Volume 3 of JHI Connections


Volume 3 of JHI Connections

c o n t e n t sVOLUME 1 • NUMBER 312NOVEMBER 2010www.jhi.com6 14Recurring Sections3 Message from theInternational Chair3 Message from Headquarters7 Event Calendar8 Regional Updates10 Member Spotlight14 Conference PreviewF e a t u r e sConference RecapsInformation TechnologyConference: Sharing andLearning from ChallengesZurich Hosts Audit & TaxConferenceManaging Partners Summit:“Growing Your Firm inChallenging Times”Hints for Effective NetworkingEvery time you walk out yourdoor to attend anything,anywhere, realize you areon your way to a networkingopportunity.JHI: New Global BrandRevealed6671214JHIREGIONAL STAFFRegional Secretary – AmericasKristen Deoamericas@jhi.comRegional Secretary – Asia-PacificNurAzean Hamdanasiapacific@jhi.comRegional Secretary – Europe/Middle East/AfricaSue Steadmaneurope@jhi.comJHIHEADQUARTERS TEAMExecutive DirectorBarbara Swandabswanda@jhi.comEvents ManagerDiane GalanteMembership CoordinatorLindsay PiccolellaFinance DirectorAngie CinoMarketing Director/Advertising ManagerErin Higginsehiggins@cmasolutions.comPublic Relations ManagerKaitlin Friedmannkfriedmann@jhi.comPublic Relations CoordinatorMeghan HigginsInside:Target MarketingCapturing a Niche MarketBy Elias Bastas, Managing Partner, gpl SolutionsCreative DirectorDave SherwoodProduction ManagerDarrell ChristmasStrategic AdvisorRob JonesExecutive AdvisorJeff Barnhart42 J H I N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 0 w w w . j h i . c o m

A Message from theInternational Chair,Mark TenzerM E S S A G E SHEADQUARTERS MESSAGEAs many of you know, this is my final message as International Chair. I willpass the baton to Ken Kirkland of KAF Financial Group based in Braintree,Massachusetts, USA, at the upcoming International Conference with great pridein what has been accomplished this year. I continue to be energized by ourorganisation’s progress in merging together as one global entity.As we continue to better organise ourselves for success, I remind you to takeadvantage of JHI membership benefits in any way possible, and get involved inupcoming initiatives to enhance the profile of JHI overall. The recent brandingand website update has given us a fresh and updated look that more accuratelyreflects the professionalism we all possess. We continue to look for ways toimprove JHI as a whole, but this cannot be accomplished by any one person alone.All of you are JHI and have the opportunity to participate in important discussionsthat dictate our future direction.Additionally, we must embrace and appreciate the richness of the cultural diversityof JHI and what our conferences provide. I look forward to experiencing the sightsof Thiruvananthapuram (formerly Trivandrum), India as we gather for ourInternational Conference, as well as networking and learning valuable businessstrategies. In the spirit of recognising the value of our differences, we’ve arrangedfor Values Journey, self-described as a dynamic tribe of passion-driven facilitatorsof change and growth, to give energizing workshops. They create, develop andsupport a range of interactive, experiential learning processes to explore personalvalues, improve team performance and transform organisational culture.It’s been a pleasure serving as your International Chair and I will continue toremain involved and engaged in JHI happenings. Thank you all for a great tenure!Mark TenzerChair, International Executive Committee, 2008-2010JHI International Conference Recap for those who missed it, acomplete review of the educational sessions and cultural experience.It’s my pleasure to reportgreat progress within the pastseveral months. Members ofthe Headquarters team metwith JHI leadership at a veryproductive meeting in NewYork City this past August,where we developed an18-month plan to help the association reach itsgoals of becoming one global entity and increasingmembership. Headquarters plans to makeeven greater strides in making the organisationmore beneficial for all, not just through a newbrand, but also through an improved operationalstructure and networking opportunities as well.On the marketing and branding side, the Headquartersteam continues to enthusiastically drivecurrent projects forward. The new website andthe new monthly e-newsletter, JHI Assets, havealready provided a more frequent way to updatemembers with JHI news. We also have recentlybegun teaming up with the public relationscontacts at JHI member firms for assistance withinternational press release distribution in aneffort to further increase visibility globally for JHI.Soon, JHI will evaluate the best way to utilisevarious social media sites to engage with membersand potential members. New printed piecessuch as a membership recruitment brochure willaccurately represent the professionalism of JHIand communicate the benefits of joining. Overall,we believe the ongoing implementation ofour strategic marketing plan is crucial to JHI’soverall success in drawing more exceptionalmember firms into the association andenhancing member benefits.I look forward to working with the IEC toprovide the centralised leadership JHI needs tocontinue growing and thriving. We all lookforward to the future and to further meetingJHI’s goals with determination.Please reach out to me with questions orcomments at internationaled@jhi.com.Sincerely,Barbara SwandaJHI Executive Director3

F E AT U R EBy Elias Bastas, Managing Partner, gpl SolutionsTarget MarketingCAPTURING A NICHE MARKETIn the past, attracting new clients was relatively easilyand largely achieved by developing and promoting one’sreputation for excellent service and advice. But the GlobalFinancial Crisis forced many professions to become muchmore proactive in seeking new clients, but with less orlimited resources.Ours was no exception.We, as accountants, must also prudently rethink ourapproach to increasing our client base and consider farmore effective and efficient ways of raising and promotingour business profile. We too must make smarter use oflimited resources and capital.In my view, one of the biggest mistakes in marketing andmanaging an accounting practice is trying to be all thingsto all people. The solution then, is to capture a nichemarket and focus specifically on target marketing.Concentrating your marketing efforts on one or perhapsa few key segments of the overall market will help yourcompany reach potential clients much more effectively. Thegreat reward of target marketing is that it makes promotingyour services easier and more cost effective.The first step in getting started is to go over your currentclient list and assess what they have in common. Some ofthe common variables for segmenting current clients andpotential target markets are industry, occupation, age,income level, education, ethnicity, family size and familylife cycle and religion.Next, conduct market size estimation and undertakemarket research. A good place to start is industryassociations, such as JHI, as most have sites that providea wealth of information, as do trade publications andnewsletters. Social sites such as LinkedIn can also beuseful. Another option is to build relationships throughnetworking; talking to key industry people and ask openendedquestions to ascertain as much information aspossible. Surveys, while helpful, can get costly.When it comes to defining your target market, be as specificas you can. Seek information about size, i.e. is it growing,shrinking, or staying the same? If the size of your targetmarket is changing, find out why. What are the commonproblems or challenges prospects face, that you can solve?Market research will help you understand more about theneeds of different groups of potential clients. It will tell youabout the customer segments most likely to be attracted toyour firm and the kind of marketing and sales activities theywill respond to.Evaluating your firm’s ability to fulfil the needs and wantsof your selected customer segment or segments is also akey consideration.A S.W.O.T. analysis will help you assess your strengths,weaknesses, opportunities and threats as a business andspot threats that are looming in your market. It will help youevaluate if you’re in a position to carry out a strong marketingand sales campaign with your target groups of clients. Mostimportantly it will also enable you to see how you compareto the competition. Understanding what your competition isdoing is critical. How are they working with your target group?Would you do better or worse? Where are the gaps in theservices they provide and their marketing? Are a group ofclients being ignored by competitors?Clearly, the better the company’s fit to a market segmentand the more attractive that market segment, the greaterthe profit potential.Therefore during your research you should have discoveredanswers to questions such as:• What clients do I want to work with?• Why is my business uniquely placed to providethe service they need?• What is my company’s competitive advantage? Why doclients do business with me instead of other firms?Once you have identified a target market, you should askyourself:4 J H I N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 0 w w w . j h i . c o m

• Can I reach the target market in a cost effective manner?• Do I have the resources required to service this targetmarket?Once you have selected the target market, you need to thendevelop effective marketing strategies.Selecting a suitable marketing strategy to expand a client basedepends on the company’s goals, the services offered and, ofcourse, budget. Customising your marketing and advertisingcampaigns to your target audience should generate maximumrevenue and prevent unnecessary expense and labour inunproductive markets.As any text book will tell you, traditional targeting strategiesare categorized as one of the following:• Single-Segment Strategy is where a single marketsegment is served with one marketing mix. A singlesegmentapproach often is the strategy of choice for smallbusinesses.• Selective Specialisation or Differentiated Strategy isa multiple-segment strategy where different marketingmixes are offered to different segments. The serviceoffered may not be different and in many cases only thepromotional message or distribution varies.• Service Specialisation is where a company specialisesin a particular service and tailors it to different marketsegments.• Market Specialisation is where the business specialisesin a particular market segment and provides that specificsegment a variety of different services.• Full Market Coverage is where a business aims toservice the entire market. This is achieved either by amass marketing strategy using a single marketing mix forthe whole market or by offering each segment within themarket a separate marketing mix.In my experience, the wisest option for most would be to focuson a particular segment or target market (based on carefulresearch of course) investing all efforts and capital into theone potential client pool. Serving that specific sector will makeyou a leader in your field and a standout among rivals.• Is this target market currently underserved?• Is this target market large enough to support my business?• Can I offer superior value to these potential clients?• Is the target market specific enough so that I can developsales messages precisely aimed at my potential clients?• Can I customise my services to address the target market’sspecific needs?Developing a well defined target market for your accountingpractice will not only set you apart from competitors but willincrease your client retention rates, reduce your exposure tolower pricing and will ensure high and profitable growth intothe future.Elias Bastas, BBus, MComm, FCPA, has over 30 years of experience inaccounting and financial services and is currently the Managing Partner atgpl Solutions, a BRW Top 50 Accounting Firm in Australia. Prior to joining gplSolutions in 2005, Elias worked with large multinational firms such as IBMAustralia, Revlon Manufacturing and Alcatel. He has a Bachelor of Business,Masters of Commerce, holds the status of FCPA with CPA Australia, CA withThe Institute of Charted Accountants Australia, is a Registered Tax Agent anda member of The Institute of Company Directors.5

CONFERENCE RECAPInformation Technology Conference:SHARING AND LEARNING FROM CHALLENGESThe JHI 2010 IT Conference took place in Atlanta, Georgia, On top of the terrific formal agenda, an unknown number ofUSA 27-29 September 2010. As they have done for more than a firms' nagging IT challenges were solved informally in the bar!decade, JHI firms' IT professionals and in-charge-of-IT partners The following comments were collected from attendees:re-established contact with their peers to discuss best practices,“The ideas and solutions others had were eye-opening. Itnew technologies and future vision. Attendees participated inwas also a tremendous opportunity to expand my networkmoderated technical discussions on remote backup options,of connections. I look forward to many years of continueddisaster recovery planning, virtualization as a way to consolidateand optimize resources, client data protection and more.meetings.” - Bryan Walderman, Lipton, LLP, Toronto, Canada“This [conference] exposes you to potential solutions that youExpanding on the technical agenda, the Conference alsowould not have known about otherwise...collaborate on bestoffered sessions focused on business and risk managementpractices [and] connect with other individuals in offices acrossissues related to technology. There was a “pre-conference”North America [to] call on and bounce ideas off of.” - Ryansession for managing partners to look at firmwide issuesCalder, Johnsen Archer, Vancouver, Canadasuch as protecting client data and the impact (positive and“Technology is so important in the CPA firm today. My firmnegative) of social networking on firm marketing strategiesrelies on the IT Conference to help develop new ideas forand staff productivity. The IT Conference agenda also includedkeeping our technology on the leading edge.” - Gregsessions on these topics, as well as IT policy review. ThisDeStefano, Partner, Konowitz Kahn, North Haven,year's pre-conference session was so well received thatConnecticut, USAnext plans are underway to include a full day of firmwide ITissues, overlapping part of the IT Conference and ManagingPartners Summit even more.Zurich Hosts Audit & Tax Conferencefirm, Alltax, hosted the eventThe JHI Audit & Tax Conference was held on 10-11 Septemberin Zurich, Switzerland at the Swissôtel Zurich. Although thiswas an initiative of the Europe/Middle East/Africa (E/ME/A)region, members of other regionswere welcome to attend as anopportunity to learn more in thesespecific areas of accounting.Tony Kelly of Byrne Curtin Kelly inDublin organised the conferenceprogrammes. The Zurich-basedand provided an excellentenvironment for learning notonly about trends in accounting,but also about getting involvedwith JHI. Regional secretaryfor the E/ME/A region, SueSteadman, commented that thefeedback received at press timehas all been positive.6 J H I N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 0 w w w . j h i . c o m

MANAGING PARTNERS SUMMIT:“Growing Your Firm in Challenging Times”At the recent Managing Partners Summit held24-25 September 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA this pastSeptember, JHI members gathered to focus on best concepts,strategies, tactics and implementation approachesto help attendees lead their firms out of what presenterGale Crosley, CPA at Crosley + Company, called “apassive client maintenance model,” to one that drivesgrowth. A workshop focused event, it began with adiscussion of industry challenges as a result of thecurrent economic recession and included a variety ofworkshops and breakout sessions to help attendeesdiscuss best practices and brainstorm ideas with peers.Attendees enjoyed the presentation from Crosley, whohas more than 30 years of experience in the accountingindustry, and learned from her innovative strategies.Crosley was named one of the Top 100 Most InfluentialPeople in Accounting by Accounting Today for the fourthconsecutive year.Norman Same, Managing Director at knp Solutions PtyLtd., and organizer of the event said, “Gale Crosleypresented an insightful, practical and clear seminaron an area that accountants are traditionally poorat—marketing their practices. She provided a numberof succinct alternatives together with practical waysof recording how successful a firm’s marketing effortscan become.”The Managing Partners Summit overlapped with theJHI IT Conference which immediately followed. Thisoverlap on Sunday, 26 September included sessionson disaster recovery planning, social networking anddata protection.“The program format for Sunday with managingpartners was great. I enjoyed the presentations andcame back with a few ideas that I will follow-up with.I would enjoy a similar format for next year,” saidArmand Rossi, Konowitz Kahn, North Haven,Connecticut, USA.2 0 1 1 E V E N T C A L E N D A R13-14 May 2011Europe/Middle East/AfricaConference & AnnualGeneral MeetingIstanbul, TurkeyJune 2011Asia Pacific Conference& Annual General MeetingBali, Indonesia19-23 July 2011Region of the AmericasConference & AnnualGeneral MeetingSofitel Chicago Water TowerChicago, Illinois, USA2-5November 2011International Conference& Annual General MeetingCentury Plaza Hyatt RegencyLos Angeles, California, USA7

R E G I O N A L U P D AT E SJHI RegionalUpdatesIn each issue of JHI Connections, lookfor an update on our regions’ goals,events and initiatives. Let us know ifyou have a story to share or an idea for anarticle today! E-mail Kaitlin Friedmann atkfriedmann@jhi.com and we’ll consider it forthe next issue.Meet the Asia-Pacific Regional SecretaryNurAzean Hamdan, Accountant,knp Solutions, Malvern, AustraliaGetting her start at a JHI affiliated firm inSingapore, NurAzean (“NurA”) Hamdan hasassisted the association for several years, allwhile finishing her degree in accountancy andmaintaining a full time job.“I started out working in the accountingNurAzean Hamdanindustry with Lim & Partners, a year intotaking up my degree in accountancy. During that period of time,I was working full time whilst studying part time,” said Hamdan.Upon completion of her degree, she recently landed a position atknp Solutions Pty Ltd, a JHI member firm in Melbourne, Australiaas a graduate accountant, where she has worked for eight months.But all it took was one JHI Asia Pacific Annual Conference inSingapore that drew her into helping out with JHI after meetingseveral affiliates from different countries that she knew she neverwould have been exposed to if not for JHI.“Upon the resignation of the previous regional administrator, Iwas offered the position. Not only did it provide me with greaterexposure to the Asia Pacific members but members from otherregions as well,” explained Hamdan.Hamdan is responsible for attending to inquiries from members andinterested applicants, serving as a central contact point for AsiaPacific members. She attends executive committee teleconferencesand helps organise the Asia Pacific Annual Conference byresearching suitable venues, conducting site inspections,arranging tour and hotel accommodations and creating gift bags.Hamdan believes the strongest JHI member benefit is thenetworking. “The ability to ‘pick each others’ brain during theregular conferences holds various benefits. Once acquainted,the members can comfortably refer clients to member firmsregardless of their location,” she smiled.Despite misperceptions of accountants being boring, Hamdan says,on the contrary, they are actually a fun, outgoing group of people.“There was never a dull moment during any of the JHI events I haveattended,” she said.Her favorite JHI moment is her presentation of the “Accounting Firmsof the Future” in Atlanta in 2008. “That was my first exposure to themembers from all regions and it was fantastic having the ability tonetwork with the managing partners and listen to the various viewsand opinions from each and every individual,” she noted.Looking to the future, Hamdan believes JHI definitely has the abilityfor future growth. “Our members are our greatest assets and with thecapable members leading the organisation, it is heartening to knowthey have enthusiasm to make JHI an outstanding organization,”said Hamdan. “JHI has a variety of capable members with a myriadand wealth of knowledge, experience, culture and this is theessence that will aid in the future growth of the organisation.”Meet the Europe/MiddleEast/Africa Regional SecretarySue Steadman, Secretary, Jeffreys Henry,London, United KingdomBehind the scenes of JHI’s Europe/MiddleEast/Africa (E/ME/A) events and initiativesis Sue Steadman, a seasoned secretary atJeffreys Henry in London, England. HavingSue Steadmanprovided crucial support to two InternationalChairmen, Malcolm Coleman and Mark Tenzer, Steadman assistswith such popular events as the Tax and Audit Conference as wellas the E/ME/A Regional Conference and Annual General Meeting.8J H I N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 0w w w . j h i . c o m

“In my role as Regional Secretary, I support the Regional Chair,members of the Regional Executive Committee, members of theE/ME/A region and other JHI firms generally and when requested,”she said.Her duties include arranging Regional Executive Committee (REC)meetings, preparing paperwork and minutes, as well as eventsupport such as regular contact with conference host firms, hotelsand tour companies. Steadman attends regional and internationalmeetings and all REC meetings and conference calls. Overall shehandles day-to-day administration for the region as required,dealing with general queries from members as they come up.Away from the office, Steadman’s main interest is long distancerunning. “I have completed numerous 10k runs and half marathons,as well as 10 full marathons including London, New York, Chicago,and Berlin,” she said. She also enjoys spending time with her family.She has one daughter, Jenny, who is married to her son-in-law,Jonathan, and they have two delightful children; four year-oldAnnabel, and Finlay who is 18 months old.Steadman considers JHI’s main strength to be its global reach. “Iwould consider the strongest member benefit to be the wealth ofinternational experience and advice which is available frommembers worldwide at the ‘touch of a button’ or just a phonecall,” she said.“I am sure that JHI is well-positioned for future growth, as we arereceiving increasing numbers of inquiries for membership, whichmust eventually lead to a larger and more culturally diverseorganisation.”Meet the Region of the AmericasRegional SecretaryKristen Deo, Administrator Facilitator,Marks, Paneth & Shron, New York City, USAManaging the needs of the JHI members in North,Central and South America as a regionalsecretary, Kristen Deo enjoys the opportunity tomeet members and witness their different niches.“What’s nice is that JHI is a global network withmany different types of members in differentpractice areas which can help other memberKristen Deofirms grow and relate to their clients,” said Deo. “Then they can allcome together at the conferences and learn from the various anddifferent presentations and share common threads. All the memberswant to experience the benefits of being members of JHI and it’sthe interaction of the members themselves that afford these greateropportunities.”A bilingual graduate of New Jersey’s Drew University, Deopreviously managed a corrugated display company before comingto the accounting industry in 2007. She has since worked forMarks, Paneth & Shron, LLP for the past three years as anAdministrative Facilitator.“My boss, Bill Jennings, is very passionate about JHI. He was fairlynew to the organisation when I started working for him and Iimmediately saw him as a promoter of JHI within our firm, withclients, and prospects,” explained Deo. “As Bill became moreinvolved with different committees within JHI and ultimatelyserving on the ROA Executive Committee, I inherently becamemore involved as well. As new initiatives got started with the LatinAmerican countries and JHI University, I began to develop my ownpassion for the organisation.”Deo handles a number of different administrative tasks as RegionalSecretary, such as taking minutes of conference calls and schedulingappointments. She regularly fields e-mails that come throughamericas@jhi.com and acts as a liaison for the Latin Americanfirms translating documents into Spanish for Spanish-speakingmembers. One of the most enjoyable parts of her job is to assistwith the Region of the Americas (ROA) Conference.“By far the greatest event for me was the ROA Conference in Chiléthis past June. Being the first conference I’ve ever attended, I didn’tknow what to expect and it wound up being a life experience that Iwill never forget,” Deo said.Although planning this event was a lot of work, Deo found itexhilarating to interact with members from all over the world.“Being just an administrative person for the organisation, I neverexpected to be so widely accepted into the group,” she said. “It wasnice to see that at these events everyone is equal with a commongoal of making JHI a better organisation, which all membersultimately benefit from.”Deo also has faith that JHI’s leadership can keep the organisationmoving in the right direction. “Under Mark Tenzer’s chairmanship,along with the IEC, it became obvious that it was necessary tomake changes within the structure of JHI in order to open newdoors and allow growth. It’s been a difficult path because majorchanges needed to occur as there was an overall feeling ofstagnation,” she said, adding that the incoming International Chair,Ken Kirkland, has the determination to continue to change JHI forthe better. “Ken will make a visible difference when he ‘takesthe baton’ in India. He will lead JHI to a new level, expect highperformance and follow through with passion like no other,”she added.9

M E M B E R S P O T L I G H TBy Meghan HigginsRoy Varghese & Associates – Continuing itsPhilosophy of Value, Quality and ReliabilitySpanning South India with offices inChennai, Cochin and Thiruvananthapuram(formerly Trivandrum), Roy Varghese &Associates (RVA) is a firm of charteredaccountants providing comprehensivebusiness solutions in assurance, consulting,taxation and regulatory services. Founded in1993 by Roy I. Varghese, RVA is comprisedof 50 personnel and specialises in crossborderinvestment advisory services andinternational taxation.RVA’s client base consists of large and medium sizedcorporations in agri-business, automobiles, banking,education, electronics, financial services and capitalmarkets, garments, healthcare, infrastructure, logistics,manufacturing, media and entertainment, real estate,software and services and telecom industries. Throughoutits 17 years of business, the firm continues to remaincustomer-focused and provide superior service.Varghese, founder and senior partner at RVA, indicatesthe philosophy of value, quality and reliability remainsthe driving force of RVA with the help of the executivemanagement team comprised of Viju Mathew, partnerat the Cochin office, B. Rajesh, partner at theThiruvananthapuram office and Gribin Jacob, partner atthe Chennai office. As founder and senior partner at RVA,Varghese is responsible for the international consultancypractices of the firm.Varghese adds RVA performs its functions under thefollowing guiding principles:• Recognise and accept that change never ceases; thatit provides us the opportunity to become responsiveto customer needs• Demonstrate accountability to those we serve bytaking responsibility for our actions• Support open communication at every level of ourbusiness processes• Encourage management and staff to demonstrateresponsiveness and flexibility in servicing customerneeds and solving customer problems• Provide meaningful information and education toall our clients in a timely manner• Maintain public trust by being an ethical, sensitive,effective, and cost efficient organization10 J H I N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 0 w w w . j h i . c o m

JHI InternationalExecutive CommitteeIEC ChairmanMark TenzerJeffreys Henry LLPLondon, EnglandThe firm continues to look for windows of opportunity,helping to increase customer confidence and drive newbusiness. “RVA has established a new group focused onInternational Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) andcross-border GAAP services,” said Varghese. “This groupalso renders corporate structuring and valuation services.”He added the firm has also successfully adapted to newtechnology, enabling online filing of all regulatory returnsfor clients. RVA is registered with the Public CompanyAccounting Oversight Board (PCAOB). According toVarghese, very few Indian CA firms have registration withthe PCAOB.Varghese indicates that he truly sees the value in being partof JHI. “Through JHI, firms are connected to a worldwidenetwork allowing information to be shared and exchangedamong member firms. This places RVA in a unique positionto draw on the resources of different offices worldwide,thereby providing value to our clients,” he said. “As amember of JHI, RVA is able to provide a standardised widerange of services through any of the JHI offices worldwide.”According to Varghese, joining JHI has brought rich dividendsto the firm and its partners in the form of professionaldevelopment, regional, national and internationalrecognition, the sharing of expertise and excellentnetworking.Incoming IEC ChairmanKen KirklandKAF Financial GroupBraintree, MA, USAEurope/Middle East/Africa Region ChairmanEmili BatlleAddVANTEBarcelona, SpainEurope/Middle East/Africa Region Past ChairmanMaxim Alekseyev,ALRUD-AuditMoscow, RussiaRegion of the Americas ChairmanRobert PritchardPritchard, Bieler, Gruver & Willison, P.C.Philadelphia, PA, USARegion of the AmericasVice ChairmanHarvey Bookstein,RBZ, LLPLos Angeles, CA, USAAsia-Pacific Region ChairmanMark Smitheks SolutionsPerth, AustraliaAsia-Pacific Region Vice ChairmanRoy VargheseRoy Varghese & AssociatesChennai, India11

F E AT U R EBy Barbara BergstromHints for EffectiveAs you climb to the top of your chosen field and are known asa skilled professional, you must first admit that school is neverout. Conservatively speaking, there are at least five peoplewho want your job. Right now they are gaining experience,educating themselves and searching for the tools necessaryto compete with you for your position. Business today is socompetitive; we cannot sit back on our laurels and assumewe are secure.• Be sure to attend continuing education coursespertaining to your career.• Join professional organizations to keep up with thelatest trends.• Become active and well known among your peers.• Attend seminars and conventions that provideworkshops on numerous subjects.• Take advantage of networking opportunities with theChamber of Commerce, which provides many speakers,innovators and specialists to help raise your level ofcommunity and business involvement.Every time you walk out your door to attend anything,anywhere, realize that you are on your way to a networkingopportunity. Prepare yourself with a good supply of businesscards, check your wardrobe choice, your accessory choice andmake certain you have breath mints. “Prior planning preventspoor performance.” These “5P’s” will contribute much toyour success.Always prepare, in advance, for a conference, a sales meeting,a business meal, a charity event, a networking opportunityand especially a Board meeting. Who is hosting the event andwho is sponsoring it? What is its purpose, and who will bethere? Know the answers to these questions before you headout the door. The final question is; what can you contribute tothe event’s success?The following 12 suggestions should be helpful whenattending any networking opportunity or event:You will be stimulated and your energy and enthusiasm willbe appreciated by upper management as well as your clients.Networking events come in all shapes and sizes. The “speednetworking,” get together or the “talk to everyone in threeminute intervals,” event are spin-offs of speed dating.“Business after Hours,” for example, has been around forever.Organisations meet regularly for lunch and specific eventslabeled “networking” or “meet and greet” and are alwayspublicised for breakfast, lunch or dinner.For some, these events fill a social need as well as enableyou to make specific contacts. A networking opportunity isespecially helpful for the start-up businessperson or smallbusiness representative. Don’t fool yourself, however, intothinking you don’t need these events. You will find the moversand shakers in the competitive business arena are at the sameevents and they are “working the room” as seasonedprofessionals.12 J H I N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 0 w w w . j h i . c o m

Networking• Check your business card supply and make sure your cardsare with you even at social or charity events.• Smiling is contagious so start an epidemic and infect thewhole room with yours.• Shake hands with those you know and introduce them toothers. You are the consummate professional.• Plan ahead of any event and get an idea of who will bethere and who you specifically want to meet.• Look into the person’s eyes when you shake hands andsay his name. People love to hear their own name. It alsohelps you remember it.• See and be seen. Everyone watches the door to see who iscoming and who is leaving. When you enter, stop for amoment then step out of the doorway.• Get your bearings and head in the direction you wantto go. Chin up, good posture, confident stride, ratherthan wandering around trying to fit in.• Avoid two people talking together. It is a privateconversation and should not be interrupted.• Recognize your peers. You’ll be appreciated as a teamplayer, but don’t spend time talking with them.Cultivate those you don’t know.• Never write anything on the back of a business card infront of the presenter. Walk away and make your noteprivately.• Do not head for the bar or buffet table. It is counterproductive. Eat something before you go.• Be selective. Don’t give your business cards toeveryone as if they were flyers at a hardware storeopening. It appears pushy and unprofessional.• Finally - follow-up. Don’t send e-mails or make phonecalls to everyone you meet. Be specific. Don’t wasteyour time or theirs.These few networking tips should be used anytime you areout of your office. Remember, it’s not about you, but howyou are perceived by others. Be perceived as a thoughtfulprofessional and you’ll be surprised how people will seek youout and look forward to doing business with you.An award-winning trainer, public speaker, author and nationallysyndicated columnist, Barbara B. Bergstrom has offices in Chicago andOrlando. Her books, Bound For The Boardroom, the Spanish version,Rumbo al Exito Empresarial, and her latest, Don’t Forget Your Keys, arethe successful businessperson’s keys to professionalism. To engage herto speak for your organisation, purchase her books or requestinformation, contact her via her business websitewww.BarbaraBergstrom.com, or e-mail her atBarbaraBergstrom@aol.com.13

F E AT U R EJHI: NEW GLOBAL BRAND REVEALEDWith a new direction to position itself as a global organisation,JHI has worked diligently to create marketing vehiclesthat support its new global brand. With the developmentand implementation of the following items, JHI will nowbe viewed as the hub for global referrals and resourcesfor accounting and business advisory services.WebsiteUpgraded to reflect the organisation’s global presence, theJHI website provides a more fluid and streamlined navigationfor ease of use. The new global design and repositionedwebsite content not only advance JHI’s goal of mergingits operations and offerings into a unified global brand,but also complement the design and messaging of allcommunications. In addition to adding information abouthow JHI benefits its members’ international clients, emphasisis placed on fostering accessibility and interaction betweenmembers. The website now acts as a global resourceand meeting place for all audiences throughout theaccounting industry.E-NewsletterSocial MediaJHI has begun evaluating social networking sites such asFacebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, with the idea of activelyparticipating in the social media space to further enhanceits global presence. Because these sites have interactivecapabilities, JHI will have the ability to recruit new members,showcase JHI members’ expertise and facilitate memberinteraction and participation.Member Recruitment BrochureDesigned with a professional look and feel, the memberrecruitment brochure’s purpose is to accurately communicateJHI member benefitsand value. Detailing howthe association works andthe reasons members stayaffiliated with JHI, the brochureis ready to use for drawing inmore exceptional accountancyfirms to help memberbusinesses grow.A monthly electronic newsletter, JHI Assets provides timelycommunications and consistent direction to current andprospective members. Content includes event updates,industry trends, association activities and regional news,keeping JHI top of mind among the membership and helpingto keep them up to date on key association information.Global PR CampaignCreating a global perception for JHI among the mediacontinues to be a strong focus throughout all publicrelations efforts. The campaign focuses on large, widelycirculatedpublications and influential online media tobroaden JHI’s reach, while continuing to cultivate thoserelationships with trade publications that have alreadytaken an interest in the organisation. JHI is also workingwith member firms with PR contacts to distribute pressreleases to regional markets to further increase itsglobal visibility.14 J H I N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 0 w w w . j h i . c o m

With offices in the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe, JHI is a leading internationalassociation for independent business advisors, financial consulting and accountancyfirms. JHI exists to support the development of its member firms by facilitatingcommunication, exchange, networking and resource sharing worldwide. Itsmembers benefit from global networking while maintaining total practiceindependence.JHI Connections is intended to provide news and features of practical interest toJHI member firms and their valued clients. Articles contained herein are forinformational purposes only and should not be taken as professional advice.JHI welcomes any articles, letters and suggestions from its readers. Anycommunications, suggestions, or copy contributions should be addressed directlyto Kaitlin Friedmann at kfriedmann@jhi.com.15

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