch are teaming up to join others duringthe NC Pride march festivities on Sept. 27.They will also have booth space.For more information, call Caleb Parker at919-667-3787 or email support?DURHAM — Therapist Jessie Sell, an advocateand friend to the transgender communityfor several years, is interested in starting a TGsupport group. She has found limited resourcesEASTERN for members of this often invisible community.She is interested in creating a safe place forLend a handindividuals to come and express themselves2 0 0 8GREENVILLE — Due to some recentwithout judgment. She is in the initial planningstages of formulating the group, but want-unanticipated renovation costs The TipsyTeapot, 409 S Evans St., needs community ed to gage interest and need in the Trianglesupport to ensure it’s doors remain open.area. She is open to creating a group based onOver the years it has evolved into a much issues relevant to its group members.needed free thinking space of expression and There is no established time line Tipsy has expanded to bring live She has expressed her passion to create somemusic, wireless internet access, poetry nights, resources that she feels are lacking.V-Day events, an English-style brunch onFor more information, call Sell at 919-225-Sundays, the sale of beer and wine, and, more 3478 or email, Indie films. It has continued to providea space where everyone may experienceWESTERNdiversity acceptance and community.Ways to help are to frequent the establishment,share with others the need for assis-MAGGIE VALLEYRetreat slatedc o p r i g h t— The annual Thetance at Tipsy, attend special events and contributemuch needs funds to assure that the bian and gay Christians will be held on Oct.Cross & The Rainbow spiritual retreat for les-doors remain open.10-12 at Living Waters Reflection Center.For more information on how to help, callJoin others during the 10th annual retreatDelia at 252-413-0087 or visit in a warm and welcoming atmospherehcr0916/tt or next page >8 SEPTEMBER Not for Reproduction 20 . 2008 • QNotesCopyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproductiondesigned to allow participants to makefriends, share stories and strengthen one’srelationship with God. Enjoy group sessionsand meals, a mountain hike, a Catholic Mass(where everyone is welcome) and quiet reflectivetime. The cost is $90 for the whole weekendand includes a semi-private room, sixmeals and the retreat sessions.Retreat Director will be Fr. Frank Cancro,pastor of Queen of the Apostles Parish inBelmont, N.C. It is sponsored by The DiocesanMinistry for Gay and Lesbian Catholics,Diocese of Charlotte, N.C.For information or to reserve a space, callDavid Ferguson at 704-921-5711 or email(with ‘retreat’ in the subject box) other news, the Diocese Ministry willhold its first service project on Oct. 25 at theHouse of Mercy in Belmont. A 5 p.m. massN O R T H CA R O L I N Aposts. Melody is well known in the Queen City sors and staff, designed to coincide with thefor his work with the beginning of Metrolina leadership conference.AIDS Project, among other initiatives. Cicotello Undergraduate student cost is $165c ohas devoted muchpof her time to workrwithin on/beforeiNov. 1 and $225gafterwards.h tthe church on behalf of the LGBT community. Professional staff/advisors/graduate studentcost is $195 on/before Nov.1 and $255STATEWIDE afterwards.It’s greek to meSTATEWIDE — The Out Greek NationalLeadership Conference will be held on Nov.14-16 at DePaul University, Lincoln ParkStudent Center, 2250 N. Sheffield Ave.,Chicago, Ill.Share coming out Greek stories and networkwith other LGBT inclusive and ally leaders.Learn strategies for a safer, more LGBTfriendlycommunity.This the first of its kind for undergraduateRegistration includes program materials,entertainment and select food during thethree day conference. Payment must berecieved prior to the conference.To register, to submit a proposal or formore information (including hotel and traveldata), visit’s not toaster timeSTATEWIDE — Are you ready to make adifference in a college student’s life? Do youwant to recruit out LGBT ally students? Thenthis is your opportunity.Campus Pride will host a number of fairsacross the U.S. over the next few months.Perhaps you are an alumnae of one of the universitiesor colleges that are hosting events.Campus Pride will be on hand at the followinguniversities or locations: Oct. 3,University of Minnesota-Twin Cities; Oct. 11,University of Pennsylvania; and April 18, SanDiego LGBT Community Center.Free and open to the public, the CampusPride College Admission Fair allows studentsand their families the opportunity to interactcollege/university may exhibit at the annualfair(s) by having designated staff, students orpast alumnae share their LGBT-Friendly programsand services. Registration is required forexhibitors only.Special feature presentations include“Finding Your LGBT-Friendly Campus” byShane L. Windmeyer, executive director ofCampus Pride and author of the first-ever“The Advocate College Guide for LGBT & AllyStudents,” listing the Top 100 LGBT-Friendlycolleges and universities in the United States.Participants will learn about scholarshipsand other queer tips like how to best navigatethe college admissions process, prepping forcampus visits, as well as how to find LGBT andally scholarships and other financial assistance.Any interested LGBT and ally students andtheir families/friends are welcome to attendthe fair without any prior registration. Forthose who plan on bringing a van or bus froman area high school or youth group, for assistance withspecial parking and any logistics.A grand prize drawing giveaway withDVDs, CDs, books and more will take placethroughout the day, so anyone can win.If your school is not listed, perhaps youcan help coordinate with officials to be a partof the Campus Pride College Admission Fair.Vendor space is also available for a fee.For more information on the campuses to2 0 0 8fraternity and sorority leaders and is sponsoredby Lambda 10 Project, an educationalwill be offered at Queen of Apostles ParishChurch, 503 N. Main St., followed by a pizza initiative of Campus Pride.dinner with House residents.The Lambda 10 Project, founded in 1995,Other events slated for the Fall and Winter works to heighten the visibility of LGBT membersof the college fraternity and sorority by serv-are a Taize prayer service at St. Peter's CatholicChurch in Charlotte; an evening of reflection ing as a clearinghouse for educational resourceson Nov. 12 in Asheville (for more information, and materials related to sexual orientation andcall Guy Morris at 828-230-1607); and an gender identity/expression. The conference willEpiphany party on Jan 4 in Charlotte. Plans highlight the progress on issues of sexual orientationwithin Greek life and introduces aare underway in Asheville for a parents listeningsession with LGBT people and their families,as well as a mini retreat for the Hispanic other strategies to be more LGBT-inclusive.“Transgender Action Guide”as well as manycommunity.To be a workshop presenter, submit a pro-c o p r i g h twith colleges and universities that value LGBT be visited, schedule and programs, vendorOn a final note, long-time leaders within the posal by Sept. 26. Highlight your efforts or and ally people. The fair features campuses that registration or to volunteer your services, visitDiocese stepped down, making way for others ideas to be inclusive of sexual orientation and have demonstrated this commitment by participatingin the LGBT-Friendly Campus Climate info: Announce your community event in NC News ◗to participate. Kevin Melody of Charlotte and gender identity/expression issues in fraternityChris Cicotello of Asheville have vacated their and sorority life. There will be a track for advi-Index ( email: or fax 704-531-1361.c o p r i g h t2 0 0 8c o p r i g h tSEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotes 9Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionR E S E A R C HTrans discriminationstudy underwayc o p r i g h tOnline respondents sought for ‘data will help point the way to an appropriatecritical national effort’policy agenda to ensure that transgender peoplehave a fair chance to contribute their talentsin the workplace, in our educational sys-by David Stout . Q-Notes stafftems and in our communities.”NCTE and the Task Force have partneredwith Pennsylvania State University’s Center forthe Study of Higher Education to collect andanalyze the data. Survey organizers noted that“applying rigorous academic standards to theinvestigation will strengthen any case made tolegislators, policy makers, health careproviders, and others whose decisions impactthe lives of transgender people.”WASHINGTON, D.C. — The NationalCenter for Transgender Equality (NCTE) andthe National Gay and Lesbian Task Force havelaunched a comprehensive national survey tocollect data on discrimination against transgenderpeople in housing, employment, public2 0 0 8accommodations,health care,education,familylife and criminal justice.The study comes amid one of the worstyears on record for anti-transgenderviolence, as determined by NCTE. Todate, several gender non-conformingpeople of color have been murdered,including California junior highschool student Lawrence King whowas shot dead in class, SimmieWilliams who was gunned down on astreet corner in Florida and AngieZappata who was beaten to death inColorado.c o p rTransiactivists havegalso spenth tmuch of 2008 fighting to keep genderidentityincluded in the Employment2 0 0 8Non-Discrimination Act. This is crucial,they explain, because discriminationin employment can lead to unstablehousing situations, inadequatemedical care and reliance on publicprograms and public officials whomight not respond respectfully orappropriately.The Comprehensive National Survey onTransgender Discrimination will look at thec o p rfullirange of challengesgfacing transgenderh tAmericans as well as the factors that triggerthem.“We know that transgender people face dis-or Task Force websites.crimination on multiple fronts,” said MaraKeisling, executive director of NCTE.“This datawill help us sort out the combination of forcesthat leave transgender people vulnerable tounemployment, homelessness and violence.”Jaime Grant, director of the Task ForcePolicy Institute said,“There is so little concretedata on the needs and risks associated withthe widespread discrimination we see in thelives of the transgender people we know. This‘We urge all transgender and gender non-conformingpeople to take the survey. We needeveryone’s voice in this, everyone’s participation,’said Mara Keisling.A national team of experts in surveyresearch and transgender issues developed thequestionnaire, which can be completed online(see address below). Surveys can also bedownloaded for printing by going to the NCTE“This is an absolutely critical nationaleffort,” Keisling said.“We urge all transgenderand gender non-conforming people to take thesurvey to help guide us in making better lawsand policies that will improve the quality of lifefor all transgender people. We need everyone’svoice in this, everyone’s participation.”To take the survey online, go to ◗info: • www.thetaskforce.orgc o p r i g h t10 SEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotesNot for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionC O M M U N I T YPrideFest in crisisAsheville event loses home, battlescommunity scrutinyby Matt Comer . Q-Notes staffWNCCHS property on Oct. 11.c o“I knew itpwas in October,” Gomezrtoldi g h tOIA.“The issue is there was no communicationthroughout the year…there was anassumption…”ASHEVILLE — Asheville Pride is in crisis OIA also reported that they had yet to— that’s what monthly LGBT publication Out receive any press releases from Ashevillein Asheville reported on Sept. 11.Pride organizers. Q-Notes received a releaseThe annual festival’s 2008 event is scheduledfor Oct. 11 and was to take place on the event at Q-Notes Online. The story was lateron Sept. 10 and wrote a brief story on theproperty of Western North Carolinapulled when editorial staff heard the groupCommunity Health Services (WNCCHS), a had lost its location.non-profit community health service provider. Adding to the perception that festival plannershad failed at effectively communicatingHowever, Pride organizer and founder KaliBrewer announced Sept. 211 that the celebrationhad lost its home and was in desperate organization was also offered a vendor space0with the surrounding0community, several8leaders of Ashevillebasedorganizations toldAsheville Pride — all dressed up and no where to go.the publication they hadalso not heard of any festivalplans thus far.The lack of transgenderand gay male participationin the event hasalso raised concerns.Brewer said the festival’schoice of gay singer JoshZuckerman was anc o pattempt to reachrout toi g h tgay men. A transgendersupport and socialneed of a new location. As of Q-Notes’press at the event. ◗time, Asheville Pride had yet to find one.— Out in Asheville’s Lin OrndorfBrewer was notified of WNCCHS’ withdrawalof their sponsorship on Sept. 9. She alsocontributed to this report.said that the “entire festival is already planned.”All the group needs now is a location.WNCCHS Executive Director CarlosGomez told the monthly publication that alack of communication, publicity and diversityled to his group’s sponsorship cancellation. Healso bemoaned what hecinterpreted as festivalo p r i g h tvendors’ quest for money. After last year’s festival,he said he overheard vendors’ lamentingtheir lack of sales.“I thought it was a community event, not amoney-making event,” Gomez said.“I told Terithat if we did this event again, we need to havemore input and community involvement.”That input never came, Gomez charged.His group never heard from Asheville Prideorganizers concerning plans for the 2008event until August. By then, another eventfocusing on the gay Latino and transgendercommunity had already2been scheduled on0 0 8c o p r i g h tSEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotes 11Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproductionc o p r i g h t2 0 0 8c o p r i g h tc o p r i g h t2 0 0 8c o p r i g h t12 SEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotesNot for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionH E A L T H CA R ENew HIV infection rates hit Carolinas hardBlack gay/bi youth at highest risk,says CDCby Collier Rutledge . Q-Notes staffc oand of Hispanics/Latinosp(5,220 infectionsrin thei18 CDC interventiongprograms forhthe Alliance oftAIDS Services-Carolinas willblacks vs. 3,330 among whites and 2,300HIV/AIDS, only two are directly targetedjoin other Triangle community members onamong Hispanics/Latinos).”toward black gay men.Sept. 22 for a “Faith Forum addressing theThe statistics are from 2006, the latest year Kevin Fenton, the CDC HIV/AIDS division HIV/AIDS Epidemic in The (sic) Triangle’sfor which figures are available.For whites, men in their 30s and 40s wereat the highest risk. White men accounted for46 percent of all new HIV infections amongMSM populations.The CDC cautioned that new HIV infectionsdirector, said more than 80 percent of blackgay and bisexual men “have never come incontact with a CDC-approved HIV-preventionintervention.”In North Carolina, new HIV infection rate40 percent higher than the U.S. rate. In 2006,African American Communities.”Various faithleaders as well as state Rep. Ty Harrell (D-Wake) are participants.In Charlotte, Metrolina AIDS Project hassuccessfully run D-UP!, a program targetingyoung MSM communities of color. Q-Notesthe state had a rate of profiled the program in the Aug. 23 issue’s featured32.2 cases perarticle,“Fighting AIDS with sex.”100,000 people asColumbia’s Palmetto AIDS Life Support2 0 0 8compared to aServices runs EMPACT, or Empowering Mennational rate of 22.6new infections per100,000 people. About72 percent of all newHIV infections in theTar Heel State weremen. Fifty-seven percentof those wereATLANTA — Last month the Centers forDisease Control and Prevention (CDC)released a report detailing new estimated figuresfor new HIV infections per year. Jumpingfrom 40,000 new infections each year to morethan 56,000, the CDCalso said the burden forthe increase was “greatestamong gay and bisexualmen of all races.” TheCDC then noted that afull 53 percent of all newinfections occurred ingay and bisexual menand men who have sexwith men (MSM).According to a secondaryreport releasedby the CDC on Sept. 11,new estimates place gayand bisexual African-American males age 13-29 at the highest riskof contracting the virus that causes AIDS.“Among MSM overall, there were morenew HIV infections in young black MSMThis graphic, from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, details the numbersof new HIV infections across race and age. The statistics are from 2006, the latestyear for which figures are available.rates continue to have a “severe impact of HIVamong gay and bisexual men of all races andethnicities,African Americans, and Hispanics/among MSM.South Carolinaalso saw an increasein its HIV infectionrate, especially among its African-Americancommunity.According to The State (Columbia,S.C.), new HIV infection rates among blackc o p r i g hAn HIV/AIDStawareness and preventionposter from D-UP! and the MetrolinaLatinos” but that “within these groups, theAIDS Project.communities accounted for more than triple(aged 13-29) than any other age/racial group impact is most severe among young black gay that of all other races combined.Through Prevention, Action, Community,of MSM,” read a CDC fact sheet.“The number and bisexual men, white gay and bisexual men Several AIDS service organizations in the Collaboration and Training. The programof new infections among young, black gay and in their 30s and 40s, and black women.”Carolinas have begun efforts to reach out to specifically works with African-American agebisexual men was roughly twice that of whites Atlanta’s Southern Voice reported that of African-American communities. In Raleigh, 25 and up. ◗c o p r i g h t2 0 0 8c o p r i g h tSEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotes 13Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproductionc o p r i g h t2 0 0 8c o p r i g h tc o p r i g h t2 0 0 8c o p r i g h t14 SEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotesNot for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionI T ’ S A L LCharlotte business dethroned?B U S I N E S SMore N.C. companies outside ofcompanies based outside of the bustlingAlthough South Carolina had no companiesc o p r i g h tQueen City listed with HRCCarolina metropolis than those on the inside. listed with HRC’s 2009 Index, the Tar Heel StateCorporate IndexOften derided as “The Great State ofbrought home a treasured five companiesMecklenberg,” it might just seem that Charlotte receiving the national advocacyby Matt Comer . Q-Notes staffjust lost her big business throne to her smaller organization’s perfect 100 score. Has Queen Charlotte lost her crown?WASHINGTON, D.C. — In what might comeas a shock to many Queen City business folk, theHuman Rights Campaign’s 2009 CorporateEquality Index contains more North Carolinaneighbors around the state — at least when itcomes to gay friendliness. Seven of the 11charted companies are based in Greensboro,Salisbury, Taylorsville, Raleigh and Winston-Salem — only four are based in Charlotte.“But wait just a minute there,” CharlotteansThose companies include theCharlotte-based Bank of Americaand Wachovia, Taylorsville’s MitchellGold + Bob Williams, Greensboro’sReplacements, Ltd. and Winston’sReynolds American.might respond.“More of our companies gotOther Carolina companies listedperfect scores.”in the report included: Winston-At a glance…“Yeah…whatever,”Winston-Salemites cry Salem’s BB&T (Score: 48), Charlotte’s2 0back.“Wachovia0used to be ours anyway!”8Compass Group USA (Score: 65),Five North Carolina companies“Go smoke some more Camels, Winston,” Charlotte’s Duke Energy (Score: 75),received perfect 100 scores in theGreensborians exclaim.“We have the fine, fine Salisbury’s Food Lion (Score: 95),Human Rights Campaign Corporatechina and we’re national HRC sponsors!”Raleigh’s Progress Energy (Score: 68) andEquality Index. The companies receivinglesser scores and the reasons why“Us, too,” scream the Taylorsville, Mitchell Winston’s Wombyle, Carlyle, Sandridge & RiceGold + Bob Williams furniture makers.“We’re (Score: 65).are listed below:sponsors, too!”A lack of transgender diversity training orBB&T Corp., Winston-Salem, N.C.Score: 48 (2008 Score: 25) — Does notprohibit discrimination on the basis ofgender-identity/expression, does notinclude gender-identity/expression indiversity training, does not offer partnerhealth insurance or other benefits regularlygiven to heterosexualccoupleso p r i g h tCompass Group USA Inc.,Charlotte, N.C.Score: 65 (2008 Score: 65) — Does notprohibit discrimination on the basis ofgender-identity/expression, does notoffer transgender-inclusive health insurancecoverage, does not have employersupportedemployee resource group or afirm-wide diversity councilDuke Energy, Charlotte, N.C.Score: 75 (2008 Score: 60) — Doesnot prohibit discrimination on thebasis of gender-identity/expression,does not offer transgender-inclusivehealth insurance coverage, does notc o p r i g h toffer full partner health insurance orother benefits regularly given to heterosexualcouplesFood Lion, LLC, Salisbury, N.C.Score: 95 (2008 Score: 80) — Does notoffer transgender-inclusive health insurancecoverageProgress Energy, Inc., Raleigh, N.C.Score: 68 (2008 Score: 68) — Does notprohibit discrimination on the basis ofgender-identity/expression,2does not0 0 8include gender-identity/expression indiversity training, does not offertransgender-inclusive health insurancecoverageWomble, Carlyle, Sandridge &Rice, LLC, Winston-Salem, N.C.Score: 65 (2008 Score: 65) — Does notprovide diversity training covering sexualorientation, does not prohibit discriminationon the basis of genderidentity/expression,does not includegender-identity/expression in diversitytraining, does not offer transgenderinclusivehealth insurance coverage,does not offer full partner health insuranceor other benefits regularly given toc o p r i g h theterosexual couples— More detailed listings and figures areavailable at transgender health insurance coveragewere the primary reasons for lower rankingsfor North Carolina companies.Two of the companies — Replacements,Ltd. and Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams — aregay-owned and operated. ◗info: 20 . 2008 • QNotes 15Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction16 SEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotesF A I T H & V A L U E SAnti-gay Focus on the Familyleader to speak in N.C.Truth”; Erwin Lutzer, author and pastor ofChicago’s Moody Church; William Dembski,author, scholar and educator and others.Many of the speakers have been known toespouse anti-gay views, or are closely associatedwith organizations that do.“Attendees will receive the answers neededfor today’s spiritual questions and beequipped and empowered to live out theirfaith and share it effectively,” Dr. Alexc o p rMcFarland,ipresidentgof Southern Evangelicalh tSeminary, said in a press release.“We arebringing together the nation’s leading powerhouseson Christian apologetics and no mat-and “therapies” exist. ◗c o p r i g h tJames Dobson will speak at church ter what happens in this year’s presidentialin Novemberelection, which will have taken place just a fewdays before the conference, Christians willby Matt Comer . Q-Notes staffneed to be equipped more than ever on howto defend the truth.”CHARLOTTE — The anti-gay spokespersonand president of the nation’s leading radi-covered during the two-day event will includeAccording to conference organizers, topicscal “family values” organization will speak at the Christian worldview, moral relativism,the National Conference on Christianhomosexuality and gay marriage, respondingApologetics in early belief systems that oppose Christianity,James Dobson of the Colorado Springs, moral purity and sexual abstinence, ethical2 0 0 8Colo.-based Focus on the Family will speak at issues,stem cell research,the sanctity ofthe conference Nov. 7-8, to be held at Hickory human life and more.Grove Baptist Church. The theme for thisThe conference also as a youth track foryear’s conference is “A Summit on Defense of teens, college students and youth leaders.the Biblical Worldview.” The various panelsPhil Hargett, an officer with theand sessions will focus on radical, anti-gay Mecklenburg County Gay and Lesbian PoliticalChristian doctrine espoused by such organizationsas Dobson’s.has no plans yet to protest Dobson’s appearance.Action Committee (MeckPAC), said his groupOther speakers include Chuck Colson of“It’s my opinion that when James DobsonBreakpoint and Prison Fellowship Ministries; and those aligned with him use their rigidJosh McDowell, radio host, author and evangelist;Lee Strobel, journalist and author;authenticity of people who are gay, he and hisinterpretation of Christianity to deny the veryDinesh D’Souza, author and former senior ilk unwittingly help the cause of gay equality,”policy analyst during the Reagan administration;Hargett said.“They end up motivating thec o p r iDr. David Noebel,ga biblical worldviewhmajority of fair-mindedtAmericans to standexpert and founder of Summit Ministries; Del up and say ‘enough’ to the use of one group’sTackett, leader of Focus On the Family’s “The religious beliefs to deny another group theirbasic authenticity and equality.”The 2006 Apologetics conference held atthe same church featured the “ex-gay” lesbianMelissa Fryrear, a Dobson associate who presentedher story of “Sharing Christ with theHomosexual.” Fryrear is a leader of the “exgay”Love Won Out conferences produced byFocus on the Family and Exodus International.The City of Charlotte is home to two “exgay,”Exodus-affiliated ministries and oneaffiliated church. All told, the Carolinas arehome to six Exodus ministries and churches,although more anti-gay and ex-gay ministriesLeaders document crisisfrom page 1process of healing. That’s why I feel particularlyproud to be part of this project with somany others who’ve been there.”2 0 0 8Along with Comer, Gold and Williams,additional contributors with ties to theCarolinas are:Brent Childers, executive director of Faithin America who shares his journey from religion-basedintolerance to genuine acceptance.Jimmy Creech,a former United MethodistChurch pastor who was stripped of his credentialsin 1999 for his steadfast support ofthe LGBT community. He debunks the notionthat being gay or lesbian is a sin.Lane Hudson, communications director ofFaith in America who recalls hisc o p rinternalistruggle withgcoming out.h tKevin Jennings,founder oftheGay, Lesbian and StraightEducation Network (GLSEN)who underscores the tragic costsof schools that don’t visibly andactively support gay and lesbian students.Elke Kennedy,founder ofSean’s Last Wishwho recounts the devastation of losing a gayson to homophobic violence and her drive togive Sean’s death a degree of purpose throughher activism.Jarrod Parker, a 22-year-old Emergency,Fire and Aeromedical Services worker inGreenville, S.C., who recounts an incident ofanti-gay abuse at the hands of fellow camp leadersthat begins his trek toward self-acceptance.Rev. Dr. Stephen Shoemaker, senior pastorat Myers Park Baptist Church who contributesa sermon he delivered to his congregationin 2001 calling for the full inclusion ofgays and lesbians in the life of the church.Proceeds from sales of “Crisis,” availablenow at White Rabbit and other book retailers,benefit seven organizations providing directservices to LGBT Youth. They are: The TrevorProject, GLSEN, The Point Foundation,Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays(PFLAG), Ali Forney Center, LA Gay andLesbian Homeless Shelter and MCC-NYHomeless Youth Services/Sylvia’s PlaceHomeless Youth Shelter. ◗Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionAnything But StraightP E R S P E C T I V EGuard, until it wasshown that she hadThe convention’s most pleasant surprisewas its lack of overt gay bashing. Perhaps,by Wayne Besen . Contributing Writernot made one executivedecision in this only a few years ago. Or, maybe “Familyattacking gays is not polling as well as it didEx-gays and ex-Republicansc o p r i g h tcapacity. Then, she Values” was an inappropriate theme consideringPalin’s “Family Vaudeville.”was lauded for herThe first thing that struck me about theanti-corruptionBut, gay Log Cabin Republicans had littleRepublican National Convention in St. Paulwas the stunning lack of diversity. Only theGOP is capable of making Minnesota whiter.Into this cocoon of caucasians stepped theultra-pale John McCain and his moose-whackingVP, Sarah Palin, who together could havebilled the ticket as “Powder and Gun Powder.”This convention proved that the GOP doesnot run on actual persons or positions, butefforts in Alaska, even as she was under seriousinvestigation for abusing her power. Mostdisturbing, Palin described herself as an advocatefor special needs children, as she cut thestate’s Special Olympics budget in half.It is scary to think that McCain believesPalin has enough foreign policy know-how torun this nation during a time of war. Indeed,his vice presidential pick did not get a passporttime to rejoice before Palin’s church said thatbeing gay was a choice. The Wasilla BibleChurch was caught promoting Focus on theFamily’s Love Won Out conference, with a Bibleinsert that said,“You’ll be encouraged by thepower of God’s love and His desire to transformthe lives of those impacted by homosexuality.”It is imperative that Palin answers whethershe agrees with the views of her church. If sheuntil 2007. There are literally college-age does, Log Cabin should immediately withdrawmanufactured personas and plot lines. Thephony dog and pony show2began with the0backpackers traipsing0around hostels in8their endorsement of McCain. Unfortunately,enormously wealthy Mitt Romney, a former Europe with more overseas experience.Palin will not talk to reporters until the GOPgovernor of Massachusetts, who oddly condemnedthe snooty Northeastern elite. This portray himself as an agent of change. His mes-wheels. The smokescreen her campaign isIt was also fascinating to watch McCain believes she is ready to go without her trainingpampered pretty boy was born with a silverspoon in his mouth, yet he haplessly works tofool blue-collar conservatives into believingthat that the shiny utensil is aluminum. Hasany politician ever been more “Full of Mitt?”The most fantastical fiction of the week wasthe Cinderella story of “Sarah Palin.” The onlyWhite House anyone ever thought she wouldlive in was an igloo, yet there she was onsage essentially was to re-elect Republicans toreform America from the mess that the sameRepublicans got us into. This was highlightedby the GOP’s Herculean efforts to renderGeorge W. Bush invisible. If they had shovedBush any deeper into the closet, he would havebumped into Sen. Larry Craig.Cheering on the sidelines was baronessCindy McCain, wearing an outfit that Vanity Fairusing to justify her silence is that she shouldnot have to discuss her religious beliefs.Interesting, how a woman who recently askedAlaskans to pray for a natural gas pipelinenow believes religion is off limits.If Palin says that she endorses Love WonOut, it could cost McCain the election. Considerthis: In 2000, national exit polls put the gayvote at four percent, with 25 percent sayingAmerica’s largest politicalcstage. The joyousopriced at $300,000.pRepublicans wentrbonkers thatithey voted for Bush.gThis translated intoh tthrill from her two main constituencies — the when John Edwards got a $400 haircut — yet one million gay votes for W., which may havereligious right and the tabloids — was palpable. seemed ambivalent about her majesty’s opulent cost Gore Florida and New Hampshire.Palin portrayed herself as a reformer, even costume. I suppose the GOP is the party of theWhile homosexuals can’t be turned intothough she was for the infamous,“Bridge toNowhere” before she was against it. She toutedher experience as head of Alaska’s Nationalworking class, if you count the minions toilingon Cindy’s dress, jewelry, make-up and hair, aswell as tending to McCain’s private jet plane.ex-gays, Palin’s support of such ministriescould create enough ex-Republican gays toswing the election in favor of Obama. ◗c o p r i g h t2 0 0 8c o p r i g h tSEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotes 17Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionP O P C U L T U R EDawn of the divac o p rMichelleiWilliamsgdelights gay fansh tby discovering her dance-pop destinyby C. CaneMichelle Williams has been reaching out tothe gay community likeBarack Obama hasbeen reaching out tothe Right. The formerDestiny’s Child divahas endless YouTubevideos shouting out thegays, and there’s even a2 0 0 8Michelle look-a-likecontest, which willsurely bring in the dragqueens. She also performedduring NYCPride weekend at gayclub Splash with adance troupe of shirtless,hunky men.Yes, Miss Williamswants our support, andshe’s willing to lose herbreath for it! Herc o p rupcomingialbum,g h t“Unexpected,” is purepop, demanding us todance till dawn. In fact,“We Break the Dawn,”the album’s first single,gave the successfulgospel artist her first#1 hit on the Billboarddance charts.In this one-ononeinterview,Williams breaksdown her love affairc o p rwithigays, playing bi,g h tand how to battle aBeyoncé drag queen.2 0 0 8What can your gay fans expect from“Unexpected”?Expect just fierceness all the way through!Expect to dance; just expect Michelle Williamscoming out in her own way. I’m having a ball.Expect a side of Michelle that maybe somealways knew existed, and they just couldn’twait to see it. Expect a classic album.You, Beyoncé and Kelly have done gaypress for your solo records, butto‘Expect a side ofmedespite your gay following, there wasn’treally any gay press while you wereDestiny’s Child. Why didn’t you reachout to the gay community as a group?I have no idea. I don’t have an answer for that,honestly. I’m not giving you a politically correctthat maybesee it.’some always knew existed,and they just couldn’t waitanswer. Although we knew we had gay fans. Wesaw that at the shows — they were living!Some of the music, like “Lose My Breath,” weknew the queens were going to be tipping!I don’t know…did gay press come to us ordid they not feel they had to because we hadaddressed them already with the costumesand songs? We appreciate them. There aretimes I’ve gone on YouTube and I’ve seen dragsee next page >c o p r i g h t18 SEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotesNot for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionP O P C U L T U R Equeens as Destiny’s Child or Beyoncé. We definitelyfeel that love. I think that’s why individuallywe can give that love back because wedidn’t get a chance to do that as a group.Who’s the first gay person you met inyour life?When I was younger — this is so typical andcliché, but — it was the choir director at mygrandmother’s church. I probably shouldn’thave said that because I don’t know if he wasreally open with it. [Laughs]Well, you had a sense!Yeah! I had a sense as a child.You know, somethingwas different! [Laughs] Some of myclosest friends are gay. [They’re] the ones thatkeep us together, keep us in line, tell you thetruth. I have a straight male best friend thattells me the truth, but there is somethingabout a gay queen. He’s like: “I ain’t got nothingto lose, so I’m going to tell you the truth,not.” We are all judged for being different, so crush?form shoes! ◗that’s all I can say from my religious standpointis to judge not. People can argue the Rihanna!” Honey, just put Rihanna down![Pauses] Lord, now they’ll be like,“She likesc oBible up and down,pall day long. Peoplerhave [Laughs]i g h ttheir own interpretation.Do you get hit on a lot by women?But how about God is love first and foremost,and it’s important to have that relation-their ownI haven’t really had it direct and hard, but inway.ship with God. Christ being the one, my specificone, and what my conviction is may notbe your conviction, but that’s somethingthat one has to personally work out withGod. If you feel like your walk is solid, keepit moving!What are your thoughts on gaymarriage?If that’s who you love and that’s who youwant to be with, it’s not going to affect me atthe end of the day. I don’t think about it; Idon’t worry about it.2 0 0 8You played Shug Avery in the musicalversion of “The Color Purple” inbaby! I’ve been there, done that, so what is theworst reply you can tell me that I haven’t Chicago. Shug was a little lesbian, aheard?” I think that’s the toughness that comes little bisexual.with it.She was a little of everything!Patti LaBelle once said, “The gays will Were you at all nervous about playingmake or break your ass!” How importantis it to have a gay fan base?If that’s all someone focused on in “The Colora bisexual character?It’s definitely important because they are going Purple,” you missed the whole story about loveto be loyal. They know what it’s like to stick and overcoming things. I talked to my mothertogether. I’m happy to gain that fan base, so and she said,“Baby, it’s just acting, don’t worryI’m looking forward to having fun this year about people, especially in the gospel community.It’s okay; you’re going to be fine.”with this record.Given your religious background asShug needed some love and she thoughtDid it make youuncomfortable?No, I had fun — I’d flirtback!If a Michelle dragqueen had to battle aBeyoncé drag queen,what advice would yougive the Michelle dragqueen?c o p r i g h tWell, since me and Beyoncéa Christian, how do you reconcile she was showing Celie love. Before you know have both fallen, you shouldyour religious beliefs with the gaycommunity?Well, the thing that shuts me up is “judgeit, it was something in Celie that empoweredShug as well.If you were bi, who’d be your girlfall fabulous, honey! Roll,do the splits — and havesome goldfish in your plat-— “Unexpected” (Music WorldEntertainment/Columbia Records) is out Oct. o p r i g h t2 0 0 8c o p r i g h tSEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotes 19Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction20 SEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotesStop it now!L O V E & H A T ECouple’s dispute endswith slayingc o p r i g h tHistory of domestic violenceceedings. She also never filed for a restrainingpreceded shooting deathorder against West.The victim’s body was sent to the Will Billings . Contributing Writer Office of the Chief Medical Examiner inChapel Hill for an autopsy. The medical examiner’sinitial conclusion was that GutierrezLEXINGTON, N.C. — A history of domesticviolence ended tragically for a lesbian coupleon Sept. 1.Davidson County Sheriff David Grice tolddied from the gunshot wounds.Tammy Starlette Miller West, 44, of 367 Q-Notes that his department is taking the caseAve. K in Southmont, was charged Sept. 2 seriously and treating the homicide no differentlythan any other. He also said his depart-with murder. She is accused in the shooting2 0 0 8death of her girlfriend, Samantha Leathment treats all domestic violence cases equally,whether gay or straight.Gutierrez, 35. The couple had lived togetherfor about a year.The Dispatch has covered the case as aAccording to The Winston-Salem Journal shooting between “roommates.”and The (Lexington, N.C.) Dispatch,Davidson The home West and Gutierrez shared wasCounty Sheriff ’s Deputies found Gutierrez owned by the former. West’s daughter is nowdead in the couple’s kitchen when theystaying in the house, Darryl Windsor,responded to a 911 call West made around 5 Gutierrez’s brother-in-law, told Q-Notes.Hep.m. Gutierrez had several gunshot wounds and his wife, Marie, have custody ofand a .22 caliber rifle was found in the room. Gutierrez’s 13-year-old daughter.In January, West was charged with misdemeanorsimple assault and communicating cult time securing Gutierrez’s personal prop-Windsor said the family was having a diffi-threats. She was also accused of threatening erty from the house. He added that the familyto shoot Gutierrez. The charges were dropped was considering filing a wrongful death suitc o p rwheniGutierrez failedgto appear in court pro-hagainst West. ◗tCHARLOTTE — Ten years ago this year,the nation was ravaged by a series of bias andhate crimes, including the tragic murder of aUniversity of Wyoming student namedMatthew Shepard. Today his legacy and storylives on. Stop The Hate, an educational initiativeof Campus Pride, is dedicating 2008-09 toc o p rtheimemory of all victimsgof hate and hash tpartnered with the Matthew ShepardFoundation to host two national trainings thisFall and Spring to prevent bias and hatecrimes on college campuses.Announced on Aug. 25 as a 10 year observanceto “Remembering the Legacy ofMatthew Shepard,” the first three day Stop TheHate Train the Trainer program will be held onthe East Coast at Winthrop University in RockHill, S.C., Nov. 6-8, 2008. There will also be aspecial benefit concert on Nov. 7 held at theUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte in2 0 0 8tandem with this training. The second StopThe Hate Train the Trainer program will beheld on the West Coast at Napa Valley Collegein Napa, Calif., on April 14-16, 2009. The trainingsprepare participants to conduct workshopsdesigned to raise awareness about hatecrimes and bias incidents as well as developeffective strategies to prevent such acts.“We are very pleased to be intimatelyinvolved in the Stop the Hate program,” saidJudy Shepard, mother of Matthew Shepard andthe executive director of the Matthew ShepardFoundation.“The curriculum is challenging,c o p rengaging,iand gives educatorsgthe tools theyh tneed to make a real difference on our collegecampuses. In the 10 years since Matt's murder,programs like Stop The Hate have made our collegecampuses safer places to learn and work.”According to the 2006 hate crime statisticscomplied by the FBI, school campuses continueto be the third most common place for hatecrimes to occur. Stop The Hate and theMatthew Shepard Foundation recount thatbetween June of 1998 and July of 1999, four ofthe most notorious hate crimes in our recenthistory occurred in the U.S., including the murderof James Byrd Jr. by white supremacists, themurder of Matthew Shepard by anti-gay men,the Columbine High School murders and themurders of Ricky Byrdsong and Won-JoonYoon. In the 10 years since this tragic period,others have become victims of hate and havebeen murdered in hate crimes, including GwenAraujo, Lawrence King,Angie Zapata, SatendarSingh and Jeremy Waggoner, just to name a few.“It is clear that hate is alive in this country.Bias motivated violence is on the rise and StopThe Hate does not want to forget our past victimsand their loved ones as we look towardcreating a future of tolerance and acceptance,”said Greg Miraglia, Stop The Hate nationalcoordinator.“As we mark this 10 year observance,Stop The Hate is working even harderto give colleges the necessary tools to not onlyrespond to bias and hate when it happens —but to prevent it, to stop it.”Since its creation in 2001, Stop The Hatehas trained over 1000 students, faculty andcampus officials on college campuses acrossthe country with the 250 plus page trainingmanual and bias prevention curriculum. StopThe Hate is currently accepting invitations tobring the Stop The Hate program to collegecampuses across the country. There are a limitednumber of presentation dates available.To learn more about these two trainings orhow to host a Stop The Hate program on one’scampus, visit or contact theNational Program Coordinator Greg Miragliaat 707-253-3035 or by email ◗— compiled by Q-Notes staffNot for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionC O M M U N I T Y R E S O U R C E SQueen City Area Real Estate te & Home Servicesc o p r i g h t2 0 0 8c o p r i g h tAround North Carolinac o p r i g h t2 0 0 8c o p r i g h tSEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotes 21Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionF A I T H & V A L U E SMinistry intentionally misleading public on AIDS?from page 1c o p r i g h tConcerns that Hemingway and Cooper are University officials aware of C 3 Entertainment’s “They are sending a very perverse andBesen added,“Such a message should notintentionally misleading the public on thisclaims, spokesperson Aaron Singleton respondedthat the auditorium facilities are being rented thinking they don’t have to have safe sex if should denounce it.”dangerous message that will fool people into be promoted by the university. In fact, theyimportant public health issue prompted explanationsof the spiritual variety from C 3Entertainment’s marketing director, Brian Elliott.“There are several people who have hadthat encounter or proclaimed healing from theLord of HIV/AIDS,” Elliott told Q-Notes,citingto C 3 Entertainment and the play is not beingproduced or sponsored by the university.“The university offers certain facilities fororganizations to rent such as plays, possiblywedding receptions and so forth,” he said.“Thethey can get better by praying,” Besen told Q-Notes.“Given the HIV problem in both the gayand African-American communities, it is areckless and irresponsible message.”“Church Mess,” which has been performedat more than 120 locations nationwide, wasstaged at Greensboro’s Carolina Theatre onAug. 23. ◗former NBA player Magic Johnson as one such university does not conduct background checksexample.“Because it is spiritual … it would for organizations that apply for its facilities.”Pray away the AIDSnot get the mainstream media [attention].”Asked if the university thought it was aActually, Johnson does not claim to be free responsible move to allow C 3 EntertainmentLike the leaders of C 3 Entertainment, other anti-gay and “ex-gay” leaders and minstersof HIV, although he does state that his viral access to their facility, which will be primarily have claimed healing from HIV/AIDS.load is undetectable.2 0filled with students,0given their radical 8andMichael Lumberger, an “ex-gay” leader associated with Exodus International, onceHemingway said he understands howdangerous public health messages, Singleton claimed,“Today with God’s abundant grace and His miraculous power to heal, I walk totallysome might think his story is misleading.“It declined to from the AIDS virus.” He died in 2004, although Exodus International has maintainedpossibly can be [misleading], but I can onlyThe Centers for Disease Control andthe cause of death was a heart attack unrelated to complications from HIV/AIDS.state what happened in my life,” he said.Prevention estimate that new HIV infectionsAnother “ex-gay” pastor, Matthew Manning of Lighthouse World Evangelism, also claimsQ-Notes pressed Hemingway abouthover somewhere around 56,000 per year. They he received an HIV-negative test result through prayer after experiencing full-blown AIDS.whether he thought it was dangerous to tell have warned the African-American and gayPosted on his organization’s website, Manning’s biography reads,“By late 1993, he wasthe public that individuals can be healed from male communities that both are at higher risk diagnosed with full-blown AIDS and was hospitalized. Although Pastor Matthew was facedAIDS through prayer, possibly preventingfor contracting the virus that causes AIDS. In a with certain death, he sought even harder to know his loving Savior in a deeper way, believingGod would heal him. Then, in early January of 1994, a miracle happened — his AIDSthem from practicing safe-sex and avoiding recent report, the CDC said gay and bisexualHIV infection to begin “carry the burden” of the epidemic.went into a state of remission. On November 27, 1994, another miracle happened —“With all due respect,” he responded,“peopleshould take every precaution when it“ex-gay” ministries and a syndicated writernegative ever since!”Wayne Besen, a gay activist who confronts Matthew was diagnosed for the first time HIV negative and has consistently tested HIVcomes to intimate relationscbecause you don’towhose columnpappears in Q-Notes,saidr iNo medical documentationgis presentedhwith the testimonytto substantiateknow what the outcome is going to be.”Hemingway’s and Cooper’s statements areManning’s claim. ◗When Q-Notes made Winston-Salem State “creating fiction and presenting it as fact.”TriangleAreac o p r i g h t2 0 0 8c o p r i g h t22 SEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotesNot for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproductionc o p r i g h t2 0 0 8c o p r i g h tc o p r i g h t2 0 0 8c o p r i g h tSEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotes 23Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction24 SEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotesP R I D E G U I D ESo, you’re heading to Columbia, Raleigh and Durham for the annualNorth Carolina and South CarolinaPride Festivals? Do you know where toc o p rgoifor fun? Havegany clue wherehto getta cold drink, kick up your feet, relaxand find that Mr. or Mrs. Right (Now)?Fear not…Q-Notes has your utterlycomplete nightlife, shopping, eatingand sleeping guide for Columbia andthe Triangle.2 0 0 8SC Pride: Out on the townSept. 20-21 — ColumbiaSleepEmbassy SuitesSC Pride Host Hotel200 Stoneridge Dr., Columbia, SC 29210803-252-8700columbiagreystone.embassysuites.comUse code “SCP” to receive discount rateHampton Inn822 Gervais St, Columbia, SC 29201803-231-2000www.hamptoninncolumbia.comc o p rHiltoni g h t924 Senate St., Columbia, SC 29201803-744-7800Harper’swww.hiltoncolumbia.comThe Inn at Claussen’s2003 Greene St., Columbia, SC 29205803-765-0440www.theinnatclaussens.comDrinkArt Bar1211 Park St., Columbia, SC 29201803-929-0198c o p rwww.artbarsc.comi g h tCapital Club1002 gervais St., Columbia, SC 29201803-256-6464Fusion920 Lady St., Columbia, SC 29201803-765-1574www.theclubfusion.comH2O220 State St., West Columbia, SC 29169803-794-8443L Word2 0 0 8625 Fink St., Cayce, SC 29169803-794-2111PT’s Cabaret1101 Hardin St., Columbia, SC 29205NC Pride: Out on the townSept. 26-28 —Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill803-758-6090www.pts1109.comPT’s 11091109 Assembly St., Columbia, SC 29201803-253-8900www.pts1109.comEatBlue721 1/2 Lady St. #A, Columbia, SC 29201803-251-447Gervais & Vine620 Gervais St. #A, Coumbia, SC 29201803-7998463www.gervine.com700 Harden St., Columbia, SC 29205803-252-2222www.harpersrestaurants.comHush1004 Gervais St., Columbia, SC 29201803-765-0404www.hushcolumbia.comM Cafe1417 Sumter St., Columbia, SC 29201803-779-5788www.mcafedechaya.comMiyo’s922 Main St., Columbia, SC 29201803-779-6496www.miyos.comVista Grill1301 Assembly St., Columbia, SC 29201803-251-0255Yesterday’s2030 Devine St., Columbia, SC 29205803-799-0196www.yesterdayssc.com919-682-3061www.bullmccabesirishpub.comThe CC313 W. Hargett St., Raleigh, NC 27601919-755-9599c o p rSleepi g h tAt press time, NC Pride had yet to announceits full slate of host hotels. For more information,visit End Martini BarDrinkBull McCabe’s Irish Pub427 W Main St., Durham, NC 27701— compiled by SC Pride Movement.Originally published in theSC Pride Guide 2008.201 East Franklin St. Chapel Hill, NC 27514919-929-0024Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproductionsee next page > Note:East End hosts an LGBT dance party onSunday nights.FlexNot for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionNC Pride: Out on the town cont’d2 S. West St., Raleigh, NC 27603919-832-8855www.flex-club.comLegends330 W. Hargett St., Raleigh, NC 27601919-831-8888www.legends-club.comSirens Lounge1803 W Markham Ave., Durham, NC 27705919-416-6684www.sirenslounge.comSteel Blue1426 S. Miami Blvd. , Durham, NC 27703919-596-5876www.clubsteelblue.comEatBlue Seafood and Bar2002 Hillsborough Rd., Durham, NC 27705919-286-9777www.bluseafoodandbar.comCaffe Driade1215 E Franklin St. #A, Chapel Hill, NC27514919-942-2333www.caffedriade.comThe Mad Hatter’s Cafe1802 W Main St., Durham, NC 27705P R I D E G U I D E919-286-1987www.madhatcafe.comFriday, Sept. 26c o p r i g h tThe Melting PotPride Crawl3100 Wake Forest Rd., Raleigh, NC 276096 p.m.,Ninth Street,Durham6 p.m. - 9 p.m.919-878-0477Pride in Women Acoustic ShowcaseWhite Rabbitwww.meltingpot.comThird Place Coffee1811 Glenwood Ave., Raleigh, NC 27608919-834-6566www.thirdplacecoffee.comShopBooks Do Furnish a Room1809 W. Markham Ave., Durham, NC 2770520919-286-10760 8Cherry Pie1819 Fordham Blvd., Chapel Hill, NC 27514919-928-0499www.cherrypieonline.comThe Green MonkeyNC State FairgroundsOutdoor Book 117Raleigh, NCwww.thegreenmonkeyonline.comOur Place Video327 W. Hargett St., Raleigh, NC 27601919-833-8968White Rabbit309 W. Martin St., Raleigh, NC— compiled by Q-Notes staffAt a glance: NC Pride7 p.m. - 11 p.m.Sirens Lounge1803 W Markham Ave., Durham, NC 27705$10 coverSomeone’s Sister8 p.m. - 2 a.m.Steel Blue1426 S. Miami Blvd., Durham, NC 27703Bear Bust Party10 p.m. - 2 a.m.Flex2 S. West St., Raleigh, NC 27603Pre-Pride Party10 p.m. - 2 a.m.Legends330 W. Hargett St., Raleigh, NC 27601Pre-Pride Party11:15 p.m. - 2 a.m.The CC313 W. Hargett St., Raleigh, NC 27601Saturday, Sept. 27c o p r i g h tPride Festival and Parade10 a.m.-5 p.m.Duke University East Campus, Durham, NC 10 p.m. - 2 a.m.Jay Bakker Reception6 p.m. - 7 p.m.The View119 S. Harrington St., Raleigh, NC 27603White Rabbit Open House309 W. Martin St., Raleigh, NC 27601Embrace Party9 p.m. - 4 a.m.Legends330 W. Hargett St., Raleigh, NC 27601Featuring Kings v. QueensEmbrace Party10 p.m. - 4 a.m.The CC313 W. Hargett St., Raleigh, NC 27601Featuring DJ BrianOfficial Pride Party10 p.m. - 4 a.m.Flex2 S. West St., Raleigh, NC 27603Featuring adult film star Jorden MichaelsSunday, Sept. 27Pride Worship Service11 a.m.St. John’s MCC presents Jay Bakker, guest preacherNeedham Broughton High School Auditorium723 Saint Marys St., Raleigh, NC 27605Go-Go Pride PartyStir at East End Martini Bar201 East Franklin St. Chapel Hill, NC 27514— compiled by Q-Notes staffc o p r i g h t2 0 0 8c o p r i g h tSEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotes 25Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionS O U T H CA R O L I N AEquality Ride announces route, will visit S.C. collegeGay youth to visit ColumbiaInternational University in Octoberby Matt Comer . Q-Notes staffc oColumbia InternationalpUniversity’srstudent collegesiwithout suchgexplicit statements havehHiggins said, ista direct reflection of the area’shandbook also bans “homosexual behavior.” also been known to foster anti-gay climates cultural, social and religious climates. Only six“Certain behaviors are expressly prohibited where harassment of LGBT students is prevalentand often ignored. According to Soulforce Southeast. One other attended school there.of the 17 Equality Riders are from thein Scripture and therefore are to be avoided bymembers of the University community,” the Q organizers, a 2003 survey of 14 American“The people on the Ride reflect directly thehandbook states.“These include theft, gambling,lying, dishonesty, gossip, slander, back-universities found that more than a third of all pool of applicants we received,” Higgins said.“Ibiting, profanity, vulgarity (including crudePhoto Credit: Adam Britt/Equality Ridelanguage), sexual promiscuity (includingadultery, homosexual behavior, premarital sex,and pornography), drunkenness, immodestattire, and occult practice.”“Homosexual behavior” is not explicitlydefined, although the handbook states elsewhere,“Anysexual misconduct, including, butnot limited to, adultery, homosexuality (includ-COLUMBIA — A group of 17 young adultLGBT and straight ally activists haveannounced their 2008 tour of Christian collegesand universities they say promote antigaydoctrines and student policies.The Equality Ride, a project organized bySoulforce Q, will take 17 LGBT and straightally youth to 15 faith-based educational institutions.The October and November tour willfocus on the South, with stops from Virginiato Oklahoma and from Florida to Kentucky.Soulforce Q is the youth division of the nation-2 0 0 8ing any same-sex physical expression ofal, interfaith organization Soulforce, founded romantic affection), any form of premarital sex,by former Jerry Falwell ghostwriter, openly indecent exposure, sexual harassment, use ofgay Mel White to confront anti-LGBT religious sexually explicit materials for sexual gratification,and sexual abuse of children, is forbid-prejudice.Ed. Note — This writer was a participant in den.”the 2007 Equality Ride and other Soulforce QEquality Ride Co-Director Katie Higgins, ayouth actions.native of Goose Creek, S.C., said her organizationchose to go to Columbia InternationalThe two-month trip will include one stopin the Carolinas at the Columbia International because of how many reports they’d heard ofUniversity, on Oct. 6 following the group’sits hostile and anti-gay climate.scheduled Oct. 2-3 visit at the Lynchburg,Va.- “They took a long time to respond [to ourbased Liberty University.original letter], but they did respond in aFounded in 1923 as Columbia Biblelengthy letter actually,” Higgins told Q-Notes.LGBT undergraduates hadexperienced harassment inthe past year.Since 2006, the EqualityRide has visited 50 schools.During their visits, the youthactivists host public forums,participate in panel discussionsand take part in worshipservices and Bible students.The youths’ stated goalis “to inspire further conversationand to empower students,faculty, and administrators,to maker their schoolwelcoming to all students.”The 2007 Equality Ridevisited two Carolinas schools— Bob Jones University inGreenville, S.C., and MontreatCollege in Montreat, N.C.,near Asheville. Riders thenfaced vocal and outspokenc o p r i g h topposition from anti-gaySchool, Columbia International is one of hundredsof institutions affiliated with themands and teachings on the issue and also at their stop at Bob Jones,“The letter goes through their spritual com-preachers and protest groupsCouncil of Christian Colleges and Universities, quotes their handbook.”including the presence of thean organization that has publicly stated antigayreligious views in defense of membermeet with members of the Ride off-campus, Operation Save America.Higgins said university officials offered to Concord, N.C.-basedschools who were visited by the group during but that she and her co-director Jarrett Lucas Higgins said the group decided not to revisitBob Jones because they “hit a wall” andits first tour in 2006.turned down the offer.“Our member schools have shaped their“That offer wouldn’t have been one of a decided to reach out to other parts of the state.policies and teachings on more than 2,000true and open dialogue with students,”The 17 youth taking the trip this fall, manyyears of church history and use the whole biblicaltext in affirming that sexual intimacy isMore than 200 U.S. colleges and universi-across the U.S. Co-director Katie Higgins is aHiggins said.of them currently enrolled in school, are fromintended for a man and woman within the contextof marriage,” read a 2006 CCCU statement. discriminate against LGBT students. OtherThe lack of native Southerners on theties espouse explicit doctrines or policies that native of Goose Creek, S.C., near Charleston.Ride,South Carolina ProfessionalsGoose Creek, S.C.-native and 2008 Equality Ride Co-Director Katie Higgins arrested at Bob Jones University inGreenville, S.C. on April 4, 2007.c o p r i g h tspent two weeks driving through the Southeasttrying to recruit Southerners. There is a feelingthat things are never going change and a lot ofpeople are very dedicated to staying in theirown communities and working there.”Higgins also said her group did direct, geographicoutreach only to the Southeast. ◗info: www.equalityride.com2 0 0 8c o p r i g h t26 SEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotesNot for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionSouth Carolina News NotesS O U T H CA R O L I N APalin, saying her only qualification for theposition was “that she hasn’t had an abortion.”Chairwoman Carol Fowler later issued anapology, after being criticized for the remarkby Democratic U.S. Rep. John Spratt of SouthCarolina.Palin has been criticized by Democrats forher extreme views on women’s right to choose,as well as LGBT equality. The Alaska governor’schurch supports the “ex-gay” Love WonCandidateforum heldCHARLESTON —The Alliance for FullAcceptance held their2 0 0Candidates Forum 8onSept. 11, with participationfrom almost adozen office-seekers.Among those participatingwere: LindaKetner, Eugene Platt,State Rep. David Mack(D-109), Ann Oplinger,Mattese Lecque, ToyaHamption Green,Colleen Condon,VicRawl, Henry Middletonc o pand Rae Wooten.r i g h tThe award is presented to “The Not-So- Two candidates, Chris Cannon and AnneHonorable Governor Mark Sanford” and Peterson Hutto, were unable to attend but sentsays that it is “to point out your blatant discriminationagainst the Gay, Lesbian,Seven other candidates were also unable tomessages that were read to the audience.Bisexual, & Transgender community of attend. All but one sent regrets — the otherSouth Carolina and refused to attend because he did not agree Out conference sponsored by Exodusall GLBT tourists with the forum’s purpose.International and Focus on the Family.compiled by Q-Notes staffwho are now less likely to visit our statebecause of your comments.”Party chair slams PalinChurch, AFFA to air showc o p r i g h tSanford given ‘So Gay’ awardThe award also says Sanford’s “homophobiais ‘SO GAY’!”South Carolina Democratic Party slammed of Charleston and the Alliance for FullCOLUMBIA — The chairwoman of theCHARLESTON — The Unitarian ChurchCOLUMBIA — The South Carolina PrideMovement will present Gov. Mark SanfordMembers of the group also visited the Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Acceptance have teamed up with the produc-with a “So Gay”Award in recognition of his South Carolina State House on Sept. 16.infamous involvement with pulling gay-targetedadvertising during London’s Gay Pride said they wanted to “hold a visible display”Carrying a large Gay Pride banner, the groupfestivities.outside the “House of Homophobia.”ers of a PBS, LGBT-focused production inorder to air the show to community members.The church and AFFA will present “In TheLife” 5:30-7:30 p.m. on Sundays, Oct. 5 andNov. 2. Refreshments will be provided.The Unitarian Church’s LGBT congregants’organization, Interweave, is co-sponsoring.Admission is free. ◗info: Announce your community event in SC News or fax 704-531-1361.Get paid for writing!Q-Notes’ Editorial Team is looking for Carolinas-based freelance writers— a perfect job for community-involved, LGBT and straight ally students,seniors or anybody with a little free time on their hands. By contributingto your LGBT Carolinas news source, you’ll reap the benefits of know-c o p r i g h ting you’re contributing to a greater purpose, and you’ll get paid for it! Formore information, email To apply, send a resuméand three writing samples.2 0 0 8c o p r i g h tSEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotes 27Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionBriefly Politicalcompiled by Q-Notes staffPolitics and election updatesEndorsement buffetGay Republicans endorse McCainMINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — The nationalorganization representing LGBT Republicansannounced their endorsementof John McCain on Sept. 2.Voting 12-2, the Log CabinRepublicans board of directorsstamped their seal of approvalon the 72-year-old Republicannominee, saying McCain had“showed courage by bucking hisown party’s leadership and the2 0 0 8president — twice votingagainst the [Federal MarriageAmendment].”Said Log Cabin RepublicanPresident Patrick Sammon,“Inrecent years, too manyRepublican politicians haveused divisive social issues in aneffort to win elections. Sen.McCain is a different kind ofRepublican. He understands theGOP lost its majority inCongress in 2006 largelyE L E C T I O N 0 8core principles campaigned for a constitutional amendmentthat would have banned marriagesuch as limitedgovernment, fiscal and domestic partnerships for same-sexc o presponsibility,rand couplesiin his homegstate of Arizona. Heh ta strong national went so far as to appear in television commercialsfor that campaign, is now sup-defense.”Joe Solmonese, presidentof the Humanporting an amendment to strip marriageRights Campaign, issued astinging response the sameday, saying that McCain is not the “maverick”he often presents himself to be.Photo Credit: River Bissonnetteequality from California couples and hassaid that he would vote for a federal marriageamendment if laws already banningmarriage equality were to be struck downby federal courts.”Solmonese also took issue with McCain’spick for vice president, saying that SarahPalin also “supported bans on marriage andeven domestic partner benefits in Alaska.”Black Prides stick with DemsWASHINGTON, D.C. — TheInternational Federation of Black Prides’Fund for Leadership endorsed theDemocratic nominee for president onSept. 3.According to the organization, BarackObama is a politician who “gets it in a verybig way.”“Senator Obama’s commitment to economicempowerment across the board andhis embracing knowledge of LGBT relatedissues easily puts him in the front of thepack. Like many in LGBT communities ofcolor, I believe that President Obama willDallas, Texas.The International Federation of BlackPrides is a multinational organization representingAfrican-American LGBT andsame-gender-loving Prides and communityorganizations.Perdue endorsed byConservation CouncilRALEIGH — Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue, whois campaigning to follow fellow Democrat Gov.Michael Easley into the state’s top executiveoffice, was endorsed Sept. 3 by theConservation Council of North Carolina.Among their findings, the Councilpraised Perdue’s proposals to reduce globalwarming pollution by 80 percent, invest inbusinesses and communities that seek to bemore energy efficient, create 10 percent offuels used in N.C. from new biofuels grownand developed in-state and establish newenergy reduction requirements for statebuildings and fleets.“Beverly Perdue will provide the leadershipour state needs to thrive and prosper in thenew energy economy,” said Dan Crawford,director of government relations for theConservation Council.“She will help reduceour dependence on oil, strengthen our economy,and create jobs — in North Carolina —by expanding our production of clean, alternativeenergy.”c o p r i g h thelp unify our communities in a way which On the same day, the North Carolina chapterof the Sierra Club also endorsed thebecause the Party focused on divisive social“John McCain claims to be a maverick finally gives equal opportunity to LGBT peopleof color who face double and sometimes Democratic candidate. Perdue faces Charlotteissues. Sen. McCain knows the politics of fear who breaks with his party, but on mattersand division will damage our Party and our of LGBT equality, he’s shown that he’s anythingbut,” Solmonese said.“He actively Fund for Leadership board member from general election.triple minority status,” said Venton Jones, a Mayor and GOP candidate Pat McCrory in thenation so he’s focusing the GOP on unifying◗c o p r i g h t2 0 0 8c o p r i g h t28 SEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotesNot for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Para Todos: las noticias en españolde alrededor del mundoDeportistas universitarioscenoAtletaproblemas por aparecer en sitioporno gayoro en gay Beijingpganó medalla der i g h tMatthew Mitcham, uno de los diez atletasDos luchadores de wrestling de laabiertamente gay en Beijing, ganó la medallaUniversidad de Nebraska fueron eliminados de oro en la prueba de plataforma de 10 metrosal conseguir 4 puntuaciones perfectas dede su equipo luego de aparecer en un sitio webde porno gay exhibiendo sus cuerpos y sus 10 en su último clavado e imponerse con unaexcitadas partes privadas.puntuación total de 537.95 al chino ZhouJohn Marsh, el dueño del sitio asegurahaber sido contactadopor el departamentode atletismo dela Universidad deNebraska comoparte de la investigaciónque se llevóa cabo luego de laaparición de lasfotografías quemuestran a losluchadoresdesnudos o conpoca ropa.Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionPaul DonahoeLas fotos parecen mostrar,por separado, a Paul Donahoey a Kenny Jordan, pero Marshno confirmó la identidad delos dos jóvenes debido a lapolítica de privacidad de suMatthew Mitcham2 0 0 8Kenny Jordanempresa. Por su parte, los atletasde la Asociación Nacionalde Atletas Universitarios(NCAA) no tienen permitidoutilizar fotos suyas con finescomerciales.A los pocos días de iniciadala investigación, el coach del equipo dewrestling de la Universidad de Nebraska, MarkManning, confirmó que Paul Donahoe yKenny Jordan habían sido removidos permanentementedel equipo. Manning aseguró queel comportamiento de los dos luchadores noAl momento de la entrega de las medallaspudo verse a Mitcham visiblementeemocionado, sentimientoc oquepcompartió con su pareja,rquei g h tse encontraba en la tribuna.Mas medallas LGTB Otras seismujeres que han declarado públicamenteque son lesbianas, hanconseguido alguna medalla en estaedición de los Juegos Olímpicosque acaba de concluir.En concreto, las noruegas GroHammerseng y Katjia Nyberg, hanlogrado el oro contra los rusos enBalonmano, mientras que la futbolistanorteamericana Natasha Kai, de 25 años, tambiénse llevó otro oro en fútbol femenino alvencer a Brasil.También en fútbol femenino la alemanac o p r i g h tLinda Bresonik logró una medalla de broncelogró reflejar el estándar de excelencia del al derrotar junto a su equipo a Suiza.equipo.Por últimos, las estadounidenses VickyManning emitió un comunicado en el que Galindo y Lauren Lappin lograron la medallase disculpó por cualquier inconveniente que de plata en beisbol. ◗este incidente le haya causado al departamentode atletismo, a la universidad y a los fans.Reimprimido con el— Originalmente publicado en Ambiente.permiso.For up-to-date coverage visit: www.q-notes.comthe Carolinas’ multimedia LGBT news source2 0 0 8c o p r i g h tSEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotes 29Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproductionc o p r i g h t2 0 0 8c o p r i g h tc o p r i g h t2 0 0 8c o p r i g h t30 SEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotesNot for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

New column!EarthTalk: Carbon footprintpage 33Icons unveiledNot for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionGay history month profiles leaderspage 36c o p r i g h tNoted . Notable . Noteworthy . LGBT News & ViewsVolume 23 . Number 10 September 20 . 2008 Page 31try at the time.Milk became an outspoken opponent ofCalifornia’s Proposition 6, a ballot initiativepushed by conservative state Sen. JohnBriggs that would have allowed school dis-Filmmakers say Harvey Milktricts to fire teachers simply for being homosexual.Ironically, the Briggs Initiative wasbiopic will accurately depict ’70ssociopolitical, sexual2mores0soundly defeated0a few weeks before Milk’ Christopher Cappiello“It was so essential to the LGBT move-When Harvey Milk was elected to theSan Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1977he was, as Time magazine would laterobserve,“the first openly gay man electedto any substantial political office in the historyof the planet.”Although Milk was assassinated byDan White, a distressed former Board colleague,less than a year after taking office,his legacy of activism and hope, of ambitionand authenticity, has endured andinspired a generation of LGBT leaders. Inc o p r i g h t“It was such a phenomenally writtenscreenplay and, let’s face it, Gus1999 Time named Milk one of its 100“Heroes and Icons” of the 20th century.Van Sant is one of the best directorsNow, on the 30th anniversary of hison the planet,” Jinks raves.death, Milk’s story hits the big screen inThe question of who should playNovember with the release of director Gus Milk was answered quickly whenVan Sant’s “Milk.”Academy Award-winningactor Sean Penn (“Mystic River”)their heads together and unanimouslyJinks, Cohen,Van Sant and Black puttakes on the role of the colorful andagreed that Sean Penn would be theircharismatic LGBT icon.first choice.“[Milk] came into power at a really“We felt that we should be able toimportant time in thechistory of gay rightsoget somebodypsensational to play ther i g h tin America,” says Dan Jinks, one of thepart because it’s such a great story, itproducers of “Milk,” referring to the wavewas such a strong script and it’s a brilliantpart,” explains of anti-gay legislation sweeping the coun-Cohen.ment to have a leader in place who waseffective at stopping something that reallyneeded to be stopped,” Jinks says.When screenwriter Dustin LanceBlack (HBO’s “Big Love”) asked Jinksand his producing partner BruceCohen to take a look at his scriptabout Milk’s unlikely rise from CastroStreet camera shop owner to politicalpioneer, the Oscar-winning producersof “American Beauty” were quicklyhooked.Like the mercurial actor playinghim, Milk was a bit of a rebel. Thenative New Yorker made his way to SanFrancisco in the early ’70s, finding thecity’s hippie climate more to his likingthan the self-consciously bohemianGreenwich Village he left behind.His Castro Street camera shop becamea fixture in gay San Francisco and served asheadquarters for his unlikely attempts toget elected to public office. Milk lost threeelections before finally winning a seat onIn addition to Milk’s political accomplishments,the filmmakers wanted toshow his personal journey,“which isabsolutely every bit as interesting,” Jinkssays,“and what got this guy to do what heended up doing.”Among the actors who signed on toOscar-winner Sean Penn ‘wanted to push the envelope in terms of the physical expressionof his character’s homosexuality,’ said ‘Milk’ producer Dan Jinks.the Board of Supervisors in January Milk’s close friends and associates areA fellow freshman on that Board was SanJames Franco (“Spider-Man”) as Milk’sFrancisco firefighter Dan White.see Penn on 382 0 0 8It’s that time of year!NC Pride Fest slated for Sept. 26-28This year’s NC Pride Fest and Parade in East Campus by veteran Carolina LGBTDurham promise to be the most exciting yet. activist and national Obama Pride co-chairLast year, festival organizers said the event Mandy Carter in memory of Joe Herzenberg.broke new records, attracting larger numbers In 1991, Herzenberg won his race for Chapelof day festival vendors and a slight bump in Hill Town Council, becoming the first openlyattendance. Because of the election season, gay man elected to any office in Northattendance might be boosted yet again.Carolina. He died in 2007.Speaking at the festival this year is former The festival and parade will take placeSenate candidate Jim Neal. He made history Saturday, Sept. 27. The annual parade, beginningat 11 a.m., will wind its way aroundrunning as the first openly gay candidate forc o p rstatewideioffice. His lossgto state Sen. KayhDuke’s East Campustand portions of Durham.Hagan in the race to unseat incumbent U.S. Dozens of events, including wine tastings, coffeehours and nightclub parties, are scheduledSen. Elizabeth Dole hasn’t stopped him fromcontinuing to reach out across the state and for Friday, Sept. 26 and Saturday evening.For more information on NC Pride events,as well as listings on where to eat, drink, shopand more, see Q-Notes’ Pre-Pride coverage onpages 24 and 25. ◗make a difference for all North Carolinians.According to John Short, longtime NCPride organizer, this year’s festival will alsounveil a memorial arch. The arch will be pre-Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 sented QNotes on the grounds of Duke University’s info: Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproductionc o p r i g h t2 0 0 8c o p r i g h tc o p r i g h t2 0 0 8c o p r i g h t32 SEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotesNot for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionEarthTalkQ - L I V I N Gdirector.“Our goal isn’t aboutconvincing you to buy a hybridfrom the editors of E/The Environmental Magazineor retrofit your house with solarpanels; our goal is to introduceMeasuring andcimprovingoyour ‘carbonpfootprint’r i g h tyou to easy, simple ways that youas an individual can reduce yourEd. Note: This new column will replace, in part, pare to similar households across the 28carbon footprint.”Q-Notes’ regular Health and Wellness column.In the coming weeks, we’ll also debut a newfaith and values column.Dear EarthTalk:How can I measure—and then improve—my overall “carbon footprint?” What are themajor areas of one’s daily life that one measures?Andy Fusco, Passaic, NJWith global warming dominating so manylargest urban areas in the U.S. Some of theresults are surprising. For example, residentsof eco-aware San Francisco tend to have biggercarbon footprints than those in more conservativeTampa, Florida. The reason: SanFrancisco has a higher cost of living and colder,wetter winters (requiring more fossil-fuelderived heat).Another great carbon footprint calculatorOther green groups and corporations,,, ConservationInternational, The NatureConservancy and British OilGiant BP, among others, also offercarbon calculators on their websites.And evenheadlines today, it’s no surprise that many of is available at, an online “climatecrisis community”allows you to assess your carbonus are looking to reduce2the amount of carbon0 0that has partnered8footprint—and then offers youdioxide and other greenhouse gases our activitiesproduce.and other high-profile groups, companies and sions by investing in clean ener-with Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection the ability to offset such emis-By assessing how much pollution each of celebrities to spread the word that individual gy initiatives.your individual actions generates—be it settingyour thermostat, shopping for groceries, against global warming. Users just take a Cool Climate Calculator,actions can make a difference in the fight Further Readingcommuting to work or flying somewhere for three-minute survey and get back a carbon;vacation—you can begin to see how changing footprint score, which they can save and EarthLab,;a few habits here and there can significantly update as they work to reduce their impact., www.carbonreduce your overall carbon footprint. Luckily The site provides some 150 lifestyle change;,for those of us who want to see how we measureup, there are a number of free online car-from hanging your clothes to dry to sending International,;suggestions that will cut carbon emissions—; Conservationbon footprint calculators to help figure out postcards instead of letters to taking the bike The Nature Conservancy,just where to start changing.c oinstead of thepcar to work a few daysra week.;iBP,"Howhbig is your footprint?tA number of web-basedOne of the best is the University of“Our calculator is an important first step Got an environmentalresources can help you assess the environmentalimpact of your personal activities and lifestyle andCalifornia at Berkeley’s Cool Climatein educating people about where they are, question?help you make improvements that will positivelyCalculator. The free web-based tool takes into then raising their awareness about what they Send it to: EarthTalk, c/o E/Theimpact the planet."account daily driving mileage and grocery and can do to make easy, simple changes that will Environmental Magazine, P.O. Boxelectricity expenses, among other factors, to lower their score and positively impact the 5098, Westport, CT 06881; submit itemail: Read past columnsassign a carbon score, which users can com-planet,” says Anna Rising, EarthLab’s executive at:; or at: ◗c o p r i g h t2 0 0 8c o p r i g h tSEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotes 33Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproductionc o p r i g h t2 0 0 8c o p r i g h tc o p r i g h t2 0 0 8c o p r i g h t34 SEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotesNot for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionQ - L I V I N GTake it home, oh, greatNorth Carolina writers!c o p r i g h tGREENVILLE — The Joyner Library’s and the Prix Charles Brisset, given by theEastern North Carolina Literary Homecoming French Academy of Physicians. It alsowill be held Sept. 26-27, bringing highlyreceived a special citation from the Ernestacclaimed writers to the East CarolinaHemingway Foundation as one of three finalistsfor the PEN/Hemingway Award. Also setUniversity (ECU) campus to nourish and revitalizethe creative eastern North Carolina, his second novel,The Homecoming features panel discussions,workshop presentations and music. It Lesbian and Bisexual Literature from the“Dream Boy,” won the 1996 Award for Gay,provides opportunitiesAmerican Library Association and a finalistfor guests to both hearfor the Lambda Literary Award. Otherfrom authors and participatein informalLamda finalists are his novel “Comfort and2 0Joy” and his collection0of plays,“Mr.8discussions.Universe,” and his first fantasy novel,“KirithThis year, 10 awardwinningwriters rootedthe Science Fiction/Horror category.Kirin,” won the Lambda Literary Award inin the history, literature,Three panel discussions held onand culture of EasternSaturday include:North Carolina will• Inspiring Social Awareness for Youngershare their experiencesReaders, led by children’s author Eloisewith Homecoming attendees. Authors include Greenfield and young-adult writer Shelia P.Clyde Edgerton, University of NorthMoses;Carolina-Wilmington professor, author, musicianand humorist; Margaret Maron, mystery through Poetry,Fiction,and Drama panel• Locating Self: Exploring Social Issueswriter and winner of all four major mysterydiscussion, co-facilitatedby author/poetawards for her book,“Bootlegger’sDaughter;” Bland Simpson,cProfessor ofo pPratt andr i g h tEnglish at the University of North Carolina-novelist/dramatistChapel Hill (UNC-CH) and member of theGrimsley; andband, the Red Clay Ramblers; Shelia P. Moses,• Whodunit?Coretta Scott King Honor winner for herEnvironmentalnovel,“The Legend of Buddy Bush;” andConcerns inDoris Betts, UNC-CH Alumni DistinguishedMystery Novels,Professor of English and nationallyrenownedauthor.writers Wandafeaturing mysteryThis year’s event makes use of colloquiums,providing a more personal interactionMargaret Maron.Canada andbetween audience members and artists.Pratt’s “The Dirt She Ate,” received the 2003Workshops include:Lambda Literary Award for Poetry.• Playing with the Facts:cExpressing the MessageoOn Friday night,pBetts will be presentedrwithi g h tthrough Genre Choice, led by gay author/playwrightJim Grimsley (pictured) and fiction dessert reception will follow.the Roberts Award for Literary Inspiration.Aand non-fiction writer Randall Kenan;Saturday afternoon will feature an author• To Make Revolution Irresistible: Writing, luncheon with readings by Maron.Poetry and Social Issues, featuring poetThis year’s event will culminate SaturdayMinnie Bruce Pratt (pictured); andevening with a keynote address delivered by• A Red Clay Rambler at Lunch at theEdgerton. Most event sessions are free andPiccadilly, with writer/musicians Edgerton open to the public, although some will requireand Simpson.advanced registration.Grimsley was born in Rocky Mount, N.C. For more information, call 252-328-1068,His first novel,“Winter Birds,” won the 1995 email or visitSue Kaufman Prize for First Fiction, given by ◗the American Academy of Arts and Letters,2 0 0— compiled by Lainey 8Millenc o p r i g h tSEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotes 35Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionQ - L I V I N Gc o p r i g h t2 0 0 8Gay history month icons chosenEquality Forum will featuredaily profileby Will Billings . Contributing WriterPhyllis Lyon, a legendarycouple who’ve battled antigayand sexist prejudice theirwhole lives. Martin passedaway last month, only twomonths after finally beingable to legally wed the womanof her life. Martin and Lyon were thefounders of the Daughters of Bilitis, the firstlesbian advocacy organization in the nation.Other icons to be recognized include:Mark Bingham, the gay man famous for his“Let’s Roll” comment before taking back ahijacked plane from terrorists on Sept. 11,2001 plane; singer/songwriter MelissaEtheridge; actor/director John Waters; photographerRoger Maplethorpe and Troyc o p rTheiPhiladelphia EqualitygForum hash tannounced its slate of 31 LGBT icons and historymakers for its observance of LGBTPerry, founder of the MetropolitanHistory Month this October.Everyday from Oct. 1 toOct. 31, the Forum will profileThe 2008 Iconsan LGBT icon with text and1. Del Martin & Phyllis Lyonvideo on its website, videos and2. Stephen Sondheim 17. Gene Robinson3. Gianni Versace18. John Watersother materials are available4. Sheila Kuehl19. Robert Mapplethorpefor download for classroom5. Tennessee Williams 20. Georgina Beyerdiscussions, presentations and6. Alice Walker21. Tony Kushnermore. The video can also be7. Greg Louganis22. Rosie O’Donnellembedded in individuals’c o p r8. Bertrand Delanoëwebsitesiand blogs.g h t23. Philip Johnson9. Margaret Mead24. E. M. ForsterThe first icons to be honoredwill be Del Martin and10. Mark Bingham25. Randy Shilts11. Cleve Jones26. Allen Ginsberg2 0 0 812. Jann Wenner13. Harvey Fierstein14. Margarethe Cammermeyer15. Anthony Romero16. Melissa Etheridge27. Troy Perry28. Bill T. Jones29. Andy Warhol30. Rachel Carson31. MichelangeloCommunity Churches. A full list is providedabove. ◗info: www.glbthistorymonth.comc o p r i g h t36 SEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotesNot for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionQ - L I V I N G“Women in hasn’t been anything to be actively engaged in. dropped further to 55 percent. And according❛opinion❜Florida helped But I am engaged now to make Barack Obama to an AOL TV popularity that surveyed of 1.35by Rev. Irene Monroe . Contributing Writerbuild Oprah into the next president of the United States.” She million Americans 46 percent said the daytimeTV host who “made their day” was Ellenthe icon she is went on the campaign trail with Obama toutinghe’s the “chosen one.” Her appearances at Degeneres, who has had Obama, Hillary andBy dissing Palin,cOprah hurtsoObamap r i g h ttoday,” LindaIvell, president of Obama’s rallies in Iowa and South Carolina McCain on her show, while only 19 percentThe media is abuzz with excitement aboutthe Federation of helped Obama win those primaries.chose Oprah. Unfortunately Oprah’s not invitingHillary and McCain to her show turnedRepublican Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska.Republican Women, told The Miami Herald.But as Oprah tries to take America downMcCain’s VP pick has stirred up excitement,especially for women in the GOP. But his Winfrey’s decision to sit out the greatest of Oprah’s loyal viewers, especially whiteHalf of Oprah’s staff wants Palin on the“We are deeply disappointed in Ms.her path in this presidential campaign, many many of these same viewers off to Obama.pick has also stirred up anxiety as well as political moment in the history of women women, see her endorsementshow and Oprah’s website isquestions for many women across party lines. since suffrage.”of Obama and her off-limitsgetting tons of requests for her.And who’s best to help this nation’sAs one who’s on top of breaking news and policy for both Hillary and“Please Oprah, interviewwomen sort out their feelings?who courts dignitaries, Hollywood hotshots, Palin as a betrayal to them,Sarah Palin. Even though I’mOprah!and media celebs to her television couch,many of whom see themselvesas the backbone toknow more about this historicvoting for Obama. I want toBut the doyenne of daytime talk has many Oprah also disappointed Hillary Democratsof her loyal viewers disappointed if not downrightmad at her refusalwhen her couch wasn’t opened to the former Oprah’s success.woman and I think you could2to have Palin on her0 0 8first lady during her presidency bid.“Initially, Oprah’s successreally get her to open up.”show anytime soon.“Why are we surprised? When she has was the product ofPalin is a media sensationOprah released a statement saying her built her career ‘talking’ about the greatness of Affirmative Action and ajust as Obama is. She drawsreason isn’t personal — it’s political.women she again shows her bias against other WHITE audience. Don’t kidcrowds by the thousands“There has been absolutely no discussion strong political women. She dissed Hillary yourself, BLACKS didn’twith women carrying placardssaying,“Read my lip-about having Sarah Palin on my show. At the Clinton over Obama. Maybe women will now ‘make’ Oprah. Now, gazillionsof dollars later, herstick, SP 4 VP.” According tobeginning of this Presidential campaign when see Oprah for whom she really is,” a disgruntledfan on Oprah’s website has become nothingthe recent Washington PostI decided that I was going to take my firstpublic stance in support of a candidate, IWhen Oprah endorsed Obama it was the but a not too subtle politicalPoll, white women, an importantdemographic group inmade the decision not to use my show as a first time the media magnate got involved in forum. Many of us are tiredplatform for any of the candidates. I agree that politics. And Oprah’s partisan big bucks threw of hearing what Oprahthis election, now favorSarah Palin would be a fantastic interview, a star-studded fundraiser for her presidential thinks…her ratings prove that! The sun is McCain 53 percent to Obama’s 41 percentand I would love to have her on after the campaignis over.”pick with 1,500 guests at her sold-out private starting to set on her little empire,” wrote because of the “Palin Effect.” And the “Palinc osoirée at $2,300papiece.ranotheridisgruntledgfan.hEffect.” has excitedta portion of Oprah’sBut not everybody’s buying it and a backlashis brewing. A group of Republican women about why she held the fundraiser at her home was endorsing Obama her ratings plummeted But Oprah’s refusal to invite Palin for aOprah talked to United Press International In May 2007 when Oprah announced she viewership across party lines.from Florida, for example, is boycottingstating,“I call my home the Promised Land from 74 percent to 61 percent. Soon after her chat on her TV couch will undoubtedly costOprah’s show, and is calling for the cancellationof her magazine.been actively engaged before because there Carolina and New Hampshire her ratingscost Obama a few more votes.because I get to live Dr. King’s Dream. I haven’t campaigning for Obama in Iowa, Southher the loss of few more viewers. And it might◗c o p r i g h t2 0 0 8c o p r i g h tSEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotes 37Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionPenn ‘pushes envelope’ in filmfrom page 31c o p r i g h tlover, Scott Smith, Emile Hirsch (“Into the was characteristically fearless about depicting.Wild”), Diego Luna (“Y Tú Mama También”) “He wanted to push the envelope in termsof the physical expression ofhis character’s homosexuality,”Jinks says. He explainsthat Penn wanted to dismantlethe audience’s preconceivednotions of him asquickly as possible.For an off-handed example,when describing circuitparty performer Flava’s portrayalof ’70s gender-bending2 0 0 8disco king Sylvester in thefilm, Jinks notes,“He’s quiteA scene from ‘Milk’ — Harvey Milk confronts anti-gay, brilliant and, like many others,got a big, fat, wetfellow City Supervisor Dan White, his future assassin.onscreen kiss from Sean Penn.”Despite Milk’s historical significance, hisstory is not widely known today, even withinthe LGBT community.“In a weird way, we’reand Lucas Grabeel (“High School Musical”).Victor Garber (“Alias”) plays Mayor GeorgeMoscone, while Josh Brolin (“No Country ForOld Men”) takes on the role of the tortured,tragic assassin, White.The cast includes straightactors playing gay characters, gayactors playing straight charactersand every other combination.“Wec o p rwantedito have sexualgpreferenceblindcasting,” says Cohen.“Forh tthis movie to have not included allthose different permutations, wefelt would have been a mistake.”It was also important to thefilmmakers that “Milk” be shotentirely on location in SanFrancisco — and largely in theCastro District.“San Francisco, tous, is a character in the movie,”Jinks says warmly, explaining therefusal to substitute more costeffectiveor efficient locations.c o p r“There’sino place togpark a carh tin San Francisco, let alone set upan entire base camp,” he adds,“but2 0 0 8we felt pretty passionately that wehad to do it.”Jinks and Cohen emphasizethat city officials and, in particular, residentsand merchants in the Castro welcomed theproduction with open arms — even as thefilm’s crew transformed contemporary storefrontsinto 1970s streetscapes.Just as it was crucial to the filmmakers torecreate the look of the era, they were alsoQ - L I V I N Gactually excited,” Cohen says.“It’s not like,‘Oh,him again!’ It’s quite the opposite.”And if Cohen, Jinks, Black and Van Santfelt a personal importance as gay men intelling this story, it “only helped to serve thefilm,” Cohen says.He emphasizes that the goal was “to makea film that is entertainingand emotional. Not just tothe people that know theHarvey Milk story going in,but more importantly to thepeople — gay and straightalike — who don’t knowHarvey Milk, and who aregoing to come to this moviewith a fresh slate. Hopefully,we’re going to take them on areally beautiful journey.”In May, a bust of HarveyMilk was unveiled outsideSan Francisco City Hall.The same month, thec o p r i g h tEmile Hirsch as Cleve Jones, an activist and Milk studentintern. Jones later went on to conceive the NAMES California Assembly votedProject AIDS Memorial declare May 22 “Harveydetermined to accurately capture the cultural Milk Day” in the state. ◗climate of the time. The pre-AIDS period was— “Milk” (Focus Features) will be releasedone of uninhibited sexuality, something Pennto movie theaters Nov. 26.38 SEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotesNot for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionQ - L I V I N Gc o p r i g h t2 0 0 8A little sperm donor here and a baby there.‘The New World’ — Mothers’ daysLesbian couples with children will want tosee “The New World” (“Le Nouveau Monde”).Lesbian couples thinking of having childrenmust see it.The French drama follows two women,by Steve Warren . Contributing Writerc o p r i g h tMarion, physically unable to bear children, is until the child is born and everyone wholess than enthusiastic at first but is easily hadn’t yet rallied around the new motherspersuaded.falls in line.They want to select the father themselves But another problem develops before thebut have trouble finding a suitable applicant. happy ending, the only plot twist that givesA gay friend drops out when his partner gets the film any dramatic momentum.jealous. Early on Olivier (Patrice Juiff), an Otherwise “The New World” is to be enjoyedold friend who works with Marion in a bookstore,mentions Hugo (Grégory Fitoussi), sonalities of its lead actresses, but there’s nofor its moments and for the winning per-another friend who’s living in Canada. (It’s compelling reason to follow it from onenot clear why Olivier, who is very encourag-scene to the next. ◗ing, isn’t a candidate.)When things are starting to look hopelessHugo shows up and becomes the spermdonor, on the condition that he won’t have anyc o p r i g h tresponsibility for raising the child.Lucie (Natalia Dontcheva) and MarionNeither woman’s family is initially supportive.Lucie’s parents are aging hippies(Vanessa Larré), through their sixth yeartogether, the year the two of them become and her brother is conservative. Marion’sthree.mother (Andréa Ferréol), abandoned byThe movie’s more of a slice of life than a her husband decades ago, devotes her lifecomplex story, with a range of attitudes and to the church, where Marion says she fantasizesabout the priest. Mom says she’llreactions represented by friends, family membersand co-workers.“never be a grandma to a child that’s notLucie is a math teacher who doubles as a my daughter’s.”boxing coach in the opening scene, whichA lesbian couple with children serves asfinds her in the ring with a male student. And role models until they have a fight andshe’s the femme in the relationship!become a worst case scenario.It’s Lucie who wants to expand the family. So it goes, one speed bump at a time,2 0 0 8c o p r i g h tSEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotes 39Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction40 SEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotesQ - L I V I N GMortgage crisis failed industryc o p rRealiestate crisis agconcern forh thome owners, buyersby Jeff HammerbergThe current real estate crisis was precipitatedby problems in the mortgage industryclosely related to reckless Wall Street players.In other words, the tail has been wagging thedog and that is never a good sign. But aslenders adopt smarter policies to distancethemselves from mavericks and unnecessaryrisk, it will be good for real estate and forAmerican homebuyers.2 0 0 8The lending industry — in cahoots withWall Street — failed what was otherwise a relativelystable and robust real estate sector andthe initial impetus for the dramatic economiccrisis came from the wholesale marketing or“securitization” of subprimes and other lowqualitymortgages. Such loans always yieldhigher rates of foreclosure because they aremade for borrowers who have a proven trackrecord of terrible credit. They should neverhave become widespread — and such an integralpart of investors’ core portfolios — thatthey threatened to infect the entire real estatec o p rmarketiand bring thegwhole nation’s economyh tto its knees.The reason these securitized loansstarted wagging the dog is that WallStreet — in partnership with globalfinancial interests including China’sgigantic emerging economy — developeda raging appetite for mortgageinvestments. As Americans pouredmoney into China, for instance, muchof that money returned to the U.S. inthe form of investment capital spentto buy mortgage-backed securities.These new investment products werec o p rinnovative,ibecause theygbundledh tmortgages together into multi-milliondollar pools — not unlike stocks orjunk bonds — that could be sold toinvestors who ultimately profited from themortgage interest payments.But as with most get-rich-quick schemes, afew things about the mortgage backed securitiesgame were potentially hazardous:• An artificially high demand for mortgageswas created, because instead of the demandcoming from people wanting to buy homes, itcame from powerful investors wanting to buy2 0 0 8mortgages. The market was essentially turnedon its head and that is a gravity-defying act.• To make the products profitable, higherinterest rates were necessary. But to meet thehuge demand for them, it was important tosell them to as many homeowners as possible.So teaser rates — which enticed morepeople to take out more mortgages - wereused to lure borrowers. Then adjustable rates— with payments that sometimes doublewhen they reset — were added to ensurehigher interest payments to investors.• The mortgage industry treated investors onc o p rWalliStreet like preferredgVIP customers, buth ttheir customer service orientation shouldhave been focused instead on regular customerstrying to borrow money with safemortgages in order to buy homes for theirfamilies.• To churn out enough loans to keep up withWall Street’s insatiable hunger, lendersencouraged consumers to borrow when theycould not afford to and pushed refinancesand home equity loans like real estate ATMmachines. Some resorted to illegal tactics,and a lack of government oversight made iteasier to get away with such crimes.• Scores of borrowers who qualified for lowcost,low-risk prime loans, for example, weresold expensive subprimes instead —because those carried higher rates of returnfor Wall Street.• Eventually, as we now know, loose lendingpractices and exotic mortgages led to disaster.Major investment portfolios were populatedwith bad loans that infected them likea virus. Mortgage activity slowed, puttingthe brakes on the housing market. That putthe squeeze on homeowners who reliedupon home equity as a huge part of theirnet worth.The good news is that as strategies areimplemented to remedy the financial mess,the real estate business will not only turnaround, but it will also become better andmore reliable than ever before. The evidenceis already emerging. Tighter oversight of themortgage industry to prevent predatory lendingwas recently enacted at the federal level.Support for the nation’s two biggest mortgageagencies — Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac —was also provided. The FHA was given morepower to make affordable loans — especiallyto homeowners with good credit who do notwant to make hefty down payments — andFannie Mae was authorized to make jumboloans, which used to be only provided by privatelenders.All of these factors help to ensure thathome ownership will remain possible — andmore affordable — over the long haul.Meanwhile the artificial and dangerousexcesses created by an ill-conceived partnershipbetween Wall Street hedge fund managersand the lending industry are beingwrung out of home prices. As soon as thoseartificial and greed-induced influences aregone, real estate will regain traction, sales willpick up, and real estate equity will rise withsolid integrity and longevity.Had the credit crisis not happened when itdid, problems would have continued to festerand worsen. But history will most likely showthat this year — although challenging — is ahealthy turning point for real estate ownershipand investment in the USA. Many buying duringthis rare opportunity for bargain huntingcan already attest to that fact. ◗— Jeff Hammerberg is the president, an online real estatecompany dedicated to the LGBT community.Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionEx-HRC head coming to UNCCElizabeth Birch to speak on gay rights, businessand communitycompiled by Q-Notes staffCHARLOTTE — OUTspoken, a group of students, facultyand staff at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, will hostguest speaker Elizabeth Birch (pictured), a former president ofthe Human Rights Campaign, on Oct. 7.Addressing LGBT civil rights and social progress, Birch willdiscuss how gay equality affects individuals, businesses and thelarger community.Birch is a former attorney and corporate executive. Shedirected the Human Rights Campaign from 1995 to 2004. She•• • •OuttoEat• • •Q - L I V I N Gc o pand her former partner,rHilary Rosen, wereioutspoken advocatesgand politics.”h tfor Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid. Birch currently operates her The event, open andown consulting firm and runs Rosie O’Donnell’s production free to the public, beginscompany, KidRo Productions, 7 p.m. in McKnightIn 2007, the university brought transgender author, playwright,performance artist and activist Kate Bornstein to cam-University Center atHall in the Conepus. OUTspoken was born out of the desire to see more LGBTinclusivespeakers and events at the school and in the greaterMore informationUNCC.Charlotte area.about the evening can beStudents are excited about their participation in the group found at outspoken.and the chance to help organize events for noted and respected ◗LGBT leaders.In a statement, OUTspoken said they anticipate “Birch’s— Cristina Dominguezspeech to be an illuminating exploration of both litigation contributed to this report.2 0 0 8YourRestaurantHerec o p r i g h tas low as $35c o p r i g h t2 0 0 8c o p r i g h tSEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotes 41Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction‘XXY’ —The laughing and crying gamec o p r i g h tby Steve Warren . Contributing Writerorgans of both genders to Argentine parentsKraken (Ricardo Darin) and Suli(Valeria Bertuccelli). At some point theymoved to a Uruguayan coastal village toescape notoriety and gossip, some of itwell meaning.Alex has been raised as a girl and hasuntil recently been taking hormones toprevent “masculinization.” She recently,for reasons not fully explained, punchedher best friend,Vando (Luciano Nobile),and broke his nose. (It must have healedThe Internet Movie Database lists 10 films,most of them documentaries, dealing at leastin part with the intersex condition. All weremade in this century. There’s a longer but lessaccurate list under “hermaphrodite.”“XXY” clearly belongs on the lists (if onlythey’d stop using a word many transgenderand intersex folks consider a slur), but I’m notsure it deserves all the awards it’s won at variousfestivals, LGBT and general.Some of the film’s strengths are also itsweaknesses. The genitalia in question, forinstance, are never shown. That’s good.2 0 0 8quickly because Nobile has as perfect aShowing them would be exploitative. On the nose as you’ll ever see.)other hand the viewer can’t help but feelThere’s also vagueness concerning theteased by carefully filmed shots where they’re visit of plastic surgeon Ramiro (Germánbarely covered or hidden in shadows, and by Palacios) with his wife Erika (Carolinascenes of others looking at them without cutawaysto let us join the party.(Martin Piroyansky). It’s obviously getting nearPeleritti) and their 16-year-old son AlvaroThere’s minimal dialogue in the script, by time for Alex to make some decisions but nonedirector Lucia Puenzo (her father, Luisof the family members seem to have discussedPuenzo, won an Oscar for “The Officialit with each other.Story”?), based on a short story by SergioIt’s unlikely that many people will watchBizzio. That’s good. We don’t need the subject “XXY” without knowing what they’re gettingtalked to death, especially if we have to read into, so the coyness of the first half-hour insubtitles. But this also leaves too much to our which Puenzo tries to create an air of mysteryQ - L I V I N GAlex comes on sexually to Alvaro at theirfirst meeting. He resists but later Alex getsmore aggressive and they have a sexualencounter that’s surprising to Alvaro and theaudience. It leaves both teenagers with a betteridea of their sexual identity.Later there’s a near-rape as three of Vando’sfriends insist on seeing for themselves whatthe mystery’s about. Intentionally or not itevokes memories of a similar scene, withmore tragic results, in “Boys Don’t Cry.”‘XXY’ tellsthe story of15-year-old,intersexAlex, right,and hersummerencounterswith16-year-oldfriendAlvaro.both reveal sides indicated nowhere else. IsAlvaro really so desperate for affirmation? IfRamiro can say things like “I was afraid youwere a fag,” is he really the compassionate doctorhis son idolizes?And who is the girl Alex showers with, andwhere is that scene supposed to be leading?I know Puenzo’s a first-time director (withseveral writing credits) but does she reallyexpect us to take the heavily symbolic carrotslicingscene seriously?c o p r i g h tAt least tragedy’s averted, but the film’sThe film deserves a rating nearer ABBimaginations, both in terms of factual content is unnecessary, if not downright annoying. ending leaves little resolved, unless you’re betterthan “XXY,” but except for the relative freshnessand what certain characters are feeling.Unequivocally good is the performance ofInés Efron as 15-year-old Alex, born with theEnough elements of the script are still mysteriousat the end without playing silly games atthe reading between lines than I am.A heart-to-heart between Alvaro andRamiro seems to come from another movie asof the subject matter I’m mystified at theaccolades it’s won from audiences, critics andfestival judges alike. ◗c o p r i g h t2 0 0 8c o p r i g h t42 SEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotesNot for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

T-NotesNot for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionQ - L I V I N Gwomen are really homosexualhas two inherent Robbi Cohn . Contributing WriterThe circular argument createdby this reasoning deniesWhy are we Trans?c o p r i g h tthe thesis. If trans womenare homosexual men, and ifEd. Note: In deference and with all due respecthomosexuality has been depathologized,how can there even be a diagno-to Gwen Smith, who has, for years, been writingunder the name of Transmissions, this column sis? The only thing which remains is thewill hereafter be called T-Notes.alleged paraphillic cross-dressing element,Why are we trans? We really don’t know. but, according to most clinicians (and theThere have been many theories for the etiologyof being trans, ranging from genetic to “distress or impairment in social, occupation-DSM), if the behavior does not consitututeenvironmental (estrogen increase studies) to al, or other important areas of functioning,” tofetal experience and others. One recent and the the client, than there is nothing to diagnose.In most cases, if there is stress, it isabsurd conjecture raised the possibility ofpossession! Suffice it to say that there is a far socially induced. Furthermore, there is no reasonto believe thatgreater amount of viable2research available0 0all trans individuals 8havetoday, or currently underway, then there was this experience. The other flaw is the conflationof gender identity and expression with40 years ago. That consideration notwithstanding,there still needs to be significant sexual orientation. If there has been one goalinvestment into new studies and research and of trans educators, it has been the effort toa movement towards the depathologization of dispel the myth that being trans means thatgender’re gay.Some at the Canadian Center for Addiction The autogynephilia part of Blanchard’sand Mental Health (CAMH) have their own theories has been given extensive coverage inideas, however. Even though these theories its relation to J. Michael Bailey’s book.“Thehave found little support among therapists Man Who Would Be Queen.” Bailey is a studentand protégé of Blanchard and his under-actually working with trans clients, they havesadly been tacitly, if not overtly, supported by standing mirrors his mentor’s. The typologyboth APAs — the AmericancPsychiatric andoand pathologypof so called paraphilias,rasi g h tPsychological Associations. On the part of the originally defined by Money, effectivelypsychiatrists, the DSM V revision workgroup malign personal essentiality as well as behavioraldiversity and, under the guise of scientif-addressing trans issues has CAMH’s RayBlanchard as a working member; the psychologists,themselves, have not repudiated the of what it means to be an individual. There isic and therapeutic endeavor, make a mockeryDSM V workgroup membership which has little evidence to suggest that a sexual componentis always present. In those cases in whichundue representation from the CAMH cadre.They’ve taken a “sitting on the fence” posture it is, no thought has been given to the possibilitythat often “fetishistic behavior” is a resultregarding Blanchard and the rest of theCAMH gang, including J. Michael Bailey, Ann of repression. The patriarchy which has traditionallycharacterized much of psychologicalLawrence, Alice Dreger and Kenneth Zucker.Ray Blanchard’s theories are based on the and psychiatric thinking is again unduly rigidassumption that trans womencare eitheroand can’t see thepbroader picture. Behaviorr i g h thomosexual men who validate their homosexualityby dressing as women, or that they are some way to express, and the traditional andwhich has been repressed generally findsin love with the idea of being a woman, apatriarchal conflating of gender with sex oftencharacteristic he calls autogynephilia, one of means that gender issues may express as sexmany alleged “paraphilias.”issues, as seen through society’s lens. There is,The understanding of paraphilias and how however, neither causality, nor identitythey relate to being trans is so extraordinarily between sex and gender, even though theyconvoluted that it boggles the mind. Those may intersect at times.who espouse this philosophy are often the first It is possible that Blanchard and CAMH’sto posit their model of sexual deviancy, broadlypainted, as virtually anything that exceeds understand but a conscious effort to effect andtheories may not merely represent a failure tothe desire to procreate. It is society which createsthe sense of what is and is not taboo andmold behavior. Gatekeeper mentality is anathemato being trans.2 0 0The result is a series 8ofthat is learned and certainly not essential to ever changing hoops through which an individualmust jump and a protocol of dogma toour behavior. The inability to accept diversityin the bedroom is equalled by the inability to which that individual must conform, whileaccept diversity in gender identity and expression.But, what is even more absurd is the corrective therapy. That’s how Blanchard’s andbeing considered mentally ill and in need ofinsistence upon conflating sexuality and sexualorientation with gender identity and gender sive control regarding choices available toZucker’s mindset coalesce to create a perva-expression. Both these fallacious and perniciousconcepts are incorporated intowe’ll see how that control is wielded and sometrans persons. In the last part of this series,Blanchard’s theories, for which, we must add, potentially eye opening reprecussions of thethere appears to be no substantive statistical CAMH philosophy. ◗evidence.— You can email any comments, criticisms orThe part of the theory that asserts transcorrections to o p r i g h tIn our next issue:LGBT History/Coming Out Day/Breast CancerTo advertise, call 704.531.9988 or email 20 . 2008 • QNotes 43Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionQ - L I V I N GOut in the Starsby Charlene Lichtenstein . Contributing Writerdynamic. Make themost of this time —the friendships thatright herd.TAURUS (04.21-05.21) Your day to day jobseems to go more smoothly, so get to work! Andc oyou forge now have this effort can mean a variety of things — yourSept.p20-Oct.r3i g h tlong-term benefits and bring you to a new social actual job or exercise and diet or even deeplevel. Err, is that higher or lower?psychological ponderings and revelations.In this highly political season, the Sun enters CAPRICORN (12.23-01.20) Pink Caps can Queer Bulls toss out any psychological baggageLibra and enables us to charm our way through finally see the professional playing field clearly that lowers their confidence. Forget that selfpractically anything.Will you use these suave talentsfor good or for evil? Let’s see in November.VIRGO (08.24-09.23) Money issues come intofocus. Queer Virgos have a clearer sense of whatfiscal responsibility means and even consider savingfor a rainy day. The most important thing is todo careful research into what is and is not feasible.Think about your long-term goals and toss outwhat no longer gets you there. Oh heck — justand accurately. Thank the stars for this light onyour corporate path and for pointing out the betterstrategic opportunities. Play the politico whileyour charm sizzles and climb one more rung onthe corporate ladder. Remember to be kind andgenerous to those of us that you step on on yourway up. Ouch.AQUARIUS (01.21-02.19) Aqueerians happilyplan an exciting vacation in the coming months.flagellation, unless of course you like it thatway. Ahem.GEMINI (05.22-06.21) Luck is on your side inwhatever direction you decide to turn. Use it toyour advantage. Your passion for fun, creativityand romance with a special someone is highlighted.So take your latest squeeze by the hand anddemonstrate why pink Twins are so flirty anddelightful. And your creativity hits a high note2 0make several million0in the market and retire.8Will you try something exotic or relaxing? this time of year, even if you can’t sing.LIBRA (09.24-10.23) Stand back world. Proud Maybe a combination of both. And try some CANCER (06.22-07.23) Sun in Libra helps youLibra is taking center stage. You have so much judicial balance in any long-lingering legal get your house in order. May I suggest a littleconfidence that it seeps out in a variety of ways. fights or entanglements. You are more willing to “spring cleaning”in autumn? There is opportunityfor you to conquer any lingering home-basedMeet (with a capital “ME”) and press the flesh. compromise and be diplomatic. Not only canNot only are you able to get your point across,you make inroads into any personal project.This is the time to make an excellent firstimpression. No, not in the living room couchcushions. Get going.SCORPIO (10.24-11.22) Queer Scorps entertainan enticing psychic thought or two. Polish upyour crystal ball and see what and who you see.Good things come from your gut reactions, especiallyyou reach an accord you can also rest your case.How about in Paris!PISCES (02.20-03.20) Your sexual drive iswhipped into a frenzy. Guppies can’t resist addinga few nuts and hot sauce to their sundae. You arein the drivers seat so rev your engines and startmoving. Prepare for a romance that has the legs(among other parts) to go the distance throughthe winter. Look below the surface though andproject with verve and efficiency no matter howmessy it is. Gay Crabs can more easily deal withfamily issues now too. Be your dear, queer selfand let others adjust.You may be surprised at howsmoothly it goes.LEO (07.24-08.23) Proud Lions are more talkativethan usual. Why not use this time to take acause one step forward? You communicate welland have the artistic flair and diplomacy to drawif you are helping out others in the process. don’t just settle for a pretty face. Sigh.people’s attention and win their hearts andc o p r i g h tWhile you are at it,help yourself.Unlock and open ARIES(03.21-04.20) Re-value and reassess any minds. Get involved in great movements andyour closet. Step out into the fresh air. Freedom at one-to-one relationship. You can now easily reach out to friends and neighbors for help. If youlast. Ain’t life grand?charm those who can do the most for you in life. take it to the streets you will have followers. ◗SAGITTARIUS (11.23-12.22) Friends and Even loving partners are more accepting of your © 2008 Madam Lichtenstein, LLC. All Rights Reserved. groups are even more important to you pecadillios. Any of your less than stellar behaviorinfo: Visit for e-greetings,now than usual.Surround yourself with affirmingfriends, gay Archer. Compadres are there for youand vice versa as you fit well into the groupis forgiven and forgotten. For those gay Ramsstill on the hoof, you can run with the fast crowdand win. Just be sure you are roaming in thehoroscopes and Pride jewelry. My book “HerScopes: A GuideTo Astrology For Lesbians” from Simon & Schuster isavailable at bookstores and major booksites.Sudoku: lots of fun with 1-9!Need an internship?Are you a college student in need of aninternship? Come work with Q-Notes’Editorial or Production Team. Q-Notes canc o p r i g h twork with students and colleges to mapout a plan for a rewarding and enlighteninginternship in the fields of journalism,graphic design and newspaper production.For information regardingProduction internships, information regardingEditorial internships, 0 0 8c o p r i g h tSudoku Answers44 SEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotesNot for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionTell Trinityby Trinity . Contributing WriterWhat’s the true purposeQ - L I V I N GYou may decide that being open isbetter than cheating or that this iscompletely ridiculous! Pumpkin,c oisn’tphonesty a bitch sometimes?r i g h tDear Trinity,of straight and gay men?My partner keeps telling me to seeHey Trinity,a psychotherapist, but I am typicallyYou have said that “gay men were created to used to handling my problems on my own. Isn’tteach the world how to be fabulous looking and therapy for people who are on their last straw?sexuality enlightened.” Well then what aboutTherapy Thoughts, Cape Cod, Mass.straight men?Dear Therapy Thoughts,Straight Stumped, Richmond, Va. We all need intellectual support, spiritualHey Straight Stumped,guidance and emotional assistance, especiallyExcluding metrosexuals, being sexually before “the last straw.”But,sweetie,ifyou’reattracted to the opposite sex and having littleto-nointerior design or fashion sense oftenTrinity’s Practical Tipsstill not convinced here are:defines heterosexual men.2They have many0For0Why To Visit8purposes, such as procreation and…well, A Professional Psychotherapistah…yes, procreation is one of their many1. Therapy may not be necessary for peoplevirtues. And, lets not forget who does the dirty who have their lives together, but it surework, i.e., oil changes, ditch digging and farming.So,baby,bekind,understanding and2. Talking one-on-one with a professional ishelps if you want to keep it that way.reach out and touch a heterosexual’s hand.much more practical than calling the psychichotlines, a busy neighbor or spillingMake this world a better place if you can.Dearest Trinity,your guts to 911.After five years my very wonderful relationshiphas become a very dysfunctional disaster. I with an objective professional truly is one3. Sitting in a safe, comfortable environmentlove my partner and I really want it to work, but of the easiest ways to look at yourself.he and us are out of control.4.You don’t have to be jumping off a bridgeDys-Satisfied,cHouston, Texasoto qualify forptherapy. Get help beforer i g h tDearest Dys-Satisfied,bridge-jumping season begins, please!Relationships are like floors, if you don’t 5. Remember, the smartest people with thekeep up with them they get faded, ruinedhighest self-esteem don’t become that wayand often end up needing to be destroyed.alone.Virginia Satir, author and relationship therapistwrote,“Every three months end yourStraw” but why?6.You can always wait until the “The Lastrelationship and start it again new with the 7. When someone says,“My therapist didn’tsame person.” In other words, darling, youhelp.” I reply,“If your mechanic didn’t helpcan turn a dysfunctional relationshipwould you dump your car. Try someonearound by continually reinventing andelse.”reestablishing new rules, getting couples8. If you’re extremely stubborn about solvingcounseling and/or getting out while you’reyour problems alone then not only shouldstill alive! (Let me showcyou a clue whileoyou look intoptherapy but look intoriti g h tyou view my cartoon.)today!9.“I can’t afford a therapist,” means you haveto research public health or non-profitagencies. There are plenty of affordablemental health clinics. Find one.10. Lastly, yes, no one knows you better thanyourself but did you also know that youmight still be reacting to the world as if itwas 20 years ago. ◗— With a Masters of Divinity, Reverend Trinitywas host of “Spiritually Speaking,” a weeklyradio drama, and now performs globally.2 0info:0 . Trinity@telltrinity.comTell Trinity, 1617 Rue Champlain, Montreal, QC H2L2S5Sponsored by: Provincetown Business Guild800-637-8696 . www.ptown.orgHey Trinity,My boyfriend of seven months suddenlyannounced that he wants to be “openly” promiscuousand be with me. Even though I am notcomfortable with it, should I try?Confusion, Portland, Ore.Hey Confusion,I’ve heard of having your cake and eating ittoo, but being a slut and having a relationshiptoo may be pushing it! There are many relationshipsbased not on monogamy but ratheron friendship, openness and even sexual freedom.So you have to sit with yourself anddecide what you want from this relationship.Support the companies andorganizations that rally for you!They’re here in Q-Notes.To advertise, call 704.531.9988 orc i g h tGot news items about yourorganization to share?Submit your copy and/or photosto 20 . 2008 • QNotes 45Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionOut and About . by Kat M. Read . Q-Notes staffEvents and happenings across the CarolinasCommunity Centers &SwitchboardsCharlotte Lesbian & GayCommunity Center704-333-0144820 Hamilton St., Suite B11Charlotte, NC 28206www.gaycharlotte.comHarriet Hancock Center803-771-77131108 Woodrow St.Columbia, SC 29205www.scpride.orgOutWilmington GLCC910-762-4717Wilmington, NC 28401www.outwilmington.comThe Center Project843-626-4953307 Highway 15Myrtle Beach, SC 29578www.thecenterproject.comTriangle Community WorksGay and Lesbian HelplineRaleigh, NC 919-821-0055helpline@tcworks.orgSept. 20-21• GreensboroReplacements Ltd. Yard SaleAfter a four-year hiatus, Replacements will be back outsideon their 80-acre grounds with more than 100,000pieces of old and new china, silver, crystal and collectiblesat prices you’ll find only at a yard sale! You won’tbelieve the savings. Replacements Ltd., 1089 Knox Rd. 7Q - L I V I N Gcorner of Peace and St. Mary’s Streets. The 7 p.m.service will be at St. John’s MCC, 805 Glenwood Ave.Sept. 29-30 • CharlotteLeslie Jordan LiveJordan presents his one-man show,“My Trip Downthe Pink Carpet.” For such a diminutive frame, charac-c o p r i g h tActor’s Theatre of Charlotte presents a gleefully, gruesomecomedy about political terrorism. This bitter,blood curdling farce set on the lonely Irish island of ter actor Leslie Jordan has a big propensity for scenestealing.He hails from the South, as his dead-give-Winston-Salem presents its fourth annualParents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)awardsc o p r i g h ta.m-7 p.m Sat. 10 a.m- 6 p.m. Sun. 1-800-737-5223.Oct. 17 • Charlotteserve the needs of these populations. Mental healthMcKnight Hall, Cone University Center, 9201Titans of the Graphic NovelSept. 20-28 • Charlotte‘Godspell’Based on the Gospel According to St. Matthew andfeaturing a sparkling score,“Godspell” boasts a stringof well-loved songs. The parables of Jesus Christ cometo life in a heartwarming way making this one of thebiggest Broadway musical successes of alltime.Theatre Charlotte, 501 Queens Rd.Various times.$10-$24. 704-372-1000. 24-Oct 11 • Charlotte‘The Lieutenant of Inishmore’Inishmore follows “Mad Padraic,” an Irish LiberationArmy Lieutenant, and the one thing he loves morethan anything else in the world, his little black cat,Wee Thomas. Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte, 650Stonewall St.Various times. $24-$29. 26 • DurhamE. Patrick Johnson Book SigningJohnson will discuss and sign copies of his new book,“Sweet Tea: Black Gay Men of the South.”A performanceartist and professor of African-American studies2 0 0 8at Northwestern University, Johnson traveled to everySouthern state conducting interviews with black gaymen of all ages. The resulting collection of thoughtprovokingstories thoroughly subverts the preconceptionsthat gay culture thrives only in northern, secularaway drawl makes obvious, and was raised in a highlyand urban areas. Regulator Bookshop, 720 Ninth St. 7conservative, deeply religious atmosphere inp.m. 919-286-2700.Chattanooga, Tenn. He is best remembered for hisSept. 27 • Charlestonhilarious roles as “Brother Boy” in “Sordid Lives” andArt Auction“Beverley Leslie” in “Will & Grace.” Theatre Charlotte.“STIX n’ STONZ Munny P.O.W Tour” is a fundraising 501 Queens Rd. 8 p.m. $50. auction for Alliance For Full Acceptance’s “Reel — S.C. LGBT Film Festival.” STIX n’ STONZ will Sept. 29 • Durhamchallenge one of societies oldest school yard chants.Jeffery Beam Book SigningArtists will be challenged to visually define wordsc ooften used to hurtpthe LGBT community andrTo marktheiriLGBT Pride in Durham,gJeffery Beam willh tread from and sign copies of his new book,“Theallies. Some artists may choose to embrace a wordBeautiful Tendons: Uncollected Queer Poems, 1969-and put an empowering spin on it. The bottom line is2007.” These poems from native North Carolinianto educate. Urban Outfitters Garden Theatre, 371 KingAlternative Resources of the TriadCommunity resources and referralsGreensboro, Winston-Salem & High Point, . OutGreensboro.comUpcoming Events:St. 6 p.m. 27 • DurhamWomyn’s White AffairCome show your pride at the All Womyn’s WhiteAffair, presented by Seven Sisters. She-Jay Tigger willbe spinning the hits, also live entertainment featuringNation, the “male illusionist.” Hayti Heritage Center,804 Old Fayetteville St. 8:30 p.m. 919-683-1709. Emailseven.sstr@gmail.comSept. 27 • WilmingtonGrief and Loss Workshop“Grief and Loss in the LGTB Communities” will presentuseful concepts from a wide perspective for those whoprofessionals, health care practitioners, and clergy, aswell as lay persons and volunteers, are encouraged toattend. St Jude’s MCC, 19 N. 26th St. 10 a.m.- 5 p.m.$75/$50 for clergy/students. For more information, callFamily Tree Productions at 910-612- 2693.Sept. 28 • RaleighJay BakkerSt. John’s MCC is proud to announce that Jay Bakkerwill be preaching the Sunday morning and Sundayevening post-Pride services. The 11 a.m. service will2 0be held at Broughton0High School Auditorium, 8at theDon’t Miss ThisSept. 27 • DurhamNC Pride FestMake plans now for a day full of performances, vendors and, ofcourse, an awesome Pride parade. Pre- and Post-Pride events arescheduled all over the Triangle. East Campus, Duke University. 10a.m.-4 p.m. For more information or to volunteer, were originally published in many of the mostimportant gay magazines and anthologies of the pastdecades, and include three longer poem sequences onlove, friendship and spirituality. Regulator Bookshop,720 Ninth St. 7 p.m. 919-286-2700.Oct. 7 • CharlotteOUTspoken Speakers SeriesUNC-Charlotte’s OUTspoken Speakers Series will hostElizabeth Birch, one of the most recognized leaders ofthe LGBT civil rights movement and former executivedirector of the Human Rights Campaign. OUTspokenanticipates Birch’s speech to be an illuminating explorationof issues affecting the movement and Birch’sown experiences in both litigation and politics.University City Blvd. 7 p.m. For more information,visit or 11 • RaleighWorks of HeartThis annual art auction against AIDS is the Triangle’spremier charity art event benefiting The Alliance ofAIDS Services-Carolina (AAS-C). This year marks the18th anniversary of this event to raise money forthose living with and affected by HIV and AIDS.Advance tickets can be purchased at the followingTriangle retailers: White Rabbit Books, Quail RidgeBooks, Regulator Books, and Cameron’s. Fletcher Hall,2 E. South St. 6 p.m. $20 advance/$30 at the 11 • Winston-Salem2008 Kaleidoscope Awards Galagala. The keynote address will be delivered by thePresident/CEO of Food Lion, LLC., Rick Anicetti.Entertainment will be provided by Clare Fader & theVaudevillains. The Millennium Center, 101 W. 5th St.7:30 p.m. $50. 11 • Winston-Salem‘For The Bible Tells Me So’Does God really condemn loving homosexual relationships?Is the chasm separating Christianity fromgays and lesbians too wide to cross? Is the Bible anexcuse to hate? These questions and more areanswered in this award-winning documentary thatreconciles homosexuality and Biblical scripture, andreveals that religious anti-gay bias is based almostsolely upon a misinterpretation of the Bible. ACETheatre Complex, 1533 S. Main St. 7 p.m. $5advanced/$6 at the door. 336-918-0982. 16 • CharlotteAn Evening With Armistead MaupinRaleigh native Maupin is the gay author of nine novels,including the six-volume “Tales of the City” series,“Maybe the Moon,”“The Night Listener” and mostrecently,“Michael Tolliver Lives.” His appearance ispart of the Novello Festival of reading. ImaginOn, 300E. 7th St. 7 p.m. $15. 704-973-2828. Festival of reading presents Harvey Pekar andAlison Bechdel. Harvey Pekar is best known for hisautobiographical slice-of-life comic book series“American Splendor,” a first-person account of Pekar’sdowntrodden life. Alison Bechdel is the lesbian creatorof the comic strip “Dykes to Watch Out For” andauthor of the graphic memoir,“Fun Home: A FamilyTragicomic.” ImaginOn, 300 E. 7th St. 7 p.m. $15. 704-973-2828. ◗info: Announce your community event in Out & or fax 704-531-1361.c o p r i g h t46 SEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotesNot for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionADVERTISE IN Q-NOTES CLASSIFIEDS!Submit your classified ad to or call 704.531.9988.Run your classified ad 2 times, get one FREE! minimum $13 ad run 2 @ $26, save $13 on third placementcADVERTISE HERE Pastor. 0920-092008o pto I485, 77 and 85. Only tenr(10) minutes I offerithe most comlete bodygrub youh tto Uptown Charlotte. Call 980-253- will ever experience. Call Mike. 877-874-Our Ads Get ResultsBUY/SELL ITEMS2318. 0726-0920089598. Charlotte area. 0906-110108Submit your announcements, buy/sell PrideTraderitems, get a job, rent/sell a home,Tega CayLooking for an online place to advertiseseek business or personal services,For Sale, Trade or Wanted items just New & Beautiful. 3600+ sq. ft. lakeviewplace a memorial message, find a roommate,tell the world about your wed-to the LGBT community. Then join home in Tega Cay, ready to move in! 5PrideTrader and start posting your Bed, 3.5 Bath. $2500 per month. 704-ding/union, and more! Or, simply namewares at no charge. Free Yahoo ID 491-6614. 0726-092008your category. Send in copy to us byrequired.Visit to It’sPrideTrader/join or email PrideTrader- Office Space for Rentreally that easy. So why wait? Do it now! for moreLocation, location, location! Only 5 minutesfrom Uptown Charlotte. GLBT-ANNOUNCEMENTS information. PrideTrader is an officialpartner with Q-Notes. 0112-122708MBF Productions,friendly building. One and two person2Columbia, S.C. …EMPLOYMENT0 0suites available. Call 704-965-5214.80920-092008seeks Male Cast Members at least 18 Work from Home PT/FTyears old for “Naked Boys Singing,” theOpportunity is Knocking.SERVICES/PERSONALmusical. Call Michael 803-834-1775.I will Show You how!Strictly Sex!Email,Triad Area0906-100408Call or email: 336-710-1108FortuneAndYou@gmail.com0823-092008Piedmont UnitarianUniversalist ChurchInspiring spiritual growth through diversityand religious freedom. SundayServices 10:30 a.m. 9704 Mallard CreekRd., Charlotte, NC 28262. 704-510-0008. 0920-101808Meet Hot local Guys! Use Ad #7044.18+. 828-239-0006; 704-372-2400;336-230-2323; 864-232-1777; 803-255-0035; 843-859-5995; 706-434-0434.0809-092008Q-Notes classifieds are a bargain.Place yours with us now!MASSAGE-LICENSEDRelieve stress, tension, and muscle Relax to a therapeutic or eroticfatique with therapeutic bodywork body rub given by attractive, experiencedprofessionals. 704-651-6899which combines Swedish and deepmuscle massage. Reference available. or 704-576-5690. 4 hands available,NAME:cRalph Clayton,oNC Lic. #2038. 919-220-pby longest couple doingrso. 0809-i g h tADDRESS:Unity Fellowship8360. Pamper yourself. 0809-110108 100408CITY STATE ZIPChurch Clt.REAL ESTATE - RENTBody RubChristian service in the African-American tradition held Sundays at 1 House to ShareBy an athletic 30-year-old black male.CARD #:pm at our new home – 2127 Eastway Private bedroom w/bath and sitting Oil, table, music in a relaxing environment.In calls, out calls, call Jeff 704-877-SIGNATURE:Drive at Kilborne in Charlotte, NC. room in new four (4) b/room, 2.5 bath704-567-5007. Rev. Tonyia Rawls, home, includes garage space. Convenient 6812. 0628-082308SUBSCRIBE!. Noted . Notable. Noteworthy . LGBT News & ViewsOur classifeds sell!Submit your announcements, buy/sell items, get a job, rent/sell a home,seek business or personal services, place a memorial message, find aroommate, tell the world about your wedding/union, and more!Or, simply name your category.TH E S E R AT E S O N LY C OV E R A P O RT I O N O F O U R T RU E C O S T, H OW E V E R, O U R G OA L I S TO S E RV E O U R C O M M U N I T Y.Mailed from Charlotte, N C, in sealed enve l o p e.Subscription Rates:1 yr - 26 issues: 1st Class (fastest delive ry) = $ 4 5 1 yr - 26 issues: Bulk Mail (3rd Class) = $ 2 01 yr - 26 issues: Bulk Mail (3rd Class) = $10 (for yo u t h , seniors & low-income re a d e r s )M a ke ch e cks payable to Q-NOT E S : PO Box 221841 . C h a r l o t t e, NC 28222CREDIT CARD– CHECK ONE: MASTERCARD VISA DISCOVER AMERICAN EXPRESSEXP DATE:c o p r i g h t2 0 0 8c o p r i g h tSEPTEMBER 20 . 2008 • QNotes 47Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for ReproductionThe Market Placec o p r i g h t2 0 0 8c o p r i g h tc o p r i g h tQ-Notes Market Place Spotlight . Sept. 20, 2008James Akers is running for the Greenville not using County Council as a steppingCounty Council District 24 seat in stone to another office or to jumpstartGreenville, S.C. He spoke with Q-Notes my political career. I am running forrecently to explain his motivation and to County Council simply because I see thelet us know why he is problems with our County and want tothe best candidate for work to correct them.the office.What will be your guiding philosophyas a Council member?Why did you decideto run for theWhat is good for District 24 residents andDistrict 24 seat? for Greenville County as a whole. TooI have been taught all many times our current Council hasmy life to get involved approved or denied ordinances andand to serve if you requests because of developers' influence.want change in your2community. I feel0I will be a voice0for the people — not8our Council needs a new direction and well-funded developers. I have promiseda vision for the future, and I feel I have to hold a town hall meeting every monththe drive and determination to help and have held five already during themold that.campaign. These town hall meetings giveWhat are the key issues voters needto consider?There are many issues voters should considerin this election, but the primary onein my district is uncontrolled growth.Currently, our Council has no plan for thefuture growth of Greenville as evidencedin the current traffic and developmentproblems on Woodruff Road. Without aplan for the future, there will be moreWoodruff Road situations all overGreenville. My opponent is being fundedin large part by developers and thosealready in power. This says to me thatunder her guidance there would be noevery voter in the County an opportunityto voice their concerns and help mebecome better educated about issuesimportant to everyday citizens.Should your sexual orientation haveany relevance in this race?No. Sexual orientation should have norelevance in this race at all — much likethe fact that my opponent is a womanshould have no relevance. There are veryfew issues that could come beforeCouncil that would make sexual orientationrelevant. Since winning my primary,several gay media outlets have contactedc o p r i g h tme about my chances to become one ofchange in the handling of zoningSouth Carolina's first openly gay electedrequests and no plans to control growth. officials. While I appreciate the historicalWhy are you a better candidate for aspect of this race, I am not running simplyto make history. I am runningthe District 24 seat than your opponent?because I know I can take GreenvilleI feel I am a better candidate because I County in a better direction than it is currentlyheaded. I just happen to be have a vision for our County, and I amgay.Not for Reproduction Copyright 2008 QNotes Not for Reproduction

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