The parchment is burning but the letters soar freely - Congregation ...
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The parchment is burning but the letters soar freely - Congregation ...

heshvan/kislev 5770 november/december 2009Happy ChanukahGPS JudaismCSI Family CenterLifelong LearningOpportunitiesTruck TimeThe parchment is burning but the letters soar freelyAvodah Zarah 18a

in this shofarA Message from Rabbi Gershon..........................1B’nei Mitzvah.....................................................2Service Times...................................................3Lifelong Learning Experiences..............................4Chanukah.........................................................4GPS Judaism.....................................................5Grand Entry Sculpture........................................6Signature Series................................................6CSI-Family Center..............................................7Weitzman Family Religious School....................8-9Sisterhood.................................................10Shabbat To Go.................................................11Happenings at the Shul.....................................12Lifecycles...............................................13In Memoriam...................................................14Contributions.....................................15Yahrzeits...............................................19Sisterhood Major Fundraising Event..................206th Annual Truck Time...........................Back Coverwelcome our new membersWe are happy to welcome the following new members to theCongregation Shearith Israel family.When you meet them at services or CSI events,please welcome them with open arms.Ariele and Evan ContrerasSusan and David Duitch with their children Rachel and AdamJulie and Matthew FeldmanNicole GilzenratAngela Eva InterranteMarcy and Jeff Kahn with their children Erica, Melissa and RossAmy and Harlan KorenvaesMarlene LevinShula and Aharon NetzerErica and Eddy PhillipsonJeanette Augusta RashtiSarah ResnikoffMarcia SandsAlysa and Andrew Schildcrout with their children, Jordan,Joshua and JacobHeather Shickman with her children, Coleman, Miles, and EllisTamar WilnerThe Shofar is published bimonthly.An annual $50 subscription fee is included in membership dues.If you know anyone new to the community who might have aninterest in membership, please contact Robin Hurrell at 214.361.6606,x 210 or at Shearith Israel9401 Douglas AvenueDallas, Texas 75225Synagogue Office...............................................214.361.6606Synagogue FAX ................................................214.361.7524Synagogue e-mail................... ........................csi@shearith.orgMembership Inquiries .................................214.361.6606 x 210Website............................................www.shearith.orgAnn and Nate Levine Academy18011 Hillcrest RoadDallas, Texas 75252972.248.3032___________________________________________________Rabbi, William G. GershonThe Feldman Family Senior Rabbinic ChairRabbi, David M. GlickmanRabbi, Joseph M. MenasheRabbi Emeritus, Jordan S. OfseyerHazzan, Itzhak ZhrebkerRitual/Cemetery Director, Avi MitznerExecutive Director, Susan J. GoldsteinSchool Administrator, Leah SingletonFamily Center Director/Lower School Principal, Esther WolfMembership Coordinator/Executive Assistant, Robin HurrellProgram Director, Mona AllenYouth Director, Mara MinsbergController, Kim WestCommunications, Bob Johnson___________________________________________________Congregation President, Mark DavidoffSISterhood President, Lisa FleisherUSY President, Becky SchislerPrinting, Adventure GraphicsThis issue of The Shofar is sponsored by:Annette and James Flick in honor of theBat Mitzvah of their daughter, Sydney.Barbara and Ron Berkowitz in honor of theBat Mitzvah of their daughter, Alyssa.DeAnn and Mitch Lurie in honor of theBar Mitzvah of their son, Seth.

A Message to the Congregationfrom Rabbi GershonThe More Torah, the More LifeAn essential feature of our tradition is a constant engagement with learning. Thequintessential metaphor in the Talmud for God is God as a teacher. Our greatest prophet,Moses, is known as Moshe Rabbeinu, “Moses our teacher.” In the first paragraph of theShema, the very watchword of Judaism comes the teaching, v’shenatem l’vanecha,you shall teach these teachings to your children.”Judaism from its inception has always had both a ritual and an intellectual spirituality.Many of us are familiar with the famous story about the great Sage Hillel, who isapproached by a potential convert to Judaism who asks Hillel to tell him all of Judaismwhile standing on one foot. Hillel’s response: “Don’t do unto others that which youwould not want done unto you.” The rest is commentary. Now go study! Commentaryand learning is everything in Judaism. The Talmud asks, “which is greater study oraction?” The Talmud concludes study is greater because Talmud torah ledai ma’aseh,because study leads to action.”Learning is the prerequisite to developing a mature spiritual life. It is a fundamentalprincipal of the covenantal dialectic that exists between God and the Jewish people.God speaks to us through the sacred texts of our tradition and the community of TorahRabbi William Gershon learners in each generation interprets those texts. They become part of the discussionof learning that spans all of Jewish history.To be educated from the Jewish perspective means becoming a part of somethingbigger than yourself, not merely to be a student of Torah, but to be of the Torah.And to be of the Torah requires us to make a commitment to learn Torah. You know that story of the Salmon and theHen? The Hen invites the Salmon to dine at a restaurant featuring lox and eggs. To which the Salmon replies: “I mustdecline, dear Hen. For from you they only want a contribution; from me they want a commitment.”On Yom Kippur I spoke to you about the importance of Jewish learning for our children and perhaps more importantly forall adults. In addition to the very exciting and special month of Torah study in February, (GPS Judaism with Noam Zionthrough the Beanie Siegel Scholar-in-Residence Month program), we offer a plethora of learning opportunities. Whatfollows is a brief list of classes and learning opportunities you can take in November and December and throughout theyear to engage in Torah learning at Shearith Israel.Monday Nights• Embracing Judaism: Intro to Judaism Class with Rabbi Menashe• Shalom Hartman Institute Lay Leadership Lecture Series with Rabbi Gershon (6 part series)• History of Israel and the Fundamentals of Peace - Lillian and Jon Pinkus (3 part series)• Connecting with God - Paula Joyce (4 part series)• The Florence Melton Adult Mini School - Rabbi Glickman (2nd year)Tuesdays• Men’s Torah Study at Café Carmel (every Tuesday) with Rabbi Gershon• Tuesdays with Tanakh, CSI Douglas with Rabbi Gershon (bi-monthly)• Latte and Learning, CSI Douglas with Rabbi Gershon (monthly)Thursday Afternoons• Lectures at The Legacy at Willow Bend with Rabbi Gershon (monthly)Friday Mornings• Talmud Study Group, CSI Douglas with Rabbi Menashe (every Friday)Shabbat Mornings• Torah Study: Discuss with the Rabbis the Torah reading of the week and how it can relateto your life. Taught by one of the Rabbis (weekly)Sunday Mornings• Adult B’nei Mitzvah, CSI Douglas taught by the Rabbis, Cantor Zhrebker andTamar LeventhalI ask that you consult the Shofar or for more details. I hope you will join us and deepen your Jewishknowledge and soul.Let this year be the year you dedicate yourself to serious Jewish learning and study.1

’nei mitzvahNovember 7, 2009 – Morning ServiceBeck Family SanctuarySydney Claire Flick, daughter of Annetteand James Flick, granddaughter of Janice andHarvey Flick and Beverly Fishman. Sydney isthe sister of Brooklyn.November 28, 2009 – Evening ServiceBeck Family SanctuarySamuel Benjamin Abrams, son of Carolynand David Abrams, grandson of Lollyand the late Sam Abrams and Anita andCharles Marcus. Samuel attends VanguardPreparatory School.November 14, 2009 – Morning ServiceBeck Family SanctuaryMichael Arnold Roseman, son of Lee Annand Jim Roseman, grandson of the late Etheeand Arnold Roseman of Omaha, Nebraskaand Bessie and the late Irving Bodzy. Michaelis the brother of Allyson.December 5, 2009 – Morning ServiceBeck Family SanctuaryBenjamin Eric Wilner, son of Lauren Wilnerand Matthew Wilner, grandson of Marion andMyron Wilner of Fall River, Massachusetts andBeverly and Bernard Rosenberg of West PalmBeach Gardens, Florida. Benjamin attendsSt. Marks School and is the brother of Jacoband Russell.November 14, 2009 – Evening ServiceBeck Family SanctuaryZachariah Samuel Petsrillo, son of Doryand Ira Petsrillo, grandson of the late Beatriceand Jesse Petsrillo of Bronx, New York andthe late Millie and the late George Melman.Zachariah attends Akiba Academy.December 5, 2009 – Evening ServiceBeit AryehSeth Richard Lurie, son of DeAnn and MitchLurie, grandson of Rachel and the late SamuelLurie of Johannesburg, South Africa andHelen and the late Ted Strange. Seth attendsFrankford Middle School and is the brother ofTanner.November 21, 2009 – Morning ServiceAaron Family Main SanctuaryAlyssa Rae Berkowitz, daughter of Barbaraand Ron Berkowitz, granddaughter of Fayeand the late Herbie Berkowitz and Rosalindand Daniel Radman of Sarasota, Florida.Alyssa attends Frankford Middle School and isthe sister of Max and Evan.December 19, 2009 – Morning ServiceBeck Family SanctuarySydney Melina Yonack, daughter of Sheryland Alan Yonack, granddaughter of Margaretand the late Ralph Yonack of Albuquerque,New Mexico and Joan and the late MartinGold of Weaverville, North Carolina. Sydneyattends Hockaday School and is the sister ofSam and Noah.November 21, 2009 – Evening ServiceBeck Family SanctuaryStephanie Claire Herman, daughter of Eveand Jonathan Herman, granddaughter of FranHerman of Delray Beach, Florida and Bertand Joel Myers of New Orleans, Louisiana.Stephanie attends Shelton School and is thesister of David.2

november servicesservice timesdecember servicesCandle Lighting5:12pm November 6 5:03pm November 205:07pm November 13 5:01pm November 27Kabbalat Shabbat Services6:00pm Service in the Fonberg Family Chapel,Main Campus6:30pm Service at Beit Aryeh,The Ann and Nate Levine AcademyShabbat Morning, CSI-Douglas8:30am Torah Study in the Sardas Beit MidrashShabbat Morning Services, CSI-DouglasNovember 79:00am Service in the Beck Family Sanctuary9:30am Service in the Fonberg Family ChapelNovember 149:00am Service in the Beck Family Sanctuary9:30am Service in the Fonberg Family ChapelNovember 219:00am Service in the Aaron Family Main Sanctuary9:30am Service in the Fonberg Family ChapelNovember 289:30am Service in the Beck Family SanctuaryBeit Aryeh, North Satellite atThe Ann and Nate Levine Academy9:30am Shabbat Morning ServiceMincha/Seudah Shlisheet/Ma’ariv/HavdalahCSI-Douglas4:45pm November 7 4:30pm November 214:45pm November 14 4:30pm November 28Daily Shacharit7:00am Monday – Friday8:30am SundaysPlease Note:Shacharit for Federal Holidays is now 7:00amDaily Mincha/Ma’ariv6:00pm Monday - Thursday, and SundayCandle Lighting5:01pm December 4 5:04pm December 185:02pm December 11 5:07pm December 25Kabbalat Shabbat Services6:00pm Service in the Fonberg Family ChapelMain Campus6:30pm Service at Beit Aryeh,The Ann and Nate Levine AcademyShabbat Morning, CSI-Douglas8:30am Torah Study in the Sardas Beit MidrashShabbat Morning Services, CSI-DouglasDecember 59:00am Service in the Beck Family Sanctuary9:30am Service in the Fonberg Family ChapelDecember 129:30am Service in the Beck Family SanctuaryDecember 199:00am Service in the Beck Family Sanctuary9:30am Service in the Fonberg Family ChapelDecember 269:30am Service in the Beck Family SanctuaryBeit Aryeh, North Satellite atThe Ann and Nate Levine Academy9:30am Shabbat Morning ServiceMincha/Seudah Shlisheet/Ma’ariv/HavdalahCSI-Douglas4:30pm December 5 4:45pm December 194:30pm December 12 4:45pm December 26Daily Shacharit7:00am Monday – Friday8:30am SundaysPlease Note:Shacharit for Federal Holidays is now 7:00amDaily Mincha/Ma’ariv6:00pm Monday - Thursday, and Sunday3

lifelong learningopportunitiesTODAH RABAH TO THOSE WHO MADEOUR HIGH HOLY DAYS SO SPECIAL...Shabbat Morning Torah Study - Saturdays - 8:30am-9:30amSardas Beit Midrash - CSI-DouglasMen’s Torah Study - Tuesday mornings 7:00am-8:00amCafé Carmel, 13410 Preston Road, Dallas, Texas 75240Dive into Talmud - Every Friday 7:45amSardas Beit Midrash - CSI-DouglasTuesdays with Tanakh - Second and fourth Tuesday of every month1:00pm - Sardas Beit Midrash - CSI-DouglasLatte N Learning - Third Tuesday of each month10:00am -11:00am - Sardas Beit Midrash - CSI-DouglasAdult B’nei Mitzvah Classes - Began on Sunday, October 25CSI-Douglas - 9:15am-11:15amWe are accepting late reservations so please callnow. It is not too late!Adult B’nei Mitzvah will take place on Shabbat Morning,April 30, 2011 - CSI-DouglasEmbracing Judaism - Monday EveningsThe first class was on Monday, October 19, 20097:00pm - 9:00pm - Sardas Beit Midrash - CSI-DouglasWe are accepting late reservations so please callnow. It is not too late.The History of Israel and the Fundamentals for Peace –a presentation by Lillian and Jon PinkusMonday nights from 7:00pm – 9:00pmNovember 2, 9, and 16, 2009There is no charge for the class.Connecting with GodMondays, November 2, 9, 16, and 23, 2009From 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm in Fonberg ChapelPaula Joyce Ph.D., teaches specific ways that you can see, feel andknow God in your daily life. The weekly topics are:Rabbi Gershon Continues Monthly Classes at The Legacy!(6101 Ohio Drive, Plano, Texas 75024)3rd Thursday of each month - 3:00pmJoin Rabbi Gershon at The Legacy for a thought-provoking class ona myriad of topics. Enjoy the class, schmooze and have a snack.OUR DEDICATED GABBAIMLeonard Epstein, Max Glauben, Isaac Gian,Jay Lifshen, Marvin Noble, Robert YudkinOUR AWESOME SERVICE LEADERSBill Epstein, Naftali Kadosh, Mike Levine, Bernard Levy,Jay Lifshen, Roland Mizrahi, Becky Schisler,Ted Solomon, Perry WhiteOUR AMAZING SHOFAR BLOWERSJay Abrams, Yoni Gershon, Cary RudbergOUR INSPIRING TORAH AND HAFTARAH READERSJay Abrams, Cynthia Cohen, David Duitch, Marna Edenson,Susan Ehrlich, Eli Gershenson, Sara Graff, Dena Kline,Mike Levine, Sam Libby, Michelle Loewenstein, Leora Mitzner,Deborah Musher, Rafi Parens, Jay Robinson, Chad Rosen,Sam Rosenstein, Mort Rudberg, Adam Sandgarten,Ruth Schor, Doug Sheena, William Sutker, Aryn Weinstein,Shelley Weiss, Ross YudkinOUR FRIENDLY USHERSAlan Sandgarten - Coordinator -Beck Family SanctuaryLarry Schiller - Coordinator -Beit AryehRoberta Toback - Coordinator -Aaron Family Main SanctuaryBarb Altman, Miriam Lewis Barnett, Sheli Barnett, JeffreyBayer, Kenneth Blatt, Dawni Callahan, Gordon Cizon,Howard Cohen, Susan and Bill Ehrlich, Byron Falk,Cynthia and Robert Feldman, Deborah Fisher, Randy Fleisher,Anita Friedman, Margaret Furst, Linda Glauben,Gordon Goldstein, Eve Guth, Veronique and Hylton Jonas,David Karlebach, Jeffrey Kogutt, Larry Krasner,Marcy and Lew Lefko, Laurel Levin, Marvin Levin,Allen Luterman, Jerome Marcus, Dan Morenoff, Kevin Pailet,Maxine and Martin Pomerantz, Jakob Scheib,Lawrence Schiller, Melvin Schwartz, Richard Simon,Linda Margolies Skibell and Arthur Skibell, Laurie Steinberg,Barrett Stern, Stephen Stern, David Taplin, Steve Toback,Michael ZimmermannChanukah 5770 begins Friday night, December 11, 2009, when the first candle is lit before theShabbat candles. Chanukah First, 5770 light begins the shamash Friday night, candle December and use it 11, to kindle 2009, the when other the lights. first candle On the is night, lit before theChanukah place oneChanukah Shabbat candle 5770 begins candles. the5770extreme Friday begins First, right night, light Fridaycandleholder. the December night, shamash December candle On 11, each 2009, and 11,succeeding use when 2009, it to the whennight, kindle first the candle add the first another is candle lit lights. before candleis lit On the tobefore the Shabbat night, thecandles. the left until First, Shabbat place eight light one candles.candles the shamash are in First, the lit candle on extreme lightthethe and eighth right shamash use night. candleholder. it to kindle Kindle the andthe On other uselights each it lights. tofrom succeeding kindle On left the totheright night, otherand place add lights.recite another one On candle the candle night, in the toextreme following right blessings:place the left candleholder. one until eight in On candles the each extreme are succeeding lit right on the candleholder. night, eighth add night. another On Kindle each candle the succeeding to lights the from left night, until left add to eight right another candles recite candle are lit the to onthe eighth the following night. left until Kindle blessings: eight the lights candles from are left lit on to the right eighth and recite night. the Kindle following the lights blessings: from left to right and recite thefollowing blessings:x¥p wi¦l c©d§l § ep«ë¦v§ e ,ei¨zŸe §v¦n§a ep«ÿ§ c¦w x¤y£` ,m¨lŸer ¨d §j¤l n «¤ epi«¥dŸl¡` ï§i d¨z©` §jexäx¥p wi¦l c©d§l ep«ë¦v§e ,ei¨zŸe §v¦n§a ep«ÿ§ c¦w x¤y£` ,m¨lŸer ¨d §j¤l «¤ epi«¥dŸl¡` ï§i d¨z©` §jexäd¨k ªp g £ (l¤y) x¥p wi¦l c©d§l § ep«ë¦v§e ,ei¨zŸe §v¦n§a ep«ÿ§ c¦w x¤y£` ,m¨lŸer ¨d §j¤l n «¤ epi«¥dŸl¡` ï§i d¨z©` §jexäd¨k ªp (l¤y)d¨k ªp g £ (l¤y)Praised are You, Lord our God, Ruler of the Universe, who has sanctified us us with Your commandmentsand hascommanded has commanded Praised us to are kindle us You, to the Lord kindle Chanukah our the God, Chanukah light. Ruler of light. the Universe, who has sanctified us with Your commandmentsPraised and has are commanded You, Lord us our to God, kindle Ruler the Chanukah of the Universe, light. who has sanctified us with Your commandments.d¤f©d and has o©n§f©a commanded m¥d¨d mi us ¦n ï to ©a kindle epi«¥zŸea£`©l the Chanukah mi ¦q¦p dÿ¨r¤y light. ,m¨lŸer ¨d §j¤l n «¤ epi«¥dŸl¡` ï§i d¨z©` §jexä.d¤f©d o©n§f©a m¥d¨d mi ¦n ©a epi«¥zŸea£`©l mi ¦q¦p dÿ¨r¤y ,m¨lŸer ¨d §j¤l «¤ epi«¥dŸl¡` ï§i d¨z©` §jexäPraised are You, Lord .d¤f©d our o©n§f©a God, m¥d¨d Ruler mi of ¦n the ï ©a epi«¥zŸea£`©l Universe, who mi ¦q¦p performed dÿ¨r¤y ,m¨lŸer miracles ¨d for §j¤l n «¤ our epi«¥dŸl¡` ancestors ï§i d¨z©` in §jexäPraised those days are Praised You, at this Lord are season. our You, God, Lord Ruler our God, of the Ruler Universe, of the who Universe, performed who miracles performed our miracles ancestors for our in those ancestors days inatthis season.Praised those days are at You, this Lord season. ourChantedGod, Ruleron theoffirstthe Universe,night only:who performed miracles for our ancestors inthose days at this season. Chanted on the first night only:Chanted on the first night.d¤f©donly:o©n§f©l ep«¨ri¦b¦d§ e Chanted ep«¨n§i¦w§e ep«ï¡g¤d¤y on the first ,m¨lŸer night ¨d only: §j¤l n «¤ epi«¥dŸl¡` ï§i d¨z©` §jexä.d¤f©d o©n§f©l ep«¨ri¦b¦d§e ep«¨n§i¦w§e ep«ï¡g¤d¤y ,m¨lŸer ¨d §j¤l «¤ epi«¥dŸl¡` ï§i d¨z©` §jexäPraised are You, Lord our God, Ruler .d¤f©d of o©n§f©l the Universe, ep«¨ri¦b¦d§e who ep«¨n§i¦w§ has e granted ep«ï¡g¤d¤y us ,m¨lŸer life and ¨d sustained §j¤l n «¤ epi«¥dŸl¡` us and ï§i d¨z©` §jexäbrought us Praised to this are season. You, Lord our God, Ruler of the Universe, who has granted us life and sustained us andPraised are Praised brought You, Lord are us to You, our this God, Lord season. Ruler our God, of the Ruler Universe, of the Universe, who has granted who has us granted life and us sustained life and sustained and brought us andus tothis season. brought us to this season.4

gps judaism comes to csiThe Bernard SiegelScholar-in-ResidenceProgram ofCongregationShearith IsraelAn interview with Rabbi William GershonWhy is Shearith Israel hosting a month-long scholarin residence program?The Talmud asks the question: “Which is greater, study oraction?” And the Talmud responds: “Study is greater, sincestudy leads to action.” Learning is the basis for leading arich, meaningful and beautiful Jewish life. This year ourcongregation is under taking one of the most creative stepsin adult Jewish learning as we will devote a entire monthto serious in depth Jewish learning. The idea of an intensemonth of Jewish learning actually comes from the Jewishtradition in a custom called hakel, where the farmers whocouldn’t study on daily basis would all gather in Jerusalemonce a year to learn. This month of learning is crucial forevery member of Shearith Israel. I want you to commityourself to attending as many sessions as you can. This isthe year to dedicate ourselves to the value of Talmud torah,of Torah study.Is this a first for Shearith Israel?Yes, but not for Noam. He has been the scholar at over25 extended scholar-in-residence programs at temples,synagogues and Federations around the United Statesand has been a featured scholar-in-residence in over 50synagogues and temples across America. This is his firstvisit to Dallas. On a personal note, I have been studyingwith Noam for the last two summers at the Shalom HartmanInstitute in Jerusalem.Why is Shearith hosting Noam for the community?Shearith Israel has always had an open door to thecommunity. We put great emphasis to creating community,because a community has shared values and shareddestiny. We want Noam to share the knowledge andexcitement beyond our walls. We want to reach as manyJews as possible. The classes and programs with Noam willtake place at a variety of venues, including CongregationShearith Israel (Douglas and Beit Aryeh at the Ann andNate Levine Academy), the Aaron Family JCC, area dayschools, coffee shops, restaurants, homes and other venuesthroughout the community. Noam will offer practical ideasfor you to bring your Judiasm back home “to the table,” be itfor Shabbat, holidays or daily life. We have an amazing giftto share in Noam’s month-long visit. Our goal is to makesure everyone not only knows about it, but participates init.The logo for this program is a GPS, a modern day compassto get you where you want to go. We begin from differentplaces, and we will each use our distinctive, internal “GPS”to track our Jewish destinations on our own Jewish journeys.We hope you will join us for the journey.How do we learn more about this program?Stay tuned! Watch for emails, and check our web site( jewish women and men100 Jewish Women100 Jewish Women is a group of women who are dedicatedto becoming better daughters, mothers, wives, leaders,and Jews. We have invited engaging speakers throughoutthe year - who will address some of the most importantissues facing women today. The environment is friendlyand welcoming, the topics exciting, and it is a chance toconnect with other women throughout our community.The buffet dinner will begin at 6:30 p.m., followed by thespeaker at 7:00 p.m.To learn more or to register, contact Joyce Wakefield at214.939.7342 or Shawn Fields-Meyer - January 13, 2010“Texting, Technology and Torah: A Spiritual Discussion ofthe Digital Age”Kickoff Dinner generously sponsored by SISterhood.Lee M. Hendler - March 3, 2010“The Year Mom Got Religion: One Woman’s Journey intoJudaism That Began at Midlife and Continues”Rabbi Brad Artson - April 21, 2010Combined speaker 100 Jewish Women and Men“What’s Love Got To Do With It? Creating EnduringRelationships”Sharon Duke Estroff - May 12, 2010“Big Picture Parenting: The Simple Secret to Raising Happy,Healthy, Menschlich Children in the 21st Century”100 Jewish Men100 Jewish Men is a group of men who are dedicated tobecoming better sons, fathers, husbands, leaders, andJews. We have invited engaging speakers throughoutthe year - who will address some of the most importantissues facing men today. The environment is friendly andwelcoming, the topics exciting, and it is a chance to connectwith other men throughout our community.The buffet dinner will begin at 6:30 p.m., followed by thespeaker at 7:00 p.m.To learn more or to register, contact Joyce Wakefield at214.939.7342 or Shmuley Boteach - January 12, 2010“The Broken American Male and How to Fix Him”Kickoff Dinner generously sponsored by the Men’s ClubNoam Zion - February 10, 2010“Brotherly Rivalry and Birth Order in the Bible and in BruceSpringsteen: Adam raised a Cain”Dr. Joel Roffman - March 24, 2010“Coping with Adversity: Judaism’s Response to Illness andOther Life Struggles”Rabbi Brad Artson - April 21, 2010Combined speaker 100 Jewish Women and Men“What’s Love Got To Do With It? Creating EnduringRelationships”5

Barnett FamilyGrand Entry SculptureThe parchment is burning but the letters soarfreely (Avodah Zarah 18a). These words greet youas you approach the magnificent new sculpturethat graces the Barnett Family Grand Entry Plaza.We are grateful to Miriam (“Mimi”) Lewis Barnettand Mitchell Barnett for their vision and insightin contemplating what message this gift shouldembody. In the end, the message was hope. Thewords of the Sh’ma rise triumphantly even whilethe Torah scroll itself burns in the flames. Mimiand Mitchell wanted to honor the memory of pastadversities the Jewish people have suffered, whileemphasizing the hope that moves us forward.Mimi and Mitchell, along with Rabbi Gershon,worked with Israeli-born artist Etty Horowitz tomake their vision a reality. They shared theirideas over many months until the final design wasapproved. At last, the fabrication began this pastsummer. In the heat of August, Etty drove updaily from her Fort Worth studio to oversee theinstallation so the artwork would be in place for allof us to see on Rosh Hashanah.We are fortunate to have two other works of artcreated by Etty: Pillar of Fire and Pillar of Smokethat hang on the east walls on either side of thebimah in the Aaron Family Main Sanctuary.We hope you will use the benches on either sideof the sculpture to sit, contemplate, dream orjust relax. Beautiful works of art are meant to beenjoyed and, thanks to Mimi and Mitchell Barnett,we have a wonderful opportunity to practiceenjoyment right outside our door!6

csi - family centerWe are happy to announce...........the establishment of a new department atCongregation Shearith Israel!The Congregation Shearith Israel Family Center will offeractivities in a warm and nurturing environment for people of allages: infants, toddlers, preschoolers, elementary school children,parents, and grandparents. Our educational classes and lectures,workshops, holiday events, support groups, and baby playtimebring our Family Center alive with the joy of activity and learning.The goals of the Congregation Shearith Israel Family Center areto:· assist families in learning about Jewish tradition;· teach positive parenting skills that instill positive self-imageand good Jewish values;· help parents to understand the developmental needs oftheir children;· enhance the family’s Jewish life experience;· provide a comfortable environment for multigenerationalparticipation in synagogue life;· inspire a shared learning experience among families; and· provide an environment where lifelong bonds willbe created among families -- a community offamilies sharing the milestones of parenting together.Our programs, classes, and support services are designed tostrengthen the emotional bonds between parents and childrenand promote optimal child development. Congregation ShearithIsrael believes in young families and values them as vital to thecontinuation of not only our congregation but of the entire Jewishpeople.Esther Wolf, Lower School Principal of the Weitzman FamilyReligious School, and previously our Preschool Director will nowalso be the Family Center Director. For more information about ourprograms, please contact Esther at 214.361.6606, extension 216or Families’ Program CalendarNovember – December 2009Saturday, November 14Mr. Donavan at Beit Aryeh10:15am – 11:00amSunday, November 156th Annual Truck Time at CSI-Douglas11:00am – 2:00pm.Fun for the whole family. Children and parents will enjoyan up-close view of a variety of large trucks, tractors,and earth movers.Friday, November 20ITSE/BITSE (Shabbat service) at the CSI-Douglas6:00pm - 6:30pmTuesday, December 1Storytime With Rabbi David GlickmanBarnes and Noble in Plano3:00pm – 4:00pmSaturday, December 5PJ Havdalah Dinner and Movie Night at CSI-Douglas6:30pm – 9:00pmWednesday, December 16Chanukah Dinner at CSI-Douglas5:45pm – 7:00pmWin with Shearith IsraelYoung Family Programs!Congregation Shearith Israel has created a new Family Centerthrough which we will offer many young family programs andevents for families with children ages 0-8 years old.We are committed to young families; therefore, we have an entirestaff devoted to provide exciting and engaging programs to enhanceyour Jewish parenting experiences in the home, synagogue andcommunity.The Family Center project is unique to Shearith Israel and theDallas Jewish Community, so we want to invite as many youngJewish families as possible to participate. We need your help ingetting more families involved. Invite your non-affiliated friendswith children to attend any of the Family Center’s programs withyou.When you invite a non-affiliated family to attend any of the FamilyCenter’s programs you will earn points to win a romantic eveninggetaway for two. In May 2010 the family with the most points winsthe getaway. In the meantime, all participating families will bewinners by sharing fun-filled experiences with family and friendsall year long! This is a true WIN/WIN opportunity!! Don’t missout on the fun!7

Thanksgiving – An American Sukkothe similarities between our two great autumn festivals, Sukkot and Thanksgiving arenot coincidental. The Pilgrims who arrived on these shores were well steeped in theteachings of our shared Biblical tradition, and our first President, George Washington wrote thesewords in October, 1789 to set aside Thanksgiving as an American national holiday:Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey Hiswill, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favor-- and whereasboth Houses of Congress have by their joint Committee requested me to recommend to the Peopleof the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging withgrateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty GodRabbi David M. GlickmanDirector, Weitzman FamilyReligious SchoolI believe that the values of Sukkot can be easily transferred to our Thanksgiving table.Sukkot is known in our tradition as “zman simchateinu” – the time of our happiness. When wecelebrated Sukkot at the Weitzman Family Religious School, I asked the students two questionspertaining to happiness at the end of class on Tuesday and Wednesday. I asked them to sharea memory when they were happiest, and I asked them what would it take to make them happy.Without exception, the happy memories had to do with spending time with family, with friends,or participating in activities that they love doing. Also without exception, when asked about whatwould make them happy, they responded with material answers (“A new Wii,” “My own cellphone,”or “A trip to Disneyworld”).When we leave the comfort of our beautiful homes, and choose instead to spend time dwelling in ahumble shack (a sukkah), we are making the statement that we know what brings true happiness.I believe that if I were to ask the same questions to a group of adults that I asked of our ReligiousSchool students, the answers would have been the same. When we remember happiness, we thinkof the happy times. When we imagine happiness, we imagine material objects. Sukkot is called“zman simchateinu” – the time of our happiness because its rituals teach us what, in fact, doesbring us true happiness – giving thanks, sharing with others, and having time with loved ones.It isn’t rocket science, and these are values that we think of as obvious. But Judaism gives us amethod of recognizing that which we may know is obvious but we often fail to recognize. For ourJewish spirit – that method is sitting in a sukkah. For our American spirit – that method is sharinga turkey dinner, watching the Cowboys and expressing our profound thanks.The Mishnah teaches us the famous phrase “Who is wealthy? The one who is happy with his lot.” Iwould reverse that teaching for Sukkot and Thanksgiving to read: “Who is happy? The one who iswealthy with his lot.” When we are able to feel gratitude for what we have, happiness awaits us.WEITZMAN FAMILYRELIGIOUSSCHOOLRabbi David Glickman8

save the datesat-a-glance calendarWeitzman Family Religious SchoolNovemberSunday, November 1NO RELIGIOUS SCHOOL OR HIGH SCHOOL (YOM LIMUD)Sunday, November 8Kindergarten and 1st Grade Family Education Program,11:15am – 12:00pm; CSI-DouglasSunday, November 15Truck Time, 11:00am – 2:00pm; CSI-DouglasSaturday, November 21Shabbat School, 9:30am – 12:00pm; CSI-DouglasSunday, November 22NO RELIGIOUS SCHOOL OR HIGH SCHOOL(SHABBAT SCHOOL)Tuesday, November 24NO RELIGIOUS SCHOOL (THANKSGIVING BREAK)Wednesday, November 25NO RELIGIOUS SCHOOL (THANKSGIVING BREAK)Sunday, November 29NO RELIGIOUS SCHOOL OR HIGH SCHOOL(THANKSGIVING BREAK)WEITZMAN FAMILYRELIGIOUSDecemberSunday, December 13Weitzman Family Religious School Chanukah Program;11:00am; CSI DouglasSaturday, December 19Shabbat School, 9:30am – 12:00pm;Ann and Nate Levine AcademySunday, December 20NO RELIGIOUS SCHOOL OR HIGH SCHOOL(SHABBAT SCHOOL)SCHOOLTuesday, December 22NO RELIGIOUS SCHOOL (WINTER BREAK)Wednesday, December 23NO RELIGIOUS SCHOOL (WINTER BREAK)Sunday, December 27NO RELIGIOUS SCHOOL OR HIGH SCHOOL(WINTER BREAK)Tuesday, December 29NO RELIGIOUS SCHOOL (WINTER BREAK)Zohar USYJoin us for our exciting teen programs! More informationavailable at our website at Watch youremail inboxes for details!NovemberSunday, November 8USY Social Action/Tikkun Olam ProjectDecemberSaturday, December 12City-Wide USY Chanukah ProgramSunday, December 27-Thursday, December 31USY International Convention in ChicagoJanuaryFriday, January 8- Saturday, January 9Teens Take Over Shabbat OvernightCSI-DouglasFebruarySunday, February 7City-Wide USY Superbowl PartyFriday, February 19-Sunday, February 21Spring KallahSaturday, February 27Teens Volunteer at CSI Purim CarnivalMarchSaturday, March 6- Sunday, March 7Regional Overnight at Group DynamixSunday, March 28Pre-Passover Car Wash at CSIAprilSaturday, April 10Bedouin Tent NightFriday, April 16- Sunday, April 18Kadima Convention at CSI!MaySunday, May 2City-Wide USY End of Year EventSaturday, May 22Zohar BanquetWednesday, December 30NO RELIGIOUS SCHOOL (WINTER BREAK)9

The SISterhood of Congregation Shearith Israel, affiliated with theWomen’s League for Conservative Judaism, is open to all womencommitted to learning about and leading a Jewish life.2009-2010 MembershipIt’s always a good time to join SISterhoodand become a part of an incredible groupof vibrant women! Please send in yourSpecial Interest Survey and JOIN NOW. Ourmembership team will welcome you and keepyou informed of the countless opportunitiesto make this a great year.Annual Dues $36Life Member Dues$360 (one time payment)Young Adult Dues (30 and under) $18Senior Dues (75 and over) $18If you have any questions, please email or call Membership VPLaurie Steinberg at or 214.789.4520.5770/2010 TORAH FUNDHonoring Annie GlickmanSisterhood is excited to be honoring Annie Glickman for our annualTorah Fund Event, which will be held on Sunday, February 21, 2010.The theme for this year’s Torah Fund Pin is “Le’avdah ul’shamrah.”In Genesis 2:15, when God completed creation and placed humansin the garden, the first command was “le’avdah ul’shamrah”, “toplant and preserve” their bountiful home. We invite you to join incelebrating Annie Glickman, a woman who embodies the essenceof “le’avdah ul’shamrah”. She continuously “plants and preserves”the seeds of Conservative Judaism with ongoing growth of ourknowledge and spirituality through her work at Melton. With yourdonation to Torah Fund, you will be supporting students of TheJewish Theological Seminary, The Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies,and The Schechter Institute. To participate in this year’s campaign,or for more information please contact Miriam Waltzer at 214-780-0719 or are several donation levels available (tax deductible). Donationsat $180 and above will receive the 2010 Torah Fund Pin.Todah RabahTo Abby Goldfarb, Rebecca Hogan, Laurie Steinberg, andthe rest of the volunteers who helped greet potential SISterhoodmembers at “Meet the Teacher” night and Opening Day of ReligiousSchool.To Susan Ehrlich, Lucille Friedman, Gail Mizrahi and the restof the volunteers, who helped with the very successful Tax-FreeSale at The Gallery.To Miriam Waltzer and Dora Rudberg on a beautiful andsuccessful Torah Fund Pin Party honoring Annie Glickman.To Debbie Weinstein (north), Kimberly Ross, and the restof the Major Fundraising Event committee for a wonderful TableHostess Brunch.To Nancy Brickman, our High Holiday Gifts Chair, for the creativeand fun Rosh Hashanah “world” cupcakes and caramel applesfor Simchat Torah that were passed out to our religious schoolstudents!Kosher ChicSip & SeeWe are hard at work compiling our newcookbook, debuting in August 2010.Join us on Sunday, April 18 for the Sip &See and savor delights from the featuredrecipes. Pre-sales of the cookbook willbegin at this event. Be one of the first toown this culinary masterpiece.Watch for more details.Dates to RememberMajor Fundraising EventA Smashing Evening with Sandra BrownThursday, November 19, 2009 6:30pmCSI-DouglasSISterhood ShabbatFriday, January 22, 2010, 6:30pmBeit Aryeh Family ServiceDinner following services (by reservation)For more information or to participate in the service,contact Sandy Kaman at 972.960.7321 ORMarcy Lefko at 972.713.9494 or marcylefko@gmail.comMah Jongg Tournament(see the following page for registration form)Sunday, January 31, 2010CSI-DouglasVisit The Gallery for yourHoliday gift giving andentertaining needs.TAX FREE DAYSUNDAY, DECEMBER 13November Special20% off General GiftwareDecember Special10-50% off Select Chanukah ItemsRegular business hoursSunday: 9:00am-12:30pm(when Religious School is in session)Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 10:00am-4:00pmWednesday: 1:00-4:00pm or1:00-7:00pm*(when Religious School is in session)Friday: 10:00am-2:00pm* The Gallery is open until 7:00pm on Religious SchoolWednesdays.For appointments after hours, please call 214.939.7343.Check out the work of our Featured Artist, Tina Epstein,a wonderful addition to our beautiful stock of Judaica.10

mah jongg tournament11th AnnualMAH JONGG TOURNAMENTSunday, January 31, 2010Topletz AuditoriumCongregation Shearith Israel9401 Douglas Avenue, Dallas, Texas 752251:00pm RegistrationPlay begins promptly at 1:30pm(last round finishes at approximately 5:30pm)$40 entitles you to four rounds of play and refreshments.Prizes will be awarded to the top finishers.-----------------------------------------------------------------REGISTRATION FORMName:_________________________________________Address:_____________________________________________________________________________________City/Zip:_______________________________________E-mail: ________________________________________Phone Number (Home)____________________________(Cell)__________________________________________Please return this form by January 15th, 2010,along with your $40 check payable toShearith Israel SISterhood and mail to:Arlene Sandgarten6407 Hidden Cove DriveDallas, Texas 75248Your check is your reservationFor questions or more information contact,Arlene Sandgarten at 972.248.2216or arlene32@sbcglobal.netMah Jongg Cards For SaleSISterhood is selling 2010 Mah Jongg cards. The cardscost $7, or $8 for the larger print. Orders must be placedby December 31, 2009. Include your name, address,phone number, how many cards you would like andwhich size. The cards will be mailed directly to youin March from the National Mah Jongg League. Pleasesend your order and a check made payable to: HankPollock, 7116 Hill Forest Drive, Dallas, Texas 75230.No Cooking,No Hassle,No Reservations…Introducing CSI’s new initiative,SHABBAT TO GOFriday, December 4, 2009Enjoy a delicious Shabbat meal at home, lovinglyprepared by our own Chef Andrew of Spice of Life. Ifyou don’t have four to feed, split the cost and shareShabbat with friends. Simply order your Shabbatdinner by November 16 and pick up your meal onFriday, December 4, between the hours of 1:00– 3:00 p.m. at CSI Douglas campus’ West Doors(Tollway side).Meal for (4) PeopleOnly $66.95(cost includes a 3% Mazon donation)One-Pound Challah Loaf and One Challah RollMixed Green Salad with Chef’sChoice DressingWhole Herb Roasted Chicken withMushroom RagoutConfetti RiceGreen Beans with Garlic and ShallotsApple CobblerAdditional chicken entrées are available for$15 per personEither print off the PDF page from the website homepage or order online in the “Member’s Only” sectionusing your User ID and Password. Once you havelogged in, click on the Event Registration line onthe left hand side of your screen and then click onShabbat To Go. If you do not know your User IDand Password, you may contact Robin Hurrell for your information.For more information about Shabbat To Go, contactGail Mizrahi at

what’s happening at the shulMark Your CalendarsPlease consult upcoming Shabbat Announcements,the CSI-News, the CSI website at www.shearith.organd upcoming editions of The Shofar for more detailsas they become available.Saturday, November 7Shabbat Services, CSI-DouglasThe Men’s Club will honor Jewish War VeteransSunday, November 8Men’s Club BBQ and Cowboys TV PartyDallas vs. PhiladelphiaPidgeon Theater, CSI-DouglasFriday,November 13Young Professionals (YPs)Shabbat in the HomeVarious YP HomesSunday, November 15Truck TimeCSI-Douglas, South Parking Lot - 11:00amFriday, November 20Kol RinaCSI-DouglasThursday, December 3Men’s Club Scotch and Cigars IICohen Small Waldman Chapel CourtyardCSI-Douglas - 7:00pmFriday, December 11Young Professionals (YPs)Latkes and VodkasTopletz Auditorium - 7:00pmFriday, December 18Kol Rina - CSI-DouglasMamaloshen MorningThursdays, November 12 and December 1010:30am CSI-DouglasNu, you read this each month. Vat are you vating for? Come for amorning and see how much fun we have. There’s no cost; its filledwith good nosh and great company; you’ll laugh ‘til your kishkashurt! Just let Monala know you are coming or if you need a ride at214.361.6606 extension 218.Shearith is making anIMPACT!!!!Shearith Israel has a new ongoing initiative:IMPACT Poverty and Hunger (Involve MorePeople And Change Tomorrow). IMPACTis designed to increase awareness andeducate our members as to the populationthat is impoverished and hungry so thatwe can act on their behalf. The IMPACTcommittee was developed to enhancethe community wide JCRC Anti-PovertyCampaign in which Shearith participates.We recently oversaw two successful events-- the Back to School Uniform Drive wherewe completely outfitted approximately 35children from Vogel and Family Gateway, and our annual HighHoliday Hunger appeal. Going forward, we are planning monthlyevents that will include a sandwich food drive in December and aChanukah in the Home project. Information on both projects willbe available on our website in late November. Please join us aswe work locally and nationally to make a difference. As our namestates, the IMPACT committee is actively reaching out to INVOLVEall members of our congregation. Contact Shirley Davidoff at214.987.2515 or to find out how YOUcan participate in this important work.Austin Street Shelter Sandwich DriveWednesday, December 2CSI members have a longstanding tradition of helping to feed thehungry through our sandwich drives. The food is not being servedat our shul so it does NOT have to be kosher. Please help us makethis sandwich drive a success!1. Make protein-filled sandwiches such as meat, poultry, tuna, egg,cheese or peanut butter. Tuna fish, egg and chicken salads are wellliked! We’ll appreciate as many sandwiches as you can make!2. Wrap each sandwich individually in a zip-lock sandwich bag,marked with the contents.LEAVE THE SANDWICH WHOLE — DO NOT CUT IT.3. Buy individual bags of chips, cookies, or pretzels. Fruit or smallbags with mini carrots and celery sticks are great!COLLECTION SITES: In the north, at the home of at home ofMarsha Lev 7227 Fernmeadow Drive, 75248; in the south, atShearith Israel’s south entrance. Please deliver between 7:30 amand 1:00 pm. If you can help serve at the shelter at 6:00 pm onDecember 2, please contact Marsha at or972/934-8875JCRC’s MLK Breakfast to Focus on PovertyMonday, January 18 - 8:00am - 9:30amCongregation Shearith IsraelThis year’s JCRC Breakfast in Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. willfocus on Dr. King’s fight against poverty and the need to continuethat fight today. The keynote speaker will be Rev. Gerald Britt,Vice-President of Public Policy and Community Program Planningfor Central Dallas Ministries. Please mark your calendar for thisinspiring event and RSVP for this free program to Marc Jacobsonat or 214.615.5261.**NEW THIS YEAR: Make your sandwiches with your shul community.Everyone and anyone is invited! Bring your supplies and join us forsandwich making at the following locations Tuesday, December 2,from 6:00 pm until 7:30pm. Please bring sandwich bags, labels,bread, filling and condiments; plastic knives will be provided. RSVPto Marsha at or 972.934.8875.North: The party room at Chuck and Lucy’s, 502 Spanish Village,(NW corner of Coit and Arapaho), Dallas 75248South: Congregation Shearith Israel, 9401 Douglas Avenue12

lifecyclesMAZEL TOVAmy Dawn Goodowitz and Steven Michael Levin are happyto announce their engagement. Amy is the daughter of Joyceand Wayne Goodowitz and the granddaughter of Mary HechtmanGoodman and the late George Hechtman, and Sol Goodowitz andthe late Selma Goodowitz of Pembroke Pines, Florida. Steve’sparents are Charles and Rita Levin of Beverly Hills, California andhe is the grandson of the late Morris and Sylvia Levin of Cincinnati,Ohio and Irving and Lillian Ratner of New York, New York. Amyand Steve both reside in Los Angeles, California and the couple isplanning a December wedding in Palm Springs, California.David Davron and Anne-Cecile Bourget are happy to announcetheir marriage on July 10, 2009 in New York City. Proud parentsare Larraine Miller of Dallas and Mireille and Bernard Bourget ofParis, France. The couple resides in Paris. David is an artist andAnne-Cecile a translator and English professor at the Sorbonne.Pamela Heather Kesner and Gary Bernard Yellin on theirmarriage September 6, 2009 at the National Press Club inWashington, D.C. Pamela is the daughter of Michelle and HerbertKesner and the granddaughter of the late Berta and Robert Kranzand the late Anne and Sam Kesner; Gary is the son of David andthe late Ruth Yellin of Houston.BIRTHSTessa Willow Covey, born July 25, 2009, daughter of Alec andMichael Covey; granddaughter of Anita and Jeff Bayer, BonnieCovey, Rhonda and Vann Pressley, William Covey, z”l and SusanSinger, z”l; great-granddaughter of Hilda Amkraut.Lila Brooke Goldfarb, born September 1, 2009, daughter ofRysse and Dr. Brian Goldfarb; sister of Samuel and Josie Goldfarb;granddaughter of Anita and Dr. Jeff Bayer, Susan and RobertGoldfarb and Rhonda and Vann Pressley; great-granddaughter ofHilda Amkraut and Esther Goldfarb.Madelyn Grinnell, born July 30, 2009, daughter of Katie andPhillip Grinnell; granddaughter of Paula Joyce, Fred Grinnell andPatricia and Alex Shipp; niece of Aviva Grinnell and Laura andVincent Wallace; cousin of Naomi and Avi Wallace.Mila-Elle Robinowitz, born August 20, 2009, daughter of Nikkiand Don Robinowitz; sister of Tyler and Beau-Henry; granddaughterof Chana and Ralph Robinowitz; Niece of Jill and David Clay andDebbie and Kevin Robinowitz; great-niece of Mona and StanleyRubenstein and Shuli and Avi Freedman; cousin of Carli and JohnClay and Anna and Jake Robinowitz.Naomi Sadelle Wallace, born July 17, 2009, daughter of Lauraand Vincent Wallace; sister of Avi Lior Wallace; granddaughter ofPaul Joyce, Fred Grinnell and Karen Wallace; niece of Kate andPhillip Grinnell and Aviva Grinnell, cousin of Madelyn Grinnell.Claire Madison Wellington, born July 8, 2009, daughter ofJennifer and Jonathan Wellington; sister of Henry Wellington;granddaughter of Elaine and Melvyn Lerman and Iris and GeorgeWellington; niece of Helene and Jeffrey Schussler and Pam andAndrew Wellington; cousin of Benjamin, Paul and Sarah Schusslerand Olivia, Griffin and Mason Wellington.ANNIVERSARIESNovember Anniversaries 50+ YearsLois and Robert Goldberg, Jean and Leonard Jacobs,Irene and Samuel Kogutt, Ruth and Bernard Levy,Natalie and Edwin Ornish, Rena and Bud Silverberg,Evelyn and George Smith, Davideen and Jordan Swanger,Miriam and Bruce WaltzerNovember Anniversaries 25+ yearsJanet and Jeffrey Beck, Naomi and Bernard Bloom,Victoria and Steven Bock, Rachel and Bernard Bortnick,Nancy and Adam Cherwitz, Sheila and Alan Cooper,Debra and Edward Davis, Cynthia and Robert Feldman,Leslye and Glenn Geller, Cynthia and Alan Golman,Barbie and Mark Herskowitz, Martha and Edwin Horne,Audrey and Norman Kaplan, Genny and Yuri Lemeshev,Lillian and Jon Pinkus, Sherri and Michael Radoff,Michelle and Ricky Rickoff, Chana and Ralph Robinowitz,Lauren and Jay Robinson, Merle and Brian Rosenbloom,Marilyn and Donald Schaffer, Ruth and Mark Schor,Toby and Lawrence Shawn, Laurie and David Sokolsky,Susan and David Solomon, Iris and Dennis Topletz,Janice and Pete WestbrookDecember Anniversaries 50+ YearsEve and Bob Karlebach, Sydel and Bernard Rudner,Elaine and Morris Rutchik, Carol and Robert Sutker,Marilyn and Harold SweetDecember Anniversaries 25+ yearsDawn and Todd Aaron, Judith and Julian Borejdo,Beth and Michael Brown, Rose and Brian Cohen,Lynn and Barry Cooper, Anne and Ronnie Davidoff,Brenda and Donnie Dubin, Reesa and David Feinstein,Arlene and Martin Fishman, Michelle and Marshall Funk,Lindy and Mark Girson, Susan and Martin Golman,Hope and Leonard Hochster, Suzanne and Martin Hotchkiss,Mary and Stefan Krieger, Lana and Stanley Latman,Elaine and Melvyn Lerman, Sharon and Charles Levin,Beverley and Peter Lewin, Brenda and Peter Marcus,Meryl and Scott Nason, Jeannette and Daniel Penkar,Judith and Steven Robbins, Perla and David Rosenstock,Judy and Barry Rubenstein, Donna and Byron Rubin,Eleanor and Morton Rudberg, Carol and Alan Shlansky,Jane and Mordechai Solimani, Frances and Sydney Steiner,Helen and William Sutker, Susan and Allan Sutker,Ida Ann and Harold Zweig13

in memoriam(from august 13, 2009 to september 25, 2009)Gerald Brown, father of Lenny (Josh) Parens and Chris Brown;grandfather of Rafi Parens.Goldie Cohen, mother of Lawrence (Dale) Cohen and StephenCohen; grandmother of Jenn and Gary Cohen and Romy andAndrew Kirwin; great-grandmother of Benjamin and Emma.Andrew Friedberg, grandson of Lita Marishak; brother of LianeFriedberg; nephew of Sherry (Rick) Simon; cousin of Cooper,Hannah and Avery Simon.Yvette Rose (Dee Dee) Friedberg; daughter of Lita Marishak;mother of the late Andrew Friedberg and Liane Friedberg; sister ofSherry (Rick) Simon; aunt of Cooper, Hannah and Avery Simon.Dr. Edward Ray Genecov, husband of Sally Genecov; father ofJeffrey (Lisa) Genecov, David (Lisa) Genecov and Julie (Robert)Shrell; grandfather of Michael, Adam, Max, Becca, Matthew andMegan Genecov and Marissa, Simone and Gavin Shrell; son-in-lawof Bernice K. Freiden.Roslyn Lucks, wife of Jack Lucks, mother of Jason (Linda) Lucks,Leslie Lucks and Lauren (Ben) Nise.Laura Schiller, mother of Lawrence (Ann) Schiller, Martin (Nancy)Schiller and Dr. Ruth Schiller; grandmother of Rachel (Ari) Berman,David (Shelly) Schiller, Barry (Arthur Reed) Schiller, Jay (Leigh)Schiller and Joanna (Kevin) Ziets; great-grandmother of 7.Eva Stern, mother of Jeffrey (Sharon) Stern and Celia Stern;grandmother of Deborah Stern and Elyse (David) Cardona.Manley (Mendel) Tessler, father of Reesa (David) Feinstein,Celia (Harvey) Atkin, Debbie (Ed Glina) Tessler; grandfather ofLisa, Danny and Maggie, Ari and Dana, Sury and David, Avi andSimone, Kari and Jay, Barry and Amy, Cheri and Yuval, Lauren,Abby and Zev; great-grandfather of 13.Arnold Utay, husband of Evelyn Utay.Arline Yonack, mother of Lyn Yonack and Nancy (Pinchas)Kachel; sister-in-law of Sylvia Sussman and Charlotte Levin; auntof Susie (Alan) Rubin, Dora (Cary) Rudberg, Alan (Sheryl) Yonack,and Joan (Robert) Yudkin; many other nieces, nephews, greatniecesand great-nephews and grandchildren.Max Rich, father of Anita Friedman, Gary Rich and Rebecca RichCruz; grandfather of Aaron Friedman, Gabriel Rich and Noah andMikayla Rich Cruz; brother of Leo, Ed and Morris Rich.Helen Marian Rubin, wife of Maurice Rubin; mother of RonnieRubin and Janet (Ron) Silver; grandmother of Marc Frauman.A. I. Schepps, brother of Harmon Schepps; father of Nancy(Arthur) Brand, Dennis (Marion) Schepps and Gilda (Warren)Sprung; grandfather of Dale Robinson, Karen and Cary Robinson,Laurie and Ross Robinson, Caryn Honig and Scott Schepps, MelissaSchepps and Mark Feferman, Cindy and Adam Brooks, HeatherSprung and Mike Meyer, Shawn Sprung, Shannon Sprung, JenniferBrand and Adam Brand; great-grandfather of 11; brother-in-law ofJerrel I. Davis and Sonia Bloom.unveilingsNovember 27, 2009 - 9:30am - Nathan Wunsch - Sparkman/HillcrestNovember 29, 2009 - 11:00am - Sender Fleschler - Sparkman/HillcrestJanuary 17, 2010 - 10:00am - Ida Miller - Dolphin CemeteryJanuary 17, 2010 - 10:15am - Bob Aronson - Dolphin Cemetery14

contributions (from july 24, 2009 to september 23, 2009)Rabbi Gershon Discretionary FundFor the Yahrzeit of Joe and AdelineSpiritasAlexis and Steven SpiritasIn Appreciation Of Rabbi GershonRichard and Sheri AllenAnita Friedman, Becky Rich Cruz andGary RichBella GarberNorman and Andrea GordonRobert and Sarah LernerSharon and Jeffrey SternIn Honor Of Zona PidgeonBerta GoetzIn Honor Of Claire Madison WellingtonElaine and Melvyn LermanIn Honor Of Dr. Harlan andHank PollockMarsha LevineIn Honor Of Rabbi GershonJonathan and Andrea BardIn Memory Of Lewis A. BeckerLillian BeckerIn Memory Of Dr. Edward GenecovSheila and Jeffrey ChapmanIn Memory Of David DavidoffMichael and Susan DavidoffIn Memory Of Dr. Ed GenecovMalcolm and Lois DavidsonIn Memory Of Roslyn LucksMajor and Laurie GinsbergIn Memory Of Ed GenecovBerta GoetzIn Memory Of Leonard BrownNancy and Phillip GreilichIn Memory Of Roslyn LucksJim and Ynette HogueIn Memory Of Sam ChesnickIn Memory Of Moshe JakubowiczMichael and Ginger JacobsIn Memory Of Frederick M. KahnIn Memory Of Sol Lawrence EatensonIn Memory Of Sam and AnnaLawrence EatensonZelma KahnIn Memory Of William TelismanIn Memory Of Gertie FrankShirley Telisman Kresh and familyIn Memory Of Edward GenecovMarsha LevineIn Memory Of Eugene SteinbergerC. Michael and Barbara PactorIn Memory Of Wolf Haskell NovitIn Memory Of Annie NovitIn Memory Of Fannie SiegelMinnie SiegelIn Memory Of Sidney SteinSheldon and Barbara SteinIn Memory Of Mildred WeinsteinJoanie and Shelly WeinsteinIn Memory Of Bessie WintonNorman and Janice WintonIn Memory Of Lillian OlschwangerNikki and David OlschwangerRabbi Glickman Discretionary FundFor the Recovery Of Malcolm DavidsonPhyllis and Matthew JacobsIn Appreciation OfRabbi David GlickmanAnita Friedman, Becky Rich Cruz andGary RichArtie and Ellen GoldRichard and Shelly GuyerZelda HantzGordon and Sharon KuhrChuck and Sharon LevinArona AckermannRose BidermanSharon and Jeffrey SternIn Honor Of Hank and Harlan PollockArnold and Janice SweetIn Honor Of Rabbi GlickmanJonathan and Andrea BardIn Memory Of Isaac BallasBallas FamilyIn Memory Of Rose R. RobinNorman and Fern BrucknerIn Memory Of Sammy GoldIn Memory Of Elise GoldJack, Taylor and Haley GoldIn Memory Of Sarah Chesnick ShapiroIn Memory Of Avram JakubowiczMichael and Ginger JacobsIn Memory Of Miriam Turner BraumanDr. Paul and Tricia MichaelsonIn Memory Of Rubin GoldinIn Memory Of Ethel SchwartzMargie SchwartzIn Memory Of Norman SzafirArnold and Janice SweetIn Memory Of Dr. Ed GenecovWarren Zahler and Katherine KrauseRabbi Menashe Discretionary FundIn Appreciation Of Rabbi Joe MenasheAnita Friedman, Becky Rich Cruz andGary RichLora Ann and Steve GersonStuart WernickRose BidermanJonathan and Andrea BardIn Honor Of Rabbi andDeborah MenasheHenry and Frances KirznerIn Memory Of Max RichLeonard and Tina EpsteinIn Memory Of Hahme andMose GappelbergMax and Frieda GlaubenIn Memory Of Bernice VejansPhillip and Linda GlaubenIn Memory Of Moshe andBrandl GoldbergIn Memory Of Chaim D. andEta ChencinskiHenry and Freda GoldbergIn Memory Of Dee Dee FriedbergYarn Yentas at Shearith IsraelIn Memory OfRachel Davidoff ChesnickIn Memory Of Dora Stein JakubowiczMichael and Ginger JacobsIn Memory Of Max EinhornIn Memory Of Morris EinhornAnn KahnIn Memory Of Evelyn Friedberg KochIn Memory Of Lionel Samuel FriedbergLita MarishakIn Memory Of Fannie SiegelCharles S. MyersIn Memory Of Laura SchillerLawrence and Ann SchillerIn Memory Of Zelda ShulkinStanley ShulkinIn Memory Of Florence FriedmanIn Memory Of Esther SalleyArnold and Janice SweetIn Memory Of Dr. Ed GenecovWarren Zahler and Katherine KrauseIn Memory Of Dee Dee FriedbergRebecca GreenblattJulius and Pearlie LeshinHarold and Carol PinkerNorman and Susan SereboffDavid and Susan SikoraIn Memory Of Louis WolfsonIn Memory Of Ruth Ann WolfsonRebecca Wolfson BruderIn Memory Of Carl MiddlemanIn Memory Of Angela MiddlemanShelly and Ed MiddlemanCantor Zhrebker Discretionary FundIn Appreciation OfCantor Itzhak ZhrebkerAnita Friedman, Becky Rich Cruz andGary RichRobert and Sarah LernerSharon and Jeffrey SternIn Honor Of Zella SobelAlan and Audree MeyerIn Honor Of Stuart WernickJerry and Diane BenjaminIn Honor Of Ilana WernickJerry and Diane BenjaminIn Memory Of Elaine Levin Bard andJacob LevinDr. Jonathan and Andrea BardIn Memory Of Manley TesslerJerry and Diane BenjaminIn Memory Of Ida PrenglerHelen BidermanIn Memory Of Wolf KaczkaMichael and Ginger JacobsIn Memory Of Bela LemeshevYuri and Genny LemeshevIn Memory Of Dr. Ed GenecovAlan and Audree MeyerIn Memory Of Helen RubinAlan and Audree MeyerIn Memory Of William TurnerIn Memory Of Dora MichaelsonIn Memory Of Sarah RosenIn Memory Of Helen KunofskyIn Memory Of Max MichaelsonIn Memory OfFannie Rosenthal BraumanDr. Paul and Tricia MichaelsonIn Memory Of Helen RubinCarl and Sara RudickIn Memory Of Isaac PessoJacques and Esther SardasIn Memory Of Anita GoldmanClara Weiss SilverCara and Carl RudickAbraham Zapruder FundIn Honor Of Terry Cohen SusmanPat and Buddy SusmanAnnie and Sam RosenbloomMemorial FundIn Memory Of Arthur RoseIn Memory Of Belle Silvergold RoseIn Memory Of Sam RosenbloomEugene and Ethel ZaleB. & R. Levy Adult Educ ation FundIn Honor Of Shirley GardnerBernard and Ruth LevyBecker/Zainfeld Cemetery FundIn Memory Of Charlotte LevinCynthia Alpern and sonsIn Memory Of Max RichIn Memory Of Helen BeckerBernard and Harriet BeckerIn Memory Of Joseph BonnettStewart and Sally BonnettIn Memory Of George HechtmanWayne and Joyce GoodowitzIn Memory Of William ZainfeldStanley ZainfeldBernard and Rose CerperEducation FundIn Memory Of Jerry RosenIn Memory Of Helen RubinMindi Fagin and familyIn Memory Of Dr. Sol KatzIn Memory Of Bernice VejansMarc and Laurie SteinbergBertha and Ernie Spiritas B/B MitzvahIn Memory Of Kate PasternakMarvin and Shirley GardnerIn Memory Of Bertha SpiritasNathan and Jackie SpiritasBertha Moss Chevra Kadisha FundIn Appreciation Of The Chevra KadishaThe Family of Max RichIn Memory Of Bernice VejansIn Memory Of Sol KatzIn Memory Of Sara PactorJackson and Beverly SalaskyBess and Morris Cohen FundIn Memory Of George HechtmanStewart and Marilyn AgoosIn Memory Of Dr. Ed GenecovIn Memory Of Roslyn LucksIn Memory Of Norman SzafirMichael Cohen and Ruth BakalIn Memory Of M. B. CohenIn Memory Of Ethel WilonskyIn Memory Of George HechtmanHarold and Mary GoodmanIn Memory Of Bess CohenHarold and Mary Goodman, Marilyn andStewart AgoosBess and Richard Nathan Flower FundIn Memory Of Fannie SchaenenRichard and Susan GouldBuilding Fund DonationIn Memory Of Dr. Ed GenecovLeonard and Tina EpsteinIn Memory Of Laura SchillerDr. Mark and Barbara FeldmanIn Memory Of Stella HoppensteinJay and Carole Ann HoppensteinIn Memory Of Leon LivingstonEdward Livingston and familyIn Memory Of Joe KessnerDavid and Susan SolomonIn Memory Of Lillie MarkShirlie Frauman and FamilyIn Memory Of Murray MunvesIn Memory Of Helen LevinIn Memory Of Bernice VejansCynthia and Robert Feldman and Family15

C Gershon Israel Scholarship FundIn Memory Of Reuven Jaku bowiczMichael and Ginger JacobsIn Memory Of Bernice VejansLibbie and Michael NortonSpeedy Recovery Of Sheldon BudmanGary and Janet KanerCantor Sol andMadeline Sanders FundIn Memory Of Jack BoukansIn Memory Of Morris B. CohnSol and Estelle BarzuneIn Memory Of Max RichMadeline SandersCemetery FundIn Appreciation Of Mr. Avi MitznerThe Family of Max RichIn Memory Of Norman SchrottElaine BetcherIn Memory Of Laura SchillerJames and Rebecca BishopIn Memory Of Mike KormanFred and Sara BlendIn Memory OfFannie Rosenthal BraumanIn Memory Of William TurnerIn Memory Of Rose KuppinIn Memory Of Leonard SternbergRachel and Evan FetterIn Memory Of Roza SchonfeldCharles and Ety FriedmanIn Memory Of Stanley Robert FleshinIn Memory Of Abe WaxmanRoland GreenwaldIn Memory Of Sam HoffmanMarvin and Shirley HoffmanIn Memory Of Jack LainCecil and Leone LainIn Memory Of Ida LevineArnold and Wilma LevineIn Memory Of Laura SchillerMichelle LittIn Memory Of Berta NodelmanIn Memory Of Simon NodelmanKlara Nodelman and Polina ShmerlinaIn Memory Of Fannie GoldbergElaine RobinsonIn Memory Of William LipinskyJoe and Susan SchackmanIn Memory Of Clarice M. SeltzerSam SeltzerIn Memory Of Isadore ShesselHerbert ShesselIn Memory Of Cecile SingerIn Memory Of Solomon SingerFrank Singer and familyIn Memory Of Sol SingerPaul and Edie SingerIn Memory Of Eva SmithGeorge and Evelyn SmithIn Memory Of Dorothy LutermanCarl and Elaine SolomonIn Memory Of Philip VogelIn Memory Of Thelma VogelPeter Vogel and Marguerite BurtisIn Memory Of George Louis FischlGail Fischl WeisblattClaire and Joe Fellman Daily MinyanIn Memory Of Ed GenecovIn Memory Of A. I. ScheppsIn Memory Of Stanley Joe ScheppsMrs. Madelyn Schepps and familyCollege Connection FundIn Memory Of Florence GrossIn Memory Of Helen KrangleLanny, Sheila, Elliot and Louie Co operIn Memory Of Ronni Ellen GordonLois Gordon and Meryl NasonIn Memory Of Dr. Edward GenecovBob and Jean WeinfeldIn Memory Of Bernice VejansToni and Arthur WulwickCyvia and Marvin Noble CampScholarship FundIn Memory Of Szlomo JakubowiczMichael and Ginger JacobsFeldman Gifted Children’s FundIn Memory Of Sam EisenbergMarian EisenbergIn Memory Of John Minor andRuth MinorKathy SchneiderGeorge Roffman Library FundIn Memory Of Carl GoldsmithJanet GoldsmithIn Memory Of Bernice VejansAllan and Susan SutkerGertrude Einsohn FundIn Memory Of Gertrude EinsohnPhillip and Barbara EinsohnIra and Barbara EinsohnGolman Family FundIn Memory Of Jon David GolmanIn Memory Of Joe H. GolmanFrances GolmanIn Memory Of Jon David GolmanIn Memory Of Joe H. GolmanBob and Julie MelendiIn Memory Of Ethel Golman FellVivian SangunettIn Memory Of Sarah GolmanRonald ZallHarold Oster Cultural FundIn Memory Of Stanley M. KaufmanAaron and Marilyn KaufmanIn Memory Of Stanley KaufmanIn Memory Of Nell Wyll RavkindSondra KaufmanHumash FundIn Honor Of Hank and Harlan PollockStanley and Bobbie BergerHymie and Jeanette Schwartz FundIn Honor Of Mimi AronoffIn Honor Of Zona PidgeonIn Honor Of Boots PalistrantPeter and Tootsie FonbergIn Memory Of Ed GenecovTodd and Anita Chanon and familyIn Memory Of Hymie SchwartzIn Memory Of Rose Rosen SmithIn Memory Of Hymie andJeannette SchwartzIn Memory Of Dr. Ed GenecovIn Memory Of Rose Rosen SmithPeter and Tootsie FonbergIn Memory Of Jeannette SchwartzBeverly and Charles GinsburgSpeedy Recovery OfDeborah LeshefskyTodd and Anita ChanonIsaac Sobel FundIn Honor Of Zella SobelIsaac and Evin FoxGregory and Marla FoxSharla WertheimerCary and Dora, Zev, Laura andRachel RudbergIn Memory Of Sam JoelsIn Memory Of Benjamin andGladys M. BarzuneIn Memory Of Sarah B. CohnSol and Estelle BarzuneIn Memory Of Rivka JakubowiczMichael and Ginger JacobsIn Memory Of Gladys BarzuneEsther SteinJ. B. Wolens Memorial Art FundIn Memory Of Rose SaginawJackie Wolens and Mazow familyMarvin M. and David SigelJosephine Levine FundIn Memory Of Janis Levine MusicSharon Levine Ross and familyIn Memory OfMiriam Zesmer RothschildIn Memory Of Jennie ZesmerDavid ZesmerKatz-LevinScholar-in-Residence FundIn Honor Of Zona PidgeonSharon LevinIn Memory Of Gerald BrownIn Memory Of A. I. ScheppsIn Memory Of Murray MunvesIn Memory Of Manley TesslerChuck and Sharon LevinKohn/AusteinTeen Program FundIn Memory Of Max RichIn Memory Of Fannie AusteinIn Memory Of Abe PollakIn Memory Of Dr. Ed GenecovIn Memory Of Leon WilenskyMurray and Claire AusteinIn Memory Of Fannie AusteinIn Memory Of Muriel KohnIn Memory Of Max RichLawrence, Lynne, Melissa and Lauren KohnLarge Print Prayer Book FundIn Memory Of Aaron SlutzkyIn Memory Of Bessie SlutzkyZable FamilyLevi and Rebecca R. Topletz FundIn Honor Of Dr. Harlan andHank PollockHerschel and Margaret WilonskyIn Honor Of Stanley PeskindBetty Sue and Israel SheinbergIn Memory Of Rebecca Rolnick TopletzSonia PhilipsonIn Memory Of Rebecca TopletzIn Memory Of Sydney GrossBetty Sue and Israel SheinbergIn Memory Of Murray Irving TopletzIn Memory Of Rebecca Rolnick TopletzBruce and Cristina TopletzMarc and Paula WolensOutreach FundIn Appreciation Of Marc Wolens andPaula SchwartzBetty Sue and Israel SheinbergMaurice and Sophie Genecov RS FundIn Memory Of Ed GenecovBud and Barbra ApplebaumHoward Baum and Joy Allington-Baum andfamilyJeffrey and Janet BeckJerome and Diane BenjaminDr. Bernard and Naomi Bloom and familyIn Memory Of Leah WiesenfeldBernard and Naomi BloomIn Memory Of Ed GenecovHarry and Carol BreitbarthDoug and Lori CohenBill and Sylvia EpsteinMark and Diane FleschlerDaniel and Janis GailMichael and Ann GallantMajor and Laurie GinsbergMarshall, Shelli, Cidney, Alex andJamie GoldbergBetty, Richard and Nancy GoldenCathy and Gary GoldenLarry GolmanMark Golman and familyJoan Levy GoltzBess HoffmanSandy and Mark KamanAlan, Karen, and Alex KatzLarry and Beth KonigRick LacherMichael and Marsha LevLeslie and Steven Levin and familyCraig, Andra, Laken and Taylor LitmanJack LucksLauren Lucks and Ben NiseLeslie LucksRobert and Letty MarcusBenton and Jill Middleman and familyBette and Bennett MillerRoland and Gail MizrahiLarry and Donna OlschwangerJeffrey and Jill RasanskyThe Ricky Rickoff FamilyHelen RosenbergShirley RubinRichard and Vivian SchaarMr. and Mrs. Jeff SchlesingerDonna, Alison & Michelle SchubackGlenn, Linda, Brooke andJared SchwartzmanCSI SisterhoodMarcia, Sharon and Roz StoneArnold and Janice SweetSeymour and Barbara ThumMichelle Tycher SteinEddie and Nanci UtayMaxine WaldmanStuart and Sheryl Wernick and familyAl and Sandra NewbergMitzvah FundBruce and Miriam WaltzerIn Appreciation Of CSISteven and Carol AaronIn Memory Of Gerald AronowitzDr. Ray AronowitzIn Memory Of Maisie BehrLeonard BehrIn Memory Of Beatrice WeinbergHoward and Joyce BloomIn Memory Of Stacey L. CohenLawrence and Dale CohenIn Memory Of Marty LeibowDoug and Lori CohenIn Memory Of Edward GenecovSteve, Shari, Brady, Reghan andKayce Goldberg16

In Memory Of Samuel C. LewisFrances GossIn Memory Of Morris (Sonny) ShwiffAbe and Sylvia HarariIn Memory Of Bernice VejansIn Memory Of Manley TesslerSandy and Mark KamanIn Memory Of Michail GelmanInna LeyzerzonIn Memory Of Harry AtkinMarlene and Norbert SobekIn Memory Of Sol FriedbergNaomi Friedberg SpectorMorris and Gertrude Reisberg KiddushIn Memory Of Miriam Turner BraumanJudy BraumanIn Memory Of Dr. Ed GenecovMarcy HelfandIn Memory Of Miriam Turner BraumanHoward and Ellen SiegelOrnish Garden FundIn Memory Of Rosa ShaletteSarna SunshineIn Memory Of Mary NeimanArnold and Janice SweetPeggy and Herb MarcusAdult Education FundIn Memory Of Jake GrabstaldTerry Resk and Steven MayersPrayer Book FundIn Honor Of Sandy DonskyIn Honor Of Harlan and Hank PollockBarry and Zona PidgeonIn Honor Of Zona PidgeonElise GalinskyIn Honor Of Sandy DonskyShirley RubinIn Memory Of Dr. Ed GenecovDr. Wayne and Joyce GoodowitzIn Memory Of Murray RossDorothy GrenadierIn Memory Of Irving GindiAbe and Sylvia HarariIn Memory Of Garshon OkowitaMargot OkowitaIn Memory Of Bernice VejansBarry and Zona PidgeonIn Memory Of Sidney SigelMary Anne SigelIn Memory Of Dora YonackSylvia SussmanProgram DonationsIn Memory Of Paul BorschowDavid and Sandra VeederR. Herskowitz USY Mem Scholar FundIn Memory Of Adele andMelvin ZerowinDr. Jonathan and Andrea BardIn Memory Of Morris LasikIn Memory Of Mendel and Lillian PollakRichard S. Pollak & Celia Blank and familiesReligious School DonationIn Honor Of Sandy DonskyLarry and Sally WolfishIn Honor Of Howard andDebbie WeinsteinStuart and Reena ArnoldIn Honor Of Debbie andHoward WeinsteinDavid and Susan TaplinIn Honor Of Zona PidgeonJim and Ynette HogueIn Honor Of Henry MeltzerHoward and Deborah WeinsteinIn Honor Of The Gordon familyGrenadier and Weiner familiesIn Honor Of Clive Miskin andBarbara BaronJim and Ynette HogueIn Memory Of Sadie WeitzmanFamily of Sadie WeitzmanIn Memory Of Roslyn LucksNancy and David BrickmanIn Memory Of Edward GenecovNancy and David BrickmanIn Memory Of Golda Firer WolfRose CohenIn Memory Of Jacob Isaac WolfRose CohenIn Memory Of Bernice VejansHoward and Janie DreyerIn Memory Of Augustine DushmanLowell E.DushmanIn Memory Of Dr. Ed GenecovStefani and Gary EisenstatIn Memory Of Dr. Ed GenecovRobert and Shirley ElfontIn Memory Of Bernice VejansBill and Sylvia EpsteinRoy and Cynthia FarleyMarion and Clyde GoldsmithThe Grenadier familyIn Memory Of Max RichThelma GruberIn Memory Of Leon KirschnerHelen KirschnerIn Memory Of Bessie LeanseIn Memory Of Ed GenecovIn Memory Of Rose Fern TanenbaumIn Memory Of Philip LeanseArnold and Frances LeanseIn Memory Of Ed GenecovTrevor and Elaine PearlmanIn Memory Of Bernice VejansMitchell and Rita RasanskyMaxine RoseIn Memory Of Maurice UzickDr. Kenneth and Stacy Uzick and familyIn Memory Of Sol KatzIn Memory Of Max RichHoward and Deborah WeinsteinIn Memory Of Ed GenecovLawrence and Sally WolfishIn Memory Of Dr. Edward GenecovJim and Ynette HogueIn Memory Of Barbara SamuelsRichard and Vivian SchaarSpeedy Recovery OfTalya Cohen HolzerDr. Brian and Rose CohenRichard L. Lax Library FundIn Memory Of William EisenbergMarian EisenbergIn Memory Of Jennie Fischl JoachimIn Memory Of George FischlIn Memory Of Evelyn DritchIn Memory Of Joe ColemanIn Memory Of Ben, Max andOscar StavinskyEula FischlS. J. Rubenstein FundIn Memory Of Howard RobinowitzStanley and Mona RubensteinIn Memory Of Bertha RubensteinStanley and Mona RubensteinRita RubensteinIn Memory Of Dr. Edward GenecovRita RubensteinSadie and Phil Blatt FundIn Memory Of Dee Dee FriedbergIn Memory Of Max RichIn Memory Of Ed ShearKenneth BlattIn Memory Of Jennie RudbergIn Memory Of Jake KrovetzDiane and Mark FleschlerIn Memory Of Jennie RudbergCharles and Marilyn KrovetzMitchell and Rita RasanskyIn Memory Of Ed GenecovMorty and Peachy RudbergSelikoff Family Library FundIn Memory Of Ida and Max SelikoffRamond and Libbye WilenskyShabbat AnnouncementIn Memory Of Ethel Golman FellJudy Austin and Vivan SengunettIn Memory Of Harry FurstMagie, Richard, Robin, Augie andManie Furst and David BodenMagie Furst and Terry and Bert RombergIn Memory Of Hyman RosenbergDiane Gerber and familyIn Memory Of Lewis B. BeckerMajor and Laurie GinsbergIn Memory Of Mollie AzaroffPaula JoyceIn Memory Of Jack KatzAlan, Karen and Alex KatzIn Memory Of Malcolm MenterGillian Menter and familyIn Memory Of Max SacharLinda Sacher, Eileen Sachar andGillian MenterIn Memory Of Pauline PessoIn Memory Of Dora Beja SardasIn Memory Of Mayer PessoIn Memory Of Isaac PessoJacques and Esther SardasIn Memory Of Sidney SteinSheldon and Barbara SteinIn Memory Of Ervin UtayAlan, Stacy (Sam), and Hank UtayIn Memory Of Paul BorschowDavid and Sandra VeederIn Memory Of Rowena WeinsteinRobert and Soonja WeinsteinIn Memory Of Mark JonesRobert and Judith YonackIn Memory Of William ZainfeldStanley ZainfeldSisterhood Conservative Jewish CampIn Honor Of Debbie andHoward WeinsteinArlene and Alan SandgartenIn Honor Of Harlan and Hank PollockIn Memory Of Max RichMichael and Marsha LevIn Memory Of Harry PomerantzIn Memory Of Frances F. MillerIn Memory Of Dr. Ed GenecovMartin and Maxine PomerantzIn Memory Of Katie JacobsIn Memory Of Sally VeederLeon and Lee VeederSmall/Waldman/Cohen Music ProgramIn Honor Of Mr. and Mrs. LawrenceBockIn Honor Of Sandy DonskyCarol Gene and Howard CohenIn Honor Of Waldmans, Cohens andSmallsDavid and Sara PollackIn Honor Of Dr. Joel SmallHelen SmallIn Honor Of Zona PidgeonIn Honor Of Mr. and Mrs.Lawrence R. BockHoward and Carol Gene CohenIn Memory Of Katie Seltzer SegalHoward and Carol Gene Cohen, Jackie andSteve WaldmanIn Memory Of Robert I. RogoffIn Memory Of Martin AppelsonIn Memory Of Gertrude AppelsonIn Memory Of Abraham A. AppelsonDorothy Rogoff GellIn Memory Of Judith Turner GinsburgBeverly and Charles GinsburgIn Memory Of Sophia Sonya FleshinRoland GreenwaldIn Memory Of Lena SmulowitzIn Memory Of Bella FreedenIn Memory Of Sharon DavisHelen SmallIn Memory Of Jan TolmasIn Memory Of Ed GenecovIn Memory Of Helen RubinGary and Wendy TobiasIn Memory Of Dr. FreederSarah Yarrin and Jack ReppSol and Doris FreedAdult Education FundIn Memory Of Ester JakubowiczMichael and Ginger JacobsSynagogue FundIn Appreciation Of CSIMelissa EverhartIn Appreciation Of Yizkor ServicePeter GlaserIn Appreciation Of Avi MitznerRobert and Sarah LernerIn Appreciation Of CSIRonda ShefCynthia and Allan MonfriedIn Honor Of Noble- Mishken “aufruf”Marsha and Ted BogartIn Honor Of Zona PidgeonSydnie and Ann SmithRenee Robinow SoskinIn Honor Of Hank and Harlan PollockChuck and Sharon LevinIn Honor Of David andNikki OlschwangerDr. and Mrs. Donald RosenIn Honor Of Dr. Harlan andHank PollockBernard and Jane BerinsTerry and Shellie JacobsonIn Honor Of Zella SobelJerome and Diane BenjaminIn Honor Of Hylton JonasAlex JonasIn Honor Of Zona PidgeonMarjorie DeutschIn Honor Of Sandy DonskyIn Honor Of David MeyersIn Honor Of Sharon LevinSusan GoldsteinIn Honor Of Zona PidgeonSandra LuskeyMaryan NadelIn Honor Of Sandy DonskyBart, Melissa, Hudson and Parker PlaskoffMichelle Tycher Stein17

In Honor Of Aaron and Eileen KreislerDavid and Sara PollackIn Honor Of Carol AaronIn Honor Of Barbara and Sheldon SteinIn Honor Of David VeederLarry and Sally WolfishIn Memory Of Ed GenecovTodd and Dawn Aaron and familyIn Memory Of Roslyn LucksGordon, Sudsy and Skyler AdamsIn Memory Of Etta AronsonAudrey AmbrowitzIn Memory Of Marie SchumanDonna AschIn Memory Of Norma AuerbachIn Memory Of Julius WertheimDavid and Elaine AuerbachIn Memory Of Eva SternJeffrey and Anita BayerIn Memory Of Manley TesslerJeffrey and Janet BeckIn Memory Of Dr. Ed GenecovDan and Karen BrittainDr. Richard BrownIn Memory Of Reuben BurkNorman Burk, DDSIn Memory Of Ed GenecovCharles and Ann DannisIn Memory Of Sarah L. FriedIn Memory Of Marlynd Craig DolgoffLillian DolgoffIn Memory Of Edward GenecovNeil DorflingerIn Memory Of Aaron EllmanBrian Ellman and familyIn Memory Of Henry ElyStanley ElyIn Memory Of Bernice VejansLeonard and Tina EpsteinIn Memory Of Ed GenecovDr. J. Taylor EvansIn Memory Of Manley TesslerSteven and Sheila FenyvesIn Memory Of Dr. Ed GenecovDavid Lee FrankfurtIn Memory Of Roslyn LucksDaniel and Janis GailIn Memory Of Edward GenecovMartha and Jacob GellerIn Memory Of Bernice VejansSusan Whitman and Mark GergenIn Memory Of Ed GenecovDon M. GlendenningMarc and Stacy (Falk) GoldmanIn Memory Of Bernice VejansIn Memory Of Harold GoldsteinSusan GoldsteinIn Memory Of Dr. Ed GenecovHarold and Juliette GoodmanIn Memory Of Jacob GrabstaldHerta GrabstaldIn Memory Of Dr. Edward GenecovDr. Miles & Kathy Graivier and Jay andTracy Graivier BellDr.Leonard and Pauline Graivier andCarl and Lisa Graivier BarnesIn Memory Of Roslyn LucksAllen and Rhona GreensteinIn Memory Of Harvey H. HamelMimi HamelIn Memory Of Ed GenecovDr. Paul Creighton HobarIn Memory Of Stella HoppensteinJay HoppensteinIn Memory Of Bernice VejansRosa HorowitzIn Memory Of Sarah Chesnick ShapiroMichael and Ginger JacobsIn Memory Of Eva NewmanAbe KatzIn Memory Of Father of JoanUngermanIn Memory Of Mother of Cindy GolmanBruce and Ann KimmellIn Memory Of Ed GenecovSheldon and Elaine Kimmelman and familyMichael, Denise, Joe and Samantha KleimanHarold Krom and Freda BernsteinBrent and Eileen LaddSylvan and Marjorie LandauDr. and Mrs. Mark Lerman & Dr. and Mrs.David SerotaIn Memory OfBetty Jean (Blanche) DrosnesMark and Ray Ann LermanIn Memory Of Paul LevinRichard LevinIn Memory Of Ed GenecovCarla and Kevin LibbyIn Memory Of Alex LongInna LongIn Memory Of Ed GenecovAlan and Susan LuskeyLester and Cynthia MelnickIn Memory Of Bernice VejansPaul MarksIn Memory Of Manley TesslerRoland and Gail MizrahiIn Memory Of A. I. ScheppsCharles and Janice MyersIn Memory Of Ed GenecovJeff NewbergDavid and Nikki OlschwangerDr .Edwin and Natalie OrnishKathy and Morris PalefskyIn Memory Of Max RichIn Memory Of Ida DeutschIn Memory Of Bess RossantIn Memory Of Jacob, Gussie,Rebecca BeermanToby PasselIn Memory Of Dr. Ed GenecovStanley PeskindIn Memory Of Morris LampertBob PolunskyIn Memory Of Arnold UtayMargaret PospichalIn Memory Of Jake PulmanCharles, Janine, Alecia and Jodi PulmanIn Memory Of Ed GenecovMitchell and Rita RasanskyDr. Bill RobinsonDick and Sondie RosenthalIn Memory Of Felice RothschildLena RothschildIn Memory Of Dr. Ed GenecovDavid and Sue RubensteinIn Memory Of Rey Ella GoodmanJeanette, Philip, Lisa and Allison SandersIn Memory Of Pauline PessoIn Memory Of Dora Beja SardasIn Memory Of Mayer PessoJacques and Esther SardasIn Memory OfGrandmother of Lindsey SteinbergRichard and Vivian SchaarIn Memory Of Dr. Ed GenecovDonald and Marilyn SchafferBen and Marilyn SchnitzerLarry and Cecelia SchoenbrunIn Memory Of Manley TesslerHoward and Leslie SchultzIn Memory Of Sam EisenbergIn Memory Of Joe EisenbergIn Memory Of William EisenbergRose Scott and Family18In Memory Of Ed GenecovJeff and Jeri Lyn SebertLouise and Jerry Segal and familyCecelia ShapiroIn Memory Of Harvey H. HamelMrs. Shirley SpitzIn Memory Of Ed GenecovDaniel StrombergIn Memory Of Bernice VejansRobert and Carol SutkerIn Memory Of Max RudeHarold and Marilyn SweetIn Memory Of Ruth G. RaskinJulius and Marian Tills and familyIn Memory Of Lev BreznerIn Memory Of Larisa NemirovskyaRasya VolinaIn Memory Of Dr. Ed GenecovIn Memory Of Sam WeinsteinRobert and Soonja WeinsteinIn Memory Of Bernice VejansElliot J. Trester and Barbara J. WilsonLarry and Sally WolfishIn Memory Of Ed GenecovEugene and Ethel ZaleIn Memory Of Nathan Harold GolmanRonnie ZallSpeedy Recovery Of Lois DavidsonRoland and Gail MizrahiSpeedy Recovery OfDeborah LeshefskyDavid and Nikki OlschwangerTillie Harmel Camp Ramah/CSI SeniorIn Memory Of Jake DavidoffSadie DavidoffIn Memory Of Sara KannerDorothy AbramsIn Memory Of Pauline SchneeArlene Schnee JohnsonIn Memory Of Norman SzafirBruce and Beverly LavesIn Memory Of Celia MeyersIn Memory Of Tillie Harris HarmelMel and Tanya MeyersIn Memory Of Gladys Harris GolmanHarold and Ida Ann ZweigW. B. and Helen RasanskyPhilanthropy FundIn Appreciation Of Avi MitznerIn Memory Of Nathan MogerSusan MogerTopletz Building FundIn Memory Of Simon J. EpsteinHarold TopletzIn Memory Of Bobbie Louise TopletzJack TopletzIn Memory Of Solomon TopletzJack and Harold TopletzYoung Families ProgrammingIn Memory Of Bernice VejansJeffrey and Janet BeckIn Memory Of Joseph ZableKenneth and Phyllis LangsdorfIn Memory Of George FischlJeff and Shari LondonIn Memory Of Bernice VejansPatricia PeiserSpeedy Recovery Of Shelley BudmanMartin and Mimi CohenMake A Commitmentto Attend Minyan!Every day someone in ourcommunity is in mourning. Everyday someone in our communityis observing the yahrzeit ofa loved one or friend. Everyday we offer two services forthose in mourning or observingyahrzeit to be part of a minyanand say kaddish. Every day wehave two opportunities to bea part of a community minyahin the Fonberg Family Chapel.Shacharit services are heldat 7:00 am Monday throughFriday and 8:30 am on Sunday;Mincha/Ma’ariv services areheld at 6:00 pm every dayof the week. Please make acommitment to participate ona regular basis – weekly ormonthly. Share in this vital partof our community.

november1-Nov-09/Heshvan 14, 5770Jean Marie BrockmanJacob CohnJake GolmanGail Sobel GolubJoe KirschnerDavid KoortzCharles LandauBertha Fair LazarNat J. LevineEsther NathanIrving S RosenthalDoris SetnickDonna Sylvia SimmonsArnold SpolterYidel Terkieltaub2-Nov-09/Heshvan 15, 5770Max CizonSam Nathan CurtisLouis DeckelboimStanley B. GabayMorris GoldsmithBessie GrabstaldBenjamin HalpernMyer HamelJake HermanWilliam JungermanHarry RoseSam Rubin3-Nov-09/Heshvan 16, 5770Donald Ray ArgovitzSimon GianTillie Harris LabovitzRose MarerGrace MarkowSamuel MitznerEleanor Shulkin4-Nov-09/Heshvan 17, 5770Wilfred FinkelsteinCharles GoodmanHyman GoodmanIda GovzaLouis GrossmanRichie HerskowitzHarriet MazlishTed Avery SegalMorris TudorJack WeinbergCharles A. WeissHenry A. WertheimerAnnette Hammerstein WolfeMorris Moshe Zeitman5-Nov-09/Heshvan 18, 5770Gertrude AppelsonEdwin HallarmanHenry E. HorowitzGeorge MoskowitzCecile TeitelbaumAnn Berstein Weinberg6-Nov-09/Heshvan 19, 5770Saul GartenbergBodona MyersSarah SelikoffRose WimanSadie Wolfson7-Nov-09/Heshvan 20, 5770Sophie AntonJules BookatzMarguerite Kriss CohenBernard KleinmanLaura Michaud KnowtonIda KofflerRuth L. LisnitzerShearn RovinskyLenard SoskalneWalter Sussman8-Nov-09/Heshvan 21, 5770Zelek LutermanIda Dena (Donsky) SaksNettie C. SchwartzHarry Z. SingerWilliam SoltesNathan SpiritasJeret Stanley9-Nov-09/Heshvan 22, 5770Charles P. GoldsmithClement C. JaysonJoseph JuliusSamuel Weisfeld10-Nov-09/Heshvan 23, 5770Meyer BergerDavid CohenPamela FrankJulius GarbLibby Yellen GellerLee N. MargolisSaule PerlsteinLillian Brachman RaimeyFredric RosemoreAnnette RubensteinMary Ellen SmartKenneth TopletzIllya VinnikovMarion Zable11-Nov-09/Heshvan 24, 5770Lawrence S. BeckermanRobert GreenbergRobert JaysonEva KlassPaul LewisBernard Joseph LichensteinKarless J. MeyersRay B. OstrowFannie Sablosky12-Nov-09/Heshvan 25, 5770Faye AgoosShmuel L BookeDave EglitRose Landau FaderCharles LelahPeisa ReisbergSadie SamuelsohnRebecca Wunsch13-Nov-09/Heshvan 26, 5770Clarence Harry BoeckJulius GolmanEstelle ReiterSarah Ligenberg Soslowyahrzeits14-Nov-09/Heshvan 27, 5770Murray BorkanNorman CohenJosephFormanJohn Howard HogueOrville KuhrBen L. NebenzahlMarvin David RubensteinJack L. TobolowskyJack L. Tobolowsky15-Nov-09/Heshvan 28, 5770Moses ChortekRose Fineglass GlickmanJack LevyAbraham M MichaelsonTrevor MortonMyron PricePauline RaskinSteven E. RisemanLinnea SaffranLouis SaksDonna SavariegoDenie SegalHelen SelingerMarvin SheinessNathan SmulowitzSadie Angrist SolomonSally B. Zisk16-Nov-09/Heshvan 29, 5770Ione BartonHarry M. KleinmanEvelyn Ray LevineGertrude PearlmanRebecca Wilensky17-Nov-09/Heshvan 30, 5770Louis FazioAlbert I. KoguttRosetta Monte ShoreJoseph SuttonKaryn Sweeney18-Nov-09/Kislev 1, 5770Jean Blanche CarlinYetta CohenSylvan Saul GaronzikPaula LevySarah LichensteinLouis MillerBette Z. Rosin19-Nov-09/Kislev 2, 5770George CohenCecelia FleischmanSarah Todes GoodmanIsadore KatzTillie KayAaron KlausnerBruce KleimanRose Seltzer KlepakBessie KurlanRose MorchowerEsther NobleBessie ProtasChaim SusterBenzion VolinaLester Arnold Zuckerman1920-Nov-09/Kislev 3, 5770Rebecca BlackJeanne Goldberg FraumanMorris HeifetzElliott Reuben HillmanLeon HoffmanSam KirschPauline K. LichensteinPearl Sarah MichaelsonEverett RosenbergSamuel SamuelsBernard SchaenenHenry SealsLillie (Libby Miller Steinhorn21-Nov-09/Kislev 4, 5770Yetta BaierMary DanonIrving David FriedmanBette HatchBen (Bennie) KunofskyAllan MagilowNancy NissensonLana Fetter Thompson22-Nov-09/Kislev 5, 5770Barbara Kay Levy CalickJules Edward ColtonLee Leon EissmanHyman M. JusterLouis KleinmanIsadore LevineGail RaskinSamuel Yankuner23-Nov-09/Kislev 6, 5770Brett Jason BakerHannah K. CohenCharles GreenbergLois HoffJack Benjamin MossMyer SloanBessie K. StahlOlga SteinerCelia Sutker24-Nov-09/Kislev 7, 5770Issie AbramsonRalph FalkLillie GoodsteinLeonard LipmanBen A. LipshyLouis H. NudelmanOscar PravorneTziporah RasanskyJoel Shickman25-Nov-09/Kislev 8, 5770Nathaniel BrandtMax Pete CohenLouis Rubin DonskySam FishermanJerry GallantCharlotte GershonLillie GoldmanEzequiel GordonSue JaffeHarry L. KaplanManya KotovSi LacherWilliam LevinMark NathanBella RivinJacques SadicariosJacob SolomonDora Novit UtayHarold Wexler26-Nov-09/Kislev 9, 5770Charles Sam BloomJerry DauberHilda HefflerEsther JuliusLeah KoguttAnna LipkinMorris ManelisHerman MyersHinda Lubetzsky SigelIsaac Solka27-Nov-09/Kislev 10, 5770Rose KahnHelen KatzManya KotovDonald McfettersCharlotte Royal MoskowitzManek OkowitaAnna RosenblattSol Siegel28-Nov-09/Kislev 11, 5770Adele Levy AbanyCharles BergSam Biderman Jr.Gus GappelbergGertrude GerberAdolph KorngutHannah MansonArmen A. MinskyRuth Kamber Oscherwitz29-Nov-09/Kislev 12, 5770Sarah W. BergerWilliam BetcherRachel ChesnickIrving W. LambertGertrude LevinSolomon MichaelsonReba G Strauss30-Nov-09/Kislev 13, 5770Cecile BortnickAaron BrownZvi FreedmanGeorge LevyMaryon RichmanPearl J. WarnerKarl Wolfdecember1-Dec-09/Kislev 14, 5770Evelyn BeeTina GambinoHelen Friedman GoodmanJerald KernSophie LevineLillian Rose RosenthalRose StavinskyMilton Stern2-Dec-09/Kislev 15, 5770Isaac AaronSheppard BlackmanAdam Martin HudsonPauline PomerantzHelen RudeBoruch ShafranRegina Skibell

3-Dec-09/Kislev 16, 5770Anne CortellMarie GrossmanMelvin KleinmanBernie SaffranLouis SiegelGus Gunther StearnRebecca TaylorIda H. WhitmanMorris WolfsonMinnie Rae Yonack4-Dec-09/Kislev 17, 5770David P .KaufmanJoe KurlanRose Smith LoveBelle RubackGertie StokolMarcielle E. Wolf5-Dec-09/Kislev 18, 5770Carol Jean BeckerAnnette Fetter BrownDavid EngelsonMatty FradisLeonid GershbergAnn GoldsteinRudolph HafterJoel J. JonesEva KirschnerMichael KleinmanMargaret K. NebenzahlEllie SaffranIrwin Isaac Shlansky6-Dec-09/Kislev 19, 5770Grace CollinsChaim GorenAbraham HerzfeldFreida HerzfeldPhilip Henry MollJack SilverHelen StahlSadye Wolfe StillmanClara SweetSelma Louise Cohen Tauben7-Dec-09/Kislev 20, 5770Abraham A. AppelsonCelia BernsteinArmand I. GrenadierJacob HerschmanRose Steinhaus KatzRaizel NewbergHilda Goodman RoosthIda RosenbergJoseph RosenthalIsadore SaffranZelda ShafrenSamuel StahlRose TzinbergMelvin Yonack8-Dec-09/Kislev 21, 5770Irving Zachary CarlinMary DunnSam FraumanGoldie L .HorneAdele JacobsGertrude Rosenthal KantowichBarney KurzCharles MellonSam SpectorMorris F. Waldman9-Dec-09/Kislev 22, 5770Regina BabinEva CizonPaul GeetehMae S. HoffenShirley Frances Stolar KessnerDoris RosenbergBelle SackmanBenjamin Wunsch10-Dec-09/Kislev 23, 5770Beaulah AronsonBenjamin BarnettPete BurkRuth FeldanRobert JacobsMorris Franklin PactorBeatrice RabinowitzRosalie Lichenstein SevonLena Wolf Singer11-Dec-09/Kislev 24, 5770Freda Mosesman GreenI. J. KaplanJennie S. MarashinskyMartha MarcusChayah PomerantzGloria Saffir SchwartzShirley Fonberg SingerRuth StitskyEly TurnerSam WolfsonLillian Zapruder12-Dec-09/Kislev 25, 5770Harry DubinskyLazar FriedbergMeyer GallinGertrude GoodmanHannah Manson HarrisLillian JaffeCharles T. KurlanAnne LittHannah OrnishBeba PardoWallace Wally RynekRuth StaadekerAnna Paulyne Jacobs TurnerElizabeth B. Wald13-Dec-09/Kislev 26, 5770Herbert BerkowitzLouis A. CannonMorris DubinFrieda EttinTracy EvansEstelle GrossAnn JacobsonDavid JacobsonLeonard KreindlerSophie LevinsonEmma G. MelcerHerbert MillerJoe RatnerJoe SteinbergMartin SteinbergEd UtayAbe Zale14-Dec-09/Kislev 27, 5770Martin AppelsonFaye BerkowitzRobert FilosofMildred “Sis” FischerIsaac FoxBasia FrolovMarc LevittHarry MarcusJacob MogerMarvin RidzinskiSam Roback15-Dec-09/Kislev 28, 5770Max HoffmanRose HorowitzAaron KahnLouis KamenowAbe LevinWarren P. MossRaphael PessoHazel RubinFreidel SandersCharles Waldman16-Dec-09/Kislev 29, 5770Norman BloomAnna CannonRalph CooperBeatrice HarrisMarcia Sue LundyBernard SigelA.J. SmithRose SussmanHerta Wolf17-Dec-09/Kislev 30, 5770Elliot FolbeElliott Elie GianPaul GoodmanHerschel H. JaffeAbe L. LevinLawrence Henry MalitzRose MeiselEsther Evelyn MinskyJulius C. Weinberg18-Dec-09/Tevet 1, 5770Michelle AurbachSimon FramHinda B. GinsbergJacob B. GinsbergMax GlazerJennie GoldenEdith KarpAbraham LatmanDavid MandellMax RadoffJack SiegelSandra Rose SpigelHerbert StehbergHelen Ruth WeinbergerEvelyn WhiteAbraham ZetleyMindel ZetleyNathan ZetleyYetta Zetley19-Dec-09/Tevet 2, 5770Betty Frances BarshatkyRosalie Mae Brown BloomEtta CooperEva FreedMaurice HermanErnest HochsterEthel Hillman LippmanGeorge MelmanIda Bell MillerMelvin OlschwangerMatthew D. PrenglerJacob SamuelsJay Arthur Shapp2020-Dec-09/Tevet 3, 5770Howard Martin BermanHenry GoldbergSol KarnettTheckla LevinStanley LitmanEsther LivingstonFred Israel LoveHymie SchwartzTillie SeidenfeldBeatrice SiegelIsrael Lewis Snyder21-Dec-09/Tevet 4, 5770Sara Minna BlockDorothy Moses CohenDonna FensonSimon H. GardnerLeonard GlazerHanah R. KessnerPincus KoguttDavid M. MelcerLeo NeyEsther StatmanJoe Wolens22-Dec-09/Tevet 5, 5770Esther BenjaminMolly Fenson BlattShirley BrownAron Arkady GoldmanHarry Allan KanterMedila (Mary) KoortzJoelle LevinAlex L. LevineJoseph PeskindMildred PotashBernard RosenHannah S. RosenSadie SegalHyman Stavinsky23-Dec-09/Tevet 6, 5770Celia Juran KlessNathan E. MarcusMarvin MossRuth Epstein NodellBess RossantRose B. SchuhalterDaisy SilverbergHarriet Silverman24-Dec-09/Tevet 7, 5770Jacob Hersh BloomSender FlescherHenia FriedmanSylvia GoldFrieda MironNorman A. NasonSidney Nathan RaimeyHelen Ann RosinBertie SchackmanNettie Rudnick ShwiffJoseph Wiman25-Dec-09/Tevet 8, 5770Morris Solomon AgranoffLois P. BernstienDorothy EdelmanBarbara Jean Angrist FaginDora Einhorn GoodmanJacob KallenbergBertha LevyWilliam LutermanMildred MelmanClara NewbergAbraham Gerson ScheppsMarcia G. SheenaNorman SteinHinda Vogel26-Dec-09/Tevet 9, 5770Beatrice AtkinRose Dworkin ChazanowDavid CobbelEdna CohenJack DiamondDavid FeldmanRose GutowFrank HoffmanAdalyn MillerFrohm (Frank) Schuman27-Dec-09/Tevet 10, 5770Etta Rosen AaronAnna Klinist CarrRudey CooperFrances GoldsteinEsther LeventhalMorris (Moe) H. LiebensonRuth MinorAlton (Al) SmallGenie Solka Weitzman28-Dec-09/Tevet 11, 5770Felix EinsohnAbe J. GolmanGertrude Bold KopelSolomon LandauAbe MarkmanEsther D. PullmanJerald Schuman29-Dec-09/Tevet 12, 5770Sol FinkelsteinEsther HatterJeanette KleinAnna Michelle LutermanJay RudbergFelix ShapiroMarilyn Sandra VogelDouglas Norman Weinreb30-Dec-09/Tevet 13, 5770Max BloomMollie FeinbergSamuel HoffmanEdith MellmanIssie MichaelsonRosaline Stern31-Dec-09/Tevet 14, 5770Frances Etta GappelbergBernard GersonEliot GoldingsAlex HesselsonMaurice LifshenAbram SapoznikowLillie Schwartz Singer

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