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Database Cloud ServiceIloon Ellen-WolffGlobal Technical LeadApplication Express1

Introduction Iloon Ellen-Wolff• Twenty one years ICT experience• Oracle Employee• Oracle Support Services• Trainer Oracle University• Oracle Certified in different products (APEX)• Global Technical Lead Application Express3

Agenda• What is Cloud• Oracle Public Cloud• Database Cloud Service• Architecture• Components• Demo Provisioning/Restful Web Services4

CharacteristicsElasticity No Acquisition Costs Simplicity5

StrategyComplete StackCustomer Choice•Best of Breed•Open•Vertical Integration•Extreme Performance•Public Cloud•Private Cloud•On Premise•Hybride•Engineered Systems6

Application and Platform Services• Public Cloud– Self Service– Monthly Subscription– Simple Pricing• Services– Application (SAAS)– Platform (PAAS)• Platform Services– Java Cloud Service– Database Cloud Service7

DemonstrationDatabase Cloud Services8

Services in Oracle Public Cloud9

Oracle Public Cloud10

Database Cloud Services• #1Database in the cloud• Rapid provisioning• Easy to use and manage• Access using Java, Restful Web Services, APEX• Rapid Cloud Based Application Development• Packaged Business Productivity Applications11

Key ValuesFlexible deployment Ease of use Managed ServiceRuntime Access Identity Management Standards Service Console12

Use cases– Development• Application Express• Dynamic languages• (with RESTful Webservices)– Testing• Bulk load tool included– Deployment• APEX, Java, RESTful Web Services– Experimentation and training13

Oracle Database Cloud Service• Database– Oracle 11g Release 2 EE– Runs on Exadata– Highly Available– Secure• Data Access Methods– Sql/Pl/Sql– Java Service– APEX applications– Restfull Web Services– Datapump• Developer Interfaces– Application Express Builder– RESTful Web Service wizard– Application Express SQLWorkshop– SQL Developer14

Schema IsolationService 1Schema 1APEXService 2Schema 2SQL DeveloperService 3Schema 3RestService 4Schema 4Oracle Database withApplication Express15


Web ServerHTTP• Http requests through APACHE, directed to WebLogicApplication Servers for processingData Upload• Data Pump files can contain data and database objectdefinitions, inc stored procedures and triggersIdentity Management• User credentials managed by Oracle Identity Management(IDM). Java and APEX applications can use IdM forauthentication18

Database• Each database Cloud Service uses a single Oracle Databaseschema with expandable table space• The Oracle Schema provides full isolation for each individualDatabase Cloud Service• Unlimited tables, rows, columns19

Storage• Oracle Automatic Storage Management• Stripes data across multiple disks• Mirrors data for protection• Data is available even if disk fails• Data is encrypted• Regular backups• Protection from data20

Components• Database Access through Restful Web Services• Full power of Sql and Pl/Sql• Application Development and Deployment withApplication Express• Packaged Business Applications• Tools and Utilities21

Restful Web Services• An architecture standard for accessinginformation• Built on HTTP protocol• Wizard available to built restful webservices against the cloud22

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DemonstrationRestful Web Services24

Summarized• Simple• Portable• Enterprise strength• Productive25

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