Recent Progress in Muon Beam Development for Advanced Muon ...

Recent Progress in Muon Beam Development for Advanced Muon ...

Recent ProgressinMuon Beam DevelopmentforAdvanced Muon Catalyzed FusionJune 20, 2007,MCF-07, DubnaK. NagamineKEK, RIKEN and UC-Riverside

Recent Progress in Muon Beam Developmentfor Advanced Muon Catalyzed Fusion• Introduction; Need of Advanced Muon Beam forAdvanced MCF Experiment• Recent Progress in Muon Beam DevelopmentAdvanced MCF Experiment In the Near-Future• Related Experiments• Summary and Conclusion

Introduction; Need of Advanced Muon Beamfor Advanced MCF Experiment• Understanding of Various Surprising New MCFExperimental Results;Inversion of Ortho-Para Effects in Solid/Liquidversus Gas of D-D and D-T,Strange T-Dependence in Regeneration in SolidD-T,• Need of Extreme Experimental Conditions;Higher Density, Higher TNeed of Advanced Muon Beam;High Energy Micro-Beam

SuperconductingmagnetLimitation of the Present MCF Experimentsfor Further Extreme Conditions90 400BeWindowsMuonSi(Li) X-raydetector~~D-TTargetµecounters840~~~~Neutron detectors0 100mmD-T Target at RIKEN-RALD 2 Target at TRIUMF• For higher density,pressure andtemperature, use ofmore thicker wall andwindow materials isinevitable.• Need of speciallyprepared negativemuon beam isobvious.

High Penetration of High Energy MuonCosmic-Ray Muon Radiography of Volcano,Blast Furnace, etc.

Recent Progress in Muon Beam Development;Generation of High Energy Micro-Beam ofNegative Muons• Large Acceptance Muon Capture,Dai-Omega Project at KEK, H. Miyadera• Finding of Excellent Feature of RFQ,Strong Focusing and Acceleration,A. Jason and T. Wangler (LANL)Effectively Large Energy Acceptance,M. Okamura (RIKEN→BNL)

Recent Progress in Muon Beam Development;Generation of High Energy Micro-Beam

Generation of High Energy Micro-BeamOriginal Idea for Positive Muons

Large Acceptance Muon CaptureRealized Dai-Omega Project at KEKDai-Omega at KEK1 Str Solid Angle &Dispersive FocusSolid Angle Acceptance[srad] 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33Momentum [MeV/c]

Getting Straight and Sub-mm Size Muon BeamAfter Dispersive Focus of L.A. OmegaH. Miyadera, A. Jason, T. Wangler, M. Okamura and K.Nagamine, NuFact 06H. Miyadera, A. Jason and K. Nagamine, PAC 07

Use of Strong Focussing and Acceleration ofRFQ for Degraded Muons

RFQ Performance for Degraded Muons(1) Beam Trajectory in RFQBeam envelopes for the RFQ design in thex, y, phase, and energy dimensions.Respective ordinate units are cm, cm,degrees and MeV. The colors blue to redshow gradations in the intensity distribution.The phase-energy distributionfor the RFQ output.Dimensions are in degrees andMeV.

RFQ Performance for Degraded Muons(2) Features of RFQ OutputDifference betweenmonochromatic 20 keV and50 % Width 20 keV

Performance of 10 MeV DTL after RFQRealization of Muon Micro-BeamSimulated DTL outputdistributions in the x, y,x-y, and phase-energyphase planes. Spatialdimensions are in cmand angular dimensionsin radians. For thephase-energy plot, thedimensions are indegrees and MeV. Thephase-energy planeshows the rf region ofstability as a green curve.

Overall Efficiency ofthe Proposed Advanced Muon Beam• Capture of cloud and decay negative muons; 5%• Degraded 20 keV muons; 2%• RFQ capture; 50%• DTL Acceleration; 80%

More Advanced IdeaH. Miyadera, LANL Seminar (2007)

Advanced MuCF Experiment In the Near-Future with Advanced Muon Beam• MuCF under veryhigh pressure anddensity• Use of Muon Micro-Beam through aNarrow Window

Strange Ortho-Para Effect in DD MCFReported by H. ImaoOpposite Effect in Solid/Liquidversus Gas and Theory

Resonant Molecular Formation of DDmand Ortho-Para EffectOrtho-Para Effect; The firstdirect and preciseexamination of resonancephenomena by energymatching and mis-matching

mStrange Ortho-Para Effect in DT MCFReported by K. Ishidatm + (D 2 ) niKi → [(dtm) 11 dee]* vfKfe -e -d ddtm+→tm e -me -dtmUe 0tme 11dtmJ,v=(1,1)RJ,n = (0,0)DE nn = 0D2dn = 0[(dtm)dee]n = 2n = 1~0.3eVOpposite Effect in Liquidversus TheoryDE n = e 11dtm + e 0tm

Strange T- or f – Dependence inRegeneration of mHe in DTmN. Kawamura et al. PRL90(2003)043401

Key Factors to understand CondensedMatter Effect on RMF in Liquid and Solid• Intermolecular Correlation before MuonIntroduction; Energy and Width of High-lyingLevel in Liquid/Solid versus Gas• Intermolecular Correlation between complexmuon molecule in the final state• Molecular Rearrangements due to the Presenceof Neutral Charge Defect of Muonic p, d, t.• Many-Body Collision EffectPioneering Works;A. Adamczak and M.P. Faifman, Phys. Rev.64(2001)052705.K. Fukushima, Phys. Rev. A84(1993)4130.

Inter-Molecular Correlation in MuCF Phenomena;He 3 Stability in Liquid and Solid T 2 (1)• Detected by t to He Transfer in TT mCF;Complete He Trapping in Solid T 2 andComplete Release in Liquid T 2 N.Kawamura et al. Phys. Lett. B465(1999)74

Inter-Molecular Correlation in MuCF Phenomena;He 3 Stability in Liquid and Solid T 2 (2)Explanation of Increase ofMolecular Correlation; n. n. forLiquid and more than second n.for SolidR. Scheicher, T.P. Das et al. HyperfineInt. 138(2001)431.

Related Subjects; High Density Hydrogenunder Very High PressureProbing High Density Hydrogen by RMF in MCF• Probing High Lying Molecular Level• Monitoring Molecular Dissociation

Summary and Conclusion (1)Advanced Muon Beam for Advanced MCF• Muon Micro-Beam becomes available for bothNegative and Positive Muons; 10 M$ in 2 years• MuCF Experiments for High-Density D 2 , D-Tbecomes possible with High-Pressure Cell andwith a Narrow Window such as MCF in Plasma• Resonant Molecular Formation andRegeneration will be studied under ExtremeExperimental Conditions• High-Density Hydrogen Behaviors will bemonitored by Using MuCF Phenomena throughCelebrated Resonant Molecular Formation

Summary and Conclusion (2)Future Facility and Advanced Muon Beam• Good for intense low-duty proton accelerators;J-PARC, LANSCE, etc.• Future extension to compact muon sourceLife Science, Homeland Security, IndustrialMachinery

Congratulation; 30th/40th years Anniversaryof Resonant Molecular Formation in MCFRMF in DD mCFin 1967RMF in DT mCFin 1977

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