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04Concerning smfVisitors to SMFVisitors from Federation of Malaysian ManufacturersDialogue with Mr. Winston Toh, Deputy Chief Executive and Mr. Foo PiaoZhou, Deputy Director, Manufacturing and Construction Division, SingaporeWorkforce Development AgencyRepresentatives of Singapore Manufacturing Federation with Mr. Teo EngCheong, Chief Executive Officer, and his team from IE SingaporeVisitors from Philippines Delegates from Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE),Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board & SME Community over a dialoguesession with the team from Singapore Innovation and Productivity Institute (SiPi)Chinese Excellent Management Association from Taiwan,and award winners for having Excellent management, visitedSingapore on a business trip

06Concerning smfAddressing Business and Manpower ChallengesCEO Dialogue with MOM & MTI MinistersOn 3rd May 2013, the Singapore Manufacturing Federation(SMF) organised a closed door CEO Dialogue with Mr. TanChuan-Jin, Acting Minister for Manpower and Mr. Teo SerLuck, Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry, tohighlight and discuss the current concerns and challengesfaced by businesses in Singapore. More than 135 participantscomprising CEOs, senior management and representativesof trade associations attended the dialogue session.Over the dialogue session, several questions were fieldedon rising business costs, the tight manpower situationin manufacturing industries and the impact of variousgovernment schemes on SMEs. Participants had a candiddiscussion with both ministers and shared views on thedirection and pace of transformation that the Singaporeeconomy should take. The ministers explained that thesepolicies were implemented as Singapore is going througha period of transformation and transition under thecurrent phase of economic restructuring. They assured theparticipants that there were at least 20 government schemesin place, and encouraged them to visit the SME Centre@SMF to find out which schemes would cater to their needs.There were also concerns among the audience regardingpoaching and job hopping. Mr. Tan Chuan-Jin shared thatto retain employees, companies should focus on buildingan engaged workforce. This includes improving the qualityof leadership, creating a culture and environment which isconducive for retaining happier and more productive workers.“SMEs face a difficult time coping with rising business costand a tightening labour market. Economic restructuringand raising productivity is the sustainable way to overcomethese challenges and strengthen our business sector. Thegovernment will help companies through this transitionperiod with a wide range of schemes and programmes.We are also working closely with the trade associationsand chambers to raise awareness of our schemes. Ourfocus remains on building a vibrant economy that createsopportunities for our people and businesses,” said Mr. TeoSer Luck.(From L-R) Mr. Tan Chuan-Jin, Acting Minister for Manpower, Mr. GeorgeHuang, SMF President and Mr. Teo Ser Luck, Minister of State, Ministry ofTrade and Industry at the panel discussionMr. Teo Ser Luck, Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry (3rd fromleft), Mr. Tan Chuan-Jin, Acting Minister for Manpower (4th from left) with(From L-R) SMF Council Members Mr. Douglas Foo, Mr. Ryan Chioh,Mr. George Huang, Dr. Moh Chong Tau and Mr. Simon LiParticipants were very satisfied with the CEO dialogueand were appreciative of the ministers taking the time toparticipate and share at the dialogue. Ms. Claire Ariela Shen,Director of Cooking Art Industries Pte Ltd, commented that“it makes a big difference getting CEOs together and havingthe opportunity to speak to ministers.”“Through interacting with the ministers, we had theopportunity to find out what the government is doingand how they are balancing the economy, businesses andcitizen matters. I have a better understanding now on theirperspective,” said Mr. Goh Eng Kwee, Business DevelopmentManager of Closed-Loop Technology Pte Ltd.“We had a good meaningful discussion on the challengesand issues facing the manufacturing industry here inSingapore today. Many of the SMF members voiced theirconcerns on the impactof the foreign manpowerchanges and the pace ofeconomic restructuring.As I assured them, theGovernment remainscommitted to helpingbusinesses throughthis transition, andthey are certainly notalone here. Together,we can help businessesstay competitive, whileemployers together withthe Government developour workforce in themanufacturing sector.I am confident we willbe able to continue tonurture a Singapore Coreand grow the industryin the years ahead,”concluded Mr. TanChuan-Jin.Mr. George Huang, President of SMF,presenting a token of appreciation to Mr. TanChuan-Jin, Acting Minister for ManpowerMr. George Huang, President of SMF,presenting a token of appreciation toMr. Teo Ser Luck, Minister of State,Ministry of Trade and Industry

concerning smf13Time to Innovateyour Business ModelsThe tightening of foreign labour policies has forcedindustries to wean off their reliance on foreign workforce.With globalisation, SMEs also recognise the declining needfor intermediaries such as agents and distributors. Hence,many SMEs are pressed to change their business modelsand expand their business offerings to survive. Moreimportantly, these SMEs need to creatively rethink theirprocesses to create new competitive edge and to ensureproductive use of manpower resources.How do SMEs transform themselves productively, thrivingon innovation that guarantees returns on investments?While Product Innovation and Process Innovation arebite-sizeable goals to reach, entrepreneurs could exploreBusiness Model Innovation.What is Business Model Innovation?Business model refers to the design of a business to deliver value.As such, business model innovation refers to how companiescould implement innovative ways to create, capture and delivervalue. Business model innovations have helped redistributevalue to and re-shape industries to achieve a state of inclusivegrowth.One method is to infuse the product manufacturing andservices with new value proposition to capture new markets.Examples of companies innovating their business model tosell product-service system include Apple with the iPod,Amazon with the Kindle, Nestle with the Dolce Gusto, andDell with its build-to-order business model.Themed ‘Business Model Innovation’, the SingaporeInnovation and Productivity Conference 2013 will inviteexperts and distinguished speakers to share insightswith SMF members. SMF and Singapore Innovation andProductivity Institute (SiPi) will also organise master classesand focus group discussions on Business Model Innovation.To join us for these events, please write to your interest.Case in Point: Sakae SushiBack in the mid 1990s, when sushiwas considered a novelty, Sakae Sushiemerged into the restaurant scene.Her first outlets set up in 1997 waslocated in the heart of the financialdistrict. However, the company metwith the SARS outbreak shortly and waschallenged to rethink its business model.Mr. Douglas Foo, Chief Executive Officerand founder of Sakae Sushi, realised astrong need to better serve customersthrough quality and speedy service. Inspired bythe Toyota Production System, he introduced theconveyor belt system, i.e. a rotating stream of freshly made sushi, extending the buffet and self-service concept tovalue-conscious customers. Sakae Sushi also introduced the central kitchen concept to support the operations ofnew outlets. Preparation of rice and other raw materials were automated in the central kitchen, which allowed forcost savings during procurement of ingredients, imposing higher quality controls.With the innovative use of technology in food preparation and food service and at the same time imposing higherquality controls. Sakae Sushi was able to overcome her business challenges and forge forward to become thehighly successful company and brand we see today.

14CommunicateConcerning smf*Raising Standards Across IndustriesAdministering Standards Development with SMF-SDOSMF is widely recognized as a leader in manufacturing anda strong advocate of the implementation of standards invarious industries. SMF-SDO is one of the two StandardsDevelopment Organisations appointed by SPRING for aperiod of three years from 1st April 2011. SMF-SDO is taskedwith the administration of standards development workacross three committees: General Engineering & SafetyStandards, Food Standards and Biomedical Standards.With their respective technical committees and workinggroups, SMF-SDO successfully launched a suite ofstandards across various industries, bringing about agreat enhancement in the economic competitiveness ofthe sector. The General Engineering & Safety Standards(From L-R) Mr. Caleb Ng, Auditor, PSB Singapore Pte. Ltd, Mr. Lam JoonKhoi, Secretary-General, SMF, Ms. Jacqueline Monteiro, Chairman of BMSC,Mr. Jason Low, Senior Manager, Standards, SPRING Singapore, ProfessorJames Goh, Professor and Head of Department of Bioengineering, NUS andDr. Eddie Ang, Deputy Chairman, NMTC 21223 standards over the last year, and is looking forward tolaunching 5 new standards.Questions covered during the Panel Discussion include clarifications on themajor changes made to the Technical Specification, as well as applicationsof the SSCommittee (GESSC) in particular, has developed a totalof 35 out of 53 Singapore Standards, making up the bulkof the 56 Approved Codes of Practice (ACOP) gazetted inthe Workplace Safety and Health Notification of 2012. TheBiomedical Standards Committee (BMSC) organized anindustry briefing session on Singapore Standards (SS582)Thermal Images for Human Temperature Screening on 22March 2013. The TR 15 (the reference point for the SS) isthe first technical specification for thermal imagers in theworld. Some of the major updates include the specificationof detector pixels, the types of temperature screening andthe addition of specific requirements for thermal imagers.The Food Standards Committee (FSC) reviewed a total ofIn the month of March, SMF-SDO organized appreciationevents for the respective three committees, thankingtheir volunteers and various partners for their time andcommitment. The number of volunteers involved in itsactivities has accumulated to 690 to date. For 2013, SMF-SDO plans to review 47 standards. In addition, 7 standardslaunches will be organised this year. To further boostawareness and opportunities of Singapore standards, SMF-SDO promotes active industry engagement and outreachthrough the organization of standards launches, exchanges,and awareness seminars.(From L-R) Mr. Chan Yew Kwong, Chairman of GESSC, Mr. Lim Meng Wee,Managing Director of SP Consulting (International) Pte. Ltd, Mr. Cheong TakLeong, Deputy Director, Standards Division of SPRING Singapore andMr. Seet Choh San, Deputy Chairman of GESSC

concerning Communicate smf15Promoting Innovative Safety Practices In WorkplacesWorkplace Safety and Health (Manufacturing) Awards Presentation Ceremony 2013On 17 May 2013, the Workplace Safety and Health Council(WSHC), in collaboration with the Ministry of Manpower(MOM) and Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF),presented two annual Workplace Safety and Health Awards.SMF would like to thank the event sponsors, HoneywellSafety Products and Lloyd’s Register Asia for their support.The Workplace Safety and Health Awards for Supervisorsacknowledged and recognised valuable contributions bysupervisors who cultivated safe and healthy workplaces bytaking care of workers under their charge and improvingthe safety and health performance in their workplaces. TheWorkplace Safety and Health Innovation Awards recognisedthe companies and teams with innovative practices orsolutions which improved safety and health in the workplace.The Gold awardees’ projects include an Edge protector thatprevent cut injuries from handling glass panels, a light weightscrapper that removes floss and a process that eradicates theneed for the wire cutting process.“HSSE Function Committee will continue its efforts toengage the manufacturing sector through the SMF IndustryGroups by leveraging on our strong strategic alliancesand partnerships with relevant authorities, agencies,institutions and companies to organise more dialoguesessions with relevant government agencies and providefeedback on HSSE legislations, policies and industrystandards with the aim of promoting a safer manufacturingwork environment,” concluded Mr. Birch Sio, Chairman ofHSSE Function Committee.Mr. George Huang, SMF President (1st from left) and Mr. Birch Sio,Chairman of HSSE Function Committee (1st from right), with winners of theGold award for the Workplace Safety and Health Innovation AwardsGold Award Winners• ESH Elite Team from AFPD Pte Ltd• B.A.S.I.C from the Polyolefin Company (Singapore)Pte Ltd• Wafer SAW from REC Wafer Pte LtdSingapore and China Deepen Ties in Petrochemical Sectorplatform for the exchange of views between petrochemicalindustries in China, Singapore and Southeast Asia,” sharedMr Brendan Wauters, Chairman of SMF Energy & ChemicalsIndustry Group, President and CEO of Senoko Energy Pte Ltd.CPIC 2013 attracted big petrochemical players from 8countries, including Eastman Chemical Ltd, The ChemicalDaily, Sembcorp Industries Ltd, The Catalyst Group andNippon Concept Singapore Pte Ltd.Panel of VIPs (from L-R):Mr. Lam Joon Khoi, Secretary-General, SMF; Mr. Terence Koh, ExecutiveDirector of Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC); Ms. Grace Zeng, DeputyManaging Director of CNCIC; Mr. Jiang Xinmin, Deputy Director of Centre forEnergy Economics & Development Strategy Energy Research Institute, NDRCof China; Mr. Chau Tak Vui, Managing Director of McKinn International Pte LtdIn a joint collaboration with China National ChemicalInformation Centre, SMF Energy & Chemicals IndustryGroup brought together more than 100 thought leadersand decision makers at the China Petrochemical IndustryConference 2013 (CPIC 2013). This was held at SwissotelMerchant Court Singapore on 18th April 2013. Singaporeand China aim to increase collaborations through rampingup efforts on trade and business partnerships, therebyemerging even stronger in the petrochemical industry.“The objective is to share development prospects for andcooperation opportunities with the petrochemical industryin China. I hope that the conference will be a high-endFollowing a Q&A session, the next part of the session beganwith a presentation of the Petrochemical trades betweenChina and Major ASEAN Countries. Participants wereintroduced to a comprehensive export and import analysis,regulation and policy analysis. This was followed by adiscussion on the impact of external environmental andeconomic conditions on the trades, inciting the interests ofthe participants on future trading opportunities.“CPIC offers a good opportunity for business networkingwith industrial players. Our company is one of the mostactive Singapore chemical distributors in China, and asChina is the largest chemical producing and consumingcountry in the world, it is essential to keep abreast of thelatest developments in the petrochemical industry in China.CPIC provides the right avenue to meet this objective,”shared Mr. Chau Tak Vui, Managing Director of McKinnInternational Pte Ltd, a fellow supporter of the CPIC eventfor two consecutive years.

16CommunicateFeatureEnhancing Opportunitiesin the Global ArenaInterview with Mr. Simon Li, Vice President of SMF andChairman of Global Business Groups Function CommitteeAt Singapore Manufacturing Federation, the Global Business Groups (GBG)help members of the Federation promote and expand their business in Singapore and globally.Vice President of SMF and Chairman of Global Business Groups Function Committee,Mr Simon Li, shares his plans and visions for GBG with Connect.Feoso (Singapore) joined the then SMA in 1980. After 26 years of membership, Feoso Oil tookover the membership due to restructuring in 2006, with Simon being the CEO of Feoso Oil(Singapore) Pte Ltd. Together with Total Oil and Singapore Petroleum Company, the Oil & GasIndustry Group was formed. As a regional oil group, Feoso also partners with ExxonMobil,Shell, PetroChina, Sinopec and Cosco in joint-ventures in China. The group now has 12companies operating locally.“My involvement in various positions in the federation over the past 7 years has given menumerous opportunities to network with many like-minded senior executives. Born inHong Kong, these opportunities have helped assimilate me into the business culture ofSingapore. Since taking on the role as the Chairman of the Global Business Groups in 2011,I have broadened my horizons enormously through interacting with various diplomats,government officials and business leaders at home and abroad. Within this year, we have metambassadors and high commissioners from the ASEAN, Latin America and middle East,”shared Simon.GBG assists members in enhancing international competitiveness and branding byorganizing country conferences, regional seminars, networking sessions, workshops andindustry-specific educational and outreach programmes. With funding from IE Singaporeunder the iMAP scheme, every year GBG organises Singapore pavilions in around 40 tradefairs globally, along with about a dozen business missions targeting mainly emerging markets.Business missions enable delegates to assess market potential through interacting withgovernment officials and business counterparts, while trade fairs provide the platform formaking contact with potential customers or distributors. Occasionally, buying missions areorganised to visit trade fairs overseas. In addition, GBG helps members leverage and utilliseFree Trade Agreements (FTAs) by advising companies on how to tap on FTAs for their benefit.Mr. Simon Li, Vice President of SMF and Chairman of Global Business Groups Function CommitteeSMF has given me privileged opportunities to gainknowledge and friendships. Therefore, I always remindmyself that when I learn, I also teach. What I get is what Igive in return, and when I get, give. Sometimes a smallthing we do can mean a lot in another person’s life,concluded Simon

18Global ConnectionSIdentifying Business Opportunities, Establishing CollaborationsBusiness Mission to Iskandar, MalaysiaTo enhance the competitiveness of companies throughexploring new markets and business opportunities, theSingapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) organiseda business visit to Iskandar Malaysia for more than 200participants from more than 80 organisations on 4thApril 2013.Dr. Ahmad Magad, Vice President of SMFpresenting a token of appreciation to HisExcellency, Dato’ Mohamed Hussin bin Nayan,Malaysian High Commissioner to SingaporeThe visit came at a timewhen there was growinginterest amongst localSmall and MediumEnterprises (SMEs) torelocate or expand theirbusiness to IskandarMalaysia. Located amere hour away fromSingapore, IskandarMalaysia is slowlygaining reputationof being an attractivedestination for many Singapore SMEs due to its rapidprogress into a world class industrial and commercial hub.The itinerary included briefings given by the IskandarRegional Development Authority (IRDA) and the MalaysianInvestment Development Authority (MIDA). The occasionserved as a viable platform for participants to clarify theirdoubts and view some of the key industrial sites.“This business visit to Iskandar Malaysia is part of SingaporeManufacturing Federation’s (SMF) efforts to supportbusinesses moving northwards. As the representative voiceof the local manufacturing community, we understand thatmany businesses are still cautiously exploring the region,and require assistance to do business in Iskandar Malaysia.SMF is pleased to be able to join hands with these local SMEs,to facilitate their move across the border,” said Dr. AhmadMagad, mission leader and Group Managing Director of II-VI IR Asia.Briefings conducted by various developers included SPParticipants eagerly anticipating the start of a slew of briefings on the updatesof the Iskandar Development RegionSetia, Cresendo and Ascendas. Participants were given theplatform to learn more about each development in detail,whereas visits to key industrial sites were crucial in theirdecision-making process.“Overall, the business visit to Iskandar Malaysia was verybeneficial to me. Where we would typically have to gothrough an agent for information, this trip has made itpossible for direct one-on-one interaction with developers.SMF did a good job in providing potential investors with cleardirections as to the options and issues to face when we decideto invest in Iskandar Malaysia. Beyond that, SMF has alsohelped us greatly with regards to applying for governmentgrants. As a result of their assistance, our company was ableto obtain a cash payout that went toward the purchasingof laptops for the entire company,” commented Dr. GarrieGiam, Business Director of PT Business Network (Pte) Ltd.“Due to space constraints in our Singapore factory, wehave been exploring the possibility of moving to IskandarMalaysia. Up until this trip, I thought moving was notpossible. Now that I am here, I realise that the region isvery well-managed with impressive infrastructure. This hasdefinitely changed my opinion of buying a place and movinghere,” shared Mr. Watson Seetoh, Group Managing Directorof M.C. Packaging (Pte) Ltd.A group photoof the delegatesat the close ofthe first roundof briefings byrepresentativesfrom IRDA andMIDA

Global ConnectionS19Forging Stronger Business Ties with MyanmarOn the 19th to 23rd March this year, a delegation of 31participants, led by Mr. Simon Li, Vice President of SMF,Chairman of Global Business Groups and Chief ExecutiveOfficer of Feoso Oil (Singapore) Pte Ltd, visited NayPyi Taw and Yangon, Myanmar. This was organised bySingapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF), together withthe Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar inSingapore and International Enterprise Singapore.The 31 delegates comprising 25 companies includemembers of SMF, American Chamber of Commerce inSingapore (AmCham), Association of Electronic Industriesin Singapore (AEIS), Association of Small and MediumEnterprise (ASME), Hong Kong - Singapore BusinessAssociation (HSBA), Singapore Business Advisors &Consultants Council (SBACC), Singapore-GermanChambers of Industry and Commerce, and Singapore GreenBuilding Council (SGBC). The support garnered from boththe Myanmar Government and associations in Singaporehad indicated the significance of the Business Mission andthe strong affiliation SMF has with these counterparts.The mission program was packed with an array of businessmeetings and schedules from meeting Ministers, DeputyMinisters, and Director Generals from different Ministries,established Association and Chambers like InternationalBusiness Promotion Centre (IBPC), and The Republic of theUnion of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerceand Industry (UMFCCI) to private sector companies inMyanmar.Group photo of SMF Delegation to Myanmar with Director General ofMinistry of Planning and Economic Development, U Aung Naing OoThe SMF Delegation to Myanmar had proven to besuccessful and fruitful for the participants. The delegateshad face-to-face engagements with key policy makersin Myanmar, gained invaluable insight to the Myanmarbusiness environment, and made important businesscontacts pertaining to their area of business interests.Ho Chi Minh City’s Largest Beauty Trade FairCOSMOBEAUTE Vietnam 2013COSMOBEAUTE Vietnam 2013 took place from 11 to 13April 2013 at Saigon Convention & Exhibition Centre, HoChi Minh City, Vietnam. 12 Singapore companies fromthe Beauty, Spa & Wellness industry participated underthe Singapore Pavilion. Into its 6th edition, this fair is anexcellent platform for Singapore companies exhibiting atthis fair to meet international visitors, government officersand manufacturers in Vietnam.“This is the 4th year that Sansho Cosmetics InternationalPte Ltd has been participating under the Singaporepavilion at Cosmobeaute Vietnam trade fair. The economyof Vietnam has improved over the last 2 years. Vietnameseare more aware of good quality cosmetics and skin careproducts now,” said Mr Masato Tajika, Managing Directorof Sansho Cosmetics International Pte Ltd, a GS1 member.Mr. Masato Tajika, Managing Director with his business partner in Vietnam,in front of his booth at the fair

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Global ConnectionS21Large International Exhibitor Participation at Food & HotelVietnam 2013Organised bi-annually, Food & Hotel Vietnam (FHV)is an established trading platform for Vietnam’s foodand hospitality industry. The trade exhibition unveiledan impressive gathering of 434 international exhibitorsand 19 international group pavilions, with 24 Singaporecompanies exhibiting under the Singapore Pavilion. MrSunny Koh, Chairman of SMF Membership & IndustryGroups Function Committee and Managing Directorof Chinatown Food Corporation Pte Ltd, was one of theexhibitors. His company was elected as the ExhibitionLeader for FHV 2013. Participating companies sharedthat they had met many new potential business contactsand achieved their objectives for their participation.Many revealed that they are contemplating to exhibit inFHV 2015.On 25 April 2013, the Singapore Pavilion exhibitorsattended a networking dinner hosted by SembcorpParks Managementand LibertyCentral. This eventwas supported bySMF and receiveda good turnout of54 participants.Mr. Sunny Koh, theexhibition leader,announced theMr. Sunny Koh, Exhibition Leader for FHVrecent launch of2013 (left), presented a token of appreciationthe ASEAN Food to Mr. Daniel Pok, Manager of Sembcorpand Beverage Parks Management (right)Alliance (AFBA) inthe opening. “AFBA will help to harmonise food policiesand standards, and to enhance the trade of safe as well ashigh quality food in ASEAN,” concluded Mr. Koh, AFBAChairman for Singapore.Exploring Maritime Opportunities in VietnamINMEX Vietnam 2013INMEX Vietnam2013, a biannualevent,took place from5th to 7th March2013 at TanBinh Exhibition& ConventionCentre, HoChi Minh City,Vietnam. A totalof 18 SingaporeThe Singapore Pavilion in INMEX Vietnam 2013companies underthe SingaporePavilion, which is supported by IE Singapore, participated.Given the current surge in offshore drilling and explorationactivities in Vietnam, INMEX Vietnam 2013 was an idealplatform for production and exploration managers,engineers and consultants involved in maritime to sourcefor the latest equipment via this platform. A special featureof INMEX Vietnam 2013 was the Buyers Programme whichprovided buyers and visitors an opportunity to meetsuppliers for focused one-to-one appointments.“We find the fair well-organized with a good flow ofvisitors from targeted industries. We have collected severalcontacts for potential future business. We would like tothank Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) for theoutstanding work,” shared Mr Zenco Tiwari of AerodynamicMetals Pte Ltd, an SMF member company.Showcase Your ProductsTo The WorldJoin the 2013 International Marketing ActivitiesProgramme (iMAP) Trade Shows under the SMForganisedSingapore Pavilion to showcase your products.Interested companies please contact SMF exhibitionproject managers as stated:LifestyleCosmobeaute Asia 2013, Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaJuly 15 – 18,, Electronics & Allied / Building Products &Construction MaterialsBuildTech Asia 2013, SingaporeJuly 24 – 26, 2013, Phnom Penh, CambodiaSept 10 – 12, 2013, New Delhi, IndiaSept 12 – 14,, Machinery & EnergyThe 12th China Int’l Equipment Manufacturing Exposition2013, Shenyang, ChinaSept 1 – 5,

Global ConnectionS23One-Stop Exhibition PlatformFire & Disaster 2013, LEDTEC Asia 2013 and Semicon Singapore 2013Three concurrent exhibitions – Fire & Disaster2013, LEDTEC Asia 2013 and Semicon Singapore2013 were held from 7 – 9 May 2013 at MarinaBay Sands, Singapore.Fire & Disaster Asia (FDA) 2013The 10th Fire & Disaster Asia was held together withtwo other big events – Safety & Security Asia andthe Workplace Safety & Health Asia 2013, where thecombined exhibitions provided participants with a morecomprehensive understanding on different aspects ofissues, solutions and technology for safety. Participatingin the Singapore Pavilion were 17 exhibitors, occupyinga total of 288sq metres.VIPs opening the Fire & Disaster Asia 2013 trade showLEDTEC Asia 2013With a year-on-year increase in LED equipment spendingin Southeast Asia, LEDTEC Asia held the second LED/OLED Industry Trade Show in Singapore. They hadtheir first taste of success in Singapore, attracting manyparticipants from the region, including lighting designersand engineers, architects, and trade delegations. 20companies exhibited their products with the SingaporePavillion, organised by SMF Global Business Groups(GBG).Mr. Mak Ka Weng, Sales Manager of EversafeExtinguisher, an SMF member who joined the exhibitionunder the Singapore Pavilion with SMF, has participatedin FDA2011 and is back in this trade fair for the secondtime. “We generated good leads over the FDA2011, withmany of the contacts we met previously becoming ourkey customers. When people see your products, theywill have more in-depth of understanding what you areselling and would be more open to doing business withyou,” shared Mr. Mak.“We are definitely looking-forward to future collaborationswith SMF. Such events help in our networking with bothpotential clients and our business partners,” shared Mr.Paul Zhang, Chairman of Dr. LED Pte Ltd.Mr. Mak Ka Weng, Sales Manager from Extinguisher (left) with his teamSemicon Singapore 2013Southeast Asia’s Biggest Annual Microelectronic Event,Semicon Singapore 2013, drew a big crowd over threedays, with morethan 40 hours ofbusiness eventsand over 100exhibitors. 15companies alsotook part in thistrade fair withthe SingaporeMr. Elton Tan, Assistant Manager fromOptical Gaging (S) Pte LtdPavilion.Theevent had two main focuses – to demonstrate the latesttechnology developments in the microelectronicsindustries, and to emphasize that a skilled workforce iscrucial to powering the growth of these industries.“This trade fair is good exposure for products and servicesand we meet many potential customers from here. Withrepresentatives from MNCs viewing our products, theymay push their suppliers to make a purchase from us,”commented Mr. Elton Tan, Assistant Manager fromOptical Gaging (S) Pte Ltd, a 14-year long member withSMF.

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Communicate27Passion Fuels PrestigiousUniversity Medal 2012 StudentCassandra Tan Si Hui was recently awarded a UniversityMedal from Murdoch University. As part of the class of 2012,Cassandra is one out of seven undergraduate students,hand-picked from the entire student cohort of close to20,000 students globally to be awarded the prestigiousUniversity Medal.“I was both shocked and surprised to learn that I had beenawarded the University Medal for 2012,” shared Cassandra.Cassandra took her classes seriously and looked to theschool and her lecturers for guidance. “My educationaljourney at SMF Institute has been very rewarding for me.Not only are the lecturers knowledgeable and helpful, theschool is also very responsive to feedback,” said Cassandra.When asked on her decision to enroll at SMF Institute ofHigher Learning, she immediately singles out the highstandards of the educational provider as the main factor.“I learnt about SMF Institute through an online forumthread. I quickly realised that SMF Institute was able toprovide me with an overall higher standard of teaching. Italso helped that others had spoken highly of the quality ofthe lecturers here.”With her student transcript ofDistinctions and High Distinctions,it almost seems as if academicscome easily to Cassandra. “It was actually really tough. Atthat point of time, I was juggling a full time job, studyingpart time, and even managing my own online store. But Iwas determined to make it work, and to excel at my studies,”shared Cassandra.Indeed, her efforts did pay off. Citing passion as hermotivational factor, it is this same passion that has favouredCassandra as she continues to chart her progress forward.“I hope that one day I can achieve my career goals whichwill enable me to contribute back to society. I believe thatthere is greater learning in giving, and that life should be acontinuous learning journey,” concluded Cassandra.Cassandra graduatedwith Distinctions andHigh Distinctions. Shecites passion as hermotivation to keep hermoving forwardAllowing her to complete a double degree inCommunications and Commerce, she also attributedher decision to the flexibility endorsed by SMF Institutewith regards to areas of study and focus. “I was shoppingaround for a Communications degree, and was pleasantlysurprised to discover that the Murdoch University doublemajor programme at SMF Institute allows students to takeup a combination of degrees. This was definitely a big pluspoint for me, as it meant that I could do a combination ofmarketing and communications. To my knowledge, SMFInstitute of Higher Learning is the only educational providerto offer this.”My educational journey at SMFInstitute has been very rewardingfor me. Not only are the lecturersknowledgeable and helpful, the schoolis also very responsive to feedback

Communicate29A*STAR GET-Up 10th Anniversary Event10 years of equipping SMEs to Leverage on Technology and InnovationThe Growing Enterprises with Technology Upgrade (GET-Up) programme commemorated its 10th anniversary on 14thMay 2013, at Resorts World Convention Center, Singapore.GET-Up is a key programme in A*STAR targeting to upgradetechnological capabilities of local technology-intensivecompanies, with the focus on local Small and MediumEnterprises (SMEs). The programme included a Technologyfor Enterprise Capability Upgrading (T-Up) Award ceremonyand sharing of success stories by keynote speakers.An insightful panel discussion and Q&A session on SMEs,research, technology and government schemes wasmoderated by Dr. Raj Thampuran, Managing Director,A*STAR. Panelists for the discussion were Ms. Chew MokLee, Assistant Chief Executive, Entrepreneurship andInnovation, Mr. Douglas Foo, Deputy President, SMF andCEO, Sakae Holdings, Mr. Ang Yuit, Vice President, Strategiesand Development and Dr. Simon Goo, Executive Director,and Head of Risk Analytics, Risk Management.The first question raised was how to have a one-stop centreto help SMEs identify the right schemes out of the plethora ofschemes available. Mr. Douglas Foo, Deputy President, SMFand CEO, Sakae Holdings, responded that the SME Centre@SMF offers business and productivity advisory services,to help SMEs gain a better understanding of governmentschemes that suit their needs.Panelists for the panel discussion and audience Q&A. (From L – R)Mr. Ang Yuit, Vice President, Strategies and Development; Ms Chew MokLee, Assistant Chief Executive, Entrepreneurship and Innovation;Dr. Raj. Thampuran, Managing Director, A*STAR; Mr. Douglas Foo, DeputyPresident, SMF and CEO, Sakae Holdings; and Dr. Simon Goo, ExecutiveDirector, and Head of Risk Analytics, Risk ManagementAnother question raised was how to get researchers tounderstand the problems faced by SMEs. Mr. Ang Yuit,Vice President, Strategies and Development, proposed thathaving focus group discussions would be beneficial to bothparties. Mr. Douglas Foo shared his story on how he workedwith various research institutes to gather informationon key business areas and incorporated new technologyinto his new products. He encouraged SMEs to considercollaborations with researchers, as they will understand theproblems faced when they play a part in the business.of the challenges faced by Small and MediumEnterprises (SMEs).The dialogue session was also a welcomed initiative for theFederation to proactively share its perspective on groundsentiment and present collective views on behalf of themanufacturing community.Mr. Lam Joon Khoi, Secretary-General of SMF’ giving the participants anoverview on the role of Singapore Manufacturing FederationEngaging Young MindsMore than 50 young local public service staff gathered atSMF House on 2nd April 2013 to engage the Federationin meaningful discussion on government policies andthe prevailing business environment.The dialogue session was a window of opportunity forthese young public servants to gain a better understandingMr. Marc Lim, Management Associate and PlanningOfficer at the Ministry of Education, expressedappreciation for the exchange of ideas. “The dialoguesuccinctly highlighted the value of the manufacturingindustry in Singapore, as well as the intricacies of thesector as a whole in relation to externalities and themultiplier effect.”“We laud SMF’s commitment in engaging the industry asa whole, as well as in coordinating the multiple schemesfor the SMEs to provide them with assistance at everystep of the way,” he concluded.

30Global ConnectionSEU Regulation pushes foodinformation onlineMaking Food Information Accessible to ConsumersIn November 2011, the European Union (EU) published anew food information regulation, which will take effect inDecember 2014. The goal of this regulation is to ensure thatconsumers have access to the information they need.As well as changes to on-pack labelling, the regulationsets out new requirements for information that shouldbe provided to the consumer before they purchase foodonline. If the information is not available, the food cannotbe sold on a website.This places a clear responsibility on those involved in thefood supply chain to make the same information that isavailable on the physical package also available to theconsumer when they buy online. Companies need to startplanning now if their information is to be available byDecember 2014.GS1 is helping industries to meet these regulationrequirements by making digital product information easyto share.GS1 Source framework has been developed such that:• Brand owners can share relevant product informationeasily, thus, building trust with consumers• Online retailers can ensure they are deliveringauthentic data• Consumers can feel confident that the digital productinformation they access is accurate, no matter how orwhere they engage with productsThe framework is already being piloted in a number of EUcountries and will become fully operational by the endof 2013.About GS1 SingaporeGS1 Singapore is a not-for-profitorganization established in 1987 toimplement and administer the globalstandard used in many industries andto improve the efficiency and visibility ofsupply chains. GS1 Standards include GS1Identification and Barcodes, GS1 eCom(electronic business messaging), GS1 GDSN(Data Synchronisation) and EPCglobal(RFID). Find out more at you know? Many retailers achieve scanrates over 99%, while 1% of product scan failurescause great costs and disrupts supply chain efficiency.Companies face the issue of not being able to assigntheir numbers correctly or using inappropriate symbolsizes. Accurate knowledge may not be passed on dueto a change of staff or lack of understanding. Moreover,some are printer companies or design companies do notunderstand the GS1 bar code symbols requirements. Allthese factors can contribute to poor bar code symbols.Register for the GS1 Bar Code Training Workshop by 24thJuly 2013 to learn the dos and don’ts of using bar codes.Please visit to find out more aboutthe course details or email: / for more information on thetraining workshop.

NETWORKING31SMF welcomes you!SMF is pleased to welcome the following new members* as part of our family.1. Ace Standard Pte Ltd2. Acumen Research Laboratories Pte Ltd3. Aerodynamic Metals Pte Ltd4. All Market Singapore Pte Ltd5. Asia Medical Supplies Pte Ltd6. Bette Pte Ltd7. Biodyne Labs (Singapore) Pte Ltd8. Bloch Brewing Company Pte Ltd9. Boisson Singapore Pte Ltd10. Cj Med International11. Classee12. Cmc Contract Manufacturing Pte Ltd13. De Feng Hardware & Engineering14. Delifrance Singaporewholesale Pte Ltd15. Domba Coffee Singapore Pte Ltd16. Epi Mobile Health Solutions(Singapore) Pte Ltd17. Esta Pte Ltd18. Global Builders’ Supplies Pte Ltd19. Hitchhiker Designs Pte Ltd20. Hock Seng Marine Engineering Pte Ltd21. Infinity Lifestyle Group Pte Ltd22. Innogreen Solution Pte Ltd23. Innogrity Pte Ltd24. Ito En Singapore Pte Ltd25. Liberchem (S) Pte Ltd26. Mech Marine Engineering Pte Ltd27. Mitra Engineering Services Pte Ltd28. Nanoveu Pte Ltd29. Neuvital Pte Ltd30. Prime Star Foods Pte Ltd31. Project Nine Pte Ltd32. Rentwise (Singapore) Pte Ltd33. Servicom Medical Singapore Pte Ltd34. Sheng Aik Trading Pte Ltd35. Singapore Ars Pte Ltd36. Singapore Clinical Research InstitutePte Ltd37. Singapore Kingyama Food Co., Pte Ltd38. Surgipro Private Limited39. Synergix Technologies Pte Ltd40. Syspex Technologies Pte Ltd41. Telesensory (S) Pte Ltd42. Tian Xin Su Shi Bao Dian43. Tiffin’s Overseas (Asia) Pte Ltd44. Tritech Group Limited45. True Colours Make-Up Cosmetics Pte Ltd46. Tuku Singapore Pte Ltd47. Vesbo Asia Pte Ltd48. Vmb Banu’s Global Pte Ltd49. Waterco International Pte Ltd50. Wei Her Pte Ltd51. Willis (Singapore) Pte Ltd52. Wong Lung Ji (Ap) Pte Ltd53. Kronicles (Singapore) Pte Ltd54. Height Protection Solutions Pte Ltd55. Cj Gls Asia Pte Ltd56. Novo Tellus Capital Pte Ltd57. Expresso System Technology Pte Ltd58. Fung Yip Electrical (S) Pte Ltd59. Nokyon Corporation Pte Ltd60. Linnhoff Technologies Pte Ltd61. Evermarch Logistics (S) Pte Ltd62. Fujicon Engineering Pte Ltd63. Home’s Favourite Pte Ltd64. Techone International Pte Ltd65. Vegatable Oil Pte Ltd66. Modern-Pak Pte Ld67. Reytec Pte Ltd68. Brain Domain Pte Ltd69. Whitford Pte Ltd70. Rentwise (Singapore) Pte Ltd71. Csi Services Pte Ltd72. Nichromax Asia Pte Ltd73. Syspex Technologies Pte Ltd74. Surgipro Pte Ltd75. Biomedix Singapore Pte Ltd76. Epi Mobile Health Solutions (S) Pte Ltd77. De Dietrich Singapore Pte Ltd78. Assisted Living Pte Ltd79. Hock Lian Huat Foodstuff Industry Pte Ltd80. Innova Technology Pte Ltd81. KG Catering Pte Ltd*Listed in alphabetical order and accurate as of 5 June 2013.Be part of SMF today. Email us at for enquiries or log on to more information or to download the application form.SMF Connects BusinessesBe a member of SMF today! (New Members’ Quotes)Join SMF’s exhibitions and missions to reach out to potential business partners, networkwith like-minded members at our events or take up any of our services from our sixCentres of Excellence.Our company joined SingaporeManufacturing Federation to findout ways to increase productivitythrough the seminars organisedby the federation. We plan toincorporate what we learnt intoour business.Ms. Claris Koh, Executive Manager,Wang Foong Foodstuffs Suppliers Pte LtdAs a young company, we are honoured to beaccepted into SMF and be among giants in themanufacturing industry. It is a great platformfor sharing insights with industry peers andwe can tap on the various schemes and eventsorganised by SMF to help our company grow.Mr. Kimming Yap,Managing Director of Creativeans Pte Ltd

32connect EXTRASMF Membership BenefitsTo thank you for your support, we have sourced the following exclusive deals specially for you!• Discounts of up to 77.5% on Trade Exhibitionsadministration fee and reimbursements of up to 50%for participation in trade exhibitions program underthe International Marketing Assistance Programme(iMAP) of IE Singapore.• Up to 50% off on seminar marketing packages,networking and conferences.• Up to 25% discount on endorsement of manualCertificate of Origin (CO) and 37.5% discount onelectronic CO, with GST fully absorbed.• Up to 20% discount on rental rate for training rooms atSMF Institute Campuses.• Up to 15% discount for SMF Centre for CorporateLearning (CCL) workshops and training courses.• Up to 10% rebates on SMF Institute of Higher Learning(IHL) academic programs.• Up to 10% discount on advertisements in CONNECTmagazine.• Gain access to wider scope of local and internationalbusiness contacts through networking sessions.• Participate in closed door dialogue sessions withGovernment agencies to obtain latest information oninternational and industry developments and domesticgovernment policies.• Receive Business Advisory Services on understandingof the various Government Assistance Schemes andProductivity Programme for your business needs.• Exclusive AIA group-buying welfare benefits packagesfor members’ employees.• Complimentary publications – e.g. Tradelink, AnnualReport and quarterly CONNECT magazine.Singapore Manufacturing FederationCertificate of Originsince 1932Singapore ManufacturingFederationWe are committed to delivering fast and quality services at a competitive rate to our customersAbout UsSingapore Manufacturing Federationis authorised by Singapore Customs,pursuant to Regulation 23 of Importsand Exports Regulations (Cap.272A,R1, 1999 ed.) to issue the following:Certificate of Origin (CO)Electronic Certificate of Origin (ECO)On-Site ExpressServicesEndorsement of CO in 20 MinsExtension of Operating HoursPhotocopying ServicesTyping Services for CO FormOperating HoursMonday to Friday9:00am to 5:00pmOpen during lunch hoursContact UsMs. Linda Khoe (Manager) 6826 Christie Chua 6826 Surina Chua 6826 6826 3091 Website: CertificationThe Electronic Certificate ofOrigin (ECO) is also available at:www.certoforigin.comCOLLECTION POINTSMF CO’s Office2985 Jalan Bukit MerahSingapore 159457Scan the QR Codefor more information

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