Brighton Secondary School Newsletter February 2013

Brighton Secondary School Newsletter February 2013

TERM 2/3 – Week 4 (Term 2) – Week 4 (Term 3)Zone Meeting – Thursday 9th May (Week 2, Term 2)Tuesday:Year 8/9 Girls SoccerOpen Girls SoccerOpen Boys BadmintonOpen Girls BadmintonYear 8/9 Boys Football – Coord. by St John’s/ConcordiaYr 8/9 Volleyball – Coord by LBIT (Glen) at Unley HSWednesday:Year 8/9 Girls Netball – ETSA ParkOpen Girls Netball – ETSA ParkOpen Boys FootballYear 8/9 Boys SoccerOpen Boys SoccerThursday:Year 9/10 Boys BasketballOpen Boys BasketballOpen Boys VolleyballYear 8/9 Girls 9 A-Side FootballOpen Girls 9 A-Side FootballYear 8/9 Mixed Table TennisOpen Mixed Table TennisTERM 3/4 – Week 7 (Term 3) – Week 6 (Term 4)Zone Meeting – Thursday 15th August (Week 4, Term 3)& Friday 29th November (Week 7, Term 4)Tuesday:Year 8/9 Boys BasketballYear 8/9 Girls VolleyballYear 10/11 Girls VolleyballYear 8/9 Boys VolleyballYear 10 Boys VolleyballWednesday:Year 8/9 Girls BasketballOpen Girls BasketballYear 8/9 Girls TennisOpen Girls TennisThursday:Year 8/9 Girls BadmintonYear 10/11 Girls BadmintonYear 8/9 Boys BadmintonYear 10/11 Boys BadmintonYear 8/9 Boys Indoor SoccerYear 8/9 Girls Indoor SoccerYear 8/9 Boys TennisZONE CARNIVALS 2013TERM 1Football Umpiring Course – To Be AdvisedYear 8/9 Indoor Cricket – Thursday 14th March (Week 7)Weeks 10 & 11 – Netball Umpiring Courses – After SchoolTERM 2Weeks 1 & 2 – Netball Umpiring Courses – After SchoolNetball Umpiring Clinic – Monday 6th May (Week 2) – 1.00 –3.00pm.Year 8/9 Boys 9 A-Side – Wednesday 8th May (Week 2)Year 8/9 Girls Netball Grading – Wednesday 15th May (Week3) 1.00 – 3.00pmOpen Boys & Girls 5A-Side Soccer – Thursday 16th May (Week 3)*Open Girls Netball Grading – Wednesday 22nd May (Week 4)3.30pm(SZ / SSSSA Open Boys Indoor Soccer – Monday 27th MayWeek 5)(SZ / SSSSA Open Girls Indoor Soccer – Monday 17th JuneWeek 8)Golf – Monday 24th June (Week 9)Ten Pin Bowling – Thursday 4th July (Week 10) – 12.00pm – 2.30pmTERM 3Open Boys & Girls Handball – Thursday 1st August (Week 2)Year 8/9 Boys & Girls 5 A-Side Soccer – Thursday 8th August(Week 3)*(SZ / SSSSA Year 8/9 Girls Indoor Soccer – Monday 12thAugust Week 4)Open Girls 9 A-Side Football – Wednesday 21st August (Week 5) #(SZ / SSSSA Yr 8/9 Boys Indoor Soccer – Monday 26th AugustWeek 6)Year 8/9 Girls 9 A-Side Football – Wednesday 28th August(Week 6)Indoor Rowing Competition – Tuesday 24th September (Week 10)Year 8 / 9 / 10 Come ‘N’ Try Touch – Wednesday 25th September(Week 10)TERM 4Year 8/9 Boys & Girls Handball Carnival – Thursday 29thOctober (Week 3)Racquetball / Squash – Friday 1st November (Week 3)Year 8/9 Mixed Softball – Monday 4th November (Week 4)Year 8/9 Boys Super 8’s Cricket – Wednesday 13th November(Week 5)#(Beach Volleyball – November (Week 6) – Volleyball SA)Beach Day – Friday 6th December (Week 8) Dragon Boat /Canoe Day* Leads to SSSSA Final.# Leads to Interzone Final.BRIGHTON SECONDARY SCHOOL NEWSLETTER I ISSUE 1 I February 20135Responsibility | Integrity | Fairness | Co-operation | Respect | Excellence

Christian PastoralSupport Worker“A Christian Pastoral Support Worker is atrained, experienced and compassionateperson who joins a school community toprovide extra support to all young people,families and staff. They respect diversityand school values, and their role excludesproselytizing, promoting a particular setof beliefs, or religious education. Theyprovide pastoral care, enhance studentwell-being, and support the school to be asafe and supportive learning environment.”Hi, my name is Chelsea Lake and I am the Christian Pastoral Support Worker (CPSW,formerly chaplain) at Brighton Secondary School. For those not familiar with the workof a CPSW, my role is quite a diverse one, but essentially it is to support the schoolcommunity.I am in the school each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and a typical day for memight look like visiting an art or drama class, spending time in the yard with studentsduring breaks, visiting homegroups to get to know students, supporting peer leadersand homegroup teachers; connecting with staff in the staff room or at meetings,or having one on one conversations with students needing to share a burden. Ofcourse there are many more activities that pop up – excursions and school events forexample – but my day to day tasks generally see me supporting students in feelingcomfortable and enjoying their high school experience.Each year I love visiting the Year 8 classes and homegroups, and spending time in theyard with these new and excited students. As I meet them, though, I am aware thatthe excitement showing on the surface is not the only emotion bubbling away inside ofthem. For me, remembering back to my Year 8 days, I know there was excitement andanticipation of what this new chapter of life would bring, but also nerves and some fear.“Less than two months ago, I was the big kid and now I’m the newbie at the school.Where are all my classes? How will I remember all my teachers’ names? Are the Year12s really going to pick on me? Will I be able to make new friends, and how do I put ina lunch order at the canteen?” My guess is that the experience I’m describing is not toodissimilar to what many of the Year 8s are feeling in these first few weeks at school.Some students may embrace this new lifestyle and thrive on the adventure that itbrings, but for others this change can be daunting and may take a little getting usedto. I’ve met students in the past few weeks that are in both camps. I think the mosthelpful thing to remember is that these are normal feelings because transition alwaysbrings up a little bit of anxiety. Things are changing and there are new people, newinformation and new routines to get used to. But before long, students – and familiesof these students who are also adjusting to the change! – will find themselvescomfortable and enjoying this new chapter.Australia DayAwardThe Brighton SecondarySchool F1 in Schools2012 World Championsteam, Cold Fusion,was recognised bythe Holdfast BayCity Council at theAustralia Day Awardceremony held on theGlenelg Foreshore onAustralia Day.The team, comprising ofTom Agars, Jane Burton,Jake Grant, Henry Lynch,Michelle Lennon andSpencer Olds, was awardedwinner of the CommunityEvent of the Year Award.This award is presented tothe person or group who hasstaged the most outstandingor beneficial local communityevent during the past year.The photo shows the teamreceiving the award from theMayor of Holdfast Bay CityCouncil, Dr. Ken Rollond,and the Australia DayAmbassador, Brian Wenzel.If there is anything specifically that you would like my support in, please feel free tocontact me through the school.Chelsea LakeChristian Pastoral Support WorkerBRIGHTON SECONDARY SCHOOL NEWSLETTER I ISSUE 1 I February 20137Responsibility | Integrity | Fairness | Co-operation | Respect | Excellence

The Fringe comesto BrightonIn 2013 Brighton’s PerformingArts Centre will become aFringe venue with new workscreated and presented by pastand present students.While Brighton’s Lift Dance Theatre has been an integral part of the Fringe dance programfor a number of years, 2013 presents a great leap forward in that Lift Dance Theatre andReverb Theatre group will present original work at the Brighton Performing Arts Centre.REVERB THEATRE GROUP – Nightfall withEdgar Allen Poe ‘Check your heartbeat at the door!’Edgar Allan Poe stands alone in the flickering darkness of his mind,trying desperately to convince himself that he’s not mad. The spell heweaves brings us a highly theatrical adaptation of three tales Poe himself consideredhis best. Enter the world of Poe but check your blood pressure first.Director: Henry BullitisCast: Jade Walsh, Mark Oakley, Ethan Pillay, Madeline Rodgers, Henry Vaughn, EllieHeard, Tahlia Bray, Liam Andrews and Sarah Edwards.Duration: 60 minutesFriday: February 22 2013, 6.00pm – 7.00 pmSaturday: February 23 2013, 2.30pm – 3.30pm, 6.00pm – 7.00 pmLIFT DANCE THEATRE – The Silence of Nothing’In even the quietest of moments there is sound. In even thestillest of moments there is movement.’This original dance work premiered in 2012. It has since been extensively reworked.The Silence of Nothing derived from the idea that ‘silence’ and ‘nothing’ areimpossibilities. To say that ‘nothing happened’ denies the small moments that arepart of everyone’s lives. The work explores what it means to be both an individual ina space and to share that space with a crowd. Drawing upon many other art forms,this unique work borrows from sculpture, painting, video and physical theatre butremains rooted in dance. The Colin Griffin Trio wrote and recorded the score whichfeatures electric violinist Mai Ly Irvine playing live on stage with the dancers.Year 9 LaptopRolloutPlease note that theYear 9’s will be issuedwith their laptopson Wednesday6th March:5.30pm – 7.15pm forBuffalo and Cygnethomegroupsand6.45pm – 8.30pm forRapid and Holdfasthomegroups.Students will receiveinformation via theirhomegroup teacherscloser to the 6th March.Directors: Alan Todd and Lauren CoxCast: Alex Bachmatiuk, Coby Baker-Hutton, Jordyn Binelli, Lizzie Bastable, LaurenCox, Phoebe Fisher, Sabina Fisher, Mai Ly Irvine, Tasma Jefferies, Claire Lawrance,Nicki Lodge, KT McKenzie and Liv Phillips.Duration: 55 minutesFriday: February 22 2013, 7.30pm – 8.30 pmSaturday: February 23 2013, 7.30pm – 8.30pm Lift Dance TheatreSunday: February 24 2013, 2.30pm – 3.30pm Lift Dance TheatreTickets will be available through BASS.8BRIGHTON SECONDARY SCHOOL NEWSLETTER I ISSUE 1 I February 2013Responsibility | Integrity | Fairness | Co-operation | Respect | Excellence

Lift DanceTheatreLift Dance Theatre will present The Silence of Nothing for the 2013 Fringe after which many ofthe dancers will retire to pursue other interests. Alex Bachmatiuk, Nicki Lodge, Molly Waldren,Kiera Turner, Mai Ly Irvine, Abby Bastable, Sabina Fisher and Naomi McAnna have been with thecompany for up to five years and we thank them and all for doing so much to promote originalcontemporary dance at Brighton.A second company was formed in late 2012 with Phoebe Fisher, now the longest serving dancer, continuing as choreographerand mentor, Lizzie Bastable, Claire Lawrance, Taylor Camburn and KT McKenzie as the remaining members of the 2012company, and an exciting group joining them from the junior school. We welcome Lauren Ager, Coby Baker-Hutton, JordanBinelli, Zac Garrick, Liv Griffiths, Penny Lewis, Nina Phillips and Abbey Miller.Lift Dance Theatre is currently workshopping a new work to be presented in 2013 at the Brighton Performing Arts Centre. It isentitled PLACE. The idea comes from the communication and interaction between a group of people in an enclosed spaceand draws upon the personal experiences of the dancers. As ever with Lift Dance Theatre, the choreography comes from thedancers themselves and the intense nature of the workshops extends the dancers to their creative limits.For the first time we are using a soundtrack that is jazz based and includes music from South Australian big band Goose.The staging will have a completely different look to any previous productions with the space divided into vertical and horizontalelements and ‘windows’ of blue Perspex casting rectangles of light on the stage floor.Artistic DirectorsAlan Todd and Lauren CoxYear 7/8TransitionThe 263 Year 8 students have settled in to secondary schooling very well. They have come toBrighton from approximately 50 different primary schools. The main focus of the first week wasto get to know their teachers and fellow students and to learn to navigate between classes.We are looking forward to the Year 8 Orientation Days which will be held at Woodhouse Active Education Centre on the following days:• Monday 4th March Homegroups 0801BU, 0802BU, 0803BU• Tuesday 5th March Homegroups 0801CY, 0802CY, 0803CY• Wednesday 6th March Homegroups 0801HO, 0802HO, 0803HO• Thursday 7th March Homegroups 0801RA, 0802RA, 0803RAStudents have received letters to bring home concerning this information.Barbara BlecklyCoordinator Student WellbeingBRIGHTON SECONDARY SCHOOL NEWSLETTER I ISSUE 1 I February 20139Responsibility | Integrity | Fairness | Co-operation | Respect | Excellence

Parent / Teacher / StudentConferencesPlease put the following times in your diaries:Parent / Teacher / Student conferences will be held for Years 11 & 12 students on Wednesday10th April, 3.30pm – 8.30pmandParent / Teacher / Student conferences will be held for Years 8, 9 & 10 students on Wednesday1st May, 3.30pm – 8.30pmStudents / Parents will be expected to make appointments for these interviews.More information will be sent home later in the term.10BRIGHTON SECONDARY SCHOOL NEWSLETTER I ISSUE 1 I February 2013Responsibility | Integrity | Fairness | Co-operation | Respect | Excellence

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