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28.6.2013Walki's new technology enables cost-efficient production oflarge volumes of furniture foilWalki has developed a new technology for producing an environmentally friendly,paper-based furniture foil. The new technique for applying UV lacquer and ink makesthe surface on the furniture foil even more resistant without compromising lightness.Walki's Consumer Packaging has successfully delivered foils for back panels for the furnitureindustry for several years. Because of the growing demand for high-quality furniture foils,Walki has developed a new technique for applying UV lacquer and ink, making the surfaceeven more resistant while still maintaining lightness.– With our new enhanced technique for applying UV lacquer we will substantially improve thesurface resistance, says Tomas Nyström, Project Manager Furniture Lining.Large volumes cost-efficientlyNew equipment has been applied on a conventional Flexo printing machine. This newtechnique enhances the quality of the foil's barrier and improves the surface resistance.In using a conventional Flexo printing machine, Walki is the first supplier in the world toproduce large reels of furniture foil of up to 3,5 metres in width. The typical size is about 1,5to 2,5 metres.– We can produce very large volumes in a very cost-efficient manner. We are talking about ahigh-capacity machine, says Jan-Anders Fagerhed, Technical Service & DevelopmentManager.Highly eco-friendlyThe base web is based on paper fibres, making it substantially more environmentally friendlythan other alternatives on the market that are based on plastic foils and other artificialmaterials. The foil is also formaldehyde free.The new technique also needs less colouring than other alternatives on the market, furtherenhancing its advantage from an environmental perspective.– Thanks to our new technique we are able to reach the same colour quality using less inks,says Nyström.Walki can utilize its strong in-house knowledge of available paper qualities to help customersin choosing the right grade for the end purpose.

Further plans for enhancing the technology are already in the pipeline.– We are making continuous development efforts aiming to expand deliveries to other partsof the furniture industry in addition to back panels, says Jan-Anders Fagerhed.Caption 1: Walki's new technique for applying UV lacquer is environmental-friendly as itrequires less colouring than other alternatives on the market.Caption 2: Walki is now able to deliver very big volumes cost-efficiently.For more information, please contact:Jan-Anders FagerhedTechnical Service & Development +358 40 585 2720e-mail: jan-anders.fagerhed@walki.comTomas NyströmSales Manager, Consumer Packagingtel. +358 405852422email: tomas.nystrom@walki.comAbout Walki GroupWalki Group is a leading producer of technical laminates and protective packaging materials,specializing in the production of fibre based, intelligent, multilaminate products for marketsranging from energy saving construction facings and construction membranes to barrierpackaging applications. The Group has plants in Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland,the UK, Russia and China with a workforce of about 950 people. Annual net sales for theGroup are over 300 million Euros.

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