Product data sheet - Halton

Product data sheet - Halton

SDISmoke Damper for Circular Ducts20/SDI/0000/1008/EN• Construction based on the EN 1366-2 certified firedamper FDI (EIS 60).• SITAC (Swedish Institute for Technical Approval inConstruction) approval as an EI 60 fire and smokedamper (the approval process has been started).• Approved for installation in separating brick,concrete, or lightweight plasterboard walls andconcrete slabs.• Installation on the wall with the blade shaft ineither horizontal or vertical orientation.• Manufacture in accordance with the ISO 9001quality system.• External quality control management by theTechnical Research Centre of Finland, VTT.• Installation in circular ventilation ducts of100…630 mm.• Classification of shutoff damper tightness EN 1751class 4.• Casing leakage classification EN 1751 class C.• Suitability for use in ducts with a maximumpressure of 3300 Pa.• Damper closing tests performed at 15 m/s ductvelocity.Product models and Accessories• The damper is equipped with electrical spring-returnactuator. (no fuse)• The actuator has a visual position indicator.• When the power is off, the damper is closed.• Safety mesh optionsMATERIALPARTCasingBladeBlade gasketExpanding sealClosing springsDuct gasketsMATERIALGalvanised steelGalvanised steel/Heat-insulatingpanel structureSiliconeGraphite massStainless steel1C-polyurethane hybridSDI - Smoke Damper for Circular Ducts121

DIMENSIONSNS ØD L L1 L2 L3100 99 145 105 40 183125 124 145 105 40 208160 159 145 105 40 242200 199 145 105 40 283250 249 145 105 40 333315 314 145 105 40 398400 399 245 135 110 480500 499 245 135 110 580630 629 245 135 110 710The maximum size of the installation hole isØD + 20 mm.Ø DD/2+X D/2-XL1 L2LØ 100...315 x = 40L3L3L3 + 6520/SDI/0000/1008/ENDetailed installation instructions, as well as aninstaller’s installation certificate form, are suppliedwith each product. See also the section ‘Documents’.D/2+200D/2-XACCESSORIES AND PRODUCT MODELSØ DL3L3 + 65ACCESSORY CODE DESCRIPTIONMesh on one side N1 Galvanised steelMesh on both sides N2 Galvanised steelL1LL2L3ActuatorsElectrical actuatorsBLF24 HL, operating voltage AC/DC 24 V (damperclosed when power off, no fuse), B7BLF230 HL, operating voltage AC 230 V (damperclosed when power off, no fuse), B8Ø 400...630 x = 30FunctionThe SDI is a motorised circular heat-insulating smokedamper that prevents fire and smoke from spreadingin ventilation ducts. If the power in the motorisedactuator is switched off by the system, the bladecloses automatically (failsafe closed).A double-sealing solution closes the duct, effectivelypreventing the spreading of flue gases in theventilation ductwork when the fire damper closes. Theflexible seal of the double-sealing system operatesat lower temperatures, while the graphite mass sealexpands to insulate the system at temperatures above150 ºC.The SDI smoke damper shall be connected to firedamper management system MSH. The MSH unitenables the use of smoke detectors in ductwork orroom spaces. The SDI smoke damper can also beconnected to common building automation systems.SDI - Smoke Damper for Circular Ducts122

InstallationThe smoke damper is installed in concrete or masonrywalls and ceilings and on lightweight walls. The bladeshaft can be installed with either horizontal or verticalorientation, and the actuator can be installed in anydirection.An opening is always left in the separating elementfor the casing of the product to be led through thestructure. The maximum size of the installation hole isD + 20 mm.INSTALLATION OF MODULESTwo smoke dampers can be installed using the samescrews on one side such that the lip of the installationframe of the lower damper is either flattened orremoved, and the casting is spread uninterruptedfrom one outside end to the other. See the installationinstructions.20/SDI/0000/1008/ENTo make installation easier, all products come with aninstallation/casting frame, which is used to fasten thesmoke damper to the wall surface or the steel frameof the plasterboard wall.Electric actuator wiring diagram-~+The installation is finished by filling the castingframe from the front of the device with a gypsumbasedfirestop mastic that is tested for use for thispurpose(such as GBG from Palokatkomiehet Oy, CB637 from Hilti, and FIREBREAK COMPOUND fromWürth).1 2< 5S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6< 80During installation, the smoke damper and actuatormust be protected with, e.g., a plastic cover.BLF24-T HLBLF230-T HLThe correct operation of the fire damper must beensured before and after grouting. Setting of thedamper is performed from outside the device.Detailed installation instructions, as well as aninstaller’s installation certificate form, are suppliedwith each product. See also the section ‘Documents /Installation Instructions’.SDI - Smoke Damper for Circular Ducts123

ServicingTo ensure proper operation of the smoke dampers,they should be inspected regularly. The minimumrecommended inspection frequency is twice a yearor according to the building code. It is recommendedthat the fire damper be connected to automaticfire damper management system MSH so that theoperation test can be automated.Upon failure during testing of the smoke evacuationdamper, maintenance service shall be ordered from anauthorised Halton representative to ensure appropriateoperation of the product.The internal quality control of the smoke dampermanufacturer shall be based on the ISO 9001 qualitysystem, and the operations of the manufacturer shallbe subject to external third-party quality control.Product codeSDI-DD = connection size100, 125, 160, 200, 250, 315, 400, 500, 630Specifics and accessories20/SDI/0000/1008/ENSuggested specificationsCircular heat-insulating smoke damper with electricspring-return actuator and position indicator(construction based on certified fire damper FDI:EIS60; EN 1366-2).When the power is off, the damper is closed (in thefailsafe position, it is closed).The casing and blades of the smoke damper shall bemade of galvanised steel. The blade is equipped with aheat-insulating inner layer.The smoke damper shall have a double-sealingsolution that ensures fire-gas and fire resistance bothat room temperature and in high temperatures whenthe fire damper is closed.The smoke damper casing shall have inlet and outletspigots with integral rubber gaskets and comply withthe tightness requirements for EN 1751 class C.The smoke damper shall be suitable for vertical andhorizontal installation on concrete and masonry wallsand in ceilings and lightweight plasterboard wallsbetween fire compartments.The blade shaft can be installed in either horizontal orvertical orientation, and the actuator can be installed inany direction.The smoke damper can be installed from theinstallation frame side without separate sealing of theinstallation opening on the wall.RE = release typeB7 BLF24 HL (Damper closed whenpower off, no fuse)B8 BLF230 HL (Damper closed whenpower off, no fuse)B9 BLF24 SR HL (Damper closed whenpower off, no fuse, modulatingDC 0-10V)AC = accessoriesN1 Safety mesh, 1 side, installed inactuator sideN2 Safety mesh, 2 sidesCode exampleSDI-160, RE=B7SDI - Smoke Damper for Circular Ducts124

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