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more information - Townsville City Council

ResponsibleTradie TipsHints and tips to guide youractivities on the job

sun safety at workOutdoor workers are exposed to thesun during the hottest part of the dayand most at risk for developing skincancer. Sun safety tips at work:>> Wear sun protective clothing, hatand sunglasses.>> Apply sun screen every two hours.>> Seek shade.>> Drink adequate water and hydrate.>> Provide training and education tostaff about the effects and dangersfrom the sun.For more information on sunsafepractices at work

noise limitsNoise can often cause problemsbetween neighbours and tradesman.Consider noise you create on the jobsite like loud radios and reversingbeepers and abide by the followingnoise restrictions:building workMonday – Saturday6:30am – 6:30pmusing power toolsMonday – Saturday7:00am – 7:00pmusing a generatorMonday – Saturday7:00am – 7:00pmFor more information on noiserestrictions

dust pollutionDust can be a nuisance and interferewith normal daily activities. Followthese simple tips to reduce dust onyour job site:>> Wet down areas that create a lot ofdust.>> Try to carry out work in stages sosome vegetation can be left as abarrier.>> Try using on-site waste as dustbarriers. For example, unusedsheeting or roofing could be usedas temporary dust barriers, or greenwaste could be mulched and spreadon the ground to protect the topsoillayer.For more information

parkingDo you have a Commercial VehicleIdentification Label? This ensuresparking in commercial zones is legaland will help you avoid a parking fine.Top tips for parking on a job site:>> Avoid parking on the nature strip.>> Leave driveways clear for residentsto enter and exit their property.>> Allow space and access for rubbishtrucks and emergency vehicles whenparking large vehicles on the street.For more information

clean building sitesWater contamination poses a seriousthreat to the environment and finesup to $2,200 can be issued. Buildersand developers have an obligation toprevent sand, sediment, silt, rubbishor building materials entering gutters,stormwater drains and waterways.Tips for a clean building site:» Install and maintain sedimentfences to control runoff.» Use gravel sausages to reducematerial entering stormwater drains.» Have waste containers available.» Empty waste containers and clearother waste storages on a regularbasisKeeping a clean job site also assistsflood and disaster tip:Council runssoil erosion andsediment controltraining, assistingsupervisors tomeet regulatoryrequirements.For moreinformation

commercial wasteCouncil offers a variety of commercialwaste services:>> Commercial Waste – bin sizes from120 litre to 30m 3>> Commercial Recycling – bin sizesfrom 120 litre to 30m 3>> Heavy Waste (Glass) – 0.75m 3 to15m 3>> Bin Hire – 0.75m 3 to 15m 3Charges are calculated per tip:Reduce, reuse,recycle yourwaste. Disposalshould be yourlast choice.Tips for reducing waste on the job site:>> If you sort your waste, disposal costsat dump sites are cheaper.>> Can you recycle your waste? Visitthe tip shop pickers at dump sites.They will take anything salvageablereducing the weight for disposal.>> Keep your clean fill clear of contaminantsand it can be disposed for free.

waste fees and chargesBelow is an overview of council dumpfees. Prices include GST.General Commercial andIndustrial up to 250kgMixed Commercial andIndustrial Waste greater than250kgUncontaminated CommercialGreenwasteMixed Construction andDemolitionClean ConcreteClean Concrete requiring rockbreakerBricks / Pavers / TilesTimber (un-treated)Timber (including treated andall pallets)Construction Soil$25/kg$100/t$59/t$100/t$25/t$100/t$25/t$59/t$100/t$15/tFor a detailed list of fees and chargesvisit

dump locations andopening hourshervey rangeHervey Range Road, Bohle Plainsopen: 6.30am to 5.45pm dailyclosed: Good Friday and Christmas DayjensenGeaneys Lane, Deeragunopen: 6.30am to 5.45pm dailyclosed: Good Friday and Christmas Daystuart24 Vantassel Street, Stuartopen: 6.30am to 5.45pm dailyclosed: Good Friday and Christmas Day

contactIt’s important for tradies to beresponsible on the job site and knowthe local laws as a safe communityrests with every business.For more information contactTownsville City Council:noise limits, dust pollutionand parkingEnvironmental Healthclean job sitesIntegrated Sustainability Servicescommercial wasteTownsville Waste Services1300 878 safetyQueensland

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