CoRE Project leaflet - Constructing Excellence
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CoRE Project leaflet - Constructing Excellence

CoREConstruction Resource EfficiencyMeasure, manage and reduce constructionwaste, with FREE software and supportfor developers, contractors, small andmedium building firms.Available in London, the South East andEast of England 2006-7

Using resource efficiency tools from BRE, the GreenwichMillennium Village development achieved waste reductionsof over 50%, saving £150,000 in direct disposal costs, andresulting in a more productive, cleaner, tidier and safer site.The CoRE ProjectBenefitsCoRE is funded by the BusinessResource Efficiency & Waste (BREW)programme, which recycles LandfillTax receipts into targeted support tobusinesses to reduce waste.CoRE is a pilot project deliveredthrough Regional Champions,and supported by the RegionalDevelopment Agencies for London,the South East and East of England– areas with high construction activitynow and in the future.Centralised support and softwareis provided by BRE.• Free licences to use SMARTStart software tomonitor waste and gather data on a site-by-site basis.• Up-to-date information on local waste managementoptions provided by the BREMAP online database.• Continuous support for those companies wanting toprogress waste minimisation activities.• Practical workshops where solutions and best practicecan be shared.• Free site visits and in-depth support for thoseorganisations willing and able to provide exemplarprojects in construction resource efficiency• Free pre-demolition audit for selected sites, whichidentifies key demolition products and practicable,cost-effective opportunities for reclamation, reuseand recycling.• Access to BREW partners including Envirowise, whooffer on-site waste minimisation advice; WRAP (Waste& Resources Action Programme), who offer guidanceon waste throughout the construction process; andNISP (National Industrial Symbiosis Programme), whoprovide industrial symbiosis solutions.

SMARTStart and sustainable wastemanagementSMARTStart is an easy-to-use, web-basedauditing tool that will allow you to beginthe process of measuring and monitoringyour construction waste. Waste containersleaving site are visually assessed and thepercentage volumes of 14 key waste groupsare recorded. It only takes a few minutes tomeasure the waste in a container; then enterthe data onto your project page, accessedthrough your company’s secure, individualSMARTStart homepage.Performance Indicators are generated forindividual sites, and on a company-wide basis.These include the volume of waste generatedagainst the floor area and also the projectvalue. These can then be compared againstnational averages for the industry. They canalso be used to monitor any changes in wastemanagement that you put in place.You can earn credits for BREEAMand EcoHomes assessments by usingSMARTStart. To trial SMARTStart, go and click on theSMARTStart logo, then enter Guest for bothusername and password.BREMAP web-based GeographicalInformation SystemBREMAP defines the best practicableenvironmental option (BPEO) for managingmaterial waste by location or postcode.BREMAP works in partnership with SalvoMIEwhere materials and products can beadvertised and traded.Basic and advanced search results are shownon a map with icons representing the differentservices available in your area.BREMAP helps users to create markets forreuse, recycling and reprocessing of materialsand products. Increased knowledge ofwaste disposal options in the vicinity canhelp to reduce noise and other nuisancesassociated with waste transport and show yourcommitment to sustainability.SMARTStart is an idealnetworking tool and clients areactually beginning to request it as astandard service.Paul MacLennan, Alandale Logistics Ltd,winner of the Green Mark Award 2003 UK produces over 90 million tonnesof construction and demolition wasteevery year. There is enormous potential forbusinesses to reduce this figure, helping tosave disposal costs, improve efficiency andmeet current/future obligations towardsthe environment and corporate socialresponsibility.Forward-thinking companies like AlandaleLogistics, Taylor Woodrow Construction andBovis Lend Lease have used the proven toolsavailable through CoRE to collect waste data,leading to improved waste reduction, reuseand recycling, and a competitive advantage inwinning tenders.Join CoRE now!The benefits of CoRE are available freeto construction projects in London,the South East and East of England.To join, contact us now at:CoRE Project contact:Szilvia ZakarTel: 01923 664200E-mail:, GarstonWatford WD25 9XX

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