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HEARSTCASTLEMorroBayPasoRobles• San SimeonCambria YORK1MOUNTAIN46W•Cayucos•10141••1•Avila BeachPismoBeach•San MiguelTempleton22746E41San Luis Obispo•• •PASO ROBLESEDNA VALLEYArroyoGrande101166Santa•Maria•OrcuttARROYO GRANDEVALLEYSANTA MARIAVALLEY581665San Luis Obispo,Santa Barbara &Ventura CountiesMILEAGE:•Lompoc1SANTARITAHILLS246BuelltonLosOlivos•Solvang• • •SANTAYNEZVALLEYCHUMASHCASINOSanta Ynez1545P a c i f i c O c e a n101SantaBarbara•15033150Ventura•23126Camarillo 118ThousandOaks• •Oxnard •1


WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK: CENTRAL COASTF E A T U R ES T O R Y 6O N T H EC O V E R 8W I N E M A K E RP R O F I L E 1 0P R E F E R R E DT A S T I N G R O O M 12B A C K R O A D SP A S O R O B L E S 224Wood WineryCarina CellarsBianchi Winery’sTom LanePozo Valley WineryVilla ValdemosaC E N T R A L C O A S T :P U B L I S H I N G E V E R Y O T H E R W E E K !F E B R U A R Y 5 , 2 0 0 9 • I S S U E 2 2 – V O L U M E 2ON THE COVERCarina Cellars . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8WINE COUNTRY NEWSWine Country Premier Dining . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11Wine Country Premier Accommodations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13Wine Country Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16-17PASO ROBLES WINERIES MAP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18SAN LUIS OBISPO WINERIES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24-25SANTA MARIA VALLEY WINERIES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26-27SOLVANG, LOS OLIVOS, SANTA YNEZ WINERIES MAP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28SANTA BARBARA WINERIES MAP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29VENTURA COUNTY WINERIES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30PERFECT PAIRS Jada 2006 Hell’s Kitchen Paired with Filet Mignon Crownedwith Artichoke Truffle Butter and Vegetable Sauté . . . . . . . . . 31LISTINGS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32-35ADVERSTISING/MARKETINGDIRECTORPUBLISHERMANAGING EDITORCALENDAR EDITOROFFICE MANAGEREDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORSS E R V I N G S A N L U I S O B I S P OS A N T A B A R B A R A & V E N T U R ASarah FlickingerSan Luis Obispo, CAPhone 805-252-5440centralcoast@winecountrythisweek.comDan ZimmermanDirect 707-938-3734dan@winecountrythisweek.comChandra GrantP.O. Box 92, El Verano, CA 95433Phone 707-938-1783 / Fax 707-938-3674chandra@winecountrythisweek.comMaria OlascoagaPhone 707-938-1783 / Fax707-938-3674maria@winecountrythisweek.comCathy GorePhone 707-938-3494 / Fax 707-938-3674Email cathy@winecountrythisweek.comMichael Cervin, Len Napolitano,Mark Storer, Dave WilcoxGoing to Northern California Wine Country?Look for WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK at wineries, hotels, concierge desks,car rentals, restaurants, high-end grocery stores and more!www.winecountrythisweek.comwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK: CENTRAL COASTMusic forYour PalateMusic andWine TastingExperienceA SYMPHONYOF FLAVORSwww.huntcellars.com1-866-HUNT-WINEHwy 46 West • 3 Miles at Oakdale Roadwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com5

WINERY FEATURE | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKWOOD WINERYAll in the Familyby Mark StorerCool climate growing, with daytimetemperatures that don’t often exceed 80degrees, and cool nighttime fog set SanLuis Obispo apart from many other vineyardlands in California. Those conditions are thereason for the peppery, earthy Syrahs forwhich the area has become famous. And it’shere that Craig and Sheri Wood own an 80-acre ranch, 32 of which are vineyards.“We thought we’d plant grapes as ahobby,” says Sheri Wood. As it turns out,Wood Winery became much more than that.“It became a lucrative business for us as wellas a passion,” she adds.The vineyards the Woods have grown arenamed for the family. There’s Sheri’s vineyard,Gina’s vineyard and Jackson’s vineyard, thelatter two being the Woods’ two children.They purchased the land in the mid 1990sand planting a vineyard was the furthest thingfrom their minds. But a chance encounter at alocal restaurant changed the Wood family’sdestiny and by happy accident, Wild WoodWinery was born.“It was actually a great story,” says Craig.“We were out to dinner one night and mywife got to talking to the bartender who wasa Cal Poly viticultural student.” Eventually,that led to Cal Poly University’s KeithPatterson coming out to the Wood family’sranch. Patterson is a member of the viticultureprogram at the university. “He told us wehad to plant Syrah here and so, we did,” saysWood. And that began an education thatinvolved Wood picking up the books in theCal Poly viticultural program.Not a graduate of anyone’s wine oroenology school, Wood is self-taught andconsiders himself a winegrower, not a winemaker.Eventually, he began talking to winemakersin the area and they all wanted to buyfruit from his vineyards. He thought theremust be a reason why and so he began tomake his own wine. “It all starts there in thevineyard,” he says. “That’s where the wine ismade.”This fall and winter, the Woods areconcentrating on the tasting room in ArroyoGrande. “We’re available for private parties atthe tasting room and we’re holding Girls’Night Out on select Thursdays as well,” shesays. The Girls’ Night Out is part of the SLOVintner’s Association’s plan to have the eventat member wineries throughout the winter.The plan to rent out the tasting room toprivate parties, however, is a Wood familyoriginal. Renting the tasting room for aprivate party provides a secluded, classicatmosphere for people to enjoy the benefits ofa luxurious wine tasting bar without theregular crowds that can accompany a winetasting evening.Continuing the focus on lady winedrinkers, Wood Winery is also releasing itslatest 100% estate Syrah blend called, “Bling.”“The bottle is embellished with SwarovskiAustrian crystals and it’s really for the girls,”says Sheri. “You can never have too muchBling.” It’s perfect for any celebration.The Woods will also be bottling theirpopular Albarino, an Italian white varietalthat more and more people are discovering,as well as their Sangiovese. Both wines soldout when they hit the market and the Woodsare happy to have more coming out soon.Focusing on single-vineyard varietals,Wood is careful and thoughtful aboutproduction. Wood wines spend two years inthe barrel and a year in the bottle before theyare released. “I’m just now drinking throughsome of my ’02s and ’03s,” says Craig. Thisattention to detail and to taste is what sets6 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINERY FEATUREWood Winery apart in a crowdedfield.Wood Winery puts its focuson the family business. “Sheri’smother and grandmother livehere on the ranch and they helpout. My daughter Gina lives here,too and she helps me quite a bit.”The youngest member of thefamily, Jackson, does what he canto pitch in as well. “It’s definitelya family thing,” says Wood. Withits tasting room in Arroyo Grandeand the vineyards and winery inSan Luis Obispo, the Woods havebecome part of the landscapehere.Wood Winery produces about3,000 cases a year of variouswines from their award-winningSyrah and Cabernet to the moreelusive Albarino and Sangiovese.Craig has even begun to experimentwith blending winesincluding a Cabernet-Syrahblend that tasting room patronslove.Wood Winery’s Gina’s vineyard2004 Syrah won DoubleGold and Best of Class from theSan Francisco Chronicle andDouble Gold medals weregarnered for their Jackson’s vineyard2004 Cabernet as well. TheWood Winery’s list of awards, infact, is extensive and from someof the most prestigious winecompetitions from the northernto the southern ends of Californiaand even in the nation. Fromhobby wine to award-winningand renowned, the Woods havesurely come a long way.Visit the Wood Winery tastingroom at 136 Bridge Street inArroyo Grande, open Thursdaythrough Monday from 11 a.m. to5 p.m and Friday evenings until7 p.m. for “wine down.”For more information, call(805) 489-9663 or visitwww.wildwoodwine.comwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com7

ON THE COVER | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKThe Sky’s the Limit: Carina Cellars Opens New Winery in Paso Roblesby Carolyn TurnerBefore the Paso Robles appellation began to emerge from theshadows of Napa and Sonoma as competitive in quality, Carina Cellarsowner David Hardee and winemaker Joey Tensley recognized the areafor its ability to produce superior Rhone, Zinfandel and Bordeaux varietals.When Hardee started Carina Cellars in 2002 he would one daydream of owning his own vineyard, a reality which came to fruition inspring 2007, when he purchased Rancho del Cielo, the ranch in thesky.Originally setting its roots in the Santa Ynez Valley, Carina Cellarsopened its first tasting room in Los Olivos in the summer of 2004,sharing the space with Tensley’s own label, Tensley Wines. Over thenext five years Carina Cellars grew and flourished by sourcing fruitfrom exceptional Central Coast vineyards and creating Rhone winesthat showcased terroir above all else. In 2005 Carina Cellars begansourcing some fruit from vineyards in Paso Robles, and when thewines produced turned out to be rich in flavor and very unique, thehunt was on to find a vineyard that would produce some of the finestRhône wines in California.Two years and 30 properties later, Hardee found what he waslooking for in Rancho del Cielo, accurately named for the steep inclinefrom 1475 to 1925 feet, earning it the title of one of the highest vineyardsalong coastal California. This 83-acre parcel of land is locatedhigh in the chalky Santa Lucia coastal hills four miles west of PasoRobles in the Adelaida region, named for an old 1800s farmingcommunity. This area enjoys unique soils and climate, and has a largerdiurnal swing than any other appellation in California, which resultsin an unusually wide range of microclimates. This allows winemakersa broad palate of wine components from which to blend deepcomplexity. The calcareous and chalky, rock soils are also unusual toCalifornia and are reminiscent of the esteemed Châteauneuf du Pâpearea of France. These conditions are perfect for grapes, as it challengesthe vines to produce small berry clusters of marvelously concentratedgrapes.In the spring of 2007, with the help of vineyard manager PhilStevens, Carina Cellars planted 16 acres of grapes including Syrah,Grenache, Mourvedre and Viognier. The first harvest of this estate fruitwill come in the fall of 2010, thus producing wines which promise toshow exceptional quality and terroir. More recently Carina Cellarscelebrated the New Year by finishing construction of their new wineryfacility, and so moved their inventory and equipment from their oldwinery in Buellton. Carina Cellars fans will be happy to know thatthey intend to keep their roots in Santa Barbara and will continue tosource fruit from several favorite vineyards, and will use the new estatefruit to supplement their wine portfolio.The grand opening for Rancho del Cielo will happy at the end ofFebruary, after which the new tasting room will be open for tastingsand winery tours Friday-Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., or byappointment during the week. Rancho del Cielo is located at 3525Adelaida Road in Paso Robles. For appointments or directions, call(415) 309-2046. The Los Olivos tasting room is open daily from11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is located at 2900 Grand Avenue (next toPaninos). For more information or directions, call (805) 688-2459.8www.WineCountryThisWeek.com


WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK: CENTRAL COASTWinemaker Profile: Bianchi WineryTOM LANEby Michael CervinThirty years ago the Bianchi family startedout producing bulk wine. But as thesecond generation took over there was adesire to increase the quality of the wine.Glenn Bianchi expanded his father’s businessand upped the quality when he purchased 40acres in Paso Robles in 2000. It’s one thing tohave the right location with the right grapesplanted in the right ground, but you also needthe right winemaker. And so Tom Lane cameto Bianchi in 2005 and nothing’s been thesame since.Tom studied winemaking and enology atUC Davis, the premier education for wine inthe U.S. But learning to make wine beginswith understanding the plant itself. So Tomalso earned a Bachelors degree in Biology andChemistry from Chico State University, aMaster’s degree in Biology (Plant Taxonomy)from Kansas State University, and furthergraduate studies in Botany at Ohio StateUniversity. He then landed gigs at Navarro10Vineyards in Northern California, then atConcannon in Livermore where Tom helpedthe winery earn hundreds of accolades,including Wine & Spirits Magazine Winery ofthe Year in 1995 and 1997.Currently producing approximately15,000 cases of Bianchi wine, there is a focuson reds. “Our east side microclimate in PasoRobles is warmer than most of the otherareas,” Tom says. “We have San Ysidro soilwith lots of rock and some clay, we get lowerrainfall than the west side, and we have somebreezes from the Salinas Valley, as well as somefrom the Templeton Gap. Overall, it’s great forreds.” And Tom’s red wines include the traditionalCabernet, Merlot and Pinot Noir, but,due to the Italian history of the Bianchi family,Tom finds himself making some obscurewines. “We’re into a lot of varietals and wekind of take our time with each one,” he adds.“A lot of people are planting Rhones and reallypromoting this area as a Rhone hot-bed,” hesays, but it’s the Italian wines that are beginningto define Bianchi. Tom’s producingRefosco, Sangiovese and Barbera for example.“It’s my favorite wine right now,” Tomconfesses about Refosco. “These are reallyinteresting grapes. The berries are quite large,the fruit is very high in acidity and it ripenslater, giving it great concentration and lots offruity character. It reminds me of an old rusticred, with its medium-to-medium plus body.It’s fun, and it’s good! This is a wine that strikesa chord with the more adventurous tasters.”And tasters are indeed becoming bolder withtheir choices, which allows Tom to createwines with degrees of depth. “The finishedwine is an amalgam, a synergy of layers andflavors, a blended whole which is more thanthe sum of its parts.” Tom states, “You can’tentirely predict what the wine will be likeonce until it’s blended – that keeps winemakinginteresting.”Bianchi Winery is located at 3380 BranchRoad on Paso’s Eastside. For details, call (805)226-9922 or go to www.bianchiwinery.com.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

W I N E C O U N T R Y T H I S W E E K ’ SP R E F E R R E D R E S TA U R A N T SROBIN’S RESTAURANT by Charles NeaveSometimes a place just fits. You know it by looking at it, youknow as soon as walk up the path and in the door that this is aspot that simply belongs right where it is, doing exactly what itis doing. That, in a word or two, would describe the Cambriarestaurant known fondly – and to many – as Robin’s Restaurant.Located in a charming and nicely weathered old home in thishistoric seaside town, they offer an eclectic menu that haspleased locals and visitors since they opened their doors in1985. The interior (with its fireplace) and the spacious, multileveledheated deck surrounded by flowersand vines are a bit eclectic as well, and it allblends together to match the setting, just asowner Shanny Covey intended it to be:warm, informal, comfortable and unique.And it should be noted that those gardensare the perfect setting for a small reception.So how to define “eclectic” when it comesto menus? Well, how about “Thursday NightSushi Night.” Or lobster enchiladas,Tandoori chicken, salmon bisque, Vietnamese lumpia,Malaysian green curry, pork osso buco and a juicy Angus beefburger with white cheddar and grilled sweet onions. All on thesame menu. Then there’s the monthly Prix Fixe Dinners on thesecond Friday of each month that feature different flavorsC A Y U C O Sfrom around the world. If that is notwhat eclectic means, then we are lookingat different dictionaries. But, it allsomehow works, and wonderfully so.Then there is the extensive wine list,which while pretty straightforward alsohas more than a few surprises. All ofwhich makes a visit to this charming partof the coast an even more enjoyable journey.Robin’s Restaurant is open daily, for lunch from 11 a.m. to4:45 p.m. and for dinner from 5 to 9:30 p.m. (10 p.m. onFriday and Saturday). There are brunch specials on Sundayuntil 3 p.m. They are in Cambria at 4095 Burton Drive.For more information on the restaurant, their cateringservices or to make reservations call (805) 927-5007. Theirwebsite is www.robinsrestaurant.com.HOPPE’S GARDEN BISTRO & WINE SHOPThe most highly acclaimed restaurant and Wine Shop on the Central Coast.Recognized for Chef Wilhelm Hoppe’s seasonally inspired menu, handselectedwine list with a beautiful garden and historical setting. Offering awide range of menu items - from wild game to prime meats and vegetarian/veganitems.78 N. Ocean Avenue • Wednesday-Sunday 11am-10pmwww.hoppesbistro.com • 805.995.1006C A M B R I AS A N L U I S O B I S P OMAMA'S MEATBALLFine Italian Restaurant and CateringMama's Meatball has specialized in creatingseasonal menus by using only the finest andfreshest ingredients.570 Higuera St. Suite 130-135www.mamasmeatball.com805-544-0861ROBIN'S RESTAURANTLocated in the historic east village of Cambria, in a charming vintagehome, Robin’s has been delighting locals & visitors with a fresh eclecticquality menu of international foods and gracious service for 24 years.We also have a beautiful garden for small weddings & special events.Open daily from 11am. Sunday Brunch specials &monthly Prix Fixe dinners. Mother’s Day Brunch.4095 Burton Dr. • www.robinsrestaurant.com • (805) 927-5007www.WineCountryThisWeek.comNOVO RESTAURANTNOVO’s international flavors are the leading ingredients in anexotic dining experience. Brazilian, Mediterranean and Asianflavors awaken the senses. In house roasted spices for curries,mixtures and marinades balanced with crisp, seasonal vegetablesand savory meats. Explore.726 Higuera Street • Open Daily from 11am805-543-3986 • www.novorestaurant.com11

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK: CENTRAL COASTWinemaker Joey Arnold and Michelle PascoePreferred Tasting RoomPOZO VALLEY WINERYby Mark StorerHardly anyone knows about the PozoValley which sits about 15 miles east ofSanta Margarita, itself about eight milesnorth of San Luis Obispo. Pozo Valley has apopulation of 30 people, many more cowsand one winery.The Arnolds are fifth generation residentsof the Central Coast and have farmed the areafor at least that long. It was 1994 when SteveArnold was looking to plant row crops on hiscattle ranch to provide some diversity andgive his teenaged children something more todo. Little did they know that it would becomea passion that drove them to create PozoValley Winery and now, 15 years later, with aCentral Coast tasting room and a commitmentto a family run winery producing handcraftedwines, Pozo Valley is attracting moreattention.“When we first were growing grapes, wegrew them for Mondavi,” says MichellePascoe. Each now married, Michelle and herbrother Joey were the teenagers that learnedthose vineyards. “This is the first year we’re12not on contract with them and while we stillsell fruit and work with different winemakers,we had the first release of our wines in 2005.”Pozo Valley Winery doesn’t have anyemployees and it’s very much a family business.“Dad is out in the vineyard, Joey makesthe wine and his wife, Jessica, designs thelabels and creates our look, I run the tastingroom and mom (Debbie) holds it alltogether,” says Pascoe. “She sells the fruit andhelps me out in the tasting room as well.”Pozo Valley’s tasting room is located onMain Street in Santa Margarita. “We share thespace with my friend Bonnie who doescatering out of here and so there’s a fullcommercial kitchen in the building,” saysPascoe. The tasting room is only open Friday,Saturday and Sunday, but lunch is often availableTuesday through Saturday from Bonnie’sKitchen. “We try to keep the sort of smalltown, old west feel to the place.” Indeed, partof Santa Margarita’s charm is that it hasn’texploded with development the way San LuisObispo to the south or Paso Robles to thenorth have.Santa Margarita is, however, home to TheRange, a restaurant that has garnered bothpopular and critical acclaim and also a placewhere you can taste Pozo Valley wines otherthan their tasting room. “We’re in the SanJoaquin Valley and some places here locally,”says Pascoe, “but we’re not widely distributedyet.” Specializing in small batches of CabernetSauvignon, Merlot and Zinfandel and makingsome blends like their popular Black Rock, ablend of Merlot, Cabernet and Petit Verdot,Pascoe says that Pozo Valley produces about1200 cases of wine a year.Keeping it all in the family has been a challenge,certainly, according to Pascoe. But sinceshe’s expecting a baby girl this month, thegenerations of the Pozo Valley winerycontinue on. “She’ll be right here with mebehind the bar,” says Pascoe. Indeed, whereelse would she be?Pozo Valley Winery tasting room is locatedat 2200 El Camino Real, open Friday,Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. orby appointment. From Hihgway 101, take theSanta Margarita exit. For more information,call (805) 438-3375 or visit the website atwww.pozovalley.comwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com

W I N E C O U N T R Y T H I S W E E K ’ SP R E M I E R A C C O M M O D AT I O N SSLO County Sitters: An Answer to an Age-Old Problemby Mark StorerWhile it has become rather common tosee young or newly married couplesmaking the rounds of the Central CoastWine Country, the fact is, childless folks arestill the minority among wine drinkers inAmerica. That means that a lot of peoplewho want to experience the joys of a day ofwine tasting or a night out in Wine Countryhave to make arrangements to leave thekids at home, with a relative willing to helpout or a babysitter, right? Well, notanymore.Enter Tina Porter to the Central Coastwine scene. A true entrepreneur, Porterbecame aware of a need that wasn’t beingfilled and so she began to do her research tofind out how to fill it. The result is SLOCounty Sitters Incorporated.“My husband and I travel quite a bit andI have a one-year-old daughter and a threeyear-olddaughter and I saw in other placeswhat we didn’t have on the Central Coast –a qualified nanny and sitter service like youfind in Europe and other places,” saysPorter.SLO County Sitters isn’t just a group ofpeople who will come to your hotel andwatch your children, either. “We screeneveryone who works for us rigorously,” saysPorter. “I have a pre-school teacher whoworks for me who says her school didn’tscreen her this well.” Indeed, all of Porter’ssitters and nannies are folks with backgroundsin childcare. “We don’t just comeand watch the kids. We provide age-appropriateactivities and educational games andwe never rely on the television to baby-sitthe kids,” says Porter.SLO County Sitters opened for businessin December of 2007, but already they arewell-known on the Central Coast. FromSanta Maria to Cambria, from Paso Roblesto San Luis Obispo, SLO County Sittersprovides age-appropriate and professionalchildcare for anyone on the coast whethertourists or residents. “I had one customerwho was staying at the Cambria PinesLodge on business and he found us in thedirectory there,” says Porter. “So, he calledhis wife up in the Bay Area and told her topack the kids and bring them down. Hecalled us and he was able to turn a businesstrip into a vacation for the whole family,”she adds.Now, it’s possible to have the best ofboth worlds, Porter says. The kids don’thave to be dragged along to dinner or winetasting against their will and parents knowthat the kids aren’t just sitting in the hotelroom watching television. “We’ll provide allkinds of activities including taking kids tothe beach or whatever the parents want,”says Porter.SLO County Sitters can be reached bycalling (805) 541-9300 or online atwww.SLOCountySitters.com.P A S O R O B L E SA R R O Y O G R A N D ES A N T A Y N E ZS A N L U I S O B I S P Owww.WineCountryThisWeek.comwww.slocountysitters.comA full-service babysittingand nanny agencyserving the Central Coast.Exceptional childcare servicesdelivered to your home,hotel or resort destination.(805) 541-930013

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK: CENTRAL COAST14Reservations Available for Paso RoblesRhone Rangers Experience, February 15Reservations are now availableto join the 30+ members ofthe Rhone Rangers’ Paso RoblesChapter for a day in PasoRobles Wine Country, Sunday,February 15 at Robert HallWinery. Join some of America’sleading producers of Rhonevarietals as they explore whatmakes Paso Robles so ideal forthis extended grape family.“This is an opportunity forenthusiasts to interact directlywith the winemakers to learnmore about Rhone wines,” saidJason Haas of Tablas CreekWinery. “We will be discussingthe various Rhone varietalsbeing produced in Paso Robles,what makes this area ideallysuited to these wines, andwhere we, as winemakers, aregoing next.”The fun and informationrichday will include a “RhoneEssentials” Seminar, Vintners’Lunch and Walk-aroundTasting of more than 150 Rhonewines produced in Paso Robles.The “Rhone Essentials”Seminar offers the opportunityto taste examples of the mostimportant single-varietal Rhonewines, including Viognier,Roussanne, Syrah, Grenacheand Mourvedre, as well as anexploration of Rhone blends. Ateach stage, participants willhear from the winemakers andprincipals who have chosen theRhone Ranger route and helpedgive Paso Robles its new identityas the “Rhone Zone.” Theseminar panel will be moderated,recorded and podcastedGrenacheSyrahby Host Brian Clark of GrapeRadio (www.graperadio.com).Directly following, seminarparticipants can join the RhoneRangers principals and winemakersat an informal Vintners’Lunch prepared by ExecutiveChef Jeffrey Scott. Producers willfreely pass their Rhone winesaround the tables, offering anextended opportunity to interactand explore the range of Rhonesproduced in Paso Robles.At the Walk-around Tasting,guests can taste Rhone winesfrom more than 30 Paso RoblesRhone Ranger wineries,including top single Rhonevarietals and the best in Rhoneblends. For a complete list ofparticipating wineries, visit thewebsiteatwww.rhonerangers.org/about/pasorobles.php.The day’s events will takeplace at Robert Hall Winery, justeast of Paso Robles on Highway46. Participation in the seminarand lunch will be limited to thefirst 100 RSVPs. The WalkaroundTasting can accommodateup to 250 attendees. Youcan reserve space or ask questionsby email (pasorobles@rhonerangers.org) or by callingRobert Hall Winery at (805)239-1616 x24.Tickets for the seminar andlunch are just $75, and participantsreceive free entry into theWalk-around Tasting. Enthusiastswho wish to attend just theWalk-around Tasting can do sofor $25. Organizers expect bothevents to sell out, so early reservationsare strongly encouraged.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

The Far Out Wineries of Paso RoblesPresidents Day Passport WeekendThe 17 Far Out Wineries of Paso Robles are partnering with theWellness Community of the Central Coast for a fund raiser to help find“Hope and Support” for people with cancer and their families.Sample award-winning wines and enjoy VIP treatment as you travelthrough the Far Out Wine Country of Paso Robles February 13-16.Activities planned exclusively for Passport holders include complimentarywine tasting at each winery, special barrel tasting, winerytours, new releases, food pairings and much more.For your $25 donation you will receive a VIP Passport and a stampat each winery you visit. After visiting eight tasting rooms you will beentered into a final drawing for some terrific prizes!In addition … 5% of the weekend sales will be donated to the WellnessCommunity!Order your passports by Friday, February 6th and receive adiscounted price of $20 by contacting Judy at Norman Vineyards(805) 237-0138.Participating wineries include Adelaida Cellars, Calcareous Vineyard,Carmody McKnight Estate Wines, Dunning Vineyards, HalterRanch, Justin Vineyards & Winery, Le Cuvier, Minassian-Young,Nadeau Family Vintners, Norman Vineyards, Opolo Vineyards, PipestoneVineyards, Poalillo Vineyards, Tablas Creek Vineyard, ThacherWinery, Tolo Cellars and Villicana Winery. For more information, visitwww.faroutwineries.com.Sylvester Winery Offers a Weekend of Funand Unbeatable Deals During Zinfest 2009WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK: CENTRAL COASTBeginning March 20, Sylvester Winery will be hosting a weekendlongcelebration of the Paso Robles Zinfest. Festivities will kick offFriday, March 20th, with an exceptional sit-down buffet dinner pairedwith the release of the 2007 Kiara Reserve Zinfandel. Dinner selectionsinclude artisan cheeses paired with delicious accompaniments,assorted Italian goodies, Zinfandel raddichio risotto with smokedScamorza cheese, chicken cacciatore, panna cotta, tiramisu and muchmore! This wonderful dinner is open to the public for $50 per personand reservations are required, so call for your seats today!On Saturday and Sunday, the tasting room will be offering freebarbecued treats, homemade saganaki fondue, and complimentarybarrel tasting along with reserve and limited-production wines pairedwith delicious cheeses and chocolates for $5.Sylvester Winery is at 5115 Buena Vista Drive in Paso Robles. Formore information, visit www.sylvesterwinery.com or contact Zinaeither by telephone at 1-800-891-6055 or send an e-mail tozina@sylvesterwinery.com.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com15

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | CALENDAR OF EVENTSONGOING SATURDAYS & SUNDAYSSanta Maria Valley Railway Historical MuseumLots of fun including a train simulator exhibit1-4:30pm, 805-714-4927, Santa Mariawww.smvrhm.org/museum★ ONGOINGFriday Night Wine Down at Costa de OroGreat way to end your week or start yourweekend! 4:30pm, 805-922-1468, Santa Mariawww.costadeorowinery.comONGOING THROUGH FEBRUARY 13The Essential Worker - A Photography Exhibit8am-5pm, 805-965-9040The Betteravia Gallery, Santa MariaONGING THROUGH FEBRUARY 28“Gods Favorite”A comical Neil Simon play, 7pm, $14805-922-4442, Santa Maria, www.smct.orgLOS OLIVOSONGOING FIRST FRIDAY OF THE MONTHWildling Art Museum - Free Friday FlicksFree movie & snacks with discussion7pm, 805-688-1082, Los Olivoswww.wildlingmuseum.orgONGOING WEDNESDAYSEvening with the Winemaker5-6pm, $15, 805-688-7265, Los Olivoswww.losolivoscafe.com• February 11: Ken Brown Wines• February 18: Imagine Winery• March 4: Martin & Weyrich WineryONGOING THURSDAYSUnderstanding Your Palate at Los Olivos CaféWine tasting & hors d’oeuvres5pm, $15, 805-688-7265, www.losolivoscafe.comONGOING SATURDAYSGlobal Gardens Organic Food TastingEnjoy delicious organic tastings, 10am-2pm, $3805-693-1600, www.globalgardensgifts.comONGOING THURSDAYSFess Parker’s Wine Country Sing AlongSing along with Fess & Marcy, 8:30-10:30pm805-688-7788, Los Olivos, www.syvva.com★ ONGOING THROUGH MARCH 31Art Exhibit at Carina CellarsFeaturing Dibblee Hoyt, 11am-5pm805-688-2459, www.carinacellars.com★ FEBRUARY 7Artist Reception at Carina CellarsFeaturing Dibblee Hoyt, 5:30-7pm805-688-2459, www.carinacellars.comFEBRUARY 27Schoolhouse Music Festival Informal Concert3:30-4pm, 805-688-4933, www.pastelmotif.comSANTA YNEZONGOING MONDAYSMaverick Saloon Blind Draw DartsSanta Barbara Darts AssociationBBQ and darts, 7pm, 805-686-4785Santa Ynez, www.mavericksaloon.orgONGOING FRIDAYSDancing at Maverick Saloon6:45pm: Dance lessons, 8:30-11:30pm: Livecountry western or rock & roll band805-686-4785, Santa Ynez, www.mavericksaloon.orgONGOINGSanta Ynez Valley Historical Society Museumand Parks - Janeway Carriage HouseExhibits from Chumash period through early20th century ranch days.12-4pm, 805-688-7889, Santa Ynezwww.santaynezvalleymuseum.orgwww.WineCountryThisWeek.comSECOND THURSDAYWine Impressions at ArtisteJoin fellow wine lovers for a blind tasting,sensory evaluation & discussion by region.7-9pm, 805-686-2626, www.artiste.comONGOINGChumash Casino Concerts800-585-3737, www.chumashcasino.com• Feb 5: Charo• Feb 13: Chang Fong Fong• Feb 19: Lewis Black• Feb 26: Little Big TownNGOINGCachuma Lake Nature WalkNaturalists lead walk on the Oak Canyon Trail10-11:30am, $6, 805-688-4515, Santa Ynez Parkwww.cachuma.comONGOING WEDNESDAYSJazz on the Deck at Vineyard HouseLive music and fine food, 6:30pm, $2,805-688-2886, www.thevineyardhouse.comONGOING THROUGH MARCH 19Double Your Pleasure‘Two-for-One’ savings at a dozen area businesseswww.SantaYnezValleyVisit.com.LOMPOC/BUELLTONFebruary 21Buellton Chamber of CommerceOscar Night BenefitWide-screen TV, gourmet dinner & auctionSanta Ynez Valley Marriott, Buellton805-688-7829, www.buellton.orgSOLVANGONGOINGQuicksilver Miniature Horse FarmVisit Solvang horse farm with beautiful views10am–3pm, 805-686-4002, SolvangONGOING WEDNESDAYSSolvang Farmers MarketFresh produce, flowers and foods. 2:30-6pm805-962-5354, www.sbfarmersmarket.orgONGOING FRIDAYSWine Tasting on the PatioLive guitar music along with fine wines5:30-7pm, 800-624-5572, Solvangwww.royalscandinavianinn.comONGOING WEEKENDSCachuma Lake Wildlife CruiseGuided 2 hour cruise with wildlife and geology$15, 805-686-4515, www.cachuma.comONGOINGElverhoj Museum of History & ArtOngoing exhibits of art & photography805-686-1211, Solvang, www.elverhoj.orgONGOING THIRD SATURDAY OF THE MONTHLearn Scandinavian Folk Dancing7-10pm, 805-688-6144, Solvangwww.solvangusa.comFEBRUARY 14Fromage a Toi Winemaker Dinnerat Lucas & LewellenIntimate French-themed dinner6pm, $125, 888-777-6663, SolvangFEBRUARY 20Amgen Tour of California Time TrialMore than 100 pro cyclists featured at this eventthroughout Santa Ynez Valley including aLifestyle Festival and gala events.www.tourofcalifornia-solvang.comFEBRUARY 27 - MARCH 1Solvang Greyhound FestGathering attracting more than 300 dogs &hundreds of their humans featuring the Blessingof the Hounds, buffet dinner party & more.For details visit www.solvanggreyhoundfest.orgMARCH 20-2217th Annual Taste of SolvangFood & Wine FestivalCelebration throughout downtown Solvangfeaturing dessert reception, walking smorgaasbordtasting & wine tasting room walking tour.Solvang. www.solvangusa.com.SANTA BARBARAONGOING SUNDAYSSanta Barbara Arts and Crafts ShowArt, crafts & jewelry, 10am–6pm805-897-1982, East Beach Pier, www.sbaacs.comONGOING FRIDAYSWine Tasting with the Winemakers4-7pm, 805-691-1020, East Beach WineSanta Barbara, www.eastbeachwine.comONGOING FRIDAYSWine & Cheese Pairings at East Beach WineNew selections each week. 4-7pm, $10805-899-1535, www.eastbeachwine.comONGOINGBackstage Tours at Lobero TheaterGuided tours upon request. Santa Barbara805-996-4946, www.loberotheater.comONGOINGTrout Fishing & Wildlife Walksat Cachuma LakeFishing & wildlife viewing from bald eagles tomule deer. 805-686-5055, www.sbparks.orgONGOINGHistoric Downtown Walking TourGuided stroll through Santa Barbara’s past10am-12pm, 805-965-6307, Santa BarbaraONGOINGWinemaker Dinners at Wine CaskDelicious gourmet dinners paired with local wines6:30pm, 805-996-9463, www.winecask.comONGOINGTy Warner Sea CenterExplore creatures of the sea, Stearns WharfSanta Barbara Museum of Natural History805-962-2526, www.sbnature.org/seacenterONGOINGLectures & Readings at theSanta Barbara Maritime Museum805-962-8404, Santa Barbara, www.sbmm.orgONGOING SATURDAYSCachuma Lake Nature Walk1 mile walk for all ages on the Oak Canyon Trail10-11:30am, 805-688-4515, www.cachuma.comCachuma Lake Nature CenterONGOING SATURDAYSJunior Ranger ProgramKids learn about wildlife, ecosystems &caring for the environment. 1-2pm805-688-4515, www.cachuma.comCachuma Lake Nature CenterONGOING TUESDAYS THROUGH SATURDAYSArt Workshops for Children at Art from ScrapFun workshops where kids reuse all sorts ofmaterials to make works of art! 10am-2pm, $6805-884-0459, www.artfromscrap.orgONGOING FIRST THURSDAYSFirst ThursdayArt, cultural events & fine wine tasting!5-8pm, 805-962-2098Various venues in downtown Santa Barbarawww.santabarbaradowntown.comONGOING THROUGH MARCH 30Santa Barbara Fisherman's MarketBuy fresh fish, crab or lobster right off thedecks of the fishing boats! Breakwater7:30am-11:30am, 805-965-8112, Santa BarbaraONGOINGThe Granada, Santa Barbarawww.granadasb.org• Feb 14: Valentine's Concert• Feb 19: Celilia Bartoli• Feb 22: CinderellaONGOINGSanta Barbara Museum of Art805-963-4364, www.sbma.net• Ongoing through Feb 28: Picasso on Paper• Ongoing through March 15:Of Life and Loss: The Polish Photographs ofRoman Vishniac and Jeffrey GuskyONGOINGPlanetarium Shows atSanta Barbara Museum of Natural History805-682-4711, www.sbnature.com• Exploring the Spring Sky• Cosmic Safari• Secrets of the Cardboard RocketONGOING THURSDAYSAn Evening of Visual & Performing ArtsDowntown galleries keep their doors open lateallowing the public to enjoy local art5pm-8pm, 805-962-2098, Santa BarbaraFEBRUARY 14Pink Elephants and ChampagneCombined art exhibition, dinner and benefit6pm, $75, 805-966-5373, Santa Barbarawww.sbcaf.orgFEBRUARY 21-226th Annual Santa BarbaraBrazilian Carnaval3 days of the art, dance, music & gastronomyexperiences of Brazil in Santa BarbaraVarious locations in Santa Barbarawww.sbbraziliancarnaval.comVENTURA COUNTYONGOINGMuseum of Ventura CountyPhotographs, publications, documents andexhibits depicting Ventura County's history10am-5pm, 805-653-0323, Venturawww.venturamuseum.orgONGOINGTidepool TalkShow and tell about fascinating animals andplants at the exhibit. National Park Visitor Center805-658-5730, Ventura HarborCheck website for details www.nps.govONGOINGVentura County Maritime MuseumArt, ship models, and maritime exhibits11am-5pm, 805-984-6260, OxnardFEBRUARY 182nd International Food & Wine Festivalat Herzog Wine CellarsWinemakers from around the globe celebrateamazing wine and food.7pm, $100, 805-983-1560, Oxnardwww.herzogwinecellars.com17


PASO ROBLES | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKPaso Robles Zinfandel Festival Features Classic American VarietalTickets are on Sale for the 17th Annual Festival, March 20-22The 2009 Paso Robles Zinfandel Festival, presented by the PasoRobles Wine Country Alliance, is slated for March 20-22. Tickets arecurrently available at www.pasowine.com. The weekend bringstogether a culmination of America’s classic heritage wine grape in threedistinct events – RESERVE, Paso Robles Wine Country Auction andGrand Tasting.Zinfandel vines were planted in Paso Robles beginning in the early1800s and continue to thrive today with more than 9% of the totalacreage dedicated to this variety. To many, Zinfandel is known asAmerica’s Heritage Wine Grape, a varietal as diverse as the Americanswho drink it. Enjoy this American classic at the all new RESERVEcomponent, featuring the region’s best Zinfandels held on the eve ofZinfandel Festival.RESERVE acts as the all-access Paso Robles Zinfandel Festival Pass.RESERVE ticket holders are invited to this intimate event from 4 to 6p.m. on Friday, March 20. This unique component will feature exclusiveZinfandel wines including reserve and barrel samples and will becomplemented by local Wine Country cuisine. Guests will also havethe opportunity to preview auction lots in advance of Saturday’s live20and silent auctions, a benefit that is only offered to RESERVE ticketholders.The Wine Country Auction held on Saturday features one-of-akindwine and lifestyle auction packages only available on the auctionblock. Unique and rare items including winemaker dinners, dinnerswith a Master Sommelier, special VIP tours, seminars and special largeformat bottles are up for bid. The Wine Country Auction is also theonly opportunity to taste and purchase the 2009 Zinfandel blend, acollaboration of the American spirit among Paso Robles winemakers,specially created by the 2009 blend master, Alex Villicana of VillicanaWinery. Directly following is the Grand Tasting featuring vast selectionsof Zinfandel and Zinfandel blends from more than 40 PasoRobles producers. Local chefs preparing local American cuisine at theGrand Tasting further tantalizes your taste buds completing thefestival experience.In addition to these marquee events, more than 100 areawineries will host an array of events allowing attendees from acrossthe nation to enjoy three days of wine tasting bliss throughout PasoRobles. Winemaker dinners, food pairings, seminars, open housesand special tastings are just a few of the activities in store.Zinfandel Festival brochures are available by calling 1-800-549-WINE, or for a full listing of winery activities visit the website atwww.pasowine.com/events/zinfandelfestival.php.All Zinfandel Festival tasting ticket packages include unlimitedwine tasting and a commemorative glass made by Riedel.• RESERVE - $120 – Friday RESERVE event – 4 to 6 p.m.Saturday Wine Country Auction – 4:30 to 7 p.m.Saturday Grand Tasting 7 to 9:30 p.m. – Advance purchase only• Wine Country Auction - $85Saturday Wine Country Auction – 4:30 to 7 p.m.Saturday Grand Tasting 7 to 9:30 p.m.• Grand Tasting - $60 – Saturday Grand Tasting 7 to 9:30 p.m.Tickets may be purchased online at www.pasowine.com. A limitedamount of Wine Country Auction and Grand Tasting tickets will beavailable at the door, provided they are not sold out. All tickets arelimited and advance purchase is highly recommended. Must be 21 orolder; photo identification verifying age will be required at time ofentry. For more information about the 17th Annual Zinfandel Festival,local hotel accommodations and restaurants, visitwww.pasowine.com.The Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance represents wineries,growers and businesses in Paso Robles Wine Country. Centrallylocated between San Francisco and Los Angeles, along California’sCentral Coast, Paso Robles Wine Country is California’s fastestgrowing wine region. It encompasses more than 26,000 vineyard acresand more than 200 wineries.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | PASO ROBLESFine Wine...Fine Art...Fine Food1307 Park St. Alley, Downtown Paso Robleswww.vihuelawinery.com805.226.2010www.WineCountryThisWeek.com21

C SR E TONA IRPOR TP EN MA NS PR I N G SPASO ROBLES | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKVisit some of the newest and most excitingwineries on Califonia’s Central Coast!2 4T HT6 HM A IN22S P RINGTRIVERPaso Robles101NIB LIKNORTH RIVERCBUENA VISTAUNIONCHAROL AISNEALEL POMARSPRINGSL PU INEJ. PAULROSILEZEBERLEUNIONMILLLINNEC NRESTO46EROBERT HALLRIO SECOSCULPTERRACEOSESTATEBIANCHIL INNEBRANCHGENESEOVILLA VALDEMOSA B&BOLD GROVE•Fine Wine…Friendl y P eo pleOpen Daily 11-54295 Union Road805-237-8884www.riosecowine.comLA PAVilla Valdemosa – A EuropeanVacation on California’s Coastby Leah KoltNo worries about the weak dollar if you want to travel to France orItaly and do some wine tasting this year.You can have all of the ambience of a Mediterranean villa in PasoRobles at Villa Valdemosa, a 10-acre estate with a luxurious bed andbreakfast inn – just 10 minutes east of downtown Paso, and yet aworld away. Vineyards are under development on the property for aboutique winery planned for construction next year.Perched on a hilltop, the inn offers “forever” views of surroundingvineyards, olive groves and lavender. A range of well-appointed suites— called “Bordeaux,” “Petite Syrah” and “Syrah” – are available atprices that undercut the rates of area hotels that have much less tooffer.Owner Tom Roebuck is himself a winemaker and you might eventalk him into serving up his private reserves, such as the 2003 Mystral,a gold-medal-winning red blend.While you won’t see a television screen in the 5,000-square-footvilla, you will be soothed by the strains of Mozart from an extensivestereo network. You might even be treated to some live grand pianoor guitar music, courtesy of local musicians who occasionally drop by.Near-term plans include hosting house concerts, and cinema andwine under the stars.In the mornings, guests who stay in the 400-square-foot Bordeauxsuite, which offers a soaking tub and a walk-in waterfall shower, maystep into the loggia, where a real fireplace takes the chill off themorning air.There, they may join other early risers for gourmet coffee, teas andfresh pastries, muffins or scones to tide them over till breakfast isserved at 9:30, typically a soufflé or perhaps individual mushroomomelets and apple chicken sausage prepared by Tom, a seasonedEuropean traveler who has lived in France.To make reservations, call (805) 237-237 or (408) 202-1146 orvisit the Villa Valdemosa website at www.valedemosa.net. The B&Binn is located at 2552 Old Grove Lane, off Creston Road about sixmiles east of downtown Paso Robles. Pets are welcome.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com


SAN LUIS OBISPO | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKSalisbury Vineyards for Art, Wine, Vineyard Trolley Toursby Dave WilcoxTasting rooms providing wallspace for local artists to displaytheir work isn’t unusual. The fineart gallery within Salisbury Vineyards’historic schoolhousetasting room near Avila Beach,however, is a rare treat.Not only do the rotatingshows feature acclaimed nationaland international artists, theworks are selected and coordinatedby someone with morethan 30 years of experience as afine art dealer and agent.That would be Maridel Salisbury,whose husband, John, is asixth-generation farmer whofounded Salisbury Vineyards.Maridel Salisbury is uniquelyqualified to understand thenatural relationship between artand wine, and believes manyother wineries are catching on.“Wineries are getting wise tothe importance of combining artand wine and the way they naturallymesh.”Browsing the attractive galleryis part of the leisurely experienceenjoyed by visitors to the Salisburytasting room.The historic building housingthe tasting room and art gallery isa 102-year-old schoolhouse thatwas nothing more than a dilapidatedshell when the Salisburyspurchased it in 2000. Five yearslater, the family opened a tastingroom that, along with its outdoorpatio, exudes warmth and anunhurried sense of comfort. It isan easy place to linger, enjoyingwine while strolling through thegallery, or relaxing in a warmwinter sun.“I want it to be as warm andfriendly as possible,” MaridelSalisbury said of the tastingroom. “I want it to be as reflectiveas possible of a family atmosphere.”24The family atmosphere isgenuine.The Salisburys’ daughter,Jennifer Salisbury Rucks and herhusband, Kevin are partners andmanage the operations. Theirson, John Patrick Salisbury, is anartist living near New Orleanswhose paintings are shown ingalleries across the nation and onoccasion are on exhibit at SalisburyFine Art.LOS OSOS VALLEY RDSEE CANYON RDPERBACCOCELLARSKELSEY SEECANYONSANLUISBAYRDONTARIO RDAVILA BEACHorovinoAlapayAvila BeachTo Paso Robles(26 miles, see page 22)Shadow CanyonCellarsCALLE JOAQUINSALISBURY VINEYARDS101VACHELL101Special events during thespring and summer provideanother great reason for visitorsto put Salisbury on their itineraryfor wine-tasting tours on theCentral Coast.The popular “SchoolhouseRock” series features musicranging from jazz to blues tomambo on selected Sundays thatalso offers a gourmet lunch forpurchase. Weekend guests areoften treated to a trolley tour ofS. HIGUERAMARSH STSextant WinerySUBURBANPismo BeachP a c i f i c O c e a nMONTEREY STOSOS STBROAD STSANTA ROSATANK FARMStephen RossWineryBUCKLEY RDJOHNSON AVEJOHNSON AVEORCUTTHINDS AVETANK FARMEDNA RDPRICE CANYON RDOAK PARKBIDDLE RANCHEdna Valley WineryPiedra CreekBY APPOINTMENT1Cerro Caliente Cellars101TOLOSAWINERYOAK PARKCAMINOSLODOWNPUBBRISCOPOZO VALLEYSan Luis ObispoGRAND AVE.RIGHETTI RDCARPENTER CANYONNOYESthe winery’s nearby vineyards.John Salisbury farms 35 acresof vineyards in the cool-climateAvila Valley and include Syrahafter Pinot Grigio, along withmore recent plantings of theincreasingly popular Spanishimport Albarino. On 30 acres inPaso Robles the winery cultivatesCabernet Sauvignon, Merlot andSyrah.The Salisbury Vineyardstasting room is visible fromHighway 101 between the SanLuis Bay and Avila Road exits. It’sopen daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.It’s located at 6985 Ontario Road,about two miles from Avila Beach.Call (805) 595-9463, or visitwww.salisburyvineyards.com.BAILEYANA AND TANGENT VINEYARDSSaucelito CanyonCLAIBORNE& CHRUCHILL227Wolff VineyardsDomaineAlfredKynsiVineyardsWOODWINERYTRAFFICORCUTTTIFFANY RANCHCORBETTRDBRIDGECANYON RDBRANCH RD•The CasitasHUASNA RDRanchoArroyoGrandeTALLEYVINEYARDSLOPEZ DRHUASNA RDArroyo GrandeLAETITIA VINEYARDBarnwood Vineyardwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com


SANTA MARIA | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKWhat’s Happening in Santa Maria Valley Wine CountryHere on the northern perimeter of the famed Santa Barbara CountyWine Country, there is perhaps no better season to partake in thepastime of wine touring. The summer crowds have waned, the newvintages are released and the weather is typically fabulous. The SantaMaria Valley Chamber of Commerce and Visitor & ConventionBureau offers visitors a complimentary booklet called Santa MariaValley Wine Country: A Guide to Local Wineries and Restaurants,which includes profiles and contact information for local wineriesand dining establishments. An accompanying map reveals the layoutof the Santa Maria Valley Wine Country. The booklet is available fordownload at www.SantaMaria.com.The Santa Maria Valley Wine Country Association also offers visitorsextensive touring information and a downloadable map atwww.santamariavalleywines.com.For more information, call the Santa Maria Valley Conventionand Visitor & Convention Bureau at 1-800-331-3779 or visit thewebsite at www.smvwc.com. To join the mailing list, emailinfo@santamariavalleywinecountry.com.• Friday, February 13: A Chocolate Affair6 to 8 pm, Cottonwood Canyon Vineyard & Winery CavesBring your sweetheart to Cottonwood’s Valentine’s Day ChocolateCocktail party. Indulge in appetizers, chocolate and wine pairingswhile listening to harpist Beth Vukmanic. Submit your chocolatedessert for the “best of” contest and receive $5 off admission.Only one entry per person. Reservations are required and there areonly 46 seats available. Make your reservations today.$45 per person, $40 for club members(805) 937-8463 or events@cottonwoodcanyon.com• Friday, February 20: PCPA's Girls' Night Out andA Midsummer Night's Dream, 5 to 9:30 pmPCPA's Marian Theatre (Allan Hancock College, Santa Maria)Join PCPA and local businesses on for a celebration of girl power!Gather up your gang of girlfriends for a pre-show reception beginningat 5:30 p.m., followed by the PCPA performance of AMidsummer Night’s Dream at 7 p.m. Meet and greet the girls fromAddamo Vineyards, Trends Salon, Costa de Oro Winery, BigBrothers Big Sisters, The Women’s Fund and more...GNO attendeeswill receive 50% off the adult price (regularly $28.25, this performanceonly); just ask for the “Girls’ Night Out” ticket. Goodfriends, food, wine tasting, prizes, and an enchanted romanticcomedy. Don’t miss out, order your tickets today!PCPA Box Offi ce (805) 922-8313• Saturday, March 7: Evening of Exquisite Wine,Food and Music at Cambria Winery, 5 to 7 pmReward yourself with a time of exquisite wine, music and cuisineprepared by Chef Rick Manson. Watch the sun set from the tasting26room and patio of Cambria Winery. Relax with your friends andmeet new acquaintances. A delightful escape for a couple of hoursin the Santa Maria Valley hills. Call George Majoue, Santa MariaPhilharmonic Society at (805) 925-0412 for tickets. Don’t wait,tickets will go quickly; $50 per person.• Saturday, March 28: Creole CookoutNoon to 3 pm at Cottonwood Canyon Vineyard & WineryExperience the tastes of the South at Cottonwood for an old fashionedcrawfish boil. Enjoy fresh Louisiana crawfish, sausage, potatoes,corn on the cob, side salad, garlic bread and a glass of sweettea or Cottonwood wine. Live jazz music will set the mood by atalented CalPoly Jazz Band Quartet. For more information or to getyour tickets, call (805) 937-8463.$40 per person, $35 club membersevents@cottonwoodcanyon.comONGOING EVENTS• Every Friday: Friday Night Wine Down at Costa de Oro, 4 to 7:30 pmEnjoy live music and appetizers with lots of friends. A great way toend your week or start your weekend!11351McKeon-PhilipsBLOSSERSKYWAYAddamoVineyardsOrcuttE DONOVANMAINSTOWELLBROADWAY135CLARKLos AlamosTo San Luis Obispo(32 miles, see page 24)ROEMER101BETTERAVIATELEPHONEBedfordThompsonToLompoc(18 miles, see page 28)/Solvang (34 miles, see page 28)Roemer Way Self-StorageCOSTA DE ORODOMINIONCottonwoodCanyonSANTA MARIA MESA RDRiver BenchVineyardsFOXEN CANYON RDALISOS CANYONSanta MariaCambriaSTAZACAKENNETHVOLKVINEYARDSTEPUSQUETByronRancho SisquocFoxen VineyardsCurtisFirestoneTres HermanasZaca MesaFess ParkerKoehlerwww.WineCountryThisWeek.comFOXENCANYON RD

Looking for SomethingSpecial in a Wine Club?Go online to Premier Wine Clubswww.WineCountryThisWeek.comFind your perfect wine club according to:varietal • price • color preference • wineryspecial events • discounts • tours • and more!WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | SANTA MARIAwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com27

5THSAN MARCOSSANTA BARBARA COUNTY | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKPink Elephants and Champagne Benefit, February 14A sparkling affair benefits Santa BarbaraContemporary Arts ForumA combined art exhibition and benefit,Pink Elephants & Champagne is a lavishreception featuring an exciting fine art raffleand auctions of superior wines, romanticgifts and other inspired items. The reception,from 6 to 9 p.m., will include delectable foodprovided by Duo Events & Catering, bubblycocktails and lively musical entertainmentprovided by Santa Barbara’s own DJMagneto. To reprise his role as emcee, thisyear internationally celebrated visual artist,Franco Mondini-Ruiz will be your host for allthe fun!This year’s event takes a dynamic turnfrom the format of recent years. Rather thanopen bidding on all artworks, those whopurchase a $300 ticket are assured an originalwork of art to take home! Names will bedrawn at random, and the selected couplewill have just 30 seconds to choose a workfrom a stellar line-up of renowned contemporaryartists! Of course, no auction wouldbe complete without a little friendly competition,and the burning desire to select thefirst incredible work of art will be auctionedoff to the highest bidder. For a sneak peak ofall available works, join CAF ExecutiveDirector, Miki Garcia for a free preview andtour on Thursday, February 12, 2009 from 6to 8 p.m.All benefit attendees will have the opportunityto participate in the silent wineauction – a highly anticipated event! Highlightsinclude a VIP tasting and tour atKorbel Champagne Cellars, a 1999 ChâteauCheval Blanc Saint Emilion, a 1999 BVGeorges de Latour Cabernet Sauvignon, andselections from Sea Smoke Cellars, PurisimaMountain Vineyard and more! Don’t missyour chance to attend this SPARKLINGevent! Proceeds from this event directlysupport the artists of our time through CAF’shighly acclaimed exhibitions and educationalprograms.For tickets, call (805) 966-5373 or visitthe website at www.sbcaf.org.To Santa Maria,Paso Robles154To Hwy. 101Santa Maria (32 miles)Paso Robles (88 miles)FoleyEstatesWineryTo Lompoc(18 miles)ToHwy. 11246SANTA ROSA AVEBuelltonSORT THIS OUT CELLARSSanfordTo Santa MariaPalminaE. CHESTNUT7THLompocCasa CassaraLafondINDUSTRIALAlma RosaAVE OF THE FLAGS101Lompoc “Wine Ghetto”Fiddlehead CellarsBabcockD’VineWineTasting 246MelvilleFoley Estates WineryDierberg & Star Lane Vineyards1ToHwy.101To Santa BarbaraBALLARD CANYON RDToSantaBarbara(43 miles)Los OlivosGRusackBallardCHALKHILLATTERDAG2NDOAKMOLLEPARK1STBALLARD CANYON RDPARKSolvangCOPENHAGENALISALEpiphanyDaniel GehrsLongoriaWild HeartTre AnelliLos Olivos Tasting RoomAndrew MurrayMISSIONALAMO PINTADO AVEALAMOPINTADO RDGRAND AVECARINA CELLARSBlackjackLincourtCarhartt WineryConsilienceAlexander & Wayne and Arthur EarlALAMO PINTADO AVECoquelicotRideauButtonwoodScott CellarsSILVER WINES(Wine Country)BASELINEHoneywood/Olde Mission Wine Co.Cabana/Wondering Dog Wine BarD’ALFONSO CURRANShoestringCasa CassaraTastes of the ValleysHitching Post Presidio246Lucas & LewellenSTOLPMANKalyraMosbyLion’s Peak/Mission Meadow WineryRoyal OaksMandolinaAlisal CellarsBellissimaSunstone101Uncorked/Monsoon CellarsBeckmenREFUGIOREFUGIO154ROBLAR AVERoblarWineryBrander & DomaineSanta BarbaraQUESTAEDISONS O NEDIBridlewoodSanta Ynez Wine CellarSanta YnezArtisteSAGUNTOInn•ChumashCasinoMORAMEADOWVALEGaineyTo Santa Barbara(29 miles)246SantaYnezNot to Scale28www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

The 6th annual Santa Barbara Brazilian Carnaval – 2009, will bringthree days of dynamic rhythms, dance, film, soccer, culinary delightand part of the history of Brazil to the American Riviera in California.The events in 2009 will be held Friday through Sunday, February 20,21 and 22 at different locations and involving local cafes and restaurants,dance and capoeira studios and different support organizations.This year the Carnaval project involves more than 30 performerswhich include live bands, Afro-Brazilian dancers, feather sambadancers, capoeira groups, and special guests such as educators,teachers, chefs and filmmakers for different lectures, workshops andspecial presentations.Brazilian Carnaval Santa Barbara 2009 is possible in part by sponsorsand supporters such as Univision TV Central Coast – the largestLatino open broadcasting TV in U.S., Contemporanea – the largestmanufacturer of percussive instruments in Brazil, O.N.E – 100%Natural Experience, Kisuccess Marketing & Printing, Magali Travel &Visa Services to Brazil, Golly Guarana, Aggressive Soccer Stores, ChivasUSA, SB Permaculture Networking, Soul Brasil magazine, America-Latino TV, LatinNation.com, Pelourinho.com and KCSB 91.9 radio.WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | SANTA BARBARA COUNTYBrazil Comes to Santa Barbara During CarnavalMISSION101STATECoquelicotTo Solvang(34 miles, see page 32)OLIVEANAPAMUANACAPAN SALSIPUEDESCarr WineryMILPASE GUITERREZGeisingerKalyraWineryOreanaMONTECITOSanta BarbaraWinerySanta BarbaraJaffursWine CellarsWhitcraftSummerlandWinery101Stearns Wharf VintnersEVENTS• Friday, February 20, 7:30 pm at SB Central Public Library – Falkner GalleryThe screening of an award-winning film that transcended nationalinterest, “The Miracle of Candeal.” Donation of $5 requested.• Saturday, February 21, noon at Murphy Field - Soccer Game Celebrationwith local “Brazil” playing against local “Mexico” for the Chivas USA trophy.Free event.• February 21, 4 pm, Ginga Muiticultural Center – ‘Dance-Capoeira’ workshopwith live drums – a fun, two-hour workshop – $20• Saturday, February 21, 9:30 pm, StateSide Lounge & Restaurant –Carnaval Bash featuring Capoeira Show – $12 at the door.For group rates and tables, call (818) 508-8753.• Sunday, February 22, 1:30 pm – Family Afternoon Carnaval Party –featuring Capoeira and Samba de Roda performances by CapoeiraSanta Barbara and guests, Live Batucada from Casa do Sambadrummers, kids activities such as face painting and prizes for soccertalent game, Brazilian food and barbecue; beer and wine availableinside the Red`s Café.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com29

N ROSE AVEN RICE AVEN ELEVAR STKINETIC DRVENTURA COUNTY | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKS LA LUNA AVE33N VENTURA AVE33OLD CREEK RDCREEK RDE OJAI AVEE VENTURAOjaiOld Creek RanchWineryBLVDCAMINO DEL SOLS SIGNAL STHerzogWineCellarsDEL NORTE BLVDS MONTGOMERY STCasaBarrancaCENTRAL AVECANTARACELLARSOxnardFood & Wine Festival at Herzog Wine CellarsOn Wednesday, February 18,Herzog invites you to celebratethe kosher renaissance of finedrinking and dining at theirstate-of-the-art facility in Oxnard.The wineries hail from France,Spain, Italy, Israel, New Zealand,Argentina, of course, California,and others.WOOD RDAVIADOR STVERDULERA101VENTURA BLVDCamarilloLAS POSAS RDLAS POSAS RDThis second annual event willoffer attendees a most extensiveand exclusive array of high-endkosher wines as well as theopportunity to meet winemakerswho rarely find time to come toCalifornia. And with Passoverjust around the corner, it’s theperfect opportunity to stayE DAILY DRRanchoVentavo(Opening Soon)FIR STBellaVictorianVineyardELM DR(Opening Soon)ARNEILL RDS DAWSON DRLEWIS RDLEWIS RDDAWSON PLCamarilloCustomCrush(Opening Soon)abreast of what’s happening inthis dynamic market.In addition to the impressiveline-up of wines, attendees willbe treated to a mouth-wateringselection of gourmet delicaciesprepared by Chef Todd Aarons ofTierra Sur restaurant.This year we are excited tohost special guest Daniel Rogov,Israel’s renowned wine critic.Doors will open to the publicat 7 p.m. For more informationor to R.S.V.P., call the TastingRoom at (805) 983-1560.Herzog Wine Cellars islocated at 3201 Camino Del Solin Oxnard. Tickets are $100 perperson, $85 per person (for twoor more tickets). Herzog WineClub members are $75 perperson.30www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

P erfectFilet Mignon Paired withJada 2006 Hell’s KitchenEstablished in 1999, Jada Vineyard lies inthe hills of the Santa Lucia Coastal Range westof Paso Robles where Bordeaux and Rhoneblends are crafted from estate vineyards.Under a shallow topsoil of clay loam liemassive deposits of calcareous shale andpockets of limestone creating well drainedsoil. The reduced vigor in the vines anddecreased berry size play a huge part in theintensity and minerality of the fruit. In addition,a long growing season allows for superbdevelopment of color and intensity in characterwhile maintaining acidity. This hillsidelocation also permits delicate, natural gravityflow of wine in the winemaking processes. Atno point are grapes pumped or propelled in away that might destroy their flavor or structure.Even before crushing, care is taken withthe aid of stainless shaker tables used tospread fruit out for hand sorting. And for the pressing process, a basket stylepress applies gentle pressure to the remaining juice, seeds and skins to withdrawthe deepest color and fullest flavor without excessive seed tanninextraction.The results of these efforts by Jada Vineyard to bring out the best in theirgrapes is evident in the Jada 2006 Hell’s Kitchen, a Rhone blend of significantstrength and flavor, and one that demands a muscular, yet elegant, dishby its side. Jada’s own chef, Ryan Messina, chooses this wine and recipe as aperfect pairing because of the complimentary flavors in both wine and food.“The Hell’s Kitchen blend of 40% Syrah, 28% Grenache, 16% Tannat and16% Mourvedre, paired with the light and extremely flavorful artichoketruffle butter soufflé that encrusts the filet mignon, makes a wonderfulcombination,” explains Chef Messina. “And the vegetable medley thataccompanies it makes for a colorful and fresh taste and look. This foodcombination is flavorful yet not over powering.”You can taste Hell’s Kitchen and other superb wines of Jada Vineyardswhen you visit Jada’s brand new open air tasting room. The staff will guideyou through the wines, pairing them with fine cheeses from Paso’s localcheese shop, Vivant. Also, sample Jada’s Tuscan-style olive oil made fromolives grown on the estate. The tasting room is nestled in the heart of theTempleton Gap, at 5620 Vineyard Drive, off of Highway 46 west. The row ofplum trees is your guide to the entrance. Open Thursday noon to 5 p.m.and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Friday-Sunday and by appointment. $5 per person totaste, $10 per person for parties of seven or more; $5 per person includedwith each wine purchase not refunded. For more information, visitwww.jadavineyard.com or call (805) 226-4200.www.WineCountryThisWeek.comPairs by Len NapolitanoFILET MIGNON CROWNED WITHARTICHOKE TRUFFLE BUTTERACCOMPANIED WITH VEGETABLE SAUTÉPair with Jada 2006 Hell’s Kitchen(40% Syrah/28% Grenache/16% Mourvedre/16% Tannat)• 1 lb. whole, unsalted butter, softened• 1/2 cup canned artichoke hearts, minced• 2 tablespoons truffle peelings, drained• 1 teaspoon fresh thyme, chopped• Japanese bread crumbs, as neededor any type of bread crumbs• Salt and white pepper, to taste• 4 each 8-ounce filet mignon, seared on both sides• 7 ounces whole carrots, peeled and sliced into coins• 7 ounces green beans, ends snipped, cut into bite size• 7 ounces baby sunburst squash, cut in halfPrep and cooking instructions:BUTTER AND FILETMix softened butter together with minced artichoke hearts,truffle peelings, thyme, salt and white pepper. Add enoughJapanese Bread Crumbs to bind, your ratio should be halfand half (half butter and artichoke mix to bread crumbs).Place butter mixture on a sheet of parchment paper and rollinto a log the size of your filet. Refrigerate until solid. Thenslice into 1/2-inch butter pats. Place on top of seared filet.Bake at 350 degrees until your filet is the correct temperature:Rare: 108 degreesMedium Well: 135 degreesMedium Rare: 115 degrees Well: 145 degreesMedium: 120 degreesVEGETABLE SAUTÉCook vegetables in advance in salted water until al denteand then shock in ice water. Make sure each vegetable isvery chilled or it will turn grey. At service time place a smallamount of olive oil in a hot pan throw in carrots first, squashsecond and then green beans until heated. Add salt andwhite pepper as needed and serve.31

WINERY LISTINGS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK★★ Especially recommended by Wine Country This WeekWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESP A S O R O B L E S A R E A★ Adelaida Cellars – Paso Robles Daily 10-55805 Adelaida Rd; 805-239-8980, 800-676-1232 X X XAJB Vineyards – Paso Robles Weekends3280 Township Rd; 805-239-9432 12-5 X X★ Anglim Winery – Paso Robles Th-Mo 11-6740 Pine St; 805-227-6813 Su 12-6 & By Appt X X★ Arroyo Robles – Paso RoblesDaily739 12th St; 877-759-WINE 11-7 X XB & E Vineyards – Paso Robles Fr-Su By10,000 Creston Rd; 805-238-4815 10-5 Appt X XBarrel 27 – Paso Robles Fr-Su 11-52323 Tulley Rd #110; 805-237-1245 or By Appt X XBassetti Vineyards – Cambria By1191 N. Green Valley Rd; 805-927-1925 Appt X X★ Bear Cave Cellars – Paso Robles By Appt. &1227 Park St; 805-238-4329 Some Weekends X XBella Luna – TempletonFr-Su1850 Templeton Rd; 805-434-5477 10-5 X X★ Bianchi Winery – Paso Robles Daily3380 Branch Rd; 805-226-9922 10-5 X XBlack Hand – San MiguelBy1735 Nygren Rd; 805-712-WINE Appt X XBrian Benson Cellars – Paso Robles Daily2985 Anderson Rd; 805-296-9463 10:30-5 X XCalcareous Winery – Paso Robles Th-Mo3430 Peachy Canyon Rd; 805-239-0289 11-5 X XCaliza Winery – Paso RoblesFr-Su2570 Anderson Rd; 805-237-1480 11-4:30 X XCaparone Winery – Paso Robles Daily2280 San Marcos Rd; 805-467-3827 11-5 X X XCarmody McKnight Estate Wines – Paso Robles11240 Chimney Rock Rd; 805-238-9392 Daily 10-5 X XCass Vineyards – Paso RoblesDaily7350 Linne Rd; 805-239-1730 11-6 X X★ Castoro Cellars – TempletonDaily1315 N Bethal Rd; 805-238-0725 10-5:30 X X★ Cayucos Cellars – Cayucos We-Su 11-5:30131 N Ocean Ave; 805-995-3036 Closed Tu X XChangala Winery – Templeton Sa 11:30-5 By422 Main St; 805-238-0421 Su 12-4 Appt X XChateau Margene – CrestonSa-Su4385 La Panza Rd; 805-238-2321 12-6 X XChristian Lazo – San MiguelSa-Su249 10th Street, Suite A; 805-467-2672 10-5 X XChumeia Vineyards – Paso Robles Daily8331 Hwy 46 E; 805-226-0102 10-5 X XClautiere Vineyard – Paso Robles Daily1340 Penman Springs Rd; 805-237-3789 12-5 X X★ Clayhouse Wines – Paso Robles Opening Soon849 13th St; 805 727-4720 Daily 12-5 X X X32★ D’Anbino Cellars – Paso Robles Th-Mo 11-7710 Pine St; 805-227-6800 Closed Tu-We X XDark Star Cellars – Paso Robles Fr-Su2985 Anderson Rd; 805-237-2389 10:30-5 X XDerby Estates – Paso RoblesDaily5620 Hwy 46 East; 805-238-6300 10-5 X XDenner Vineyards & Winery – Paso Robles5414 Vineyard Dr; 805-239-4287 Sa-Su 12-4 X XDoce Robles – Paso RoblesDaily2023 Twelve Oaks Dr; 805-227-4766 10-5:30 X XDonati Family Vineyard – Templeton Daily 11am-5pmCorner of 46 West & Vineyard Dr; 805-238-0676 X XDonatoni Winery – Paso Robles Sa-Su 12-53225 Township Rd; 805-226-0620 Or By Appt XDover Canyon Winery – Paso Robles Th-Su4520 Vineyard Dr; 805-237-0101 11-5 XDunning Vineyards Estate Winery – Paso Robles1953 Niderer Rd; 805-238-4763 Th-Mo 11-5 X XEagle Castle Winery – Paso Robles Daily3090 Anderson Rd; 805-227-1428 10:30-5:30 X X X★ Eberle Winery – Paso RoblesDaily3810 Hwy 46 E; 805-238-9607 10-6 X X X★ Edward Sellers – Paso Robles Th-Mo1220 Park St; 805-239-8915 12-7 X X★ Eos Estate Winery – Paso Robles Daily5625 Hwy 46 East; 805-239-2562 10-5 X X XFalcon Nest Winery – Paso Robles Daily5185 Union Rd; 805-226-0227 10-7:30 X XFS Cellars – Paso RoblesTh-Mo1337 Vendels Circle; 805-226-8989 11-6 X XFirestone Vineyard Paso – Paso Robles By2300 Airport Rd; 805-591-8050 Daily 10-5 Appt X XFive Rivers Winery – Paso Robles By8998 North River Rd; 805-467-0192 ApptFour Vines Winery – Templeton Daily3750 Hwy 46 West; 805-237-0055 11-5 X XFralich Vineyard & Winery – Templeton By ApptPrivate tastings at Paso Robles Wine Services; 805-434-1526Fratelli Perata – Paso RoblesBy1595 Arbor Rd; 805-238-2809 ApptGelfand Vineyards – Paso Robles By5530 Dresser Ranch Place; 805-239-5808 Appt★ Grey Wolf Cellars– Paso Robles Daily2174 Hwy 46 West; 805-237-0771 11-5:30 X X★ Halter Ranch Vnyd– Paso Robles Th-Mo8910 Adelaida Rd; 805-226-9455 11-5 X X★ Hansen Vineyard– Templeton Daily5575 El Pomar Dr; 805-239-8412 10-5:30 X XHarmony Cellars– HarmonyDaily3255 Harmony Valley Rd; 805-927-1625 10-5 X XHice Cellars – Paso RoblesTh-Mo821 Pine St Unit D; 805-237-8888 12-5Hug Cellars – Paso RoblesTh-Mo2323 Tuley Ct Ste. 120 D; 805-226- 8022 11-5 X X X★ Hunt Cellars – Paso RoblesDaily2875 Oakdale Rd; 805-237-1600 10:30-5:30 X X★ J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines – Paso Robles Daily6169 Airport Rd; 805-239-8900 10-5 X X★ J. Paul Rosilez – Paso RoblesDaily4889 Dry Creek Rd; 805-226-0550 11-5:30 X XJack Creek Cellars – Templeton By5265 Jack Creek Rd; 805-226-8283 Appt X X★ Jada Winery – Paso RoblesFr-Su5620 Vineyard Dr; 805-226-4200 10-5 X X XJanKris Winery – TempletonDaily1266 Bethel Rd; 805-434-0319 11-5 X X XJustin Winery – Paso RoblesDaily11680 Chimney Rock Rd; 805-238-6932 10-5 X X XKukkula – TempletonBy9525 Chimney Rock Rd; 805-434-5475 ApptL’Aventure Winery – Paso Robles Th-Su 11-42815 Live Oak Rd; 805-227-1588 or By Appt X XLe Cuvier – Paso RoblesBy Appt,9750 Adelaida Rd; 805-238-5706 Wine Club OnlyLinne Calodo – Paso RoblesFr-Su3030 Vineyard Dr; 805-227-0797 11-5 X X★ Locatelli Winery – Paso Robles Fr-Su8585 Cross Canyons Rd; 805-467-0067 11-4 X XLone Madrone – Paso Robles Daily2485 Hwy 46 West; 805-238-0845 10:30-5 X XMadison Cellars – Paso RoblesBy4540 Hwy 41; 805-238-9831 Appt X XMaloy O’Neill – Paso Robles Fr-Sa 10-5; Su 12-55725 Union Rd; 805-238-7320 Or By Appt X XMartin & Weyrich – Paso Robles Su-Th 10-52610 Buena Vista Dr; 805-238-2520 Fr-Sa 10-6 X XMcClean Vineyards – Templeton By4491 S. El Pomar Dr; 805-237-2441 ApptMeridian Vineyards – Paso Robles Daily7000 Hwy 46 E; 805-226-7133 10-5 X X★ Midlife Crisis – Paso RoblesDaily1244 Pine St, Suite A; 805-237-8730 10:30-6 X XMidnight Cellars – Paso Robles Daily2925 Anderson Rd; 805-239-8904 10-5:30 X XMinassian-Young – Paso Robles Fr-Su4045 Peachy Canyon Rd; 805-238-7571 11-5 X XMoonstone Cellars – CambriaTh-Mo801 Main St, Suite C; 805-927-9466 11-5 X XNadeauFamilyVintners – Paso Robles Fr-Su3860 Peachy Canyon Rd; 805-239-3574 12-5 X XNorman Vineyards – Paso Robles Daily7450 Vineyard Dr; 805-237-0138 11-5 X X★ Opolo Vineyards – Paso Robles Daily7110 Vineyard Dr; 805-238-9593 10-5 X Xwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINERY LISTINGSWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALES★ Orchid Hill Vineyard – Paso Robles Daily1140 Pine St; 805-237-7525 11:30-6 X X★ Ortman Family Vnyds – Paso Robles Daily 12-51317 Park Street; 805-237-9009 Fr-Sat 12-7 X XParkfield Vineyards – San Miguel By70502 Vineyard Canyon Rd; 805-463-2316 Appt X X★ Peachy Canyon Winery – Paso Robles Daily1480 N. Bethel Rd; 805-239-1918 11-5 X X★ Peachy Canyon Winery Too – Paso Robles2020 Nacimiento Lake Dr; 805-237-7848 Fr-Su 11-5 X X★ Penman Springs Vineyard – Paso Robles1985 Penman Springs Dr; 805-237-7959 Fr-Su 11-5 X X★ Pianetta – Paso RoblesSu-Mo-Th: 12-6pm829 13th St; 805-226-4005 Fr-Sa 11-7 X X XPipestone – Paso RoblesTh-Mo2040 Niderer Rd; 805-227-6385 11-5 X XPoalillo Vineyards – Paso Robles By18888 Willow Creek Rd; 805-238-0600 ApptPretty-Smith – San MiguelFr-Su13350 River Rd; 805-467-3104 10-5 X XRabbit Ridge – Paso RoblesWe-Su1172 San Marcos Rd; 805-467-3331 11-5 X XRainbows End Winery – San Miguel By8535 Mission Ln; 805-467-3345 Appt X X★ Rio Seco – Paso RoblesDaily4295 Union Rd; 805-237-8884 11-5 X XRiverStar Vineyards – Cayucos Fr-Su36 N Ocean Ave; 805-995-3741 11-4 X XRN Estate Winery – Paso Robles By7986 North River Rd; 805-467-3106 Appt★ Robert Hall – Paso RoblesDaily3443 Mill Rd; 805-239-1616 10-6 X X XRotta Winery – Paso RoblesDaily3750 Hwy 46 West; 805-237-0510 11-5 X XRocky Creek Cellars – Templeton Daily8687 Apple Rd; 805-238-1919 10:30-5 X X★ San Marcos Creek Vineyard – Paso Robles7750 North Hwy; 805-467-9260 Daily 11-5 X XScott Aaron – TempletonSa-Su422 South Main; 888-611-9463 11-5 X X★ Sculpterra – Paso Robles Fr-Su 10-55015 Linne Road, 888-302-8881 or By Appt X X★ Silver Horse – San MiguelFr-Mo2995 Pleasant Rd; 805-467-WINE 11-5 X XSilver Stone – Paso Robles Mo-Th 12-7827 13th St; 805-226-2788 Fr-Sa 12-8 Su 11-4 X XSkyhawk Lane – San MiguelBy1605 Commerce Way; 213-200-4661 ApptStacked Stone Cellars – Paso Robles Fr 12-51525 Peachy Canyon Rd; 805-238-7872 Sa-Su 11-5 X XStephen’s Cellar – TempletonBy7575 York Mountain Rd; 805-238-2412 Appt X Xwww.WineCountryThisWeek.comStill Waters Vineyards – Paso Robles Th-Mo2750 Old Grove Ln; 805-237-9231 11-5 X XSummerwood – Paso RoblesDaily2175 Arbor Rd; 805-227-1365 10-5:30 X XSylvester Vineyards – Paso Robles Daily5115 Buena Vista Dr; 805-227-4000 11-5 X X XTablas Creek – Paso RoblesDaily9339 Adelaida Rd; 805-237-1231 10-5 X X XTerry Hoage – Paso RoblesBy870 Arbor Rd; 805-238-2083 ApptThacker Winery– Paso Robles Opening in8355 Vineyard Dr; 805-237-0087 June '08 X XThunderbolt Junction – Paso Robles Fr-Su2740 Hidden Mountain Rd; 805-226-9907 11-5 X XTobin James Cellars – Paso Robles Daily8950 Union Rd; 805-239-2204 10-6 X XTolo Cellars – Paso RoblesFr-Mo9750 Adelaida Rd; 805-226-2282 11-5 X XTurley Wine Cellars – Templeton Daily2900 Vineyard Dr; 805-434-1030 9-5 X XVenteux Vineyards – Templeton Fr-Su1795 Las Tablas Rd; 805-369-0127 10-5 X XVictor Hugo Winery – Templeton By2850 El Pomar Dr; 805-434-1128 Appt X X★ Vihuela Winery – Paso Robles Th-Sa 11-81307 Park St; 805 835-4304 Su & Mo 11-4 X XVillicana Winery – Paso Robles Th-Su2725 Adelaida Rd; 805-239-9456 11-5 X X★ Vina Robles – Paso RoblesDaily3700 Mill Rd; 805-227-4812 10-5 X XDIESELVinFuzion – Paso RoblesWe-Su2485 Hwy 46 West; 805-238-0208 11-5:30 X XVista Del Rey – Paso Robles Su 11-57340 Drake Rd; 805-467-2138 By Appt X XWhalebone Winery – Paso Robles Daily8325 Vineyard Dr; 805-239-9020 11-5 X XWild Coyote Winery – Paso Robles Daily3775 Adelaida Rd; 805-610-1311 11-5 X X★ Wild Horse Winery – Templeton Daily1484 Wild Horse Winery Ct; 805-434-2541 11-5 X XWindward Vineyard – Paso Robles Daily138 Live Oak Rd; 805-239-2565 11-5 X XYork Mountain – TempletonDaily7505 York Mountain Rd; 805-238-3925 11-5 X XZenaida Cellars – Paso Robles Daily1550 Hwy 46 West; 805-227-0382 11-5 X X XZinAlley – TempletonFr-Su3730 Hwy 46 West; 805-238-0959 11-5 X XS A N T AM A R G A R I T A★ Pozo Valley – Santa MargaritaFr-Su2200 El Camino Real; 805-286-7172 12-6 X XS A N L U I S O B I S P OAlapay Cellars – Avila BeachDaily415 First St; 805-595-2632 10:30-6 X XAron Hill Vineyards – Morro Bay Th-Su845 Embarcadero Rd, Suite F; 805-610-5751 12-5 X X★ Baileyana Vineyard – San Luis Obispo Daily5828 Orcutt Rd; 805-269-8200 10-5 X XBarnwood Winery – Arroyo Grande Daily453 Laetitia Vineyard Dr; 888-809-VINE 11-5 X XBREED(S): I’m supposed to be pure DobermanPinscher, but I like to think I’m part Scooby Doo.FAVORITE PAST TIME(S): Riding around,visiting wineries with my person; playing withkids; barking at cows and cats; eating nonedibleitems like socks and tennis balls.CAN BE FOUND: In the back of a dusty DodgeDurango, going from winery to winery.DIESEL:HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY FOR YOURSELF?“I know your lap is small, and that I look toobig for it, but, trust me, I’ll fit. I promise.”FAVORITE THINGS: “Scratches under the chin.”IF YOU SEE ME: “Don’t be scared.I’m much nicer than I look. Oh, and I like eatingthings: could be food, could be anything.So, please, if you see me, feed me.”33

WINERY LISTINGS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK★ Especially recommended by Wine Country This WeekWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESCerro Caliente – San Luis Obispo Fr-Su831 A Via Esteban; 805-544-2842 11-5 X X★ Claiborne & Churchill – San Luis Obispo Daily2649 Carpenter Canyon Rd; 805-544-4066 11-5 X XDomaine Alfred – San Luis Obispo Daily7525 Orcutt Rd; 805-541-9463 10-5 X XEdna Valley Vnyd – San Luis Obispo Daily2585 Biddle Ranch Rd; 805-544-5855 10-5 X X★ Kelsey See Canyon – San Luis Obispo1947 See Canyon Rd; 805-595-9700 Daily 11-5:30 X X XKynsi Winery – Arroyo Grande Th-Mo2212 Corbett Canyon Rd; 805-544-8461 11-5 X X★ Laetitia Vineyard – Arroyo Grande Daily453 Laetitia Vineyard Dr; 805-481-1772 11-5 X XMorovino – Avila BeachTh-Mo550 1st St; 805-627-1443 12-5 X X★ Per Bacco Cellars – San Luis Obispo Daily1850 Calle Joaquin Rd; 805-787-0485 11-5 X X XPiedra Creek Winery – San Luis Obispo6425 Mira Cielo Dr; 805-541-1281 By ApptRancho Arroyo Grande – Arroyo Grande591 Hi Mountain Rd; 805-474-0220 1st Saturday of the month 11-5★ Salisbury Vineyards – Avila Valley Daily6985 Ontario Rd; 805-595-WINE 11-6 X XSaucelito Canyon – San Luis Obispo Daily3080 Biddle Ranch Rd; 805-543-2111 10-5 X XSextant Wines – San Luis Obispo Daily3536 S. Higuera St; 866-833-WINE 11-5 X XShadow Canyon Cellars – San Luis Obispo956 Monterey Street; 805-781-0862 Th-Su 12-7 X XStephen Ross Wine Cellars – San Luis Obispo178 Suburban Rd; 805-594-1318 Sa-Su 11-5 X★ Tangent Vineyards – San Luis Obispo Daily5828 Orcutt Rd; 805-269-8200 11-5 X X★ Talley Vineyards – Arroyo Grande Daily3031 Lopez Dr; 805-489-0446 10:30-4:30 X XTaste – San Luis Obispo Mo-Sa 11-91003 Osos St; 805-269-TASTE Su 11-5 X X★ Tolosa Winery – San Luis Obispo Daily4910 Edna Rd; 805-782-0500 11-5 X X★ Wood Winery – Arroyo Grande Th-Mo136 Bridge St; 805-489-9663 11-5 X XWolff Vineyards – San Luis Obispo Daily6238 Orcutt Rd; 805-781-0448 11-5 X X XS A N T A M A R I A / F O X E N C A N Y O NAddamo Estate Vineyards – Orcutt Tu-Su400 East Clark Ave; 805-937-6400 11-7 X XBedford Thompson – Los Alamos Daily448 Bell St; 805-344-2107 11-5 X X34Byron Vineyard – Santa MariaBy5250 Tepusquet Rd; 805-934-4770 ApptCambria Winery – Santa Maria Daily5475 Chardonnay Lane; 888-339-9463 10-5 X XChimere – Santa MariaBy217 North Russell; 805-310-1148 Appt★ Costa de Oro – Santa MariaDaily1331 S. Nicholson Ave; 805-922-1468 11-6 X XCottonwood Canyon – Santa Maria Daily3940 Dominion Rd; 805-937-VINE 10-5:30 X X XCurtis Winery – Los OlivosDaily5249 Foxen Canyon Rd; 805-686-8999 10-5 X XFess Parker – Los OlivosDaily6200 Foxen Canyon Rd; 805-688-1545 10-5 X XFirestone Vineyard – Los Olivos Daily5000 Zaca Station Rd; 805-688-3940 10-5 X X XFoxen Vineyard – Santa Maria Daily7200 Foxen Canyon Rd; 805-937-4251 11-4 X XIO Vineyards – Santa MariaBy5250 Tepusquet Rd; 805-934-4770 Appt★ Kenneth Volk Vineyards – Santa Maria Daily5230 Tepusquet Rd; 805-938-7896 10:30-4:30 X X XKoehler – Los OlivosDaily5360 Foxen Canyon Rd; 805-693-8384 10-5 X XLabyrinth – at Old Mission Wine Company in Solvang2717 Aviation Way; 805-268-4155 Daily 10-5 X XMcKeon-Philips – Santa MariaDaily2115 S Blosser Rd; 805-928-3025 11-6 X XOvene Winery – Santa Maria (Tasting Room: See Solvang)2717 Aviation Way; 714-420-2525 By Appt X XRancho Sisquoc Winery – Santa Maria Daily6600 Foxen Canyon Rd; 805-934-4332 10-4 X XRiverbench Vineyards – Santa Maria Daily6020 Foxen Canyon Rd; 805-937-8340 10-4 X X XTantara Vineyard – Santa Maria By4747 Ontiveros Lane; 805-938-5051 ApptTres Hermanas Winery – Santa Maria Daily9660 Foxen Canyon Rd; 805-937-8451 10-5 X XZaca Mesa – Los OlivosDaily6905 Foxen Canyon Rd; 805-688-9339 10-4 X XL O SO L I V O SAlexander & Wayne – Los Olivos Daily2922 Grand Ave; 805-688-9665 11-6 X XAndrew Murray – Los OlivosDaily2901 Grand Ave; 805-693-9644 11-6 X XArthur Earl – Los OlivosDaily2922 Grand Ave; 805-693-1771 11-6 X XBeckmen Vineyards – Los Olivos Daily2905 Grand Ave; 805-688-8664 11-5 X XBernat – at Los Olivos CaféDaily2879 Grand Ave; 805-688-7265 11-9 X XThe Brander Vineyard – Los Olivos Daily2401 Refugio Rd; 805- 688-2455 11-4 X XBrophy Clark Cellars – at Los Olivos Wine Tasting Room2905 Grand Ave; 805-929-4830 Daily 11-6 X XCarhartt Vineyard – Los Olivos Th-Mo 11-52990A Grand Ave; 805-688-0685 (Closed Tu-We) X X★ Carina Cellars – Los OlivosDaily2900-A Grand Ave; 805-688-2459 11-5 X XConsilience – Los OlivosDaily2933 Grand Ave; 805-691-1020 11-5 X XCoquelicot – Los OlivosDaily2884 Grand Ave; 805-688-1500 11-5 X XCurtis Winery – Los OlivosDaily5249 Foxen Canyon Rd; 805-686-8999 10-5 X XDaniel Gehrs Winery – Los Olivos Daily2939 Grand Ave; 800-275-8138 11-5 X XDierberg Estate Vineyard – at Wine Country in Los Olivos2445 Alamo Pintado Ave; 805-686-9699 Daily 11-5 X XEpiphany Cellars – Los Olivos Th-Mo2963 Grand Ave; 866-354-9463 11:30- 5:30 X XJohn Kerr Wines – at Los Olivos Wine Tasting Room2905 Grand Ave; 805-688-7406 Daily 11-5:30 X XFess Parker – Los OlivosDaily6200 Foxen Canyon Rd; 805-688-1545 10-5 X XFirestone Vineyard – Los Olivos Daily5000 Zaca Station Rd; 805-688-3940 10-5 X X XFlying Goat Cellars – at Wine Country in Los Olivos2445 Alamo Pintado Ave; 805-686-9699 Daily 11-5 X XGreat Oaks Ranch – at Wine Country in Los Olivos2445 Alamo Pintado Ave; 805-686-9699 Daily 11-5 X XJ Wilkes Wine – at Wine Country in Los Olivos2445 Alamo Pintado Ave; 805-686-9699 Daily 11-5 X XKoehler – Los OlivosDaily5360 Foxen Canyon Rd; 805-693-8384 10-5 X XLane Tanner Wines – at Los Olivos Tasting Room2905 Grand Ave; 805-688-7406 Daily 11-6 X XLongoria Wines – Los OlivosDaily2935 Grand Ave; 866-759-4637 11-4:30 X XOak Savanna – at Andrew Murray Tasting Room in Los Olivos2901 Grand Ave; 805-693-9644 Daily 11-6 X XQupé Wine – at Wine Country in Los Olivos2445 Alamo Pintado Ave; 805-968-9699 Daily 11-5 X X★ Silver Wines – at Wine Country in Los Olivos2445 Alamo Pintado Ave; 805-963-3052 Daily 11-5 X XScott Cellars – Los OlivosTh-Mo2933 San Marcos Ave, Ste 101; 805-570-0048 12-5 X XStar Lane – at Wine Country in Los Olivos2445 Alamo Pintado Rd; 805-686-9699 Daily 11-5 X Xwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINERY LISTINGSWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESWINERY - LOCATIONHOURSTOURSTASTINGSALESThree Saints – at Wine Country in Los Olivos2445 Alamo Pintado Ave; 805-686-9699 Daily 11-5 X XTre Anelli – Los OlivosDaily2923 Grand Ave; 805-686-3000 11-5 X XVandale – at The Ballard Inn in Ballard Fr-Su2436 Baseline Ave; 805-688-7770 12-5:30 X XVerdad Wines – at Wine Country in Los Olivos2445 Alamo Pintado Ave; 805-686-9699 Daily 11-5 X XWild Heart Winery – Los Olivos Daily2933-C Grand Ave; 805-688-7386 11-5 X XZaca Mesa – Los OlivosDaily6905 Foxen Canyon Rd; 805-688-9339 10-4 X XL O M P O C / B U E L L T O NAlma Rosa – BuelltonDaily7250 Santa Rosa; 805-688-9090 11-4:30 X XAmpelos Cellars – LompocBy805-736-9957 Appt X XBabcock Winery – LompocDaily5175 E. Hwy 246; 805-736-1455 10:30-4 X XCasa Cassara – BuelltonWe-Mo291 Valley St; 805-686-5159 11-5 X XClos Pepe – LompocBy4777 East Hwy 246; 805-735-2196 ApptDierberg Estate/Star Lane/Three Saints – Lompoc1280 Drum Canyon Rd; 866-652-8430 Daily 11-7 X XFiddlehead Cellars – at the Lompoc Wine Ghetto1597 E. Chestnut Ave; 530-756-4550 Th-Sa 11-4 X XFoley Estates – LompocDaily6121 East Hwy 246; 805-737-6222 10-5 X XHarrison-Clarke – LompocBy805-686-0850 ApptHitching Post Wines – at Hitching Post Restaurant in Buellton406 East Hwy 246; 805-688-0676 Daily from 4pm X XHuber Vineyards – LompocBy4892 Hapgood Rd; 805-736-3854 ApptKen Brown Wines – BuelltonBy2025 Still Meadows Rd; 805-448-3791 ApptLafond Vineyard – BuelltonDaily6855 Santa Rosa Rd; 805-688-7921 10-5 X XMelville Vineyard – LompocDaily5185 East Hwy 246; 805-735-7030 11-4 X XMosby Winery – BuelltonDaily9496 Santa Rosa Rd; 805-688-2415 10-4 X XPalmina – LompocTh-Sa1520 East Chestnut Ct; 805-735-2030 11-4 X XSanford Winery – LompocDaily5010 Santa Rosa Rd; 805-735-5900 11-4 X X★ Sort This Out Cellars – Buellton Daily593 Avenue of the Flags; 805-688-1717 10-5:30 X XS O L V A N Gwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com★ Badge Wines – at Trio Tastings, Solvang1557 Mission Dr; 805 688-3494 Th-Su 11-5 or By Appt X XBlackjack Ranch – Solvang Daily 11-52205 Alamo Pintado Rd; 805-455-1412 Closed Wed X XBlair Fox Cellars – at Cabana Tasting Room in Solvang1539 Mission Dr; 805-686-9126 Daily 11-8 X XCabana Cellars/Wandering Dog Wine Bar – Solvang1539 Mission Dr; 805-686-9126 We-Mo 11-8ish X XCasa Cassara – at Olive House in Solvang1661 Mission Dr; 805-686-5159 Daily 11-5 X X★ Curran Wines – at Trio Tastings, Solvang1557 Mission Dr; 805 688-3494 Th-Su 11-5 or By Appt X X★ D’Alfonso – Solvang Th-Su 11-51557 Mission Dr; 805 688-3494 or By Appt X X★ DiBruno – at Trio Tastings, Solvang1557 Mission Dr; 805 688-3494 Th-Su 11-5 or By Appt X XEast Valley – at Cabana Tasting Room in Solvang1661 Mission Dr; 805-686-5159 Daily 11-5 X XHoneywood/Olde Mission Wine Co.Tasting room for Honeywood, Michael Grace and Ovene Winery1539 Mission Dr, #A & B, Solvang Su-Th 9:30-5:30805-686-9323 Fr-Sa 9:30-6:30 X XJorian Hill – SolvangBy1051 Croft Lane; 805-686-8490 ApptLincourt Winery – SolvangDaily1711 Alamo Pintado Rd; 805-688-8554 10-5 X XLions Peak Vineyards – Solvang Fr-Mo1659 Copenhagen Dr; 805-693-5466 11-5 X XLucas & Lewellen – SolvangDaily1645 Copenhagen Dr; 805-686-9336 11-5:30 X XMandolina Wines – SolvangDaily1665 Copenhagen Dr; 805-686-5506 11-5:30 X XMichael Grace – at Old Mission Wine Company in Solvang1539 Mission; 805-686-9323 Daily 9:30-5:30 X XOvene Winery – at Old Mission Tasting Company in Solvang1539 Mission; 714-420-2525 Daily 9:30-5:30 X XPresidio Vineyard – SolvangDaily1603 Copenhagen Dr, 805-693-8585 11-6 X XRideau Vineyard – SolvangDaily1562 Alamo Pintado Rd; 805-688-0717 11-4 X XRoyal Oaks – SolvangDaily1651 Copenhagen Dr; 805-693-1740 10-5:30 X XRusack Vineyard – SolvangDaily1819 Ballard Canyon Rd; 805-688-1278 11-5 X XShoestring Winery – Solvang Fr-Su800 East Hwy 246; 800-693-8612 11-4 X X★ Stolpman Vineyard – Solvang Daily1659 Copenhagen Dr; 805-688-0400 11-4 X XUncorked/Monsoon Cellars Fr-Sa 12-9pm467 Alisal Rd Ste 2; 805-693-8000; Solvang Su 12-6 X XS A N T AY N E ZArtiste – Santa YnezDaily3569 Sagunto St; 805-686-2626 11-5 X XAu Bon Climat – at Wine Cellar Tasting Room in Santa Ynez3631 Sagunto St; 805-688-8688 Daily 11-6 X XBridlewood Estate – Santa Ynez Daily3555 Roblar Ave; 805-688-9000 10-5 X XButtonwood Farm – Santa Ynez Daily1500 Alamo Pintado Rd; 805-688-3032 11-5 X XGainey Vineyard – Santa Ynez Daily3950 East Hwy 246; 805-688-0558 10-5 X XKalyra Winery – Santa Ynez Mo-Fr 11-5343 North Refugio Rd; 805-693-8864 Sa-Su 10-5 X XRoblar Winery – Santa YnezDaily3010 Roblar Ave; 805-686-2603 10-5 X XSunstone – Santa YnezDaily125 Refugio Rd; 800-313-9463 10-4 X XS A N T AB A R B A R ACarr Vineyards – Santa Barbara Daily414 N. Salsipuedes St; 805-965-7985 11-5 X XCoquelicot – at Intermezzo in Santa Barbara813 Anacapa St; 805-996-9463 Sa-Su 11-3 X XJaffurs – Santa BarbaraFr-Su819 East Montectio St; 805-962-7003 11-5 X XGiessinger – Santa Barbara Mo-Fr 12-7:30212 State St; 805-695-8606 Sa 11-8 Su 11-7 X XKalyra Winery – Santa Barbara Mo-Fr 12-7212 State St; 805-695-8606 Sa-Su 12-8 X XSanta Barbara Winery – Santa Barbara Daily202 Anacapa St; 805-963-3633 10 - 5 X XStearns Wharf Vintners – Santa Barbara 9-9 SummerEnd of State St; 805-966-6624 9-6 Winter X XSummerland – Summerland Tu-Th 11-52330 Lillie Ave; 805-565-WINE Fr-Su 11-7 X XOreana Winery – (formally Cellar 205) Santa Barbara205 Anacapa St; 805-962-5857 Daily 11-5 X XWhitcraft Winery – Santa Barbara Fr-Su36A S. Calle Cesar Chavez; 805-730-1680 12-4 X XV E N T U R AC O U N T YBella Victorian Vineyard – Camarillo Fr-Su2135 E. Ventura Blvd; 805-383-8800 12-6 X XCamarillo Custom Crush – Camarillo300 S. Lewis Rd, Ste C; 805-484-0597Opening Soon★ Cantara Cellars– CamarilloFri-Sun126 Wood Rd, Ste 104; 805-484-9600 11-5 X XCasa Barranca – OjaiFri-Sun208 E. Ojai Ave; 805-640-1255 12-6 X XHerzog Wine Cellars – Oxnard Sun-Thurs 11-93201 Camino Del Sol; 805-938-1560 Fri 11-4 Sat Closed X XOld Creek Ranch Winery – Ventura Opening Soon10024 Old Creek Rd; 805-649-4132Rancho Ventavo – Camarillo Opening Soon1690 Ventura Blvd, 805-529-4221 Early 200935

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