Chapter 1 - Universiteit Twente

Chapter 1 - Universiteit Twente

State Ego Depletion Scale

(Ciarocco, Twenge, Muraven, & Tice, 2010)


Please respond to the statements below, describing how you feel right now. We are

interested in your feelings at this moment. Use the following scale to record your


1 = not true

2 = a little not true

3 = somewhat not true

4 = neutral

5 = a little true

6 = somewhat true

7 = very true

1. I feel mentally exhausted.

2. Right now, it would take a lot of effort for me to concentrate on something.

3. I need something pleasant to make me feel better.

4. I feel motivated. R

5. If I were given a difficult task right now, I would give up easily.

6. I feel drained.

7. I have lots of energy. R

8. I feel worn out.

9. If I were tempted by something right now, it would be very difficult to resist.

10. I would want to quit any difficult task I were given.

11. I feel calm and rational. R

12. I can’t absorb any more information.

13. I feel lazy.

14. Right now I would find it difficult to plan ahead.


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