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20071106Edition131 - Redcliffe City News

Kroll Gardens, the off leash dog park inDuffield Road, Clontarf, will be upgradedto include an international standard dogagility and obstacle course.The organisers of the Kroll Gardens DogAgility Project, Murray Difford and TrishBrighton, were due to solicit financialcontributions from the community for theconstruction of the obstacles however afairy godmother appeared on the scene.Jenny Fourez of Bunnings, Rothwellwas approached and has very generouslystepped up to the mark. Bunnings havespontaneously offered to undertake thewhole project as a communitycontribution.Initial meetings between the organisers,Redcliffe City Council and Bunnings havebeen held and construction has beenscheduled to start on 19th November.Email: news@redcliffecity.com.auPh: 0412 125 283Fax: 07 3885 295106 November 2007 Vol 3 No 43www.redcliffecity.com.auDog-Gone! Hoops, loops and ladders for your pooch!Murray Difford said that the Council hassupported the project by assisting theplanning of the project.“Approved by the Redcliffe City Council,the new facility will provide a wonderfuladdition to the already world class dogpark,”he said.“Information about the project has beenplaced at Kroll Gardens and there hasbeen overwhelming gratitude from thedoggie community towards Bunningscontributions.“A number of events and activities willbe held over the next few weeks tocelebrate the opening and all funds raisedin these efforts will be donated toPeninsula Animal Aid.”For further information please call MurrayDifford on 0415 995377 or Trish Brightonon 38831817.Aussie soccer player gets top US awardFormer Peninsula Power and AustralianSchools Captain Melissa Feuerriegel wasnamed the Florida Sun Conferencesoccer “Player of the Year” at the FloridaSun Regional Awards night in Georgia.The former Clontarf High student who isin the United States on a CollegeScholarship capped off a fantastic 2007season for Savannah College of Art andDesign scoring 16 goals and earning 36points this season.Feuerriegel was also selected in theFlorida All Conference First Team andwas named Conference Player of theWeek on three separate occasions.The SCAD Bees will face Embry RiddleCollege this week in the Regional Finalswith the winner advancing to the 2007National Championships.1300 665 665Website link is:http://www.fscsports.com/News/wsoc/2007/11/1/wsocallfsc07.asp?path=wsocNew Council UnveilsNew AddressThe Moreton Bay Regional CouncilLocal Transition Committee is invitingresidents across the region to visit its newaddress… in cyberspace.A dedicated website is now up andrunning at www.moretonbayltc.qld.gov.auto keep residents and other stakeholdersup-to-date with the latest amalgamationnews and issues.Chair of the Moreton Bay RegionalCouncil Local Transition Committee(LTC), Cr Allan Sutherland, said thesite contained background information,minutes of LTC meetings, mediareleases, contact details and a list ofquestions and answers covering whatamalgamation means for residents.“During the next few months a lot ofwork will be completed as we plan totransform the Councils of Caboolture,Pine Rivers and Redcliffe into one localgovernment,” he said.“The new website will be regularlyupdated so members of the Moreton Baycommunity can access the latestinformation when and where it suits them.“I urge residents, businesses andcommunity groups to pop in and tour ournew address. It can be easily accessedvia the Caboolture, Pine Rivers andRedcliffe Council websites.”Cr Sutherland said regular LTC projectupdates would be included in Councilnewsletters.“We will continue to work closely withmedia across the region so thecommunities they service are keptabreast of latest developments,” he said.“The LTC is working in partnership withthe Councils of Caboolture, Pine Riversand Redcliffe to ensure the Moreton BayRegional Council works for itscommunity.”For the latest news visitwww.moretonbayltc.qld.gov.au- Robert DraycottWant a Sparky?Electrical WarriorsDOMESTIC - COMMERCIAL - INDUSTRIAL1300 726 792/ 0418 722 639

CHIT CHAT• No doubt everyonehopes to back a winnertoday on the MelbourneCup. It’s amazing how many ways thereare to pick a horse - by colours, bynumbers, by names, by chance in asweep, by jockey by stables and somepeople even do it on the horse’s form!What ever way you pick your horse, goodluck!• The Redcliffe City Orchestra invitesyou all to join them in the Hall at ClontarfBeach State High School, Isobel Street(opp Weaber St) on Saturday 17thNovember at 2:00 pm to enjoy thecelebration of their 30th Birthday,featuring popular Show Tunes. Tickets$12, $10, high school students $7,primary and under free. For mroeinforamtion call Carl Jones 3203 7867.• The Redcliffe Neighbourhood Centreis planning to send all the over 50s backto the Roaring Twenties with a Gala Ballat the Bramble Bay Bowls Club. (I hateto say it, but that includes me!!!) The Ballis to be held on 8 December 2007 andit’s a great chance to dress up and havefun! Tickets, which are only $20 andinclude a buffet dinner, can be obtainedat the Redcliffe Neighbourhood Centre inLamington Drive, Redcliffe or from theClub.• It’s time to think of the 2008 Australiaday Awards. This year there are twocategories - Citizen of the Year andYoung Citizen of the Year (under 28 yrsas at 26 Jan 2008). These categoriesacknowledge the outstanding personalachievements and/or remarkablecontributions individuals are making toMoped, Bike &Page 2 - Vol 3 No 43 November 6 2007withHearing Problems?their community.Nominees for these awards shouldreflect values that Australians respectsuch as the pursuit of excellence; acommitment to a tolerant and diversesociety; a fair go and committedcommunity involvement.The following questions should beanswered in your nomination:How has the person made an outstandingcontribution to the local community?How is the person an inspirational rolemodel for the community?Why do you believe that this personshould receive an Australia Day Award?To download the application form go tohttp://www.redcliffe.qld.gov.au/award%20Nomination%20Form.doc.There are so many worthy people in ourcommunity that deciding who to nominateshould be the problem!• Good luck to all those Year 12students who are now doing their finalexams.• The relocation of the peninsula’s firestation to Kippa Ring is getting closerScarborough State School teacherLynda O’Keefe died last week leaving alegacy of inspiration and commitment.Mrs O’Keefe succumbed to leukaemiaon Wednesday evening.School principal Peter Walsh wrote toparents and caregivers at the school toinform of the sad event.“Mrs O’Keefe was appointed toScarborough State School in 1985 andfor the past 22 years has touched thehearts and minds of thousands of childrenin our school,” said Mr Walsh.“She was a person who always choseto see the good and the potential in her• FREE Government Hearing Aids toVets Affairs, Pensioners and DisabilityPension Clients.• Pension Review Hearing Test forVets Affairs Clients.• Hearing Tests & Evaluations toPrivate Clients• Hearing Aid Fittings to Private Clients• Tinnitus EvaluationsShawn Richardson 3883 4990lynda@redcliffecity.com.auSad occasion for Scarborough State School communitystudents – she was thatsort of teacher.“Her colleagues andher friends alwaysadmired that quality inher and were inspiredby it as well as thepassion andalthough it’ll still be quite a while beforeit is ready for operation. I wonder whatwill happen to the old Redcliffe FireStation. There are lots of ideas out there!• I’m enjoying having a morning chatwith Michael Monk from 99.7fm everyWednesday. We catch up at 8:15am tofind out what’s going on in our local area.Michael also chats to the Redcliffe Citycouncillors and representatives fromCaboolture and Pine Rivers. He’s got agood sense of humour, so tune in - youmight get a mention!!!• The Scarborough Christmas Lightsgroup has got some great ideas aboutextending theit festivities and RedcliffeCity Council will be discussing them atthe next General Meeting on 12 November2007.• The Australian Electoral Commissionis getting ready for the Federal Electionon 24 November 2007 with the samenumber of candidates as at the 2004election! 1421 people have put up theirhand to represent the people of Australia.That’s quite a choice - so vote carefully!commitment she demonstrated to herprofession.“She was an inspiring teacher. Aconsiderate, caring and supportivecolleague and a true friend.”The school’s Parents and CitizensAssociation placed a card in the foyer ofthe school’s administration blockenabling families to express theircondolences to Mrs O’Keeffe’s family.(Editor’s Note: As a previous presidentof the Scarborough State School’s P &C Association I would personally like toadd my family’s condolences to those ofthe school community)Top FloorCominos Arcade,Redcliffe Pde, RedcliffeREAL ESTATE SALES, PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & RENTALS1 Marine Parade, Cnr MacDonnell Road, Redcliffewww.gatewayproperties.com.au

The winds of November blew a few jobsinto the hands of Coast Guard volunteersrecently. Among them a tow assist of ayacht with engine failure, back intoScarborough Harbour, a tow of a vesselup the Caboolture River and activationfrom the water police to assist aswimmer in trouble. Fortunately theswimmer was found near QueensBeach before Freight Plus and her crewmade it to the scene. Special thanks tothose on shore who assisted.Active Full Time Coast GuardVolunteers can attend a 2 night classentitled “Apply Seamanship Skills andTechniques when Operating a SmallDomestic Vessel” with Graham Dennienas the instructor. This course is beingheld over two nights starting on Friday9th November and being completed onMonday 12th November 2007. Thecourse starts at 7pm and usually runsto about 10:30pm and is one of theBleaches all contain strong oxidizingagents such as hydrogen peroxide,calcium hypochlorite, sodiumhypochlorite, sodium perborate or sodiumcarbonate. Some bleaches are speciallyformulated for laundry use and containquaternary ammonium salts asbactericides, as well as water softeners,brighteners and so on. Very largeamounts of bleach are used inmanufacturing textiles and paper.Chlorine bleaching in pulp mills produceschlorinated dioxins and furans; bothclasses of compounds are targeted forelimination globally under the PersistentOrganic Pollutants treaty.Health Effects: Household bleach isoften very alkaline and will damage theskin. If bleach is swallowed, it will causevomiting,. Milk, egg white or milk ofmagnesia should b used as an antidote.When chlorine bleach is mixed with acids,such as are contained in some toiletcleaners, highly toxic chlorine gas canbe generated.Environmental Effects: The bleachingaction of household bleach does notpersist in the environment, but in highconcentrations it will kill vegetation. Theproducts of the bleaching reaction ofchlorine can be highly toxic and arepersistent chlorinated organiccompounds (POPs). When these areSea BiscuitsBy Paul Baldwin,Redcliffe Coast Guardrequired units in order to attain CompetantCrew status.Biscuit: Standard Operating Proceduresor SOPS help Coast Guard Volunteerslearn how to do this consistantly and ina way that is easily understood by others.One of the many SOPS at CG Redcliffeis that of logging on vessels through theradio room. The purpose of these SOPSis to provide Radio Operators withsufficient information to log vessels onand off for safety monitoring. It alsoaddresses the information required to bereceived for entry into the radio log book.Some of the information required from aon a vessel logging in with Coast Guardis to include:Fast broadband a step closer in RedcliffeThe first services of the new CoalitionGovernment-funded high speed broadbandnetwork will be switched on in selectedareas over the coming weeks.Federal Member for Petrie TeresaGambaro said the state-of the-art networkwould provide near blanket high speedbroadband coverage across the electorateof Petrie by mid 2009, eliminating most ofthe remaining blackspots.The new ADSL2+, fibre and WiMAX networkwill extend high speed broadband to 99 percent of the population by 2009, at a retailcost of between $35 and $60 per monthMargate’s Going Green - Climate Change and Bleachesproduced on a large scale, as they arein the pulp and paper industry they canbe very damaging to the environment. Iflaundry water incorporating the bleachsodium perborate is used on plants, highlevels of boron may accumulate whichwill kill vegetation, although overallsodium perborate bleach is lessdamaging to the environment than theothers.Alternatives: Sunshine will whiten* Naturopathic advice & professional clinic *Herbal dispensary * Good Health Club Savers*Vitamins & Supplements * Herbal teas *Gluten Free Breads & Foods * Organic yeastfree breads * Organic chicken & meats, dairy,eggs, grocery * Chem free personal & homecare * Protein powdersExclusive - Gain Health withGo Vita Margate HealthyWeight Program Launched20th Oct. Enquire now.OPEN 7 DAYSGo Vita Margate Health& OrganicsShop 8B, Margate Village,MARGATE 4019Ph: 3283 8677• Destination, Number of persons onboard, Estimated time of arrival, ETA• Estimated time of return, ETR,registration details and a description ofthe vessel.Associate members using their MobileNumbers do not need to provideregistration numbers or vessel details asit is recorded in the register.The log book is to be monitoredfrequently for vessel safety movements.If vessel fails to log off or is “overdue”,then another SOP is followed until thesituation is resolved.* * * * * * *Don’t leave your own and your familiessafety to chance. Check your gear, theweather and make a plan before youtravel out to sea.Join the Coast Guard as an Associatemember and enjoy the benefits. Call thebase at 3203 5522.”Safety by all Means”with the remaining one per cent of thepopulation in remote areas to receive a$2750 subsidy for a 2-way satellitebroadband service.“In Redcliffe, two exchanges will beupgraded from basic ADSL to very fastADSL2+ (up to 20Mbps) broadband,Redcliffe and Rothwell,” said Ms Gambaro.By Lesley Parker anpacotton and linen fabrics. Alternativecleaning products are available, such asGreen Aussie Cleaner(www.greenaussiecleaner.com) which areless toxic and equally effective incontrolling bacteria. (Sourcewww.tec.org.au/safersolutionsUnbleached paper products such astoilet paper, coffee filters and stationeryare now available. Merino is a companythat collects office paper waste andrecycles it into clean soft toilet paper. Therecycling process uses about half thewater in processing than tree processorsuse, and a lot less fuel. A flow on benefitis that this paper is not going to landfill.There are companies who urgeconsumers to buy soft, white paper, butthis type of product can be achieved onlywith chlorine bleaches. When you do pickup a pack of Merino toilet paper (SAFE),take it home in a biodegradable or yourown, carry bag. The plastic bags at thesupermarket are not free – they areactually adding an estimated $173 millionyear to Australia’s grocery bills. (Source;www.planetark.com )The consumer has the real power. Ourbuying choices at the market place canshape commercial reality. We can feelempowered by making informeddecisions, and voting with our wallets.Visit the websites for more information.Vol 3 No 43 November 6 2007 - Page 3

Dean Wells MPReaders may beinterested to know thatcongratulatory letters canbe arranged for peoplecelebrating specialbirthdays or anniversaries. Requestsmust be submitted in good time (4 weeksaverage) if letters of congratulations areto be received by the anniversary datespecified on the application form.Verification of the date of birth or marriagemust be provided as well as a copy ofeither a passport or citizenship papers,or a statutory declaration certifying thatthe date and place of marriage are correct,signed by a member of the family andwitness by a Justice of the Peace or aCommissioner for Declarations.Congratulatory letters are available forpeople celebrating their 90th, 100th,105th or 110th birthday, or for couplescelebrating their 50th 60th, 65th or 70thState Parliament has formally approveda legislative framework for theestablishment and operation of TAFEinstitutes as statutory authorities.Education and Training Minister RodWelford said the reforms in theVocational Education Training andEmployment Act 2007 were a key stepin the reform of Queensland’s vocationaleducation and training sector.“Ensuring we have a vibrant and robustpublic provider, alongside a thriving privatesector, is the cornerstone in ensuringQueensland’s training workforce matchesthe needs of industry and our vocationaleducation and training system remainsworld-class,” Mr Welford said.“Our $1 billion Queensland Skills Planacknowledges that the rapidly changingtraining market poses real challenges forthe responsiveness of the current TAFEdelivery model.“This legislation helps to ensure ourTAFE institutes are as responsive aspossible to local training needs byintroducing new governancearrangements that allow for locationspecificoperational plans.“This will enhance the capacity of TAFEQueensland institutes to develop industrypartnerships and grow the commercialcomponent of their business in acompetitive vocational education andtraining market.”Mr Welford said the change ofgovernance would occur through aphased transition.“Another benefit of the legislation is thateligible TAFE Queensland students willbe able to access the FederalGovernment’s FEE-HELP loan scheme,which is expected to come into effect in2008,” he said.“Under the previous legislative model,Page 4 - Vol 3 No 43 November 6 2007murrumba@parliament.qld.gov.auWedding Anniversary. My staff are ableto witness documents for such apurpose.Families are urged to take care whenoutdoors during the school holidays andreduce their risk of skin cancer. Theschool holidays are a great time forfamilies to get together and enjoy theoutdoors, but it is still important to protectagainst skin cancer. Eighty per cent ofskin damage happens to people in thefirst 20 years of life so it is important totake the right precautions against skincancer no matter what age you are. Herein Queensland we need to take particularcare when out in the sun as our statehas the highest incidence of skin canceranywhere in the world.Simple ways you can protect your skinfrom skin cancer are by:• Limiting time outdoors during peak UVtimes from 10am to 3pm;Deception Bay Shopping CentrePh: (07) 3293 1069, Fax: (07) 3293 1257• Seeking shade wherever possibleoutside;• Wear clothing that covers your skin;• Wearing a broad brimmed hat thatprotect your face and head;• Wearing sunglasses to protect youreyes; and• Applying a broad spectrum SPF30+sunscreen at least 20 minutes beforegoing outside, and not forgetting toreapply every two hours.These are some simple things we shouldall do everyday, not just during schoolholidays or warmer months, to protectourselves from skin cancer.For more information about skin cancerprevention check out QueenslandHealth’s Sun Safety websitewww.health.qld.gov.au/sunsafety.CheersNEW LAWS SUPPORT A MORE RESPONSIVE TAFE SYSTEMTAFE institutes could not offer FEE-HELP to students because they arerequired to have body corporate status,or the equivalent under the law.“I have negotiated an agreement with theFederal Minister for Vocational Educationand Training to ensure eligible TAFEQueensland students are notdisadvantaged.“The first institute established under thestatutory authority model will act onbehalf of all TAFE Queensland institutesas the eligible FEE-HELP provider for aperiod of 12 months while other institutesprepare for transition to the newarrangements.”It is anticipated that the first TAFEinstitutes will be ready to be establishedunder the new operating model by 1January 2008.Ballots drawn for Federal ElectionA total of 1421 candidates have nominated to run in the 2007 federal election, theElectoral Commissioner, Ian Campbell announced on Friday.This national figure includes 367 Senate candidates for the 40 Senate vacanciesand 1054 candidates for the 150 House of Representatives seats across Australia.Mr Campbell said the candidate nominations were officially declared at 12noontoday at public events held around Australia.The 2007 nominations are made up of 407 female candidates and 1013 malecandidates. In one case gender information was not supplied. 1421 candidates alsostood at the 2004 federal election.“Ballot papers will be printed over the weekend enabling voting to commence thisweek for people entitled to have an early vote,” Mr Campbell said.Australians are only eligible to vote early (at an Early Voting Centre or by postalvote) if on election day they will be unable to get to a polling place in their homeState or Territory. Reasons for this could include being interstate or overseas; morethan 8km from a polling place; approaching childbirth; seriously ill or caring forsomeone who is; or unable to attend a polling place due to religious beliefs, disabilityor work commitments. Locations and operating hours of Early Voting Centres willbe available at www.aec.gov.au or by calling 13 23 26 from Monday 5 November.“Electors who have already applied for a postal vote for the 2007 federal electionwill begin to receive their ballot papers from next week,” Mr Campbell said.“As the postal voting process takes some time, eligible electors who need to voteby post and haven’t yet applied, should do so without delay.”There are seven candidates in the Petrie Electorate with the Ballot as follows:1 D’ATH, Yvette ALP Australian Labor Party Senior Advocate2 JONES, Terry GRN The Greens Software Engineer3 POPE, Michael James LDP Student/Research Assistant4 VINCENT, Sally FFP Family First Accountant5 GAMBARO, Teresa LP Liberal Member of Parliament6 CARNWELL, Bruce DEM Democrats Design Consultant7 BRITT, Peter CDP Christian Democratic Party Builder(Fred Nile Group)

WHAT’S ON• The Redcliffe Neighbourhood Centre isplanning to send all the over 50s back tothe Roaring Twenties with a Gala Ball atthe Bramble Bay Bowls Club on 8December 2007. Dress up and have fun!Tickets, which are only $20 and include abuffet dinner, can be obtained at theNeighbourhood Centre in Lamington Drive,Redcliffe or from the Club.• Seaside Artists Gallery’s SpringExhibitionfrom 27 October 2007. With over60 artists’ work on display includingsculpture, jewellery, cards and craft woork,as well as fantastic paintings, drawings andphotography, there is something foreveryone. Ph: 3284 3356 or got towww.seasideartists.com.au.• Commerce & Industry RedcliffePeninsula (CIRP) meets 4th Wednesdayeach month. Phone Erica 0411 743 100.• Redcliffe Ostomates Support andCarers Group meet at the RedcliffeNeighbourhood Centre, Lamington Drive,Redcliffe at 10am on the first Tuesday eachmonth. Cost is $2 with morning teaprovided. Ph Ken on 3293 1936.• Redcliffe Rug Rats - Donations of woolare required by the Redcliffe Rug Rats tomake blankets, beanies, bed jackets andslippers for nursing homes and hospitals.Ph Yvonne Wright 3283 6658.• Laughter Yoga at Pelican Park(alongside the Information Centre) atClontarf each Sunday 3pm. Donation -$3.Contact Rose-marie on 3889-4914.• Rothwell Scrabble Club meets Mondaymorning and Thursday evening. Call Peter& Heather Pollard on 3204 1320 for details.• Men’s Probus Club of Redcliffe meets9.30 for 10.00am on the third Monday ofeach month at the Scarborough Bowls Club,cnr Scarborough and Sunnyside Roads,Scarborough. New members and visitorswelcome. Ph Norman Ferris 3880-4427• Redcliffe Peninsula Probus Club meetson the fourth Tuesday of the month at9:45am for 10am start. Ph Ray 3203 2611.• Peninsula Toastmasters meet on the1st, 3rd & 5th Monday of the Month at ClontarfBeach Progress Assn Hall, 34 CorneliusStreet, Clontarf. Ph 3203 6330 or 3284 2903.• Redcliffe Scottish Pipe Band - Want tolearn the Pipes or Drums? The Bandmeets on a Thursday night at RedcliffePCYC, Klingner Road, Kippa Ring from7pm until 9pm. Social gathering andpractice on Sunday morning in Apex Parkfrom 9:30am to 12 noon. Ph 0428 186 804.• Multitude is a non-auditionedcommunity choir that specialises incontemporary music styles. New memberswelcome. Email to info@multitude.org.au.• The Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’iof Redcliffe meet regularly. For informationabout their meeting times and placescontact the secretary on 3203 7821 or thechairperson on 3283 6003.• The Redcliffe TPIs (Totally &Permanently Incapacitated Service) meeton the first Monday of each month at theRedcliffe City Bowls Club. Phone Bill on3203 3663 or Debbie on 3204 2092.• Community Legal Service – Free legaladvice is available on the first fourWednesday evenings of the month, 7–For event details check out the www.redcliffecity.com.au CALENDARTo enter your event LOG IN and become a member of ww.redcliffecity.com.au8.30pm at the Redcliffe NeighbourhoodCentre. Enquiries ph 3284 4543.• Northern Districts MarchingAssociation - The members learn to workas team and have fun, make friends andlearn a little bit of rhythm. For moreinformation contact Mrs Terry Johnston on0416 208 124.• Peninsula Jazz in the Kokoda Room,Redcliffe RSL on the last Sunday afternoonof every month. Doors open 1pm, Musicfrom 2pm till 4.30pm. No need to book. Entryfee $8, food and drinks at club prices. PhPeter Green, 3203 6614.• Can you Sing? Northside Singers We doa wide range of styles and include Solosand Duets in our performances to localretirement villages. We practice TuesdayNights 7-9pm, Uniting Church Hall, GympieRoad, Bald Hills. Enquires or reminder call0400 140 262.• Redcliffe Carer’s Support Group is a partof Carer’s Qld. Regular meetings held from9.30am to 11.30am on the first Tuesday ofeach month at one of the meeting rooms inthe Redcliffe City Library.• Redcliffe RSL Snooker Club meet at theRSL Monday and Wednesday from 6pm to10pm. New members welcome. Pleasecontact Gordon Lowndes on 3293 0016.• National Seniors Association - RedcliffeBranch meet on the last Friday of the monthin the at the Redcliffe RSL Memorial Bowlsat 9.00am for 9.30am start.• Peninsula Spiritualist Church & HaelingCentre. Sunday Service – 6.30pm, Friday –Readings & Healing – 9.30am – 12.30pm,Shillum Room, Cultural Centre, Irene St.Redcliffe. Ph; Rev. Maureen – 3883 4867.• Counterpoint - A cappella SATB vocalensemble www.counterpointredcliffe.comrehearses each Thursday night in Clontarf,and is looking for new members. For moreinformation contact Lesley Brown on emailbrowniw5@optusnet.com.au or 3284 3688.• Apex Club of Sandgate meets everysecond Wednesday - for more informationcontact Simon Higgins on 0478655728 orBrenda Jackson on 0402251114.• Redcliffe-Scarborough Branch of theAustralian Pensioners & SuperannuantsLeague - Social day on Mondays starting at9:30am. Cost $3. Hoy on alternate Mondaysat 11:30am. Ph 3284 2893 for moreinformation or to hire the hall ph 3284.• Redcliffe Rockers meet at the BrambleBay Bowls Club every Monday night at7:30pm. Learn to rock ‘n’ roll. Only $7 pp.• Tradional Korean Karate - Redcliffe &North Lakes. Classes for ages 5-8,9-12,13 to adults. Learn self-discipline andrespect. Build your confidence. Passive andactive self-defence strategise for childprotection awareness and bullying. Phone0416 149 066 and speak to Sean.• Redcliffe Peninsula Poets, WintonRoom, Redcliffe Cultural Centre, Downs St,Redcliffe. 1st Tuesday of every month 7pm-9.15pm. A friendly group of poets who writeand perform their own poetry. Anyone wholoves poetry is welcome. Contact TrishGeorge on 3284 7790.• The Redcliffe State High School isgetting ready to celebrate 50 years next yearand the Alumni and the school communityis planning a number of reunion activities.Contact is Redcliffe50years@eq.edu.au.• Boulton Dancng Academy every Fridaynight at the Woody Point Hall. Learn ballroom and latin. Call 3269 9444 or 0418982 917.• Local singer-songwriter Simone Pitotbased in Redcliffe is currently performingat a Sunday Afternoon ‘Session’ at theBoroughs Wine Bar Cafe at Scarboroughfrom 4-7pm. He performs guitar and voice;jazz,blues and contemporary repertoire.• Business Connectors Club - BayviewHotel, upstairs function room. Cost: $15 perhead. Date: Wednesday 31/10/07. Time:6pm – 7.30pm. Ph Angie on 3883 3357.• 20 Year School Reunion Graduation from1987 for students from Frawley College,Scarborough (now Southern CrossCatholic College campus). Saturday 24thNovember 2007 from 7pm The SeasprayRoom, The Belvedere Hotel, Woody Point.Smart Casual - Tickets $25 contact Jill(Ebert) Milton 3283 8157 or 0418 772 700or email to jillmilton@westnet.com.au .• The Jetty Markets - 8am to 2pmLocation: Anzac Place, Redcliffe Parade,Redcliffe.Contact: John Wheeler 0411 9655 22.• Woodcraft Expo 2007. Sunday 11November (also Remembrance Day) from9am to 4pm. Organised by the Redcliffe &District Woodcraft Society. Annual event(free entry) consisting of Woodcraftdemonstrations and displays, Trade/Products displays, sales of memberswoodcraft, timber sales, and refreshments.Location: Woodcraft Centre, 463 OxleyAvenue, Redcliffe. Contact Frank O’Gormanon 3284 5713 or emailfrankogorman@optusnet.com.au• Redcliffe Kite Club - General Kite FlyingDay - Every 1st & 3rd Sunday of the Monthat Pelican Park, Hornibrook Esplanade,Clontarf. Contact David White 3889 3384or 0415 437 982Ph: 32699444 Mob: 0418982917Andrew Reibelt 0410 439 662Ph: 3883 9999Email: redcliffe@realway.com.auEmail your story, letter or article tonews@ redcliffecity.com.au. Become aSubscriber & get your electronic copysent each week. It’s FREE!Vol 3 No 43 November 6 2007 - Page 5

Power to kick off 2008soccer campaignPeninsula Power will kick off their 2008Premier League campaign this Thursdaynight 8th November 7pm at A.J. KellyPark with a Player Information night.All players interested in playing forPower in the Football Brisbane PremierLeague and Youth are invited to hearPremier League Senior Coach TerryKirkham outline the Pre Season scheduleincluding strength and conditioningsessions with Assistant Coach RobertDarlington.The training will be at various locationsconcentrating on personal fitness,strength and skills sessions. Thesesessions are for physical preparation forJanuary and February ball work and cupmatches.Kirkham said the early start is to turnthe Power Premier League teams into amore professional focused outfit with thethree top teams striving to get successin 08. We wish to build depth in our clubso potentially we can produce leaguewinning teams and develop future playersinto our A-League or overseascompetitions as professionals.Kirkham will be looking at all playersduring pre season training for all threegrades. We intend to develop not only aquality First team squad but aDevelopment reserve squad with theaverage ages from 16 to 22 who want toplay and who are committed to playpremier league football and developthemselves into better players. Also adevelopment youth team who willprogress into the Reserve team system.The first session will be at Dalton ParkMaine Rd Clontarf on Monday 12thNovember at 6.45pm.All former, current and new players arewelcome to attend.For further information contact TerryKirkham 0418358469 or visitwww.peninsulasoccerclub.asn.auThese businesses are featured on www.redcliffecity.com.auART GALLERY & CRAFTSSeaside Artists Gallery - Ph 3284 3356BIKE & CAR HIREC Car Rentals Ph 3883 4100DANCING ACADEMIESBoulton Dancing Academy.Learn to dance. Ph: 0418 982 917FINANCEMortgage Trend - Mortgage BrokersPh: 3880 0355HEALTHHearing Options - Ph: 3883 4990REDCLIFFE CITY NEWS PTY LTDPO Box 750, Redcliffe QLD 4020 AustraliaNarangba.ERRORS & OMISSIONS: While every care is taken in the preparation and publishing of articles and advertisements, the Redcliffe City News (RCN) cannot be heldresponsible for errors and their subsequent effects. The RCN reserves the right to alter, abbreviate, omit or re-classify articles and advertisements. The opinionsexpressed are not necessarily the opinions of the editor or proprietors of RCN, nor are articles necessarily the work of the contributor.Page 6 - Vol 3 No 43 November 6 2007Bookie BustersWaldo’s tips are given in the spirit of funand no responsibility is taken for theiraccuracy! Just remember - don’t gamblemore than you can afford!This week’s Bookie Busters are fromlast Saturday’s races at Flemington.EXCEEDINGLY GOOD: 1 st 1000m.Took the lead early and gave the rest alesson in running, started short pricedfavourite and never looked like beingheaded. In top form stick with him.ZACROONA: 1st 1600m. Sat back inthe box seat just behind the leaderGENERAL EISENHOWER, made hismove just after the turn to battle out thefinish with ever consistent SCHILLINGwho was also doing his best work in thefinal stages, watch them both.SCULPTOR: 1 st 2500m. Settled with theleaders early in the piece and travelled atreat, had to pull out all stops to scorefrom the persistent challenger THE FUZZin the final stages, only a long neck wasthe margin. Keep safe.WEEKEND HUSSLER: 1 st 1200m. Wellfolks, is this guy good or what?! Causeda weight loss in the bookie’s bag onSaturday, even though they knew hewould slay them. Punters really onlymade fifty cents on the dollar, but it isbetter than bank interest. He is still hadPadres swept by RapidsThe unavailability of half of the startingside for last weekend’s fixtures and stiffcompetition, saw Redcliffe LeaguesPadres Major A Grade Baseball team loseits first series of the year to Pine RiversRapids. Friday night’s game at Lawntonsaw a number of younger players take thefield the Padres. After a promising start, theside went down 10-3 to the opposition, thelack of experience taking its toll late in thegame.Sunday’s return game was always goingto be a struggle, with four of the team’s topbats again unavailable. Up against somequality pitching, the 16-0 resultant blowouthas put a halt to the team’s unbeaten seriesrecord. The side has a week off due to asenior tournament next weekend and withPEST CONTROLStevie Redback Pest Control,Ph: 1300 665 665PRINTING & PROMOTIONSDatatrix Touchscreens (see website)Ashley Printers - Ph: 3889 3888REAL ESTATEGateway Properties & Simon’s LettingAgency, Ph: 3283 4555Check out themoving specialsRealway Property Sales, Ph 3883 9999WEBSITE DESIGN & HOSTINGAspedia - (see website)Ph: 0412 125 283 Fax: 07 3885 2951ABN 17 110 205 984 ISSN 1832-9667by Waldo Hayesgas in the tank well pastthe line. Don’t discard.ZIPPING: 3 rd 2000m.Has been set for theMelbourne Cup and will bethe one to beat,Saturday’s run in the MacKinnon Stakeswas the final warm up, came from somemotherless on the turn to over take allbar two, the one to be ion Tuesday.DIVINE MADONNA: 1 st 1600m. Onceagain proved she is made of the rightstuff, raced her own race Saturday andpoured on the class in the straight. Sheresponds well when asked and knows theropes, started justified favourite and neveronce gave supporters any moments ofconcern.SWICK: 1 st 1200m. Gave BartCummings his second winner for the day,having won earlier on long shotSIRMIONE in the MacKinnon Stakes,SWICK however, settled back midfieldand made his run at the top of the straightwhere he was sitting tenth, under skillfulriding and ability he was able to thrashout the lead in the final stages to win. Atop effort. Keep in mind!Waldo’s Melbourne Cup top five:ZIPPING, EFFICIENT, PRINCESS COUP,PURPLE MOON AND TAWQEET.By Keith Landmost players again available for the homeseries against Ipswich in two weeks time,the side will look to return to winning form.In the only good note for the day, therewas a good display in the lower gradeswhere, despite player drains to A Grade,two wins were recorded. Major B Gradewon a thriller when they defeated Rapids5-4, while C Grade also went notched up awin by the score of 11-4 over Rapids. In theMinors Divisions, the A Grade team lost toa strong Toowoomba Rangers side athome while the B Grade lost to Rangers10-2. For the third week in a row the C Gradecame from behind to win 11-10 overNarangba, Darren Stratford hitting well.In Saturday’s fixtures, the disappointingUnder 20’s went down to Redlands atRedlands 10-0. The Under 16 Division 1team maintained its unbeaten record whenit scored a hard fought 4-0 away win overMudgereeba in a game dominated byquality pitching on both teams. ShannonMills and Lucas Bakker shut down theMudgee hitters while Josh Hobbs wasstrong defensively. The Under 16 Division2 White team went down to Windsor athome while the Red team recorded a solid19-7 win over Narangba at Narangba.The Under 14 Division 1 team bouncedback to form with a 6-2 win over competitionleaders Pine Hills at home. In Little league,the Red team defeated Rapids 11-2, thehighlight being Mike Young’s 2 home runswhilst the White team were defeated by

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