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Specalog for 330D MH Material Handler, AEHQ5697

Specalog for 330D MH Material Handler, AEHQ5697


330D MH Material HandlerSpecial features provide for aggressive performance, reliability, and excellent productivity.Cooling System. External debrisfilters allow easy access for cleaning.This prevents clogging from dirt and dustentering the cooling system. The optionalautomatic reversing fan purges dirt anddust from the cooling system.Fixed Riser. Cat ® designed and built,1.95 m (6'5") manual tilt cab riserprovides for operating height withexcellent visibility for loading andunloading processing equipment,trucks, and rail cars. Access to thecab is provided by a ladder to theplatform extending around the cab riser.This platform allows for windshieldcleaning. The cab riser can be manuallytilted forward 90 degrees for shipping.Hydraulic Cab Riser. Optional hydrauliccab riser provides up to 2.6 m (8'6") ofadditional operating height. There iseasy access to the cab platform providedby handrails attached to the riser.Operator Controls. The ability tomodulate grapple open-close functionis provided on the right side joystick.The rotate function is also modulatedby using a slider switch mounted onthe joystick.Generator Set. A 20 kW (26.8 hp)hydraulically driven generator set canpower magnets up to 1.68 m (66") indiameter.4

330D MH Two-Piece Caterpillar Front LinkageCaterpillar 330D Material Handler fronts are purpose designed and built for excellent reach,flexibility, and lift performance to meet all requirements of material handling applications.Cat ® Two-Piece Front Linkage.Offers a maximum horizontal reachof 16 m (52'6") from swing centerand maximum vertical reach of 16.9 m(55'5"). This front is an excellent matchfor the 0.96 m 3 (1.25 yd 3 ) grapple ora 1.68 m (66") magnet.An optional 14.6 m (47'1") two-piecefront linkage has a maximum verticalheight of 15.8 m (51'11"). This frontis an excellent match for the 1.15 m 3(1.5 yd 3 ) Orange Peel Grapple or the1.68 m (66") Walker magnet.Stress Relieving Booms and Sticks.Maximizes strength and minimizesstructure weight.Material Handling Booms and Sticks.Designed and built for performanceand long service life.Welded Box-Section Structures.Efficiently designed with thick,multi-plate fabrications in high stressareas, which allows structures to flex,dissipating stress and maximizingstrength.Dual Stick Cylinders. Provides excellentgeometry for working close in to themachine or at full reach.Heavy Lift. Provides additional liftcapacity for handling of heavy,robust objects.5

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