Why do we need sustainability criteria for bioenergy? - Bioenergi - DI

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Why do we need sustainability criteria for bioenergy? - Bioenergi - DI

The 100% renewable energy scenarioLimit demand forenergy throughefficiencies40-45% bioenergy55-60% renewablesSOURCE: Ecofys Energy Scenario, 2010

The bioenergy challengeThe 100% renewable energy scenario requires:‣ 3 billion m3 of wood = approx. current total removalsor, in other words‣ 250 million hectares of fast growing tree plantationsand‣ 300 million hectares additional wood production frommanaged forestsAnd we haven’t talked about water and people!

EU: 20% GHG reduction by 2020• According to NREAPs, the contribution of biomass willhave to more than double from 2010 to 2020• With a 30% target for 2020, the bioenergy proportion isvery likely to be much higher.• This will require mobilization of forest and agriculturalbiomass at (unprecedented) large scale at EU level.• Additionally, very large imports are expected

Why sustainability criteria for biomass?• To ensure a real reduction of GHG through the use ofbiomass• Guiding the sourcing and use of biomass, in order to makesure, that negative impacts will be limited• Sustainability criteria do ensure a single, common marketin Europe with higher level playing field• Sustainability risks for investments could be reduced inadvance through the clarification of policy framework

Results on EU public consultation onmandatory biomass criteria(March 2011- 160 stakeholder responses )• Biomass imports from third countries will increase, whichmay lead to higher sustainability risks• National sustainability schemes are likely to have negativeimpacts on biomass trade and costs• Concerns about deforestation, and forests degradation aswell as the carbon debt issue – NGOs concerns• EU mandatory sustainability criteria for biomass supportedby vast majority of stakeholders• Forest-rich Member States/forest owners worried aboutadministrative burden and undue costs of EU criteria

Mandatory sustainability criteria forbiomass should include:• GHG reduction requirements• Sustainable land management for forest and agriculture• Definition of no go areas to protect biodiversity• Social criteria: land right and use rights, health and workersrights• Indirect effects: GHG and food security

Conclusions• Sustainable bioenergy has a role to play in future energy mix• But biomass is not an unlimited resource – we need to beefficient and prioritize – only use bioenergy where there areno alternatives: ex. biofuels for planes, ships and trucks –electricity for cars and trains• Sustainability criteria have a very important role to play toensure sustainable bioenergy in the long term• Need for EU mandatory sustainability criteria for biomass –important that DK government and private sector advocatestrongly for this!

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