March 2012 - The Woodroffe School
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March 2012 - The Woodroffe School

Our huge thanks go to all the inspiringvisitors to school throughout ScienceWeek.Martin Ballam from Xtreme FalconryMarcus Wills, UK Sales Director, Sigma-AldrichPaul Brightwell, Senior LaboratoryAnalyst, Quality Assurance, DaniscoJessica Tasker, Research Technician,CefasSam Scriven, Earth Science Advisor,Jurassic Coast World Heritage TeamPhil Winton, Director of Production, Lab21, Plasmatech Laboratory ProductsKatie Ruffle, Director of RegulatoryAffairs, IpsenBrett Candy, Gemma Bennitt and DavidRundle from the Met Office, SatelliteApplications SectionFiona Christie, Psychologist.Martin Staples, Lukas Renee-Cemmickand Thomas Lowe apprentices fromAugusta WestlandKirsty Pendlebury, weather forecasterfrom Met OfficeBritain’s Biggest Eagle Lands atWoodroffeOn Tuesday 13th March Martin Ballamfrom Xtreme Falconry Ltd. cameto visit Year 11 students at WoodroffeSchool. What a thrilling and informativeexperience for all. The visitors includeda Barn owl, Cromarty the Eagle owl, aPeregrine Falcon, a Kestrel, Winston theAmerican Harris Hawk and the grandfinale, Brianna the White Tailed SeaEagle.Not only were teachers and studentsenthralled by the amazing design andadaptation of these creatures, they alsolearnt about the different ways they canbe successfully trained.With the opportunity to ask lots of questionsand get fully involved, it reallywas a new experience for students atWoodroffe. Following this Martin wasavailable at lunchtime to run a ‘meetand greet’ session, for all year groups,with some of the smaller members of theteam, including a Ferruginous PygmyOwl.Martin said of the experience, “Havingvisited hundreds of schools over thepast few years, it was great to be atWoodroffe for the first time. The studentswere brilliant and the feedbackhas been outstanding”. If you are interestedin finding out more about XtremeFalconry then please

Hostage Rescue Mission For BiennialInspectionWednesday, 7th March, saw theBiennial Inspection for the CCF (it islike OFSTED for the CCF and allows usto operate for the next two years). Theweather looked ominous but, undauntedby that, the cadets pulled together toovercome the elements putting up thekitchen tent and setting up the kitchen,as well as polishing themselves andtheir kit to a very high standard.The inspection team was led by RAFofficer, Group Captain Nigel Arnold,a specialist in fuels logistics. He iscurrently setting up a training college forsupport services (food, transport etc) forall three services.The cadets put on a variety ofdemonstration lessons that were allthemed around the training that wouldbe required in order to mount a hostagerescue mission. The Group Captainwas impressed by the creativity andrelevance of the scenario as he hadrecently returned from Afghanistan andgave his personal perspective on theseactivities to the cadets.He praised the contingent for the qualityand enthusiasm of its cadets and theresponsibility that they clearly tookin developing themselves. He wasimpressed by the senior cadets forproviding the training and setting a fineleadership example for the youngermembers of the contingent.“From a personal perspective I was veryproud of all of the cadets,” said MajorStuart Ruffle, Contingent Commander.“They did as they always do (and all thatI expect of them!) in that they tried theirbest and enjoyed themselves and thisshone through on the day. I would alsolike to thank all of the adults associatedwith the CCF who selflessly give up theirtime to develop our young people. If youare interested in joining our team pleasefeel free to come and talk to me.”Major Stuart RuffleContingent Commander

Culture and Music for SpanishExchange StudentsIt was an early start for the 22 studentsand 2 members of staff who left for theSpanish exchange to Baeza in March. Itwas the 3rd visit that we had made andhaving received the Spanish students inOctober everyone felt confident. A flightfrom Bristol to Malaga was followed by acoach to Baeza where we were warmlygreeted by our host school.During the week lots of activities wereplanned both by the families andthe school. We visited Granada andCordoba where we were guided aroundthe Mesquita by the head of historyfrom the IES Andres de Valdevira. Freetime for shopping was always possibleallowing the students to practise theirspoken Spanish and spend their Euros!On the last day in school the Englishand Spanish Students took partin a concert and presentation withperformances from Dom Kirtley, WillLister, Fran Hall, Yaz Murfin and EvaBell as well as the Spanish students.Everyone was sad to leave and all inall, it was a thoroughly successful andenjoyable trip.Jackie Fletcher

French Exchange a big hit withWoodroffe Students!On Saturday 17th March a group of29 year 9 Woodroffe students set outfor Axminster’s twin town of Douvresla-Délivrandeto stay with their Frenchpartners from the Collège ClémentMarot. The exchange has been runningsuccessfully for several years andthis year the group was led by Frenchteacher Mrs Dingle ably assisted byMr Sweetland and Mrs Hyde who werevery generously accommodated bythe French teachers. The programmein France was organised by MrsChbabi, one of the English teachersin the school. The students enjoyed aweekend with their host families andwere made to feel very welcome asthey were treated to a wide range ofactivities including visits to Honfleur,laser tag and the local ice rink! OnMonday, we were personally welcomedto the school by the principal MonsieurBarbaras and treated to a deliciousFrench breakfast of hot chocolate,croissants and pain au chocolat! Therefollowed several packed days of visitsand activities with a particular emphasison William the Conqueror. Studentssaw the Bayeux Tapestry, the castleof William the Conqueror at Falaiseand the Abbaie aux Hommes at Caenwhere he was buried. We also visitedArromanches and had a guided tourof the D-Day Museum. We were verylucky as the weather was cold butsunny every day so we had our picnicoutdoors in the sunshine. For somestudents, the highlight of the visit wasa trip to a beautiful stately home inVendeuvre where we were given apersonal tour by the Count who playedhis spinnet especially for us! For others,they will never forget the visit to theMusée des Automates with animatedwindow displays including monkeys,snake charmers and lost cyclists. Thevisit was over all too soon and tearswere shed at the ferry port in Caen onThursday morning as the students saidgoodbye to their partners with promisesto keep in touch. We thank our Frenchhosts very much for their generouswelcome and look forward to their returnto Lyme Regis next year.Mrs S Dingle

Cameroon Visitors Bring SunshineOn a cold, grey February morning, DotWood, Director of Arts, met two veryhappy and excited visiting teachers fromCameroon at Heathrow. The teachers,Besong Leo Akem Ayuk and WemngongIta Yewong were visiting The WoodroffeSchool under the British Council schemewhich encourages Global SchoolPartnerships and provides a grant forglobal curriculum projects.Their visit was the fourth made byteachers between Woodroffe andGovernment High School in Buea. Itateaches Geography and Citizenship, andLeo is a senior teacher, responsible forICT and Economics. They spent threedays sharing lessons with the Woodroffestaff, informing students about whatlife is like in Cameroon for students atschool and also leading discussionson Global issues such as SustainableDevelopment, Social Justice and Equity,Peace and Conflict.They spoke in two school assemblies,watched local theatre performancesincluding Little Foot at Lyme’s MarineTheatre and Romeo & Juliet, performedby a visiting theatre company who puton the play for Year 9 students.In addition they spoke at a St Michael’sPrimary school assembly, answering thehundreds of questions the youngstersput to them.A highlight of the visit was meetingCouncillor Sally Holman, the Mayorof Lyme Regis, and they were veryimpressed with her welcome to the townand enjoyed learning about the historyof the local council and its role in thelocal community.School bade them farewell after aweek’s visit loaded down with fivesecond hand laptops donated byBovington ICT centre, as well asnumerous Geography and Englishtext books. “We are delighted that ourpartnership is going from strength tostrength,” said Mrs Wood. “In fact,Seoras Strain, teacher of RE andcitizenship, and Debbie Hill, teacher ofScience, will be returning to GHS Bueain May and we eagerly await news oftheir travels.”

Brass Wins at FestivalOn Tuesday 20th March the WoodroffeBrass Group travelled to Exeter tocompete in the Devon Performing ArtsFestival.They returned proudly carryingtrophies and certificates having wonthe Brass Ensemble section andAndrew Humphreys won the Brass solosection (Honours) with Josh Crocker(Distinction) a close runner up. Theadjudicator, senior Brass tutor at WellsCathedral School, heaped praise onboth students saying that they were bothup there with the best in the country:high praise indeed.Jazz Workshop Teaches ImprovisationOn Friday 16th March, the school Jazz Band participated in aworkshop run by Carlos Lopez, a saxophonist based in London. Heprepared two pieces with us during lunchtime and fifth lesson; ‘HugPine’, and ‘So What’, which we then performed at a concert at theBridport arts centre that evening. The workshop focused particularlyon improvisation, and everyone had the opportunity to perform asolo. The gig in the evening began at 8pm with Philip Clouts andhis quartet, which specialises in modern jazz. The jazz band thenperformed the two pieces that Carlos had prepared with us, alongsidea couple of our own. It was a new and enjoyable experience for all ofus not only to perform, but to hear different types of jazz.Congratulations to all of the students,the hard working music department andPhil Makin, their Brass teacher.Students in Photo: Sam Urquhart, SarahNicholson, Andrew Humphreys and JoshCrocker.Early Music GroupTheWoodroffe Early Music’ is a groupof school musicians dedicated tomaking music on ancient and moderninstruments.gearing up for the next School Concerton the 24th April. The Viola Da Gambaor Viol is a rare instrument which diedout at the end of the 18th Century.We meet during Wednesday lunch-timesin the Music Department.It has been a successful music-makingactivity over the years, continually givingconcerts inside and outside of school inhistorical buildings and supporting localFairs such as the Colyton and UplymeFairs. We have a lot of fun exploring themusic of the past while munching ondonuts from the present. Our Viola DaGamba players, ‘The Gamba Girls’, are

The QUMUNWhen approached by Mr Strain, askingif some students in our year might beinterested in participating in a ModelUnited Nations (MUN) conference,Fran Biddle and I scoured the politicallyknowledgeable of Year 10, recruitingJamie Jeffery and Fran Penrose. Thiswould form our delegation.After a few meetings, we were up toscratch on the way the conferencewould work; each school wouldrepresent a nation state (ours wasAustralia) and each student wouldsubmit to a delegation. Jamie Jefferyheld the position of Economic andSocial delegate, dealing with suchissues as international inequality and thepoverty trap. Fran Biddle representedAustralia on the humanitarian front,which dealt with rights for women andthe tough issues that surround therights of terrorists. I took the role ofMiddle Eastern delegate, discussingand debating energy stability/securityin the Middle East and Middle Easternfuelled terrorism. Fran Penrose foughtthe Ozzie corner at the Political Council,with hefty topics such as Iran and NorthKorea!resolution) to the problems we weretasked with. Delegates had to give animprovisational, two-minute speech as towhy they thought their clause should bepassed, which would go to vote. It waskey to make as many allies as you couldin lobbying time.My first clause was passed! I thoughtit impossible having seen so manyprevious clauses refused, but becauseof my negotiations with MiddleEastern nations to cooperate withAustralia, my suggestion of renewableenergy investments, infrastructureand interdependence within the Arabworld was passed! Fran Penrose hada tough job in the Political Councilwhere ridiculous suggestions - suchas running both the North and SouthKoreans armies into a minefieldacross the border- were mooted.A lively Frenchman (who sought tobuild a Napoleonic European Union)entertained Jamie in the heat ofthe poverty issues that arose. FranBiddle was in full support of the NewZealander’s wild and wonderful ideason how a suggestive dance can solvethe world’s problems and she effectivelyused her girl power to fight off sexistremarks when debating women’s rights!Our third session consisted of dealingwith an emergency issue. Finally, wereassembled with every member ofevery nation in the General Assembly,where we had to deal with anemergency Syrian crisis. The Woodroffedelegation was asked to present aclause to the entire assembly. On ourway up to the stage the Chairman said“Extra points for your team if you can dothe accent”! Rising to the challenge ourclause was received with overwhelmingsupport. The French claimed that theclause was “perfect” and the Saudis andKiwis congratulated our efforts.We all learned a great deal from the dayand I would recommend it to others toget involved!- Harry Robson, Year 10 (MUN teamleader 2012)Debating Society – get involved!Are you interested in getting involvedin future MUN conferences? Do youwish to be a part of a debating societyat The Woodroffe School? If you areinterested please contact Mr Strainto register your interest, as he will besetting one up in the summer term.Year 9 Investor Contestor Team inRegional FinalsInvestor Contestor was the firstWoodroffe School team to ever reachThe IFS School Of Finance ChallengeRegional Final. With a virtual profit ofmore than £16,000, the team earnedtheir place in the regional finals throughthe buying and selling shares online.The atmosphere was electric when theteam arrived at @ Bristol and the teambecame a little nervous on their way upto the top floor where the quiz was held.The competition featured 70 questionsincluding Savings, Business, In theNews and General Knowledge. Therewere a number of other teams all vyingfor a place in the final with many madeup of students from Years 10, 11, 12 andeven 13!Unfortunately Investor Contestor, agroup of Year 9 students, did not qualifyfor the final in London. The team feltdisappointed to not be in with a chanceto win the top prize of an all expensespaid trip to New York, but it just wasn’tto be.We really enjoyed the experience, itwas a great day out and a wonderfulexperience, and we would like to thankMr. Banfield for arranging it all. We allagreed that we will enter and try againnext yearBy Stefan Taylor, Year 9LSLWe arrived at Queen’s College andimmediately began to assess our fellowdelegates and allies (in a short lobbyingsession), we were ushered into a hallwhere the former UK ambassador toIsrael, Mr. Francis Cornish, gave aserious, but inspiring speech. The end ofhis wise words signified the beginning ofour day and the intimidating separationfrom our team mates; we wished eachother luck and parted ways into ourseparate councils. One hour and tenminutes of debating followed. Eachnation had to submit a clause (a mini

Green Power Race Team Ready forActionThe Woodroffe Green Power team’sRacing Car is almost ready for its firstouting. “We are only three weeks fromgetting the vehicle race-ready and willbe testing it over the Easter holidays,”said Year 13 team member, ChristianForster. “The team consists of 10 Year13 students working on a car ready tocompete in this season’s Formula 24+.”Green Power is an organisation thatwas set up to provide young peopleinterested in engineering, science,maths or motorsport somewhere todevelop their skills. Woodroffe studentshave been working with Mr Wellsto design, build and race a go-kartpowered by two 12V car batteries.Each competitive race lasts for 90minutes with the opportunity for threebattery changes. All teams mustcompete in at least two regional heatsbefore the final at Goodwood RaceCourse where there are about 60 carsinvolved. The rules are such that theyallow the students to be intuitive withtheir design making the events verycompetitive with tactics for teamsdiffering greatly.“We would like to thank everyone forthe donations that were made towardsthe project at the Taste of ChristmasFair,” added Christian. “We raisedalmost £150 which will be put towardsupgrading various components of thecar (mainly the braking system) over thecoming season.“We hope to be able to get someof the lower school involved later inthe summer term so that the schoolcontinues to have representation in thisnational event.”

STEM Club Fire up Their RocketsOn the 6th of March the recently formedSTEM Club (Science, Technology,Engineering and Maths) tested theirwater rockets on Top Pitch. The aimof the session was to learn about thephysics and design of them, so we couldcreate our own version the next time wemet.Product Design Visit to London90 Year 9 students were recentlyjoined by a small group of Year 12s,in a visit to the Science Museum andthe Victoria and Albert Museum inLondon, organised by the ProductDesign Department. The aim of the visitwas to allow the students to immersethemselves in recent technologicalhistory showing them how fashions andmanufacturing processes have affecteddesign and styles of products createdfrom the 20th century to today.The students spent a great deal ofthe day making their way through themechanical and scientific wonders theScience Museum offers. They werefocusing on the inner workings of TVs,radios and other modern devices andhow the design methods have changedwith the needs of the consumer market.As well as the Science Museum, thegroup of students went to the V&A,there they observed architectural designfrom all around the globe, and sometextile styles from ancient Asia. On theway through the V&A the students sawthe reconstruction processes of futuredisplays for the museum. They viewedsome ancient and amazing work; froma reconstruction of Michael Angelo’sDavid to extremely Old Catholic plasterpanelling, all mid restoration.Apart from a few sixth formers gettinglost amongst the aeroplane enginesand controlling 90 students, that wereless than enthused with ancient Asiantapestry, the day went without a hitch.Paddy Maguire, Year 12Aliens Take Over Year 8 ClassOver the past few weeks product designteacher, Mr Harrison, has been teachingus how to use tools such as a vacuumformer. This has helped in the designand manufacture of an “Alien Toy” withtwo LED lights inside.We started out by making the shell ofour Aliens by creating the shape outof hardboard and then placing all thepieces together. Once put together weheated up some plastic and pushed thehardboard shape into the melted plastic.This made our Alien shell.Then we moved onto the circuits. Weused a variety of different components,attaching them to a circuit board witha soldering iron. Once we put all thepieces together and created a stand, ourAlien was complete!George Chantler, Year 8We were shown how the rocketsworked: water was fired from the end(very quickly!) after the pressure wasincreased using a pump. They werethen aimed using Mr Harrison’s guidingmechanism, which should have alsoprotected everyone from getting wet!Unfortunately this wasn’t as effective aswe had hoped! We all went back downto school a lot damper than when wecame up!Ewan Pedder (Year 9)

Year 7 Self Portrait ProjectYear 7 has been busy this half termworking on a self portrait project. Theyhave looked at the work of other artistsfor inspiration and explored a variety ofmaterials and techniques to create theirown self portrait.Their results will be photographed andsubmitted to ‘Face Britain’, a nationalproject that invites all young people inthe UK to submit a self portrait to theironline gallery. All the art work will be partof a world record breaking attempt tocreate the biggest online gallery of selfportraits in the world!To see Woodroffe’s submission visit thewebsite, after31st March.A BowskillEgg Cosy Crafts in the SheltersLearning the art of leadership is all in aday’s work for the 18 Year 8 studentscurrently studying for their Silver ArtsAward. The students have all beentasked with organising their very ownworkshop or activity for others andthe range of ideas has been fantasticwith the students working with a localBrownie Pack, running lunchtime artclubs and Christmas Craft workshops.In the most recent activity Year 8students Issy Helston and Frieda HallHickman put together an Easter craftworkshop for twelve 7-10 year olds inthe shelters on Marine Parade in LymeRegis.The girls had planned a range ofactivities from egg painting to sewingand decorating egg cosies and baskets.“We really enjoyed the fact that we wereable to put our ideas forward about whatwe thought would be fun for them todo during the workshop,” said Issy andFrieda. “The children all enjoyed theactivities they did especially sewing theegg cosies! This was the hardest taskto teach as the children needed quitea lot of help but the results were great.The preparation was hard work and wehad to be really organised but it all feltworth it in the end when the childrenleft with something special that theyhad made themselves and a sense ofachievement. Overall it was a tiring day,but it was definitely worth it to see somany happy faces around!!”Mrs A Bowskill.

2012/13 Senior Prefect TeamPasty Passion!Pasties were on the menu for Year 12and 13 Business Studies students ina recent visit to the Ginsters factory inCornwall.Students were taken on an hour longtour of the bakery and saw first-handhow pastry products were made. In ahighly informative trip students wereintroduced to the Ginsters business,methods of production and some of themarketing techniques used to sell thecompany’s range of pastry products.“Ginsters provided a fascinating insightinto food manufacture and marketing,but also in the passion for producingthese local delicacies,” said visitorganiser, Mike Holding. “The addedbonus for us all was the pasty tastingsession and a visit to the staff shopwhere students enjoyed picking upsome bargains to keep them going onthe return journey!”Sixth Form SuccessThe Sixth Form is celebrating thesuccess of two of itsstudents. Year 12 studentConor Kesham has won aplace at the exclusive andhighly selective Eton SummerSchool to study EnglishLiterature. “I’m delighted forConor,” said Head of SixthForm, Jim Thomas. “Hisplace on this course is richlydeserved and recognises hiscommitment to his studies.The panel was so impressedwith Conor’s application that he hasbeen offered a special bursary that willfund the entire course.”Year 13 student,CatherineVoysey has alsoexperiencedrecent successby winning ascholarship toAberystwythUniversity to studyEnvironmentalEarth Sciences.The scholarshipgives Catherinean unconditional offer of a place at theUniversity plus £1,000 towards herhousing costs in her first year there.“Catherine has worked hardthroughout her AS and ALevel Geography coursesand had to perform wellin her scholarship examsto secure her place,” saidJim Thomas. “We are veryproud of all our students.Catherine and Conor bothdemonstrate what can beachieved through hard workand commitment, qualitieswe encourage in our SixthFormers and across school.”Book Fair Generates Valuable FundsA BIG thank you to all the studentsand parents who supported the BookFair held in the Library (28 February-5March). The aim was to encourage andpromote reading and from the amountof revenue the Fair generated it was agreat success. The final amount takenat the Book Fair was £624, 50% ofwhich was given back to the schoolin commission. It was definitely worthdoing and many students enjoyedchoosing some books for the Library,which I purchased with the commission.I would also like to thank 6 th FormerFraser Gutteridge, and Year 10 studentsDan Johnson, Michael Turner andEmma Page (as part of their ASDANcourse) for helping me to organise andsupervise the Book Fair.Mrs V Y Cropp

Students Qualify for National Modern Biathlon FinalsFollowing submission of times for a 500 or 1000m run and a 50 or 100m swim(depending on age), 10 Woodroffe students qualified to compete either individuallyor in the Team event at the National Schools Biathlon semi-finals at Bath Universityon early in February, against schools from throughout the South West of England.All competed well and achieved some great results in both the running andswimming events. Individual results included:Year 10 GirlsLayla Felgate - 11thAbi Speake - 12thYear 8 BoysIain Ross - 21stJamie Pullinger - 28thHarry Felgate - 51stYear 7 BoysLewis Pearson - 18thYear 8 GirlsFlorence Swan - 24thAbi O’Leary - 29thDanielle Edge 35thYear 7 GirlsTamsin Edge - 23rdIn the team events Florence, Danielle and Abi placed 2nd overall and won the silvermedal in their age group, and Iain, Jamie and Harry came 4th overall in the Year 8boys.After the other semi-finals, the overall results produced five individual qualifiersfor the National Finals at Crystal Palace on Sunday 25th March: Layla Felgate,Abi Speake, Iain Ross, Jamie Pullinger and Lewis Pearson – an outstandingachievement. We wish them all the best of luck.Jamie Pullinger 8DJH72 Goals See Year 10 Girls Throughto County FinalsThe Woodroffe School Year 10 girls’netball team hit the jackpot after scoring72 goals in the recent SW Dorsetarea netball tournament. They wonthe tournament in convincing styleconceding just five goals.“They were in fantastic form with theshooters playing exceptionally well,” saidteam coach, Sharron Hutchings. Theteam now qualifies for the County Finalsat Leweston later this month.They are the third Woodroffe netballteam this year to qualify for the CountyFinals - Years 9 and 11 also managed todo so. Year 9 are currently ranked 6th inCounty and Yr 11 are 8th.Woodroffe Students ‘In the Swim’Fourteen swimmers from WoodroffeSchool (eleven of them from Years 7& 8) who all belong to Chard & DistrictSwimming Club qualified for andswam at the recent Somerset CountyChampionships held over four weekendsat Millfield School.Hannah Pullinger (16) and Ben Fowler(16) both reached Youth Finals andthen Championship Finals; Hannah inthe 100 Breaststroke, and Ben in the100 Backstroke. Hannah also achieveda Bronze in her age group in thisevent, and also won Gold in the 50mBreaststroke, and Ben achieved Bronzein the 50, 100 and 200 Backstroke. AbiDare (15) also reached the Youth Finalin 100m Breaststroke, and Tamsin Edge(11) won a Bronze in her age group for200m Breaststroke. Other top positionswent to Jamie Pullinger (13) 50mButterfly and Susan Ross (12) 100mBackstroke.South West Qualification times, enablingswimmers to go on to swim at theRegional Championships in May andJune, were also achieved by Hannah insix events, Ben in three events, Abi infive events and Susan in one.Other County Qualifiers who swam,many gaining good personal best timeswere: Ryan Adair (12), Lewis Pearson(12), Iain Ross (12), Ben Greenslade(11), Ella Harvey (12), Florence Swan(13), Hope Horsfield (13), and DaniellaEdge (13).Hannah Pullinger 11SVRIndoor Cricket County FinalsThe finals were played at the DorsetCricket Centre in Hurn village nearBournemouth. The six finalists weredivided into two groups of three andWoodroffe found themselves in a groupwith Ferndown Middle and BranksomeHeath. After a long journey theWoodroffe Girls U13 team went straightin to play Ferndown the stronger of thetwo other sides. Woodroffe lost the tossand was asked to bat.With three needless run outs only 43runs were scored from eight overs.In reply Ferndown raced to 35 beforeSophie Simpson managed to executea run out in the fourth over. GeorgieHarwood and Frieda Hall Hickman thenboth took a wicket but Ferndown wenton to win the game with a total of 66.In the second game Maddie Daviescame into the side and the girls weredetermined to improve on their previousperformance. Bowling first, theyrestricted the opposition to 60 runs. TheWoodroffe innings this time were moreconsidered and although Verity Fullerwas out early without scoring, GeorgieHarwood and Izzy Helston scored 17and 20 respectively to set the team offin the right direction. Frieda and ErinSimpson with unbeaten scores of 12and six saw the team to victory.Year 10 Netball TeamGS Tori ForsterGA Phoebe ConfreyWA Abi DareWD Emma Murray / Daisy DayC Lydia Clapp (Captain)GD Lucy PearsonGK Ellie Gillan

PTAA Quacking Race!The Woodroffe School Duck Race takesplace on Easter Monday 9 th April at 2pm.Starting at the Woodmead Bridge inLyme Regis it costs just £1 a duck with afirst prize of £50, second prizes, £30 andthird prize £20. The last duck in gets anEaster egg! Tickets will be on sale in thetown from 10am until 2pm – make sureyou secure your duck for the QuackingEvent of the Year!Appeal: We really need volunteers tosell tickets for the race, please get intouch with Nicky Levan:nickylevan@aol.comGlam Rock Shock!The 1970’s Glam Rock Evening wasa tremendous success and raiseda stupendous total of £2,045 for theschool.Everybody embraced the idea,dressed outrageously, danced likedervishes, played awesome air guitarand sang very badly! Hardly a soulwas recognisable and as you will see,some were positively scary. Check outMaisie’s marvellous photos on her website, Copies can bepurchased for £4, with all profits going tothe PTA.There was also great support fromlocal businesses who donated someterrific raffle prizes - The AlexandraHotel, In the Pink, Adrian Gray and SamNeale, thank you. Thanks also go toNicky Sweetland for choreographingsome neat ‘Tiger Feet’ and wielding themicrophone. The astonishing air guitardisplay can be viewed on youtube –Woodroffe sch Glam rock fundraiser,look if you dare.Very many thanks to all of those whoworked so hard to make it happenbefore, during and after, especially MissKabia for kitchen control.Particular thanks must go to all ofthe students who sang and playedso wonderfully and to Jon Cullimore,Helen Webb and the fabulous technicalcrew. Congratulations to Mr Brown whomanaged to keep his wig on!If anyone needs to collect their bowl,contact Wendy on 01404 881 207Wandering Ties?If there is a desperate search for thatmissing tie on Monday mornings or youwant an extra ‘just in case’, ties can bepurchased online using Wisepay andcollected from the shop.Skort-tastic!For girls who prefer slightly morecoverage than the PE shorts afford,Skorts (a cross between shorts and askirt) are now available to order. In navy,they are made from a dry stretch fabricand can be worn for PE, games andteam activities. Payment is required withthe order and prices start from £10.60.Revision RemediesRevision guides are very popular withthe exam season fast approaching. Theshop has the following guides available(while stock lasts) mostly at well belowRRP.GCSE English Language.Maths higher and foundationworkbooks, guides and maths tutorDVD.HistoryMusicTextilesScience (extension)AS BiologyMathsA2 MathsThank you for your continuing support.I can be contacted via email or direct line01297 445435.Gillian ButcherCashless CateringWe would like to extend our thanks to allthe parents/guardians and students thathave embraced WisePay – particularlywith regard to Cashless Catering, whichwas launched back in October. Despitethe odd teething problem, the service isnow up and running nearly as smoothlyas possible.One issue that we keep encounteringis that of students having insufficientmonies on their School Meal Account.We do our best to ensure that studentsdo not go hungry in this situation, but itdoes create avoidable hassle for staff inadmin, finance and catering, and for thestudents themselves.The school’s ultimate aim is to gocompletely cashless, and as such wewould ask that online payment methodsare used wherever possible. Chequeswill still be accepted for the timebeing, but cash payments are stronglydiscouraged and the school will not beheld liable for any loss of cash on theschool site.Please also note that the daily spendlimit for students is currently set at £5.If you wish to change this, as someparents/guardians already have, pleaseinform the Finance Office by either letteror e-mail and the caterers will action thechange immediately.We are going to start issuing fortnightlyreminders via ParentMail, but wouldrecommend that students’ School MealAccounts are checked on a more regularbasis. We are looking into the possibilityof setting up text alerts throughWisePay, but this may not be feasible.We are also investigating the possibilityof providing a balance-checker machineto enable students to check theiraccounts in school. However, the onusremains on parents/guardians to ensurethat students don’t come in without anymeans of feeding themselves!Book AppealIt is that time of year when manystudents are moving on, so could youplease look around your house for anyschool books, particularly Library books.I do not mind how long they have beenthere or how they got there I would justlike the books back, NO QUESTIONSWILL BE ASKED!Mrs V CroppKilmington KanterOn the 6th April (Good Friday)Kilmington PTFA will be hosting theKilmington Kanter! There will be a 7mile multi terrain run for all you keenrunners out there! A junior run of 2.5miles and various fun runs for all thechildren to take part. There will also berefreshments, bacon rolls, hot X bunsetc.!Please join us for a great morningstarting at 10.30am, for more informationand entry forms please visit or telephoneMalcom McDonald on 07870654597.


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