Summer 2011 • V ol. 45 No. 2 - San Diego Humane Society and SPCA

Summer 2011 • V ol. 45 No. 2 - San Diego Humane Society and SPCA

Summer 2011 Vol. 45 No. 2

president’s message

Giving Back to Animals

that Give Us So Much

Mark Goldstein, DVM,

CAWA, President of

the San Diego Humane

Society and SPCA

with his dog Ren.

In spending time with animals, I’ve come to realize that they have a language all their own. For animals, each

word is new and has never been said before. One word is one breath. One word is the extension of a paw … is a

compassionate gaze … is a wagging tail – rapid or slow, ambitious or unbothered, noticeably loud or barely visible.

We as human beings are bettered by spending time with animals and experiencing first-hand what they have to teach

us. We can become happier and healthier people just by watching, listening and experiencing the ways that animals

naturally live and love.

Sadly, many animals with healthy or treatable conditions are still being euthanized every year in San Diego area

shelters before they ever have a chance to inspire or improve a human life. While the San Diego Humane Society and

SPCA has not had to euthanize a healthy or treatable animal in more than ten years, other shelters have not been as

fortunate due to a lack of space and resources. In direct response to this growing challenge, the San Diego Humane

Society launched the Paws to Success Program in 2009, a three point approach to ending the euthanasia of healthy and

treatable pets countywide by 2020.

The first point of action in the Paws to Success Program was to create a 24/7 kitten nursery, as our research showed

that 71 percent of at-risk and potentially treatable animals euthanized in San Diego Animal Welfare Coalition shelters

(SDAWC) were kittens and cats, specifically 38 percent were kittens under the age of eight-weeks-old. These tiny

creatures are vulnerable to an array of potential medical issues at this fragile age, and require around-the-clock care for

the greatest chance of survival. The Paws Nursery has been so successful that we are now opening a second nursery in

North County, which will admit orphaned kittens as well as queens and kittens (see page 10 to learn more).

The second part of the Paws to Success Program involves improving shelter conditions since many pets are often

relinquished or returned to animal shelters due to behavioral problems in the home. To address this topic, we hired Dr.

Petra Mertens, a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (who is a member Diplomat of the American College of Veterinary

Behaviorists and the European College of Veterinary Behavioural Medicine Companion Animals, one of only three

in the world to hold both distinctions). Dr. Mertens leads our Behavior and Training team at the San Diego Humane

Society and is available to share her expertise with other SDAWC members at no cost to them. With approximately 100

or so certified applied animal behaviorists nationwide, Dr. Mertens provides San Diego County shelters with access to

specialized, expert advice that few organizations are so fortunate to have.

The third step of this program involves enhancing animal husbandry protocols and support for San Diego Animal

Welfare Coalition partners. Dr. Mertens and other key leaders at the San Diego Humane Society are in the process

of outlining a comprehensive animal care training program to share with staff at the other San Diego welfare

organizations. Fashioned after the training programs presently available to San Diego Humane Society staff, this

program will make new training options available onsite at shelters that are currently seeking to improve their protocols,

as well as self-nurturing workshops for employees such as Compassion Fatigue.

So often I hear stories from a recent adopter, a pet-assisted therapy patient or a child who attended our animal

adventure camp, about how an animal changed their life. Help us give back to the animals who give so much to us by

supporting our Paws to Success Program and the many animals and people this program is able to impact. Only with

your help, can we continue to work towards saving the life of every animal with treatable and healthy conditions. With

every life saved, another person may experience that animal’s unique voice and unconditional love.

Mark Goldstein, DVM, CAWA

President of the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA

Photo: Melisa Codgell

From the Mailbox

Hi San Diego Humane Society!

Just wanted to update you on Nudge... He has changed

so much already and grown to twice his size from when

he came in. He loves the kids and spends hours cuddling

and hanging out with them. The kids love him in return

and he gets along with his three dog family members now

too. He wasn’t sure about any of it in the beginning but

now after running the show and letting them know how it

was all going to be – it’s all good. He totally likes taking a

bath – which I’ve never seen in a cat yet! He’s a cool little guy and we love him!

Thanks so much for the great kitty! We are very happy to have him in the family.

The Forsberg Family

Dear San Diego Humane Society,

We are so pleased with our little Sparky. He is

adjusting very well to his new home, his bed and his

new family. He won our hearts from the very start.

He is such a good boy. He is making a lot of “doggy

friends” on his walks to the park and around the

neighborhood. Everyone knows Sparky and he shows

his appreciation readily. I think he may have lost a

little weight since we put him on his “diet” and we are

sticking to it. We have all bonded very well with him. He did have some doggy guests

recently and was the perfect little boy among his girl doggy friends.

Thank you for all your great advice and training.

The Durans – Charles, Paula and Sparky

Dear San Diego Humane Society,

I just wanted to update you as to how Mrs.

King is doing! She is a spayed female guinea

pig I adopted earlier this year, hoping to match

her up with one of my lonely boy guinea pigs. I

wanted to introduce them right away, but gave

Mrs. King a chance to adjust to living here first.

While allowing her to adjust, she had Stevie, my

male hairless guinea pig, as a neighbor. From the start they were very interested in each

other and would “talk” through their divider grid between cages. After less than a week,

they were spending most of their time lying down right up against each other, but with

the cage wire between them. They looked so pitiful, that I threw out my original plans of

a formal introduction in a large space and just removed the divider one night! They have

been best buddies every since that night! Here they are sharing a guinea pig sized bed.

Thanks again for helping me to add Mrs. King to my pet family!

Debbie Rothstein

Do you have a happy adoption story to share? Then we’d love to hear from you!

Visit and go to the Success Stories page for more details.

ON THE COVER: Toby, a 3-week old kitten, receives lots of love and special care at Paws Nursery.

COVER PHOTO: Leslie Wallace

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To report animal abuse call (619) 243-3466

Serving San Diego County since 1880, the San

Diego Humane Society and SPCA’s scope of social

responsibility goes beyond adopting animals. The

Humane Society offers San Diegans a wide range of

programs and services that strengthen the humananimal

bond, prevent cruelty/neglect, provide medical

care and educate the community on the humane

treatment of animals.

As one of San Diego’s oldest nonprofit organizations, the

Humane Society has campuses in both San Diego and

Oceanside and is supported solely through contributions,

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For your privacy, the Humane Society does not sell, rent,

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AnimalFare Summer 2011


Telethon Success!

Photo: Kelli Herwehe


In case you missed it, the 14 th Annual Telethon

raised $191,719, which will benefit the many

animals in our care and the vital programs we

provide the human and animal community in San

Diego County. The day’s festivities were brought

to life by KFMB’s Dan Cohen and Kimberly King,

Dave Mason from Walrus 105.7 and Pamela Howe of

Total Traffic Network.

There were many moments of joy and success

portrayed in the Telethon, such as Bert and Ernie,

who had life-saving surgery performed on their

eyelids. Their new “mom” and her three children

proudly talked about their new ‘kitty babies’. They shared priceless lessons with thousands of viewers as they recalled

adopting Bert and Ernie because “kitties with special eyes need love too.” This was a truly precious moment, and a

great example of why events like the Telethon are so important.

A special thanks to our many volunteers, sponsors and supporters:

Photo: Jen Petit


Volunteers get the Royal Treatment

The King and the Royal Court honored the very

noble San Diego Humane Society volunteers at its

annual Volunteer Appreciation Celebration. Nearly

250 volunteers were wined and dined amongst the

Renaissance theme, a night that will truly go down in

history! We cannot say “Thank You” enough to these

dedicated volunteers who tirelessly contribute thousands

of hours each month to animals in need and the San

Diego community.

s Cone and Get It!

And they sure did, with donations exceeding $1,500!

The Ben & Jerry’s at Horton Plaza once again chose us to

be the beneficiary of its annual Free Cone Day. With local

celebs like Jason Austell and Jodi Kodesh from NBC 7/39,

Brad Wills from FOX5 and Jagger & Kristi from Magic

92.5 serving the cones, it was a sweet time for a sweet


s It’s Yogi, Smarter Than Your Average…


Yogi, a 10 year old Shepherd mix came to our North

Campus as a stray with several injuries. Thanks to our

dedicated medical team, he was carefully treated and

ready to find a home. These previous ailments did not

deter Yogi’s new family; they fell in love upon first meeting

him at the Gaines Campus. A teeth cleaning and a little

medicine for his arthritis was all he needed to bring out

his spunk and spirit. Yogi’s family is happy to report that

he’s doing great and they couldn’t love him more.

ARR Takes Up Ostrich Wranglin’!

In January, our Animal Rescue Reserve (ARR)

team was called out to Fallbrook to relocate two

female Ostriches who have been living on the property

for 16 years. It involved a well-coordinated and

highly disciplined effort from the team, which ended

in a successful re-homing to a secure and friendly

environment. Not your normal work day for this

dedicated group!

4 AnimalFare Summer 2011

AnimalFare Summer 2011 5

Photo: Kelli Herwehe

Photo: Randy Jones


A Longtime Friend Makes a Difference

It may be the “dog days” of summer, but at animal welfare

organizations across the nation, these summer months are

known for mans’ other best friend … the cat. And many of

them! Here at the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA, we

expect to care for hundreds of cats and kittens this summer

alone – and thanks to David Mallett, cats (and dogs) at the

San Diego Humane Society and SPCA will have a little more

space to call their own.

Many years ago, David Mallett lay in a hospital bed,

recovering from heart problems. He found himself with an

abundance of time to consider the impact of his charitable

work. After much reflection on his youth and family – Dave

was raised with both dogs and cats, and credits his parents

with teaching him to love and respect them – he chose to

support the San Diego Humane Society. He realized that

animals need a voice, and that gifts of all sizes would make a

difference in their life.

Soon after he recovered, Dave made his first gift to the

Humane Society and has been a consistent friend ever since.

Visit our New “Cat Campus”

in North County!

For Cats – 572 Airport Road, Oceanside

For Dogs – 2905 San Luis Rey Road, Oceanside

Whether it’s meeting Humane Society staff at his favorite pet

store, Kensington Pet Supply, so he can purchase our choice

of food, bedding and treats, or making a personal financial

contribution, we know that the animals can always count on


With a special gift of $20,000 from Dave, the San Diego

Humane Society recently converted an under-used space

to a cat holding area with new, spacious condos to the rave

reviews of staff, volunteers and, of course, our cats. The new

cat housing area – lovingly dedicated to David Mallett – offers

our feline friends a safe haven as they await a loving home

of their own. Depending on the need, the room can also be

converted to holding space for small dogs.

“If you ever look at a cat or dog looking at their owners, no

matter how they are being treated, the love that is in those eyes

never wavers. We should learn from our pets,” said Dave. “The

animals need a chance to use that love to better the world.”

Thanks to longtime friends like Dave, more animals in San

Diego will have a chance to share that love with us all.



Saturday, June 18th Come be among the first to see our new Campus on Airport Road! There will be music,

festivities, behind-the-scenes tours and fun for the whole family!

Visit for more information.



The following pets are looking for new homes at the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA!

6 AnimalFare Summer 2011

AnimalFare Summer 2011 7

Photo: Jen Petit


Pointer/Pit Bull Mix

Age: 1 1/2 years / Sex: Female

Adoption Fee: $105

Identification #: 51726

Campus Location: Sherman Campus

Matilda is a lovable entertainer! She

is an upbeat, spirited dog who hopes to

find an active family to call her own!

Her idea of the perfect day would be

non-stop fetch with her favorite people

friends, snuggling and getting all the

tummy rubs she can. Matilda is happy

playing with or without her human

companions. She is looking for a home

with older children, with or without

other dogs, and lots of love.

Baby Kitty


Age: 10 years / Sex: Female

Adoption Fee: $55

Identification #: 41494

Campus Location: Gaines Campus

Baby Kitty is a quiet, sweet and social

gal who can’t wait to go home with a new

family. Her favorite pastimes include

relaxing, snuggling and playing with

strings. Her easy going personality makes

her a joy for everyone to be around,

especially other feline friends. Baby

Kitty likes to stay close to her human

companions. She is curious about the

outside world, but is most comfortable in

the safety of her own home.

Photo: Jen Petit

Daizy & Widget

Dutch Mix

Age: 2 years / Sex: Female

Adoption Fee: $85 both

Identification #: 44962 / 44913

Campus Location: North Campus

Summer Animal Adventure Camp 2011

Gaines Campus: June 27-August 5, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

North Campus: August 8-12, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Daizy and Widget are what we call a

“bonded pair.” This means that they are

much happier together than apart and

we want them to find a home together.

These two beauties are easy going, mellow

and super sweet! Even though they enjoy

their togetherness, they still enjoy human

interaction. They have great litter box

skills and appreciate a clean home. Daizy

and Widget will do best in a less active

home, which appreciates their calm nature.


for Kids

Kids will have fun interacting with animals

while learning compassion and respect for all

living beings.



register or receive more information, call the

Education Department at (619) 243-3432 or


Please call for information on ages and rates.

Photo: Jen Petit


Every Animal’s

Unique Story

Paloma’s face was larger than the width of her body

and her muscles were enormous (she sort of looked

like the hulk in fur). A strong, heavy-set Pit Bull, she

came to the San Diego Humane Society after being hit by a

car. It was a long journey to recovery for this resilient girl,

involving lots of tender care from our Veterinary team, staff

and volunteers. When Paloma became available for adoption,

one couldn’t help but notice her gentle nature, despite her

muscular build. She wagged her tail with a force that moved

her entire body like she was the happiest soul alive. She

took treats with her tongue from the palm of your hand. As

a result of the accident, one front leg was slightly shorter


Pit Bull Terrier



This sweet girl can be a

little shy at first but warms

up as she gets to know

you. Snowflake is becoming

increasingly comfortable with

the world around her, truly

coming out of her shell. She

will do best with a breedexperienced

family and as

the only pet in the home.

Adoption Fee is $105.

Photo: Elkie Wills

than the rest so she walked with this adorable strut, this

irresistible wiggle, as the rest of her body swayed back and

forth behind her.

Every animal that comes into our care has their own story

… their own likes and dislikes, quirks and personalities.

Many animals come to us as strays. While they can’t tell

us in words what has happened to them, their presentday

behaviors are often a good indication of their past

experiences. That’s why our expert Behavior and Training

team uses every interaction with our animals as if it is an

“interview”, an opportunity to learn the most we possibly can

about them and their unique needs.

Sometimes our Behavior and Training team finds that

an animal’s current behavior conveys some of their past or

life story. An animal that had a negative experience with a

person in a white shirt, for example, may tuck its tail every

time he comes across a white shirt. An animal that has been

encouraged to jump and get excited will show lots of energy

when you walk into the room. An animal that has been

abused or neglected might be fearful of new faces and places.

In most cases, these behaviors can be improved with constant

positive reinforcement and a specialized training plan,

which our trainers establish and implement for each animal

struggling with specific issues like stress, fear, reactivity and


What a dog learns in the first four months of life (sights,

sounds, situations) determines much of what he or she

considers normal or “not scary”. Yet, it is inaccurate to

say that an animal’s behavior is determined just by its


Pit Bull Terrier



This handsome guy is very

affectionate and absolutely

loves human companionship.

He loves long walks in the

great outdoors, squeaky

toys, cuddle-time, car rides

and playing with other dogs!

Tiger is more comfortable

around women than men,

but will do well in a variety

of homes. Adoption Fee is


8 AnimalFare Summer 2011

AnimalFare Summer 2011 9

Photo: Jen Petit

past experience. It is also incorrect to say that an animal’s

behavior is determined only by its breed. In reality, it is

actually a culmination of factors which contribute to an

animal’s behavior, which may include:

Breed specific characteristics that were selected over

countless generations

Individual variation that occurs in each litter and


Hormonal influences (pre- and postnatal)

Early socialization and habituation (approximately

age 2-weeks to 16-weeks-old)

And each and every interaction or encounter will

allow him or her to learn more about the world,

setting expectations for all encounters that follow.

Honoring the unique personality and

needs of every animal in our care, rather

than generalizing or making stereotypical

assumptions, is vital to the San Diego

Humane Society’s success.

Dr. Petra Mertens is a Certified Applied Animal

Behaviorist and a Diplomat of the Veterinary Behavior

Specialty Colleges in the U.S. and Europe, making her one of

only three in the world to hold both distinctions. Dr. Mertens

leads our Behavior and Training Department and carefully


Pit Bull Terrier



This gentle, gorgeous gal

can’t wait to find a family

she’ll surely love with all her

heart. She’ll do great in a

variety of homes, including a

home with children and other

animals. Lola loves to get

her exercise, hang out with

her favorite people friends

and play games with her toys.

Adoption Fee is $105.

customizes individual plans for our animals to overcome

issues such as fearfulness and fear of people, high arousal

or litter box issues. In her experience, it is inaccurate to say

“Pit Bulls are this way and Poodles are that way”. Every

dog is unique and different, a result of varying factors.

While Dr. Mertens recognizes that there are certain breed

characteristics which may influence an animal’s behavior,

this is only one piece of the puzzle that contributes to their

overall personality.

Honoring the unique personality and needs of every

animal in our care, rather than generalizing or making

stereotypical assumptions, is vital to the San Diego

Humane Society’s success. The more we understand an

animal’s individual behavior, the better we can determine

the environment and kind of home that will best suit them

in the future. For example, if the animal is fearful or very

energetic, we might recommend an adults-only home. Some

dogs do better with another dog in the family, and others

would prefer to be the only pet. Our trainers provide this

information in consultations to help families understand

and successfully support the new family member they are

welcoming home. As a result, we have one of the lowest

adoption return rates in the country.

In the end, it is our goal to give Paloma the best home for

Paloma, Fluffy the best home for Fluffy and Jack the best

home for Jack. We accomplish this by getting to know our

animals individually and helping them to find families that

will lovingly do the same.

Photo: Jen Petit


Staffordshire Pit Bull Terrier



This love-bug has shined on

the local news, participated

in dog play groups and wins

over the hearts of everyone

she meets. She’s looking

for an adults-only home and

would do great with other

large dogs. Adoption Fee is


Photo: Leslie Wallace




of Love

Have you ever tossed a pebble

into a lake when the water

was completely calm?

Although the pebble is small, the effect

is large. From that tiny plop, ripples

spread in all directions. The distance

those ripples extend is beyond what we

can see. One tiny pebble can sometimes

have a limitless impact.

Four week old kittens Jack,

Joey and Johnny get ready for

their bath.

Since opening in 2009, the ripples of our Paws Nursery

have stretched further than could have been imagined,

and are only continuing to expand. Just one of these

ripples generated by Paws is “Trip”.

Trip (pictured below) is a tiny kitten that came to

the Paws Nursery after he was hit by a

car when he was only seven weeks

old. “Trip was very weak and a bit

anxious when we first brought

him to the Nursery,” recalls

Jenny Bonomini, Paws Nursery

Coordinator. “Vet staff examined

him upon intake and determined

that his prognosis was poor and

his neurological injuries may not be


Trip had extensive neurological damage and he had no

use of his right hind leg. Due to the extent of the damage,

Trip’s leg would most likely need to be amputated. Before

jumping to such an extreme decision, the Paws Nursery

and Veterinary teams decided to first explore every option.

Together they spent countless hours on physical therapy for

Trip’s leg in hopes that it would make a small difference.

“We weren’t sure if the physical therapy was going to help

but I wasn’t going to give up on him,” said Bonomini. “Trip

lived in my office and spent most of his time sleeping on

my lap, so I was giving Trip foot rubs while returning

emails. He certainly made an impact on me.”

In the following weeks, Trip proved to be as tough as

they come and showed slow but steady improvement. He

gradually began gaining movement in his leg and even

tried climbing out of his exercise pen! After about a month

Kittens in Paws Nursery are

bottle fed every two hours by

a specially trained caregiver.


The Ripple Effect: The spreading effects experienced as the

result of a single event.

of physical therapy and the unwavering dedication of the Paws

Nursery and Veterinary teams, Trip had full use of his leg

and made a complete recovery. Today, Trip is a fun-loving and

charismatic kitten. He has been adopted by a loving family where

he gets plenty of affection and belly rubs.

While the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA has not

had to euthanize a healthy or treatable animal in more than

ten years, other area shelters have not been as fortunate due to

a lack of space and resources, which is where the vision of the

Paws Nursery first derived. Trip came to us as a transfer from

another shelter that did not have the time and resources to give

him the care that he needed after being hit by a car. It is Trip

and the countless other kittens or “ripples” that represent the

mission behind the Paws to Success Program, which launched

in 2009 thanks to a generous donation from the estate of San

Diego resident Edith Hakes.

Paws opened in 2009 with the goal of ending the euthanasia

of treatable animals across all shelters in San Diego. After

a year of research, it was found that neonatal kittens were

overwhelmingly the largest population of treatable animals

that are euthanized. That’s where the Paws Nursery began

providing around-the-clock care to these delicate kittens during

the most vulnerable period of their life.

Since its opening, Paws continues to grow and thrive at an

amazing and gratifying rate. In 2009 the Paws Nursery cared

for more than 600 kittens, which were all transferred from

animal shelters around San Diego County. In 2010, nearly 700

kittens were cared for at Paws, which included transfers from

other shelters and stray kittens from our North Campus. Even

more growth is in store for 2011. Paws is expected to broaden

its reach across San Diego County with the opening of a second

nursery at our new campus in Oceanside.

This second 24-hour care nursery will allow us to house even

more neonatal kittens across a broader span of San Diego and

North County, in order to help our San Diego Animal Welfare

Coalition (SDAWC) partners to an even greater extent. In

addition to taking in orphaned kittens under eight weeks old,

the Oceanside Paws Nursery will be able to also accommodate

mother cats and their litters. This represents a very sensitive

period for a mother cat and the Paws caretakers are being

trained extensively on how to accommodate those special needs.

Paws Nursery has made tremendous growth in the two

years that is has been open, and continues to pave the way for

other shelters to model. “My goal is for Paws to continue to be

cutting edge in kitten care,” said Bonomini. “Paws is unlike

anything else in the world. My hope is that other shelters will

also use our knowledge and experience to develop their own

Toby, a playful three

week old kitten,

poses while he plays

with his favorite toys.

kitten nurseries so that euthanasia numbers will continue to

drop nationwide each year.”

Step two in the three-pronged Paws to Success Program is the

hiring of a certified behaviorist to assist participating shelters,

at no cost to them, with developing new or existing behavior

programs so that they can also reach the goal of not having to

euthanize any healthy or treatable animals. This position was

not an easy one to fill and it took a lot of searching to find just the

right candidate. That person is Dr. Petra Mertens. Dr. Mertens is

a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists as

well as the European College of Veterinary Behavior Medicine and

a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, making her one of only

three in the world with her credentials.

“Dr. Mertens is extremely qualified and dedicated, which

will provide San Diego animal shelters with access to highly

specialized advice that very few are privileged to have,” said Renee

Harris, Executive Vice President. “Dr. Mertens’ contributions will

be monumental in reaching our goal of eliminating or greatly

reducing the need to euthanize treatable animals in San Diego

area shelters.” To read more about Dr. Mertens and her role at the

San Diego Humane Society, please see page 8.

As we continue on our Paws to Success journey, we are

continuously reminded that the ripples of one single mission,

one pebble dropped into a still lake, can be carried further than

the eye can see. Those ripples leave more of an impact than ever

thought possible. It is thanks to the generous support of the

community, diligent effort by staff and volunteers, big dreams,

and endless love that make it possible for the San Diego Humane

Society to continue to drop these precious pebbles and let the

ripples stretch.

To see the Paws Nursery and hear more from Nursery Coordinator,

Jenny Bonomini, please see our Behind the Scenes video at

AnimalFare Summer Spring 2011

Photo: Leslie Wallace


Gifts of Love

Gifts of Love Tribute and memorial donations are a special way to remember and honor loved ones and pets. A card will be sent

to whomever you ask us to notify. The following memorial and tribute gifts were received between January 16, 2011 and April 15,

2011. To make a Gift of Love or for more information, call (619) 299-7012 x2276 or email

In Memory of People

Bryan W. Amiano

Dave Howe & Joby Hanford

Barbara & Molly

William Feeney

Edith Basinger

Richard Trackler

Kevin M. Birse

Charles Bailey

Ione Higgins

William & Lisa Saputo

Mr. & Mrs. Vere Van Keuren, Jr.

Kathy Boschen

Patricia Berkebile

Judy Brandt

Ginger Sarmento

Beth Bright

Coralie Thomson

Hal Brodigan

Artie & Sheri Martinez

Delma Brodsky

Eleanor Winokur

Brooks & Dakota

Sondie Callaway

Barbara Browning

Suzanne Levonian

Donna Niemeier

Rozella Bryant

Phillip Gleason

Helen Call

Marleta & Doug McFarlane

Brooks Callaway

Martha Burnett

Donna Carver

Dianne Smalligan

Dollie Colvin

Phebe Brown

Winston Copeland

Sheila Snell

Colleen Crowson

Mary Magana

Joe & Jane Tody

Tom Curry

Pilgrim Creek Estates HOA

Francis Cushing

Sean O’Keefe

Lt. Col. Frank Cushing

Gen. & Mrs. John K. Davis

In Memory Of


Hugh Daley

James & Alice Baker

Beverly Berwick & David Hunter

Betty Brock

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Chvatal

Fred & Sid Dalby

James, Jean & Grant Daley

Ann & Jeff Davis

Ruth Dumond

Jacqueline Glascock

Norman & Bobby Greene

Joan Gump

The Hager-Carbonara Family

Joyce Johnson

Jean & Paul Krampe

Dana & Robert Matorin

Olga Nedd

Arlette Parini

Rebecca & Vincent Scotti

Jean Spengel, DVM

Bob Steinberg

Mary Anne Stro

Michele Stuart

Al & Shirley Swanson

Vivian Williams

Dana’s Father

Jessica Reed-Cancel

Sam Day

Lisa Mercer

Josephine Dedina

Christel Rice

Irma Cruz Desselle

Marcia Kirk

Dick Dickmann

Roma Vickers

Mary E. Dukelow

Carol Rueger

Maria Elam

Jeanne Larson

Gary Fant

Bernice Fant

Marta Lynn Figueroa

The Allen Family

Sharon Beach

Lori Copeland

Gloria Donichy

Kimberly Goosa

Cynthia Jung

Joan Sturgeon

Tom Finley

Mary Hayward

In Memory Of


Mandy Fishman

Marilyn & David Kirschen

Clare Fraenzl

Tony & Debbie Reed

Frank Thomas Franco, Jr.

Stan & Rosanne Crooke

Peggy Ann Dice

Robert John Fera

Terry Goldfarb

Jim Reed

Sara Gaston

Salient Federal-SGIS Inc.

Bob Griffin

Marilyn Cummings

Michael Joseph Guarnotta

Lindsey & Jim Wanner

John Michael Hanks

Peggy Ann Dice

Jerry Harris

Steven Gennaro & Wayne


Ted Hubbard

The Allison Family

Robert Baracz

Gabe & Kine Benrubi

Mark Ehredt

Polina Frazier

Gail Ann Glutting

Mary Grosshuesch

Timothy & Kathleen Hubbard

Pamela & Jeffrey Jarvis

Marrokal Design & Remodeling

Lori McMorran

Indy Newsom

The Nissen Family

Blanche Kathleen Sanchez

Richard & Blanca Sereno

Judi Ann Shattuck

Diane & Herb Spencer

Kim Stouffer

Alan Suchodolski

Diane Tapfer

Joseph Timko

Bob & Carolyn Traylor

Sue Varga

Ann & Ron White

Clark Willits


Christine Garwick-Foley

Jane Ottenstein’s Father

Mark & Anne Gleischman

In Memory Of


Clara E. “Betty” Jensen

Robert & Michelle Reinert

Alan Jewett

Harvey Jewett

Robert Johnson

Susan & Michael Henry

Molly Kinnaird Johnston

June Bonn

Michelle Ann Kiehn

Carol Fast

Ed Hall

Miriam Rose Kiely

Dan Kiely

Roger Kleid

Jacquelyne Silver

Donn Kobernick

Wally & Nanni Feurzeig

Ken & Gerry Freed & family

Diane & Chuck Goldberg

Kim Freed & Mark Kaplan

Dr. Robert & Linda Gordon

Joanne Moss

Bobbi & Mike Witte

Geoffrey D. Kregg

Stephen & Patricia Wheeler

Gerry Lee

Laurie Boswell

Thomas Lee

Mr. & Mrs. Dominick Castorini

Marilyn Leo

Kristine & Gary Press

James Messineo

Triumph Sports Car Club of San


Dolores J. Miller

Donald J. Miller, Sr.

Sandra Morales

Allison Price

Carolee Morgan

CNAP Comptroller Coworkers

Dr. Hugh Norris

Robyn Kendall

Donna Padasdao

Employees of Shaw


Paula Daily

Jason Parker

Stephen & Barbara Cord

Barbara Petit

Brian & Pat Armstrong


Betty Feinberg

Ed Quinn

Cheryl Quinn

Arlene Rachmilovich

Ivarene Wolfe

Sally Reicher

Reola Rampone

Roanne Shamsky

The Mitchell Family

Bernarr H. Shelton, Jr.

Arlene Brittain

Katie Brittain

Mr. & Mrs. Louis Rossner

Walden Shelton

George Shkidt

Lydia Tannarome

Evelyn Silberman

Sonya & Henry Kowalski

Barbara Lappin

Trudy Simpson

Cathie Waldien

Deborah Skinner

Janet Lee Haeger

John L. Slade

Anne Kuykendall

Everett “Bud” Spohn

Diedre & Elena Caesar

Angela Rauzi

Vista Del Cerro TCA

John & Linda West

Sierra Stachelek

Chris Formo

Robert E. Stadge

Jerral & Margaret Miles

Douglas Walker & Joseph Brooks

Christopher Start & Booge


Christine Start & Mary Grimes

Cliff Stewart

Nancy Dauenhauer

Phyllis Storm

Beverly Laing

Colleen Tabackman

Manny Tabackman

Twylla Talley

Nancy McKinnon

Joe Thomas





Beth R.









Karen W.






Jack Timmons

Dell & Cart Schroeder

Marge Turner

Joanne & Rick Akers

Jewel Walden

Dan & Patti Quick

Randall Smythe

Jennifer Woodward

Debbie & Chris Benson

In Memory of Pets

Abby (Colleen Gray)

Patricia Langer


Chris Riggs-Sabator


Irene Hilga Hauner

Allie (Kevin Tilden & Philip


Don & Wendy Telford

Amber Rose

Lori Reilly


Carol & Roberto Tacchi

Annabelle (Karla Kratz)

Matthew & Katherine Nowak

Annie (Chip & Nancy Hatch)

Lauri Gregg

Annie (Mr. & Mrs. Fred Maxwell)

Galen & Maureen Hansen


Jenniffer Woodson

Avery (Nikki Van Winkle)

The Dogs on the Run

Bailey (Anne Purnell)

David Rifkin


Sharon Schubert

Beau (Sheryl Wagner)

Allie & Christian Wagner


Richard Stewart

Birch (Mr. & Mrs. John Dorsey)

Joan & Dick Bivin

Blue (Kevin, Morgan & Landon


Barry & Katherine Black

Bobbi’s Boys

Carole Taris


Joan Strickland


Elizabeth Kuklis


Maya Meyer

Brandi (Mr. & Mrs. Ed Alexander)

Marie Cathey

Marci Walker


Judith Muñoz


Georgette Fleet

Buddy (Bonnie Saichek)

The Dogs on the Run team


Sian Arndt

Callie the Cat (Patty & Don


Marina Sterling

Candy & Lady Hilary

Judith Crown

Candy Cane (Minerva

Casayuran & family)

Sue Rose

Casey Moran (Judy Moran)

Sue Goulet


Jan & Lee Nottebaum

Charlie (Lorelei & David Lemme)

Susie Vidrih

Charlie (Robin & Linda Varian)

Barbara Vaughan

Charlie & Blanca

Sherry Van Sickle


Ginger Sarmento


Nancy Ellis

ChiChi (The Crivello Family)

Susan Davis

Chocko Hennum

Edward Hennum


Michael Popcke

Cookie (The Kightlinger Family)

Brian Owen & Tim Phelps

Copper (Robin Stone)

Bill Black


Carole Rusie


Pamela Fisher


Diann Morgan

Daisy Borg (Karen Phillips)

Betsy Sanders

Dallas Simms (The Simms Family)

Ann Sixtus


Richard & Debra Kremer


Jack Wagner, Jr.

Demi Moore (Wanita Moore)

Galen & Maureen Hansen


James & Barbara Robinson

Diego Vargas

Mark Johnson

Digger (Bill & Toby Rogers)

Catherine Carmody


Betty Collier


Melanie Heisey


Barbara Pflaum


Etta Rakoczy

Dutch (Jackie Morris)

Debby Mack


Dione Rubio


Rosemary Campbell

Emily (David & Sharon Bristow)

Vivianne Villanueva


Susan Beinke

Evee (Mr. & Mrs. Ed Elevatorski)

Debby & Albert Mack


Mazella Gwynn

Frankie & PK (The Rains


Patricia McGrimley


Lawrence Greenfield


Gray Church

Freeway (Tracey Temp)

Joanna & Gene Barnyak


Claire Neurath

Gitana & Brownie

Sally Thomas

Gnocchi (Michele Cavin)

Andrea & Dave McKeon


Karen Hayse

Gracie (The Plouff Family)

Marjorie Marks


Gigi Demarie

Guinness (The Deatrick Family)

Elkie Wills

Gussy & Gracie

Patricia McCormick

Haley (Yoli Escobar)

Steven Ferreira & Kelsey Moon

Heidi (Margaret McKeon)

Elizabeth Martin

Hogan Sardina (The Sardina


Sarah Sardina

Jackson & Gypsy

David Whipple


James Warner

Jake (The Baldwin Family)

Debra Spencer

Jake & Domino

Carla Anderson

Jasper (Rodney & Sue Hebert)

Richard Fiorita

Jayce (The Finster Family)

Cart & Dell Schroeder

Jazmine Cummins (The

Cummins Family)

Alba Ghiorse

Jessie (The Cox Family)

The Price Family

Jester (Dave & Annette McGinty)

Jill & Carl Dattel

Jewel Bleakley

Laura Bleakley


Carla & Jack Pickett

Joey (Janet Gladwin)

Merrie Lamb

Joshua & Mr. Lucky

Ursula Genz


Veronica Rofkar

June (Dr.’s Pamela & Dennis


Susan Olsen

In Memory Of


Mark Cavender

Katie (Dorothy Plum)

Barbara Vaughan


Arlene Margulis


Elenor Stenzel


Rose Marie Schmidt


Helen Westfall

Kitty Cat

Mike & Donna Howerton

Kitty Donovan

Suzanne Masheeco

Kitty Kong

Sheila Mielkey


Jessica McClure


Jacqueline Hatcher

Kron (Teresa Albert & Ira


Shawn Laird

Krysta (The Rose Family)

The Silverman Family


Susan Bennett

Liesel Beutel (Patricia Beutel)

Dawn & Phil Cox

Lily (Daniel & Gail Bergquist)

Nancy Birch

Lily (The Strauss Family)

Candy Karas


Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Chace

Lola (Bev & John Peacock)

Norine & George McCall

Lola Rose (Clara Martinez)

Robert Haas

Louie (Kathy & Lenny Serrano)

Terri Blakley & Mark Reynolds


Paula Bryant

Lucy (Heather Lamberson &

Lori James)

June Andrews


Melonee Stringari


Janice Boss

Malcolm (Libby Lucas)

The Dogs on the Run team

Mammoth Lockhart (Sue,

Andrew & Megan Lockhart)

Eleanor Wiemers

Mason (Tammy Keeline)

The Dogs on the Run

Max (Mr. & Mrs. Craighead &


Catherine Waldien

Max (Doug & Theresa Johnston)

Willi Sims

Max Skelly (Lisa Skelly)

Jane Rieger

Maya & Pearl

Kathryn Moore-Johnson

Meggie (Amy & Alan Buck)

Leanne White


Sheri Comaroto

Mickey Mouse

Ginny Aikins


Emma & Leo Zuckerman


Janine Johnson

Millie & Daisy

Clifford & Lottie Simpson

MiMi & Bg Hajec

Charlotte Hajec

Miss Ella (Barbara Paddock)

Joan & David Little


Pauline Farkas

Mo (Veronica Moore & family)

Susie, Robert, Jesse & Jake DeLacy


Judy Francis


Rose Mary Cech

Monty, Houdini & Nala

Mary Wears


Amy Marshall


Stacey Gibson

Muffin (Ed & Betty Wiesmeier)

Chris Ficara

Mustache (Melodee Arnold)

Eric Pilmore

Nam (Barbara Smith)

Chris Smith


James Blan

Nico’s Great Dane

Rita Allen

12 AnimalFare Summer 2011

AnimalFare Summer 2011 13


In Memory Of


Gifts of Love


Christine Laurino


Frank Johnston

Oscar (Frances Hunter)

Ann Hunter-Welborn

Otto (David Johnson & Tim


Marci Walker

Otto von Bismark (David

Johnson & Tim Ramsey)

Marie & Marc Cathay

Patch Luna (E. Luna-Steen)

Elizabeth Luna

Payton & Apollo

Lynette Baker


Scott Brummitt


Patricia & Kent Foster

Pinky, Buddy & Sheba

Kathy Payne

Pitty Pat

Evelyn Clark

PJ (Lee Miller)

Julie Conserva

PJ Sullivan

Jean Sullivan


Marisa Pache

Precious Alice (Nani Knowles)

Barbie Newman

Pretty Kitty aka Bear (June


Arthur Sweeney & Jerrell Bates


Edie Allen-Smith


Ashley Southworth


Donald Starr

Raffles (The DeBello Family)

Marcie Rothman

Red, Rudy & Newman (Tom &

Heather King)

Robin Riggs


Nancy Moon


Laura Morkan


Joane Brown

In Memory Of


Riley Di Ferdinando

Dana Di Ferdinando

C. Perry


Fern Gordon


Tim Gibbons


Eric Elmquist


John Soisson

Rusty (Mark & Robin Catone)

The Dogs on the Run team

Sam & Cuchi

John Batson

Sam & Sandy

Frank Grana


Sharon Baker


Robert C. Miller & Diane Tinelli


Sarah Wolgast (Michael &

Kathy Wolgast)

Beth Keller

Sasha, Belle & Buffy

Cindy Plunkett

Satchel (Diane & Christopher


The Dogs on the Run team


Mr. & Mrs. Wolfgang Moeller

Scratchy Brown

Susan Grisafi


Donald Scherzi


Dail & Marie Slingsby


Barbara Lucero


Karen Frongello

Shep & Baxter

David French


Kathyn Chamblin


Barbara Soper

Sir Peter (Georgia Harris)

Betty Harris

Skippy, Sparky, Brownie & Lee

Sally Thomas

In Memory Of


Snickers the Pony (Chris,

Nikki, Tori & Tanner)

Sandie Hughes


Franciska Ritchey

Solo (Kyle Belding)

Sandra Arledge

Sophie (Donna Pineda)

Sandra Arledge


Joyce & Nash Carter


Karen Dicken


Kareem Cavazos


Cathy Torres

Spike & Lucy

Sally Thomas


Deborah Cornsweet

Stanley (Tom & Julie Rizzuti)

Bob & Kim Rizzuti

Stanley, Spankey, Sophia,

Sadie, Buster & Tama (Terry

& Jerry Newfield)

Marrokal Design & Remodeling

Suzy Q (Teri Simas & family)

Kelsey Moon & Steven Ferreira

Sweetie (Priscilla Murphy)

Susanne Gleason

Sydney (Mike & Kelly Maguire)

Margie Flickinger


Jean Linklater

Taffy (Ruth Fletcher)

Mary Henrikson

Tai & Rhu (Nelda Jones)

Dr. Patricia Ungar

Tanya & Lacy

Betty Myers


Stacy Anastasio

Teddy (Pam & John Stephens)

Barbara Hudson

Tedi Bear, Humbug,

Shakespeare, Pepper,

Lucky & Jewell

Stephen & Pamela Sablack

Theo (Kyle Belding)

Sandra Arledge


Randy West

Toby (Garrett Bruhn)

Marcie Rothman


Walton Scott

Trooper (Kathy Taylor & Jerry


Enid & Don Larsen

Tulip (Kristin MacDonald)

Annie Petersen

Marjorie Stewart

Stacey Zeitlin

Tuxedo Walker (Marci Walker)

Marie Cathey


Jessie Dalton


Wallace Rick

Viola (Annie & Roger Petersen)

Stacey Zeitlin

Woody (Pat Nevling)

Bernard McDonald


Luis Avina


Carol Drwal

Yogi (The Kolombatovic Family)

Amy Triba


Rita Allen

Zoe & Chloe

Amy Dawson

Zooey (Craig Lauer)

Barbara Lauer


Anne Lilleberg


Monika Crawford

In Honor of People

Julie Anderson

John & Lori Wyman

Josephine & Jack Anderson’s


JoAnna & James Kelly

Louis & Marilyn Lepore


Patty & Tom Rubino

Clara Balingit’s birthday

Erin Lassiter

Heidi Beintema

Kathryn McCormack

Bonnie Biggs

Barbara Mizrahi

Elliot Bishop’s 21 st birthday

Thomas & Karen Bishop

Kathy Boyer

Deanna Shipley

Scott Campbell & Laura

Fidler’s wedding

June McKenzie & Jasper

Ava Clem

Joseph Clem & Richard Barry

Scott Dveris’ birthday

Malcolm Avner

Equine Veterinary Services

Susan Brooks

Debby & Howard Falberg’s


Harry & Margie Cadelago

Mishel Fletcher’s birthday

Rachel Shemirani

Donna Geiler’s birthday

Gertrud Beach

Laurie Grant

Mary Grant

Salma Headley

Ginger Headley

Robin Hennequin

Karen Hennequin

Dan Huling

Deanna Hasselmann

Brenda Hummell’s 60th birthday

Byron & Melanie Lynn

Julie Hurst’s birthday

Dana Jones

Sally Kloman’s birthday

Jacquilin Benson

Heidi Deux La Pierre

Carolyn & Dexter La Pierre

Karen Ladner

Creative Capital Management, Inc.

Robert E. Larsson, DVM

Sally Thomas

Cora Lawson’s birthday

Kim Hundley


Nancy Holder

Chris Maltby’s birthday

Alca Dillon

Carolyn Marquez

Rita McClennahan

Mike & Carrie

Nahla Humes

Carol Neer’s birthday

Julie Neer

Isabel Nerenberg’s Bat


Jennifer Weise

Phil Pace’s birthday

Steve & Hilda Thompson

Patricia Palafox’s birthday

Cathy Golden

Karen Penix

Steve Penix

Christine Penrod’s birthday

Mac & Sarita Eaton

Madeleine Pickens’ birthday

Mac & Sarita Eaton

Holly Poffenroth

Esther Waxman

Bob & Jane Ross

Jane Valentino

Paula G. Ruiz

Laura Ruiz

Jose Luis Sanchez

Ethel Perretta

Isaac Saville

Michael Wayne Saville

Sam Saville

Michael Wayne Saville

Sarah Schnell

Ben Turner

Ellen Scott

Fern & Lee Siegel

SDHS Pet Loss Support Group

Sally Thomas

SDHS Veterinary Medicine


Sally Thomas

Barbara Smith

Christopher Smith

Barry Snyder & Allie

Gerald Snyder

Rose Spatzal’s birthday

Edie Allen-Smith

Bella Theodorakis’ birthday

Catherine Forsthoefel

Jean Timmons

Dell & Cart Schroeder

Bob Wallace & Sam

Estate of Ginger Wallace

Ashley Whalen’s birthday

Debra Lynn Arbogast

Alvina Word

Irene Hilga Hauner

In Honor of Pets

Aloha & Molokai

Patty Provencio


Lindsay Goodman


Linda Feely


Charline & Charles Olsen


Ginese Quann

Beagle Bailey

Sandra Wiebe


Kim Vetter


Linda Perrino


Melissa Offutt


Renee Pugh

Bella & Luna

Cathy Spramelli

Bella’s 11th birthday (Nancy


Tricia Brownlee

Charlene Higgs

Micki Santos

Kati Wan


Susan Brooks


Rebecca Morales


Pauline Gouin

Boochee Boo’s 14th birthday

Susan Haskin


Shawn Pollard


Dorothy Harmon


Benjamin Mandaro

Cleo & Meow-Meow

Maria Silverstein


Christy Cooper

Crackerjack & Tatum

Jana Hilliar

Daisy, Maxxen & Hudini

Nobu Tanaka

Destiny & Buddy

Kristin Sims


Michelle Brubaker


Karen Houghton


Patricia Stines


Terri Rollins


Anuradha Sengupta


Kelsey Camp


Barbara Thompson


Mr. & Mrs. John L. Belletire


Amy Marshall


Martha Evans


Denise Seidel


Bernice Fant


Gudrun Osborn

Joey’s 13th birthday

Frances Owen


Susan Peterson


David Floyd


Drs. Steven & Ingrid Andree


Joy Timple

Kitty Lou’s 11th birthday

Lee Hsu

Jihong Lou

Lenalta & Hirschell

Louise Irwin


Sandra Joyce


Dewayne Mockus


Mary Benoit


Scott Goane


Marilyn Richards


Robyn Morton

Mama & Monster

Amanda Chambers

Matches & Munchkiss

Mary Russell


Yvonne Rose

Maximus Zarudny

Sherry Zarudny


Richard & Barbara Baskin

Mint & Honey

Janean Snyder

Mocha, Scar & Groucho

Donna Jantz


Kim Doyle


Steve Ruggles

Nen, Sugie & Sandy

Shirley Hill


Donna Warlick


Helen Farschon

Pipi & Cinnabon

Chantel Vastola Savio

Precious Ward Day

Kathleen Day


Kathy Diestel


Mark Cavender


The Vollmer Family

Romeo & Ebony

Patricia Geiselhart


Pat Brown


Camille Cloutier


Karen Frongeoo


Al Weiss


Bonita David


Lisa Woodall


Leslie Martes

Sunny & Sara (The Wheeler


Karen Giuggio


Florence Pinto


Barbara Hoffman


Albert Hamilton

The Dude aka Ninja

Melanie Pensa

In Memoriam


Susan Steinberger

Tuffy & Daisy

Judy Alexander

Wally (The Brady Family)

Jane Myers


Felicia Castillo

Wolf Face

Julie Moen

Wolfe Rocker

Nancy Rocker

Vet Memorials

Dr. Nancy Bushnell

Alaska (The Wright Family)

Bailey (Lori & Chris Walsh)

Chopper (Lindsay Turmelle)

Cleo (Sunshine Hernandez)

Cleo (Suzanne Sisler)

Corky (Denise Huggins)

Cuddles (The Edwards Family)

Maggie (Carol Gough)

Nugget (The Wagner Family)

Roxy (Cindy Mort)

Sienna (Erica Mason)

Sister (Lucy Hallock & Family)

Stormy (Leslie Anderson)

Timmy (Thomas & Sandra


Dr. Anthony Michael &

Dr. Bjorn Barré

Blue (Lance Luney)

Bongo (Heidi Lang)

Brillo (Anne Bleier)

Buddy (Lisa Harding)

Buddy (The Shimmin &

Salonius Family)

Buster (The Mershon Family)

Cher (Laura Fox-Williams)

Dina (Cassandra Gelvin)

Forbin (The Evans Family)

Fuzzy (The Pister Family)

Greta (The Ledyard Family)

Gus (Frank Jensen)

Hank (Judy Schrosk)

Howie (The Sexton & Hartman


Jack (Peter Morton)

Jenny (The Rabin Family)

Kiara (Naveen Waney)

Kramer (Lola Stice)

Lean (Matthew Wuest)

Leroy (Jill Finch & Xavier Zabal)

Lo-Mai (The Lawrence Family)

Lucie (The Guitton Family)

Lulu (The Gallacher Family)

Maggie (The Neilson Family)

Mee-Chan (John Latham)

Milo (Nancy Ellerman)

Molly (Kristine Teyssier)

Myles (The Kirschner Family)

Paddy (Allan Field)

Paifu (The Clyne Family)

Pippin (Jane Johnson)

Riley (Kathy Recordon)

Ron (The Allen Family)

Sally (Dawn Franklin)

Sami (Donise Howe)

Sammie (Toni Webb)

Shasta (The Nance Family)

Skipper (The Kutzner Family)

Spanky (Jeff Stuart)

Sydney (The Penn Family)

Walter (The Trieglaff Family)

Dr. Gerry Soifer

Agrise (Anne Davis)

Bubba (The Tverdoch Family)

Gumbo (The Krassny Family)

Jerry (The Leimkuehler Family)

Melody (Silena Brettelle)

Roxanne (Carol Elder)

Tucker (The Krammes Family)

Dr. Patricia Ungar

Chacho (Barbara Filner & Mike


Gifts from wills and trusts help to ensure that the Humane Society’s charitable

programs serving animals and people will be available long into the future. The

San Diego Humane Society and SPCA wishes to acknowledge, in memoriam,

recent gifts from the following individuals’ estates received between January 1

and March 16, 2011.

Helene M. Arnott

Helen S. Caradonna

Cecelia M. Collier

Luella Derwin

In Memory Of

14 AnimalFare Summer 2011

AnimalFare Summer 2011 15


Alexandra A. Grant

Willie N. Kistler

John and Jennie Newton

Helen Orin

In Memory Of


John L. Quigley

Ruth Schwartz

William S. Snyder

Victor W. Whallon and Elsie M. Whallon

Peace of Mind

With all the stresses and uncertainties we face, it’s nice to

know we can experience peace of mind regarding one of the most

important areas of life — our last will and testament and trust.

In this regard, peace of mind is . . .

Completing a Valid Will and/or Trust

Caring for Your Loved Ones

Creating a Legacy at the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA

a Valid Will

A valid will is one that conforms to the laws of your state, will

be acceptable to the probate court and accurately expresses your

wishes. A will form downloaded from the Internet or obtained

from a stationery store will hardly give you the peace of mind

you deserve. Something this important requires the professional

expertise of an estate-planning attorney.

Going through the decision process may seem like a daunting

task, but the end result is well worth the release from worry. You

can face the future knowing that your estate will be distributed

according to your wishes and by people that you trust.

Caring for Loved ones

Your last will and testament provides you with assurance

that you have made provisions for family members according

to their needs and your wishes. If something should happen to

you, they will be cared for. For example, if you have dependent

children, your will can name the guardians and provide trust

arrangements for education, health and other needs. Your will

Please complete and return this reply form.

Dear Friends at San Diego Humane Society and SPCA:

Please contact me/us at ( ) _________________________ so that

I can receive further information.

Please send me/us complimentary estate planning brochures and bequest


I/we have already provided for the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA

in my/our estate planning documents. Please send information about the

Humane Heritage Circle.

Name __________________________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________________

City ____________________________________ State ________ Zip ______________

Phone _________________________ Email ___________________________________

Mail this form to:

Nicole Angelucci, Director of Planned Giving

San Diego Humane Society and SPCA

5500 Gaines Street

San Diego, CA 92110

can also ensure that certain possessions go to the family members

you designate and that disbursements are made to benefit those

with special needs.

a Lasting Legacy

Your will can also direct your personal representative to set

aside a certain amount or a percentage of your estate to the

San Diego Humane Society and SPCA to help the animals in

our community. As the longest-running nonprofit in San Diego

County, the San Diego Humane Society has been serving our

community for more than 130 years, so you can rest assured

that your legacy gift is a safe investment in contributing to the

animals and people across San Diego County.

If you do not have peace of mind concerning your estate plan,

now is the time to act. Nicole Angelucci, our Director of Planned

Gifts and an attorney with a background in estate planning, is

here to help with any questions. Either reply with the form below,

or contact Nicole at (619) 243-3443 or

Nicole can also assist you if you would like to make a gift to the

San Diego Humane Society and SPCA through your will or trust.

If you have already provided for the San Diego Humane

Society and SPCA in your plans, we would like to add you as a

member of our Humane Heritage Circle, which celebrates those

who have established a legacy to help animals and people alike.

This recognition includes a special annual event and adding your

name to the donor wall in the main lobby.

Turn Your Vehicle

Into a Gift for Animals

Not running, smog-tested, or registered?

No problem. We can arrange free towing of your

car, boat, or motorcycle from anywhere in

San Diego, even on evenings or weekends.

(619) 243-3401 |



Cat and Dog Treats:

– Bonito flake cat treats

– Dog biscuits (e.g. Milk Bones)

– Natural Balance rolls

– Soft-type dog and cat treats

– Esbilac Puppy Milk Replacer (powdered)

For Behavior Training and Veterinary Use:

– Canned chicken

– Cheez Whiz

– Meat-flavored baby food

For Kitten Nursery:

– KMR Kitten Milk Replacer (powdered)

– Royal Canin dry kitten food

Purina One dog food (canned)

Purina One cat food (canned)

Toys/Enrichment Items:

New cat/kitten toys and scratchers

Plush dog toys

Dog Chew Toys:

– Nylabones

– Pig ears

– Pressed rawhide bones

– Bully sticks

Plastic and large inflatable children’s pool


Baby blankets

Bathmats with rubber backings

Cat litter (clumping and non-clumping)

Disposable plastic feeding trays*

Disposable puppy potty pads

Dog and cat grooming brushes and combs

Dog houses

Heating pads (electrical, non-automatic

shutoff type)

Grooming tool kit*

Facial tissue (white)

New, unused leashes, harnesses, and

collars (martingale or flat collars only)

Overhead trolley system for dogs

Snuggle Safe pet heating discs*

5’ shower pan liner


AA, AAA and D batteries

Assorted utensils


Cardstock, various weights and colors

Compressed air cans

Dawn dish soap


Digital currency counter*

Disinfecting wipes

Double-sided adhesive mounting squares

EZ Up/Quik Shade canopy tents*

Folding chairs

General office supplies (see website for


Thank You to Our Media Friends

Tune in to learn about the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA!

San Diego Union-Tribune

Pet of the Week (Thursdays in the Our

San Diego section)

adopt a Pet section (Quarterly)

San Diego Suburban Newspapers

Pet of the Week (Every Thursday in La

Jolla Light and Friday in the Del Mar

Times, Carmel Valley Leader, Solana

Beach Sun and Rancho Santa Fe Record)

North County Times

Pet of the Week (Thursdays in the

Local News section)

The Coast News

Pet of the Week (Every other Friday)

East County Gazette

Pet of the Week (Every Thursday)

Penny Saver

Pet of the Week (Every Tuesday)

Oceanside Magazine

Humane education (Twice annually)

KOCT Oceanside Update

Humane education and featured Pet


KFMB-TV Channel 8

Pet friends (Fridays at 6:50 a.m.)

KNBC-TV Channel 7/39

featured educational Topic (Monthly)

Lint rollers and refills

Paper towels

Party/non-denominational holiday

decorations (new)

Portable GPS Navigation system*

Pre-paid cell phones

Reflective safety vests

Tall one-door commercial merchandise


FRS two-way radios (cordless, with


Plastic trash bags (45 gallon or larger)

Ziploc bags

Gift Certificates/Cards to:

Grocery stores



Office Depot



local gas stations, restaurants, movie

theaters and bookstores

KUSI-TV Channel 9/51

Pet of the Week segment (Saturdays

at 8:40 a.m.)

Magic 92.5 FM

Jagger and Kristi’s Kritters segment

(First and Second Mondays each month

at 8:30 a.m.)

Pet of the Week (Weekly)

featured Pet (Monthly)

featured Pet (Weekly)

16 AnimalFare Summer 2011

AnimalFare Summer 2011 17


For more information about Wish List

items or information on how to donate,

please contact

or (619) 243-3401.

*please call for more details

Follow us on

Twitter and Facebook!

The following media outlets provide regular coverage on animals available for adoption, behavior training advice and other

information for the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA at no cost. For questions or comments on any of our media outreach

efforts, contact or call (619) 243-3437.


Your Pet

a Pin-Up!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your furry, feathered, or scaled friend a

star and guarantee them a spot in the 2012 San Diego Humane Society

and SPCA calendar!

By entering the 2012 “Make Your Pet a Pin-Up” Calendar Contest,

your pet is ensured inclusion as either a monthly winner, runner-up or in the

calendar’s collage pages, and best of all, you’ll also receive a free 2012 calendar!

All calendar proceeds support the San Diego Humane Society’s vital programs

and services for animals and people alike.

H entries are being accepted through august 31, 2011.

H Enter online at, or send in the form below.

H Pet photography tips and additional rules are also available at

2012 Calendar Entry Form

I’d like to enter _____________ pictures @ $25.00 each for the 2012 Calendar Contest.

o I am enclosing a check for $______________ o Please charge $______________to my VISA/MasterCard/AMEX

Account #: ____________________________________________________________Expiration Date:________________


Pet’s Name:

Your Name:



Home Phone: Cell Phone:

Email (optional):

MEOW MADNESS “PAW-parrazi is on the Prowl”

It can be a glamorous life being a cat, so we are dedicating the entire month of June to spotlight their every move, as they

so deserve. Here’s a sneak peek of just a few of the furrific festivities… Stay tuned for more information about how you can


During the month of June, we are working on a special promotion to receive a series of “behind

the scenes” videos of the kittens in our Paws Nursery – This promotion will be appropriately

called “Oh Baby!”

Inquiring minds want to know! What goes on in the feline world when they think

we aren’t looking? Catch your cat in the act with a paw-parazzi style photo and

gossip headline for a chance to win some fabulous prizes.

Take advantage of special discounts and offers on cat items from our retail

store and cat related workshops purchased during the month of June.

All cat fans will receive a discounted adoption fee of $30 and you can adopt

a second kitty buddy at no additional charge.

Please visit during the month of June for all of

the juicy details and breaking news on Meow Madness!

Please mail to:

2011 Calendar Contest Entry

San Diego Humane Society

5500 Gaines Street

San Diego, CA 92110

Would you like receive our

enewsletter “The Scoop”?

o Yes o No

Your donation is tax-deductible

as permitted by law. For more

information or additional entry

forms, call (619) 243-3401.


The following is a sampling of Humane Society classes, workshops and events occurring May 15 through July 31, 2011.

18 AnimalFare Summer 2011

AnimalFare Summer 2011 19


17 Moving on Up (first of five classes), 6:30-7:45 p.m., $69*

18 Tots and Tales, North Campus, 10:30 a.m., $3 per child

18 Advanced Training Class (first of five classes), 6:30-7:45 p.m., $69*

19 Home-school Lessons, 10:30 a.m.-12 p.m. (Animal/Service

Learning), 1-2:30 p.m. (Life Sciences), $7 per child per session

19 Happy Hour Lecture Series: Using Acupuncture and Medicinal

Herbs with Pets, 6:30-8 p.m., $12

20 Feisty Fido (first of five classes), 6:30-8 p.m., $249†

21 Puppy Support Group, 10:30-11:30 a.m., $35

21 Leash Walking Level 2, 9-10:30 a.m., $35*

24 Head Start (first of five classes), 6-7:15 p.m., 7:30-8:45 p.m., $69

26 Shy Dog (first of five classes), 6:30-7:45 p.m., $249†

27 Doggie Café, 6-8 p.m., $10

30 Humane society Closed for Memorial day Holiday


1 Puppy Fun Class (first of five classes), 1:30-3 p.m., $159

1 Pet Loss Support Group, 6:30 p.m., Free

2 Head Start (first of five classes), 1:30-2:45 p.m., $69

4 Puppy Support Group, 10:30-11:30 a.m., $35

4 Really Reliable Recall, 9-10:30 a.m., $35

5 Project KEPPT Vaccination Clinic, North Campus, 1-3 p.m.

8 Head Start (first of five classes), 6-7:15 p.m., 7:30-8:45 p.m., $69

10 San Diego Humane Society at San Diego County Fair, 11 a.m.-6 p.m.

11 Head Start (first of five classes), 9:30-10:45 a.m., 11 a.m.-12:15 p.m., $69

11 Leash Walking Level 1, 9-10:30 a.m., $35

11 Moving on Up (first of five classes), 3:30-4:45 p.m., $69*

14 Tots and Tales, 10:30 a.m., $3 per child

15 Tots and Tales, North Campus, 10:30 a.m., $3 per child

16 Foundation for Dog Sports (first of five classes), 6-7:15 p.m., $149*

16 Agility Obstacle Skills (first of five classes), 7:30-8:45 p.m., $149*

18 Leash Walking Level 2, 9-10:30 a.m., $35*

18 Puppy Support Group, 10:30-11:30 a.m., $35

18 Puppy Fun Class (first of five classes), 1:30-3 p.m., 3:30-5 p.m., $159

18 First Aid for Dogs and Cats, 1-5 p.m., $60

19 Puppy Fun Class (first of five classes), 2-3:30 p.m., $159

19 Head Start (first of five classes), 9:30-10:45 a.m., 11 a.m.-12:15 p.m., $69

21 How to Live Happily Ever After with Your Cat, 6:30–8 p.m., $35

22 Moving on Up (first of five classes), 6:30-7:45 p.m., $69*

24 Doggie Café, 6-8 p.m., $10

25 Really Reliable Recall, 9-10:30 a.m., $35

28 Moving on Up (first of five classes), 6:30-7:45 p.m., $69*

* Requires a prerequisite class.

† Requires a consultation prior to enrollment.


3 Project KEPPT Vaccination Clinic, North Campus, 1-3 p.m.

4 Humane society Closed for independence day Holiday

6 Pet Loss Support Group, 6:30 p.m., Free

7 Head Start (first of five classes), 1:30-2:45 p.m., $69

7 How to Live Happily Ever After with Your Dog, 6:30-8 p.m., $35

8 Clicker Training for Cats, 6:30-8 p.m., $35

9 Leash Walking Level 1, 9-10:30 a.m., $35

9 Puppy Support Group, 10:30-11:30 a.m., $35

11 Head Start (first of five classes), 6-7:15 p.m., 7:30-8:45 p.m., $69

13 Puppy Fun Class (first of five classes), 1:30-3 p.m., $159

14 Feisty Fido (first of five classes), 6:30-7:45 p.m., $249†

16 Leash Walking Level 2, 9-10:30 a.m., $35*

16 Pet Loss Support Group, 10 a.m., Free

16 Canine Good Citizen (first of seven classes), 1-2:15 p.m., $119*

20 Head Start (first of five classes), 6-7:15 p.m., 7:30-8:45 p.m., $69

21 Happy Hour Lecture Series: Planting with your Pooch, 6:30-8 p.m., $12

23 Really Reliable Recall, 9-10:30 a.m., $35

23 Puppy Support Group, 10:30-11:30 a.m., $35

23 Head Start (first of five classes), 9:30-10:45 a.m., 11 a.m.-12:15 p.m.,


23 Advanced Training Class (first of five classes), 3:30-4:45 p.m., $69*

28 Foundation for Dog Sports (first of six classes), 6-7:15 p.m., $149*

28 Agility Obstacle Skills (first of six classes), 7:30-8:45 p.m., $149*

29 Doggie Café, 6-8 p.m., $10

30 Puppy Fun Class (first of five classes), 1:30-3 p.m., 3:30-5 p.m., $159

30 Leash Walking Level 1, 9-10:30 a.m., $35

31 Head Start (first of five classes), 9:30-10:45 a.m., 11 a.m.-12:15 p.m.,


All events are held at 5500 Gaines Street and require pre-registration

or reservations unless otherwise noted. Please call (619) 299-7012 and

the extension listed to pre-register/reserve a space in a program, or

visit our website at for a full calendar of events.

Activities for Kids:

Home-school Lessons: ext. 2320; Tots and Tales: ext. 2251

Activities for Adults/Families:

Doggie Café: ext. 2230; Happy Hour Lecture Series and First Aid for

Dogs and Cats: ext. 2249; Pet Loss Support Group: ext. 2311

Behavior and Training Classes:

Advanced Training Class*, Agility Obstacle Skills*, Foundation for Dog

Sports*, Head Start, How to Live Happily Ever After with Your Dog,

Moving on Up*, Puppy Fun Class, Puppy Support Group, Shy Dog†:

ext. 2334; Canine Good Citizen*, Clicker Training for Cats, Feisty Fido†,

How to Live Happily Ever After with Your Cat/Dog, Leash Walking 1 & 2*,

Really Reliable Recall: ext. 2247

Project KEPPT Vaccination Clinic:

Call (619) 299-7012 ext. 2604 for more information about the Project

KEPPT programs and services.

5500 Gaines Street

San Diego, CA 92110-2572

North Campus

(for dogs)

2905 San Luis Rey Road

Oceanside, CA 92058

(for cats)

572 Airport Road

Oceanside, CA 92058

(619) 299-7012

Gaines Campus Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-7 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

Adoptions and Animal Viewing:

Monday-Friday, 11a.m.-6 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday, 11a.m.-5 p.m.

North Campus Hours of Operation:

Daily, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Adoptions and Animal Viewing:

Daily, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Change Service Requested


with thedogs

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

25 th Annual Fur Ball

Tickets are on sale now for San Diego’s

best dog-friendly gala.

- August 20, 2011 from 6pm to midnight-

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

You and your well mannered, on-leash doggie companion

are invited to a night of celebration under the stars.

Enjoy dancing, live entertainment and fine dining that

supports animals and vital community programs.

You won’t want to miss this exclusive event and the

chance to win one of our many fabulous auction and

raffle prizes, so reserve your seats today!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



(619) 243-3479 | SDHUMANE.ORG

Freeway & Galahad

Non-Profit Org.

U.S. Postage


San Diego, CA

Permit No. 331

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