Beyond Badges: Gamification in the Kukui Cup - Stanford University

Beyond Badges: Gamification in the Kukui Cup - Stanford University

gamification:The use of game designtechniques and mechanics tosolve problems and engageaudiences.(wikipedia)(2)

(3)"The last decade was social.The next decade is games."

(4)"To solve the world's problems,we need to play games online forat least 21 billion hours a week."

gamification: now scaling the"Peak of Inflated Expectations"Gartner Hype Cycle (2011)(5)

"I've suggested the termexploitationware as a more accurate(6)name for gamification"

ResearchQuestions:1. Can game mechanics supportthe goals of the Kukui Cup?2. What are the unintendedconsequences?(7)

Kukui Cup in a Nutshell1,035 first year students(8)

Kukui Cup in a Nutshell3 weeks, 3 rounds, 24 events418 players, 850 hours(4,094 unique visitors, 170,000 hits)(9)

Kukui Cup in a nutshellCompetition 1:Use the leastenergy(10)

Kukui Cup in a nutshellCompetition 2:Learn the mostabout energy(11)

Using gamification tosupport the Kukui Cup(besides the obvious: points, scoreboards, badges)(12)

(13)#1: Use game mechanics to connect"real world" to "virtual world"

#1: preliminary results: More educationcorrelates with more conservation(14)

CanopyForest(15)#2: Use "leveling up" to transitionlocal to global, simple to complex

(16)#2 preliminary results: Canopy did notprovide a compelling experience

#3: RaffleGame*incentivizes allplayers, notjust elite.(17)*Thanks to Balaji Prabhakar, BECC

(18)#3 preliminary results: Raffle Gameeffective after 100 points earned.

#4: Social bonus incentivizes group play(19)

#4 preliminary results: social bonusused by 20% of players(20)

What's nextSurveys and focus groups to improve insightinto gamification techniques.•Are conservation behaviors sustained?•Is energy literacy improved?Improved design for Kukui Cup 2012.•Many ideas for how to improve gamemechanics based on Kukui Cup 2011.(21)

Mahalo nui loa!See our poster tomorrow at noon!And our video at the BECC Film Fest!(22)

Intrinsic motivationDesignGoal:Extrinsic motivationUnmotivatedw.r.t. energy(23)

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