visualoverviewA young man finds thatthe moves he learned onthe street may help himmake a better life forhimself in this youthorientedmusical drama.visual review bydavid

DJ Williams (Columbus Short) is a 19-year-old growing upin Los Angeles; while DJ is at heart a good kid and agifted street dancer, he runs with a dangerous crowd, andone night an underground dance competition turns into abrawl and DJ ends up in jail.

One night an underground dancecompetition turns into a brawl and DJends up in jail.

Duron (Chris Brown)DJ (Columbus Short)DJ's younger brother Duron (ChrisBrown) has already died a violent death,and his mother, hoping to put him backon the straight and narrow, sends DJ offto...

… Truth University, ahistorically African-American college inAtlanta.

At first, DJ feels like a misfit atTruth, but when he gets achance to show off hisdancing skills, he attracts theattention of two campusfraternities.

Greek life is a major presence at Truth,and each year the fraternities take part in a"stepping" competition, in which themembers show off their synchronizeddance moves.

DJ joins the Theta Nu Theta Fraternity,and is eager to help them take thechampionship away from their campusrivals, but in time he also comes tounderstand the brotherhood andcommunity service that's a key part ofhis fraternity's background.

DJ also has more on his mind thandancing and studying when he meetsApril (Meagan Good), a beautiful coed.

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