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Page 38 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueRICHARDSON TIMBERSCelebrating 60 YearsD a l l a s , T e x a s –RichardsonTimbers located here, has been servingthe construction industry for 60years, and is one of the leaders in custommillwork and manufacturing ofcustomized timbers. Richardson hasthe capabilities of delivering productsthroughoutthe UnitedStates.“We servewholesaledistributionyardsthroughoutTexas,Missouri,Kansas, Arizona,NewMexico,Oklahoma,Louisiana,Arkansas,Floridaand theCarolinas,”said BobbyCrowley,generalmanager atRichardsonTimbers.“We havethe facilities,expertiseand experiencetomeet theneeds ofany stockingdistributorin NorthAmerica. Inaddition, wedo a lot ofreman workfor wholesalersandwholesaledistributors.We are veryspecialized,because wedon’t want tobe someonewho justsells timbe r s .RichardsonTimbers isable to offerwholesaleproductswith unparalleledserviceand quality.”In addition to the new Tru-Dry products,the company offers custom patterns,rafter tails, trailer flooring, corbels,surfacing, resaw boards anddimension, rip board and dimension,most SYP patterns, precision end trimmingand saw texture. Richardsonstocks No. 1 and Better green DouglasFir in sizes up to 20x20 and lengths upto 40 feet; No. 1 and BetterAppearance Western Red Cedar in16x16 and lengths up to 32 feet; andOak timbers up to 12x12 and inlengths up to 20 feet. The firm is alsoable to provide larger sizes if requested.Richardson Timbers is a member ofthe Lumbermen’s Association ofTexas. The company provides productsto a variety of custom design andfabrication companies. Richardsonwill send both raw materials and finishedproducts for custom homes,commercial buildings, restaurants andmany other applications.ForestG r o v eLumber Co.Inc. hastaken pridein its productsover thepast halfcenturythecompanyhas been inoperation,and part ofthat pridecomes fromthe patentedd r y i n gprocess –Key employees at Richardson Lumber & Manufacturing, headquarteredin Dallas, Texas, include (front row, from left) Grant Vaughan, inventorycontrol; Durae Miller, office administrator; Bobby Crowley, general manager;(back row, from left) Jamie Hursh, sales; and Stephen Rogers,Richardson’s employees at the company’s recent 60th Anniversary OpenHouse.the trademarkedTru-D r y .RichardsonTimber,anothertrustedname in thel u m b e rindustry,became thefirst exclusivestockingdistributor inTexas, OklahomaandLouisiana ofthe radio frequencyvacuumkilndriedtimbersmanufacturedbyF o r e s tG r o v eLumber.RichardsonTimbers justcelebratedits 60thanniversaryby hostingan openhouse onMay 15,2009. Thesuccess andrespect weh a v eachieved inthis industry is due to the close workingrelationship we have with our vendorsand suppliers. Our employeesbring to the industry a combined totalof 125 years of experience, whichallows our company to offer integrity,honesty and the willingness to be thesolution for all your timber needs. “Ourcompany has been around for 60years, doing what it does best and wewill be around for another 60 years,because of our dedicated employeesproviding the best possible service toour customers,” said Bobby Crowley,general manager at RichardsonTimbers.Richardson employees are shown surfacing all four sides (S4S) of a 2x12Douglas Fir timber.•MCGINNIS LUMBER UpgradesAs Quality Service ContinuesBy Wayne MillerMeridian, Miss. – The McGinnisLumber Co. Inc. has revved up servicesin order to provide the most current infoand products possible to its customers.With a new, detailed website, McGinnisaffords clients the opportunity to convenientlyperuse product inventory online,which includes an increased focus onnew hardwood items.Also, with the addition of MorrisseyMarich in a sales position earlier thisyear, McGinnis broadened its outreachto its customer base in Birmingham, Ala.As a family and as a company,In his role as president, J.E. “Jim” McGinnis III owns and managesThe McGinnis Lumber Co. Inc., headquartered in Meridian, Miss.McGinnis celebrates having been inbusiness since 1922, when it wasestablished by J. Earl McGinnis in theThreefoot Building, the tallest building indowntown Meridian, Miss. Itwas the beginning of whatwas to become one of thelongest-running familyowned wholesale lumbercompanies in the Southeast.McGinnis ran his businessas a traditional office wholesaleruntil he passed away in1969.He was joined in the familyowned business by his son,James McGinnis Jr., in theearly 1950s. Through theups and downs of 86 years,the company has always hada McGinnis at the helm. Infact, this year Jim Jr. celebrated60 years in the lumberindustry. Now in its third generation, thecompany is owned and managed by itscurrent president, J.E. “Jim” McGinnisIII.A 1980 graduate of Ole Miss, JimMcGinnis began working in the familyMcGinnis Lumber Co. attributes a large part of its success andlongevity to its employees, including some who have worked atMcGinnis for over 30 after finishing his degree. Nostranger to the industry, Jim workedhigh school summers in the business.“We had a retail yard for many years,then based in the Key Field industrialarea south of town. I worked four summersthere, driving a truck and forklift,delivering building materials to job sites.Later, during college summers, I movedinto the wholesale business, and haveworked in wholesaling ever since,”McGinnis said.After over 70 years as a traditionalwholesaler servicing the retail trade,McGinnis Lumber Co. began to changeits focus to the industrial market in themid-1980s, completing the transition inthe early ‘90s. “With the advent of thewholesale distributor concept, railroadderegulation, mills dropping the wholesalediscount, and personnel changes,our business evolved, following what themarketplace gave us,” McGinnisexplained.Today, 90 percent of company salesinvolve trading a small number of productswhile serving a few select sectorsof the industrial marketplace. Buildinglasting relationships is crucial to the successof McGinnis Lumber Co., as theyhave mill suppliers that date back manydecades. Emphasis in sales is placed onrepeat sales to industrial clients. “Ourbusiness is about service; providing aconsistent product at a competitiveprice, on time,” he said.McGinnis attributes a majorpart of the company’s successand longevity to the efforts ofprofessional, loyal employees.“We have a very talentedsales and support staff thatfocuses on service. Not onlyare they good traders, butthey are people of exemplarycharacter that consistentlyrepresent us well,” McGinnisnoted.For instance, Phillip Busbeebegan working for McGinnisThe next generation at McGinnis Lumber – recent college graduateMenton McGinnis (center) poses with mom and dad, Jim and CindyMcGinnis.34 years ago as a salesman/buyerfor West Coastlumber products. He is currentlyexecutive vice president,and manages sales of paper-relatedproducts, as well as handling a substantialsales volume personally. EddieThorne, vice president, is a 24-year veteran,and handles SYP and hardwoodbuying, transportation duties, as well ashis own sales portfolio. Jim McGinnis, inaddition to duties as president, overseesSouthern Pine and hardwood sales, andhis own domestic and exportcustomers.The priority at McGinnisLumber is to ship a consistentproduct on time at a competitiveprice. “By establishingcontract pricing with mills onitems that we sell every day,we are able to focus on repeatbusiness. What we specializein is taking a standard manufacturedproduct and selling itinto a non-standard application,”McGinnis said.Looking down from his thirdfloor office window in thefirm’s newly renovated offices,Jim McGinnis looks at theThreefoot Building andreflects on how the companyhas traveled full circle. “In our new location,we are just two blocks from wheremy grandfather began this company 86years ago. I am confident our companywill continue to evolve in this everchangingmarketplace as conditions dictate.We’ll continue to listen carefully toour customers’ needs and do the bestjob possible to provide them qualityproducts and exceptional service.”McGinnis Lumber Company sells SYPand hardwood lumber and timbers, plywoodand OSB, as well as many proprietarycorrugated products. For moreinformation about McGinnis Lumber Co.and their people, products and services,visit them at www.mcginnislumber.comor contact them directly at 601-483-3991.•

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Page 40 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueCOLLINS Makes It Easy To Buy And BuildWith Exceptional Green MaterialsP o r t l a n d , O r e . –FSC certification …LEED points … formaldehyde-free resins…. Sustainable products. All of these arebecoming familiar buzzwords to those inthe building industry and to environmentally-conscioushomeowners. Everyone wantsgreen building products and practices, buthow can we achieve that quickly, effectivelyand easily?At Collins, we make buying and buildingwith sustainable products a smooth, positiveexperience for our clients. We believethat it doesn’t need to be difficult or inconvenientto incorporate a significant amountof sustainable materials into your projects.Our new CollinsWood “one-stop-shopping”business model, along with our longhistory of customerservice,means that wemake it simpleto find the rightproducts foryou, your project,yourclients, andhelp guide youinto the newworld of greenbuilding. Andwhile manycompanieshave jumpedon the greenbandwagon,Collins hasbeen pullingthat wagonsince it beganmore than 150years ago.All of Collinsforest lands areFSC-certified,as are most ofour products.FSC is one ofthe most stringentcertificationsavailablein forestry today,and Collinsleads the industryin applyingthat criteria toeach of ourproducts –Softwood, hardwood,particleboard,engineeredwoodsiding and trim.At Collins, weprovide a widerange of typesof products,including:SoftwoodsWith Collins,you have awide variety ofSoftwoods tochoose from.Our Softwoodspecies include:PonderosaPine, White Fir, Lodgepole Pine, IncenseCedar, Sugar Pine, and Douglas Fir. Thesevarieties are manufactured at ourLakeview, Ore., and Chester, Calif., facilities.HardwoodsIn terms of hardwoods, Collins has facilitiesin Kane, Pa., Richwood, W.Va., and inBoardman, Ore. Species include blackcherry, red oak, white oak, poplar, softmaple, hard maple, basswood, ash, beech,birch and Pacific Albus.Pacific Albus is a new lightweight hardwoodrecently introduced by Collins that isperfect for many applications such as:moulding and millwork, cut stock, furnitureapplications, pallet stock, recreational vehicleparts, landscape timbers and muchmore. This product is currently being usedby a variety of companies that manufactureeverything from pallets to RVs to snowboards.ParticleboardAlways working toward the highest level ofsustainability certification standards,Collins Pine FreeForm ® , recently achievedCARB (California Air Resources Board)Phase 2 Certification – more than a yearahead of the deadline. This product is producedwithout any added urea formalde-hyde resins and is FSC-certified.Exterior ProductsCollins also is well known for itsTruWood® cladding products, with thematerial content third party certified byScientific Certification Systems. Theseexterior products, also available FSC-certified,use the highest level of fiber utilizationand recovery. Products include panel, lap,shake sidings, designer trim and reversibletrims.Eric Schooler, president and CEO ofCollins, says his company continuallystrives to set the industry standard inachieving new sustainability levels. “We area company that didn’t begin to incorporatesustainabilityas it becamepopular. Wehave beenconsideringthe impact ourwork has onthe people wework with, thecommunitieswe live in, andthe land thatwe work onsince 1855,”he said. “Weare extremelyproud that theCollins familyhad the foresightto incor-FSC-certified wood from The Collins Companies’ Chester, Calif., siteaccents the reception areas on 16 floors at the Oregon Health &Science University facility.Pacific Albus is a new lightweight hardwood recently introduced byCollins that is perfect for many applications, such as moulding and millwork,cut stock, furniture applications, recreational vehicle parts, andmuch more.Collins Pine recently achieved CARB (California Air ResourcesBoard) Phase 2 Certification more than a year ahead of deadline.porate veryimportant sustainablepracticeslong ago.”The 300,000acres of Collinstimberlands arebio-diverse,multi-layered,canopied forests– not singlespeciestreefarms. They areself-sustainingand containmore woodtoday than theydid more than100 years ago –a result of theCollins’ managementstyle.They are hometo bald eagles,black bears,wild turkeys,rubber boas,beavers, greatblue heronrookeries andthe endangeredGoose Lakeredband trout.They areenriched bymeadows,springs,creeks, rivers,and lakes.They are naturallyhealthy forests – growing trees usingonly sunshine, water and nutrients from fertilesoil.In addition to our superior products,Collins provides exceptional expertise andcustomer service. We have some of themost dedicated experts in the industrymanaging product sales. This is a companythat takes customer service seriously withindustry experience and knowledge thatcan’t be beat.“We continue to dedicate ourselves toensuring that our children have an abundanceof natural resources with which tobuild the future and that our customershave the quality and selection of lumberthey need to build today,” says KevinPaldino, vice president, sales and marketing.To learn more about our convenient,CollinsWood one-stop-shopping experienceand to view our selection of exceptionallumber products, contact the Collinssales team at 1.800.329.1219, or stop by booth#714 during NAWLA.•Please Visit Us AtBooth No. 714SNIDER INDUSTRIES Stays CommittedThrough Three GenerationsMarshall, Texas—As a third-generation,family owned operation of over 70years, Snider Industries produces the finestquality one-inch Southern Yellow Pineboards available in the lumber industry. Theplant has an annual production of 50 millionboard feet of which approximately 30 percentis sold as pattern stock.“We have spent over 30 years perfectingour manufacturing and drying processes toproduce the highest quality one-inchboards in large volumes. This allows us tohave mostitems availablein our warehouseso ourcustomers cancount on availabilitywheneverthey needit,” said JillSnider Parr,owner ofS n i d e rIndustries.The manufacturingprocess is atthe heart ofwhat makesS n i d e rIndustries’quality lumberproducts.Lumber issteam-dried inconventionalkilns at 180d e g r e e sFahrenheit forthree days, andthen equalizedfor about twoweeks, allowingthe lumberto regain moisturecontentguaranteed tobe below 15percent. Sniderprefers the conventionalkilns,not the hightempkilns usedby most mills.This processallows for asoft, pliableboard suitablefor multiple purposesincluding millworkand patterns.All of Snider’s lumberproducts receive aSPIB HT Grade of D& Better, No. 2 or No.3; and a moisturecontent grade of 15percent, includingshorts products.With a fullyenclosed facility ofover 220,000 squarefeet of finished lumberstorage andloading, Sniderprides itself on theclean, dry and dustfreedelivery of theirfinished lumber. Thelumber stays underroof and is neverexposed to elements once the dryingprocess is complete. Customer trucks areable to load, weigh and tarp inside the massivebuilding. With an exceptional skilled,well-trained labor force and an efficientstorage and loading process, Snider canprovide most items for immediate, samedayshipment.The planer mill has three production linesincluding a separate pattern line. All ofSnider’s patterns are available in No. 2 andD & Better. All No. 2 patterns are run from aselected highline No. 2 stock, not “No. 2Common.” Pattern material is available indimensions of 1 x 4 through 1 x 12, and 8through 16 foot lengths.No. 105 Siding1 x 6 and 1 x 8Grades No. 2 and D and BetterNo. 117 Siding1 x 6Grades No. 2 and D and BetterNo. 131 Siding1 x 8Grades No. 2 and D and BetterNo.139 Siding1 x 10Grades No. 2 Rough FaceNo. 116 Interior Paneling1 x 6Grades No. 2 and D and BetterNo. 122 Interior Paneling1 x 6Grades No. 2 and D and BetterBeaded Ceiling1 x 4 and 1 x 6Grades No. 2 and D and BetterFlooring1 x 4 and 1 x 6Grades No. 2 and D and BetterC e n t e rMatch1 x 6Grade No. 2Shiplap1 x 6 and 1 x8Grade No. 2Snider operationsare runefficiently andeffectively bydepartmentheads: DavidHanson, lumbersales plantmanager;J i m m yBrewer, timberprocurement;Gerald CayceSnider Industries, headquartered in Marshall, Texas, has an annual productionof 50 million board feet readily available for shipment.The company has a warehouse facility of over 220,000 square feetwith the capacity for truckload, weigh and tarp.Snider offers some of the finest 1-inch quality SouthernYellow Pine available in No. 2, D & Better.and JasonMonroe, timberlandsmanagement;SuzanneT u r n e r ,administration.Timber is at theheart of everysawmill operationand it’s nodifferent forSnider. In additionto purchasingtimber off theopen market,Snider’s intensivelymanagedland base ofover 40,000acres helps it tomaintain asteady supply ofraw materials forits sawmill operations.“The company’stimberlandsallow us to takeadvantage of favorablelocal timbermarkets and lets usstay out of overpriced,bad ones,”said Gerald Cayce,timber procurementmanager for over 20years.Environmentallyconscious, SniderIndustries has beengenerating “green”power since 1982. Inaddition to providingall electrical andthermal needs for theplant, and generatingrevenue from electricitysales to thelocal utility, the five megawatt biomasspower generation facility has been certifiedby the Public Utility Commission of Texasas generator of Renewable Energy Credits(RECS). They expect to have approximately32,000 RECS available for purchaseannually.A Renewable Energy Credit (REC) or“green tag”, represents one megawatt hour(MWh) of renewable electricity generatedand delivered somewhere on the powergrid. A REC also represents the environmentalbenefits of replacing traditional, fossil-fuelpower with clean, renewable power.“I believe our power plant helps to makeus a very strong competitor in this business.It’s the final piece of the puzzle thatallows this mill to operate in an efficient andenvironmentally sound way,” Parr said.For more information, contactDavid Hanson at 903-938-9727•Please Visit Us AtBooth No. 626

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Page 42 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueANTHONY FOREST PRODUCTS Goes GreenEl Dorado, Arkansas–The NationalAssociation of Home Builders (NAHB)Research Center has granted its “GreenApproved” product seal of approval forPower Products from Anthony ForestProducts in June 2009. The mark isintended to provide third-party evidencethat building products meet specific scoringcriteria for homes seeking certificationto the ICC 700-2008 National GreenBuilding Standard (the Standard), aconsensus-developed standard that isapproved by American National StandardsInstitute (ANSI).Anthony Forest’s full range of engineeredwood products and solid sawn lumber areThe National Associationof Home Builders (NAHB)Research Center hasgranted its “GreenApproved” product sealof approval for PowerProducts from AnthonyForest Products designated as NAHB ResearchCenter Green Approved products. Theseinclude Anthony SYP Dimension Lumber,Anthony Power Joist, Anthony GlulamBeams and Columns, Power PreservedGlulam Beams and Columns, and PowerSizer and Key Plan Software.The “Green Approved” Mark indicatesthird-party documentation and approval bythe NAHB Research Center that a buildingproduct contributes to compliance of specificgreen practices for National GreenBuilding Certification to the Standard.Such products carry a certificate from theResearch Center that identifies the specificsections of the National Green BuildingThe “Green Approved”mark indicates third-partydocumentation andapproval by the NAHBResearch Center that abuilding product contributesto complaince ofspecific green practices forNational Green BuildingCertification to theStandard.Standard under which the products canearn points. The “Green Approved” markhelps bridge the gap between manufacturerswho make green products and buildersand designers who want to use them.Green Approved products can be found“Anthony Forest’s commitment to theenvironment, forest sustainability, andland stewardship have long been part ofour family of Power Products as evidencedby having all of our forest landsand manufacturing facilities being certifiedPictured with Susan Fitzsimmons, chairwoman for the North AmericaWholesale Lumber Association, is Aubra Anthony Jr., who was awardedthe Mulrooney Award at the recent NAWLA Executive Conference. Aubrais CEO of Anthony Forest the Sustainable Forestry Initiative(SFI)”, said Kerlin Drake, Vice President ofMarketing. By having ‘Green Approved’Power Products for our customers, wehave a powerful tool from the NAHBResearch Center allowing builders to buildwith certified building products,” Drakesaid.Anthony Forest is only the second lumberand engineered wood company to achievethis status!Aubra Anthony Named NAWLAMulrooney Award WinnerThe North American Wholesale LumberAssociation (NAWLA) recently concludedtheir Executive Conference. The NAWLAMulrooney Award was presented to AubraAnthony Jr. during the conference.As the CEO of Anthony Forest, Aubra hasbeen an innovative leader with a NorthAmerican perspective. Aubra is a Directorof the American Forest & PaperAssociation and recently served asChairman of the organization. As theChairman, Aubra brought uniqueWashington public policy experience andpolitical skills to bear on such criticalissues as illegal logging, eligibility of woodbuilding products under emerging greenbuilding standards to protect our markets,as well as the opportunities for the industryin the emerging climate change policydebate.Aubra and Anthony Forest are ardent proponentsof the value of wholesale distributionand are proud members of NAWLA.Aubra is an excellent role model for forestproduct leaders as they evolve from lumberproducers to innovative “value-adders”who must adapt to the current changingmarkets.Notable Contributions andAchievements in Civic LifeAubra has served as Vice Chairman andTreasurer of the National ParksConservation Association. He currentlyserves on the boards of Simmons FirstBank of El Dorado; The Medical Center ofSouth Arkansas; Arkansas ForestryAssociation; and Winthrop P. RockefellerCancer Institute Foundation. In 2008,Aubra served on the Arkansas GlobalWarming Commission to which he wasappointed by Governor Mike Beebe.(Sustainable forestry, the number onemost effective of 54 recommendations tomitigate greenhouse gases, and woodbuilding products were noted as superiorto concrete and steel.)Education BackgroundAubra is an Honors Graduate of TulaneUniversity and the University of VirginiaLaw School. He did post-graduate work atGeorge Washington University LawSchool and is a member of the bars ofVirginia, the District of Columbia andArkansas. He has been admitted to practicebefore the U.S. Supreme Court.FamilyAubra is married to Circuit Judge CarolCrafton Anthony, and they have four children.•Please Visit Us AtBooth No. 615

October 2009 Advertorial Page 43As owners face mounting pressure tostay up to date with fast changing technologyand increasingly complex andcostly hardware, software, communication,and network infrastructures; DMSiSoftware’s SaaS solution has emergedas a silver bullet for lumber operations.The SaaS option eliminates servers atyour place of business and with only aninternet connection you have full accessto Agility’s Microsoft® Windows basedlumber software at secure Tier I data centers.Although you can opt for on-premiseequipment, new customers choose theSaaS solution 90 percent of the timebecause of its compelling benefits.Agility SaaS . . . simplify.Here are some of the ways SaaS makesyour life simpler while allowing you to restassured your business software and datais safe from any form of disaster:• No servers and software in-house – soyou’re far less dependent on IT staff andtech services• No constant assessment of serverupgrades and replacements – that’s ourjob• No new network/desktop requirements– simply use your existing PC network asis• No server maintenance contracts withcost escalation and annual renewals – it’sall included• No costly environmental systems likecooling, electrical, racking, etc. – it’smanaged by pros• No disaster recovery worries - yourdata resides at Tier I data centers withgeographical redundancy• No backups and software updates –it’s done for you while you sleep• No long term contracts or prepaid feesand licenses – just pay as you go• No need to worry about service levelmotivation – your business is earnedevery month• No worries about technology and thefuture – SaaS is the future and backgroundtechnologies are always state-ofthe-art.A recent Ziff Davis poll indicates73 percent of IT executives plan toexpand their company’s use of SaaS.• No distractions from your core business– just focus on increasing yourvalue to your customersAgility SaaS . . . save.In contrast to conventional prepaid softwarelicensing models, SaaS allows youto pay only for what you use, when youuse it. Much like your utility bill, withAgility SaaS, you only pay for what youconsume which provides the followingfinancial benefits:• Preserves cash flow by eliminatinghuge up-front investments in hardware,software, and other IT infrastructure.• Controls expenses by paying only forwhat you need now. Many Agility customershave substantially reduced ITcost during the current downturn asdownsizing has reduced users.• Eliminates “new product/version”upgrade fees because the fee you paythis month is for the latest software.• Frees-up your borrowing base forworking capital, trucks, etc. becauseSaaS IT cost is a month-to-month operatingexpense with no balance sheet consequences.Scalability grows as yourcompany grows, without additional hardwareinvestment.Agility SaaS . . . enjoy.“Our sales manager uses AgilitySaaS when he’s out on the road,instantly pulling up product informationwhile talking to customers. Hecan keep on top of his business nomatter where he is.”~Jeff Adams, Falls City Lumber“As the cost of IT staff steadilyincrease, hosted solutions help usdrive our costs down, provide completedisaster protection and keep upwith the latest technology. We don’teven think about it,” explains JoyceHunt, Boston Cedar & Millwork controller.“And, it’s great for our salesmenwho are now able to access ourdatabase on the road … wherever,whenever.”DMSi’s Software As Service (SaaS) ProvidesCompelling Benefits To Lumber Companies~Joyce Hunt, Boston Cedar &Millwork“I love it! For our size company, it isideal. I don’t have time to be updatinghardware and software. With SaaS, allthe updates are kept current automatically.”~Judy Tlumac, Benbilt“With Agility SaaS, I can accessinformation anywhere – from home,when traveling, or even at Starbucks.”~Jim Michas, Stark LumberAbout DMSiWith 32 years in the business and nearly400 customers ranging in sales from $2million to $2 billion in over 1,500 physicalyards/warehouses; DMSi is the nation’slargest and longest standing independentlyowned and operated lumber productssoftware firm. DMSi is time tested,industry proven, and poised to providecustomers with a lifetime of partnershipand technology leadership.To learn more, call DMSi at800.347.6720 or visit online at•DMSi, as your software provider, is highly motivated to always provide satisfactory products and servicessince revenue is earned every month.P l e a s e V i s i t U s A t B o o t h N o . 4 2 0

Page 44 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueNo Load Too Large For ATLANTA METRO LUMBER & RELOADMike Hipps, president of Atlanta Metro Lumber & Reload Co. Inc., headquarteredin Oakwood, Ga., stands by several railcars loaded with bundlesof lumber.Atlanta Metro Lumber & Reload precision end trims lumber to specifiedlengths with a Holtec Precision Trim Saw upon request.This is a picture of railcars that will be all unloaded for customers.O a k w o o d , G a . —As many as 30large A-frame cars from the NorfolkSouthern railroad can be handled byAtlanta Metro Lumber & Reload Co.Inc.’s two rail spurs at one time. Locatednorth of Atlanta, the company receivesSoftwood lumber, plywood, orientedstrand board, engineered lumber, Cedarand other forest products from largeWest Coast mills, Canadian mills andwholesale lumber companies.“We receive primarily SPF lumber andHem Fir lumber as well as SouthernYellow Pine from our clients,” said MikeHipps, Atlanta Metro Lumber & Reload’spresident. “We also handle a lot ofWestern Red Cedar lumber and timbersas well as the other forest products previouslymentioned. Whether the forestproducts come in on center beams,boxcars or on trucks, we can unload ithere at our reload facility.”Atlanta Metro Reload & Lumber Co.opened its new 40-acre facility inOctober 2007 after outgrowing its originallocation in nearby Duluth. Hippssaid, “Our 40-acre yard is completelyfenced in and we have a large, insulatedwarehouse. We have our officeinside this complex and inventory forestproducts in this building as well. Alsoour operation is monitored 24/7 withsecurity cameras all around the premises.”Hipps keeps five 17,000-pound forkliftsand a crew of eight busy from 6:30 5:30 p.m. on a five-day workweek.“We put in 50 to 60 hours a week to dowhat needs to be done,” he said.Atlanta Metro Lumber & Reload wasstarted by Mike and his father Mickey in1990 in Duluth. Mike’s 30-year experiencein the lumber industry came fromhis working at the family business,Mickey’s Lumber and Supply Co., whichopened in 1979. “I’ve been on and offforklifts for 30 years,” said Hipps. “In thepast I was the lumber buyer and managerfor Mickey’s Lumber and Supply.”Products stored outside the warehouseremain protected in their paperwrapping while waiting for redistribution.“We precision end trim lumber to specifiedlengths with a Holtec Precision TrimSaw upon request for our customers.”Atlanta Metro Lumber & Reload shipstheir customers’ lumber and buildingmaterials primarily to retail lumberyards and distribution centers throughoutthe tri-state area of Georgia, NorthCarolina and South Carolina. It alsooffers in-house and job site delivery. Tomaximize efficiency, the company usesits own fleet of trucks and the firm’slocation near major U.S. Highways I-985 and I-85 helps speed up delivery oftheir clients’ products.Hipps feels that his reload yard willbenefit wholesalers and mills alike.“With all of the changes in the lumberindustry in the past few years, we haveseen new highs and new lows in prices.It has made retail yards become ‘justin-timebuyers,’ carrying less inventory.When they buy products now it has toship right out.”As a lifelong lumber industry professional,Hipps maintains Atlanta MetroLumber & Reload’s membership in theNorth American Wholesale LumberAssoc. “Working with forest products iswhat I have always done, it’s what mydad taught me,” he said.Although the company has left its originalbase in Duluth, Hipps’ parents,Mickey and Rosie Hipps, are partnersin the firm. “They taught me to do whateveris needed to do the job right,” hesaid.When he’s not tending to business,Hipps enjoys spending time with hiswife Casey and their two sons. His oldestson, Jason, is also in the buildingindustry and builds custom homes inthe area. Blake, his youngest son, is inthe Army and recently got back from a15-month tour in Iraq. Mike also spendstime restoring vintage cars and tractors.In addition to Hipps, a key person toAtlanta Metro Lumber & Reload isoperations manager Jimmy Conkey.Conkey has been with the companysince 1992 and manages the dailyoperations.•ThemcginnisLumber Co., Inc.Supplying Quality Forest Products Since 1922RADIUS-EDGE DECKINGPRESSURE TREATED STOCKSIDINGTIMBERSSCAFFOLD PLANKCONCRETE FORMCORRUGATIONCCAPLYWOODCUT-TO-SIZE PLYWOODTRUSS WEB STOCKOSBUSED PALLETSACQSHORTSMILLWORKBOX & SHOOK MATERIALCUT STOCKDECKINGLOW GRADE DIMENSIONLADDER STOCKPATTERN STOCKPARTICLEBOARDPRE-CUT DIMENSIONBOARDSMEDIUM DENSITY FIBERBOARDLANDSCAPE TIMBERSCYPRESS • SOUTHERN HARDWOODSOUTHERN YELLOW PINE • CORRUGATED PRODUCTS800-647-6242905 22nd Ave. • Meridian, MS 39302Ph: 601-483-3991 • Fax:

October 2009 Advertorial Page 45BUILD GREEN With NORTH PACIFICPortland, Ore.–The buildingmaterials landscape ischanging, and changing dramatically.The drop in demandfor building products is forcingmills, wholesalers and retailersto scale back or shut down. Atthe same time, the demand forgreen building products is on asteady rise. The AmericanInstitute of Architects predictsthe green building market willbe $60 billion by 2010, a 600percent increase from 2005.North Pacific, one of NorthAmerica’s largest wholesaledistributors of building materials,industrial wood products,wood poles and other specialtyitems, is jumping on the greenbuilding bandwagon. In their 12distribution centers, they offermany products with “green”properties, such as:• low or no VOC’s (volatileorganic compounds) – theseare gasses or vapors emittedby various solids or liquidsaffecting air quality• no-added-urea formaldehyde(NAUF)• made with recycled materials• FSC or SFI certifiedMore and more products comingintothe marketareconsider e d“green.”NorthPacific isconstantlysearchingfor new innovative products,and if they have the greenproperties our customers arelooking for, that adds value.“Green building is not just a fadanymore,” states Tom LeVere,senior vice president of distributionat North Pacific. “Thedemand for environmentallyresponsibleproducts is continuouslygrowing and we can’tshut our eyes to what is happeningin the marketplace.Green is here to stay and NorthPacific will continue to expandits product mix to include thosethat meet the Leadership inEnergy and EnvironmentalDesign (LEED) and other buildingstandards to allow our retaildealersplenty ofchoices.”F S Cand SFIcontinueto be thet w oleadingcertification standards for sustainableforestry. North Pacificbecame FSC chain-of-custodycertified through their industrialdivision as demand for FSCcertifiedMDF, particleboard,boards, trim and other industrialwood products increased inearly 2000. Since then, NorthPacific has added a number oftheir locations, recentlyincreasing to nine. The demandfor FSC products are rising alsoon the building side, due to thepopularity of the LEED program,developed by the U.S.Green Building Council. LEEDendorses FSC as a standardfor sustainable forestry. This ischanging as LEED expands toinclude other standards thatmeet its benchmark.North Pacific has been promotingtheir green product lineupfor over five years. Advertising,trade shows and other events,brochures, web and other communicationvehicles are helpingto get the word out. “We wantour customers to think of NorthPacific when they are lookingfor green products,” saysMonique Bauer, vice presidentof marketing. “We are here toassist our customers if theyhave questions about greenproducts, even if they are not inthe market yet.”For a list of their greenproducts, visit “products” then,“green products”.•

Page 46 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueROSBORO Forging AheadWith New Product OfferingsSpringfield, Ore.–Rosboro, one ofthe Pacific Northwest’s largest timberholders, has responded to a cautious andcomplex marketplace by introducing newproducts that are designed to give customersmore options, greater flexibilityand a competitive edge. While other woodproducts manufacturers may adopt await-and-see attitude, Rosboro’s proactiveapproach has already reapedrewards in the form of new advancements,just as the industry starts itsrebound in a slowly recovering economy.This strategy – to innovate through aneconomic downswing and leverageRosboro’s unique market position — hasexpanded the company’s suite of productsto include three new offerings:Custom Glulam, Rosboro Select Joistand FSC-Certified Glulam.Custom GlulamAs the largest glulam manufacturer inNorth America, Rosboro is maximizing itsRosboro Custom Glulam provides increased convenienceand flexibility, allowing customers to combinecustom orders with other products from the most trustedname in glulam. Custom options include fabrication,widths to 14 1/4”, depths to 53” and lengths up to 100’.leadership position in the laminate woodsector by introducing Custom Glulam.The expansion into custom sizes givesbuyers a more comprehensive “one-stopshop”option, allowing them greater specifyingcapabilities while conveniently combiningcustom orders with other Rosborostock products. Custom options includecurves, AYC, POV and fabrication.Available sizes include widths to 14 1/4”,depths to 53” and lengths up to 100’.Available in Architectural, Industrial andFraming appearances, Custom Glulam ismanufactured from mechanically stressratedlumber that produces consistentglulam with optimum design values.Rosboro Select JoistFor builders who want a combination ofthe best attributes of engineered woodGraded well beyond the industry standard, the RosboroSelect Joist delivers a premium quality wood joist witha solid edge. A thorough kiln-dried process effectivelymitigates differential shrinking or swelling.and solid dimension lumber, Rosboro nowoffers an innovative alternative: theRosboro Select Joist. Recently introducedto the marketplace, Rosboro SelectJoist is standard 2x material — naturalwood that is uniform and stable. It’s kilndriedto a low and consistent 15 percentmoisture content, which virtually eliminatesdifferential shrinking or swelling,and each piece is performance tested forfiber strength and density. Only lumberthat meets strict MSR 1.8E 1500fb criteriais considered for Rosboro Select Joist,which provides customers the benefits ofeasier installation, less culling, fewer callbacksand consistent long-term performance.Available sizes include 2 x 10 and 2x 12 and lengths of 12’ to 20’.FSC CertificationAffirming Rosboro’s support for responsiblymanaged forests; Rosboro now offersRosboro’s new offering of FSC-certificationoptions provide clients an expanded selection ofproduct options, all of which signify the company’slong-standing commitment and leadership insustainable forestry practices.Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chainof-Custodycertification for pure andmixed products (SCS-COC-002614) asan option with its wide range of glulamproducts. With this designation, Rosborocan assure customers that, when specificallyrequested, the wood they purchaseis sourced from FSC-certified forests andin compliance with strict tracking requirements.The FSC Chain-of-Custody proceduretracks material through the productionprocess – from the forest to the consumer– including the stages of processing,transformation, manufacturing anddistribution. This newly acquired certificationgives customers a greater range ofoptions, particularly those builders wishingto advance their efforts toward earningLEED credits and “points” from otherregional green building organizations.For example, under the LEED rating system,many of the “certified wood credits”require that a minimum of 50 percent ofwood-based materials and products beFSC-certified. While all of Rosboro’s engineeredwood products are already consideredto a be a green building product— and consequently earn points undermost green rating systems — FSC-certifiedglulam gives customers more opportunitiesto gain green-rated points on theirprojects.Rosboro’s Trusted Familyof ProductsStanding alongside these new offeringsis Rosboro’s long-trusted family of products,highly regarded for their ease of use,convenient installation, strength and stability.These include Stock Glulam,Rosboro BigBeam®, 1.8E-IJC, RMT,Treated Glulam, Rosboro Tall Wall,columns, studs, veneer and plywood.Today the Rosboro product line representsone of the most complete anddiverse in the home- and commercialbuildingindustries, the end result of a richhistory of innovative and efficient manufacturingprocesses that have consistentlygenerated high quality lumber at competitivemarket prices.Focusing on Customer CareSince 1940, Rosboro has evolved from asmall lumber company to a vertically integratedforest products company and thelargest glulam manufacturer in NorthAmerica. The organization’s steadygrowth has been coupled throughout thedecades with a keen attention to customerservice, a reputation that theRosboro team continues to uphold. Whiletechnology has made services more convenient– like providing clients electronicaccess to orders status, invoices andaccount balances – the Rosboro teamhas never lost sight of the enduring valueof individual customer care. In addition,Rosboro continues to offer comprehensivetransportation service and consultation.For more information about Rosboro’srange of product offerings and expandedservices, call (888) 393-2304 or go•Please Visit Us AtBooth 412MILL & TIMBER: Offering WRCProducts From The Forest To The DoorS u r r e y , B . C . —Since 1951, Mill &Timber Products Ltd., headquarteredhere, has provided its customers withWestern Red Cedar products “from theforest floor to the customer’s door.” Thecompany, which was established alongthe Fraser River in British Columbia,manufactures over 70 million board feetannually of Cedar decking, fascia, postsand beams, rails, dimension and timbers.Mill & Timber Products Ltd. is a privatelyowned forest company, and operatesthree sawmills in the Vancouver area:Smallwood Sawmill Ltd. in Surrey, B.C.,Flavelle Sawmill Co. Ltd. in Port Moody,B.C., and the company’s originalBridgeview sawmill in Surrey, B.C.,together with Aspen Planers Ltd. inMerritt, B.C.; a remanufacturing facility,Pan-Abode Homes International inRichmond, B.C.; and the Port HardyDivision, which offers custom log sortingservices and supplies Yellow Cedar andWestern Red Cedar utility poles.Mill & Timber manufactures WesternRed Cedar lumber: 2x4 through 2x12;This is a photo of a debarker discharger at theBridgeview Mill in Surrey, B.C.4x4 through 4x12; 6x6 through 6x12; 8x8and 8x12; 12x12; 2x4 and 2x6 (S4S);5/4x4, 5/4x5 and 5/4x6 (S4S); and, 1x6 v-joint.Jim Dunse, one of Mill & Timber’s threesalesmen, said the company sells primarilyto wholesale distribution centers in theUnited States and Canada, but alsoexports its products to Asia, Australia andEurope. “We’re shipping mostly by railthrough reloads like Desticon, Westransor Mountain View and by truck when thecustomer calls for it,” he said.Mill & Timber’s Surrey, B.C., facility islocated on 20 acres and saws the logsinto rough lumber. From there it is sent tothe Richmond facility which has resawing,chop sorting and planing lines as wellas dry kilns and storage sheds.Over half of the company’s log supply isacquired through its own logging. Thecompany acquires the balance througharrangements with other producers andpurchases on the open log market.Aspen Planers sells its SPF kiln-dried.However, Mill & Timber sells most of itsCedar green. The Pan-Abode plant inRichmond has kiln-drying capacity, whichis available when customers need it.Mill & Timber is able to meet the needsof its customers, no matter how great orhow small. “We’re small enough and bigenough,” Dunse said. “As a small company,we’re much more flexible, and able toreact quicker to the needs of our customers.But, we’re also big enough tohandle those needs. Our focused team ofsales, manufacturing and resource helpsbuild credibility, and gives customers confidenceknowing who they are workingwith and that they will receive their productsas scheduled.”At Mill & Timber, making sure clients aresatisfied is the number one priority.During the difficulties of last year’scoastal industry sawmill strike, Mill &Timber was able to cover more than 80percent of its standing orders with carefulplanning and some innovative thinking.Other operators were not so successful.“We have a strong belief in good communicationwith our customers,” Dunsesaid. “Gone are the days when you cansit on the top of a hill, throw your offeringsout and reel them in with a net. You haveto work hard, and do what you say you’regoing to do in a timely manner.”Berny Power and Sid Sigfusson are theBy Wayne Millerother key members of the Cedar salesteam. Power sells mainly 2 x 4, 2 x 6, 5/4x 6 decking to customers across NorthAmerica. Sigfusson sells clears and lowgrades domestically and around theKey employees of Mill & Timber Products Ltd., headquarteredin Surrey, B.C., include Berny Power and JimDunse, sales; Surinder Ghog, president and chief executiveofficer; Marilyn Wannamaker, shipping; and SidSigfusson, Dunse handles mostly commongrades of 2 x 4 through 2 x 12, timbersand S4S Red Cedar. Mill & Timber alsoproduces and sells Yellow Cedar, and JayPuder manages the program. And, finally,there are the KD SPF sales. DaveThiessen handles all of the SPF dimensionsales for Aspen Planers both domesticand offshore.The members of the Cedar sales teamhave a lot of experience in the industry.Dunse has been involved in the industryfor over 30 years, starting in a sawmill asa lad, and working for several wholesalersbefore joining Mill & Timber 14 years ago.Sigfusson started his career in Sprucesales in 1972, switching to Cedar sales in1973 and has been with Mill & Timber forJim Dunse shows off one of Mill & Timber’s select products.eight years. The name Power is wellknown on the coast. Six of the 10 Powerboys have made their mark in the Cedarindustry, and Berny has been with Mill &Timber for 18 years.The sales team frequently travels tomeet with customers throughout theUnited States, Canada and overseas, andwelcomes customers to visit the Surreyoperation.Surinder Ghog, the owner of Mill &Timber, takes a hands-on approach torunning the business, Dunse added. “He’sprimarily focused on the age of inventoryand sales orders,” Dunse said. “In therare instance where there’s aged inventory,he wants to know why it hasn’t beensold, and whether we should even be producingthe item. He is here every daymanaging our company, involved andinterested in every aspect of the business.”Dunse said the team meets severaltimes per week to discuss any productionissues, and current and future customerneeds. “If there’s a problem, we’ll discussit and find a way to solve it,” he said. “Ourgoal is to provide exactly what we saywe’re going to, and we take pride in shippingon time.”For more information, contact Mill &Timber Products Ltd. at 604-580-2990 orvisit•Please Visit Us AtBooth 208

October 2009 Advertorial Page 47What’s New At ROBBINS LUMBER?—Answer—Lots!By Terry MillerDicky Read, planer mill manager; Raymond Gelo, warehouse manager;Catherine Robbins-Jolliffe, manager; Jimmy Robbins, vice president; andJeff Caswell, sawmill manager, Robbins Lumber Inc.Searsmont, Maine—RobbinsLumber is a fifth-generation EasternWhite Pine manufacturing companythat has earned a superior reputationfor quality, and Jim Robbins II, whohelps head up the business, knowsRobbins must stay right on top ofthings to uphold its good name.One area in which Robbins saw achance to expand its offerings was inthe primed business. RobbinsLumber has started operatingPenobscot Bay Coatings. Robbinshas the same high quality and attentionto detail that you have come toexpect from them in Eastern WhitePine in painting and priming services.To spearhead this division JohnBenjamin has been promoted fromlumber sales to Plant Manager.Penobscot Bay Coatings usesCabot products for all of its primingof 4/4 and 5/4 board products, aswell as clapboards and Hardiplank.They can also custom color topcoat,or stain, of live edge bevel or roughfaced products. They also clear coatDawn Manton, manager and sales of Robbins Lumber secondaryproducts and John Benjamin, operations manager, Penobscot BayCoatings.Knotty Pine products run to pattern.Because of our good reputation weintend to increase our paint salesand give people the same qualitypainting and priming that we’ve donewith our lumber over the years.”With John Benjamin’s promotion toplant manager Robbins Lumber ispleased to announce its newestmember of their sales team, ToniaTibbetts. Tonia joined the sales teamin July. She brings much enthusiasmand energy with her. She attendedthe NAWLA Wood Basics Course inSeptember and will be at the NAWLATraders Market® in Chicago.“I’m excited about the new managerswe’ve got in place,” Presidentand owner Jim Robbins said. “Wealso hired a new log buyer, a gentlemanby the name of Tracy Swan. Heis learning the ropes and doing anexcellent job buying our logs. Wehave a new manager in our cut-upshop, Dawn Manton. She handlesthe sales of our cut-up shop wherewe make our wood clothes dryingracks, wooden louvers, woodenbuckets and cut to length orders.”Not only has Robbins Lumberadded new management, theyrecently installed innovative equipmentinto their mill. “We put in Lewisbackside scanning. This state-of-theartscanning was installed on bothour headrigs in our sawmill,” Robbinssaid. “It’s going to be a great addition.This equipment will help us getbetter recovery out of our logs andtrack our production. Four years agowe installed computerized grading.There are only a few mills in thecountry that have computerizedgrading on Eastern White Pine. Ithelps us to give more consistentgrade and get better grade and dollarrecovery out of our products. Itnot only grades the lumber, it trimsthe lumber and sorts the lumberautomatically into a hundred differentsorts in our bin sorter or our greenchain.”Robbins Lumber has also revampedthe company website www.rlco.comAlden Robbins, sales manager; Tonia Tibbetts, sales representative; JimRobbins, President and George Weaver, sales representative, RobbinsLumber make it customer oriented anduser friendly. “On our website now,all the patterns and painting processesare explained to you,” Robbinssaid. “It’s a tremendously educationalsite.”Addressing the current economicrecession, Robbins said, “We’vebeen through some tough times thelast two years. Everybody who ownsa business has had to do a tremendousamount of revamping the waythe industry works. We’ve sufferedhardships like everybody else, butwe’ve survived it, and I think theones that survived it are going tohave some good days ahead.”•Please Visit Us AtBooth No. 218

Page 48 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueWOOD PRIMING PRODUCTS LLCOffers Unique ServicesO a k w o o d , G a . —WoodPriming Products LLC is located at4322 McBrayer Road, Oakwood,Ga. Chris Robertson and Eddiecome to us because our priming isone of the best on the market,”Robertson said.Wood Priming Products alsoPPG MACHINE APPLIED COATINGS, YourPartner For Today’s EnvironmentP i t t s b u r g h , P a . –PPG MachineApplied Coatings (PPG MAC), headquarteredhere, has been a pioneering forcein the machine applied coatings industryfor 70 years and is positioned to supplymachine coaters and their customer’senvironmentally responsible productstoday, tomorrow and for years to come.There are three key components toPPG’s success and their customers successesthat allow them to keep their companyat the forefront of the industry:• Technology to develop environmentallyfriendly products• Multi level customer development withsuperior support and service• Backed by the power of PPG: depth oftechnology, marketing, and distributionBeth Kirol, technical manager for PPGMAC, said, “Technology and resources todevelop environmentally responsibleproducts, coupled with the needs of ourcustomers to meet the most stringentenvironmental standards, is evident inour products that we deliver.”PPG currently offers a variety of primersand finishes that are less than 100 g/LVOC (Volatile organic compounds) andHAPS (Hazardous Air Pollutants) freeand are launching products that will allowtheir customers the ability to further theireco-friendly practices.As a market leader, PPG prides itself ondedicated customer support and quality,daily customer service. David Jeffers,national sales manager for PPG MAC,noted, “We have developed a culturefrom our sales to customer service repsto our research and development team,that the customer comes first.” PPGdelivers on this model by creating a networkof employees whom their soleresponsibility is to the factory appliedmarket.Jeffers continued, “With 10 employees,that combined have over 120 years in thisbusiness segment, we continue to earnour reputation as the leader in the factoryapplied coatings industry.”Patrick Hanulak, PPG product managerChris Robertson is the president of Wood Priming Products LLC, located in Oakwood, Ga. Robertson cofoundedthe company with Eddie Hipps in April 2004.Hipps founded the company inApril 2004. The business was originallyset up in Gainesville.However, in 2007, anew plant was builtand the companymoved toOakwood.Wood PrimingProducts’ primingservices have beenshipped all overincluding theCaribbean Islands.Robertson said thatthe company pridesitself on the qualityof service it offers.“We provide ourcustomers with factorypainting for avariety of exteriorcornice and sidingmaterials to includelumber, plywood,MDO panels, finger joint and solidmouldings,” he said.Wood Priming Products offersfactory-painting services in truckloador unit quantities with aseven-day turnaround time.However, products are usuallyreturned to customers within threeto four days.Materials can be primed with onecoat of protective paint, in additionto a second finish coating, in oneof 80 different latex colors, ormaterials can have a semi-transparentstain applied. WoodPriming Products uses 100 percentacrylic latex paints made byPPG Industries including OlympicMachineCoat ® Exterior Finish,Olympic Pitt-Lok Tannin/BlockResistant Exterior Latex WOODPRIMER ® and MachinePRO ®Exterior Latex Primer. “We havecustomers out-of-state that haveWOOD PRIMINGPRODUCTS, LLCoffers staining services for a fibercement producer. “This is aprocess, which has tried to bereproduced, by ourcompetitors aswell as our customers’competitorsand no onehas been able toduplicate ourp r o c e s s , ”Robertson said.“We use Duckbackproducts for ourstaining needs.Our customer is agrowing companywith fiber cementshakes and theirproduct is shippedall over the UnitedStates andCanada.”Robertson said,“At Wood PrimingProducts, we try to do everythingwe can under cover so nothing isslowed down due to weather conditions,from unloading and reloadingof trucks. It is all accomplishedinside so that the products arenever placed in a weathered environment.”Robertson said the companytakes pride in customer service.“It’s our number one priority,” hesaid. “If a customer needs somethingcompleted in a certain period,we will do everything reasonablypossible to make sure it iscompleted and returned in theperiod they choose.For more information on WoodPriming Products, please visit theirWeb site at•Craig Combs, PPG Machine Applied Coatings, Medford, Ore.; David Jeffers, PPG Machine Applied Coatings,Raleigh, N.C.; and Patrick Hanulak, PPG Machine Applied Coatings, Pittsburgh, Pa.Other key staff of PPG Machine Applied Coatings includes Liz Singell, Westerville, Ohio; Rindy Learn,Springdale, Pa.; and Beth Kirol, Pittsburgh, Pa.; (back row) Tim Hurly, Springdale, Pa.; and Patrick Hanulak,Pittsburgh, Pa.stated, “Each customer and their customers,allow us to create a unique relationshipwith custom color tools, cobrandingpoint of sale material and marketingthat deliver a customized firstimpression.” Many of PPG’s productsoffer ready mix colors or can be tintedfrom PPG’s exclusive Voice of Color®color system. PPG MAC is also workingon innovative ways to make color blendingavailable in a more cost effective waywhile increasing overall color flexibilityand quality and using the latest in painttechnology and equipment.Pittsburgh-based PPG is a global supplierof paints, coatings, chemicals, opticalproducts, specialty materials, glass andfiber glass. The company has more than150 manufacturing facilities and equityaffiliates and operates in more than 60countries.For more information about PPG andPPG Machine Applied Coatings, visitthem on the web at www.ppgmachineappliedcoatings.comor call 1-877-622-4277.•Please Visit Us AtBooth 619

October 2009 Advertorial Page 49ROSEBURG Provides Excellent Products, Service For NAWLA MembersRoseburg’s Engineered Wood Products (EWP) plant is one of North America’s largest facilities producing RFPIJoists with laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and solid-sawn flange, and RigidLam LVL. The plant covers nearly 70acres, with over 750,000 square feet of manufacturing space.D i l l a r d , O r e . —Roseburg ForestProducts Co., headquartered here, is aprivately owned manufacturer and marketerof a diverse line of wood productsthat includes engineered wood products,lumber, Softwood plywood, compositeand hardwood panels, decorativemelamine, and other value added panelproducts. With lands and facilities in theNorthwest and Southeast, the companymarkets products to customers throughoutNorth America.Roseburg owns approximately 750,000acres of sustainably managed timberlands,including FSC certified timberlandsin California. The ability to rely onits own forests as its primary source oflogs gives Roseburg the flexibility tomatch its resources to its product mix.Roseburg’s timberland ownership alsogives the firm stability in price and supplyof logs.Roseburg employs over 4,000 talentedand experienced workers located in morethan 80 communities throughout theUnited States.Roseburg’s manufacturing facilitiesinclude: a sawmill in Dillard, Ore., producing400 millionboard feet of studlumber annually;three plywoodplants in Dillard,Coquille and Riddle,Ore., that are ratedfor over a billionsquare feet (3/8-inch basis) annuallyof Softwood plywoodand 150 millionfeet of hardwoodplywood; sixparticleboard plantslocated in Dillard, Ore., Missoula, Mont.,Louisville and Taylorsville, Miss., Vienna,Ga., and Russellville, S.C., with a combinedcapacity of 1.3 billion board feet; anengineered wood products plant inRiddle, Ore., with the capacity to produce160 million linear feet of I-Joists and 7.5million cubic feet of laminated veneerlumber annually; four decorative thermal-ly-fused melamine facilities located inOxford, Miss., Missoula, Mont.,Orangeburg, S.C., and Dillard, Ore., witha combined capacity of over 500 millionboard feet annually; three pre-finishedpanel facilities located in Dillard, Ore.,Missoula, Mont., and Orangeburg, S.C.;and three panel cut-to-size facilities locatedin Oxford, Miss., Dillard, Ore., andOrangeburg, S.C.Roseburg Forest Products manufacturesSoftwood plywood (sanded, industrial,medium density overlaid and constructiongrade panels, siding); lumber(studs, small timbers); engineered woodproducts (LVL and solid sawn I joists, LVLlaminated veneer lumber); compositepanels (particleboard, medium densityfiberboard); hardwood panels (exoticsand standard species, pre-finished panels);pre-finished panels (light or lowbasis weight paper overlaid and vinyloverlaid panels, UV clear-coated andpainted); thermally fused melamine (15exclusive designs, national design collection,design-to-match program, regionaldesign collection); shelving and components(RediShelf and DuraShelf); andgreen build products (NAUF or no addedurea formaldehyde raw panels, SkyBlendFSC particleboard and MDF core, SkyPlyFSC veneer and FSC CFC veneer core,SkyPly FSC Basswood veneer core).NAUF (no added urea formaldehyde)products include: Duramine, thermallyfused melamine panels (SkyBlend FSCparticleboard core, SkyPly FSC CFCveneer core); hardwood panels (MDFcore, SkyPly FSC CFC veneer core, FSCveneer core, FSC Basswood veneercore, SkyBlend FSC particleboard core);UltraFinish vinyl, paper, UV clear-coatedor UV painted overlaid panels (SkyBlendFSC particleboard core, MDF core, FSCCFC veneer core, SkyPly FSC veneercore, FSC Basswood veneer core); sandedplywood panels (SkyPly FSCCertiSand); industrial panels (FSC ABMarine, FSC BoatPly, FSC CCP&TS,FSC CCX, RigidPly); medium densityoverlay panels (FSC Duragard GeneralPurpose, FSC PourMor concrete forming);construction grade panels (FSCsheathing, FSC RigidFloor Underlayment,FSC BBOES and FSC PourMorconcrete forming); siding panels (FSCDouglas Fir, DuraTemp); shelving(DuraShelf shelving with SkyBlend FSCparticleboard core); and engineeredwood products (RFPI joist, FSCRigidLam LVL, RigidRim rimboard).Roseburg provides NAWLA memberswith mixed product shipment availability;integrated manufacturing facilities; a singlesource producer; flexible sales andmarketing; dependable supply of qualityproducts; forest management practicescertified by third-party verification; efficient,low-cost production; quality productsthat meet or exceed industry standards;skilled & knowledgeable customerservice; broadest product mix from onesource; broadest mix of Green Buildwood products; and FSC certified andNAUF products.For more information, contact aRoseburg territory sales manager at 1-800-245-1115 or visit•Please Visit Us AtBooth Nos. 812 & 813DOUGLAS FIR up to20” x 20” x up to 40’CEDAR 16” x 16” up to 32’Richardson Timbers is a leader incustom millwork and manufacturingof customized timbers, withcapabilities of delivering productsthroughout the U.S.Serving the construction industryfor nearly 60 years, by taking thespirit of the old and combining itwith the leading technology oftoday, Richardson Timbers is ableto offer wholesale products withunparalled service and quality.RICHARDSON TIMBERStoll free (877) 318-5261 phone (214) 358-2314 fax (214) Since 1949Stocking Distributor of Tru-Dry ® Fir ProductsTexas • Oklahoma • Louisiana

Page 50Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueSkana Forest Products Ltd. has been selling into the NorthAmerican market for the last twenty years.Skana Forest Products Ltd. specializes in wholesalesoftwood lumber, plywood, fencing and the manufacturingof specialty Western Red Cedar.aleingOur knowledgeable team is committed to providinginnovative and high quality forest products toCanadian, US and overseas markets.Congratulations NAWLA on another successfulTraders Market!SKANAFOREST PRODUCTS LTDBRITISH COLUMBIA CANADA1303-20800 Westminster HwyRichmond, BC V6V 2W3Web www.skana.comB.C. 1.604.273.5441 Florida 1.954.202.1001 Quebec 1.450.281.1971

October 2009 Advertorial Page 51WOLF RIVER LUMBER Continues Growth to Meet Customers’Needs Worldwide with FSC-Certified and Value Added ProductsNew London, Wis.—Wolf River Lumber,strategically located here, is three hours northof Chicago, Ill., which geographically allowseasy transportation access to North Americanand worldwide markets. The CentralWolf River Lumber’s 55-acre manufacturing facility located in New London, Wis.Wisconsin location is convenient to otherhardwood-related businesses owned by theOrt family, including 85,000 acres of pristineNorthern hardwood timberland, three sawmillsproducing 35 million board feet and an industryleading hardwood flooring mill and dimensioncompany. Logs and lumber from thisNorthern Wisconsin region are best known fortheir bright color and uniform tight grain.Wolf River Lumber is family owned and managed,and has strong roots in the forest productsindustry going back over 130 years. Inresponse to customers’ needs, Wolf RiverLumber has expanded its product offeringswith value added and FSC-certified products.It has also installed American Wood Dryersteaming facilities to steam walnut, cherry andbeech, and has expanded their internationaland domestic sales teams.Value Added ProductsWolf River Lumber has recently expanded itsmanufacturing capabilities to include additionalvalue added services that compliment theircurrent sorting programs by grade, color, widthand length. These value added products andservices include finished cabinet and drawerfronts, full line of standard mouldings, rippedto-widthmoulder blanks, machined stiles andrails, face frames, drawer sides, architecturalmouldings, glued table tops, edge-glued panels,edge profiling, abrasive planing, sanding,tongue and groove ceiling and wall paneling,boring, and CNC fully machined parts. In thenew era of manufacturing, more companiesare looking to develop a comprehensivesourcing strategy with a few suppliers, whichcan consistently fulfill cost, quality and deliveryrequirements. Wolf RiverLumber, one of the mosttechnologically advancedlumber facilities in the world,is ideally positioned to providethese services to theglobal marketplace. Ourgoal at Wolf River Lumber isto provide innovative forestproducts solutions that helpimprove our customers’financial and marketing positionsby streamlining theirorganizations, reducing theircosts and enhancing thequality of their operations,thus spurring rapid growth and stronger profits.An Ultimizer saw, the world’s fastest automaticoptimizing chop saw, was installed in2009 to produce cut-to-length cabinet anddimension parts in-house and inline with ourtwo optimizing rip saws. Orders areprocessed and packaged to our customers’exact specifications, shipped on time, and at acompetitive price to provide the best value.FSC and SFI Certified Woodand Wood ProductsIn 2008 Wolf River Lumber achieved ForestStewardship Council (FSC) certification andreceived Chain of Custody Certificate numberSGS-COC-005371. FSC Mixed Credits andFSC Controlled Wood certified lumber isshipped to customers weekly. Current inventoryincludes over 2.7 million board feet ofFSC Mixed Credits in 15 North Americanspecies. SFI Certification was completed atthe same time through SGS. Certified lumberis possible for Wolf River Lumber due to thelongtime commitment of its owners to selectivelymanage and log their renewable forests.Wolf River Lumber will continue to conductbusiness in a manner that conservesresources, constantly reduces our environmentalimpact and seeks to sustain our forestresources.New Site For The 21st CenturyIn 2000, Wolf River Lumber designed and10 million board feet of premium quality North Americanhardwood lumber is available for immediate shipment fromWolf River Lumber’s 375,000 square feet humidity controlledproduction facility.built one of the most modern lumber dryingfacilities in the world. The 55-acre site consistsof 40 SII dry kilns capable of drying approximately5 million board feet per month, a 1,100-foot planer/dry lumber grading line capable of100 sorts after grading, and a 60-bay binsorter used for grading 100,000 board feet ofgreen lumber per shift. In 2004, in response tocustomer requests for ripped lumber andsteamed lumber, Wolf River Lumber installedtwo riplines, Mereen-Johnson 441s along withCameron Automation Opti-Rip Systems, andin 2007, two American Wood Dryer steamchambers.Immediate ShipmentsTo help customers reduce warehousingcosts, reduce overall inventory and have quickaccess to our 10 million board feet inventory,Wolf River Lumber specializes in just-in-timeand off-the-shelf shipments. The premiumquality, kiln-dried inventory is ready in WolfRiver Lumber’s 375,000-square-foot, humidity-controlledproduction facility. Inventoryincludes a variety of 20 species, multiple thicknesses,National Hardwood Lumber Assoc.(NHLA), export and customer specific grades.Wolf River Lumber specializes in same-day ornext-day shipment of orders – currently 30-50% of weekly orders are shipped same dayor next day after the order is received. Exportcontainers are loaded onsite for Wolf RiverLumber customers, and we work closely withother North American exporters to end paintand logo lumber bundles according to theirexact specifications. Some 150 team membersprovide service that is second to none.Many value added hardwood products, someshown here, are now produced by Wolf RiverLumber for customers around the world.Worldwide Customer BaseWolf River Lumber has been exporting containersof premium logs and lumber fromWisconsin for over 20 years. Five export specialists,with a combined 60-plus years ofexperience and long-term customer relationships,visit worldwide customers annually andare currently working with customers in over40 countries.Wolf River Lumber has become one of theleading hardwood lumber manufacturers inNorth America, and in a challenging marketenvironment, is continuing to grow with customersby responding to and meeting theirspecific needs.Wolf River’s current and future success isguided by the firm’s vision statement. It statesWolf River is a “Customer-focused companyproviding innovative forest products solutionsby a knowledgeable, family-oriented team,with service second to none.” Successfulgrowth has been achieved one customer andone order at a time. FSC-Certified lumber andvalue added products are now available fromour family-owned, well-managed timberlands,sawmills, and production facilities located inWisconsin and Michigan and from select millsthroughout North America.We look forward to meeting you at the 2009NAWLA Traders Market – please call our mainoffice (920)982-2542 to schedule a meetingduring the show. More information can also beobtained by sending an email to•

Page 52 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueInsurance: Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth?What should you look for when purchasingbusiness insurance? For manycompanies, policy renewal time is anopportunity to shop around for the lowestprice, select that insurer and forget aboutthe whole deal until next year. But haveyou really received the best value?Think about your customers. Theywouldn’t be happy with a warped, knotty2x4, just because it was less expensivethan a higher-grade piece of wood.Purchasing insurance should be viewedthe same way; the initial policy price tagwill suddenly seem very unimportant ifyou buy a product that cannot deliver aquality job when the need arises.How do you know whether you arereceiving a quality product from yourinsurance company?“Comprehensive coverage is a must,but the measure of your insurance dollar’sbuying power also lies in the typeand quality of services that your insurancecarrier provides,” explains MikeNorth, President and Chief OperatingLUA’s International headquarters in Boca Raton, Fla.Officer of Lumbermen’s UnderwritingAlliance (LUA). “Value-added servicesthat can save you money down the road,such as appraisals, audits, loss preventionand claims handling, make economicsense in the long run when decidinghow much you are getting for your insurancedollar.”Since 1905, LUA has helped many fellowmembers of the North AmericanWholesale Lumber Association selectnot only the right insurance for theirneeds, but also ensured that theyreceived their dollar’s worth when itcame to customized quality coverageand services.The following guide was developed byLUA to help prospects and customersevaluate the value-added benefits theyshould consider when protecting theirbusiness from the unknown.Overall Quality Approach■ Does the insurance company sellcoverages and services based onwhat you need or on what they haveavailable?■ Do they view you as a partner andwork with you to develop aquality program toaddress your specificneeds?■ What experiencedo they have inyour specificindustry or typeof operation?Quality LossPreventionPrograms■ Does theinsurance companyhave qualityfield staffavailable for losspreventionassistance?■ Can the insurancecompany provide technologicallyadvanced loss preventionservices, such as infraredheat detection, fire protection testingand water supply testing andanalysis?■ Does the insurance company provideeducational resources to augmentyour efforts?■ Does the insurance company haveits own auditing services availablefor property values? If not, are youcomfortable that they will determinethe proper amount of premium atrenewal time?Quality Claims Services■ Will your property claims be personallyhandled by the insurancecompany?■ Does your insurance companyhave on-staff trained adjusters whoknow your type of operation andunderstand your specific needs in aserious loss situation or will yourclaims be handled by someone unfamiliarwith your industry?Quality Appraisals and Audits■ Can the insurance companyprovide detailed qualityappraisals on your buildings,machinery andequipment? If not,how does yourinsurance companydeterminevalues in theevent of a seriousloss?LUA is a commercialpropertyand casualtyinsurance carrierwith 104 years ofexperience servicingthe UnitedStates and Canada.LUA meets today’schallenges in theSoftwood market and otherpreferred risks with the longtermvalues of timeliness, honesty,reliability and stability. Our careful attentionto appraisal, loss prevention andthorough underwriting practices continuesto minimize customers’ losses andmaximize the value of our customers’insurance dollars. LUA delivers excellentservice through our claims managementproviding individualized service throughthe use of highly trained on-staffadjusters.To learn more about LUA’s quality productsand services, stop by our booth atthe NAWLA convention or visit us on theweb at•Please Visit Us AtBooth No. 820

October 2009 Advertorial Page 53MID VALLEY: Over 100 Years Experience Brings Quality and ServiceAl Fortune, president and owner of Mid Valley Lumber Specialties andlumber salesman Omar Derkach preparing a load of Western Red Cedarfor shipment.A l d e r g r o v e , B . C . – Mid ValleyLumber Specialties Ltd., founded in1994, possesses well over 100 years ofcombined sales experience. President AlFortune believes this experience isinvaluable. “These trusted veterans inthe industry have learned the value of acustomer and how important it is to keepthem coming back. It’s simple; treat ourcustomers as you would like to be treatedand supply them the right products,that shouldn’t be too much to ask,”Fortune said.The experienced sales team is made upof Ken Swartz, Omar Derkach, JeffRobinson, and Al Fortune, president, MidValley Lumber. The sales team has awide degree of experience selling andmanufacturing Western Red Cedar,Douglas Fir, Hemlock and SPF.According to Fortune, at Mid ValleyLumber your word is your bond and acommitment to quality and customer satisfaction.“We are not looking for a onetime sale; we are looking to build longterm program business, where the customeris happy to continue to deal withus. Building long term partnerships withour customers are the keys to our success.A happy customer is a repeat customerand we want repeat customers,”Mid Valley Lumber Specialties 4x4, Clear Western Red Cedar.Fortune said. “One way to ensure repeatcustomers is to produce quality consistentproducts time after time. You alsoneed to have the flexibility to change withthe market conditions and adapt to thecustomers requirements.”Special grade sorts, specific packaging,specified lengths is just part of a normalday at Mid Valley Lumber. The companyalso offers highly mixed and specifiedloads, to accommodate these economictimes when customers are trying to keepinventories very lean and diverse. If MidValley does not currently manufacturethe Western Red Cedar item a customerrequests, they will find a way to eitherproduce or procure it. From thisapproach they have added Douglas FirAppearance Grade Timbers andHemlock/Fir industrial and specialtyitems to their current product offerings.Douglas Fir Timbers are available inspecial grade sorts and almost any sizeor length up to 40 feet. The product canalso be offered with anti-stain treatment.Industrial or cut stock items in eitherHemlock or Douglas Fir can be supplied.Mid Valley offers a full line of WesternRed Cedar products for almost any application.Balusters, Appearance GradePosts or Timbers, Decking, FenceBoards, Fence Rails, Fence Posts, orIndustrial Components for a multitude ofprojects. “As Cedar is not like manyother species, it has the natural resistanceto decay and rot, which makes it anexcellent environmental choice for severalproducts,” Fortune said.Mid Valley consistently draws its rawmaterial from the same sources, primarilycoastal British Columbia fiber withsome Western Red Cedar drawn fromthe interior of the province. “The fibercomes from both areas of the provinceas specific fiber is better suited for certainproduct lines,” Fortune explained.From the moment Mid Valley starts producingits products, they are monitoredthroughout the manufacturing processes.“We have a very hands-on approachto what we’re producing and what we dofor customers,” Fortune said. Detailsincluded in the hands-on philosophyinclude utilizing special paper-wrap onbundles, and protecting high-end materialwith bottom protection from dirt anddiscoloration.The company also uses only plasticbanding to prevent metal oxidationmarks. The end result is more usablematerial for customers. The remanufacturers,wholesalers and wholesale distributorsthat are Mid Valley’s end customersexpect and receive quality inWestern Red Cedar paper wrapped and ready for shipment.every Western Red Cedar product,Fortune said.Although Mid Valley sells its productsacross North America and has evenentered European and Asian markets,the company’s goal is to expand MidValley’s wholesale distribution throughoutthe United States and Canada.Mid Valley is an active member in anumber of lumber industry associationsincluding the North American WholesaleLumber Assoc., British Columbia Wood,British Columbia Wholesale LumberAssoc. and the Independent LumberRemanufacturers Assoc.If you’re looking to do business with acompany that is easy to deal with and iscommitted to consistently producingquality products give them a call.For more information about Mid ValleyLumber Specialties Ltd., visit the company’swebsite at,write them at or3084 275 Street, Aldergrove, B.C.Canada, V4W 3L4, call 604 856 6072 orfax to 604 856 6043.•Please Visit Us AtBooth No. 802

Page 54 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueNEWMAN LUMBER, Meeting Customers’ Needs In A Moments NoticeCarole Young is treasurer and takes care of office administration and bookkeeping, and Diane Castello isreceptionist and assists with bookkeeping at Newman Lumber Co. in Wells River, Vt.W e l l s R i v e r , V t . —Walter Young,president of Newman Lumber Co.,knows a little bit about the lumber business.Over the past 60 years he hasbeen involved in the forest productsindustry.In 2005, the Youngs changed the nameof Transit Milling Co. Inc. to NewmanLumber Co.“This company has a lot of history andexperience, so customers can put theirtrust in the fact that we know what we aredoing,” Young said. “We also take pridein knowing that we can do just about anypattern or product our customers want. Ithink we have some of the best employeesto maintain our machinery.”Currently, approximately 98 percent ofthe production is their own product, andthe remainder is custom milling. Thecompany is looking to manufacture closeto 15 million board feet annually.The Youngs also came in andrevamped the facility, which includedtotally black topping and concreting theshed floors, adding a new shavingsroom, buying six new forklifts and completelyrebuilding the Yates AmericanA20 planer, changing from eight to 12knife heads. Also, the firm put in electronicequipment to speed up side headsand profilers from 3500 RPM’s to 6000RPM’s. Other equipment includes aMattison straight-line ripsaw and a newMcDonough 54-inch resaw.In addition, Newman Lumber built four50 x 300 dry storage facilities with 15bays each, which provide the companywith approximately 20 million board feetof storage, including an existing facility.Additionally, a 50 x 500 dry storage facilitywas recently built on the property.Newman Lumber is a member of andproduces all the Northeast LumberManufacturers Assoc. (NELMA) patterns,Western Wood Products Assoc. (WWPA)patterns, as well as custommade patterns for customerswho provide specifications. Thecompany has the capability, thefacility and the equipment togrind and make the knives forspecific customer requests. Inaddition, the firm is also a memberof the North AmericanWholesale Lumber Assoc.(NAWLA).Recently, Newman Lumberbegan offering Baltic RegionPine and Spruce. Productsoffered in the species include: E,CB & WP4 and log cabin siding,Euro Spruce 2x6 and 2x8 WP416-foot; Euro Spruce 1/2-inch x6-inch x 16-foot bevel siding andfinger-jointed Baltic Pine, amongothers.With just 10 employees, all ofthem play an important role. Keyemployees include WalterYoung, president and sales;Carole Young, treasurer andoffice administration; and DianneCastello, receptionist and assistswith bookkeeping.Leon LaVaude recently joinedthe company as vicepresident/general manager. He left avery successful Chevrolet dealership,also owned by the Youngs and LaVaude.He is learning how to grade and remanufacturelumber before assisting in sales.The firm ships its products all overNorth America. Normal turn around timefor an order is a couple of days, providedthe company has the inventory in-house.If it is a custom order, it will generally beshipped within a week, according toYoung. In order to ensure that the productarrives to the customer in a clean anduniformed method, Newman Lumberpaper wraps and canvasses everythingprior to shipping. Customers includewholesalers and wholesale distributors.“I think we have one of the most stateof-the-artfacilities for planing on the EastWalter Young, president of the company, leads a team of employees,which has over 200 years experience in the forest productsindustry and produces Pine and Spruce patterns.Coast,” Young said. “When it comes togrinding our knives to making the patterns,we can control every facet of theentire operation. I think everyone whobuys from us will enjoy our service andwill want to come back, from the truckerto the wholesaler to the retail yards whoreceive our products from the wholesaletrade. In the event a problem shouldoccur, we believe in resolving the problemin an efficient and timely manner andmaking a wrong a right.”Newman Lumber encourages itscustomers to come and visit the millto see the process from beginningto end, or go to their website•CHARACTER BUILDINGBuilding with Eastern White Pine is character building. It is a reflection of who youare, how you choose to live and your commitment to authenticity. To learn more about building witheastern white pine visit Will your next project have character?

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