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2010 Rhone - The Wine Society

Orders by Website,Post and Fax onlyby 9pm,Tuesday 14th February, 2012An Opening Offer of2010 Rhône &Languedoc RoussillonThe perfect ten: 2010 north and south is an exceptionalvintage that should not be missedOld vines in Gigondas where 2010 brought stunning success to this famous appellationEvery member should buy a case or two of 2010 Rhône. It is a vintage not to be missed. Recent years havebeen good, even very good, but 2010 is an exceptional vintage both in the north and south and as suchcompares well to 1990. There is a very wide choice available though some of the quantities for each winewill be limited due to very low yields.What makes a perfect score?The answer is balance which in 2010 was as perfect as I have ever seen. The reds are very black and veryconcentrated but without heaviness. The tannins of 2010 were perfectly formed, polished, sweet and withno hint of dryness or bitterness. This vintage has everything, a sense of well being, power and poise.What happened in 2010Winter: Long and very cold. A temperature of -10.8ºC was recorded in Orange on 18th January and snow fellon three occasions. There was 40cm around Orange and Avignon and it stayed for a week. The vegetative cyclewas 12 days behind 2009 and 15 days behind 2007, and the harsh climate benefited the vines, killing pestsand bringing both water and nutrients to the soils.Spring: A very late and uneven flowering reduced yields considerably. Generally warm and dry.Summer: Again dry with cool nights. There were no excesses of heat and no drought. The grapes continuedto ripen slowly throughout the summer. Fair weather continued into September and through to October andthe condition of the grapes was perfect. The small crop produced bunches that were light and airy; the berrieswere small, thick skinned, sweet with very good acidity.RHJAN12/1thewinesociety.com/openingoffer

And the wines? The growing conditions in 2010 were clearly exceptional with a combination of factorsthat very rarely happen together and the results are stunning, sometimes overwhelming. Few growers wereable to put 2010 into context as it clearly resembles little during the last 20 years, though Jean Abeilleof Mont-Redon, a dependable old-timer, suggested a likeness to 1961.The Northern Rhône: The reds are black, fragrant, concentrated, sleek and savoury. Quality is simplywonderful throughout with fine individual efforts from all the top names. There is a special mention forCôte-Rôtie which has enjoyed its greatest vintage since 1999. The whites are brilliant with that addedfreshness doing wonders to the wines of Condrieu for example. It is a great vintage for Saint-Péray tooand we have added a cuvée from the rightly popular Domaine du Tunnel.The Southern Rhône: An extraordinary vintage and for once the concentration and power does not comewith very high alcohol. Indeed the 2010s have on average a half point less alcohol than 2009 or 2007.Châteauneuf-du-Pape earns its spurs in this vintage and such is the quality of 2010 that there is a choice oftwo mixed cases. Special mention must also go to Gigondas and Cairanne, both of which excelled in 2010.But I could mention more.Languedoc and Roussillon: Tiny yields throughout, even smaller in Collioure which was hit by galesand freezing rain in spring. The reds are magnificent with Aussières and Ollieux-Romanis deserving aspecial mention.Marcel Orford-WilliamsRhône BuyerThis offer will close at 9pm,Tuesday 14th February, 2012. For information regarding this offer after this date,please contact The Society on 01438 740222.In-bond price, UK deliveredRef per six per dozen2010 NORTHERN RHÔNEBrézème, Seyssuel and Vin de PaysMore and more growers are using the Vin de Pays designation for wines from younger vines or from vinesoutside appellation boundaries, and these, like the Côtes-du-Rhône from Brézème, offer great value formoney. Seyssuel is a new vineyard north of Côte-Rôtie and not yet an appellation but which in all likelihoodwill be. The wines are fabulous and similar to Côte-Rôtie in style.1. RH29471 Brézème, Côtes-du-Rhône Château de la Rolière - £65The tiny vineyard of Brézème still qualifies as northern Rhône thoughthere is something of the south about it. Syrah is grown on gentle,limestone slopes that overlook the river Drôme. The flavour is ripe andsweet-tasting, uncomplicated and not dissimilar to Crozes. 2013–2017.2. RH30841 La Rosine, Collines Rhodaniennes, Domaine Ogier £63 -This is one of the little secrets from the northern Rhône. The Ogierfamily owns this unclassified plot on the border between Côte-Rôtieand Condrieu. The slope is very steep and used to be planted withapricot trees. No offence to lovers of apricots but syrah is morerewarding. A sort of mini Côte-Rôtie and great value. 2013–2017.3. RH29491 Seul en Scène, Collines Rhodaniennes, Domaine Villard £125 -Some of the real excitement is coming from Seyssuel, an appellationin the making. Many Côte-Rôtie growers have planted here and thewines are all worth seeking out. This, from François Villard, isoutstanding in 2010. Explosive fruit and a flavour somewherebetween ripe cherry and lead pencil. 2014–2021.4. RH30851 Sotanum, Collines Rhodaniennes,Vins de Vienne £145 -Inky black, slatey syrah with flavours of graphite and black cherry.Very similar in style to a Côte-Rôtie but with attitude and more sinew.2016–2023.Page 2

Gilles Robin: rising talent in Crozes;he also makes delectable apricot nectarCrozes-Hermitage: with its advertising boards, here showing Chapoutier, one of theleading producersIn-bond price, UK deliveredRef per six per dozenCrozes-HermitageClassic northern Rhône syrah: dark and succulent reds for early to mid-term drinking,5. RH29511 Crozes-Hermitage, Meysonniers, Chapoutier £50 -Outstanding Crozes from Chapoutier delivering oodles of gorgeoussappy fruit. 2013–2019.6. RH29531 Crozes-Hermitage, Les Jalets, Paul Jaboulet Aîné - £105Textbook Crozes. Black, sappy, full of fruit and a sheer joy. 2013–2019.7. RH29521 Crozes-Hermitage, Les Pichères, Ferraton £55 -This is chunkier than the 2009, full flavoured and structured and willneed an extra year to come round.Very dark and brooding. 2015–2021.8. RH30891 Crozes-Hermitage, Cuvée Particulière, Domaine des Remizières - £110Gorgeous blackberry and blackcurrant fruit and in an open modernstyle, this is easy and uncomplicated. 2013–2016.9. RH30901 Crozes-Hermitage, Domaine des Grands Chemins, Delas £63 -This is syrah coming from vines owned by the estate, all from the areaknown as Les Chassis. Lots of fruit with some freshness. Good formid-term drinking. 2014–2019.10. RH30911 Crozes-Hermitage, Albéric Bouvet, Domaine Gilles Robin £65 -A modern style of Crozes, sweet, round with some oak and from vinesclose to Thalabert. Meticulously made, precise and delicious. The 2010has all the freshness of the vintage and seems to taste more of the rock.2013–2018.11. RH30921 Crozes-Hermitage, Cuvée Gaby, Domaine du Colombier £75 -The top cuvée of Crozes from a family of fruit farmers with vines inboth Crozes and Hermitage. As ever, the quality of fruit is what sets thisplump and full-flavoured syrah apart, and the 2010 offers a deliciousprospect for early to mid-term drinking. 2013–2018.12. RH29581 Crozes-Hermitage, Saint-Cosme £75 -Louis Barruol’s passion for the northern Rhône is second only toGigondas. For his Crozes he goes to the heart of the appellation, buyinggrapes from the village of Gervans, behind Hermitage. This is a muchmore serious interpretation of this popular appellation: inky-black,slatey and bursting with ripe fruit. Gorgeous! 2014–2021.Page 3

RefIn-bond price,UK delivered, per six13. RH29591 Crozes-Hermitage Cuvée Christophe, Domaine des Remizières £85A very impressive Crozes with trademark flavours of black olive paste andblackberry. Spicy too from the oak used in raising this syrah. 2015–2022.M14. RH29601 Crozes-Hermitage, Domaine de Thalabert, Paul Jaboulet Aîné £98This is as good as the 2009 but with more vibrant fruit and a wonderful senseof minerality. From Crozes-Hermitage there is little to match it. 2014–2024.Magnums available.Saint-JosephSome 26 villages, mostly tucked in beneath the granite escarpment that marks the right bank of the Rhône.Vines are generally planted on very steep slopes and offer a wonderful expression of syrah. Saint-Joseph isthe home of hand-crafted wines that offer excellent value for mid-term drinking.15. RH29651 Saint-Joseph, Offerus, Sélection Jean-Louis Chave £65The 2010 Offerus is mostly from Chave’s own vines, specifically those recentlybought from Florentin. This has depth, finesse and precision. 2014–2021.16. RH29661 Saint-Joseph, Clos de Cuminaille, Domaine Gaillard £85Pierre Gaillard, who used to work for Guigal, now owns vineyards as far awayas Banyuls. The core of the range though is here in the northern Rhône and oneof his signature wines is the Clos de Cuminaille. The 2010 has wonderful finesseand a core of ripe sweet fruit. A real charmer. 2014–2020.17. RH29611 Saint-Joseph, Arzelle,Vins de Vienne £85Lovely, soft and fruity Saint-Joseph, impeccably well made and in a modern cleanstyle. The 2010 is thick and sweet tasting. For early drinking. 2013–2017.18. RH28891 Saint-Joseph, Lieu Dit Paradis, Ferraton £85Black, slatey and blackcurranty, this is more Cornas-like in style, full flavouredwith bags of character. 2015–2022.19. RH29621 Saint-Joseph, Les Olivaies, Domaine Coursodon £98Domaine Coursodon is another good source of Saint-Joseph. The style is alsomodern with the accent on big, bold fruit flavours and oak which in generalneeds a year or two to diminish. The 2010 is dark with a grainy-like textureand a polished finish. 2014–2021.20. RH29631 Saint-Joseph, Les Royes, Domaine Courbis £98This vineyard is on limestone, unusual for Saint-Joseph, set on very steepterraces. The limestone makes for a fine, softer style of syrah. Good use of oakgives this some fine polish. A modern style syrah, very appealing andexceptionally well made. 2014–2020.Jerôme Coursodon: bringing realvitality to a well establishedDomaine in Saint-JosephLaurent Courbis: Laurent and his brotherDominique make stylish wines from Saint-Joseph and CornasPage 4Jean Gonon:his Saint-Joseph is aconspicuous success in 2010

RefIn-bond price,UK delivered, per six21. RH29371 Saint-Joseph, Domaine Gripa £98A delicious, full-flavoured Saint-Joseph. Dark and spicy and made by a topwinemaker who places the emphasis on fruit and freshness. Perfect for earlydrinking. 2013–2017.22. RH29401 Saint-Joseph, Domaine Gonon £98Brothers Pierre and Jean Gonon are leading growers in Saint-Joseph with cellarsjust down the road from Chave. Their 2010 is black and powerful with ripe,blackberry-like fruit and a positive structure that makes it similar to 2005 butmaybe with the charm of 2006. A conspicuous success. 2015–2022.23. RH28901 Saint-Joseph, Lieu Dit Saint-Joseph, Ferraton £103Ferraton, under Chapoutier management, produces wines from single vineyardsin the best years. This comes from the heart of Saint-Joseph. It is full, but gentle,elegant and fine, with flavours of liquorice, slate and blackberry. 2014–2020.24. RH29641 Saint-Joseph, Domaine Bernard Faurie £115Bernard Faurie is better known for his Hermitage but he also owns a few vineson the other side of the Rhône where he makes a stylish and forward drinkingSaint-Joseph. The 2010 is rich and almost chocolaty with a nice core of ripetannins. 2013–2018.25. RH29671 Saint-Joseph, Les Reflets, Domaine Villard £135François Villard has always been better known for his whites but his reds aredefinitely worth looking at too. This Saint-Joseph is outstanding with real classand complexity. It will need time though. 2016–2022.26. RH28931 Saint-Joseph, Granits, Chapoutier £135A lovely syrah with real poise and balance from Chapoutier’s own vines plantedon granite slopes at the heart of Saint-Joseph. 2014–2021.CornasCornas has a distinctive identity in the northern Rhône and the style of wine is more Mediterranean.This means that the wines are fuller-bodied, often with flavours of black olive and thyme. The 2010s arelovely, combining weight of fruit with subtle tannins and rare freshness.27. RH29691 Cornas, Domaine Durand £99Made by two brothers who farm good plots in the best parts of Cornas and workto make an approachable style of wine without any rusticity. A good source ofCornas and one that can be approached early. 2014–2021.28. RH29751 Cornas, Champelrose, Domaine Courbis £103A stylish interpretation of Cornas where good use of oak has rounded off someof the edges. Dark and brooding with good structure and excellent weight offruit. Good value. 2014–2021.29. RH29711 Cornas, Domaine Alain Verset £103Alain is the nephew of the great Noël and he took on partof his uncle’s vineyard. His wine is delicious, deceptivelysoft, uncomplicated and satisfying. It just needs a decentsteak and perhaps a gratin dauphinois. 2014–2021.Alain Verset30. RH29701 Cornas, Patou, Domaine Dumien-Serrette £110In 2009 Gilbert made one of the standout wines of the vintage. The 2010 is justas good though different in style, less garrigues and more black, stony freshnesswith a wonderful surge of blackcurrant fruit. 2016–2025.Mindicates magnums available – see Order Form for pricesPage 5

RefIn-bond price,UK delivered, per six31. RH29741 Cornas, Grandes Terrasses, Paul Jaboulet Aîné £110Jaboulet are owners of some of the highest vineyards in Cornas and some of theirwine goes into this splendid effort. There is real swagger here, rich brambley,tarry flavours and a persistent finish. 2015–2023.32. RH29721 Cornas, Chaillots, Domaine Balthazar £125Old vines from the top Chaillots slope is key here. This Cornas is carefully madeusing larger barrels that mark the wines less. This 2010 is full flavoured, darkand softly textured. 2015–2023.33. RH28921 Cornas, Les Eygats, Ferraton £133Very fine, rich-tasting Cornas, sinewy and mineral but plush velvet too. Blackolive and blackcurrant fruit with a very long finish. 2015–2022.34. RH29731 Cornas, Domaine du Tunnel £148Stéphanne Robert has acquired old vines in Cornas and this charming andtalented grower, who has a pinball machine in his shop, is making Cornas withdepth and personality. 2014–2021.35. RH29761 Cornas, Vieilles Vignes, Domaine Voge £165Alain Voge makes three cuvées from some of the best plots in Cornas.This is from old vines and is tightly wrought, very fine and quite concentrated.The 2010 is quite outstanding with real density and character. 2016–2026.36. RH29771 Cornas, Sabarotte, Domaine Courbis £205Sabarotte is in southern Cornas, on granite and fully south facing, and as suchthe grapes receive a lot of heat, giving them just that extra degree of ripeness.The 2010 is sinewy and rich with great weight of super-ripe fruit. This willage well. 2015–2027.M37. RH29781 Cornas, Domaine Saint Pierre, Paul Jaboulet Aîné £220The Saint Pierre vineyard is itself evidence of climate change. It is right at the topof the escarpment and not so many years ago was considered too cold for syrahto ripen properly. How things have changed. This is complex, with wild herbs,blackcurrant and sun-dried raisins with huge depth. 2017–2031.Magnums available.38. RH29241 Cornas, Chaillots, Domaine Thiérry Allemand £238This is the cuvée of young vines which here means about 40 years. Wonderfullybalanced, fruity and elegant with staying power. Currently the ‘98 is wonderfuland gives a clue to the ageing potential. Allemand uses very little sulphur sodecanting is essential. 2016–2025.39. RH29791 Cornas, Vieille Fontaine, Domaine Voge £238This is only made in very good vintages and comes from a plot of very old vinesnear La Sabarotte. The 2010 is ripe, herby with a touch of liquorice. 2017–2025.40. RH29251 Cornas, Les Reynards, Domaine Thiérry Allemand £280This is seriously vieilles vignes, some of the syrah here goes back to 1900. Blackand brooding, still tight but with oodles of fruit and matter. One for the longhaul. 2019–2030.Mindicates magnums available – see Order Form for pricesPage 6

Cellars at CornasDomaine Garon: making fine, stylishwines in Côte-Rôtie. Great wines in2010Bernard Burgaud: big Bernard neverfails to deliver a deep-coloured andfull-flavoured Côte-RôtieRefCôte-Rôtie2010 is unquestionably a great vintage for Côte-Rôtie. The wines have everything: poise, depth anda wonderful sense of finesse. This is the best vintage since 1999.In-bond price,UK delivered, per six41. RH29831 Côte-Rôtie, Triotes, Domaine Garon £135This estate now makes a cuvée from young vines and this is a good thing as itmeans that their main wine, Triotes, has more flavour and concentration. This hassweetness and charm and should be lovely for early to mid-term drinking.2014–2022.42. RH29801 Côte-Rôtie, Château de Montlys £135This comes from the northern-most part of Côte-Rôtie and on land that had beenhalf abandoned since phylloxera. Christophe Semaska, of Baltic origin, is thevigneron and makes delightful, fragrant, sensual wine. The 2010 has lovely silkytannins. 2014–2021.43. RH29811 Côte-Rôtie, Domaine Niéro £140Robert Niéro makes a soft and very appealing style of Côte-Rôtie from vines thatare mostly at the southern end of the appellation. Very stylish and sleek.2014–2020.44. RH29841 Côte-Rôtie, Domaine Burgaud £140Big Bernard Burgaud has produced a stunning 2010. Very black, concentratedand thickly textured. This will keep well. 2016–2025.45. RH29901 Côte-Rôtie, Du Plessis, Domaine Barge £140In 2010 we’ve gone back to his traditional Du Plessis cuvée which is mostlyCôte Blonde and has a little viognier fermented together with the syrah.Lots of charm here and lovely supple tannins. Gorgeous. 2014–2023.46. RH29851 Côte-Rôtie, Domaine Gaillard £140Pierre Gaillard likes to include viognier in his reds which gives added fragranceand helps make a very round, polished wine for early to mid-term drinking.The 2010 has added depth and refinement. 2015–2022.47. RH29871 Côte-Rôtie, Domaine Clusel-Roch £150This is mostly northern Côte-Rôtie and so is darker and a little stricter. The flavourof this gorgeous 2010 is of ripe and intense cherry. Lovely long finish. 2015–2021.Page 7

Stéphane Ogier: made wine across the world beforetaking over from his fatherRefLa Chapelle: the 2010 is a stunning successIn-bond price,UK delivered, per six48. RH29411 Côte-Rôtie, La Germine, Duclaux £150This is a well established property with vines down in the south of Côte-Rôtie.The style is lighter, more Blonde-like and readier sooner. The 2010 is whollysuccessful and will be a charmer. 2014–2022.49. RH29821 Côte-Rôtie, Nicolas Perrin £150This is a partnership between Nicolas Jaboulet and Perrin Frères which isproducing a range of wines where elegance is to the fore. The Côte-Rôtie issouthern in style, though Nicolas did include a barrel of Grandes Places to addstructure. Perfect for early to mid-term drinking. 2014–2020.50. RH29941 Côte-Rôtie, Côte Brune, Domaine Barge £150Very black, intense with great finesse and staying power. This is proper Côte-Rôtie.2016–2025.51. RH29911 Côte-Rôtie, Cordeloux, Domaine Bénetières £160Quite literally a vin de garage as Pierre Bénetières operates from a ramshackleshed in Condrieu. The wines however are elegant with real character and goodpotential for mid-term drinking. 2015–2023.52. RH29881 Côte-Rôtie, Becasses, Chapoutier £160Wonderful fragrance here, medium bodied, elegant cherry fruit with a lot ofelegance. 2014–2022.53. RH29951 Côte-Rôtie, La Viaillere, Saint-Cosme £165Deeply coloured, almost black, very rich and concentrated. This is a northernstyleCôte-Rôtie with its flavours of graphite. Bags of character here and a realsense of what Côte-Rôtie is about. 2015–2023.54. RH29921 Côte-Rôtie, Seigneur de Maugiron, Delas £1752010 is again a great vintage for this Côte-Rôtie. Full, rich and sensual withplenty of concentration too. 2015–2024.55. RH29861 Côte-Rôtie, Domaine Ogier £193A more modern approach to syrah with exemplary use of new oak. For all itsconsiderable colour and richness this is also a very elegant Côte-Rôtie. The 2010will repay keeping. 2016–2022.Page 8

RefIn-bond price,UK delivered, per six56. RH29961 Côte-Rôtie, Ampodium, Domaine Rostaing £198It is fashionable to give names and René Rostaing has picked the Roman forAmpuis for what he sometimes used to refer as his classique cuvée. The 2010is full, concentrated and very dark. A wonderfully sensual Côte-Rôtie. 2016–2022.57. RH29891 Côte-Rôtie, Les Rochains, Domaine Garon £210Guigal’s La Turque comes from near here and this has similar weight and powerbut at a fraction of the price. This is an estate that deserves to be better known.This is their top wine and is outstanding in 2010. Black, complete withextravagant fruit. 2016–2025.58. RH29931 Côte-Rôtie, Les Jumelles, Paul Jaboulet Aîné £210Maison Jaboulet now owns vines in Côte-Rôtie and this added commitmentshows clearly. The 2010 is a brilliant effort, their best for many years. Elegance,refinement, rich black-cherry fruit and wonderful length. 2014–2022.59. RH29971 Côte-Rôtie, La Landonne, Domaine Rostaing £380Wonderfully fragrant, muscular and very long. 2017–2029.60. RH29981 Côte-Rôtie, Côte Blonde, Domaine Rostaing £388Fabulous too, rich, complex and velvety. 2018–2029.61. RH28961 Côte-Rôtie, La Mordorée, Chapoutier £425Made from a plot of 70-year-old vines close to the Côte Blonde, this iswonderfully refined, sleek, mineral and classy. 2016–2025.Hermitage – which can be spelled with or without the ‘H’2010 and 2009 are back-to-back vintages of exceptional quality. The 2009s have the power while the 2010shave the raciness and elegance.62. RH29991 Hermitage, Domaine de la Tourette £160This is one of the best and also most underrated wines from Hermitage. In 2010,it is one of the top wines from Delas. Rich, tarry and dark with a thick textureand very satisfying finish. 2016–2024.63. RH30001 Ermitage, Nicolas Perrin £215For the most part this comes from Les Greffieux. This is deeply coloured, fullflavoured, a touch peppery, spicy and long. All finesse here and a lovely bottleof Hermitage in the making. 2016–2024.64. RH30031 Hermitage, Cuvée Emilie, Domaine des Remizières £215Inky black, rich and concentrated. There is plenty of oak flavour which will needtime to integrate. 2017–2026.65. RH30011 Hermitage, Monier de Sizeranne, Chapoutier £220Like their Crozes, this is a brilliant effort from Chapoutier. Full, dark, even black.Flavours of liquorice and black-cherry fruit and with a penetrating finish.2016–2030.66. RH30041 Hermitage, Domaine Bernard Faurie £220From what seems like a garage beneath a rather unprepossessing town houseon the outskirts of Tournon come minute quantities of outstanding Hermitage.Bernard’s vines are in Bessards, Méal and Greffieux and for The Wine Societyhe makes a blend of all three. The 2010 is quietly outstanding. 2015–2028.67. RH30021 Hermitage, La Petite Chapelle, Paul Jaboulet Aîné £240Caroline Frey says of this cuvée that it should be as good as Chapelle was in thepast. Bessards and Méal fruit provide the backbone but the grapes are morelikely to come from lower down the slopes. The 2010 is ripe, rich and blackand is a great wine in its own right. 2015–2024.Page 9

In-bond price, UK deliveredRef per six per dozenM68. RH30051 Hermitage La Chapelle, Paul Jaboulet Aîné £650 -Essence of crushed blackberry; black and densely packed with a hugeconcentration of flavours and a very long finish. Fabulous. 2020–2035.Magnums available.69. RH28951 Ermitage, l’Ermite Chapoutier £875 -L’Ermite is at the top of Hermitage and indeedsurrounds the famous Chapelle. The vines forthis cuvée were planted before the war andproduce an Hermitage with exceptionallyfine tannins. The 2010 is stunning.2018–2030.2010 SOUTHERN RHONEGreat vintages are truly great when the magic is not just reserved for the great wines but also for the littlewines, especially in the south. In 2010 achieving ripeness was not a problem and for all growers 2010 isa great vintage, the best since 2007 in the south, though in a different, fresher style. We think our selectionof Rhône growers is second to none. Do try them.The right bank including Lirac, Saint-Gervais and LaudunThese are generous wines but with a sense of style, finesse, even discipline and occasionally a little wildeccentricity.70. RH30061 Laudun, Château Courac - £55Courac is a large estate that can be generous with its prices and it isalways a source of good value Rhône. The speciality here is the qualityof the syrah grape which forms the majority of this blend alongsidegrenache and mourvèdre. Deeply coloured, plummy and full flavoured.No oak. 2013–2019.71. RH30081 Côtes-du-Rhône Villages, ‘Omar Khayyam’ Mas du Libian - £72Hélène Thibon is an outstanding winemaker and with her familyproduces some of the most remarkable wines in the southern Rhône.Her estate is in the Ardèche, close to the famous gorges. This, one ofher top wines, is 75% grenache with syrah and mourvèdre in support,all organically farmed. Very full bodied but very pure at the same time.2014–2020.72. RH30091 Lirac, Château Mont-Redon - £75For years, Lirac has been undervalued but the word is about and pricesare beginning to edge up. There is huge potential in Lirac as some ofthe terroir is very similar to Châteauneuf. Mont-Redon makes theirsinto a mini Châteauneuf, very polished, spicy with some complexity.The 2010 is stunning. 2013–2020.73. RH30071 Côtes-du-Rhône Villages Notre Dame des Celettes, Domaine Sainte Anne - £85Domaine Sainte Anne is one of the remarkable estates in the southernRhône. The Stenmaiers, originally from Burgundy, were pioneers,introducing both syrah and mourvèdre to the area. This though isgrenache-dominated and has wonderful sweetness and thick, black fruit.Brilliant value for money. 2013–2019.74. RH30101 Saint Gervais, Domaine Sainte Anne £49 -With its high percentage of mourvèdre, this is one of the mostinteresting Rhône wines and great value for money. The 2010 is quitewonderful and multi layered. It also needs a little patience as this showsbest after many years in bottle. 2016–2022.Mindicates magnums available – see Order Form for pricesPage 10

Hélène Thibon: making sumptuous wines Richard Maby: gradually turning this estate into a leader of both Tavelwith a wonderful expression of ripe fruit and LiracIn-bond price, UK deliveredRef per six per dozen75. RH30111 Lirac, Nessun Dorma, Domaine Maby £58 -Made from nearly 50% very ripe mourvèdre without a single note ofPuccini. Richard Maby is striving to make his the leading estate in Liracand the 2010 is a triumphant success. 2013–2022.76. RH30121 Saint Gervais, Les Mourillons, Domaine Sainte Anne £63 -This is a brilliant wine, made using 100% syrah and showing flavoursof thick olive and blackberry. Like all Saint Anne wines this will keepvery well. 2016–2025.The northern hills: Uchaux, Valréas and VinsobresThe northern fringes dominated by newly promoted Vinsobres offer wines with elegance and just a notchless heat. There are sub-alpine influences here that make this a haven for the syrah grape in particular.77. RH30131 Côtes-du-Rhône, Réserve Wine Society, Perrin et Fils - £42This follows on from the success of 2009 and we again worked withPierre Perrin on an exclusive blend. The 2010 uses similar elementswith much coming from the northern fringes around Vinsobres. Againthere is a strong mourvèdre presence as in Beaucastel itself. No oak butbountiful fruit instead. 2013–2018.78. RH30171 Vinsobres, Altitude, Domaine Jaume - £59Two wines to choose from the Jaumes. This comes from high up atover 400m and has more syrah in the blend. It is dark, complete andutterly delicious. No oak to come in the way either. 2014–2022.79. RH30151 Côtes-du-Rhône, Mon Coeur, Chave Sélection - £65Jean-Louis Chave as a négociant likes to construct his Côtes-du-Rhônearound some ripe syrah fruit which he blends with grenache andmourvèdre. Much of this fruit comes from these more northern hillssuch as Visan and Vinsobres. The whole is then raised in wood for atime in order to curb any excess. The 2010 is very fine and deliciouslyfruity. 2014–2020.80. RH30141 Massif d’Uchaux, Château Saint Estève - £70This is an important and well-known château that was one of the firstto bottle its own wine. It has since converted to organic farming andevery summer the château is host to a Liszt-inspired piano festival.These are wines that give huge enjoyment with their abundant fruitand well-crafted soft tannins. 2013–2020.Page 11

Vinsobres: a hill village, as pretty as a picture and producing outstanding winesIn-bond price, UK deliveredRef per six per dozen81. RH30161 Valréas, Domaine Val Des Rois - £70We said goodbye to Romain Bouchard who passed away last year.2010 is a fitting last vintage as it is undoubtedly one of the greatestwines ever made here. Grenache and syrah, no oak but an abundanceof fruit and concentration. 2014–2021.M82. RH30181 Vinsobres, Référence, Domaine Jaume - £75This Jaume comes from the middle of the slope so it is riper and fullerand also includes some of the Jaume’s best vines of mourvèdre. All theelements too were raised in oak for over a year for greater complexity.Thick, spicy and very long. 2015–2024. Magnums available.83. RH30191 Vinsobres, Les Hauts de Julien, Perrin Frères £105 -The Perrins are major landowners in Vinsobres and use the wines inmany of their blends. They do make Vinsobres including this top cuvéefrom equal proportions of grenache and syrah, which is raised inbarrel. There is plenty of concentration here but also real finesse.2015–2022.The central hills: Cairanne, Rasteau, Roaix and Plan de DieuCairanne and Rasteau, best known of the named villages, stood out in 2010. The wines are very big, veryfull bodied and as with so many villages wine, excellent value for money.84. RH29281 Cairanne, Domaine de l’Ameillaud - £55This is a lovely full-flavoured southern Rhône made from a majorityof ripe grenache with a little syrah and carignan. Spicy, full with bagsof fruit. For early drinking. 2013–2017.85. RH30221 Côtes-du-Rhône Villages, Secret de Famille, Paul Jaboulet Aîné - £62This is 60:40 grenache-syrah fruit with much coming from Vinsobresand nearby Tulette and the syrah especially from across the Rhône inthe Gard. The wines were then given the La Lagune treatment, ageingin large conical casks. This is fabulously fruity and full. 2013–2018.86. RH30271 Cairanne, Le Bonneau, Domaine Delubac - £62Two larger than life brothers make the wine here and the wines matchthem precisely. Big, generous, full bodied with lovely plummy fruit.Gorgeous. 2013–2020.87. RH30251 Cairanne, Peyre Blanche, Perrin Frères - £65The Perrins have recently bought property in Cairanne, all farmedorganically. This is 75% grenache and 25% syrah. There is lots ofconcentration and sweetness and a splendidly long finish. Good valuetoo. 2013–2020.Mindicates magnums available – see Order Form for pricesPage 12

RefIn-bond price,UK delivered, per dozen88. RH30301 Roaix, Domaine Pique-Basse, As du Pique £75This is for those who like very full-bodied wines: 80% grenache with equalamounts of syrah and mourvèdre, no oak but nearly 15 degrees of alcohol.Plummy, thick and splendid. 2014–2019.89. RH30201 Côtes-du-Rhône, Les Deux Albions, Saint-Cosme £85Louis Barruol, always full of energy, runs a small négoce business from hischâteau in Gigondas. He made wonderful wines in 2010, few more deliciousthan this little blend from villages such as Cairanne and Vinsobres. In essencethis is 40% syrah with 50% grenache with a little cinsault, mourvèdre andclairette. Very dark and ripe with black olive and herbs. 2014–2019.90. RH30211 Cairanne, Ventabren, Domaine des Escaravailles £85Very dark, sweet, ripe fruit with soft tannins and very good value. Gilles Ferranhas been consistently good since our first vintage in 2004. 2013–2018.91. RH30231 Rasteau, Domaine de la Soumade £90With less grenache this year, André Roméro has included a little more syrah intothe blend which brings more colour and fragrance. This has wonderful fruitflavours and great length. Bravo André! 2014–2020.92. RH30261 Rasteau, La Ponce, Domaine des Escaravailles £95Made from 80% grenache and 20% syrah, this is big, thick, and wonderfullyfruity. A fireside red which will merit two or three years’ keeping. 2015–2023.93. RH30291 Cairanne, Domaine Coteaux de Travers £95Robert Charavin is one of the big names in Cairanne and Rasteau. This is fullbodied and very generous with thick blackberry fruit. 2014–2019.94. RH30241 Plan de Dieu, Domaine de Père en fille, Paul Jaboulet Aîné £105The Plan de Dieu is the continuation of Cairanne and Rasteau and is seen as aperfect place for growing grenache and mourvèdre. This was wonderful in 2009;the 2010 is better still. Black, tapenade, garrigue, huge concentration of flavour,depth and a perfect balance. 2014–2020.95. RH30281 Rasteau, Prestige, Domaine de la Soumade £125Here too André Roméro has used more syrah in the blend which gives this topcuvée a little more bloom and lift. Full bodied nonetheless though with a touchless alcohol than in recent vintages. 2015–2021.The eastern fringes: Gigondas, Vacqueyras, Beaumes de Venise, Séguret,Sablet and VentouxGigondas and the striking mountains of the Dentelles dominate here. Harvesting is always late and in 2010,this area benefited hugely from the Indian summer. Gigondas is outstanding. Vacqueyras is too and we haveadded a new signing from the Ventoux, half the price of many Châteauneufs and actually seriously good.96. RH30321 Séguret, Tradition, Domaine de Mourchon £75Séguret vines occupy similar mountain slopes to Gigondas. Here too grenacheis king; the wines are hearty and brimming with fruit. 2013–2019.97. RH30311 Sablet, Château du Trignon £82Lovely balance here with a flavour of wild herbs, dark fruit and spice. As the namesuggests, Sablet is on sand and the light soils make for wines that are round, suppleand approachable when young. 2013–2019.M98. RH30341 Vacqueyras Saint Roch, Clos des Cazaux £85The fruit for this cuvée is picked late for optimum ripeness, which in 2010resulted in a juicy, well-balanced wine. The blend is two-thirds grenache andone-third syrah. No oak so just loads of delicious fruit and real charm.2013–2020. Magnums available.Page 13

In-bond price, UK deliveredRef per six per dozen99. RH30331 Ventoux, Epicure, Château Valcombe - £85The Ventoux with its cooling breezes is in the news these days andfor all the right reasons. This property is on the move with new ownersconverting to organic farming and making wines with real appeal.The blend is 60% grenache, 25% carignan and 15% syrah, all raisedin tank. Very dark, fragrant and full flavoured with a lovely seam offreshness. 2013–2020.100. RH30351 Beaumes de Venise, Le Paradou, Paul Jaboulet Aîné - £90Big, sinewy and full of blackcurrant-like fruit and plenty of richness.This comes close to Gigondas in style and likewise has a dominance ofvery ripe grenache. 2014–2019.101. RH30361 Vacqueyras, Les Templiers, Clos des Cazaux - £95This is 100% syrah, very ripe, all blackberry and olive, with a whiff ofdried herbs. The 2010 is herbier than usual and has great concentrationand a palate of ripe fruit flavours with no oak. 2014–2021.M102. RH30381 Gigondas Tour Sarazzine, Clos des Cazaux £58 -A splendid effort here, rich and bountiful. 2014–2019.Magnums available.103. RH30371 Gigondas, Château du Trignon £58 -Since the Quiot family of Châteauneuf bought this property therehas been a minor revolution with wines of greater intensity andconcentration. The 2010 is splendidly full and generous. 2013–2020.104. RH30391 Séguret, Grande Réserve, Domaine de Mourchon £63 -The prestige cuvée is made from old grenache and syrah vines and thewines spend a year in barrel. Very full bodied, still tannic and full ofcharacter. This will need time to calm down but will be well worth thewait. 2016–2023.105. RH30411 Gigondas, Domaine du Cayron £78 -This is a small, traditional estate run by three sisters. Complexity isassured by the Faraud family’s ownership of various plots throughoutthe region. Long ageing in large foudres gives their Gigondas a lovelyglowing patina and The Society is able to pick its own cask. 2014–2023.106. RH30421 Gigondas, Château Saint-Cosme £78 -This delicious Gigondas has lots of finesse and power too. LouisBarruol tames his exuberant Gigondas with good use of the barrel.Best from 2015. 2015–2023.Louis Barruol: something of a polymath, a champion ofthe Rhône, and Gigondas in particularChâteauneuf-du-Pape: the best known appellation inthe Rhône Valley: superlative in 2010Page 14

RefIn-bond price,UK delivered, per six107. RH29231 Gigondas, Les Racines, Domaine Les Pallières £88Pallières produces two wines in different styles. Racines comes from older vinesand has the most substance. The 2010 is full and concentrated with lots ofweight and a long finish. 2015–2025.108. RH30401 Gigondas, Moulin de la Gardette, Ventabren £105This is the old vines cuvée which was especially brilliant in 2010. The blend is75% grenache, 20% syrah and 5% cinsault. Densely packed flavours that are fullof fruit and spice. 2015–2020.The following three wines are only available as part of mixed case OC3016. See page 22.Gigondas, Valbelle, Château Saint-Cosme85% grenache and 15% syrah, made from very old vines planted around the château. Fabulously rich,voluptuous and sweet. 2015–2023.Gigondas Le Poste, Château Saint-CosmeTiny production of 100% grenache from a very steep vineyard planted by the village itself. Very fullbodied, weighty and extremely impressive in 2010. 2016–2025.Gigondas Le Claux, Château Saint-CosmeAlso 100% grenache but from a plot planted in 1902. This is utterly outstanding. 2016–2025.Châteauneuf-du-PapeThe grandest appellation in the Rhône Valley and living up to its reputation in 2010. We also list fourCôtes-du-Rhônes made by Châteauneuf’s leading lights.109. RH30471 Côtes-du-Rhône Villages, Terre d’Argile, Domaine de la Janasse £57Fabulous, grenache-dominated red from one of the top Châteauneuf estates.There is a good proportion of mourvèdre as well which will accentuate the spicelater on. Textures are fine, elegant with rounded edges. 2014–2020.110. RH30501 Côtes-du-Rhône, Coudoulet de Beaucastel £65Although this historic vineyard falls outside the Châteauneuf boundary, the styleof Coudoulet de Beaucastel is Châteauneuf-like with its emphasis on grenacheand mourvèdre. Gloriously hedonistic in 2010. 2014–2024.111. RH30461 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Clos du Calvaire £75A lovely fruity Châteauneuf for drinking fairly early. The 2010 has spice, polishand presence. 2014–2020.112. RH30591 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Château Mont-Redon £852010 is a great Mont-Redon. Jean Abeille thinks it’s not far away in quality andstyle from the 1961, a great Mont-Redon vintage. Outstanding. 2014–2024.113. RH30511 Côtes-du-Rhône Réserve, Clos du Caillou £90Made from grenache and mourvèdre grown on sands within a stones throw fromRayas. The 2010 is sumptuous and won’t need long in bottle. 2013–2019.114. RH30481 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Grande Réserve Domaine La Boutinière £90Frédéric Boutin used to sell in bulk to the trade where his old vines were muchappreciated. This is a full, characterful Châteauneuf, concentrated and richly fruity.One for early drinking. 2014–2022.115. RH30541 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Domaine Font de Michelle £92This is made from 65% grenache and 15% mourvèdre and it is the mourvèdrewhich distinguishes Font de Michelle with its spicy elegance. The 2010 is juicyand very long. 2015–2023.Page 15

MHRefIn-bond price,UK delivered, per six116. RH30551 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Bosquet des Papes £92A fabulous 2010 from Nicolas Boiron. This remains one of the best Châteauneufsaround and is in the very traditional style. Grenache dominant. 2015–2024.117. RH30491 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Crau de Ma Mère, Mayard £99The Mayard family, a brother and two sisters, run an important estate inChâteauneuf but find time to run marathons in New York and Paris. Their vinesare well placed and include a plot on the famed la Crau slope. This has greatfinesse and length. For drinking comparatively early. 2014–2023.118. RH30531 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Domaine La Roquète £110From the same stable as Vieux Télégraphe but from different vineyards and madein a somewhat gentler and more modern style that can be enjoyed young.The 2010 has wonderful sweet, ripe figgy fruit. 2014–2022.119. RH30521 Côtes-du-Rhône, Garrigues, Domaine de la Janasse £113Fabulously rich and powerful grenache grown on a north-facing slope justoutside the Châteauneuf boundary. Forget that it’s only Côtes-du-Rhône; this isbetter than a lot of Châteauneufs. 2015–2023.120. RH30561 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Domaine Giraud £120Brother-and-sister team Pierre and Marie Giraud are making big and characterfulwines where the accent is on bold fruit flavours and full ripeness. Yields in 2010were tiny and it shows in this wine’s excellent concentration and weight.2015–2022.121. RH30581 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Gloire de Mon Père, Bosquet des Papes £130Almost 100% grenache with traces of clairette and cinsault, all from very oldvines. There is fabulous concentration here with real character on a big scale.2016–2025.122. RH30621 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Chante Le Merle, Bosquet des Papes £158This is 85% grenache with 10% mourvèdre and a little syrah; again all oldvines but this time with a little barrel ageing. On an immense scale, veryconcentrated and full and packed with ripe-fruit flavours and spice. Magnificentand one for the long haul. 2017–2030.123. RH30601 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Etienne Gonnet, Domaine Font de Michelle £175The base for the prestige cuvée is a plot of 100-year-old grenache which ispicked very late when the berries are almost raisin-like. Syrah and mourvèdreadd colour and extra depth. The 2010 has both weight and finesse and needstime to mature. 2016–2030.124. RH29221 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Domaine du Vieux Télégraphe £190The 2009 was very good but the 2010 is greater still, more intense, blacker andwith concentration and remarkable freshness at the same time. This is outstanding.2017–2030. Magnums and halves also available and the halves ready to drink sooner.125. RH30611 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Charles Giraud, Domaine Saint Préfert £215Much praised cuvée of Châteauneuf made from 60% grenache and 40%mourvèdre. This has depth, sweet-tasting fruit and gentle spice. Very smooth.2015–2025.126. RH30571 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Cuvée Chaupin, Domaine de la Janasse £215Made from nearly 100% grenache mostly from north-facing slopes, raised inbarrels of different sizes. The 2010 is exceptional and one of the stand-out winesof the vintage. 2018–2032.127. RH28981 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Croix de Bois, Chapoutier £225From a stone-strewn vineyard close to Vieux Télégraphe, this has lovely,very ripe and ample-tasting sweet fruit. 2015–2023.Mindicates magnums availableH indicates halves available – see Order Form for pricesPage 16

In-bond price, UK deliveredRef per six per dozen128. RH30641 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Château de Beaucastel £248 -Tasted several times since the vintage, this gets better and better.One thing for certain though is that it will need several years to be atits best. Outstanding! 2019–2040.129. RH29451 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Clos des Papes £288 -I tasted all the elements that make Clos des Papes. All were wonderfulbut the best was a foudre of grenache and 40% mourvèdre which isthe core of what the wine is about. This was quite outstanding, tastingtremendously rich and almost creamy. The 2010 is fabulous indeed andsurely the match of fine vintages of the past. 2018–2035.130. RH30631 Châteauneuf-du-Pape Vieilles Vignes, Domaine de la Janasse £298 -Fabulous concentration of flavours, ridiculously full bodied yetexquisitely fine at the same time. 2018–2035.131. RH28971 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Barbe-Rac, Chapoutier £300 -From 90-year-old grenache vines, this is very full and staggeringly rich.Thick black cherry, almost kirsch with a touch of spice and herbs onthe finish. 2016–2030.132. RH30651 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Réserve, Clos du Caillou £325 -An outstanding Châteauneuf made from grenache and mourvèdre ona grand scale. As powerful as it is though, it remains very fine andfocussed. 2016–2025.Languedoc Reds2010 produced as dramatic a vintage as anywhere in the Rhône. Very low yields again produced winesof remarkable concentration and many are quite superb but some growers had their harvest damaged byviolent storms that hit during mid October.133. FC22061 Cabernet de l’Arjolle - £69Domaine de l’Arjolle makes many top-class reds and in 2010 we wereable to pinch from far and wide to construct the best blend possible.The added extra comes from a parcel of old vines of cabernet sauvignonfor added depth and fat. A third of the cuvée is cabernet franc whichalso adds freshness and charm. 2014–2020.134. FC22141 Montpeyroux, Coteaux du Languedoc, La Jasse, Domaine la Jasse-Castel £48 -Pascale Rivière is a dedicated vigneronne who works very much on herown, farming a few acres on a particularly windswept plateau above thepretty village of Montpeyroux. 2010 was a low-yielding vintage but hergrenache was particularly badly depleted by the elements. The little thatshe was able to pick was fabulously concentrated and there was justenough to add breadth and complexity to her succulent syrah in thislovely cuvée of La Jasse. Good value. 2014–2020.M135. FC22071 Domaine de Perdiguier, Cuvée en Auger, Vin de Pays des Coteauxd’Ensérune £53 -The very small crop has much more cabernet sauvignon in the blend,so has darker colours and denser blackcurrant fruit. 2014–2022.Magnums available.136. FC22111 Corbières, Château d’Aussières £58 -This is Lafite in Corbières, a state-of-the-art cellar on an importantestate owned by Baron Eric de Rothschild. Syrah is the principal grapevariety grown here and the results have been fantastic. The 2010 hasconcentration with a touch less alcohol than the 2009 and a tighter,somewhat more Médoc-like structure that will appeal to many members.2015–2021.Page 17

RefIn-bond price,UK delivered, per six137. FC22011 Pic Saint Loup, T’em T’em, Château de Valflaunes £62This estate is small enough to have escaped the attention of many but actuallyFabien Reboul is making some of the loveliest and most expressive wines inthis large and often over-hyped appellation. Syrah is the main grape here and in2010 the result was ripe, very dark, wonderfully scented fruit but with freshnesstoo. 2014–2022.138. FC22081 Corbières-Boutenac, Atal Sia, Château Ollieux-Romanis £68As so often in 2010, yields were very down on last year. The wines are fabulousbut such is their concentration that they will have needed much longer to maturebefore bottling. Carignan dominant and no oak. Loads of dark matter andliquorice flavours. Superb. 2014–2024.139. FC22091 Corbières Cuvée Or, Château Ollieux-Romanis £72This is a different blend from the Atal Sia but more importantly, it is raised inbarrel so there is more polish and in the short term more complexity from theoak. The 2010 is on a massive scale. 2013–2023.140. FC22121 Faugères, Bastides, Domaine Alquier £80We are offering just the Bastides this year and we’ve picked the best wine. A dark,rich tapestry of a wine that has depth and class. Syrah-dominant with more thana nod to the northern Rhône. 2015–2028.141. FC22101 Côteaux du Languedoc, Prieuré Saint Jean de Bébian £80This famous estate just outside Pezenas was recently bought by Russian oligarchswho were wise to keep the same winemaking team. Châteauneuf-like depth andbrilliance with the mourvèdre especially good. Full bodied with plenty of fruitand great length. 2014–2024.M142. FC21831 Mas de Daumas Gassac £105Daumas Gassac is a unique wine made from a majority of cabernet sauvignongrown on fine gravel in an idyllic spot surrounded by the garrigue and fed bythe cooling waters of the little Gassac stream. A wonderful 2010 showing classand exquisite finesse. 2016–2028. Magnums available.143. FC22131 Roc d’Anglade, Vin de Pays du Gard, Domaine Pedreno £105Like his friend Gérard Gauby, Remy Pedreno has put a lot faith into carignan.Low yields and early picking construct a wine of finesse and length of flavour.Ripe, balanced and delicate with a wonderful finish and with fewer than13 degrees. 2014–2022.M144. RH29431 Domaine de Trevallon, Bouches du Rhône £165A lonely outpost of Provence but appropriately one that sits alongside DaumasGassac. Eloi Dürrbach, like his friend Aimé Guibert, broke new ground whencreating this estate. Trevallon is half syrah and half cabernet, both grown on northfacing slopes and both late harvesting. Like Daumas Gassac, Trevallon is built onelegance and finesse and the 2010 express this perfectly. The cabernet was pickedeven before the syrah and both are perfectly ripe. Outstanding. 2015–2024.Magnums available.Roussillon Reds2010 is a remarkable vintage here with concentrated, fruit-driven wines that have both body and freshnessat the same time. The size of the crop in Banyuls and Collioure was further reduced by damage caused bya very violent, icy storm that ripped through the eastern Pyrénées during the spring.145. FC22171 Maury, Aurélie, Preceptorie de Centernach £50Grenache dominates but there is a little carignan here which adds freshness andcomplexity. Sweet, full flavoured and long. Drink young with blue cheese or olderwith chocolate. 2013–2018.Page 18

RefIn-bond price,UK delivered, per six146. FC22191 Banyuls, Léon Parcé, Domaine de la Rectorie (50cl) £63Outstanding, early bottled Banyuls from old vines, fabulously rich, concentratedand fruity. A glacial storm during flowering reduced yields severely resulting inadded concentration and flavour. 2014–2025.147. FC22181 Collioure, Côté Mer, Domaine de la Rectorie £65The Parcé family owns some 22 hectares of vineyard around Banyuls in 30separate plots which provides a lot of choice to exploit. The 2010 is grenacheand syrah with a little carignan. Full and savoury and should match the 2005,which is delicious now. 2013–2019.148. FC22161 Collioure, Majenca, Domaine Madeloc £65This is a grenache and carignan blend from very low yields. There is herbinessand spice but the overall effect is of rich voluptuous fruit. 2013–2020.149. FC22151 Le Soula, Vin de Pays des Côtes Catalanes £78I tasted the red Soula in its constituent parts and it is clear the vintage was verygood for carignan which has a wonderful natural balance and intense fruitflavours. 2014–2020.150. FC22201 Collioure, Côté Montagne, Domaine de la Rectorie £82This is from older vines and equal thirds of grenache, carignan and counoiseand from a drier microclimate. The 2010 comes from very low yields and theflavours, which include cloves and blackberry, are very concentrated and long.2016–2026.151. FC22221 Côtes du Roussillon Villages, Le Torre, Domaine Gardies £92Traditional, generous and very full bodied. This is one of the top wines fromthis estate in Tautavel and is 70% mourvèdre with grenache and carignan insupport. 2010 is a great vintage here, as good as 2009 but with more freshness.2014–2021.152. FC22211 Côtes du Roussillon Villages, Vieilles Vignes, Domaine Gauby £110Gérard Gauby’s winemaking has evolved over the years from inky high-octanebrews to wines of almost ethereal beauty. At the heart is carignan, the soul of theMidi, but then there is grenache and a very pure syrah in support. Small Austrianoak vats are used which respect the quality of the fruit. The 2010 has great purity,concentration and gentle balance. With little or no added sulphur, this can bedrunk young or kept. 2014–2024.153. FC22231 Côtes du Roussillon Villages, Muntada, Domaine Gauby £265Two key things make the difference here: where the vines come from and thefact that the carignan, the major element here, was planted in 1890. There is alot of freshness in the wine, which has the effect of creating even greater length.This will be bottled with little or no sulphur. 2015–2027.The whites2010 is probably one of the greatest vintages for white Rhônes in a long time. The wines have the weightand concentration of flavour of 2009 but with an added degree of freshness.154. FC22241 Côtes du Roussillon Blanc, Terres Nouvelles, Préceptorie de Centernach £52In 2010 this is 100% grenache gris, fermented and raised in barrel. This old grapevariety was the secret behind many of the top fortified wines from here because ofits acidity and ability to age. This has citrus fruit and minerality with a sense offreshness that is more northern than southern. 2012–2020.155. RH29321 Domaine Barou, Viognier, Vin de Pays de Rhodaniennes £55Gorgeous, plump, ripe viognier from an exciting producer who farms organicallyat the southern end of Condrieu. The 2010 is exquisite. 2012–2014.Mindicates magnums available – see Order Form for pricesPage 19

RefIn-bond price,UK delivered, per six156. RH30671 La Rosine, Viognier, Domaine Ogier £65Made from vines grown just outside the Condrieu appellation. A good aperitifviognier sporting delicious, forward fruit and a very refreshing finish. 2012–2014.157. RH30661 Contour Deponcins, Viognier, Domaine Villard £65This is an outstanding viognier made using grapes from young Condrieu vinesand some east-facing vines outside the Condrieu appellation. Fruity, clean andrefreshing. 2012–2015.158. RH29111 Crozes-Hermitage, Cuvée Christophe, Domaine des Remizières £75Made with mostly marsanne grapes coming from good slopes to the east ofHermitage and a little roussanne from higher up and behind Hermitage. Partlyraised in new oak so it will need a little time to come round. Excellent in 2010.2015–2020.159. RH30681 Crozes-Hermitage, Mule Blanche, Paul Jaboulet Aîné £85The new team at Jaboulet is insistant on making fresh-tasting whites. 2010 istheir best vintage so far. There is a touch of honeysuckle and citrus but no hintof heaviness. 2012–2017.160. RH30711 Saint-Joseph, Les Royes Blanc, Domaine Courbis £98There is more freshness than in the 2009 though just as concentrated and fullflavoured. The balance is better and there is a touch more minerality herewhich gives lift. 2013–2019.161. RH29361 Saint-Péray, Les Figuiers, Domaine Bernard Gripa £100The 2010 was made from 65% old-vine roussanne, concentrated with a longmineraly finish and wonderful purity. Worth waiting a little longer for. The 2005is currently outstanding. 2014–2020.162. RH29301 Saint-Péray, Roussanne, Domaine du Tunnel £105Pure roussanne gives more weight and body meaning this will be better withfood. There is oak but it is well judged and there is a buttery quality reminiscentof a good chardonnay. 2012–2017.163. RH29261 Saint-Péray, Prestige, Domaine du Tunnel £105This is 80% marsanne and 20% roussanne fermented and then aged briefly inoak.There is more freshness here than with the roussanne cuvée, even a salty tang.The result is a wine that will work with food but that could also be enjoyed as anaperitif. 2012–2016.164. RH30701 Crozes-Hermitage Domaine Roure, Paul Jaboulet Aîné £105The Roure vineyard is high up behind Hermitage and on equally varied soils.Some vintages have lacked conviction; not so in 2010 which has complexity andminerality, lovely fruit flavours and great finesse. 2013–2021.165. FC22251 Domaine Gauby Blanc, Vieilles Vignes, Côtes Catalanes £105This remarkable, full-flavoured white is made from a majority of macabeu andgrenache gris. Full bodied but with the freshness, minerality and pH balancemore in common with the Loire or Burgundy. This is very complex and long.2013–2021.166. RH29311 Condrieu, Domaine Pichon £123Very expressive viognier, rich, full and exotic with lovely purity and somefreshness too. Delightful. 2012–2015.167. RH30771 Saint-Joseph, Lieu Dit Saint-Joseph, Guigal £138Nearly 100% old marsanne grown on granite on the Saint-Joseph slope that gaveits name to the appellation. Richly flavoured with flashes of honey and lemon.This will need a little more time for the oak to integrate. 2014–2019.Mindicates magnums available – see Order Form for pricesPage 20

RefIn-bond price,UK delivered, per six168. RH30741 Taburnum, Vin de Pays, Vins de Vienne £148Mineral, exotic and with a tingly seam of acidity. 100% viognier, fermented andaged in oak. Better and more distinguished than many Condrieu. 2014–2019.M169. RH30931 Châteauneuf-du-Pape Blanc, Saint Préfert £150This is founded on the clairette grape which gives white Châteauneuf a lightertouch with a fresher taste and some crisp acidity. This has complexity and anattractive nuttiness. 2012–2020. Magnums available.170. RH30721 Condrieu, Chéry, Domaine Niero £155The Chéry is one of the best slopes for Condrieu and always makes a wine withboth body and finesse. This has richness too and a delightfully apricot-like finish.2012–2015.171. RH30731 Condrieu, Chéry, Domaine Perret £160Outstanding, perfectly balanced Condrieu with flavours of peaches and apricotsand a delightful combination of richness and freshness. 2013–2018.172. RH29291 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Domaine du Vieux Télégraphe Blanc £165Very elegant white Châteauneuf, generous but not heavy and richly flavoured.Undoubtedly one of the top whites from Châteauneuf in 2010. 2013–2020.173. RH30781 Condrieu, Grand Vallon, Domaine Villard £165This has more fruit and a little less richness than the Deponcins but is just asrich and long. 2012–2016.174. RH30751 Condrieu, Domaine des Grands Amandiers, Paul Jaboulet Aîné £175A lovely Condrieu from Jaboulet’s own vines above the village of Limony.This has freshness and great finesse without losing any power. 2013–2017.175. RH30791 Condrieu, Deponcins, Domaine Villard £183A brilliant success in 2010. Rich and creamy with flavours of apricot and witha lovely natural balance. 2013–2018.176. RH29461 Châteauneuf-du-Pape Blanc, Clos des Papes £188All six Châteauneuf grapes are used here, though, in 2010, picpoul andbourboulenc seem to dominate with their crystal-like clarity. 2013–2025.177. RH30811 Hermitage, Chevalier de Stérimberg, Paul Jaboulet Aîné £1882010 was so good that a tiny amount of white Chapelle was made. The Stérimbergis full flavoured, rich but not overblown with a lovely salty tang on the finish.2014–2024.178. RH30801 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Château de Beaucastel £245Made from 80% roussanne, 15% grenache and 5% of everything else. This isa very fine, rich white Beaucastel, as multi-dimensional as ever but with a littleextra grip. Either drink early from the autumn of 2012 and then it will almostcertainly shut down from 2014. Thereafter drink from 2018–2025.179. RH30831 Condrieu, La Doriane, Guigal £265From vines that are in part close to Château Grillet, this has a touch of austeritynow but will open up. Very full bodied, staggeringly rich, opulent and long.2014–2020.180. RH30821 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Vieilles Vignes, Château de Beaucastel £398100% roussanne, rich, decadent and a great food wine. This can be enjoyedyoung though the oak will be marked. 2016–2030.181. RH28941 Ermitage Blanc de l'Orée, Chapoutier £440This is a very full-flavoured, richly constituted marsanne taken from Chapoutier’svines on Les Murets. Very classy, penetrating, mineraly and unctuous. 2017–2030.Page 21

MIXED CASES182. 2010 Good Value RhôneVillages CaseDrinking window: 2014–2018†ref OC2986 at £59A 12-bottle case containing two bottles eachof the following:Laudun, Château CouracCôtes-du-Rhône, Réserve Wine Society,Perrin et FilsCôtes-du-Rhône, Mon Coeur, Chave SélectionVinsobres, Altitude, Domaine JaumeCôtes-du-Rhône Villages, Secret de Famille,Paul Jaboulet AînéCairanne, Le Bonneau, Domaine Delubac183. 2010 Southern RhôneVillages CaseDrinking window: 2015–2019†ref OC2996 at £84A 12-bottle case containing two bottles eachof the following six red wines:Vinsobres, Référence, Domaine JaumeCairanne, Peyre Blanche, Perrin FrèresRasteau, la Ponce, Domaine des EscaravaillesVacqueyras Saint Roch, Clos des CazauxLirac, Château Mont-RedonBeaumes de Venise, Le Paradou,Paul Jaboulet Aîné184. 2010 GigondasDrinking window: 2015–2019†ref OC3006 at £79A six-bottle case containing one bottle eachof the following:Gigondas, Château du TrignonGigondas, Tour Sarazzine, Clos des CazauxGigondas, Moulin de la Gardette, VentabrenGigondas, Domaine du CayronGigondas Racines, Domaine Les PallièresGigondas, Château Saint-Cosme186. Six Châteauneuf EstatesDrinking window: 2015–2020†ref OC3026 at £83A six-bottle case containing one bottle eachof the following:Côtes-du-Rhône Villages, Terre d’Argile,Domaine de la JanasseCôtes-du-Rhône, Coudoulet de BeaucastelChâteauneuf-du-Pape, Château Mont-RedonChâteauneuf-du-Pape, Domaine Font de MichelleChâteauneuf-du-Pape, Grande Réserve,Domaine La BoutinièreChâteauneuf-du-Pape, Bosquet des Papes185. 2010 Gigondas, Saint-CosmeDrinking window: 2016–2023†ref OC3016 at £195A six-bottle case containing two bottleseach of the following:Gigondas, Valbelle, Château Saint-CosmeGigondas, Le Poste, Château Saint-CosmeGigondas, Le Claux, Château Saint-Cosme187. 2010 IconicChâteauneuf-du-PapeDrinking window: 2019–2030†ref OC3036 at £215A six-bottle case containing one bottle eachof the following:Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Cuvée Etienne Gonnet,Font de MichelleChâteauneuf-du-Pape, Clos des PapesChâteauneuf-du-Pape, Chante Le Merle (Boiron)Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Château de BeaucastelChâteauneuf-du-Pape, Vieux TélégrapheChâteauneuf-du-Pape, Cuvée Chaupin,Domaine de la JanassePage 22

188. 2010 Top Languedoc DropsDrinking window: 2016–2021†ref OC3046 at £156A 12-bottle case containing two bottleseach of the following:Domaine de Perdiguier, Cuvée en Auger,Vin de Pays des Coteaux d’EnséruneCôteaux du Languedoc,Prieuré Saint Jean de BébianCorbières, Château d’AussièresMas de Daumas GassacFaugères, Bastides, Domaine AlquierCollioure, Côté Montagne,Domaine de la Rectorie190. 2010 Three leadingCôte-Rôtie GrowersDrinking window: 2016–2022†ref OC3066 at £189A six-bottle case containing two bottleseach of the following:Côte-Rôtie, Ampodium, Domaine RostaingCôte-Rôtie, Côte Brune BargeCôte-Rôtie, Les Rochains, Garon189. 2010 Côte-RôtieDrinking window: 2016–2022†ref OC3056 at £140A six-bottle case containing two bottleseach of the following:Côte-Rôtie, Triotes, Domaine GaronCôte-Rôtie, Domaine BurgaudCôte-Rôtie, Du Plessis, Domaine Barge191. 2010 Taste of Northand SouthDrinking window: 2014–2016†ref OC3076 at £136A six-bottle case containing one bottleeach of the following:Gigondas Tour Sarazzine, Clos des CazauxChâteauneuf-du-Pape, Domaine Font de MichelleVacqueyras Saint Roch, Clos des CazauxSaint-Joseph, Offerus, ChaveCrozes-Hermitage, Domaine de Thalabert,Paul Jaboulet AînéCairanne, Ventabren,Domaine des Escaravailles192. 2010 Classic White RhôneDrinking window: 2014–2015†ref OC3086 at £220A six-bottle case containing one bottleeach of the following:Contour Deponcins, Viognier, Domaine VillardSaint-Péray, Roussanne, Domaine du TunnelCondrieu, Domaine PichonCrozes-Hermitage, Mule Blanche, Paul JabouletAînéSaint-Joseph, Lieu Dit Saint-Joseph, GuigalChâteauneuf-du-Pape Blanc, Saint Préfert† Drink dates for these mixed cases refer to the period when allthe wines will be at their peak. Please refer to the individual winefor its recommended drink date.Page 23

How this offer worksOrders by post, fax and website will be accepted. If you would like to order via the website, visitthewinesociety.com/openingoffer. You will be required to log in with your password to place an order. If youneed a new password visit thewinesociety.com/forgottenpassword. Orders need to arrive at Stevenage by 9pm,Tuesday 14th February, 2012 and will be processed thereafter. Members whose orders have been received bythis date will receive confirmation of their purchase by 6th March, 2012 at the latest.Members whose orders have been received after this time will receive notification by 26th March, 2012.Notifications by e-mailIf you wish to receive e-mail notifications for this and subsequent opening offers, and have not already notifiedus, please see the order form for instructions.If demand exceeds supplyThe Society has a long relationship with many of the growers in this offer and access to good quantities ofwine. It is possible however that demand may exceed supply for individual wines, in which case we will shareout (as far as is practical) the available stock equally amongst ordering members. If this still does not allowevery member to have some wine, then as a final resort we divide members into groups depending on theirlevel of support for The Society (quantity of wine bought, spend, orders placed etc). Members who have givengreater support to The Society will have a better chance (but no certainty) of being allocated wine, and thosewho have given less support will have a lesser chance (but still a chance). The Society will offer a similar wineas a substitute if the original choice cannot be provided, or members may nominate their own substitute whenordering. Doing so will not lessen the chance of receiving the original wine.Members’ ReservesThe Society’s Members’ Reserves is a purpose-built, temperature-controlled facility offering members access tooptimum storage conditions. The annual rental charge (currently £7.92 per dozen if paid by direct debit, £9.12if not) includes VAT and insurance at replacement value. Any wine bought from The Society, by the unmixed orpre-mixed dozen, may be added or removed at any time. Members can also remove a few bottles of a full casestored in Reserves.What the price includes• Prices shown include delivery to a UK address. They do not include excise duty or VAT.• Payment of duty and VAT, at the prevailing rate (currently £21.71 duty per 12 75cl-bottle case, £10.86 persix-bottle case and 20% VAT payable on wine and duty) will be requested once the wines arrive at Stevenage.This is expected to be autumn 2012 for the whites and spring 2013 for the reds.• Once the wines arrive at Stevenage, members may opt to have them delivered within the UK or stored induty-paid Members’ Reserves.Notes• Members, especially those living overseas, should note that only unmixed cases may be exported or transferredto an outside bond.• Wines are offered in cases of 12 or six bottles as indicated.• Please note that these wines cannot be collected from our showroom in Montreuil.Please read the full terms and conditions for this offer set out on the enclosed order form and on our websitebefore placing your order.This offer will close at 9pm, Tuesday 14th February, 2012.For information regarding this offer after this date please e-mail memberservices@thewinesociety.comor telephone Member Services on 01438 740222.The Society’s GuaranteeDrinking wine bought from The Wine Society should be a pleasurable experience. If at any time you are dissatisfied, we wouldlike to hear from you. Contact us and we will be pleased to help.Registered as: The International Exhibition Co-operative Wine Society Limited,Gunnels Wood Road, Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 2BTRegister Number 1824R(IP)Website thewinesociety.comEnquiries 01438 741177Orders 01438 740222Fax 01438 761167

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