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Mandatory Control ofNoise on board shipsO KitamuraMitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.The 4 th ASEF in Kyoto, 17-18 November 20101

The facts× 27 EU member States and ECproposed mandatory control of noiseon board ships (MSC 83, Oct. 2007).× Co-sponsors submitted draftamendments to SOLAS regulation II-1/36 and a revision of IMO resolutionA.468(XII) (DE 53, Feb. 2010).■ A.468(XII) adopted in 1981 stipulatesrecommended noise limits.The 4 th ASEF in Kyoto, 17-18 November 20102

Key points of proposals× Control of noise levels, not only inmachinery spaces but also in otherspaces of ships of 1600 GT (15 m) ormore ?, should be made mandatory.× Compared with recommendation inA.468(XII), noise limits should bedecreased by 5dB(A) in general.× Estimation of noise levels is likely tobe made mandatory for new ships.The 4 th ASEF in Kyoto, 17-18 November 20103

Proposed noise limit* Quoted from DE 54/14/3 (CESA)The 4 th ASEF in Kyoto, 17-18 November 20104

Proposed noise limitThe 4 th ASEF in Kyoto, 17-18 November 20105

Technical problems involved× Noise limits in various spaces/roomsshould be specified uniformlyregardless of new ships, type or size,and further, without consideration ofwhether the space/rooms are beingcontinuously manned or not.The 4 th ASEF in Kyoto, 17-18 November 20106

Noise level and ship sizeLoose correlation can be observed.Steep correlation can be observed.* Quoted from DE 54/14/1/Corr.1 (Japan)The 4 th ASEF in Kyoto, 17-18 November 20108

Positions of others concerned× The adverse effects of excessivenoise on seafarers are recognizedand initiative taken by co-sponsorsis supported by all concerned.× Technical feasibility andjustification of proposed limits,however, must be carefully studied(Marshall Islands et al., Japan,China and CESA).The 4 th ASEF in Kyoto, 17-18 November 201011

Decision of DE 54 (Oct. 2010)× No retroaction should be taken toexisting ships.× Type and size dependent variation ofnoise limitation should be considered.× Active noise-cancelling headsetsshould be provided for crews inmachinery spaces.× Exemption from certain requirementsmight be granted in special cases.The 4 th ASEF in Kyoto, 17-18 November 201012

Decision of DE 54 (Oct. 2010)× A CG was established to submit areport to DE 55 by 14 Jan. 2011.■ Finalization of draft amendments toA.468(XII)---Code on Noise Levels■ Preparation of suggestions how revisedA.468(XII) could be made mandatory× Adverse impacts of noise from shipson marine life should be considered.The 4 th ASEF in Kyoto, 17-18 November 201013

Way forward× Shipbuilders should review actualnoise levels in various spaces/roomsof all ship types and sizes.× Shipbuilders should also review thereliability levels of noise estimation.× Based on the above, shipbuildersshould contribute information towardthe development of amendments toSOLAS and a revision of A.468(XII).The 4 th ASEF in Kyoto, 17-18 November 201014

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