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W W W . P O E R N E R . A T - Pörner Group

W W W . P O E R N E R . A TFACTS & FIGURESApril 2008/English

PÖRNER GROUPPörner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH1050 Vienna 4020 Linz 6250 KundlHamburgerstrasse 9 Unionstrasse 39 Mühlbachweg 11Phone: +43 (1) 589 90-0 Phone: +43 (732) 66 72 36-0 Phone: +43 (5338) 64 72-0Telefax: +43 (1) 589 90-99 Telefax: +43 (732) 66 72 36-14 Telefax: +43 (5338) 64 72-90E-Mail: vienna@poerner.at E-Mail: office@linz.poerner.at E-Mail: office@kundl.poerner.atwww.poerner.atEDL Anlagenbau Gesellschaft mbH - Germany04158 LeipzigLindenthaler Hauptstrasse 145Phone: +49 (341) 46 64-400Telefax: +49 (341) 46 64-409E-Mail: gf@edl.poerner.dewww.edl.poerner.dePörner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH - Deutschland04668 GrimmaLeipziger Straße 52Phone: +49 (3437) 98 54-0Telefax: +49 (3437) 98 54-98E-Mail: office-grimma@poerner.dewww.poerner.dePörner + Partner Ziviltechniker-GmbH1050 ViennaHamburgerstraße 9Phone: +43 (1) 589 90-0Telefax: +43 (1) 589 90-96E-Mail: poepa@poerner.atwww.poerner.at/poepaPörner Engineers & Contractors Ltd. - Hungary1117 BudapestFehervari Ut 50-52Phone: +36 (1) 210 96 40Telefax: +36 (1) 210 96 66E-Mail: budapest@poerner.huwww.poerner.huJSC Gazintek - Ukraine04080 Kievul. Vikentija Khvolky 18/14, Korp. 9Phone: +380 (44) 495 23 24Telefax: +380 (44) 495 23 25E-Mail: ukraine@gazintek.comwww.gazintek.com2S.C. Poerner Engineering Services S.R.L. - Romania100337 PloiestiStr. Ana Ipatescu, Nr. 14Phone: +40 (244) 529 151Telefax: +40 (244) 529 299E-Mail: office@poerner.rowww.poerner.ro

FACTS & FIGURESPörner designs and implementsindustrial plants: out of one hand,efficiently and fast.Every project is an integrated piece of workThe Pörner Group offers - out of one hand - the full spectrum of services for the construction of process plants:from the initial project study to the operating plant:layout, authority approvals, architecture, process engineering,detailed design, procurement of services and supplies,site supervision, start-up, documentation.Thus the investor has only one competent partner for the entire scope of works and their coordinationfor a project: with guarantees for safety, quality and on-time delivery.Independant engineersWithin the Pörner Group there are over 450 engineers and specialists now operating from the eight branchlocations in five countries. The owner-shareholders taking part in the active work of the company ensuresthat every project is conducted and completed under the exclusive control and strict standards of the PörnerGroup.MBA Polymers AustriaFlexible for international activitiesPörner is unique in its kind as a group of mid-size engineering companies with all necessary engineering abilitiesplus 35 years experience in world-wide export of process units. Small to medium-scale investments arerealised highly flexible and cost-effective by a compact and resourceful organisation.The proof: referencesOver 1,500 projects in process plant engineering and construction were realised by Pörner since its beginningin 1972. Growing to become a leading engineering group in Central Europe, Pörner is active in refinery and petrochemicalworks, in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry, in energy and environmental projectsas well as in the construction of industrial production factories.Quality in continuityThe wide range of projects performed by Pörner results in a pool of highly qualified and experienced engineersand specialists. Consultants and task force teams are available within the own organisation to interact withthe client. Permanent education and training, state-of-the-art technologies and an independent corporate engineeringculture are the warrant for competence, quality and innovation - in continuity.More than 50 percent of the annual business turnover is made in international projects. World class companiessuch as BP, Shell, Henkel, OMV, MOL, voestalpine, Total, General Electric and Sandoz place their confidence- since many years - in the Pörner Group‘s engineering capabilities.3

FACTS & FIGURESIntroductionFor design and construction of complete process plants the Pörner Group - an unique compound of mid-sizeengineering companies in Central Europe - is the competent and reliable partner for the process industry.Pörner, founded over 35 years ago as a three man engineering firm, today offers a full scope of services forplant design and project realisation. With some 450 engineers and specialists in five countries and at eightlocations.Pörner‘s spectrum of activities reaches from consulting services over engineering contracts including detaileddesign and procurement, material supply contracts for process plants up to turn-key realisation of projects.PoerNet - a network of engineering competenceThe PoerNet connects the Pörner branch locations with the clients, alliance partners and suppliers - creatinga common work environment.The PoerNet is based on the proven methods of process plant engineering, modern database technology andinternet integration.CLIENTSVENDORSLEIPZIGGRIMMACLIENTSMOSCOWVENDORSCLIENTSPARTNERSVENDORSKIEVBEIJINGLINZBUDAPESTCLIENTSKUNDLVIENNACLIENTSBUKARESTPARTNERSTEHRANPARTNERSLAGOSVENDORSCLIENTSSINGAPORE4

FACTS & FIGURESPörner‘s scope of servicesPörner offers all services required forplant design and construction:• pre-projects and feasibility studies• independent consulting services• project management• assistance to authority approval procedures• energy and environmental studies• detailed engineering for all plant construction disciplines such asprocess engineering, layout, piping engineering, design of vessels, columns, reactors as well asall kind of machinery, conveyor systems and logistics, electrical plants, instrumentation andautomation, architectural design, civil engineering, facility management• tendering and purchasing• coordination and scheduling• financial planning and cost controlling• supervision at the construction site• commissioning and start-up• final documentation and manuals• trainingAlliance engineering formajor industrial partners.Biturox® Bitumen processingunit for PKN Plockrefinery, Poland.Pörner is active in various fields ofindustrial plant construction:• Refinery• Petrochemical industry• Chemical industry• Pharmaceutical industry• other production branches• Power generation and environmental sectorPhoto: TPIHydrogen Peroxide PlantBitterfeld, Germany.Over the last decades the Pörner Group has completed projects in Austria, Germany, Hungary and Ukraineas well as in the United States, France, The Netherlands, Taiwan, Poland, India, Iran, Thailand, Russia,Egypt, Azerbaijan and Myanmar. Over 50% of the annual turn-over is made in international projects.In addition, Pörner supplies turn-key Biturox ® bitumen processing units (according to OMV licence) to refineriesall over the world.www.biturox.comTurnkey realisation by Pörner -out of one hand:Following the trend to complete contracting in Europe, the Pörner Group executes plant constructionprojects including engineering, supply of equipment, construction & erection and putting into operation on aturn-key contract basis.The advantages are obvious: the customer minimises the input of own resources as he delegates all tasks toone general contractor. The Pörner Group completes the project at fixed costs and in the guaranteed time.5

FACTS & FIGURESTurn-over of the Pörner Group (Mio. EUR)4540353025201510501984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007The development of annual turn-over and manpower illustrates Pörner‘s economic strength inthe globalised markets.Manpower development4504003502007: Pörner Romania2006: BCS AG2005: Gazintek, Kyiv2003: EDL, Leipzig3002502001992: Pörner Grimma2002: Pörner Budapest1501005001972 1974 1976 1978 1980 1982 1984 1986 1988 1990 1992 1994 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 20076

FACTS & FIGURESCompany organisationManagement QA/QC PersonnelTechnicalOperationsSalesCommercial servicesAndreas PörnerGeneral ManagerProcessProcess DesignChemicalsLayoutMechanicalProjectmanagementProjectschedulingQuotationsCost estimatingAccountingCommercialproject manag.„Our mission is to converttechnology to reality of aproductive process plant“Process DesignRefineriesPipingProcurementKey accountsCommon servicesInstrumentationand ElectricalCivil/StructuralConstructionmanagementLegalInstrumentationCADElectricalComputingPeter SchlossnikelGeneral Manager„The success in engineeringis the result of professionalproject management.“Tools and work environmentAll workstations within the Pörner Group are equipped with state-of-the-art hard- and software. A comprehensiveset of industry standard software is available to all our specialists:Standard software:Windows Vista/XP/2000, Microsoft Office 2007,Lotus Notes, MS-Intergraph, AutoCADProcess simulation:SimSci, Aspen, HTRI, COMOS PTAutomationCONVAL, SIGRAPH, N+N, ELOP II, COMOS PTElectricalSIGRAPH, CAE-N-W, COMOS PTLayoutPDS, PDMSEquipmentPROBAD, MICROPROTOLPipingPDS, PDMS, SUCAD, CAESAR II, ROHR 2, PROBAD,MVS, Smartplant Review, PIPECADProject managementPRIMAVERA, Microsoft Project7

REFINERY INDUSTRYwww.poPörner in the Refinery andPetrochemical IndustriesOMV RefinerySchwechat, AustriaOMV Refinery SchwechatConsultancy and alliance engineering for revamps, medium size investments, infrastructural projects in therefinery and in support facilities to the refinery:Photo: OMV• enlargement of desalination unit COD IV• engineering for naphtenic alkaline splitting plant• Biturox ® pilot plant for continuous operation• extension of flare-gas system• reconstruction of bitumen polymere modification unit• total site integration - energy study• waste water segregation project• basic design Biturox ® plantTurn key revamp of OMVnatural gas processing unitin Aderklaa, Austria.OMV Natural Gas Processingin Korneuburg and AderklaaRevamp and extension of existing natural gas processing units for the Höfleingas field, performed in consortium with the Linde Group.The facilities are located in Korneuburg and Aderklaa in Lower Austria.Scope:• authority approval• detailed engineering for civil works and piping• erection, piping, electrical, instrumentation• site supervision and start-up assistanceOMV Agrolinz MelaminMelamine plants, Linz & CastellanzaEngineering for two production units for melamine according to a new process developed by OMV.For synergy reasons two units were realised at the same time in Linz and Castellanza, Italy.Agrolinz MelaminMelamine plantScope:• basic and detailed engineering• supply of the plant model• procurement support• site supervision8Foto: OMV

erner.atINDUSTRIAL ENGINEERINGBorealisPolypropylene/Polyethylene Production PlantsPolypropylene production plant, polypropylene pilot plant and polyethylene plant in Schwechat, Austria.Polypropylene production plant in Burghausen, Germany,including deodorisation and copolymerisationunits. Both projects were carried out in cooperationwith Tecnimont SpA, Italy.Polypropylene productionplant, loop reactorScope:• project management• engineering• procurement services, expediting and inspection• site supervision and start-up assistanceFormalin Plant GermanyB+S Methanol Marketing GmbHTurn-key production plant for formalin according to the Dynea-KC silver ContactProcess including process unit, tank yard, truck and rail loading stations, controlroom, office and laboratory building.Scope:• authority approvals, basic design• detailed, civil, mechanical, piping, electrical,instrumentation engineering• supply of all plant components• civil and erection works• commissioning and start-upFormalin plantSchwarze Pumpe,GermanyMBA Polymers AustriaPlastics Recycling Plant Kematen, ÖsterreichPlant for the recycling of 30,000 tons plastics from 40,000 tons electronics scrap and scrap plastic vehicle parts.Scope:• general engineering• mechanical layout• electrical, automation andinstrumentation• site supervsion• architecture• building servicesMBA Polymers Austria9

BITUROX ®The Biturox ® ProcessPörner as LicensorThe Pörner Group is world leader in bitumen oxidation technology.In Pörner‘s pilot plants raw materials from all crude sources of the world aretested. Pörner maintains one of the largest and most comprehensive databases for bitumen feedstocks and products made thereof.Pörner developed the Biturox ® „Composition Controlled Bitumen“, a roadpaving material of highly increased lifetime.Pörner designs and supplies complete bitumen oxidation units according to the OMV Biturox ® processincluding reactors, off-gas treatment, DCS and infrastructure.www.biturox.comTPI Biturox ® unitThailandBiturox ® Unit Rayong, ThailandSupply of a Biturox ® Asphalt Processing Plant to LG Engineering, Korea.Client: TPI/Thai Petrochemical Industry, Thailand.Umfang:• license• basic and detail engineering• project management• supply of all plant components• operator training• initial start-upThe Biturox ®reactorother Biturox ® projects since 1997:• ESHA Smid & Hollander, Amsterdam, The Netherlands• MPE Myanma Petrochemical Enterprise, Yangon, Myanmar• Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd., Refinery Mahul Mumbai, India• Road Administration Chelyabinsk Region, Russia• Simosa Oil Company Ltd., Taiwan• Jarbit, Jaroslavl, Russia• BP Laverda, France• MBW Mitteldeutsche Bitumen Werke, Germany• Grupa Lotos S.A., Poland• ZAO „TAIF-NK“, Russia• IOCL Mathura Refinery, India10

SELECTED REFERENCESvoestalpine SteelBlast Furnace ARetrofit of the Central Blower Unit (similar to a caloric power station) of the largest Steel Blast Furnace inAustria, including: steam generator, turbines, blowers, auxiliaries, utilities. Automation and piping design forthe blast furnace.Scope general engineering:• field investigation• revised process design• tenders for package units up to award of contract• co-ordination, review and inspection of contractors works• supervision of construction and erection• commissioning of distributed control system• start-up assistanceDetailed piping engineering for the furnace.voestalpine SteelReconstruction ofblast furnace AAgrana Bioethanol GmbHBioethanol plant Pischelsdorf, AustriaGeneral engineering for the largest bioethanol plant in Austria (total investment EUR125 Million, production capacity 240,000 m 3 /a). Realisation within shortest time:environmental impact assessment within seven months, erection within 14 months,in time, on budget.Scope general engineering:• project development• assistance in process selection• authority engineering includingenvironmental impact assessment• tendering• detail engineering total plant• electrical, automation, instrumentation• static & structural calculations• project management and site supervision• start-up assistanceBioethanol plant along riverDanube, near Tulln/Austria11

PörnerIngenieurgesellschaft MBHHamburgerstrasse 91050 Vienna | AustriaPhone: +43 (1) 589 90-0Fax: +43 (1) 589 90-99E-Mail: vienna@poerner.atwww.poerner.at

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