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Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 1 2013.pdf - Graduate School of Education

Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 1 2013.pdf - Graduate School of Education

GSOE Presentations at

GSOE Presentations at 2012 AERA ConferencesDr. Marie Orillion has been accepted to present"Balancing the tension between accountability andteacher inquiry in induction policy," at the AERA2012. It has been placed in a Paper Session titled,"Exploration and Survey of Teacher Induction Programs& Accountability."AwardsDr. Sara Castro-Olivo was awarded the UC AC-CORD award for her project: Facilitating UniversalEmotional Resiliency for the Social and AcademicSuccess (FUERSAS) of Latino EnglishLanguage Learners and the UC MEXUS award forher project: First Steps to Success: An Evaluationof a Culturally- Responsive Intervention on theBehavioral and Academic Outcomes of LatinoKindergarten Students.The GSOE has been awarded a new grant from theU.S. Department of Education for a doctoral trainingprogram designed to prepare leaders who aspireto university faculty positions in special education.Dr. Luciana Dar was an Association for InstitutionalResearch Summer Data Policy Institute Fellow:July, 2011, Washington, D.C.PublicationsDr. Rollanda O’Connorco-edited a recentlypublished book titledHandbook of ReadingInterventions.Dr. John S. Levin, Susan Kater, and Richard L.Wagoner co-authored Community College Faculty:At Work in the New Economy by PalgraveMcMillan. Published August 2011.Dr. V.P. Franklin co-edited a book with DerrickAlridge and James B. Stewart titled Messagein the Music: Hip-Hop, History, and Pedagogy.Joe Ann Nguyen presented a paper titled,"Understanding Factors that Influence First-Generation and Continuing Generation AsianAmerican and Pacific Islanders’ Access to College:Findings from the Education LongitudinalStudy" at the Association of the Study of HigherEducation conference.GSOE PresentationsJeff La Marcarecently presenteda poster sessionat the 2011Conference ofthe InternationalSociety for Neurofeedback & Research nearPhoenix, AZ (Sept. 14 to 18, 2011). His sessionwas entitled, “Neurofeedback training for theenhancement of attention in ADD/ADHD children.”Dr. Luciana Dar (September, 2011) presented“Higher education institutions matter: the redistributiveimplications of institutional financialaid” at the annual meeting of the American PoliticalScience Association, Seattle, WA.Page 4

Dr. John S. Levin presented “Out of sync: Californiahigher education in the 21st century” to theLife Society.Dr. Luciana Dar presented “The political dynamicsof higher education policy” at the Journal ofHigher Education Conference PresentationOther Exciting AccoladesDr, Douglas Mitchell was appointed Interim Deanof the Graduate School of EducationDr. Begona Echeverria was appointed AssociateDean of GSOE.Dr. Robert Ream was recently elected Presidentof the Sociology of Education Association (SEA).He will serve a two-year term (2011-2013).Dr. Anne Jones was elected Co-Chair for theCommittee on Accreditation (COA) for 2011-2012.Sally Tavizon was appointed Interim CFAO of theGSOEAre you working on some excitingresearch? Have you recently published abook or article? Have you received anyawards or nominations?Please email this information to MarieMartin, for theWinter 2012 Insider Newsletter!Page 5

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