summer 2012

summer 2012

TOIL CHINO shortSizes28 - 30 - 31 - 32 - 33 - 34 - 36 - 38The Toil short is made from cotton/polyesterchino. It features a zip fly and custom Brixtonlabeling. It has a slim leg with a 19" length anda serge finished leg opening.*Brown112-04001-0400*Black112-04001-0100THOMPSON SLACK SHORTSizes28 - 30 - 31 - 32 - 33 - 34 - 36 - 38The Thompson is a brushed cotton/polyester walkshort. It features a zip fly and custom Brixton labeling.It has a slim leg with a 19” length and a clean finishedhem leg opening.*Charcoal112-04003-0303*Olive112-04003-0500* Indicates Carry Over Items

VOLT boardshortSizes28 - 30 - 31 - 32 - 33 - 34 - 36 - 38BERNIE boardshortSizes28 - 30 - 31 - 32 - 33 - 34 - 36 - 38The Volt is a polyester slim leg trunk. It features arear patch pocket with velcro flap closure and custom“barber shop” wax comb. It has a 19” length andcustom Brixton patch at left leg.Charcoal/Grey212-04006-0331The Bernie is a polyester slim leg trunk. It features a rearpatch pocket with velcro flap closure and custom “barbershop” wax comb. It has a 19” length with custom Brixtonluau print artwork and patch at left leg.Cream/Green212-04008-0218PLANK boardshortSizes28 - 30 - 31 - 32 - 33 - 34 - 36 - 38The Plank is a polyester striped slim leg trunk. Itfeatures a rear patch pocket with velcro flap closureand custom “barber shop” wax comb. It has a19” length and custom Brixton patch at left leg.Navy/Burgundy212-04005-0812Red/Navy212-04005-0714

HOWLSizesS - M - L - XLThe Howl is a fitted cotton plaid short sleeve buttonshirt with single button pocket. There is a Brixtonwoven label on the side seam.Cream Plaid212-01009-0210Grey Plaid212-01009-0323PIONEERSizesS - M - L - XLWARDENSizesS - M - L - XLThe Pioneer is a vertical striped cotton/polyesteryarn dyed short sleeve button shirt. It featuresa Brixton woven label on the side seam and astandard shirttail hem shape.Grey Heather212-01017-0341The Warden is a vertical tight striped cotton/polyester yarn dyed short sleeve button shirt.It features a Brixton woven label on the side seamand a standard shirttail hem shape.Light Blue212-01018-0824

VERSASizesXS - S - M - L - XLCharcoal Heather212-02030-0340The Versa is a cotton jersey raglan threequarter sleeve button placket Henley withBrixton embroidery at left chest.Burgundy212-02030-0702

INDEXSizesS - M - L - XLAMPSizesS - M - L - XLDRAWSizesS - M - L - XLMOSAICSizesS - M - L - XLBlack212-06138-0100*Standard FitRed212-06120-0700*Premium FitWhite212-06136-0200*Premium FitCharcoal212-06134-0303*Premium FitWhite212-06138-0200*Standard FitBACKWhite212-06120-0200*Premium FitCoal212-06136-0343*Premium FitWhite212-06134-0200*Premium FitVERNONSizesS - M - L - XLDEXSizesS - M - L - XLBOUNDARYSizesS - M - L - XLBRACKETSizesS - M - L - XLWhite212-06135-0200*Premium FitRoyal212-06123-0807*Premium FitNavy212-06137-0803*Premium FitWhite/Red212-06142-0202Army212-06135-0519*Premium FitBlack212-06123-0100*Premium FitHeather Grey212-06137-0304*Premium FitHeather Grey/Navy212-06142-0309

JASPERSizesS - M - L(7 - 7¼ - 7½)Tan Straw212-00113-0600SCOUTSizesS - M - L(7 - 7¼ - 7½)Brown Straw212-00105-0400Tan Straw212-00105-0600

oodSizesS - M - L - XL(7 - 7¼ - 7½ - 7¾)Navy White Stripe212-00006-0825BARRELSizesM - L(7¼ - 7½)Black Chambray212-00006-0118*Brown/Khaki Herringbone310-00006-0402The Barrel is a widerbrimmed snap cap.Black Tweed212-00098-0127*Black Herringbone Twill110-00006-0100*Grey/Black Herringbone110-00006-0301* Indicates Carry Over Items

FIDDLERSizesS - M - L(7 - 7¼ - 7½)Light Blue/Navy212-00004-0831Khaki/Brown212-00004-0426*Black Herringbone Twill310-00004-0100BUSKERSizesS - M - L(7 - 7¼ - 7½)RUFFIANSizesM - L(7¼ - 7½)Grey Herringbone212-00007-0337*Black Herringbone Twill310-00007-0100Black Tweed212-00099-0127* Indicates Carry Over Items* Indicates Carry Over Items

OATH IIISizesAdjustableHeather Grey/Gold212-00043-0330Cardinal212-00043-0712RIFTSizesAdjustableNavy/Orange212-00034-0833*Black310-00034-0100* Indicates Carry Over Items

ARDENSizesAdjustableROUTE IIISizesAdjustableCream/Burgundy212-00100-0215Hunter Green/Caramel212-00100-0918Gold/Black212-00063-0919Black112-00063-0100BOULDERSizesAdjustablewheelerSizesAdjustableHunter Green212-00101-0502White/Black/Red212-00014-0216*Black111-00014-0100* Indicates Carry Over Items* Indicates Carry Over Items

PILSNERSizesAdjustableRed/White/Blue212-00107-0920Black212-00107-0100MEADSizesAdjustablestation iiiSizesAdjustableHunter212-00106-0502Orange212-00106-0906Navy212-00106-0803Charcoal/Navy212-00012-0339

henshawSizesAdjustable*Luau Red/Blue212-00052-0724Luau Cream/Green212-00052-0218Royal212-00052-0807MILLSizesM - L(7¼ - 7½)WHARFSizesAdjustableBlack/Charcoal212-00013-0112Camo212-00067-0901Black/Charcoal Herringbone212-00067-0112* Indicates Carry Over Items

CAPTAIN FINSizesS - M - L - XL(7 - 7¼ - 7½ - 7¾)Limited edition Captain Fin and Brixton collaboration. The Captain Fin hat is similarto the Fiddler, but with a narrow bill. Charcoal cotton cap features custom Captain Finpatch and leopard print lining. Brown wool cap features custom Captain Fin patch andcustom printed green lining.www.captainfincompany.comBrown212-00112-0400Charcoal212-00112-0303

DISTRICTSizesOne SizeHeistSizesOne SizeBlack/Charcoal/Rust Stripe212-00111-0218Navy/Red/White Stripe212-00111-0838borregoSizesOne Size*Hunter Green110-00008-0502*Denim410-00008-0810*Light Olive111-00008-0512*Black112-00054-0100*Light Heather Grey111-00054-0318*Rust410-00008-0409*Light Heather Grey410-00008-0318*Black110-00008-0100* Indicates Carry Over Items * Indicates Carry Over Items*Navy110-00008-0803*Burgundy310-00008-0702*Heather Grey110-00008-0304

CHORDGenuine leather wallet with custom guitar pick holder.*Black111-05019-0100*Brown111-05019-0400OTISGenuine leather cardholder wallet with clear plastic ID sleeve.*Black112-05027-0100*Brown112-05027-0400DRAFTCanvas tri-fold wallet with velcro closure and clear plastic ID sleeve.* Indicates Carry Over Items*Black112-00077-0100*Burgundy112-00077-0702*Hunter/Brown112-00077-0522

TUNE UPCustom molded rubber key chainwith Brixton artwork.TAVERNCustom antiqued metal bottle opener keychain with engraved Brixton artwork.TRUSSSizes: S/M and L/XL100% genuine leather belt.*Black110-05006-0100*Brown110-05006-0400SHUFFLESizes: One SizeVintage-inspired custom stripedwoven belt with leather accents.Black/Red112-05030-0121*Antique Bronze112-05029-0903*Antique Nickel112-05029-0914INDIOCustom genuine leather and brass keychain with engraved Brixton artwork.SCROLLBrixton embossed spring loaded key clip.*Black/Charcoal112-05021-0112*Navy/Red112-05021-0820CerroSizes: S/M and L/XL100% genuine leather belt.* Indicates Carry Over Items*Brown112-05026-0400*Antique Bronze112-05028-0903*Antique Nickel112-05028-0914* Indicates Carry Over Items*Black112-05024-0100*Brown112-05024-0400

BRISTOLSizesS - M - L - XLLight Blue Stripe212-01019-0830The Bristol is a cotton/polyester yarn dyedsleeveless button shirt. It features a Brixtonwoven label at side seam, a right front pocketand a standard shirttail hem shape.Blue212-01019-0800

HARBOURSizesS - M - LThe Harbour is a cotton striped tee witha boat neck and Brixton embroidery atleft chest.Cream212-02006-0206Peach212-02006-0624VERSASizesXS - S - M - L - XLThe Versa is a cotton jersey raglan threequarter sleeve button placket Henley withBrixton embroidery at left chest.Charcoal Heather212-02030-0340Burgundy212-02030-0702

PEARLSizesS - M(7 - 7¼)Tan Straw212-00109-0600Black Straw212-00109-0100KATSizesS - M(7 - 7¼)Crystal Felt212-00066-0922Wine Felt212-00066-0718

JASPERSizesS - M - L(7 - 7¼ - 7½)Tan Straw212-00113-0600SCOUTSizesS - M - L(7 - 7¼ - 7½)Brown Straw212-00105-0400Tan Straw212-00105-0600

LOUELLASizesS - M - L(7 - 7¼ - 7½)Tan Straw212-00108-0600Black Straw212-00108-0100PARLORSizesS - M - L(7 - 7¼ - 7½)ALANASizesS - M - L(7 - 7¼ - 7½)*Natural Straw110-00017-0602*Black Straw111-00017-0100*Taupe/Black Straw112-00050-0628*Taupe Straw111-00050-0400* Indicates Carry Over Items* Indicates Carry Over Items

hooliganSizesS - M - L - XL(7 - 7¼ - 7½ - 7¾)Brown Corduroy212-00005-0400*Grey/Black Herringbone110-00005-0301*Black Herringbone Twill110-00005-0100Taupe/Black Tweed212-00005-0628Olive Herringbone212-00005-0500broodSizesS - M - L - XL(7 - 7¼ - 7½ - 7¾)Navy White Stripe212-00006-0825*Black Herringbone Twill110-00006-0100*Grey/Black Herringbone110-00006-0301*Brown/Khaki Herringbone310-00006-0402Black Chambray212-00006-0118* Indicates Carry Over Items

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