SaMASZ offer for season 2011 / 2012 - SaMASZ Sp. z oo
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SaMASZ offer for season 2011 / 2012 - SaMASZ Sp. z oo

ContentsCONTENTSDrum mowersPERFECT CUT cutterbar characteristics4-1011Rear disc mowerswith side suspensionRear disc mowerswith central suspension12-1516-20Front disc mowers21-23Rear trailed disc mowers24-25Double-sided mowers KDD26-32Rear disc mowers – light series33Mower combinations34-35Rotary tedders36-37Rotary rakes38-39Front-rear flail mowers40-41Rear flail mowerswith open hatch42Side rear flail mowers 43Side-rear flail mowerswith parallelogram armRear flail mower with container4445Arm-type flail mowersand their additional equipment46-47Snow plows48-56Snow plows and loadingshovels for forklifts57Tractor sweepers and gritters 58-59Packing and loading603

Rear 2-drum mowerZ 064/3 - 1,35 m [mini]View without safety guards.Drum mower especially designed for mowing smallareas (e.g. gardens). Simple economical design, lowand steady cutting height makes grass grow backfaster. Durable and reliable. One of its main advantagesis low power demand. Easy maintenance. The knivesare rereversible and can be quickly changed usingthe tool provided.We have sold substential quantities of these mowershere in Poland and also abroad. We have found themvery reliable in performing.- small dimensions and super light design,- factory set at 5,2 cm cutting height, which can beadjusted by distance rings (8 mm),- reliable in small gardens,- stone tested safety guards (EN 745).„Power demand” means min. HP on tractor’s PTOwhen working speed is about 12-15 km/h.Mower’s typeWorking width [m]Number of knives [pcs.]RPMTractor’s power [HP]Working capacity [ha/h]PTO shaft [Nm]Weight [kg]Z 064/31,354540from 20~ 0,702502504

Rear 2-drum mowerDRUM MOWERZ 064 - 1,35 mMowers: Z 064 and Z 010 with rectangular 3-point linkageframe and exchangeable lower pins (cat. II or I - on request).Drum mower designed for cutting low grass. Easily maintainsthe same cutting height, which makes grass grow faster.Besides, small dimensions easily muddles through biggervesture.Safety breakaway device.An automatic breakaway device provides impactprotection of the mower in the event of hittingan immovable object.The mowers are easily switched from working to transportposition by releasing the breakaway device pin and manuallymoving the mower rearwards 90 degrees until the safety latchengages.- small dimensions and super light design,- factory set at 5,2 cm cutting height, which can beadjusted by distance rings (8 mm) ,- reliable in small gardens,- stone tested safety guards (EN 745).Mower’s typeWorking width [m]Number of knives [pcs.]RPMTractor’s power [HP]Working capacity [ha/h]PTO shaft [Nm]Weight [kg]Z 0641,354540from 25~ 1,002503305

Rear 2-drum mowersZ 010 - 1,65 mZ 010/1 - 1,85 mZ 010/2 - 2,10 mOUR BESTSELLERSDrum mowers 1,65 m to 2,10 m have solid designand are very durable. Low power demand makes themone of the best in the Polish market as well as abroad.Thanks to hydraulic lifting (optional - see additionalequipment), mower can be easily transported on therear or side of the tractor.As option mower can be equipped with longer hydrauliccylinder which enables cutting road sides and scarpsinclined up to 40 degrees.- improved sliding soucer hub- type IV - two double-row bearings- concerns Z 010/2, Z 010/4- 2 bearings with strong capacity in each drum,- factory set at 5,9 cm cutting height which can beadjusted by distance rings,- DLG Signum Test,- stone tested safety guards (EN 745).„Power demand” means min. HP on tractor’s PTOwhen working speed is about 12-15 km/h.Mower’s typeZ 010Z 010/1Z 010/2Working width [m]1,651,852,10Number of knives [pcs.]668RPM540Tractor’s power [HP]from 40from 60from 70Working capacity [ha/h]~ 1,5~ 2,0~ 2,5PTO shaft [Nm]400400540Weight [kg]4004505506

Rear 2-drum mowerswith tine conditionerDRUM MOWERSZ 010/4 - 2,10 mHigh quality of swath and unfailing work of rotary mowers withtine conditioners change whole economy of cutting. Hydrauliclifting in standard equipment enables easy transport of themower.The integrated high-performance tine conditioner, breaksgrass wax layer, substantially accalerating drying.Advantages of tine conditioner:- accelerates drying,- eliminates tedding,- lower losses of forageingredients thanks toreduced handling,- always even swath forbalers collecting,- new modernized tinesin V shape made ofhard-to-tear steelplaced in rubber inserts.Mower’s typeWorking width [m]Swath width [m]Number of knives [pcs.]RPMPower demand [HP]Working capacity [ha/h]PTO shaft [Nm]Conditioner’s shaft [Nm]Weight [kg]Z 010/42,101,008540from 75~ 2,55402506907

Front drum mowersZ 010/8, K4BF 265, K4BF 300Tractor’s triangle in standard equipment.K4BF 300 - 3,00 mFront drum mowers are very easy to operate especiallyin mountainous terrain, e.g. in South Germany andAustria. Spring suspension allows close ground following.Front drum mowers K4BF 265and K4BF 300 are designedfor large areas. Improvedsliding soucer hub - type IV -two double-row bearings.K4BF 265 - 2,65 mFront mower’s transport width is the same as workingwidth.Z 010/8 - 2,10 mPerfect in combinations with rear drum and/or discmowers, especially with KDD series.* When buying SaMASZ front mowers please specify direction of PTOshaft (looking from driver’s seat), diameter and number of splines.Mower’s typeZ 010/8K4BF 265K4BF 300Working width [m]2,102,653,00Swath width [m]0,801,20-1,601,20-1,60Number of knives [pcs.]81218RPM1000/54010001000Power demand [HP]from 70from 90from 100Working capacity [ha/h]~ 2,5~ 3,0~ 3,5PTO shaft [Nm]540540540Weight [kg]52080087010

New cutterbarDISC MOWERSBasing on the experience of our customers in Poland and inWestern Europe we have introduced to our production seriesof mowers equipped with new cutterbar:New design of the cutterbar is characterized by loweredcutting height, which is very important during mowing lowergrass in 3, 4 and further cuts.Depending on the angleof cutterbar's inclinationthere are the followingcutting heights:PerfectPrecise cut, high durability of components, protection againstimmovable obstacles (cut-off key), quick and easy modulereplacement thanks to modernized upper hub are the mainadvantages of PerfectCUT cutterbars. This cutterbar will bemounted in every SaMASZ disc mower apart from KDL modelwith Comer cutterbar.Advantages:- 6307 bearings in bevel gears,- tough and hardened cutterbar’s design,- hardened discs made of boron steel,- modernized sliding skids protect the whole surface fromthe bottom,- smooth regulation of cutting height from 4 to 7 cm,- small moment of inertia of rotating parts (discs) - enablequick accelerating and decelerating of rpm,- stone-safety device in standard equipment (cut-off key),- innovative quick knife replacement (by means ofspecial key),- quick and easy module replacement owing to modernizedupper hub,Special cavities for bolts make it veryeasy to dissemble the module withoutthe necessity of unscrewing upper hub.11

Rear disc mowers HEAVY DUTYwith side suspesionKDT 180 - 1,80 mKDT 220 - 2,20 mKDT 260 - 2,60 mPerfectAdvantages:- unprecedentedin international competitorsvery durable bearings in cutterbar - 6307,- new harder cutterbar,- sliding skids and inserts between skids made ofboron steel,- smooth regulation of cutting height - up to 8 cm,- knives’ length - 115 mm,- swath discs form even swath which enables easypick-up by e.g. round baler,- quick adjustment to transportposition thanks to hydraulic cylinders,- high resistance to stones,- small moment of inertia of rotating parts, also discs- enables quick accelerting and slowing down of rpm.Quick and easy knifereplacement (with mountinglever in standard equipment)thanks to knife holder.Easy to replace knife holders.„Power demand” means min. HP on tractor’s PTOwhen working speed is about 12-15 km/h.Mower’s typeKDT 180KDT 220KDT 260Working width [m]1,802,202,60Swath width [m]0,80-1,301,20-1,701,50-2,00Number of discs [pcs.]456Number of knives [pcs.]81012RPM540Power demand [HP]from 30from 50from 70Working capacity [ha/h]~ 2,0~ 2,5~ 3,0PTO shaft [Nm]400400540Min. transport hight [m]2,603,003,40Weight [kg]55067072012

Rear disc mowers HEAVY DUTYwith side suspensionDISC MOWERSKDT 300 - 3,00 mKDT 340 - 3,40 mPerfectDespite large mowing widths, formed swath can be easilyadjusted to about 1,5 m. It is really important in case ofpeat meadows, in orderd to prevent the tractor frompushing in the forage. It is caused by properly adjustedswath discs, which make the swath even. When drumsare used in the cutterbar, it is possible to form the grassinto two swaths (in KDT 340 only on request).Disc mowers are a perfectsolution for large andmiddle farms, becausethey have 20% less powerdemand and durabilityhigher even 10 times thancomparable drummowers.Mower’s typeWorking width [m]Swath width [m]Number of discs [pcs.]Number of knives [pcs.]RPMPower demand [HP]Working capacity [ha/h]PTO shaft [Nm]Height in transport [m]Weight [kg]KDT 3003,001,5-2,0714540from 80~ 3,55403,80780KDT 3403,401,5-2,0816540from 100~ 4,05404,2083013

Rear disc mowers HEAVY DUTYwith side suspension andtine or roller conditionerKDT 260 S - 2,60 mS - Tine conditionerAdvantages of tine conditioner:- accelerates drying of forage,- eliminates tedding (no additional runs),- lower losses of forage ingredients becuseof reduced handling,- always even swath for baler pick-up,- new tines in V shape made of hard-to-tear steel placedin rubber inserts,- much space between tines and guard to increaseforage flow.Tine conditioner interchangeable with roller conditioner.Advantages of New Generation cutterbars- see page 11Perfect„Power demand” means min. HP on tractor's PTOwhen working speed is about 12-15 km/h.Mower’s typeWorking width [m]Swath width [m]Number of discs [pcs.]Number of knives [pcs.]RPMPower demand [HP]Working capacity [ha/h]PTO shaft [Nm]Height in transport [m]Weight [kg]14KDT 260 S2,601,20-1,50612540from 90~ 2,85403,40880KDT 260 W2,601,20-1,50612540from 90~ 2,85403,401000

Rear disc mowers HEAVY DUTYwith side suspension andtine or roller conditionerKDT 260 W - 2,60 mW - Roller conditionerDISC MOWERSPerfectRoller conditioner interchangeablewith tine conditioner.Crop is crumpled with two spiral rubber rollers which spinaround into opposite directions.- provides effective conditioning of fragile crops likelucerne (alfalfa), reducing leaf loss to an absoluteminimum,- leaves a loose swath, so that the sun and wind candry a crop,- offers excellent conditioning effect by crackingstems of tall, caney crops such as sudex or sudan,- rollers are flexible enabling small undesirableobjects (stones up to 5 cm) to pass through.15

Rear disc mowerswith central suspensionKDTC 260KDTC 300KDTC 340S - tine conditionerW - roller conditionerKDTC mowers have been the first disc mowers with centralsuspension in our offer. They have been manufactured since2008 and have gone through modernization in order to be upto present conditions. Developed and proven design is aneconomic alternative to KT mowers. They can be equippedinterchangeably with tine or roller conditioner.Positions: transport and when taking turns over swaths.Putting the mower into its transport and working position andtaking turns over swaths is realized by means of hydrauliccylinder.HHydraulic safety breakaway deviceThe advantages of safety device - page 19..Mower’s typeKDTC 260KDTC 300KDTC 340Working width [m]2,603,003,40Swath width [m]1,50-2,001,50-2,001,50-2,00Number of discs [pcs.]678Number of knives [pcs.]12 (6 X 2)14 (7 x 2)16 (8 x 2)RPM1000Tractor’s power [HP]from 70from 80from 100Working capacity [ha/h]~ 2,8~ 3,5~ 4,0PTO shaft [Nm]540540540Min. transport height - H [m]3,604,004,40Weight [kg]87091099016

DISC MOWERSKDTC 260 SKDTC 260 WKDTC 300 SKDTC 300 WS - tine conditionerW - roller conditionerAdvantages of use of KDTC mowers:- equipped with modern PerfectCUT cutterbar,- mechanical lock when taking turns over swaths,- regulated speed of cutting unit lowering,- regulated swath guides,- central suspension enables even weight balanceon the ground and perfect ground following,- wide range of inclination (up to 24 degrees) enablesoperation on uneven or steep terrain.DriveDrive from central gearbox tocutterbar’s intersecting axisgear is done through PTOshaft with friction clutch,which protects the cutterbaragainst any damage.Mower’s typeWorking width [m]KDTC 260S2,60KDTC 260W2,60KDTC 300S3,00KDC 300W3,00Swath width [m]1,50 - 1,901,50 - 1,90Number of discs [pcs.]Number of knives [pcs.]RPMTractor’s power [HP]Working capacity [ha/h]PTO shaft [Nm]Min. transport height -H[m]Weight [kg]6146147167161000from 80~ 2,85403,601030from 80~ 2,85403,601120from 90~ 3,55404,401180from 90~ 3,55404,40125017

Rear disc mowerswith central suspensionKT 260 / KT 260 H - 2,60 mKT 300 / KT 300 H - 3,00 mKT 340 / KT 340 H - 3,40 mBasing on the experience of our customers in Poland and inWestern Europe we have introduced to our production seriesof mowers equipped with new cutterbar PerfectCUT. At thesame time we have designed series of rear disc mowers KTwith working width 2,60 m, 3,00 m and 3,40 m, which replacesin our offer mowers with central suspension - KDTC.KT mowers are centrally suspended and have in standardequipment spring suspension of the cutterbar. On demand itcan be equipped with hydro-pneumatic suspension. Thissolution replaces traditional springs and improves workcomfort.Hydropneumatic suspensionThanks to hydro-pneumatic suspension, the operator bymeans of tractor’s hydraulics can easily adjust force of thepressure of cutterbar on the ground. Thanks to that the forceof the pressure on the ground is always the same no matterhow the terrain is shaped. It enables optimum stubbleprotection, clean swath and eventually better quality offodder.18

DISC MOWERSPerfectThe main advantage of KT series is the possibility of beingtransported in three positions: At the back or in the axle of the tractor– vertically or horizontally (pictures beside), which gives better tractorbalance and improves comfort of mower’s manouvering mainly onnarrow roads.The unit is integrated with hydraulic safety device, which protects themower against hitting into immovable obstacle. In the event of hittingan immovable obstacle the cutterbar folds back and at the same timerises about 70 degrees. After that, the cutterbar automatically comesback to working position.Mower’s typeKT 260 / 260 HKT 300/ 300 HKT 340 / 340 HWorking width [m]2,603,003,40Swath width [m]1,50 - 2,001,50 - 2,001,50 - 2,00Number of discs [pcs.]678Number of knives [pcs.]12 (6 X 2)14 (7 x 2)16 (8 x 2)RPM1000Tractor’s power [HP]from 70from 80from 100Working capacity [ha/h]~ 2,8~ 3,5~ 4,0PTO shaft [Nm]540540540Min. transport height -H [m]3,203,604,00Weight [kg]950 / 9001040 / 10001110 / 108019

Rear disc mowers with centralsuspension with tine or rollerconditionerPerfectKT 260 S/W - HKT 300 S/W - HS - tine conditionerW - roller conditionerH - Hydro-pneumatic suspensionAdvantages of tine conditioners:- several times faster drying of the gras owing to wax layer crushingon leaf's blade,- cutting wax layer improves plant's breathing which decreases nutrition lossof the plant and increases thickness of the swath,- emiminates tedding (less runs),- loose spreading of the plants into wide swath, increasing and eveningits thickness enables even collecting of swath by round baler or silage trailer,- increased space between tines and safety guard for better material flowin case of very high crop.Tine conditionerRoller conditionerMower’s typeWorking width [m]Swath width [m]Number of discs [pcs.]Number of knives [pcs.]RPMTractor’s power [HP]Working capacity [ha/h]PTO shaft [Nm]Min. transport height -H [m]Weight [kg]KT 260 S/W -H2,60~ 1,20-1,50612 (6 x 2)1000from 90~ 2,85403,201170KT 300 S/W- H3,00~1,20-1,50714 (7 x 2)1000from 100~ 3,55403,60127020

Front disc mowersHEAVY DUTYKDF 260KDF 300KDF 340DISC MOWERSPerfectTractor’s trianglein standard equipment.Modern suspension with springs enables perfect groundfollowing and optimum cutterbar balance on mowing ground.It is possible to mount hydrauliccylinders, which enable bettermonouvering and transport.Disc mowers comply with DLGSignum Test. Stone testedsafety guards (EN 745).Mower’s typeWorking width [m]Swath width [m]Number of discs [pcs.]Number of knives [pcs.]RPMTractor’s power [HP]Working capacity [ha/h]PTO shaft [Nm]Weight [kg]* When buying SaMASZ front mowers please specifydirection of PTO shaft (looking from driver seat),diameter and number of splines.„Power demand” means min. HP on tractor's PTOwhen working speed is about 12-15 km/h.KDF 2602,601,10612from 70~ 2,8540840KDF 3003,001,207141000from 80~ 3,5540890KDF 3403,401,80816from 90~ 4,054094021

Front disc mowers HEAVY DUTYwith tine or roller conditionerKDF 300 SKDF 300 WS - Tine conditionerW - Roller conditionerPerfectTractor’s triangle in standard equipment.Roller conditioner interchangeable withtine conditioner.Drive of tine conditioner is realized by means of chain gearbox.Increased space between tines and guardeliminates stucking of grass even in case of big crops.Advantages of tine conditioner - page 20Cracking of stems by meansof two rubber rollers,which rotatein different directions.Advantages of roller conditioner - page 15.Mower’s typeWorking width [m]Swath width [m]Number of discs [pcs.]Number of knives [pcs.]RPMTractor’s power [HP]Working capacity [ha/h]PTO shaft [Nm]Weight [kg]KDF 300 S3,001,00-1,507141000from 100~ 3,55401160KDF 300 W3,001,00-1,507141000from 100~ 3,5540121022

Front disc mowersHEAVY DUTY - for FORTSCHRITTKDF 390 - 3,90 mDISC MOWERSnewGenerationAdvantages:- mowing width - 3,90 m,- perfect solution for large and middle farms,- swath discs form even swath up to 2 m,- new hardened cutterbar,- sliding skids and inserts between skidsmade of hard-to-tear steel,- smooth regulation of cutting height,- knife’s length - 115 mm.Self-propelled mowers Fortschritt are modernized byexchanging the old cutterbar with front 9-disc cutterbar withmowing width - 3,90 m.Mower’s typeWorking width [m]Swath width [m]Number of discs [pcs.]Number of knives [pcs.]RPMTractor’s power [HP]Working capacity [ha/h]PTO shaft [Nm]Weight [kg]Front disc mower 3,90 m - cutterbarfor self-propelled used mower FORTSCHRITT- very economical solutionfor large farms - fuel consumption around 5 l/hour.KDF 3903,90~ 2,09181000from 70~ 4,0054082023

Rear trailed disc mowersHEAVY DUTYPerfectKDC 300 S - 3,00 mKDC 340 S - 3,40 mGold medal PolagraPremiery 2008 in PoznanHit of Zielona Gala 2007in SzepietowoRear trailed disc mowers are equipped either with tineor roller conditioner. It is designed for mowing standinggrass on meadows and on stone free fields. Rear traileddisc mowers are a perfect solution for large and middlefarms.Major advantage of disc mowers is quickacceleration and deceleration of disc RPMthanks to their low moment of inertia.Rear trailed disc mower can be additionally equipped with beltconveyor. It enables forming the swath during another run onthe swath formed previously or near it. It is really importantwhen it comes to picking up the swath by round baler orforage wagon - half of the runs are spared.Advantages of New Generation Perfect CUT - see page 1124

DISC MOWERSKDC 300 W - 3,00 mKDC 340 W - 3,40 mPerfectIt is possible to operate the mower eitherwith belt conveyor or without it.Swath widths from 1,20 m, enable smooth tractor run andfurther forage treatment. Rear trailed disc mowers with solidand developed design are characterized by great workingcapacity and quality of cut forage.„Power demand” means min. HP on tractor's PTOwhen working speed is about 12-15 km/h.Mower’s typeWorking width [m]Swath width [m]Number of discs [pcs.]Number of knives [pcs.]RPMTractor’s power [HP]Working capacity [ha/h]PTO shaft [Nm]Weight [kg]KDC 300S3,00714from 90~ 3,354018001,00 - 1,70KDC 300W3,00714from 90~ 3,354018901000KDC 340S3,40816from 110~ 4,054018501,20 - 2,00KDC 340W3,40816from 110~ 4,0540194025

Double-sideddisc mowers KDDPerfectKDD 860 - 8,60 mKDD 940 - 9,40 mMowers KDD 860 and KDD 940 are designed to operate withfront disc mowers KDF 300 or KDF 340.Double-sided mower consists of two mowers with centralsuspension mounted on a joint frame. This solution savestime and leads to less fuel consumption during mowing oflarge grassland areas.KDD mower completed with front disc mower 3,00 m formsa combination – 3 – mower set MegaCUT (page28). It isan excellent alternative to expensive self-propelled mowers.Central suspension enables optimum weight balance alongthe whole mower’s width. Thanks to that solution the moweroperates perfectly on uneven or steep terrain.26

Double-sidedmowers - KDDDISC MOWERSAll mowers with centralsuspension are equipped withnew hydraulic safety device.It protects mower againsthitting small obstacles. In theevent of hitting the immovableobstacle the cutterbar foldsback about 30° and at thesame time rises about 70 cm.Advatages:1. width,2. high capacity,3. 2 years of warranty,4. optimum weightbalance,5. possibility of workingwith one rear mowerafter disassemblingthe other one,6. possibility of usingalready gotten frontmower 3,00 m,7. putting the mowerinto transport orworking position, aswell as taking turnsover swaths by meansof two hydrauliccylinders.Mower’s typeWorking width [m]Swath width [m]Number of discs [pcs.]Number of knives [pcs.]RPMTractor’s power [HP]Working capacity [ha/h]PTO shaft [Nm]Min. transport height -H [m]Weight [kg]KDD 860KDD 9408,609,402 x (1,50 - 2,00)2 x 72 x 8283210001000from 150from 160~ 10~ 11110011003,604,001820213027

Combination of threemowers MegaCUTPerfectMegaCUT 860 - 8,6 mMegaCUT 940 - 9,4 mMowers KDD 860 and KDD 940 are designed to operate withfront disc mowers KDF 300 or KDF 340.Double-sided mower consists of two mowers with centralsuspension mounted on a joint frame. This solution savestime and leads to less fuel consumption during mowing oflarge grassland areas.KDD mower completedwith front disc mower 3,0 mforms a combination– 3 – mower set MegaCUT.MegaCUT set has twohydraulic safety devices.In the event of hitting animmovable obstacle thecutterbar folds back around30° and at the same timerises about 70 cm.Afterwards, the cutterbarautomatically comes backto its working position.Double-sided mowers are equippedwith approach sensors blockingarms' lifting. An operator does nothave to control lifting height ofmowers and the risk of PTO shaft'sdamage is eliminated.28

Combination of threemowers MegaCUTDISC MOWERSTransport positionOwing to lowered rotation point 4 mtransport height was reached, whichguarantees safe transport on roads.H

Combination of threemowers MegaCUT RewersMegaCUT Rewers 860 - 8,6 mOperation with reverseIn case of using tractor with reverse, front mower KDF 300can be suspended on joint KDD frame. This solutionconsiderably improves comfort and quality of operation.Overlapping between front mowerand rear mowers is set on 37,5 cm.In MegaCUT set collected swathsalways form three windrows.Combination of mowers MegaCUT ReverseTypeKDD-R 860Working width [m]8,60Swath width [m]3 x (1,50 - 2,00)Number of discs [pcs.]21Number of knives [pcs.]42RPM1000Power demand [HP]from 150Working capacity [ha/h]~ 10PTO shaft [Nm]1100Transport width [m]3,60Weight [kg]211030

Mower combinationGigaCUTGigaCUT 860 S/W - 8,60 mGigaCUT 940 S/W - 9,40 mS - tine conditionerW - roller conditionerDISC MOWERSPerfectGold medalPolagra Premiery 2010in Poznan andAGROTECH - Kielce 2010Combination GigaCUTconsists of KDD860S/W orKDD 940S/W and KDF 300S/WCombination of three mowers GigaCUT is equipped alternativelywith tine or roller conditioner. Additionally, the set may beequipped with transporters (belt conveyors). Thanks to them, theforage wagon needs three times less runs to pick up the swath.Transporters are driven by their own hydraulic system (independentof the tractor). It consists of hydraulic pump, oil cooler and twohydraulic engines.Switching on and off the transporters(independent) is realized by means ofelectric console mounted in tractor’scabin.Combination of mowers GigaCUTTypeWorking width [m]Swath width [m]Number of discs [pcs.]Number of knives [pcs.]RPMPower demand [HP]Working capacity [ha/h]PTO shaft [Nm]Transport width [m]Weight without conveyor [kg]Weight with conveyor [kg]860 S8,602,00 - 3,0021421000from 200~ 1011003,602380-860 ST 940 S8,60 9,402,00 - 3,00 2,20 - 3,00212342461000 1000from 200 from 220~ 10 ~ 111100 11003,60 4,00-25103350-940 ST9,402,20 - 3,0023461000from 220~ 1111004,00-3500T - Possibility of equipping the mower with transporter31

Mower combinationGigaCUTSwath in GigaCUT combination can be laid down in threedifferent ways.Thanks to belt conveyors the swaths are formed into one(or two or three).In combination of mowers GigaCUT there is a possibilityto work either with or without transporters.PerfectCombination of mowers GigaCUTTypeWorking width [m]Swath width [m]Number of discsNumber of knivesRPMPower demand [HP]Working capacity [ha/h]**PTO shaft [Nm]Transport width [m]Weight without conveyor [kg]Weight with conveyor [kg]860 W8,602,00 - 3,0021421000from 200~ 1011003,602640-860 WT8,602,00 - 3,0021421000from 200~ 1011003,60-3550940 W9,402,20 - 3,0023461000from 220~ 1111004,002790-940 WT9,402,20 - 3,0023461000from 220~ 1111004,00-3920** Capacity depends on real working speed of the tractorT - Possibility of equipping the mower with transporter32

Light disc mowers KDLDISC MOWERSKDL 200KDL 240KDL 280Advantages of KDL mowers:1. lighter design,2. lower power demand when compared tosimilar working width of drum mowers,3. mower’s design based on proven massproduced cutterbar of italian company COMER,4. both guards lifted, easier acces to knivesfor replacement,5. mower equipped with hydraulic lifting for easierhandling.Type**KDL 200KDL 240KDL 280Working width [m]2,002,402,80Swath width [m]~ 1,40~ 1,80~ 2,20Number of discs [pcs.]567Number of knives [pcs.]101214RPM540Power demand [HP]from 30from 45from 60Working capacity [ha/h]~ 2~ 2,5~ 3,0PTO shaft [Nm]540540540Weight [kg]400430470** Warranty is not given to working units of the cutterbar.33

Mower combinationsDISC MOWERSDisc mower combinations:PerfectTypeMowerWorking widthPower demandWorking capacityKDF 300 S + KDC 340 ST2 x Disc6,30 mfrom 140 HP~7,0 ha/hTypeMowerWorking widthPower demandWorking capacityKDF 300 W + KDC 300 WT2 x Disc5,90 mfrom 140 HP~6,5 ha/hTypeMowerWorking widthPower demandWorking capacityKDF 260 + KDT 2202 x Disc4,70 mfrom 90 HP~5,4 ha/hDrum mower combinations:TypeMowerWorking widthPower demandWorking capacityK4BF 300 + Z 010/22 x Drum5,00 mfrom 110 HP~5,0 ha/hTypeMowerWorking widthPower demandWorking capacityK4BF 265 + K4BTC 2652 x Drum5,20 mfrom 120 HP~5,5 ha/h„Power demand” means min. HP on tractor's PTOwhen working speed is about 12-15 km/h.35

Rotary teddersP 4 - 470P 4 - 530P 6 - 650Our offer of rotary tedders consists of three models. There aretwo models with 4 rotors: P4 – 47 and P4 – 530, aswell as 6-rotor tedder. Owing to high quality and tough design,they are constantly winning farmers' trust in Polandand abroad.Hydraulic lifting of the rotors to transport position by means ofhydraulic cylinders. The machine is automatically stabilizedbehind the tractor for transport position.TypeP 4 - 470P 4 - 530P 6 - 650Working width [m]4,705,306,50Transport width [m]3,003,003,00Transport height [m]2,602,703,60Numbers of rotors [pcs.]446Numbers of arms [pcs.]666RPM540Power demand [HP]304050Tires16 x 6,516 x 6,5016 x 6,50Weight [kg]60061089036

ROTARY TEDDERSAdvantages:- perfect tedding of swaths with different thickness thanksto regulated throwing angle,- even lying out of grass thanks to ideal positioning of rotors,- safety device - star ratchet clutch in PTO shaft in standardequipment,- comfort in operation thanks to hydraulic system of puttingexternal rotors into transport position,- good working capacity and low power demand,- modern design solutions of mounting enabling perfectground following,- when the tedder is lifted for transport position, it isautomatically stabilized behind the tractor,- special protection of tine against losing when it happensto break,- regular angle of tine’s friction,- solid, hermetic design of all intersecting axis gears, whichwork in oil bath,- possibility of quick switching to work near field edges,- possibility of adjusting the wheels to work freely, whichenables operation near narrow turns without the necessityof lifting the machine,- wide triangular frame enabling stability of work,- automatic adjusting to transport position.37

1 - Rotor rotary rakesZ-300Z-350Z-410Rotary rakes Z 300, Z 350and Z 410 are 1 – rotor rakesfor middle and small farms.These machines have workingwidths from 3,00 m to 4,10 m.Advantages:- tandem wheels in Z-410 rotary rakeenable perfect ground following andmaintaining driving direction,- three (Z-300 and Z-350) or four (Z-410) springtines on every rake are a guaranteeof avoiding obstacles i.e. stones,- arms easy to dismount, placed in transportholders and lifted curtains reduce transportand storing width,- regular windrow formed by the rake,without grass twists,enables fast drying of the swath,- PTO shaftin standardequipment,- reliable and indispensablein modern agriculture,- support wheel enablingbetter ground followingin optional equipment.Supportwheelin optionalequipmentTypeZ-300Z-350Z-410Working width [m]3,003,504,10Transport width [m]1,501,501,60Number of rotor’s arms8911Numer of springs334RPM540Power demand [HP]202030Working capacity [ha/h]~ 3,0~ 3,5~ 4,5Tires15 x 6.00 - 615 x 6.00 - 616 x 6.50 - 6Windrow’s width [m]0,80 - 1,500,80 - 1,500,80 - 1,50Weight [kg]31034055038

2- Rotor rotary rakesROTARY RAKESZ 2 -780NEW 2 - rotor rotary rakes are characterized by high quality of rakingthanks to transverse and axial ground following mechanism(6 wheels on each rotor). Z 2-780 can rake cut forage from 7,20 m.Advantages:- working width from 7,2 m up to 7,8 m,- high quality of windrow thanks topatented ground following mechanism,- turned rear wheels enable followingtractor's track,- drive from gearbox to rotors throughPTO shafts with clutch,- hydraulic lifting to transport position enablesdriving on public roads,- 3-tandem chassis on each rotor,- regulated width of the windrow between two rotors,- hydraulic regulation of working width in optional equipment,- only 1 hydraulic input needed.TypeWorking width [m]Transport width/length [m]Transport height :- with / without arms [m]Number of rotorsRPMPower demand [HP]Working capacity [ha/h]Wheels under rotorsWindrow’s width [m]Weight [kg]Z 2 -7807,20 - 7,802,90 /5,504,10 / 3,402 x 1154080~ 816 x 6,501,50 - 2,00204039

Flail mowers front-rearmiddle classKB 110KB 140KB 160~1,0 kgFlail knive14 cmKB middle class mowers are ideal for mulching barrens, drives inorchards, thicket and grass on undeveloped areas. Tough housingand inclined rubber safety guard enable safe mowing near roads,parks and other busy and populated places.Proper use and advantages:- mulching thicket and bushes (up to 8 cm),- mounted on 3-point linkage frame at the back or front of the tractor,- simple flail replacement,- ideal adjustment to the ground and even working height,- silent work of working shaft,- high quality chains on the front and rubber safety guard at the backenable efficient protection against throwing of stones,- PTO shaft with overrunningclutch in standard equipment,Hydraulic side- working height,adjustment up to40 cm – in optional- reinforced housing and bearingsequipment.of the ground following shaft,- easily replaceable skids madeof wear resistant Hardox steel,- inside and on the side using the hard and wear-resistant Hardox steel.TypeKB 110KB 140KB 160Working width [m]1,101,401,60Working capacity [ha/h]~ 0,50~ 0,60~ 1,00Number of knives101214Shaft’s diameter O [mm]133Power demand [HP]204060RPM540PTO shaft [Nm]540TPH mount categoryI - III - III - IILength [cm]109104104Width [cm]141171191Height [cm]707070Weight [kg]33047050040

Flail mower rear - frontHEAVY DUTY classFLAIL MOWERSKB 182KB 202KB 252In the KB heavy duty class mowers largerdiameter drive shafts were introduced- 168 mm - which improved the durability ofthis assembly. This change additionally made possiblemulching of bushes and branches with a larger diameter, up to 10 cm.The design of front-rear flail mowers enables operationon the front or at the back of the tractor.Proper use and advantages:- mulching thicket and bushes (up to 10 cm),- mowing weed and grass on undeveloped areas.Ideal for toughconditions,- tough, thick-walled shaft with cutting knives (flails) for workingin tough conditions,- mounted on 3-point linkage frame at the back or on the frontof the tractor,- hydraulic adjustment of the working unit in relation to the tractor’saxis,- internal guard of the cutting unit is made of wear resistant HARDOXsteel,- tough and durable construction.TypeKB 182KB 202KB 252Working width [m]1,802,002,50Working capacity [ha/h]~ 1,30~ 1,60~ 2,20Number of knives161620Shaft’s diameter O [mm]168Power demand [HP]708090RPM1000PTO shaft [Nm]540TPH mount categoryIIIIIILength [cm]104104104Width [cm]215242290Height [cm]707070Weight [kg]70072084041

Flail mowersrear (with cover)Heavy duty classKBK 181KBK 201KBK 251~1,0 kgFlail knive14 cmThe KBK series mowers with working widths of 1.8 m, 2.0 m and2.5 m have been designed especially in mind with agriculture. TheKBK mowers have undergone a number of modifications, whichresulted in an extended life of these machines.Proper use:1. The KBK mowers are ideal for working on corn, grain, tobaccostubble, etc.2. Mulching of corn stubble is an effective way of preventing of theeuropean corn borer, which more and more often threatens cornplantations.Advantages:- opening ejection cover,- reinforced suspension system intended for work with larg loads,- the mulcher housing is made of two layers - the internal oneis made of wear-resistant HARDOX steel,- tough bearings were used for the flail shaft,- high quality flail knives,- highest quality protective chainsTypeKBK 181KBK 201KBK 251Working width [m]1,802,002,50Working capacity [ha/h]~ 1,30~ 1,60~ 2,20Number of knives161620Power demand [HP]708090RPM1000PTO shaft [Nm]540750750TPH mount categoryIIIIIIShaft’s diameter O [mm]168Weight [kg]63065077042

Flail mowers rear sidemedium classFLAIL MOWERSKBR 140KBR 160~1,0 kgFlail knive14 cmThe KBR type mowers are mounted on the back TPH of the tractor.They are ideal for mowing road shoulders, ditches, escarpments,green spaces (inclines up to -65°, +90°). Thetough thick-walled shaft with cutting knives (flails)used in them enables the machine to work intough conditions (mowing thickets and bushes upto 8 cm in diameter).Proper use and advantages:1. Mowing of weeds, thickets, bushes and grasson undeveloped areas,2. Hydraulic safety as part of standard equipment,3. Adjustable mowing height from 3 to 8 cm usingthe ground following shaft,4. Hydraulic hoist as part of standard equipment,5. A two layer cutting unithousing with the innerlayer is made of HARDOXsteel,6. Power transfer using a belttransmission which acts as anoverload clutch,7. Adjustable pins allowmoving the machine rightor left in relation to the tractor.TypeWorking width [m]Working capacity [ha/h]Number of knivesShaft’s diameter O [mm]Power demand [HP]RPMPTO shaft [Nm]TPH mount categoryLength L [cm]Weight [kg]KBR 1401,40~ 0,601213350540540II150670KBR 1601,60~ 1,001413370540540II15071043

Flail mowersrear side - on a pantographheavy dutyKBRP 160KBRP 200The KBRP rear-sidemowers on a pantographcomplete our offer of heavyduty machinery for maintaininggreen areas and roads.Proper use:1. Mowing of thickets and bushes(up to 10 cm in diameter),2. Mowing of escarpments, embankments, meliorativeditches and water channelsAdvantages:1. The mowers are characterized by a high scope of operation vertically(up to 70 cm) which allows avoiding obstacles (such as road signs)without changing the course of the tractor,2. Allows working on the side as well as behind the tractor,3. New working shaft made of thick-walled 168 mm diameter pipe,4. Mechanical safety as part of standard equipment,5. High quality fl ail knives,6. New shaft bearings - larger bearings are located inside the suspensionframe, which protects them from mechanical damage,7. Hydraulic control as part of standard equipment,TypeWorking width [m]Working capacity [ha/h]Mowing hedgesMulching shouldersNumber of knivesShaft’s diameter O [mm]Power demand [HP]RPMPTO shaft [Nm]TPH mount categoryWeight [kg]KBRP 1601,601,000÷96°0÷60°14from 70540840II760168KBRP 2002,001,600÷96°0÷60°16from 80540840II82044

Harvesting flail mowerwith containerFLAIL MOWERSKBZ 160Tough and durableconstruction of the KBZ160 mower guaranteeslong and reliableoperation connectedwith municipalmaintenance. It isequipped with a 1.5 m3bin which is emptiedusing two actuators- the hydraulics of the tractor (without leaving the tractor cab).Proper use and advantages:- Mulching thicket and bushes,- Mowing weed and grass on undeveloped areas. Ideal for toughconditions,- Crumbling cut branches and trees in orchards (up to 10 cmdiameter),- Tough and durable design,- Hydraulic unit enables unloading of collected material,- Internal housing of the cutting unit is made wear resistant HARDOXsteel,- Ideally adjusted to the ground and non-angle regulation of cuttingheight,- Hardened housing and flail shaft’s bearings placed inside, whichmakes it difficult to damage them.TypeWorking width [m]Working capacity [ha/h]Number of knivesShaft’s diameter O [cm]Power demand [HP]RPMPTO shaft [Nm]TPH mount categoryLength [cm]Width [cm]Height [cm]Weight [kg]3Container’s capacity [m ]KBZ 1601,60~ 1,001416860540540II1901961507001,5045

Extension armrearKWT 550 KWT 650The KWT extension arm is available in two versions -with reach of5.5 m and 6.5 m and is mounted on the rear TPH of a category IItractor. The KTW 650 differs from the 550 with the hydraulicallyextended lower part of the telescoping arm.The extension arm isequipped with an independent hydraulic system with a radiatorwith a 150 oil tank made by a reputable manufacturer.Advantages:1. Quick change of working tools,2. Independent reliable hydraulic system,3. Mounting on a standard 3-point suspension systemof a category II tractor,4. Hydraulic safety as part of standard equipment,5. The use of expansion valves enables smooth and exactadjustment of arm movements,6. Possible to modify to work with a tractorhaving PTO speed of 540 rpm,7. Temperature and oil gauges installed.Standard control of the arm is done usingthe linking control panel equipped witha lever and a joystick from the tractor’scabin.Arms are designed to oparate with different working units (look site 47).TypeRange of work [m]Power demand [HP]RPM **Drive tractor’sMinimum weight [kg]Transport width [cm]Transport height [cm]Weight [kg]KWT 5505,50-5,80from 801000hydraulicfrom 3500230350950KWT 6506,50-6,80from 901000hydraulicfrom 4000230350980** 540 RPM on demand46

Additional equipmentof arm-type mowersEXTENSION ARMMOWING HEAD - KWIs used for cutting thickets, bushes,weeds and grass.KW 110 - 1,10 mKW 125 - 1,25 mKW 140 - 1,40 mDITCH CLEANER - ORIs used to clear sediment, plantsand sand out of meliorative ditches.OR 080 - 80 cmSCISSOR TRIMMER- PGIdeal for trimming branches, bushesand hedges both vertically andhorizontally.PG 150 - 1,50 mPG 200 - 2,00 mSHOULDER MILLER - RPAre used to grind and shape the roadshoulder in order to ensure properdrainage of water from the street tothe ditch.RP 110 - 1,10 mTREE STUMP GRINDER - FPUsed to remove stumps of cut-downtrees.FP 2047

Snow plowsSmart 120Smart 150Smart 180With great pleasure we would liketo offer new technology ofsnow clearing very popularin Western Europe.Snow plows with rubber bars arehelpless in such conditions:1) Firmed snow by the passers-by on sidewalks,2) Firmed snow by cars on block roads, roads whichwere cleared many times and the ones on which the ownerdoes not want salt to be used,3) Temperature lower than -10°, where salt does not work,4) Frozen snow after thaw.That is why we would liketo introduce to the market1-shield snow plow SMARTwith HARDOX bar blade.Standard equipment fo Smart snow plows:- mounting on front 3-point linkage- steel bar HARDOX- protection – inclined shield- hydraulically steered shields(1 pair of hydraulic connectors)- clearance lights LED 12 V- support legOptional equipment of Smartsnow plows:- rubber or poliurethan bar- adapter for cat. “Komunal”triangle KOMUNAL / 0 / ITypeSmart 120Smart 150Smart 180Working width: [cm]Max120150180Min102127152Blade’s height [cm]737373Hydraulic turn angle:left and rightOup to 35Oup to 35Oup to 35TPH mount categoryIIIDimensions: [cm]Length888888Width122152182Height737373Weight [kg]13014015048

Snow plowsCity 150City 180City 150 KCity 180 KSNOW PLOWSStandard equipment of City150 and 180 plows:- 3-point linkage frame hitch cat. I- rubber or steel bar HARDOX- mechanically steered shields- spring safety device of the bar(turnable springs)- turnable hitch- electric connector with control paneland lighter connector 12 V- clearance lights LED 12 V- support legStandard equipment of City150K, 180K plows:- hitch on 3-point linkage frame cat.“Komunal”- rubber or steel bar HARDOX- hydraulically steered shields- spring safety device of shield- electric connector with control paneland lighter connector 12 V- clearance lights LED 12 V- support legTypeCity 150City 180City 150 KCity 180 KWorking width: [cm]Max150180150180Min132158132158Blade’s height [cm]57 / 6656 / 6857 / 6657 / 68Hydraulic turn angle:left and rightOup to 30Oup to 30Oup to 30Oup to 30TPH mount categoryIIIIDimensions: [cm]Length72725454Width151181151181Height77797777Weight [kg]15017013014549

Snow plowsPSV 161PSV 181PSV 231PSV 271PSV 301Middle class snow plows PSV are designedto operate with agricultural tractors and afteradding different hitch also to self – propellermachines such as telescopic loaders,excavators etc.They are mainly used to clear snow from parking lots, roads,squares and any other hardened or not hardened surface.They are often exposed to contact with different hard obstacleshidden underneath the snow.That is why they are equipped with many safety devices.Characteristics:- permitted front load up to 6 tons,- many working positions in range ± 30 ° , individual for each shield,- turnable hitch ± 5 ° , innovative hitch, so called frames (submitted to patent),- rubber between the shields replaced with steel insert,- durable clearance lights LED,- hermetic control panel with connector to lighter’s plug,- Type III support wheels and sliding skids HARDOXType II used only in PSV 161 and PSV 181.TypeWorking width: [cm]MaxMinBlade’s height [cm]Hydraulic turn angle:left and rightTPH mount categoryDimensions: [cm]Length / WidthWeight [kg]PSV 16116315380 / 90Oup to 30I and II97 / 163280PSV 18118317080 / 91Oup to 30I and II99 / 18330050

Snow plowsSNOW PLOWSAll PSV models are equipped eith inclined blades and rubber bar(HARDOX steel bar in optional equipment).Owing to this solution, the bars may be inclined up to 43 ° angle.In the first stage, it cushions hitting into an obstacle hidden underneaththe snow layer up to 12 cm height, then changes an angle of approachto minus value and plow can slide over an obstacle.PSV 161 - 271 plows blade is divided into two module.The biggest model PSV 301 is divided into 4 inclined II. cat I/II.with looseholdersSMSOptional hitches of PSV plows.EuroPlate forindividualmountingStandard equipment of PSV snow plows:- mounted on 3-point linkage cat. II,- 4-part blade in PSV 301,in other models of PSV 2-part,- rubber bar,- overload safety device of the hitch,- support leg,- hydraulically steered shields(1 pair of hydraulic connectors),- clearance lights,- electric connector 12 V with control panel,- safety bumpers,Frames for telescopicloaders:- Avant- Manitou- JCB- Weidemann- SchäfferOptional equipment of PSVsnow plows:- 6 types of hitches- steel bar – HARDOX- poliurethan bar- support wheels with stepor smooth height regulation- sliding skidsPSV 231PSV 271PSV 30123320280 / 9427324380 / 9630326980 / 98Oup to 30TUZ IIOup to 30TUZ IIOup to 30TUZ II100 / 233360103 / 273430103 / 30348051

Snow plowsAlpS 300 AlpS 360AlpS 330 AlpS 400HEAVY DUTYAlpS snow plows are heavy dutymachines with permitted front loadup to 12 tons. They are twice asdurable as middle class PSV snowplows.Advantages:- divided blade,- turnable hitch ±6°,- different working positions up to ±30°,- innovative hitches, so called frames,- clearance lights LED,- electric connector 12 V with control panel,- innovative blade’s inclination mechanism(crane-spring). The force of blade’s inclination– regulated lever:- 0 mm – no inclination- 5 mm – 1000 kg- safety bumpersOptional equipment of AlpS snow plows:- additional rubber or steel bar – HARDOXor poliurethan,- hydraulic overload safety device – AlpS 300and AlpS 330 (AlpS 360 and AlpS 400 –in standard equipment),- support wheels Type I or II – cpl.- sliding skids – cpl.TypeWorking width: [cm]MaxMinBlade’s height [cm]Hydraulic turn angle:left and rightTPH mount categoryDimensions: [cm]LengthWidthHeight without lightsWeight [kg]AlpS 30030026383 / 107Oup to 30II135300113730AlpS 33033029083 / 109Oup to 30II13533011380052

Snow plowsSNOW PLOWSAlpS is used for clearing:- industrial areas,- driveways,- squares,- parking lots,- access roads,- sidewalksAfter being equipped with metalbar it can also be used for:- light ground work,- levelling dirt roadsTransverse ground following is realized byswinging lower bar with rubber bumpers.Optional frames for:1.Excavator-loaders- JCB- Caterpillar- Liebherr- Komatsu- Volvo- HSV2. Telescopic loaders- Avant- Manitou- JCB- Weidemann- Schäffercat. IIcat. II / IIIFrames’ offer current forthe date of publishing.Up to date offer alwayson www.samasz.comcat I/II withlooseholdersSMSOptional hitches of AlpS plowsEUROPlate forindividualmountingTypeWorking width: [cm]MaxMinBlade’s height [cm]Hydraulic turn angle:left and rightTPH mount categoryDimensions: [cm]LengthWidthHeight without lightsWeight [kg]AlpS 36036031898 / 113Oup to 30II135360113860AlpS 40040034798 / 114Oup to 30II13540011490053

PSS 270PSS 300PSS 330PSS 270 HPSS 300 HPSS 330 HPSS snow plows are mountedto different models of truckson special front linkageDIN plate 76060 Type A.SaMASZ can also manufacture otherlinkages for individual mounting.Snow plowsfor trucksPSS plows (without H) are mounted on municipal trucks with ownhydraulic pump.Standard equipment:- mounting on front plate DIN 76060,- rubber or metal bar (HARDOX only with support wheels),- steel shield,- hydraulically steered shields (1 pair of hydraulic connectors),- turnable hitch,- hydraulic safety device – cross-over relief,- road lights,- clearance lights,- support leg,- rubber curtain protecting vehicle's glassfrom dirt,- hydraulic steering driven from vehicle'shydraulics,- safety bumpersOptional equipment:- additional rubber or metal bar,- HARDOX ( only with support wheels),- support wheels,- sliding skids,- plate DIN 76060.TypePSS 270PSS 300PSS 330PSS 270 HPSS 300 HPSS 330 HWorking width: [cm]Max270300330MinBlade’s height [cm]Hydraulic turn angle:245104275104305104left and rightDimensions: [cm]Oup to 30Oup to 30Oup to 30Length / WidthWeight [kg]180 / 310640 / 650180 / 340710 / 720180 / 370780 / 790PSS H - the plow equipped with independent hydraulic steering unit with oil pump drivenfrom electric instalation of the truck (24V)54

Snow plowsfor tractorsSNOW PLOWSPSC 270PSC 300PSC 330PSC plows are the devices with the newest parameters, designed towork on every terrain. Plows may be adjusted to all types of tractors(min 60 HP) available on european market.Standard equipment:- mounting on front 3-pointlinkage cat. II,- rubber or metal bar (HARDOXonly with support wheels),- support leg,- hydraulically steered shields(1 pair of hydraulic connectors),- hydraulic safety device -cross-over relief,- clearance lights,- rubber curtain protectingvehicle's glass from dirt,- safety bumpers.Optional equipment:- additional rubber or metal bar -HARDOX (only with supportwheels),- support wheels - cpl.- sliding skids - cpl.- road lights.TypePSC 270PSC 300PSC 330Working width: [cm]Max270300330Min245275305Blade’s height [cm]104104104Hydraulic turn angle:left and rightOup to 30Oup to 30Oup to 30Dimensions: [cm]Length / Width147 / 270147 / 300147 / 390Weight [kg]55056064055

Snow plowsfor tractorsSC 270 - 2,7 mSC 300 - 3,0 mSC 330 - 3,3 mAdvantages:- easy and quick mountingto front 3-point linkage,- hydraulic adjustment tothe left or right up to ± 30 ° ,- hydraulic and non-angle adjusted shield,- powder painted.Standard equipment:- mounting on front tractor's3-point linkage : SC 270 -cat. II, SC 300 and 330 -cat. II and III,- rubber or metal bar (HARDOX)- hydraulically steered shieldsup to 30o (1 pair of hydraulicconnectors),- support leg,- working positions up to ± 30°,Optional equipment:- additional rubber or metalbar - HARDOX,- support wheels - cpl.,- sliding skids,- clearance lights,- adapter for front loader(CAT, JCB and others).Used for clearing:- industrial areas,- driveways,- squares,- parkings,- sidewalks.TypeWorking width: [cm]MaxMinBlade’s height [cm]Turn angleTPH mount categoryDimensions: [cm]Length / WidthWeight [kg]SC 27027025090Oup to 30II98 / 270550SC 30030028590Oup to 30110 / 300610II and IIISC 33033031290Oup to 30110 / 33065056

Plows for forkliftsSNOW PLOWSPlow SW 150Shovel LW 150The loading shovel has been developedespecially for forklifts and can be usedfor loading and transport of agriculturaland industrial products as gravel, sand,grains, rubbish and snow.Front loading shovel is emptiedmechanically by disengaging a lock.By lowering shovel will automaticallyreturn into its working position.Shovel has a mechanical lock for quickrelease.Snow plow comes with a sandcontainer which is used as ballast onforklift front wheels.Snow plow has slidingsupport legs used for parking.57

Tractor sweepersMOP 140MOP 160MOP 200The sweeper is designed for sweeping with simultaneouslitter collecting from such surface as: roads, squares,asphalt, concrete or pitcher pavements. The litter may beswept to one side after removing the container e.g. wintermaintenance of road, squares, pavements.Standard equipment:- hydraulic drive – 1 pair ofhydraulic connectors- litter container- support wheels- set of brushes (plastic – wire)- operation at an angle up to ± 30°TypeMOP 140MOP 160MOP 200Working width [cm]140160200RPM140-160Brush diameter [cm]60Speed [km/h]up to 10Container’s capacity [ dm3]90130170Dimensions: [cm]- Length140140140- Width160180200- Height114114124Weight [kg]27529032058

Tractor grittersGRITTERSSAND 400SAND 600SAND 400 HSAND 600 HDesign and workingprinciple:The sweeper is designedto spread sand or mixtureof sand with salt on streets,avenues, sidewalks etc.The machine is mountedon tractor’s 3-point linkage.Main advantages:- simple operation- regulation of sand amount and working width- SAND 400H/600H equipped with hydraulically steered bar.TypeSAND 400/400HSAND 600/600H3Container’s capacity [ m ]Permitted load [kg]0,9Speed:- Transport [ km/h]- Working [ km/h]Dimensions: [cm]:length / width / height0,32400146 / 91 / 1280,40600up to 25up to 9146 / 124 / 13059

Packing and loadingSome types of SaMASZ mowers can be packed onrequest into wooden crates and wrapped with plastic foil.Crate boards are screwed together and reinforced withmetal tape.They can be stacked up to three layers, providing betteruse of loading space for trailer or container and loweringcost of transport on longer distances.Use of crates provides advantages for storage suchas:- Less space needed.- Easier loading and unloading.Crates dimensions and prices are given in the enclosedtables - see pages 51-52.Our packing crew has many years packing and loadingexperience. You can always count on them.Dimensions:Trailer TIR: 13,60 x 2,40 x 2,50 m.Container 40 Ft: 12,00 x 2,30 x 2,40 m.Container 20 Ft: 5,80 x 2,30 x 2,40 m.PACKING AND LOADINGDifferent combinations of two or more mower types in thewooden crates can be loaded on one truck or in onecontainer. Confirming each order we propose the mowersquantities for optimal use of available loading space.60



GalleryGALLERYK4BTC 265 - 2,60 m + Z010/7KT 260 H - 2,60 mKT 300 H - 3,00 mKDT 340 - 3,40 mMegaCUT 940 - 9,40 mGigaCUT 860 S - 8,60 mMegaCUT 940 - 9,40 mGigaCUT 940 ST - 9,40 mKBRP 200 - 2,00 mKB 252 - 2,50 mKWT 650/140 - 1,40 m.KBZ 160 - 1,60 mPSS 300 - 3,00 mAlpS 300 - 3,00 m

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