Target lists from ESP Sources: - Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de ...
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Target lists from ESP Sources: - Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de ...

Target lists from ESP• To develop and test the algorithms (CU6, CU8 … ?)• AP calibration during the missionSources:D. Barrado, R. Blomme, J.-C. Bouret, Y. Frémat, A. Lanzafame,C. Martayan, F. Martins, C. Neiner, V. Straizys

50 Ap/Am6 Ba stars36 Subdwarfs15 WDSpectrophotometry and spectroscopyof faint targets

116 GKM stars30 NTT & 28 CTTSpectrophotometry and spectroscopy of fainttargetsIncluding polarimetry for the interpretation ofactivity “markers”

11 WN stars6 WC stars33 Herbig stars6 Symbiotic stars92 “bright” Be stars+ 213 LMC/SMC7 T Tauri stars7 Mira starsSpectrophotometry and spectroscopy of faint Be targets(Magellanic clouds ?) as well as of other ELS typesFollow up of bright ELS stars (RVS + spectrophotometry)7 Flare stars

23 O stars102 B starsSpectrophotometry and spectroscopyof faint targets

Present status of the target list: (gaiawiki)• About 813 targets• 429 northern hemisphere• 420 southern hemisphere (including SMC/LMC Be stars)Some type of stars that are missing:To dos:• A type stars (still to add)• F type stars (Caroline)• Cool supergiant stars ?• Ultra cool stars (D.Barrado: enough existing data for the moment)• check for the stars we have twice in our list• define a priority flagEstimate of the numbers of target:100 – 200 targets + follow-up of a very few of themGround-Based Observations for GAIA (Meeting 2) – 8-9 March 2007

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