2013 Summer - UA Local 32


2013 Summer - UA Local 32

BUSINESS MANAGER’S REPORT | Continued from page 3Let me continue by saying the goal of PAC withinour Local Union is not to tell you how to vote! Inorder to mine through the mounds of information;PAC helps to educate us regarding a candidate’s positionon issues related to the working environmentswe all have in common.I want to thank the PAC committee for the work theyare doing. They have recently finished branding thePAC for our Local Union. This is an important step aswe move forward.(L to R) Recording Secretary, Jeff Hasselbom; President, EricGilbreath.Employment refers to the number of workersperforming in a specific industry. It is possiblefor market share to increase, even thoughemployment decreases.Construction Research Council MarketShare ReportOur Market Share for this report was determined bydividing the number of working Local 32 plumbers/pipefitters by the total number of workingplumbers/pipefitters within the jurisdiction coveredby Local 32. (If you would like to see a copy of thisreport, contact the business office)The goal of the business office will be to expand andgrow our Market Share in all aspects of our industry.We know there are opportunities. It has to be doneresponsibly, and not to just add members to our outof-worklist. A written plan is being developed thatwill include partnering with Local 26; and utilizingour collective resources to expand Market Share inWestern Washington.2. Political Action. A strategy focusedon JOBS!When I became Manager, I had a narrow view of politicswithin our Local. Specifically, its importance toour membership, as it relates to jobs. I quicklylearned that they are intertwined. Examples: attackson prevailing wage, workers comp, right-to-worklaws, unemployment, pension reform, medical plans,and apprenticeship. Our political strategy preserveswhat we depend on as members.To best serve our political interests, it is imperativethat we have a strong political action plan. It shouldoutline short-term and long-term goals; which willhelp develop the Local’s relevance in the region. Asa Local, we must continue developing a culture of politicalengagement. Increasing political relevance anddeveloping strong political relationships will protectand grow our market share. We must elect thosefavorable to the cause of labor.Political endorsement is much more than a check toa candidate. A check is an investment; and like investmentsmade by Trustees in your pension, it mustbe made strategically.The Political Action Initiative’s GoalsInclude: Establishing a strong foundation for political actionby assisting the local in developing a visionand mission for its PAC that is responsive to theissues impacting work within its jurisdiction andto the views of its members.Establishing a strong foundation for political actionby assisting the local in ensuring that its existingPAC satisfies various administrative andlegal requirements.Working collaboratively with the Local to optimizefundraising, volunteer participation, andelection-specific planning.Working collaboratively with the Local to maximizethe degree to which its PAC influences theoutcomes of elections.Establishing a coordinated post-election strategyto ensure that the Local’s political action leads toa more favorable political environment; andthere fore, more union jobs within the jurisdiction.4 32 CONNECTIONS SUMMER 2013

If you’re interested in getting involved in yourPAC committee (volunteer members) please contactLeanne Guier, in the business office.3. Membership InvolvementThe goals outlined above, do not happen withoutsupport from the membership; and a belief that youare important to our future! What makes us strongis our ability to come together; and to organize theenforcement of our collective rights, and needs ofone another. The various ways we do that is by interactingat Union meetings, on job sites and nowthrough Facebook and other forms of social media.Regardless of where you work: shipyards, gas andwater utilities, building trades, school districts,HVAC/R mainline and gas industry; we all have acommon thread that pulls us together - our Union.My intent in writing this paragraph is to encourageeveryone to get involved, and volunteer whenneeded.A recent quote I read is as follows: “We who belongto this Union want to belong, and know that itmeans that the very best of us take less than theycould get by themselves, so that the least of us getmore than we would get by ourselves. We know thatin the long run that is the only way to ensure thatwe all stay in the middle and that all of us moveahead.”In conclusion, the Market Share expansion (Organizing),Training, Political Action and membership involvementare all interactive keys to maintaining thestrongest collective bargaining agreements possible.To ensure that we retire with healthy pension andhealth care plans. I am encouraged by our future, notdeflated by it. I have learned through my failures thatbeing optimistic when facing dilemmas such as theseis as important as acknowledging the realities that itmight fail. Our failure is doing nothing.Fraternally,Jeffery J. OwenBusiness Manager, Local 32News and ReportsState Pension Report andHealth Plan ReportAt the trustee meeting on Tuesday July 9th, the investmentconsultant reported earnings of 7.5%through May 31st 2013. The State Pension is slowlyrecovering from our losses in 2008.Our membership numbers in the State Pension as ofJanuary 1st 2013 were:Actives 3,425Retirees 3,003Vested 1,412Total 7,840Did you know: 10,000 people a day turn 65 for thenext 17 years! That’s an additional thirty (30) millionpeople.Health Trust PlanOur plan will have a slight name change; we will bedropping “welfare,” and it will be known as the“Health Trust” plan. The contribution increased$0.10 Effective June 1st, to $8.46 per hour. We currentlyhave 7.5 months in reserve.Planning to Retire?If you plan to retire in the next year or two, the nextretiree planning meeting will be September 28th,2013. Contact the business office to RSVP if you wishto attend. Representatives will be here from the NationalPension, and State Pension offices. We will alsohave representatives here to review your Health Careoptions, Social Security and Medicare. We hope thiswill help you transition smoothly into retirement.PSE NegotiationsNegotiations with Puget Sound Energy have started.Our first meeting was July 12th, followed by a membershipmeeting on July 15th. The current agreementexpires September 30th.Sincerely,Jeffery J. OwenBusiness Manager, Local 32SUMMER 2013 32 CONNECTIONS 5

Plumbers’ Reportby Steve MenneBrothers and sisters,In the past few months, there have not beenmany changes in work opportunities. The BuildingTrades’ out-of-work list is currently at 180 members;with approximately 110 available for dispatch. TheResidential out-of-work list is at 39 members, with29 available for dispatch.At the moment, companies with work opportunitiesinclude: Holaday Parks (Insignia project), UniversityMechanical (Amazon), and MacDonald Miller.The Enhanced Residential side of our industry remainsa bright spot. The majority of dispatches havecome off of the Enhanced Residential list.Ocean Park Mechanical has a number of projectsthat are manned up, and several others that are inthe groundwork stage of construction. These projectswill need manpower once they reach the rough instage, later this fall.SJS is another contractor that has expanded intothe Enhanced Residential Market. They have a projectin the groundwork stage, and will be in need of moremanpower once they reach the rough in stage.To be ready for your next work opportunity, besure to get your CEU’s and keep your certificationscurrent. Utilize Local 32’s journeyman training facilityby getting your med gas certification and plumbingcode updates. Call the training department (425)271-5900 to find out when classes are available.Recently, the state of Washington passed a budgetthat preserves the jobs for our members that workfor LNI in the Factory Assembled Structures program.Over the last 3 budget cycles, LNI has put the FASprogram on the chopping block, and have tried tocut their general budget fund by 10%. Local 32 isworking with LNI to preserve these jobs and is lookingfor long term stability.The King County contracts were ratified thisspring. The contract will be up January 31, 2014.Employees under this contract will receive retroactivechecks of 1.63% for 2012 followed by a 3.09% increasefor 2013 to current. These increases representa 95% CPI for Pierce, King and Snohomish counties.I am currently negotiating with Seattle HousingAuthority (SHA). SHA is impacted by the budget sequester;a large majority of their operating budgetderives from Federal Government grants. Negotiationswill be difficult, but I remain optimistic that wewill have a favorable outcome.I am looking forward to the new apprentices thatstart in the fall, both the residential service and thebuilding trades. There will be a class of 10-12 residentialfirst year apprentices and a class of 10-12 forthe building trades this fall. It has been 3 years sincethe start of the last residential apprentice class.We are coming out of the worst economic downturn of our era. I must reiterate, that as work opportunitiesbecome available for our members; it is importantthat we stay current on our CEU’s and certifications,so that we are ready to go back to work.In solidarity,Steve MenneLabor Statistics State picks up 9,800 jobs in June —Private sector hiring was estimated tohave increased by 15,700 jobs, while governmentsaw a dip of 5,900 jobs lastmonth. The state’s unemployment rateremained unchanged at 6.8%. Since June2012, when Washington State’s unemploymentrate was 8.2%, the state hasgained about 67,000 jobs. The state’s unemploymentrate in 2013 remains well belowthe national unemployment rate of7.6%.The Bureau of Labor Statistics says Washingtonranks 4th best in unionizationrate, with the state’s 513,000 union membersaccounting for 18.5% of the overallworkforce. Some might argue that havinghigh unionization isn’t “best.” But astrong case can be made that union membersare better trained and earn higherwages, which makes their companiesmore efficient and injects more moneyinto that state’s economy. That’s good forbusiness.Are you interested in starting a ResidentialPlumbing Business? If so contact yourPlumber Agent, Steve Menne.6 32 CONNECTIONS SUMMER 2013

Steam Fitter Reportby P.J. MossBrothers andSisters,First and foremost,I hope youand your familieshad a fun and safesummer. I look forwardto seeing you at our early fall events. I wouldalso like to congratulate our apprentices for completingyet another successful year of school; and thankall of our instructors who work so hard to ensure ourtraining is second to none in the UA. Finally, I wouldlike to thank our membership for electing me as adelegate to represent our Local at both the WashingtonState Association (WSA) and Building TradesState Conventions this summer.In the last newsletter, I spoke about work pickingup in the 3rd and 4th quarters of this year. Unfortunatelyit is more likely to be the 4th quarter and into2014 for some of the larger projects that our contractorshave on their books. On the bright side, 3-4 ofour contractors have picked up summer work thathas started to pull from the out of work lists. Manyof these jobs are school remodels which will keepour brothers and sisters busy through Labor Day.Since the beginning of the year, the large majorityof calls have been in the 6-8 week range. As we seeour contractors pick up more tenant improvementwork, I can only guess that this trend will continue.I would strongly urge anyone that gets this opportunityto take advantage of it. We have seen countlesstimes members take this opportunity to showcasetheir skill set; the risk has paid off and turned intolonger term employment.For our brothers and sisters who do not get theopportunity to get out on the small wave of summerwork; I would recommend all of our out of work Fittersand Welders consider traveling to Local 290 inPortland. At our recent WSA Convention, BusinessAgents from Local 290 talked about the many workopportunities our members have down there overthe next six to eight months. I understand that travelingaway from home is not an option for all of ourmembers. However, traveling offers the opportunityto earn credits for your State and National Pensionsas well as keeping your Health and Welfare hourbank secure. There are a few items that you willneed to keep in mind if you plan on traveling to Local290. Before traveling out, your dues need to be paidup current. Secondly Local 290 has a policy concerningall travelers going to their Intel job site.“ALL TRAVELERS seeking work at any Inteljob site within the jurisdiction of UA Local 290shall be required to complete a High Tech CultureClass prior to being eligible for dispatch”There are also upcoming travel opportunities inCanada for Fitters and Welders at Local 488 Edmonton,Alberta. Combo Welders are also in demandthroughout the UA. If you are interested and wouldlike to know more about any of these job opportunitiesor have the interest and ability to travel elsewhere,Continued on page 8SUMMER 2013 32 CONNECTIONS 7

STEAM FITTER REPORT | Continued from page 9please do not hesitate to call (425) 277-6680 or emailme at pjmoss@ualocal32.com.Even though this could be considered a downyear in State and National politics; our Political ActionCommittee (PAC) has been running at full speed interviewinglocal candidates. These candidates haveranged from Mayors, City Council, Port Commissioners,to School Board members; that are running forelected office throughout Local 32’s jurisdiction. Wehave had the opportunity to interview and endorsetwo of our own. Brother Lee Whetham for Port AngelesCity Council and Sister Leanne Guier for PacificCity Council. It can’t be said enough that jobs aretied to politics. The more active our membership isin our PAC, and our PAC is active in our communities,we will become more relevant with the ability toaffect our Jobs, our Market Share, and our Future.In closing, I want to thank all our Stewards,Elected Officers, countless Volunteers, and Staff whomake Local 32 a leader in our industry and community.Fraternally,P.J. MossEastern Wash. & Olympic Peninsulaby Eric ErcanbrackEastern Washington ReportThis summer work in EasternWashington has improveddramatically for our Steam Fitters;as work in the Fruit ColdStorage industry has taken off.Doubl- Kold of Yakima has 3 jobsin the jurisdiction, and currentlyhas 14 Steam Fitters working ontheir projects. We are also awaitingword on a piping project at Wells Dam, whichmay put as many as 8 Steam Fitters to work throughwinter. On the Plumbing side, things remain slow,with only 5 plumbers currently working in the jurisdiction.Plumbing work looks to remain slow in thearea through next spring.On the organizing front, I have been using saltsat Levine Plumbing of Tonasket; and we are close toreaching an agreement on future projects. SigningLevine is critical to getting Local 32 into the serviceplumbing market in the North Valley area; with hopefulgrowth into the Wenatchee market. Levine is primarilya service contractor, which does sporadic commercialconstruction work. This would give Local 32the two largest commercial plumbing contractors inthe North Valley; with Local 32 current signatorycontractor, Ogborn Plumbing, being the other.This fall, I will be giving a presentation on thebenefits of enhanced apprenticeship utilization standardsfor local school boards in Eastern Washingtonand on the Olympic Peninsula. It is my hope thatthis will help our contractors have more success winingbids on school prevailing wage work.Olympic Peninsula ReportWe have begun manning up the Tesoro Fuel DockProject for Haskell in Port Angeles. We anticipatehaving Eight (8) Local 32 members working on theproject by mid-July.For the next 6 months, there are very few projectslisted that have the potential to put any local Plumbersor Steam Fitters to work in the region. Currently, theonly project that has the possibility to put Plumbersand Steam Fitters to work; is the Sequim City Hallproject, which is slated for construction next spring.On the Organizing front, FSE of Louisiana continuesto perform work behind schedule at NipponPaper (Port Angeles) on the COGEN project. The TorresLaw Group, under the direction of Local 32, hasfiled a third-party complaint to the United States Departmentof Labor Wage and Hour Division. Thecomplaint is in response to Nippon and FSE receivingFederal Government funding ( ARRA )for the projectand not paying Davis-Bacon prevailing wages. Thecomplaint shows that Nippon has made an attemptto return the government funds in an attempt to circumventthe law. I will update the membership furtheron this subject, at the regularly scheduled unionmeetings.Fraternally,Eric Ercanbrack8 32 CONNECTIONS SUMMER 2013

Shipyard Reportby Marty YellamLocal 32 Partners with Seattle CC and Vigor to train for the future.Vigor shipyard negotiations are under way, andthe Master Agreement is looming. The Puget SoundMetal Trades Council (P.S.M.T.C.) along with theirShop Stewards are currently meeting, and negotiatingwith Vigor LLC. On day one of negotiations, RonAult from the Metal Trades Department, AFL-CIO,explained to the union delegation the unfortunate realityof the Master Agreement; which was negotiatedsummer 2012 in Las Vegas by the General Vice Presidents’of the Metal Trades Department.The P.S.M.T.C. understood the ramifications ofthe Master Agreement; but the members are havingtrouble deciphering how it came into existence. TheMaster Agreement began with the Boilermaker Unionsigning a wall-to-wall agreement with Vigor Marinein 2010. At that time, Vigor was a small contractorwith less then 50 employees. The P.S.M.T.C. filed anArticle 20 suit against the Boilermakers, as well asan U.L.P.For years, the owner of Cascade General (PortlandShipyard) and Vigor Marine L.L.C. (Vigor Marine andU.S. Fab); have had a master plan to scale down theUnions into a “single-point” Union.The Puget Sound area has resisted thisvision for years. The members of ourLocal Unions have had sustainable marinework; and have “circled the wagons,”to keep the new Contractor workmodel in Portland.Once the wall-to-wall agreementwas signed by the Boilermaker union;Vigor Marine went on a buying spreeswallowing up marine contractors inWashington State. During this time,the Portland Metal Trades had filedU.L.P’S against Vigor. Shortly after this,the Metal Trades Department alongwith both Port Councils filed an “alter-ego”suit with the Department ofLabor.After a long, expensive three (3) year legal fightwith Vigor L.L.C; the Metal Trades Departmentstepped in and developed a resolution. They wereable to leverage the Department of Labor’s decisionletter to summon Vigor to the bargaining table towork on a Master Agreement.As of today, the Master Agreement is completedand will go into effect after the local Vigor shipyardagreement is ratified. The P.S.M.T.C. with our Uniondelegation is currently negotiating local contract issuesthat are specific to the existing CBA. The terms andconditions of the Master Agreement limit the proposalsthat can be brought up in current bargaining.Local 32 will continue to bring our members proposalsto the bargaining table and get the best dealpossible. If there are any members who currentlywork for Vigor Marine, Vigor Shipyard or U.S. Fabwho have any questions pertaining to what’s goingon; please feel free to give me a call at 425-277-6680.Fraternally yours,Marty YellamLocal 32 Metal Trades Members at WorkSUMMER 2013 32 CONNECTIONS 9

HVAC/Refrigeration Reportby Erik PoundBrothers and Sisters,Work has definitely picked up in the 2nd quarterof 2013. Hiring has picked up as well, but not enoughto get everyone back to work. Many of our contractorsare expecting it to stay busy through summerand don’t see the workload dropping off until fall.However, we are still experiencing a bit of underemployment;some of our members are workingless than 40 hours per week, or are on furlough.As of July 3rd, 2013, there are 25 Journeymenon the out of work list, with ten (10) unavailable.That’s down from 32 at the time of the last newsletter,and the lowest number in two years. All availableapprentices are working.Local 290-Portland-will be hiring again for theIntel project soon. All travelers are required to take aHigh Tech Culture class prior to dispatch. Those ofyou who are interested please contact me.Our next quarterly Shop Steward meeting willbe Wednesday, November 13, 2013. We decided toskip the summer as it is our busiest time of the year,and as a result attendance for the summer meetinghas dropped off a little the past few years. Pizzasshow up around 4:30 and the meeting starts at 5pm.I would like to thank our Refrigeration Shop Stewardsfor their excellent participation since we’ve startedthe quarterly meetings.During May’s Union meeting, we allocated $1.00for our raise effective June 1st, 2013 as follows:• $0.85 to the check,• $0.05 to the WSA, and• $0.10 to Health and Welfare.Seattle UniversityWe just finished a wage opener with the University;our members there saw wage increases this yearaveraging 3.9%. We negotiated a Memorandum ofUnderstanding with the University through the BuildingTrades in 2011 outlining our wage increases forMatt Lockwood, Local 32 HVAC/R member at work.the life of the agreement. This is the 3rd year of a 3year agreement which expires June 30, 2014.Building Trades Refrigeration & HVACHVAC work continues to be steady. We’re startingto see building trades construction work pick-up.There are several projects downtown installing VariableRefrigerant Flow (VFR) systems that should geta few members off the out of work list. These projectsare starting soon.Our HVAC service shops are picking up as well,although we haven’t seen much hiring. I’m hearingthat most of the membership is back to work fulltime.But I expect things to get quite a bit busier onthe service side soon.With our recent stretch of warm weather supermarketservice is extremely busy. I’m hoping for along hot summer.10 32 CONNECTIONS SUMMER 2013

Supermarket construction work is busy. Key Mechanicalis very busy now, and I’m hearing that RUIis going to pick up by the end of the month. This isgreat news since work has been very slow for quite awhile, and we have had quite a few people on furlough.Hopefully we’ll see all our supermarket constructionmembers back to work very soon.National Service and Maintenance Agreement(N.S.M.A.) Oversight CommitteeThe majority of our Refrigeration/H.V.A.C. membershipworks for Employers signatory to the NationalService and Maintenance Agreement (N.S.M.A.). TheN.S.M.A. has been modified by an addendum referredto as Schedule A. The Schedule A for WashingtonState has benefited our membership in 3 very importantways:• Employers performing Supermarket and IndustrialAmmonia work may assign all Employeesof their work force to installation jobs throughoutthe State,• While working out of Local 32’s jurisdiction,Employees are not required to deposit travelcards, and• Employers pay the fringe benefit contributions,working dues and assessments to the Employees’home local (Local 32), When Employeeswork out of Local 32’s jurisdiction. The benefitsfollow the man and aren’t held up for monthsby other Locals.Recently a joint Labor-Management OversightCommittee has been established to review and possiblyrevise the Schedule A. Listed below are themembers of the Committee.Going into these negotiations, Local 32 has twopriorities:• Maintain or strengthen the freedom of movementprovisions mentioned above, and• Expand the freedom of movement rules to includeall commissioning work, HVAC/split systempiping and VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow)piping.Apprenticeship Golf TournamentRecently the Department of Labor (DOL) hasmade changes that have dramatically limited theamount of money JATC’s are able to spend on ApprenticeshipBanquets. Rather than cut back or eliminatethe Apprenticeship Banquet, Local 32 and theMechanical Contractors of Western Washington(MCAWW) have agreed to fund them at the levelprior the changes implemented by the DOL.We have started to use the proceeds from theApprenticeship Golf Tournament to help fund theBanquet as well. This year it’s on July 27th at DruidsGlen Golf Course in Covington.I have an email list of many, but not all, of ourout of work members. I use this to pass along jobopportunities for city, county, shipyards & school districtsas they become available; as well as other information.If you would like to be added to this distributionlist, please contact me @ 425-277-6680, 206940-4212 or Erik@ualocal32.com.Erik PoundRefrigeration /HVAC Business AgentJOINT LABOR MANAGEMENT OVERSIGHT COMMITTEELabor RepresentativesJeff Owen, Business Manager, Local 32Phil Dines, Business Manager, Local 26Pete Nicasio, Business Manager, Local 598Pat Perez, Business Manager, Local 44Scott Smith, International Rep, U.A.Management RepresentativesEd Kommers, Executive Director, MCAWWFrank Leonard, Key Mechanical Company of WashingtonButch Havens, TrueTemp Northwest, Inc.Bob Frey, McKinstry Company, Inc.Steve Jackson, PermacoldErik Pound, Business Rep, Local 32,non-voting memberSUMMER 2013 32 CONNECTIONS 11

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