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Specalog for 330D MH Material Handler, AEHQ5697

Specalog for 330D MH Material Handler, AEHQ5697

EngineACERT Technology

EngineACERT Technology meets U.S. EPA Tier 3 emission regulations, with exceptionalperformance capabilities and proven reliability.Engine. Six-cylinder, turbochargedengine built for power, reliability, andeconomy will allow the machine toconsistently perform at high levels.The Cat ® C9 engine is designed for lowemissions and will meet EPA Tier 3emissions requirements.Performance. The 330D MH, equippedwith the C9 engine with ACERTTechnology, provides 9% morehorsepower as compared to theC9 in the 330C MH.Electronic Control Module.The Electronic Control Module (ECM)works as the “brain” of the engine’scontrol system, responding quickly tooperating variables to maximize engineefficiency. Fully integrated with sensorsin the engine’s fuel, air, coolant, andexhaust systems, the ECM stores andrelays information on conditions such asRPM, fuel consumption, and diagnosticinformation.Automatic Engine Control Speed.The two-stage, one-touch controlmaximizes fuel efficiency and reducessound levels.ADEM A4 Engine Controller.The ADEM A4 electronic controlmodule manages fuel delivery to getthe best performance per liter of fuelused. The engine management systemprovides flexible fuel mapping, allowingthe engine to respond quickly to varyingapplication needs. It tracks engine andmachine conditions while keeping theengine operating at peak efficiency.6

StructuresThe 330D MH structural components are the backbone of the machine’s durabilityand provide for excellent stability.High and Square Undercarriage.Provides excellent over-the-side stabilityrequired to handle heavy loads andimprove productivity.Provides excellent ground clearancerequired to clear obstacles.Stands up in the toughest applications.Modified X-shaped, box-sectioncarbody provides excellent resistanceto torsional bending.Upper structure weight and stresses aredistributed evenly across the full lengthof the track roller frame.Robotic Welding. Up to 95% of thestructural welds are done robotically,which achieves up to three times thepenetration of manual welds forimproved durability.Heavy Duty Upper Frame. The upperframe is specifically designed for thescrap and material handling applications.It is built of higher strength materialand thicker steel sections to handleincreased swing loads from the longerfront and heavier counterweights usedin material handling.7

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