8133 - E2S2

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8133 - E2S2

Denver Federal Center•One square mile campus•Former ordinance plant•26 Federal agencies•50 active buildings•6,200 employeesDirector’s Vision …“the most sustainablecampus in the country by 2020”…engineers | scientists | innovators

What are the sustainability drivers?Energy Policy Act (EPACT) of 2005• Energy efficiency and water conservation provisionsExecutive Order 13423• Environmental performance goalsEnergy Independence and Security Act (EISA) of2007• Increase energy efficiency and the availability ofrenewable energy and decrease U.S. dependence onoil• Reduce energy consumption by 3% per year FY06-15engineers | scientists | innovators

Sustainable Design StandardsGSA commitment toLEED• All government ownednew construction andmajor renovationprojects must be LEEDcertified with a goal ofSilver• All new lease construction projects(over 10,000 sq. ft.) must achieve aLEED Silver ratingengineers | scientists | innovators

How does the DFC meet theseaggressive requirements andmeasure progress?Implement a management system (SEMS)!• Planning• Procedures and training• Tracking performanceengineers | scientists | innovators 6

DFC SEMS Structureengineers | scientists | innovators7

Energy Use• Boiler replacementprogram• Reduces natural gas use by40 MMBTU• Interior light retrofits• Reduces electrical demandfrom 10,260 kWh/yr to 6,495kWh/yr• Neighborhood ZEVs• 25 gal fuel saved/500 milesengineers | scientists | innovators8

Energy Use‣ Increase use of renewable energy‣ Install 1 MW photovoltaic system for DFC‣ Metrics‣ 233,000 kWh/yr used‣ 198 metric tons CO2Eengineers | scientists | innovators

Waste• Facility waste 35%diversion rate• Construction wasterecycled in 2007• 45,000 tonsconcrete block• 10,000 tonsrecycled asphaltengineers | scientists | innovators10

Water• Xeriscaping to reduce waterrequirements• Drip irrigation• Shade trees to coolbuildings• Water sensors andirrigation controls• Reduced water andenergy use by 70%engineers | scientists | innovators11

Energy, Waste, Stormwater• 522 linear ft perviouswalkway and solar lighting• Recycled 4,025 sq ft ofasphalt• Reduced stormwaterrunoff• Reduced energy use• Higher installation cost =lower O&M and energycostengineers | scientists | innovators

Site RemediationObjectives• Remediate surface and subsurface at DFC• Comply with CDPHE Consent Order• Integrated with other Action Teams Stormwater Waste Materials & Resourcesengineers | scientists | innovators

engineers | scientists | innovatorsMaterials & Resources

Stormwater‣ Reduce releases to stormwater• implement dig permits• provide training• monitor contractors‣ Metrics• 65 yds sediment retained• Reduced investigation costs• Reduced contractor costsengineers | scientists | innovators

Where is the DFC going?engineers | scientists | innovators16

Master Plan andDFC Campus Sustainability Goals• Zero emissions• Improved energy efficiency• Carbon neutrality by 2030• Open space• Alternative transportation• Improved GSA and tenantpartnership• Sustained communityoutreachengineers | scientists | innovators17

DFC Sustainability Plan• Benchmarked DFC performance toother campuses• Facilitated design charrette withGSA and tenants• Drafted PlanPurposeDriversVisionStrategic goals and targetsImplementationCommunicationManagement Reviewengineers | scientists | innovators

DFC Design Guidelines• Developed design guidelines forMaster Plan framed on LEED andother drivers Environmental program Objective Guideline Target Metric Applicability: new construction, existingbldgs, tenant improvementsengineers | scientists | innovators

Greenhouse Gas (GHG)Emissions InventoryPurpose: Develop baseline for benchmarking improvementsengineers | scientists | innovators

Region 8 SEMS Rollout Procedures Training –Winter 09 Metrics – Spring 09 Auditing – Summer 09engineers | scientists | innovators

Tracking SEMS Performance MetricsSEMS Databaseengineers | scientists | innovators 2222

Lessons Learned• Get top management commitment• Spread responsibilities to businessline leaders• Identify passionate participants• Track performance and accountabilityengineers | scientists | innovators

24engineers | scientists | innovatorsAny Questions?

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