Winter 2009 Issue - Atlanta Habitat for Humanity

Winter 2009 Issue - Atlanta Habitat for Humanity

HOMEFRONT is an informational newsletterproduced three times per year for donors,sponsors, volunteers and friends of AtlantaHabitat for Humanity, one of the largest buildersof affordable single-family homes in Atlanta.MANAGING EDITORSyd JanneyCONTRIBUTORSMarci Bozeman, Dan Garreau, GenevaHall-Shelton, Cappy Harmon, Syd Janney,Kyle Kenyon, Melissa Klein, Larrie DelMartin, Rebecca Murphy, ShannonSanders, Jim Sibley, Valerie Winship2009-2010 BOARD OF DIRECTORSMelanie Platt, ChairDanny Branch, Chair-ElectThomas J. McMahon, TreasurerMary T. Benton, SecretaryPhillip A. Bradley, General CounselRich Arroll, M. Brantley Barrow, SusanBixler, Mike C. Castellon, Wicke Chambers,John N. Goff, Maria Guerra-Stoll,J. Allen Mast, Jr., Jerrold L. Miller, LindaParrish, Brent Paugh, Mark Pighini,Jeremy Silverman, Gregory H. Worthy2009-2010 ADVISORY COUNCILLynn W. Merrill, ChairSaleemah Abdul-Ghafur, Frank Alexander,Alan Arnold, Dan Boone, III, Tom Chapel,William M. Earnest, Adrienne Findley, KathyHarber, Darryl Hicks, Katharine Kelley,Dan Maddox, Jr., Art McClung, CharlieMcDonald, Dan Pattillo, Jr., Bill Pendleton,Barbara Reid, James O. Rodgers, AlexisScott, Polly Simpson, Karen Stickney,J. Ron Terwilliger, Sue WielandAtlanta Habitat for HumanityMission StatementAtlanta Habitat for Humanity partnerswith working families, sponsors andcommunities to build affordable, green,quality homes and to provide supportservices that promote successful homepurchase and ownership.Executive Director’s ReportAnother great year is quickly coming to its conclusion, and we once again havemuch to share and much to be thankful for. So sit back and enjoy many interestingarticles in this edition of Homefront that will help you picture our activities this fall.The Whirlpool Building Blocks blitz was one of our largest undertakings ever. In lessthan a week (really four days plus a morning on Friday), more than 250 volunteersfrom far and wide came together to build eight beautiful EarthCraft certified housesfor and with eight wonderful families. This was a splendid example of collaborationwith the Southern Crescent affiliate, Whirlpool, and Habitat International! Fantasticweek, unbelievable outcome! Our thanks to all who volunteered, cheered everyoneon, and supported this effort in so many ways.Yet, our team still found time to start a new Homeowner Education Project – HOMERoom III. This program is targeted to our families who have owned their homes formore than five years. It is a time to inspect homes for possible improvements suchas power washing the exterior, caulking where needed, and learning a variety ofimportant tips over a two-day series of onsite work! Our families are thrilled to bearmed with these ideas and knowledge.You will read about a variety of ways in which donors are contributing to our missionfrom funding land purchases to being ambassadors to finding potential homeownersto making possible special shopping at the ReStore.Working together, partnering, collaborating…we do all of that and more. In fact, onOctober 8 Atlanta Habitat joined forces with the City of Atlanta and the Departmentof Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to frame walls in recognition of WorldHabitat Day!I would be remiss if I didn’t thank a super group of people who carry the banner ofAtlanta Habitat for all of us to follow - those dedicated volunteers who serve on ourBoard of Directors. Ably led by Chair Melanie Platt, they advance this mission inmany critical ways. We want to spotlight those members have just rotated off of theboard: Dan Boone, Mary Long, Dan Maddox, and Kevin Salwen. They have beensuch incredible leaders, and we are grateful for all their work.At the same time, we welcome Linda Parrish, Brent Paugh, and Jeremy Silverman,who will be important additions to our corps of dedicated volunteers!Together, we look ahead to a bright 2010 with new opportunities, including Clarkand Lane Howard’s celebration of 15 years of partnership with AtlantaHabitat. Look for your opportunity to join in - whether it’s building,sponsoring, donating…and so much more.These have not been easy times; yet the need for what AtlantaHabitat can do has never been greater. All of us who work togetherin this mission are blessed by the opportunity to do somethingfor others in a way that really counts.Thank you for your amazing efforts and support. Pleasecontinue to do whatever you can to assist hard-workingfamilies with building a brighter future for their childrenand their children’s children.Page

Homeowner ProfileWilliam TandongforAmbassador toFuture HomeownersThrough the collaborative efforts of fellowAtlanta Habitat homeowners, dozens ofGeorgia Tech employees came out and heardWilliam Tandongfor talk about his journey tohomeownership through Atlanta Habitat forHumanity’s homeownership program. “AtlantaHabitat is changing lives out there,” Williamannounced to the crowd of future homebuyers,and he speaks from experience.Photo: Shannon SandersMr. Tandongfor, his wife, Scholastica, and theirfive children emigrated from Cameroon to theU.S. Since he became a homeowner in 2006,William has encouraged numerous familiesto apply with Atlanta Habitat. “I have beenmotivated and encouraged by the wholeprogram,” he explains, “and thought it wise toshare with those who don’t know about theblessing.”A Georgia Tech employee, WilliamTandongfor is motivated to share theAtlanta Habitat experience with others.Donor HighlightDavid Gambrell Endowment Fund and Trinity Presbyterian ChurchSpecial Gifts GivenIn 2009, land acquisition and site development costs represented approximately 30% of the construction of each home. Atlanta Habitatwas fortunate to receive two special gifts this year supporting these important needs for faith-based partnerships.The David Gambrell Endowment Fund made an extraordinary three-year commitment supporting land acquisition and home-buildingefforts within the faith community. Mr. Gambrell was touched by Atlanta Habitat’s model of service and with how well the homeownereducation program prepares families for successful homeownership. Recognizing the important role faith-based organizations play inAtlanta Habitat’s construction, this special gift will help supplement sponsorship funds faith-based partners are able to provide.An equally special gift designated for land acquisition was made by Trinity Presbyterian Church. Trinity Presbyterian has supportedAtlanta Habitat’s home building for more than 15 years. Having recently adopted a strategic plan focusing outreach on the BoltonRoad-Bankhead area, the church’s gift for land acquisition was an ideal fit. Trinity’s commitment has helped Atlanta Habitat purchasefour parcels of land in the area’s Carver Hills neighborhood. These will be available for future home building by the congregation andtheir longtime northwest Atlanta interfaith partners.In a time of tightening resources, these gifts will provide a sustainable source of funding for Atlanta Habitat’s home building.www.atlantahabitat.orgPage 3

Framing the FutureGolden Hammer AwardThe prestigious Golden Hammer Award, Atlanta Habitat’shighest honor, was proudly presented to Dan Boone at theFraming the Future reception. Dan began his volunteer servicewith Atlanta Habitat in 1994 as a volunteer with St. Anne’sEpiscopal Church. Dan has served two terms on the Board ofDirectors and currently serves on the Advisory Council. In hisearly years of service, he helped establish a church coalitionbringing diverse communities of faith together for homebuilding.Dan frequently says that he gets more out of his involvementwith Atlanta Habitat than he gives, but there is no questionhe has given a tremendous amount of time and energy toAtlanta Habitat over the last 15 years. Dan has been a part ofthe organization’s two largest capital campaigns and helpedsecure one of the largest gifts in the organization’s history. Danhas introduced countless friends and colleagues to AtlantaHabitat, helping ensure the organization’s financial future forgenerations to come.Atlanta Capital Management, the firm Dan joined in 1976 andhas served as a Managing Partner since 1996, supported theFraming the Future event in Dan’s honor.Recognition Event at GardenA crisp fall night welcomed Atlanta Habitat donors for aspecial October 15 Framing the Future reception at the AtlantaBotanical Garden. The night crackled with energy as 1,000thhomeowner, Linette Perkins, shared how much she and herfour sons appreciate their home.“Atlanta Habitat made it possible for me to create a positive,safe and stable environment for my sons to thrive. They gaveme knowledge on how to maintain my home, manage myfinances and make my neighborhood safer.”The Garden provided a perfect setting for keynote speakerKelly Caffarelli, president of The Home Depot Foundation,to spotlight The Home Depot’s commitment to affordable,energy-efficient home building and Atlanta Habitat’s greenbuildingpractices.This annual event, formerly known as Foundation 1000,recognizes donors and sponsors contributing $1,000 ormore. Atlanta Habitat is particularly grateful to the followingevent sponsors: Roofing Level: The Home Depot Foundation;Framing Level: Atlanta Gas Light; Foundation Level: AtlantaCapital Management and BestBank.Golden Hammer Award winner Dan Boone with his wife,Merrie Boone, (R) and Executive Director Larrie Del Martin (L).Executive Director Larrie Del Martin thanks 1,000th homeowner Linette Perkinsand sons Wilson and Alexander Perkins, along with keynote speaker Kelly Caffarelli.Atlanta Capital Management representatives (L-R) Billand Gayle Hackney and Kelly and KristenWilliams help honor Dan Boone.Board Chair Melanie Platt, Advisory Council membersPolly Simpson and Barbara Reid, and TechnologyHouse partner and Techbridge CEO Kathleen Kurre.Supporters Georgia and Wyatt Engwall with Director ofFamily Services Economy Jackson.Page

Clark Howard SocietyThe Clark Howard Society recognizes Atlanta Habitat donors who make annualunrestricted gifts of $10,000 or more. Atlanta Habitat is grateful to the followingClark Howard Society members for their generosity in 2008-2009:AnonymousAnonymousMr. and Mrs. Alan ArnoldMr. and Mrs. Richard ArrollJohn and Alexandra BalzerMr. and Mrs. Frank BelattiSusan E. BixlerDan and Merrie Boone IIIMr. and Mrs. Danny BranchPhillip Bradley and Cathy HarperMrs. Martha CaldwellMike and Dena Castellon*The Edward Colston Foundation, Inc.Ms. Catherine Faulk DornNorm and Adrienne FindleyDavid Gambrell Endowment Fund -Luck and David Gambrell*Nancy and Mike HensonA.J. and Lynne LandLewis and Faye MandersonJeff Pennell and Michelle HenkelKevin and Joan SalwenMrs. Frances H. ShropshireJudy and Bill VogelDavid Wilson and Melody WilderMr. and Mrs. James Wylie** New member in 2009Lane and Clark HowardNew Giving Societies LaunchedAs Atlanta Habitat has grown, so has thegenerosity of its supporters. Former boardmember and Foundation 1000 campaignchair Bill Pendleton notes, “We created theFoundation 1000 giving society in 1993 ata time when we were poised for a majorbuilding effort in advance of the 1996Olympic Games. We really took a leap of faiththat individuals would give $1,000.” Havinggrown to 162 members last year, AtlantaHabitat has been blessed with a growingpopulation of supporters who generouslygive their resources for home building.Building on the success of Foundation 1000,Atlanta Habitat created the Clark HowardSociety in 2008 to recognize donors of$10,000 or more. We are proud to nowlaunch a full complement of giving clubsand societies to round out our givingopportunities.Legacy SocietyVisionary SocietyPillar SocietyClark Howard SocietyCornerstone ClubThreshold ClubFoundation 1000 Club$100,000 +$50,000 - $99,999$25,000 - $49,999$10,000 - $24,999$5,000 - $9,999$2,500 - $4,999$1,000 - $2,499www.atlantahabitat.orgPage 5

VolunteerBob StowellSpotlightAfter more than 20 years of service, Bob Stowell is hanging up his tool belt and retiring as anAtlanta Habitat volunteer at the age of 92. Bob began volunteering in the Atlanta Habitatwarehouse on a weekly basis in 1989 and has specialized in building porch columns. Heestimates that he has built columns for approximately 750 of Atlanta Habitat’s houses.Twelve years ago, Bob began volunteering on build sites as well as in the warehouse andhas helped do everything except raise the roof trusses. His most recent specialty has beensupervising the installation of the kitchen cabinets. Bob has helped hundreds of AtlantaHabitat families own their own home. His dedication has been an inspiration to all thefamilies, volunteers and staff who have worked with him. Our hardhat’s off to Bob!Volunteering since 1989, Bob Stowell isrecognized as an Outstanding Volunteer.Holiday Card SeriesHomes for the HolidaysOnce again Atlanta Habitat is excited to share with youthe newest designs in our Homes for the Holidays cardseries. This year’s artists are Alex and Nicholas Pittman,grandsons of Willie and Doris Pittman, Atlanta Habitathomeowners since 1991.Shown are samples of the 2009 designs. Cards areavailable in packs of 10 for $12 and can be purchasedby mail or at the Atlanta Habitat ReStore. For moreinformation, contact cappy.harmon@atlantahabitat.orgor 404-223-5180 ext 153.Make a DifferenceShop Atlanta Habitat ReStore“Home remodels, condo conversions and retail surplus ordiscontinued items offer an abundant supply of inventory that,before the existence of the ReStore, all too often ended up in thelandfill. We now provide a fantastic second life for these products,”explains Lisa Schwinghammer, director of retail sales at the AtlantaHabitat ReStore. She adds, “Since 2001, the ReStore has divertedover 1,300 tons of materials from the landfill, just by recyclingitems to a new owner.”Visit for directions, store hours, weeklyspecials and to sign up to receive This Week in the ReStore e-mails.The ReStore is located at 519 Memorial Drive, Atlanta, GA 30312and is open Tuesday – Saturday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.Since 2001, the ReStore has diverted over 1,300 tons of materialsfrom the landfill, just by recycling items to a new owner.Page

Atlanta Habitat Celebrated World Habitat Day 2009In a local celebration of World Habitat Day,Atlanta Habitat for Humanity joined forceson October 8 with volunteers from theU.S. Department of Housing and UrbanDevelopment (HUD) and the City of Atlanta’sBureau of Housing. The enthusiastic group ofconstruction volunteers gathered in AtlantaHabitat’s warehouse on Woodward Avenue toframe walls for homes for working families.“We applaud our governmental housingpartners from HUD and the City, who sawfirst-hand how the grant programs theyadminister provide essential support forqualified homebuyer families,” said Larrie DelMartin, executive director. “Our constructionprocess begins in the warehouse, wherecertain components of a home are assembled,and these volunteers were at the heart of theprocess.”Above (L-R) Thomacina Brown fromHUD, new homebuyer Satericka Fowles,and Executive Director Larrie Del Martinand (right) outstanding volunteers, allparticipated in the Wall Framing forSatericka’s new home at Atlanta Habitat’scelebration of World Habitat Day.HOME Room III Retools Veteran HomeownersOn September 26, 26 veteran homeowners and guests attended HOME Room III,Atlanta Habitat’s newest home maintenance class. Homeowners learned how toidentify and handle typical maintenance issues faced in older homes and alsoreceived hands-on demonstrations of many basic home repair tasks.To practice their new skills, homeowners were asked to inspect their own houses.Then on October 10, homeowners shared the inspection results with volunteerfinancial consultants who, in turn, helped them come up with plans to get the workdone. As one homeowner commented, “I really don’t think this class could have beenany better!”The class was made possible by generous donors to a special homeowner educationdrive led by Wicke Chambers, Mary Long, Barbara Reid, Polly Simpson and Sally Train.Whirlpool Building Blocks Photoswww.atlantahabitat.orgPage 7

2009 House SponsorsThe following individuals and organizations sponsored house builds by providing funding and volunteers. The list is in chronological order by house build.1.Two Williams HouseClark HowardAnnette Stilwell2–3.The James M. Cox Foundationof Georgia, Inc.James M. Cox Jr. FoundationCox Enterprises, Inc.The Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionAutoTrader.comCox CommunicationsCox Media GroupKudzuManheimWSB-TVWSB 750 AM97.1 The River95.5 The BeatB98.5Kiss 104.14.St. Benedict Catholic ChurchSts. Peter & Paul CatholicChurch5-6.Clark Howard7.St. Luke’s Presbyterian ChurchDodd Sterling UnitedMethodist Church8.Big Bethel AMEThe Cathedral of St. PhilipHoly Innocents’ EpiscopalChurch9.Marist Women BuildSara Blakely Foundation10.Marist Women BuildSister HouseBlessed Trinity Catholic HighSchoolGreater Atlanta ChristianSchoolPace AcademyPinecrest AcademySt. Pius Catholic High SchoolWestminster SchoolsWoodward Academy11.Peachtree Road UnitedMethodist Church12.First Presbyterian ChurchHaygood Memorial UnitedMethodist ChurchMorningside PresbyterianChurchNorthwest PresbyterianChurchSacred Heart Catholic Church13.Georgia-Pacific Corporation14.Cathedral of Christ the KingMead Family FoundationNorthside United MethodistChurch15.Dunwoody United MethodistChurchChamblee First UnitedMethodist Church16.Peachtree Presbyterian Church17.Technology HouseAGL Resources, Inc.Alliance Data Systems/VertexCCCiCoca-Cola CompanyThe Federal Home Loan Bankof AtlantaGE EnergyLexisNexisNASCOPyramid Consulting, Inc.Sapient CorporationSouthern CompanySynergis18.AGL Resources, Inc.Equifax Inc.19.Brookhaven Christian ChurchBrookhaven United MethodistChurchCovenant Presbyterian ChurchOglethorpe PresbyterianChurchOur Lady of the AssumptionCatholic ChurchSt. James United MethodistChurchSt. Martin In The Fields ChurchWelcome All Baptist ChurchWest Mitchell CME20.The Home Depot - ITDepartment21.Buildable HoursAtlanta Legal Aid SocietyBooz Allen HamiltonThe Coca-Cola Company(Legal Dept)Drew, Eckl, and Farnham, LLPHavertys Furniture CompaniesHunton & Williams LLPKing & Spalding LLPMcKenna, Long & AldridgeParker, Hudson, Rainer &Dobbs LLPRutherford & Christie LLPSeyfarth Shaw LLPWeinberg, Wheeler, Hudgins,Gunn & Dial, LLC22.Alston & Bird LLPCandlewood Suites23.The Dial CorporationPublix Supermarkets24.First Christian Church ofAtlantaFirst Presbyterian ChurchOur Lady of Lourdes CatholicChurchThe Sally & Peter ParsonsonFoundation, Inc.25.All Saints Catholic Church26-29.Whirlpool Building BlocksBlitz BuildWhirlpool Corporation(Joint effort with SouthernCrescent Habitat for Humanity)30.Northwest Interfaith BuildAhavath Achim SynagogueAll Saints Christ’s ChurchUnited Congregation B’naiTorahGreater Springfield BaptistChurchNorthside Drive Baptist ChurchSt. Anne’s Episcopal ChurchTrinity Presbyterian ChurchWieuca Road Baptist Church31.Cascade United MethodistChurchFirst Congregational ChurchUCCGlenn Memorial UnitedMethodist ChurchLutheran Church of theAtonementLutheran Church of theRedeemerThrivent Financial for Lutherans- South Fulton Chapter32.Atlanta Board of Realtors33.Lovett SchoolMarist SchoolPace AcademyWestminster SchoolsWoodward Academy34.ArchstoneMemorial Gifts forDr. Ed GarbaczRegency CentersTriMont Real Estate Advisors35.Bank of America36.Financial MattersMontag & CaldwellHenry Spiegel Milling37.Buildable HoursHall, Booth, Smith, & SloverHolland & KnightSutherland38-39.Avery Partnership - Jonesboro40.Memorial Drive partnershipHabitat IIs are Atlanta Habitathomes that are returned to theorganization to be renovatedand prepared for purchase bynew families.Habitat IIsCascade United MethodistChurchGlenn Memorial UnitedMethodist ChurchRotary Club of BuckheadThis listing is as of October 15, 2009. Please notify Rebecca Murphy, sponsorship manager, at 404-223-5180, ext. 128, of any omissions or errors.Clark Howard Celebrates 15 Years Buildingwith Atlanta HabitatClark Howard and his loyal team of volunteers and partnersare gearing up to celebrate 15 years of Atlanta Habitat homebuilding. Cousins Properties and Deloitte helped kick off theanniversary with a special September “Breakfast With Clark.”Atlanta Habitat is pleased that several longtime friends will bebuilding alongside Clark again. Cox Enterprises and the NancyForsyth Noblin Foundation will be sponsoring homes, andAnnette Stilwell and friends will be co-sponsoring the thirdannual Two Williams house with Clark.“My family and I have pledged to give 50% more in 2010,”said Clark Howard. “Last year we funded three houses forworking families in Atlanta; next year we are pledging to havea personal role in building at least six.”Team Clark will begin building in January 2010. Atlanta Habitatis looking for additional partners to join in the anniversarycelebration. If your organization would like to participate,please contact Atlanta Habitat’s sponsorship manager at404-223-5180 ext. 130.

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