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Al NoorAnnouncements• Atfal Class, every Saturday, 11am-12:30pm at Ackroydon Hall. All Atfal of InnerPark are requested to attend these classes. All Atfal must bring a pen and adiary to the class, and must always wear a “Topi”.• Ta’leem Class every Saturday in Ackroydon Hall at 1:30pm.• Majlis-e-Aamla Meeting likely to be held on Saturday, 12th February at12:30pm in Ackroydon Hall.• General Meeting likely to be held on Saturday, 19th February 2011 at AckroydonHall.Visit to an Old Peoples HomeInner Park Qiadat visited a Local Old Peoples Home at Victoria Drive, SW19. QaidMajlis Atta-Ul-Manan Sahib, Naib Regional Qaid Zia-Ul-Haq Sahib, Naib MohtamimKhidmat-e-Khalq Tariq Riazuddin Sahib and Motamid Raza Ul Haq Sahib paid avisit on Saturday, 29th January at about 4:30 PM, after arranging the visit beforehand.We handed the manager of that day some sweets for the residents and thestaff. We stayed there for about 40 minutes, where we were introduced to someresidents and had the opportunity to talk to some of them. Some were delighted byour visit, and wehope to see themagain soon, with upcomingvisits on aregular basis.This article has also been published in the Wandsworth Guardian online edition at can also have a look at our previous activities at Noor Newsletter 4

Al NoorRNIB Charity Collection at TescoOn Thursday 27 th January 2011, members of Inner Park Qiadat helped the RNIBcollect money at Tesco in Addleston, KT15 2AB.Despite the freezing temperatures, Khuddamwere able to spare most of their days, and providecollectors from 9:30am till 6pm. May Allahbless their efforts, Ameen.1 st Quarter Prescribed ReadingFor the 1st Quarter of this Khuddam year, the prescribed Book was‘Jesus in India’. All Khuddam are requested to read this book toenhance their knowledge on this topic and also prepare for the firstTaleem Test, which will mainly be about this Book.You can read it online at: Noor Newsletter 5

Al NoorLocal Tarbiyyat ForumOn Sunday, 23 rd January 2011, Inner Park held a Tarbiyyat Forum. Proceedingsbegan with the recitation of the Holy Qur’an, followed by the Khuddam Pledge, anda presentation of a Saying of the Holy Prophet (saw).Ahmad Mohammad Ahsan Sahib then addressed the Khuddam and Atfal on thetopic of “Punishment of Theft in Islam”. This was held first in Urdu, followed by anEnglish Summary of it. This was very informative, as it is often accused, that Islamhas a very strict punishment for theft. It was made clear, that only certain types oftheft are punished by cutting off the left hand.To conclude, the forum ended with Silent Prayers.Sehat-e-JismaniInter Qiadat Football LeagueDrawn in Group A. The results so far:Inner Park 2-9 Jamia (15/01/2011)Inner Park 4-3 Worcester Park (29/01/2011)Lower Morden 2-9 Inner Park (05/02/2011)The chances to play in the knock-out stageare still there, as Inner Park will face LowerHounslow North on 19th February.PROPOSED Regional Go-Karting EventMasroor Region is planning a Go-KartingEvent in February or March. The details arebelow:- Sandown Park Racing Circuit (900m circuit)- Over 16- £60 per driver- Total 1hr 30mins- Minimum 15 drivers, maximum 32 DriversIf you are interested in participating in thisevent, , please email your name and AIMS IDto Cricket LeagueThe Indoor Cricket League is a cricket competitionbetween regions. The Masroor Region iscaptained by Touseef Ahmad, Naib Qaid III ofInner Park. The newly created MasroorRegion won the opener match against thenewly created Tahir Region. The next matcheswill be against Bait-un-Noor, Bait-ul-Futuh,East, Muqami and South.MKA Badminton TournamentLocation: Whitgift School, Haling Park, SouthCroydon, Surrey, CR2 6YTDate & Time: Sunday, 27th February 2011,9AM-6PMRegistration: Register by emailing,providing them withthe following details: Name, AIMS, Qiadat,Region, Skill Level (Beginner, Intermediate,Expert)There will also be a Registration Fee of£5.00Web: Noor Newsletter 6

Al NoorMessage from Qaid MajlisDear Khuddam and Atfal of Inner Park,The Masroor Regional Ijtema will Insha’Allah take place on Saturday, 2 nd April2011. The syllabus is the same as at the Local Ijtema. I would like all Khuddamand Atfal to attend this Ijtema, and would humbly request you to arrange for takingthe days off from work or any other commitments you may have as early as possible,so that you may benefit from the event.Any questions or information, please contact me at QalamMajlis Ansar Sultanul Qalam MKA UK was founded in 2005 in response to the directives ofHazrat Khalifatul Masih Al-Khamis (atba) to form a body of Khuddam to respond to allegationsagainst Islam and its noble Prophet (PBUH). This group functions under the guidance andsupervision of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK. Sultan Al-Qalam was a title given by Allah tothe promised Messiah (as) and means ‘King of the Pen’.The team is involved in monitoring the web for press articles and media items that attack Islam(or Ahmadiyyat specifically) and coordinating responses from our membership. We also liaisewith the Jama’at International Press Department and circulate relevant Jama’at Press Releaseswith our responses. Through our monitoring we also collate and circulate ‘Interesting Reads’ toour membership on a weekly basis.By the Grace of God Almighty, since 2005, the membership has grown to 276 UK Khuddam, 99compilations of Interesting Reads & 53 Alerts have been issued to members (to rapidly respondto media articles), 35 responses from the membership have been published and hundreds ofcomments have been placed on websites & blogs.Kindly please pray that God Almighty enables us to grow the group and increase itseffectiveness so that we may fulfill the divinely directed objectives that have been set out for usbelow, Ameen!If you wish to join the membership, please email and alsoinform your Local Qaid and Local Nazim Ishaat.Al Noor Newsletter 7

Al NoorMajlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya Inner ParkI bear witness that there is none worthy ofworship except Allah. He is One and hasno partner, and I bear witness that MuhammadSAW is His servant and messenger.I solemnly pledge that I shall always beready to serve Islam, Ahmadiyyat, TheNation and the Country.I shall always speak the truth I shall notuse foul language against anybody and Ishall strive to obey ALL the commands ofKhalifatul Masih. Insha’Allah.Majlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya PledgeAtfal ChandaAtfal Chanda for the whole year is £15£12 Atfal Chanda and £3 Ijtema ChandaPlease pay your Chanda at the next Atfal ClassAnnouncementsWeekly Atfal Class takes place everySaturday, 11am-12:30pm at (Lower)Ackroydon Hall (26 Montfort Place, SW196QL).Please make sure you attend theseclasses and arrive on time. Always bring apen, diary and a “Topi” with you.Please send us your issues, suggestions, questions, articles and feedback, for the next issue to:atfal-team-inner-park@hotmail.comAl Noor Newsletter 8

Al NoorMajlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya Inner ParkSummary of the topic, addressed at the Tarbiyyat Forum on Sunday, 23rd JanuaryPunishment of Theft in Islam“These are the limits set by Allah, so approach them not. Thus, does Allah make His commandments clear to menso that they may become secure against evil.” (2:188)The Holy Quran provides specific punishments for only four offences, that is, adultery, slandering, murder and theft.These offences appear to have been selected to indicate that life, family institution, property, honour and social orderhave to be protected.A cursory glance is enough to realise the horrific, extensive and extremely profound impact these crimes have uponsociety and as a result of not taking appropriate measures to check and prevent them, society is ruined and destroyed.In fact, these are the four crimes which have dominated society and are responsible for most of the sufferingand misery that is witnessed in the world today.“And as for the man who steals and the woman who steals, cut off their hands in retribution of their offence as anexemplary punishment from Allah. And Allah is Mighty, Wise.” (5:39)As far as the structure of society is concerned, Islam builds it on simple living, truth, righteousness and abstinencefrom absurdities of life and senseless customs. Islam establishes a society which is pure of such frolics and has theleast causes which could be held responsible to tempt someone to steal. These are the aspects of the society whichirrespective of religion or belief are to be observed by every subject of an Islamic State.As far as Muslims are concerned, there is emphasis on worship and purity of heart and sight, and the moral teachingprovides details regarding obligations to humans.In the light of all that, if the residents of a country are truly Muslims, the thought of stealing should be unimaginable.However, it is sad that in the real situation, such a scenario is difficult to present. The Muslim States have sadly becomethe hubs and breeding grounds of evil crime, fraud and falsehood, let alone theft and robbery.In these circumstances, there can be no better punishment than the one imposed by Islam, that is, the punishmentof cutting the hands. Such a punishment becomes a warning indicator and a deterrent for others.Moreover, this punishment has a very powerful effective force for the prevention of stealing.In the early history of Islam, there there were extremely rare cases of the cutting of the hands since the prescribedpunishment was put in place, primarily as a deterrent. Consequently, there were hardly any thieves. But when onewas caught, he was dealt with scrupulously and the punishment enforced rigidly. The Holy Prophet (Peace andblessings of Allah be upon him) strictly forbade allowance of any concession or favour in the matter of ‘hadd’ punishmentswithout any distinction.We are told in a hadith, narrated by Hadrat Ayesha (ra), that a woman from a noble family once committed theft. TheQuraish were very embarrassed and disturbed by the incident. They sent Osama bin Zaid to the Holy Prophet toseek forgiveness for the woman. Huzur (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was deeply offended and said,‘How dare you intercede in the matter of limits fixed by Allah?’ Hudur stood up and said: ‘People before you weredestroyed because when a prominent and influential person committed theft he was not apprehended and when anordinary person committed theft he was given the severest punishment! By God, if the daughter of Muhammad(Peace be upon him) committed theft, I shall cut her hands and not allow any concession at all!’ (Muslim Kitab AlHudoodBa’ab Qata Assariq)For the punishment of cutting the hands of a thief, Islam has also laid down limits on conditions such as that the stolengoods should not be edible on which the sustenance of life depends or pilfering or lifting. For such offences someother form of befitting punishment is meted out.The philosophy of punishments in Islam indicates that Islam provides punishment only as a last resort with the purposeof reform brought about through a blending of human values and justice tempered with mercy. Encouragingforgiveness where it is likely to reform and improve things, providing severe punishment where there is clear disregardand exceeding the limit of lawAl Noor Newsletter 9

Al NoorPrayer TimingsFajr 6:30Zuhr 13:00Asr 15:30Maghrib 17:15Ishaa 20:00Prayer Timings for Fazl Mosque—on 5th February 2011Tariq MagazineThe Tariq Magazine is apublication and is theAhmadiyya Muslim YouthAssociation‘s main organ tocommunicate with all itsmembers in the UK. Themagazine itself has alwaysbeen designed, proof read andpublished by teams of unpaidvolunteers.A nominal subscription ofonly £6 per year helps tofund printing and postagecosts.The Inner Park Khuddam newsletter team welcomes your comments or suggestions forimprovements to this newsletter. We also wish to receive material for publication. Inparticular we would like to hear about any jama’at news or information on any subject oflife. Please note that all material should be provided in electronic format together withphotographs where appropriate.The deadline to submit your material is the 10th of each month. Please help us to makethis newsletter successful .Please send all your correspondence to either Local Qaid or the email shown below.Jazakallah and remember the newsletter publishing team in your prayers .Any queries, questions, feedback etc. please email us Noor Newsletter 10

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